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  1. A year and a half and no meaningful update on the AC expansion, let alone future facilities. Mosley was the wrong hire.
  2. The fact that we kept Matt Caponi after last year has me at about a 1.5.
  3. I think it's deeper than that. If you watch the Cowboys, I'm sure there are a few whose lifelong dream has been to play for the team, but most are just there to collect the biggest paycheck. What makes college sports worse currently is there's no contract. So while you can become a Dak fan or whatever, in college a player can show up for a few games, walk off the field midseason, and wait for December. There are people like Tylor Perry who give their all to this school and eventually leave to pursue a higher profile and maybe that next step. I don't have an issue with that. But I'm not a fan of the players who 'job hop' using the portal. Not to be confused with kids who get to a school and truly don't care for it and are simply looking for a better situation. Just typing it out, it's a complex situation, and I'm not really sure the answer. The power programs are upset that their younger bench players want to play, and smaller programs like ours are upset that they're basically being treated like a AA minor league team.
  4. SMU went west to get to the east coast? Checks out.
  5. Right, but they're still operating in the same range as MWC and AAC. MAC is closer to Big Sky or Horizon.
  6. Turning players into mercenaries probably is not the best development for college sports.
  7. They need to get out of that high school gym they use for basketball.
  8. I know nothing of UMass, but A10 to MAC in basketball is quite the steep drop. Seems like it'd almost be preferable to drop football entirely.
  9. That's what happened when the Pit Crew graduated. Someone tried to resurrect it years later, but then they graduated too, I believe. Wish they'd change the name back, because Maniacs is really lame.
  10. So you don't want students at the game? You should work for the athletic department.
  11. SMU is as much Dallas' hometown university as the Chargers are LA's team. Potentially less.
  12. You go where your customers are, and that's TikTok.
  13. It's this. I'll give you the easiest of easy examples. I searched whether or not the AD even has a TikTok presence. They do. 9 total videos with the last one being from November of 2022. The hottest social media platform in the target demographic (college students) and you can't be bothered to post some highlights or memes or anything to remind the student body that they have a basketball team. For the old heads who don't care about TikTok or social media, I'll point out another problem. This athletic department refuses and has always refused the past 20 years I've been watching the program to market outside of Denton. In really ambitious years, I've seen them outreach a tiny bit into Argyle and Corinth. She doesn't want you. Maybe eventually she will, but not now. This philosophy of "Let's get Denton on board first before expanding out" literally hasn't worked for over a century now. Please try something...anything...else.
  14. We're a bit into bowl season, but just a PSA for anyone who hasn't noticed: almost all bowl games are on ESPN+ this year. There are a handful on ABC/CBS/CW, and the CFP games are exclusively on vanilla ESPN.
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