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  1. But he can't win one, and this year won't be any different if we get to a bowl game.
  2. Guess that's what happens when you can literally pay player salaries. GFY
  3. That's a good point too. Would make way more sense because he didn't seem too banged up after the play on replay.
  4. He didn't do anything with authority last year so that would be a welcome change. Well, other than throw it to the other team with authority. Edit: I'll take it a step further. Earle showed more decisiveness and moxy in one single series than Ruder did in four games last year.
  5. Ruder would throw it to the other team and get an endzone pick 6 in that situation based on last year's performance. Would be glad to be proven wrong. SL said that Ruder got the nod to start last year because of his QB smarts. Would be nice to have a guy like that on the field as long as he can handle the pressure, which is the biggest question in my mind with Ruder.
  6. Not sure which play, but if I had to guess it was the almost TD (that I still think was a TD). Got slammed pretty hard.
  7. **** i missed post game. Well...****
  8. I saw someone else reference a shoulder. Did he? I'd like more info if this is the case. I didn't see it if he did.
  9. Just one question Mean Green Faithful, why? Why even give him a shot if there weren't doubts? Especially early on before we knew we had the game in hand? Discuss this event freely here. Personally? I think SL is trying to find a way to see what he's got that could maybe complete more than 50% of his passes.
  10. I think WB should find his balls in his wife's purse if he can't fire a coach that hasn't gotten a single bowl win.
  11. I could see both answers, but I don't think we're destined to be bottom dwellers with the move. Especially with better coaching.
  12. The haters on this board have turned me into an optimist. I hate all of you for that. The Memphis game told me we can be completive. Edit: Completive is a real word.
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