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  1. Lets see: Fouts, Apogee, Cotton Bowl X3, La Tech x3, Rice Stadium x2, Alamodome x2, smut x4, Tulsa, Louisiana, Superdome, Kyle Field x3 , DKR, and Razorback Stadium. Oh and the old UH. Next year TDECU and Legion
  2. We have held every team I think (minus OU) to their lowest scoring game
  3. Had about 5 turnovers from inbouding. 19 overall Onto UAPB
  4. I liked our effort for sure. Never gave up
  5. So yes the feed is up, but my gosh the announcers are annoying as hell! Shouldn't complain but oh well lol Shooting is better, but full court press is making us look bad
  6. Had to hop in my truck to listen because nothing else works. Wow I can't believe its come down to this
  7. Bet 5 bucks that the stream comes with 2 minutes left
  8. Okay so we have called 3 timeouts in the 1st half????
  9. Can someone stop the bleeding? It's starting to get waaaay outta hand.
  10. Is this like the 4th game in the last 5 that Geu has been in foul trouble early?
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