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  1. You mean the second half offensive collapses? Because those definitely happened on Graham Harrell's watch.
  2. Storied programs. Hopefully we can build a strong program and recruit better at the position going forward
  3. Recruiting OL at the G5 level is always difficult. We had some good OL recruits the past couple of seasons, but it usually takes, from what I understand, two seasons to get OL guys up to speed. We hardly had any OL recruits in the first two seasons under SL. All that being said, Chuck Langston was a back-up hire after our first OL coach got picked up by a P5 after the 2016 season. I am very disappointed we haven't reached out for a better OL coach after putting a lackluster OL on the field for 3 years. After the hits Fine took last year I can't believe Langston still has a god damned job.
  4. Wouldn't have mattered. They would have scored regardless. Defense was letting them do what they wanted. Couldn't even sack the QB after wrapping up his leg. The defense has to get better if we have any hopes of winning out, which are quickly dwindling.
  5. Mason's working his RIGHT (THROWING) HAND like it hurts. Gr8.
  6. Also, our running backs are TERRIBLE at picking up the blitz.
  7. Reeder decided we were too effective. He wanted to give MUTS a chance.
  8. No roughing the passer? Really? Are you f'ing kidding me?
  9. I like the unis for the most part but...why the gray helmets?
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