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  1. I feel like we see Caleb Johnson at some sort of kick/punt return slot. Very fast
  2. Is the title a shot at UNT for not having good people or culture?
  3. Pretty sure Ruder is on campus, and Tommy Bush comes on June 20th from what he said on an interview.
  4. Looks like a copied and pasted section of an article from 2015 from a different website. I'm not sure that many people even read that company, so I'm not gonna give them any views.
  5. Well he averaged just around 22 minutes per game, I could imagine if he slimmed down a bit he could be even better. He was looking really tired after playing 29 minutes in the Saturday game against us. He could put on more muscle and lose the fat, and be more dominant than Bassey... who knows, but it's something I think could be beneficial.
  6. That shirt is sooooooo nice!!!!! And so is Abou!! Baby Shaq AKA Kenneth Lofton needs to take after Abou! He was probably mid 40s when he got here, but now he’s looking like he’s ready to run the conference down low. I think this is the most excited I’ve been for a basketball season in a LONG time.
  7. Hopefully Fletchers Corny dogs are back because those things are so good.
  8. Didn’t have the talent Bloesch has now, but man he really made me think we have promise at OL for Mason
  9. 2023 DB, Brian Hollins, Mansfield https://247sports.com/player/brian-hollins-46098414/
  10. Jake Strong 2023 QB from Northwest High School https://247sports.com/Player/Jake-Strong-46101974/ Even with no offer, I’m really high on him. Hopefully we offer when we can. A steal IMO
  11. I’ve seen that he really liked his visit, I would think it’s between us and UH like Gumms
  12. I wonder why we haven’t had any or very little of official visits?
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