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  1. No way Smut brought 14k fans to Frisco. Probably LA Tech fans.
  2. Here is video of the NDSU band and opponent band from a previous Frisco Bowl game. Looks like both were in endzone sections...
  3. I read ESPN had rights to the CUSA champ and could put them in one of their Bowl properties. The New Orleans and Independence Bowls are not ESPN properties. Thus, they still wanted a good matchup and good attendance so selected them for Frisco (attendance reasons) vs SDSU (record reasons). But UTSA is NOT happy coming to Frisco instead of the other possible Bowls. Here is some comments: https://www.sacurrent.com/sanantonio/on-twitter-utsa-fans-call-teams-slotting-to-frisco-bowl-after-historic-season-awful-and-lame-as-hell/Content?oid=27720647
  4. It Basketball Hall of Fame Classic presented by Hotels.com Dickies Arena, Fort Worth, TX Saturday, December 11 1:00 PM CST - Mississippi State vs Colorado State (ESPNU) 3:30 PM CST - North Texas vs UMass (FloSports) 6:00 PM CST - Stephen F Austin vs Liberty (FloSports) ............................................... It was difficult to find a website with info for this event. Here is what I could locate: https://www.hoophall.com/events/basketball-hall-of-fame-classic
  5. Graham has had plenty of issues at his other schools too.
  6. Hey Jeff How are you doing? How is Cindy and the kids. I was always hoping I could see you again since the 2013 Heart of Texas Bowl game. Let me know how you are doing.  I went up to the UTEP game a few weeks ago. Don’t see any of the Alumni I know.
    Will retire at end of January due to medical issues but am working a seasonal job with UPS. I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer even tho I have never smoke but thank God I have it in check.

    Alex Tijerina 210-383-1967

    1. NT80


      Hi Alex.  Good to hear from you.  Very sad to hear about your health issues.  How did you get lung cancer not being a smoker?  I hope it stays under control.

      I retired as an FAA air traffic controller in 2014 then worked at DFW airport for 5 years in Airfield Operations doing runway and taxiway inspections.  I am now a part-time contract controller again at Mesquite airport and will probably retire for good in about 6 months. 

      Cyndy just retired from teaching full time this past May.  She still tutors kids with dyslexia (reading) problems.  This past March was our 40th anniversary.   We live in McKinney now.  She had some minor surgery this morning so I am playing nurse today.

      I have not been to a North Texas football game in Denton in about 4 years, just too busy, but I plan to go to the Bowl game.  I went to the CBI basketball championship game at the SuperPit a couple years ago.  I often read the GMG board to keep up to date but haven't posted until recently.  

      Our son John lives in Plano and has our two grandsons.  Our daughter Catherine lives in Carrollton and is trying for their first child.  She graduated from UNT and met her husband there as well, much like Cyndy and I.  They were married 5 years ago.

      I will text or give you a call when I get a chance.  Stay well!

      Jeff Baltzley 972-989-4061



    2. Danish43



      Hi Jeff: Thanks for getting back with me. Glad to hear that you and family are doing well. Tell Cindy I say hi.  

      My oncologist and pulmonologist both told me that the way I got cancer was really strange and unique. Pre-Covid I was constantly coughing and I would go to the doctor get x-rayed and given steroids which made me feel better for a few days only to have the cough return.  In early May I finally saw a pulmonologist who told me to take a week off from work to see if I would improve. My oxygen intake measured by a finger pulse oximeter showed my breathing below safety levels.  I started having breathing problem that weekend and woke up on a Sunday telling my wife to take me to ER because I was really having a hard time breathing. Got to the hospital and was admitted , took a battery of tests, and told 5 days later that I had Lung Cancer.

      I had always taken care of my body by bicycling 3 hours on weekend and eating the right foods. When I was discharged I was put on oxygen 24/7 and was at home most of time. I was told a month later after tons of MRI's and Pet scans that I had a tumor in my lung that and could not be operated because my oxygen use was to high and it risk my life. After 3-1/2 months of oxygen my oncologist found a miracle drug called Tagrasso that had me off oxygen in 3 days. Very expensive tho but Azenca Zenica agreed to cover the $3100 monthly cost.

      Thank God I am back to normal, I will be retiring from my Sales Job with TIFCO Industries at the end of this month. I am doing UPS seasonal delivery till the end of the year as a contractor. Work is demanding but I am doing fine.
      Nancy put her resignation from her Special Ed job at the end of January. Once again I thank God that my investments has paid off now that I will probably start SS in January. The boys are on there own so the expense is not there with my youngest finishing his biology degree in May.

      I have a fellow NT grad here in town Denny Kalk who invites me over to his home to watch NT football and basketball. This is my email address. alextijerina9@gmail.com




  7. How many did UTSA bring to Denton when they were 11-0? Maybe 500? So now they are 12-1 and bringing 15,000?
  8. He is thinking it's Smut again with their 300 fans.
  9. I agree on raising the Bowl qualification to minimum 7 wins. Currently 84 schools out of 130 in FBS are going Bowling. Only 46 schools stay home. That is excessive and results in many participation trophies handed out in a lot of random matchups of average teams . While it's fun for the players and fans, with only 5 FBS wins (+1 FCS) needed to gain a Bowl, it waters-down the achievement. The main benefit is national media and a spotlight on the program and schools gain 2-3 weeks of extra practices over non-participants! NT (and Seth) are lucky they are set up for success in this last minute made-up "classic" Bowl game 20 miles from campus. Would we be as excited if the Bowl was same opponent but up in Detroit? Probably not. I would rather FBS someday be like every other level of College and High School football and have a true playoff with meaningful postseason games ending with a true champion achieved on the field.
  10. I heard Miami's win over Long Island U was not counted as a qualifying FCS win, thus only 5 wins for Bowl consideration? LIU had not met the requirements yet for that? Miami would be sitting home.
  11. Iowa noticed what Fry was doing in Denton rebuilding North Texas and they needed similar. The lack of Bowl opportunities back then for North Texas and his struggle to get NT into a better conference sent Fry to Iowa City. North Texas honored Hayden several times since he left and I believed he maintained a fondness for NT too.
  12. Yes, the link says UNT will be in East side stadium sections as the visitors. ESPN probably wanted UNT and UTSA fans opposite the pressbox cameras for better crowd scenes. Still, it means staring into the sun for an afternoon kickoff.
  13. UTSA fans attended well at home this year but will they travel? They should be going to Independence Bowl vs. BYU. Perhaps the 'Runners don't travel well and maybe Shreveport wanted UAB? Frisco will be a test for UTSA future road appeal.
  14. Miami (OH) does have an impressive Bowl history against some name opponents. The RedHawks are 7-5 in bowl games. Miami's all-time bowl history:1948 Sun Bowl (Won 13-12 vs. Texas Tech)1950 Salad Bowl (Won 34-21 vs. Arizona State)1962 Tangerine Bowl (Lost, 49-21 vs. Houston)1973 Tangerine Bowl (Won, 16-7 vs. Florida)1974 Tangerine Bowl (Won, 21-10 vs. Georgia)1975 Tangerine Bowl (Won, 20-7 vs. South Carolina)1986 California Bowl (Lost, 37-7 vs. San Jose State)2003 GMAC Bowl (Won, 49-28 vs. Louisville)2004 Independence Bowl (Lost, 17-13 vs. Iowa State)2010 GoDaddy Bowl (Won, 35-21 vs. Middle Tennessee State) 2016 St. Petersburg Bowl (Lost, 17-16 vs. Mississippi State)2020 LendingTree Bowl (Lost, 27-17 vs. Louisiana)2021 Frisco Football Classic (vs. North Texas) ....................................... The school is also known as the "Cradle of Coaches" as many legendary coaches have roots at Miami. Football Earl (Red) Blaik Army 1946 Paul Brown Cleveland Browns 1951, 1969 Woody Hayes Ohio State 1957 Paul Dietzel LSU 1958 Ara Parseghian Notre Dame 1964 John Pont Indiana 1967 Jim Root * New Hampshire 1967 Weeb Ewbank New York Jets 1968 Bo Schembechler Michigan 1969 Bill Narduzzi * Youngstown State 1978 Rick Carter * Dayton 1980 John Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens, 2013 * College Division Basketball Randy Ayers Ohio State 1991 Ron Niekamp Findlay 2009 Women's Basketball Sue Ramsey Ashland 2012 Baseball Walter Alston L.A./Brooklyn Dodgers 1955, 1959, 1963 Danny Hall Georgia Tech 1997 Tracy Smith Indiana 2013
  15. ADLER

    Welcome Back NT80, we've missed ya.

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