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    I miss adam smith! https://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/topic/61469-the-5-best-players-in-unt-basketball-history/
  2. So long as SMU is in AAC we won’t be allowed in. UConn stinks in FB but their basketball is strong.
  3. This is a valid question. He was awesome! Then again so was the guy before him, Just have to reload.
  4. Harry

    QB Cade Pearson intends to transfer

    To me the big key on this is what do we have in Aune? How quickly can he mature? We have some good talent in Bean and Martin and with Will Kuehne on the way I still like where we are at.
  5. Harry

    QB Cade Pearson intends to transfer

    Hey I don’t blame him for wanting to get on the field and play. I wish him and his family only the best.
  6. E.J. Ejiya is going to be hard to replace period end of story.
  7. Harry

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Crappy call there!
  8. Harry

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Still a lot of time if we can force some misses.
  9. Harry

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    This is bad fellas. They have us on the ropes.
  10. Harry

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Not looking good. Need someone to heat up from the3
  11. Harry

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    Dude looks like a good recruiter which is a tad bit easier at OU of course. Still, if he can bring some of that success here I am in.
  12. Harry

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    I’m a Steve Yellen fan. Hope we get him on some other roadies.
  13. Harry

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Too close man. This is going down to the wire.
  14. Harry

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Odigie is OWNING Tope... very frustrating to watch.
  15. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1443616/highlights/47199377 http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/recruiting/player-Xavier-Washington-144371
  16. Harry

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Keep giving him chances I say; he’s trying to find it.
  17. Harry

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    No sound!!
  18. Best wishes to Jalen. Shout out to @GMG24 for the link.
  19. Harry


  20. Harry

    Pre Spring Offensive Depth Chart

    Competition at QB for #2 spot will be fierce.
  21. Harry

    Week 10 Polls

    Don’t have a link but I stumbled across a UCLA fan online making a case they should consider hiring McCasland. Not saying it will happen but who the heck knows. Coach Bro just got hired to the NFL after getting fired at Tech for goodness sakes! If he keeps winning he’s going to get some looks.