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  1. The key here is the Oline. IMO, the Oline was successful tonight for the most part in the pass game. HOWEVER, the Oline was fantastic in the run game tonight. Offense goes as the oline goes. Oline gave both the RBs and Bean the running room they needed. Scheming against the QB run is a good point. At the beginning of the year I thought Aune was the better passer and Bean was the better runner, but Bean didn't turn the ball over, either on a fumble or on an INT, and his passes had good "zip" to them when needed. Aune pressed tonight and got two INTs in the first quarter for it. He also hel
  2. I just don't understand the mindset of undermining the current coach. It's a ****show for sure at the moment, and last year. But what if the ship turns and we not only go to a bowl but win? Will you still **** on him? Again, I want to be clear, after SMU I was optimistic, but after Southern Meth I was distraught. SL needs to either right the ship or go on. It's sad because he is obviously good at evaluating offensive talent. We've had a lot of offensive talent come to us since he came here, and it is an integral part of today's game. I don't have a real solution, I just remember the (relativel
  3. I get why you are the way you are Bert. When things are good and you question it people give you **** and when things are bad and you try to be optimistic people give you ****. Rock, hard place.
  4. So...you want the guy that has been coaching our disastrous special teams to coach or equally as disastrous defense? Eh, why not. Doubt it will make a difference. I was optimistic until Southern Miss. I bet we're the only team they will beat all year.
  5. Bert just say that we'll lose. Your predictions are false and probably witchcraft. We need a float test.
  6. Hey dumbass, that's what spring ball and fall camp are for. All programs are dealing with soft tissue injuries that would normally be "trained" out by season open. Get with the times and read some news gramps. Well i guess I should have looked at the date of the thread. I'm the dumbass, but I will say I find it a really strange habit of members of this forum to bring up old posts from years and years ago.
  7. After what RV put us through, not him. Let another small business take it. Edit: Since I'm getting hate for this, I'm going to be more honest about my thoughts on RV. **** RV. He bought that ****** restaurant on the money paid to him by our university. **** RV. I hope he has no success in the rest of his life unless it directly involves him handling feces by hand.
  8. Good question. I assumed OC but maybe not.
  9. I saw Bean hitting those deep throws more often in his limited play. I wanted Aune to start after his performance in the last two games but I wanted Bean to get a chance after Aune overthrew at least 5 guys that were wide open.
  10. We kicked our own asses, especially on the 14 point swing on special teams.
  11. Not the knee so not ACL. Looked like a lower leg injury. Pure speculation, broken leg. Probably done for the season. Damn, just checked, already burned his redshit. RS Sophomore.
  12. If you remember, he turned down a 26 year old nobody for Graham Harrell. I think SL made the right move at the time.
  13. The defense was not the problem tonight. They played well considering the personnel issues. Anytime you get into situations where the opposing team starts in your territory (what was it 3 times?) in a game, it is going to be difficult to respond to that. That being said, a new DC with a modified scheme with no spring and a limited fall is going to be a disaster for any team. The real problem tonight was Ekeler's special teams units. Dear god. The slow start on offense and Aune overthrowing receivers/receivers dropping passes in the endzone didn't help either, but what really killed us wa
  14. https://www.ninersnation.com/2020/9/27/21458813/49ers-injury-updates-mckinnon-left-with-an-upper-rib-injury McKinnon has a rib injury. Wilson will likely be the premier RB next weekend. Our gun guy(damn autocorrect) is gonna shine. Glad he's getting his opportunity.
  15. I know it's garbage time against a bad defense but Wilson has done his job and done it exceptionally today.
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