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  1. Great catch. Guyton didn't get put in until the second half. He did well when he was in. I liked Mike White, but his performance tonight was flat out bad. I hope Guyton gets rotated up in the line up in the next preseason game to work with Rush. He was fairly steady for the game. He only had one real drop.
  2. "A prospective student-athlete received electronic correspondence that was sent by the sport staff prior to September 1 of their junior year of high school." Out of all of those this seems to be the worst one. Some of those are kinda ridiculous in my opinion. OMG, not the confetti.
  3. Just as a reminder there were people on this board that wanted to kick Khairi off the team just for FILMING something bad. This is what Locksley did to refresh everyone's memory.
  4. Loren Easly. DeAndre Torrey. Relative to a lot of places we seem to get good JUCOs pretty regularly.
  5. The air raid is not designed to be creative. It is designed for your players to out execute the opponent. I am cautiously optimistic about the Reeder hire.
  6. I don't know if you can call hobbling on his messed up hammy "playing".
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