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  1. peanuts104

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    Why? After this season I doubt any P5 team will look at him, even a bad one like Arkansas.
  2. peanuts104

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    Found this golden nugget of a comment:
  3. peanuts104

    FAU QB transferring

    He's a RS freshman? Didn't he play football on that last chance u? Nope that was the other qb on their team John Franklin III, who is now a safety for the bears. I was confused as well.
  4. peanuts104

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    Nick Mullens, former Southern Meth qb and currently the 49ers starting qb.
  5. peanuts104

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    He also had a fumble. Other than that it was a really solid outing for him. He's making the most of his opportunity.
  6. Have you even been watching for the last three seasons? Mason is one tough sonofabitch (not that you're a bitch Mrs. Fine if you read this). You might need to brush up on who our qb is.
  7. peanuts104

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    Also found this:
  8. peanuts104

    Jeff Wilson and the 49ers 12/9 UPDATED

    Also saw this. A pretty egregious error in my estimation.
  9. peanuts104

    UNT Weekend

    Tomorrow at 3. He should be starting. I think Breida is out. I am pumped for him.
  10. Well, I started this thread and I'll be damned if I don't take responsibility for it. I cannot find any information that clarifies the situation. Early reports said he was gone, slightly more recent reports said he isn't. So....he's probably staying? That's my current 4:06ireallyneedtogotobedam assessment.
  11. Wish I knew. Just snapshotted this. Apparently our own Brett Vito knew something 16 hours ago. The story isn't up anymore. Graham must've thought Seth was going to jump ship to Kansas State and was about to do the same. Maybe he's reconsidering now that Seth is staying?
  12. Like him or not, he's been the Fine whisperer. Will be interesting to see how this impacts our recruiting and QB room.
  13. peanuts104

    New Mexico inside scoop

    I love skiing in Santa Fe. You can ski during the day and then you have Santa Fe to do stuff in the evening. You're not just stuck in a dark cold cabin on the top of a mountain somewhere.
  14. peanuts104

    GMG recruiting podcast. Need questions

    Seconded on this.
  15. peanuts104

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    It's a new day ladies and gentlemen.