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  1. We are P5 now, and Judy better not mess up this chance today
  2. It makes no sense why we canceled the Army series, and now Army has an open date since Rice isn't playing until the 26th!! #PLAYARMY
  3. Only smu people call us that. That and NTCC saying we were and still are a community college lol
  4. That 2016 game will always be something that made me think Seth was gonna be good. Like 6 turnovers and 34 points later, but sadly they took us down in the game that mattered
  5. I completely agree. I remember I think last year, we were near the bottom of donation money and hopefully people realize that this team has the talent and we need it!
  6. Most likely we won't be able to attend the UH game, so I'll be there!
  7. It’s gonna be hilarious when utsa goes 3-9 after they’ve praised this dude for being a terrific coach
  8. Yay camp is here, but what on earth are these pictures? Are we back in the early 2000s using Blackberry phones??? The social media people for football SUCK!
  9. And they weren’t even supposed to be good! Very sad
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