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  1. Yep. Doesn't matter what industry these companies are in. They're all going to take the free money and do the minimum to comply with the law (which doesn't seem like much). It's like we didn't just go through all of this 12 years ago. It's just a matter of time before we start seeing executives getting bonuses and companies finding loopholes in the restrictions.
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeremybogaisky/2020/03/27/united-airlines-to-workers-expect-layoffs-after-bailout-restrictions-end/#14039b942e2c
  3. Has very little to do with the type of industry, and everything to do with the lack of oversight in the bill. United is doing the same thing and I'm sure countless others will as well.
  4. I do. Do you do anything other than hurl every single insult in the book at someone and go with the whole "You must hate America!" schtick?
  5. That's a lot of assumptions on your part. One question: how is a multi billion dollar wall going to stop drug tunnels?
  6. It's spending a massive amount of money for something that isn't really that much of a problem. Illegal immigration at ports of entry? Problem. People randomly crossing in the Arizona desert/mountains? Happens a tiny percentage of the time compared to ports of entry. They provide plenty of average to low paying jobs. They horde new wealth for themselves. It does not trickle down.
  7. It doesn't really slow anything down. That's kinda the point. It's a huge waste of billions of dollars when most illegal entry into the country doesn't happen outside of ports of entry. They're unrelated policies. Giving huge tax cuts to corporations with the delusion that wealth will 'trickle down' didn't happen. It never happens, but Republicans keep going down that road. That's making the rich richer. He's also worked to make food stamps more restrictive, limit or remove ACA coverage, and wants to cut Social Security for disabled people and cut Medicaid spending. Making the poor poorer.
  8. I mean, it's a wall between the US and Mexico/Central/South America. Currently his travel ban affects immigrants from majority Muslim countries, and Nigeria, Africa's largest country, was added to the list recently.
  9. His policies are build a wall to keep Latinos out, keep Muslims out, keep Africans and immigrants out, make the rich richer, make the poor poorer, and degrade the integrity of the office every single day. All are verifiable policies, except the last one where it may be more of a personal oath or something that keeps him motivated.
  10. The final score made last night's game look way more lopsided than it was. They very nearly lost to one of the worst teams in the league. When they showed the graphic of current division leaders, it was embarrassing to see everyone at 8-0 or 7-1, and then the Cowboys there at 4-3. If they don't start getting it together, this has got to be Garrett's last year. Especially with Urban Meyer expressing interest.
  11. As much as this is a "joke" shirt, I think it really captures the spirit of Trump's base.
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