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  1. Well considering he was a grad transfer and saw that he wouldn’t be getting many minutes, maybe that’s the reason. Who knows, but I am excited to see how crazy we go in the portal soon
  2. Well let’s not forget he was a freshman coming from a high paced High school, to a slow paced D1 university going against top tier teams. He got a full year to see what Javion could do, and most likely learned a lot. Why go after a transfer PG when you have the one right there with a year under his belt. Jones is not hesitant to drive, take the shot, move the ball from half and full court pressure. He is well equipped for the job, and has a good chance to be the next Javion.
  3. Rubin isn’t a forward. Primary ball handler in my opinion
  4. Yeah I know what you’re talking about. Next to the ear hole
  5. More like NWST: Win SMU: loss UAB: more of a loss but could be close LT: tossup Mizzou: Loss Marshall: Tossup Liberty: Tossup Rice: more of a tossup since in Houston USM: Tossup UTEP: Win FIU: more of a win but could be a tossup since in Miami UTSA: more of a loss but could be close since at Apogee I think 5-7 is realistic
  6. Not everyone can drop their previous plans to drive to UNT on a Thursday. I was there and I’ll say this. McCasland is the most friendly coach at UNT and of any that I’ve met.
  7. We are fine. Hopefully we get to play a 30+ game season, and a great SOS before conference to get us ready. It’s worked the last 2 years, and you know what they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
  8. The incoming freshman next year are gonna be playing an extremely important role. Hopefully guys like Stone and Scott among others are ready. Mac has had a terrific past of getting freshman playing big roles, so I have confidence.
  9. Seats are WAY too small and narrow Lighting is terrible Too big and cavernous for a team that gets 3k fans on average (it could change next year) Many outdated features Not very attractive from the highway
  10. Getting on anything that is highly watched (and in the beginning) gives NT more publicity. Sure it isn’t a lot, but I’m glad that we are on it this year and many other outlets!
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