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  1. So are you saying you don't support Trump? How about his handling of the virus?
  2. Pearl clutching. As in, you support a President who called the whole thing a hoax, has been photographed wearing a mask exactly once, has purposefully downplayed everything, and is currently holding rallies with no social distancing or masks in sight. So what is meant by the phrase is that you don't actually give a damn. You only care because you feel like it allows you to run up points for your team.
  3. You mean like how Trump says we should be doing less testing, but gets every single person he comes into direct contact with tested? Cut the transparent pearl clutching bullshit.
  4. Because the overall message is to wear a mask. If she messed up, she messed up. If it was a setup, it was a setup. I honestly don't care. This is peak "gotcha!" politics.
  5. Not a definitive moment. Just a moment for conspiracy theorists to see other conspiracy theorists go down to the virus. But that’s probably a conspiracy too...
  6. It’s two public figures who advocated against wearing masks, among other idiocy. It’s 150,000+ dead. This isn’t difficult. Wear a mask if you’re going to be in close proximity and/or indoors with people outside of your household.
  7. Whether or not that is how I reacted, feel free to send all the negatives my way. Him and the co-founder of TPUSA dying should, but won't, wake some people up.
  8. It's a rough subject. On one hand, there's no quicker way to spread the virus. On the other, school districts are running out of money and parents are struggling with adding "teacher" to their resume or even being able to be home at all to take care of kids. I don't think kids should go back to school, because it's going to be a catastrophe. However, I'd be lying if I said this is a cut and dry issue.
  9. Maybe we can ask one of the dozens of other countries who seem to have figured it out. Let's start with New Zealand.
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