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  1. Not only no, but HELL NO. I don't want a coach that kisses their players and tells everyone they're Mensa member while simultaneously being one of the most predictable play callers in college football. I would rather take DMac back. Edit: Also forgot, the Big 12 is now part of the Group of 6 and not part of the P4.
  2. alright im out. gonna keep watching but not much left to say about this shitshow.
  3. We can't afford to fire him and that's Wren Baker's fault.
  4. How is that not a PI? I'm not sure I can watch this ****show.
  5. I want to give Martin a shot. Ruder and Aune haven't shown much, though I will firmly stand that Aune is much better than Ruder, even if he's not that great. Some QBs are gameday QBs and Martin strikes me as one. We have weapons, just gotta get everyone on the same page and a lot of that is mental and Martin is a coach's son. At this point in the season, considering we are likely going to be 1-4 after this weekend, we're going to need a miracle to get this offense firing on all cylinders. We still have to play Marshall, Liberty, and FIU after probably losing it Missouri this weekend.
  6. Even QBs need coaches and our best effort is...Blake Joseph? A completely unknown quantity that came out of High School coaching. Compare that to Graham Harrell in the ear of Mason Fine. Coaching is a mess right now, and it all stops at the top. Littrell cannot get his coaches on a cohesive page. QBs throwing to blank areas of the field when WRs cut their routes off early? That isn't just miscommunication at the field level, that's a miscommunication at the coaching level.
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