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  1. Ha! One day, the middle age people on here will migrate from the bleachers to the hub club. That’s what everyone does🤣
  2. Defense wins championships, and holding a team that averages 77 and put 101 on Rice, to 33 is beyond impressive. Now time to finish them off tomorrow at 3!
  3. Now the biggest test is tomorrow. 2nd game of a back to back on the road against a team that doesn’t lose a whole bunch at home. This game will separate the good from the great, and I have trust Jalies squad will win!
  4. I’ll admit, I have been very very critical of the program, but after seeing UNT basketball KICK ASS today I’m ready to be back on the positive train. Seth needs our support, and hopefully he makes the best hire. Seems like guys are interested here, now we have to win! Also, Denton Ryan won the state championship, and DB Ty Marsh won MVP!! He was committed to UH, and I hope NT offers him ASAP!!
  5. One positive thing that comes to mind is, even if we aren’t good, we still beat the bad teams?
  6. I expected 5-6, but not 6 in 2 days. Behind the scenes, it seems Seth wasn’t ready for this to happen
  7. All diehard fans criticize more than others. They want what’s best for their team, and that’s what I want.
  8. Wait how is discipline, that doesn’t take a whole spring to straighten up, apart of what you said. That is coaching no matter if you had 2 months, or the whole year.
  9. Well I’m tired of sugarcoating what the players do. Sure he was a semi big asset to the defense, but I don’t think he ever had more than 1 INT per season and constantly got destroyed by other receivers (mainly the better ones) I think Upton Stout, even though he is smaller and has a bit of a discipline issue, is miles ahead of Cam when he was a freshman.
  10. Our WR's would F him up, and when Mason was here, he was like his b*tch from what I saw
  11. So we got him in the summer of 2017, has done nothing, and is in the portal? I completely forgot he was on the team LMAO
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