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  1. Will definitely be watching. Players in the shrine game two years in a row is a good sign for the program.
  2. I know but I was talking about his specific unit since he's only been here three years.
  3. Edited, TheColonyEagle beat me to it.
  4. Coach has fired a couple of people.
  5. This. All of this. I am eating crow for the next year. Harrell was significantly better than Reeder, especially as a QB coach.
  6. Langston needs to be gone after early signing day if we have a recruit or two tied to him. There is no excuse for him to be around. His unit has been mediocre to terrible for THREE FUCKING YEARS.
  7. I think Strong would be a decent DC hire for a P5 but at this rate until he builds his resume back up he's not going to be a darling. That being said his last few years have not been great. He might be desperate enough and be enticed by the prospect of literally having the run of the mill on the defensive side of the ball so to speak.
  8. I think injuries played a role in this, especially injuries to both of our TEs this year. Speaking of TEs, why do we even have a TE coach? We have three freshmen and 1 rs freshman, but as far as I can tell we only used two (Smith and Pirtle) this year.
  9. It looks like Beck will be the QB coach next year.
  10. They canned Todd after a bad season but they didn't can Tim Beck, who has been horrible since Herman got there? If we can get him it should be an upgrade. He runs a similar offense defense to what we have so personnel shouldn't be an issue. Getting pressure on QBs might still be tough.
  11. Rice was a shit show. Charlotte was a shit show. La Tech was a shit show. Today we played them close all game and the defense had one of their better games. They almost completely shut out the UAB offense in the second half. I love what Mason has done for us, but that pick six was costly. The other interception wasn't great, although on replay it looked like the safety bit on the underneath route, but obviously he didn't. Play calling on offense wasn't perfect but it wasn't as bad as other games this season. It was a good, competitive game to watch, even if we did lose.
  12. It really is fitting and representative of his career.
  13. Sacked twice on the most important drive of the game. We need a Oline coach. At the very least.
  14. Finally set up a decent screen and this happens. Feel really bad for him. I hope it's not as serious as it looks.
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