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  1. Join Harry and TheRealJD as they analyze the Mean Green 2021 season prospects heading into a critical year for Seth Littrell and the football program. They also address how the Mean Green is faring in recruiting against other C-USA rivals as well as conference realignment possibilities after UT and OU bail for the SEC. Direct audio link: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/gomeangreen/ringr_168327_169828.mono.mp3
  2. Excited about getting to play SWT but disappointed we can’t get them here first. Guys this is a fun place to visit and easy drive road game.
  3. Well stated Matt. I would also add, she is a terrific recruiter and at the G5 level that is the main ingredient you want. I wish she didn't have as much turnover, and I wish she would do better in conference games but you can't question that she has improved the overall program since she arrived. The only thing I worry about now is having Karen at UTSA as she will provide a lot of competition in recruiting that wasn't there before.
  4. Graham deserves a lot of credit for what he accomplished here.
  5. Great analysis and I agree. The only factor they need to keep a handle on is the $ value of the underdog. The NCAA hoops tourney gets that by allowing so many smaller programs a chance at success on a national stage. I think to a certain extent that the expanded playoff to 12 teams will also help the little guy so that is a good thing. If what you project comes true it starts to look like a profession league and I am not sure that is in the best interest of college football fans across the country. What I mean is, if the SEC becomes the darling, the dominant force it will drive down interest on the west coast and in other G5 conferences who may not have as much money but still add to the fabric of college football and its history.
  6. Interesting. I pulled the above from the article.
  7. North Texas: The Mean Green ranked in the cellar in nearly every defensive category last season. North Texas allowed 40+ in seven of its 10 games — a feat which it cannot afford to replicate if it hopes for bowl eligibility in 2021. Stopping the run was quite the calamity as opponents stomped on the Mean Green for 270 yards per game. In order to fix that, they hired journeyman coach Phil Bennett to run the defense and Jim Gush to coach the linebackers. Middle linebacker K.D. Davis led the team in tackles in 2020 and he’ll be expected to do the same at the heart of the defense. Outside linebacker Larry Nixon III finished third on the team with 53 tackles and is expected to retain his starting role. The other slot in the 4-3 scheme is likely reserved for Tyreke Davis or Jordan Brown, who split time at outside backer during the COVID-riddled season. Read more: https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2021/7/6/22561814/conference-usa-position-previews-linebackers-c-usa-2021-defense-uab-louisiana-tech-fau-rice-marshall
  8. Very true. And let's be honest, coaches rising salaries is what cause this to happen so quickly. You can't pay coaches millions of dollars and not pay the players who actually play the damn game and take the physical risks. It was a ludicrous proposition from the start.
  9. There is no way to police this policy. The NCAA is a joke!
  10. For instance I was a newbie a day or so ago and now I am listed as an apprentice. You should see a similar rise in the coming days.
  11. Hi there - the site is “indexing” meaning that the archived data is being absorbed into the new software. You will see that your ranks and achievement badges will continue increase as the days go by. We just have a lot of members and it takes some time to process it. GMG
  12. https://www.al.com/sports/2021/06/recruiting-update-fairfield-qb-picks-up-first-offer-others-grab-attention.html
  13. 4 straight bowl games and he beat Cincinnati which may go down as one of the biggest wins in the entire history of the program. Did not have a pot to piss in facility wise. I kid you now, when recruits were in town they AVOIDED Fouts and basically tried to pretend it was not there. I think they would all killed to have the resources we have today.
  14. That article you reference is a press release from the UNT SID: https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/6/23/mens-basketball-adds-andre-shaw-to-staff.aspx Press releases from the SID are fair game to be posted. We've updated the board policy to clarify. GMG
  15. Our board software is in the process of updating the Achievements and Badges component of the site. The new achievements Points system keeps a running tally of Points. Members may earn Points in a multitude of ways. Create a topic? Points! Post a reply? Points! Follow another member? Points. So there will be more ways to obtain points than we have had in the past. Reputation points are still there so don't freak out if they appear to be missing. We are still working on the format of the achievements and how they will interact with reputation badges etc and will keep you posted on our progress there. It will take a couple of days for the new updates to index so thanks for your patience as we work through the upgrade process. GMG
  16. After overseeing the most successful stretch in the history of the high school’s athletic department, Bells head softball coach Kristina Stephens has stepped down, and away from coaching, after a seven-year run that included back-to-back state championships. Stephens is leaving the athletic side of education to become a counselor at Melissa High School but is also leaving the program in good and familiar hands as assistant coach Lisa Johnson, who has been a part of Stephens' entire tenure, has been elevated to lead the Lady Panthers. Johnson moved on to the University of North Texas and was a four-year starter with time at every spot around the infield. She still holds the program's single-season and career record for walks and on the UNT career lists is sixth in runs and home runs, eighth in doubles and total bases, ninth in RBI and 10th in hits. read more: https://www.heralddemocrat.com/story/sports/2021/05/18/stephens-steps-down-bells-softball-coach-johnson-elevated-lead/5141760001/
  17. He sure was. His dad Stan used to visit the board quite a bit back in the day. Great family that bleeds green.
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