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  1. Yeah I think it’s a really poor and selfish move my Mo. I think he’s an awesome player, but a times down the stretch he wasn’t the same at the 3 ball and turnovers.
  2. I mean it would be better competition than the SB
  3. Lol they were also the last 2 teams to join
  4. Yeah SMU fans are not very supportive 😂 I just want a series because it would draw interest. Also what would it hurt to play us yearly?
  5. Oh yeah! He’s gonna be fun to watch, hopefully he can make an impact
  6. This is a legit question I've had many many years, but joined GMG last August and forgot to ask. Why don't we play SMU in Men's Basketball? I mean the last time we played them was in 02, but I don't understand why Wren or god forbid the SMU AD to try to schedule a series! I mean attendance would be great, TV is a maybe, the players would probably like it. I mean it just doesn't make sense. Is SMU scared?
  7. I'm glad Novil is back because he'll be a very important piece to the overall defense. I just wonder who will step up in La'Darius Hamilton's spot
  8. Well I think I've had a change in my mind. I think we need a transfer or grad transfer QB with experience. I know Aune is like 27, but does he really have that much experience? Yes the last transfer QB (Alex Morris) got beat out by a freshman, but I mean it's worth it. I doubt it happens, but I can only dream
  9. I think nerves got to Bean last season (mainly La Tech game), but I would think with a year under pressure he’ll be good. Now I’ve screamed this since right after the UAB game, START AUNE!!!!!!
  10. We lost to Buler by 14 in the Round of 32 in the Youtube simulation
  11. It’s really gonna be NT and WKU at the top. Now the age old question is, can WKU actually do anything with the loaded team? The world may never know
  12. It’s really interesting when you think about it. Several nba players, but no drafted I say Hamlet gets drafted after next year!!!
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