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  1. Oh, like maybe Banners recruits would see?....honoring former great players *cough* Kenneth Lyons *cough* with a "retired-number" Banner? Great idea!
  2. At NT, a buyout prior to year 5 comes down to money (or lack of). Nebraska fired Pelini with a 67-27 record with contract years left... just because they didn't like his personality. They have the resources to fire coaches every year if they want to, most P5 programs do. But NT also made it's own mess by giving an untested HC (Benford) a 5-year deal to start with, or at least without benchmarks with achievements to continue or cut him loose. We also gave an extension to a HC (Mac) without seeing if he could rebuild or recruit to rebuild. A Bowl bonus would have been better than added contract years. Now with declining attendance, MGC, and revenue NT has to wait further, enduring more losses and driving away more fans, before it can afford to make a change in all revenue sports.
  3. Very much true. HS kids want opportunity to compete for playing time, a school with a major they want, and some want to be close enough home for parents to come watch. Any consideration of Coaching contract is bunk. A coach can leave anytime during a contract for a better job, or be fired anytime for poor performance (by real programs), and players know that because it happens every year to about 30+ programs.
  4. S.I.> "Utah State forced to go to its fifth quarterback of the season which seems like a lot." Didn't we use about 6 quarterbacks....and none was due to injury?... And now we have like 10 on the roster for next year?
  5. I'm not seeing it. The QB-shuffle-mess I saw last season says the evaluation process and/or recruiting is flawed. The OL regressed from the Bowl year and now that experience is gone, the Defense gave up 10 more points per game, and the special teams were not very special. And we still can't seem to find any DT's in the entire country that want to come to NT. Otherwise, yeah, I guess we're fine.
  6. Mac was using Dodge's seniors to win the Bowl game with. The true test of a current coach being good is to see if he can reload with his own recruits after a good group of seniors are gone. 4-8 says we got our answer to the rebuild question. Give a nice, large Bowl Bonus if you want, but not an extension until you really know what you have. The extension, if any, should have only been an extra year...not put us in another Benford-esk position, which we are now if another 4-8 disaster....
  7. Yes, we get to find out where all those de-commits are taking new visits to!
  8. That was a general University billboard, not one specific to Athletics or promoting an upcoming Bowl game. Big difference.
  9. growing pains? You mean lack of X's and O's ability, ie Head Coaching stuff.
  10. This season isn't NT fan's first rodeo with bad football at North Texas. Last year was false hope again to get out of this hole; Yes, we're mad!! Do you really want to compare UNT football with TCU football recently? Here's NT's last 10 seasons: 2005: 2-9 2006: 3-9 2007: 2-10 2008: 1-11 2009: 2-10 2010: 3-9 2011: 5-7 2012: 4-8 2013: 9-4 2014: 4-8 TCU's last 10 seasons: 2005: 11-1 2006: 11-2 2007: 8-5 2008: 11-2 2009: 12-1 2010: 13-0 2011: 11-2 2012: 7-6 2013: 4-8 2014: 11-1
  11. Ticket sales had already been given to a Contractor to sell and TicketMaster to process. Now fans are asked to sell MGC themselves, with even a de-valued entry level option, slightly above poverty. However, attendance and interest in the program will continue to decline until the product on the field and court are made entertaining, competitive and playing against at least peer programs. Business 101.
  12. Yes, it's just total embarrassment to the whole program for the Department to even post that score and ad in public.
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