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  1. It's a rough subject. On one hand, there's no quicker way to spread the virus. On the other, school districts are running out of money and parents are struggling with adding "teacher" to their resume or even being able to be home at all to take care of kids. I don't think kids should go back to school, because it's going to be a catastrophe. However, I'd be lying if I said this is a cut and dry issue.
  2. Maybe we can ask one of the dozens of other countries who seem to have figured it out. Let's start with New Zealand.
  3. Only place I've seen a Big Boy in years was out by my old office in California, and even that closed. This reminds me of the IHOb promotional stunt. Where's Wendy's?
  4. Haven't shouted anyone down, have contributed more time and effort than many over the years, and there's a contingent of 4-5 guys who just follow me around down-voting every post. It's off-season life.
  5. It’s literally the argument used throughout history to oppress every minority group that’s ever existed.
  6. This is pretty gross. Either you didn't read the article, or you think white supremacy is a discourse worth having.
  7. I'll say it another way. Was there a vote to add the monument in the first place?
  8. Answered your own question. Regarding Lincoln, pretty sure that's just a small contingent in Madison, WI who wants that done and they're very alone on that one.
  9. Get ready for no fans in the stands or no season at all this year.
  10. So an article from 10 years ago by a professor in an unrelated department arguing for making political affiliation required information during the hiring process in another? How'd that come up?
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