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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/40167617/ncaa-settlement-plan-house-v-ncaa-case-irks-non-power-5-schools As the NCAA continues to make steps toward the expected settlement of the landmark House v. NCAA lawsuit and other related anti-trust cases, there is pushback on how the NCAA plans to pay the expected $2.7 billion in back damages over the next decade, sources told ESPN. Added another source in a CCA22 league: "This is incredibly unfair and has a dramatic impact. I'm losing about 10% of my operating budget. Do I cut two staff members in order for money to go to Zion Williamson? Ninety percent of the money in the suit projects to go to Power 5 football and men's basketball players. The 40% payment for the power conference isn't proportionate."
  2. Kansas football doesn't move the needle for anybody, especially media. It would be just another Vanderbilt or Northwestern.
  3. Do you really want the goal to be join Lamar, Tarleton State, UTA, SFA, and Abilene Christian, et al? That would be a worse drop than when we lost 20 years worth of fans and history in 1-AA. It's great for those programs, but we are well beyond that level.
  4. Was the change mainly due to less seats in the section with the change to individual seatbacks?
  5. This is just another attempt to segregate out G5 programs away from FBS and P4's. Same as before the Division l split into 1-A and 1-AA. Give them their own rankings and they will be fine....
  6. "According to NCAA rules, college basketball teams can have up to 15 players on their roster, but not all teams carry the maximum number of players. For example, D-I programs are limited to 15 roster spots and 13 scholarships. They will often bring in 17 to 20 players at the beginning of offseason training to compete for those 15 spots. The 13 scholarship players are guaranteed a spot, and it's up to the 3-6 walk ons to compete for the final 2."
  7. In Dl basketball the men's limit is 13 scholarships and 15 total players on a team. Women can offer 15 scholarships.
  8. Playing time is huge (or NIL with some), but factors have to be different with each player. Which player was encouraged to stay, which to go, which influenced by family members or friends; did academics or location play a part? Every situation is probably different. At what point as a coach to you tell a marginal player to stay or look elsewhere? Roster makeup is important and also factors in these decisions. If you're 7th on the guard depth chart probably not a good situation.
  9. Music would probably be second most. Lots of artists, but how often does their NT background get mentioned? I'm betting more sports stories/scores than music articles.
  10. Aside from balancing the accounting, the main benefit from a strong athletic program (and especially football in Texas) is the marketing value. Unfairly or not, most schools are ranked in public perception by what people think of them athletically, not academically. Also, by who the school associates with athletically. I would bet the mention of UNT Nationally happens more in sports than from any other area of the school x1000.
  11. Note: It wasn't a job interview for the players. It was an offer of free education for playing a sport for their school.
  12. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/40140633/charlie-baker-hopes-ncaa-settlement-creates-stability-schools The plaintiffs sought damages in the billions. The potential settlement would involve the NCAA paying more than $2.7 billion and agreeing to a new revenue-sharing model that could shift as much as $20 million annually to athletes. The costs associated with the settlement, along with the possibility of uncapping scholarships, could result in schools that max out those options seeing a budget hit of more than $35 million annually, according to multiple athletic directors who spoke to ESPN. Still, Baker said there was broad support for the move, which would provide some much-needed clarity and a framework for a sustainable business model for college sports. "You can invest in your athletes, you can invest in your programs, you can invest in your future, and have some idea about what the ground is going to be like underneath you," he said. "I think it creates a lot of stability and clarity for schools, and it makes it possible for all of us to start thinking about what the next act really will look like instead of feeling like you're just waiting for the next shoe to drop." Several coaches and athletic directors who heard the pitch were enthusiastic about the idea of bringing athlete compensation in-house, rather than allocating it to NIL collectives that have only a tangential relationship with a school's athletics department. In most cases, according to several coaches, a revenue-sharing model that sends $5-10 million per year to football players would likely be in the same ballpark as what most schools are already spending via NIL on roster building.
  13. This pay-for-wins has gotten totally out of hand. What has happened to our amateur college sports? $2 million for 17 points a game? https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/40137329/great-osobor-transferring-washington-big-nil-deals Utah State transfer Great Osobor, the top available player in the NCAA transfer portal, has committed to Washington, he told ESPN. Osobor, the Mountain West Conference Player of the Year, has name, image and likeness agreements in place that will give him the highest-known valuation in college basketball this season, at $2 million, according to a document reviewed by ESPN. His NIL agreements, which include marketing assurances, were negotiated by agent George Langberg of GSL Sports. Osobor committed to Washington over similar opportunities from Louisville and Texas Tech.
  14. I agree with all this. How do we turn games into an "event"? Making the athletic program relevant to our own students, fans and area towns has to become more important. Winning helps, of course.
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