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  1. I know we want to demoralize our opponents but I'm not sure we need to go this far.
  2. The brace? Braces are pretty normal for healing. That being said, he won't be ready for spring it looks like.
  3. Footage of Coach Ekeler leaving Kansas for warmer shores.
  4. I mean Mason knew it was a 50/50 ball when he tossed it up, but I also think he knew who he was throwing it to. Definitely not advisable to throw into double coverage, but with Mason's arm talent and Binjimon Victor's receiving talent, it worked out.
  5. Depends on how serious the injury was. If Coleman can't heal up in two weeks, then I would expect Wilson to be activated for the Super Bowl, assuming SF wins seeing as SF is going to win.
  6. I noticed Cole Johnson is still listed under QB. I thought we recruited him as an athlete. He mostly played QB in high school but his highlight reel had him going both ways, mostly playing in the backfield on defense. With the QB room as full as it is, I'm kinda surprised that's where they have him listed. I just watched his highlights and he seems to have that "gamer" mentality that everyone always says Mason has. http://www.public.hudl.com/profile/7755511/Cole-Johnson
  7. And Mason didn't get a drive until the 2nd half compared to Bryant and Huntley.
  8. I think they only gave him 3 drives. Bryant and Huntley got waaay more chances and they should have given Mason the chance to win the game at the end.
  9. Like others have said, if GH goes to the Eagles, expect Mason to suit up as an Eagle again. I'm actually pretty optimistic about this.
  10. I think Hambone has a really good shot at getting drafted. He got a lot of time. Shoulda put Mason in on the last drive. I think Mason only got 3 drives if I counted correctly, which is BS. He made the most of it though.
  11. Also, not to forget Hambone, he has a sack and has gotten consistent pressure against the opposing qbs.
  12. That should be qualified with "as a head coach". And that high school coach has college football experience in a prolifically effective scheme. Will it translate?? I have no idea, but I'm glad we didn't get a splash hire. I feel like Reeder was supposed to be a splash hire and we saw how that turned out. Seth just needs guys that are going to run and train his offense how he wants it to be run and trained. That all being said, the offense is on Seth this season. If it succeeds or flounders, we'll know who to blame. I'm just glad we got a fresh perspective at oline because with the talent we have, that unit should have been better.
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