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  1. Part of my UNT origin story: I was offered a half scholarship to Rice, which sounded amazing until I learned how much the other half would be.
  2. This likely has more to do with engaging the RTVF students with something they're more interested in than jazz than it does trying to become the most listened to station in DFW.
  3. Really depends on the landscape, but in a scenario where B1G and SEC have each gone to 24, I would assume the B12 would also go to 24 to claim they're on the same level as the other two. At that point, there is no more ACC.
  4. I would expect any Pac-12 leftovers (assuming the conference dies) to prefer the American over the MWC for the same reasons that the Pac-12 is dying in the first place. That's assuming they couldn't figure out some deal to join the Big XII or the ACC.
  5. If a US citizen wants to vote and doesn’t have an ID, making it to where they can’t vote, that’s the definition of voter suppression. Also, the intent is clear by allowing a handgun license to be used but not a student ID.
  6. lol fat chance. Voter suppression because “the election was stolen”, bathroom bills, being able to open carry in a Dairy Queen, etc.
  7. Oh, you’d rather I link books on Amazon? And no, there’s only a certain group of people with tinfoil hats on trying to legislate their paranoia into law.
  8. UNT could very easily fail upwards again. That said, there are only going to be 2-3 "real" conferences after this, and neither of them will be named PAC-12 or Big XII.
  9. The tsunami has been here for a while. If it's just now reaching your neighborhood, consider yourself lucky.
  10. Many times. My friend's brother worked there for a couple years when I was in junior high, and she used to get free pizza for us pretty regularly. RIP
  11. Grew up in Richardson and live in Fort Worth now. I really miss the Richardson area for a few reasons, not the least of which is for the food.
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