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  1. It's not easy when you are playing a team that is just overall better than us. Held them scoreless for nearly 60 minutes
  2. Yeah that's weird to me. Coach Mac said he wanted to do that though
  3. Well I guess you didn't see how Benford coached. Some games, he made Trilli look good. Offense is just not functioning well at all. Of course, we'll have a sellout for OU and get blown out and boom any outsiders are gone Therefore, this season isn't down the drain yet. It's still early.
  4. I think there will be maybe 10k if we lose to Rice
  5. I agree. Its probably everything you said😂 I wish he had last years defense and Guyton and Rico, and that's a 10 win team
  6. I feel the same, unless he just throws for 400+ for the next 2/3 games.
  7. I hope we get Houston. Hes a really solid forward. I hope Jones does too
  8. Oh the good days. I remember when a few years into the Pit, we had big wins over SMU DePaul (still biggest crowd Im pretty sure in history)
  9. I've heard many opposing teams, and just people say how nice Apogee is. Sure parking is bad, but isn't parking bad at every high G5 and P5 school? I mean Akron might have good parking
  10. He is a really good lockdown defender, but he has made some rookie mistakes. can't blame him because he needs more time
  11. We just need to wait. It's the 3rd game with a mostly new squad. It looks a bit worrying right now
  12. No they just aren't together as team yet. They need a few games to get the chemistry. Defense has been solid, but Hamlet and Reece just can't play together it seems
  13. I mean we can't get a shot at all. We've had like 5 shot clock violations. Just nothing falling
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