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  1. Yes, I went back to stats and saw that. Excellent!
  2. So, I assume since no rushing stats he is a pure pocket passer? Can he run if needed? Great passing numbers this past season. I agree the QB room and evaluation will be different this spring than last. Maybe some actual competition.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124734295716
  4. If the seat Nazis are going to let the general admission buyers sit in the reserved seats, then it de-values the price of the reserved tickets, and why have seat Nazis? Solution (as you mentioned): just rope off the reserved seat sections, as a visual, with a Nazi to check tickets for that area, and let the rest of the seating become first-come first-served general admission seating.
  5. Joe, you might word the title a little different, like "Baseball talk moved to Feb 15". To me, "baseball talk postponed" implied some off-the-table effort by Athletics, which it certainly is not! Thanks for all your efforts with baseball! For those curious, here is the upcoming meeting for fans from Joe: "Baseball fans ! In keeping with baseball traditions, we are issuing a RAIN CHECK for the talk Danny Suges was to give at the Denton Breakfast Kiwanis Club Wednesday morning. Since there is threatening weather, we are postponing Danny’s talk to Wednesday, February 15. Still at 7:00am. Still at Rudy’s. And I’ll still buy your breakfast. Put this new date on your calendar and I’ll see everyone Wednesday February 15. Play ball North Texas."
  6. FAU and FIU will also compete as affiliate members in women’s swimming and diving, along with the University of North Texas and Rice University, beginning with the 2022-23 season. UAB, Charlotte, FAU, North Texas and Rice will compete as affiliate members until those schools join The American as full members (along with UTSA) on a date to be determined. FIU will remain as an affiliate member in men’s soccer and women’s swimming and diving while holding primary membership in Conference USA. https://theamerican.org/news/2022/5/3/general-american-announces-affiliate-members-in-mens-soccer-and-womens-swimming-and-diving.aspx
  7. The CFL Pro QB experience will be good to get on his resume but he is still taking a beating at QB. I see his future in coaching perhaps, maybe as an OC. More $$ and less hits.
  8. Looks like it might be Navy Blue? We will have to clear this with @ADLER
  9. The team improved overall from where it was athletically after Seth was hired (thus why he was hired), but his major failure was not being able to replace Mason Fine with an equal value QB. A team goes as your QB goes. Aune was serviceable but not great. Seth as a HC was serviceable but not great.
  10. Not a fan of the Texas state background. Too much like other logos and we are now getting into logo-dysfunction.
  11. Yes, the brand is the selling point. People don't want to see Boise football because of their stupid cartoon horse head logo on their helmets. It is because they play an exciting and winning "brand" of college football.
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