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  1. Don't know if anyone posted this so sorry if repost, but Darden landed on 24/7's top 100 draft prospects list at 91. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/2021-NFL-Draft-rankings-PFF-Top-100-prospects-Trevor-Lawrence-Zach-Wilson-Justin-Fields-159304361/#159304361_1
  2. Young man with a vendetta? Or just someone that wants to play ball but not leave DFW? He's a helluva back. SMU got a good one.
  3. That's all that matters when you give someone a scholarship worth tens of thousands of dollars. Perform on field or get out.
  4. WTF. He had a good year and would be projected to have a better one next year unless there's some internal issues rumbling. I'll miss him but f him for leaving us when the team needs him.
  5. Nothing of value was lost in my opinion based on how much (little) he impacted our roster.
  6. Almost like he did the same thing in college...oh wait.
  7. If Darden doesn't get drafted I will leave this board forever. I know this will create some internal strife in all of you which is why I said it.
  8. Wag, you've agreed with my football takes before if I'm not mistaken. Not trying to get anything locked, just trying to be realistic.
  9. Dipshit Abbott already almost crashed our economy in April. I have no faith.
  10. I don't know, why is California recently announcing a state wide indefinite lockdown because of (probably fake) "super covid".
  11. This won't go well and the next pick will be worse...especially since spring ball (probably) gets canceled again.
  12. Defense takes more preparation than offense. The lack of spring ball and little fall practice hurt that.
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