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  1. peanuts104

    Uniforms for UAB?

    Maybe it's just because I'm under the age of 30, but I really like this combo. Not traditional at all, but I like the look. The throwbacks were my favorite by far this year.
  2. It may not be surprising, but I'm hopeful that he appreciates the support he has with our current administration. He's not going to get that going somewhere else. Not that I think Seth Littrell would shrink for the challenge. He's wired to take on challenges. My only hope is that he sees a Gary Patterson opportunity here...which would be unusual since this is his first headcoaching gig and lacks the experience to know otherwise. I hate this. And I firmly believe this belongs in the SL rumor thread.
  3. I think the dramatic performance difference between last season and this season would be enough to garner sufficient attention from P5s as a DC.
  4. I think this staff believes in Fine and the media exposure he produces. It's a similar mentality to why the pros don't pull their starters in a blow out. The fans came to see Fine. I want to note I don't agree with this and want to remind people that I 100% think putting Shanbour in would have put us in a better spot to win against La Tech (not saying it's guaranteed, just saying he would've been more serviceable to operate the offense).
  5. No matter what happens, this talk will always ruin the season's buzz. But, if he does leave, the buyout SHOULD be enough to either A) bring in someone competent or B) keep current positions (promote Reffett to HC or at least keep him and his system in place at DC, maybe keep Harrell (though do we want him as our OC or potential HC if there are other options?), etc). Let's look at the apparently crazy scenario we KEEP SL. I think if we keep SL, it will be hard to keep Reffett here. Being 100% honest, this defense has been lights this year. Financially, would it make more sense to try to keep SL here for another 1-2 years, or keep Reffett and his staff here long term? There are no easy answers with this. Whatever happens happens, though. It's out of our hands.
  6. peanuts104

    Southern Miss Game Video Coverage

    More than likely it was one person trying to do it for multiple games.
  7. peanuts104

    CUSA Officials

    CUSA officiating has been bad all year and it was bad all last year. It would be funny if their officiating didn't help determine the outcome of the game...
  8. peanuts104

    IT'S GAME DAY!!!

  9. Also Klatt is an arrogant smug ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Edit: I'd also really love to know Klatt's opinion of our university so I can call him a *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** 😤
  10. Man, I just wanna know what you're smoking because it must be some good stuff to say that a team going 25 - 0 shouldn't be admitted to the playoffs.
  11. peanuts104

    Looking Better for Texas Tech and Kliff?

    Might take a qb change. The Robinson kid, while having some flashes, is not a good decision maker. He's got athleticism and an arm, but not much else. He's a younger QB so he can improve but he's got to get better with his decision making. Also, the biggest problem for TCU was turnovers. Fumbles and INTs galore.
  12. peanuts104

    Uniforms 10/13

    Blackout the sun mfer! (puts on BA shades). 😎
  13. peanuts104

    DRC: 5 takeaways from UNT's press conference

    Did anyone else think SL was talking about Jordan Murray on the oline at the end about not reaching your full potential and looking elsewhere?
  14. peanuts104

    DRC: 5 takeaways from UNT's press conference

    His plant (front) leg. Good quarterback technique basically uses this leg to help generate more power in throws, at least that's the way I understand it. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But there was noticeably less zip on the ball and he still was gimpy on the leg after some throws last Saturday. Hammy's can linger too, from what I've heard. That being said, I think Mason did a fantastic job at recognizing he couldn't put the same power behind his throws and adjusted accordingly. Our receivers are going to need to create good separation to help Mason out to ensure a good outcome this weekend.
  15. peanuts104

    College kids

    No, the other armpit.