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  1. I would expect some major reorganization between CUSA, AAC, MWC, and SBC after the P4/5 make their moves. Some schools should take the opportunity to move to FCS, but they won't.
  2. Facebook has its share of bad decision making, and gross negligence that has/is affected the country. Even with that said, I wouldn't put them on the same level as Parler. With Parler, the hate speech was a feature not a bug. That is why they were swiftly removed from all platforms.
  3. Yep. That's why someone decides to transition. They want to win at shotput in high school.
  4. I never said anyone was wrong. I personally couldn't care less whether the anthem is played or not. I pay just as much attention to it as nearly everyone else.
  5. Only because it's a wedge issue. It's just another thing to get outraged about that actually has no bearing on anything ever.
  6. Nothing wrong with it, it's just kinda weird and no one honestly cares. I've been to enough events in my lifetime (NT and otherwise) to know most people are shuffling around, checking their phones, eating, talking, chasing their kids, etc. Most countries only play their anthems during international events. I'm in the boat that would reserve it for special events. As for the specifics of why Mark Cuban temporarily removed it, who knows.
  7. While we're changing this stuff up, can we please get Take Me Out to the Ball Game back for the 7th inning stretch at Rangers games. Been putting up with God Bless America now for almost 20 years.
  8. I really looked hard at electric cars for lease this last time around (May 2019), but, at least at the time, it felt like they're not worth the extra cost unless you drive quite a bit. I've put on about 6500 miles in a little over a year and a half, so I'm not in that group. Some of the new models from major manufacturers are starting to look pretty great. The Mustang Mach-E seems like the first serious competitor to Tesla. Kia is supposed to roll out some new EV this year and next. Do you drive a lot? Have you calculated savings, if any? Also congrats on the new car.
  9. Once in a while I'll throw on CNN just to see if there's anything new, but I can't watch more than about 15 minutes of it. Too much "analysis" that is basically "spin alley" 24x7. I prefer to just get news updates from NPR or watch PBS NewsHour while making dinner.
  10. So are you saying you don't support Trump? How about his handling of the virus?
  11. Pearl clutching. As in, you support a President who called the whole thing a hoax, has been photographed wearing a mask exactly once, has purposefully downplayed everything, and is currently holding rallies with no social distancing or masks in sight. So what is meant by the phrase is that you don't actually give a damn. You only care because you feel like it allows you to run up points for your team.
  12. You mean like how Trump says we should be doing less testing, but gets every single person he comes into direct contact with tested? Cut the transparent pearl clutching bullshit.
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