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  1. Not sure how or why, but Deuce was their original mascot in 2003 and is a prairie dog.
  2. Aren't Deuce and Daisy (RoughRider mascots) prairie dogs as well? This is a big state, but it still seems too small to have two teams that claim prairie dogs as part of their identity.
  3. Unfortunately I do not. I just liked the gif. I didn't even realize it was from SNL, I figured it was one of Farley's movies I hadn't seen.
  4. I guess they forgot about Torrey's rushing stats. And Bussey, Darden, Guyton, Lawrence, etc. Not that Mason isn't great, but he could throw the prettiest ball in the world and it wouldn't matter if nobody could catch it. I would say our Oline play is probably the weak link, though I would say the unit is still above average for C-USA. It's also one quote taken out of context.
  5. Do you just love sucking the fun out of everything?
  6. I guess. I wonder if the cost of putting in a traffic signal at that intersection exceeds $3.4 million. I'm sorry I'm just having a difficult time understanding why the city would need to spend that much money on that intersection. A traffic light seems way more plug and play than a roundabout.
  7. Google's source saysthey are safer but that doesn't mean they are faster or more efficient. Part of the reason traffic lights are better on a grid system is it helps control the flow of traffic in a more predictable manner if timed properly. But regardless in differences in efficiency or safety, the biggest issue I have with this is spending $3.4 million on ONE intersection when a stop light would probably work just as well.
  8. Costs way more than a traffic light which, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure traffic lights are a proven design by this point.
  9. I wonder if they're going to need to imminent domain part of the house at the northwest corner, the parking lot of the doctor's office in the southwest corner, and who knows what they are going to do with the retaining wall on the southeast side of the intersection. Why not just put a light? That would be way cheaper and just as effective. Stupid city planners always love roundabouts and I don't understand why. They are pain in the ass and if there really is a high volume of traffic they can cause even more delays. Just put a damn light there. What a joke.
  10. You're an absolute monster. Up there with Hitler. Edit: Down voted? Really? Was the sarcasm not evident?
  11. I too would chip in for this epic troll.
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