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  1. I have noticed that the toilet paper at Apogee has changed. It is now made from recycled U of Houston diplomas. It is a little rough but I am in favor of it being adapted to its highest use.
  2. If that squirrel travels to Louisiana he won't make it back. That is especially true when you take into account the size of that thing and the fact that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The only benefit is that the LaTech fans may be distracted and leave early to get their squirrel hunting gear.
  3. If you say that a person "is not the sharpest knife in the drawer", is it a compliment or hate speech in the UK?
  4. Mark Mangino was on our sideline saturday. Maybe we could bring him out of retirement to coach the OL.
  5. Maybe in some circumstances it should be called "Chickenshirt".
  6. Our offense is actually called "winning offense" not "spread offense". See attachment... https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/04/16/how-bodie-reeder-plans-to-build-winning-offense-at-north-texas?ref=article_preview_img 55-0
  7. Navy travels well and has a great pre-game flyover. Remember this... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_Navy_vs._North_Texas_football_game
  8. A friend of mine, an ACU graduate, told me a story about an uncle of his, a professor, who came the ACU to deliver a lecture. His uncle went out to dine at a well known local Steak House and ordered wine. The waiter had already engaged him in a brief conversation and was aware of his employment. When he ordered the wine the waiter asked "Would you like that in a mug?". He asked "Why would I want it in a mug?". The waiter stated that "Usually when the professors order wine they ask for it in a mug." He had it served in a wine glass. Perhaps if we offered beer in a mug or perhaps a plastic soft drink cup with a lid and straw it would help with sales.
  9. Actual 31,657 Announced 33,246 We rent the SMU crowd counter for the game 56,789
  10. It is a limited first edition that will only increase in value, don't ruin it by repainting. on second thought go ahead it will make mine even more valuable. With new tariffs on China it will be even rarer.
  11. When Bernie Sanders compared Baltimore to a third world country, and made other negative statements about the city, was that racist?
  12. I think he is referencing FCS. I can't really think of any other conference lower than AAC!
  13. We are always their Super Bowl, or at least their Safeway Bowl.
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