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  1. https://ncaacomp.weebly.com/ncaa-hall-of-shame.html
  2. Their program is also staying in Little League...
  3. Embarrassing for a program with a head coach in his 7th season.
  4. Just another in the long list of "if's" that have to fall in place for this season and coaching staff to be a success.
  5. MWC eliminates divisions starting in 2023.... https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33952873/mountain-west-conference-eliminate-football-divisions-2023
  6. Nah. I don't care if Texas Southern brings 3,000 fans and Boise only brings 50. I'd rather see NT play Boise. It would draw more NT and unaffiliated fans just because of the opponent.
  7. I would like to see us schedule more MWC teams for home/home. Colorado St, Boise, SDSU, Air Force, etc would all be quality opponents.
  8. I had read some criticism from their fan site about some of his punt returns looked tentative or calling for fair catches too early, but maybe it was just fans wanting more action?
  9. "The Football Oversight Committee will monitor transfer trends over the next two seasons, anticipating that coaches will attempt to run off players to replace them under these new rules. That committee will then be able to make a determination on what to do with initial counters after the waiver expires." https://theathletic.com/news/college-football-25-initial-counter-rules/1Z0lztonTBTr/
  10. I feel this will impact conference sizes too. With divisions not needed, then even numbers of conference members are not needed either.
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