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  1. Which 1.75 is so so cheap compared to the AAC settlement of leaving (Cinci, UH, UCF)) This is what I gathered from The Athletic: Houston, Cincinnati and UCF will each pay the AAC an $18 Million buyout to leave. The $18-million buyouts for leaving early will be paid over 14 years. If the schools did not leave early, the original buyout would have cost each institution $10 million (four years to pay). The original $10 million exit fee will be paid prior to 2025, per the payment schedule in the AAC's bylaws. The remaining $8 million owed will be paid over a 12-year period starting in 2025.
  2. Our business already donates and buys season tickets, but unfortunately nobody who works there wants tickets to games and giving to the public just doesn’t make as much sense.
  3. I love how we have 2 coaches, McCasland and Littrell, that are literally the complete opposite of each other when it comes to public speaking. McCasland does it like it’s his job, Littrell does it while Wren holds a gun to his skull.
  4. I’d hope that we add a home game and make Memphis come here for the conference slate…
  5. Bracket: All games on the worst streaming site other than CUSA.TV, FloSports… It seems I’ll be listening to Dave and Hank for this weekend.
  6. Littrell got exposed after his first set of coordinators and coaches left, and after many swing and misses on other hires, he’s in a much different hole than many thought in 2019. He is a very respectable coach, with a good recruiting ability, but I’m not sure he can officially bring this program into the national relevance North Texas needs. Culture change needs to happen, and bringing in depth with guys who will compete and not flake out/not pan out (like most of the time) is almost necessary at this point in time for next year…
  7. Good to see you back on here, it’s been a minute.
  8. All I’m saying is, I just can’t see it. His injury wasn’t too bad and didn’t take the entire spring, but I just have my doubts. Hopefully I don’t get attacked by his family on here hahaha
  9. Wrong. They did, he had multiple offers. But here’s the 2 options laid out: Get paid a big chunk now at a big school and don’t get much playing time, draft stock falls etc. a big gamble. OR Get paid smaller now at UNT and be all conference/American that leads to great draft stock/exposure and he gets the BIG payday later like Darden.
  10. I don’t think he’s gonna quit, but I see Aune/Gunnell/Earle being the top 3. So that puts Ruder at 4. I just feel as the coaches kinda gave up on him, which could be proven wrong, but so far I doubt we see him on the field this year.
  11. The fact people blamed Littrell and Co is insane. Money talks in many situations, we don’t have A$M money, but fortunately KD saw a better opportunity to come back here. I, with no bias involved, think he made the best decision.
  12. I’d also like to say, I highly doubt we ever see Jace Ruder on the field in a UNT uniform again.
  13. Vermont is always a solid program, should be tough but very manageable with the type of defense we play…
  14. He’d still be able to get a waiver though. The way the NCAA hands out waivers is insane.
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