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  1. UCLA will leave. The CAL System policy in place at the time of the decision was that each campus Prez could decide athletic issues, even conference membership. The System BOR has since tried to modify the policy, but UCLA getting 50M/yr in the BIG10 vs staying and getting only 20M/yr won't fly either. The low-ball PAC offers from media will cause some PAC schools to listen to BIG12 offers. Some PAC schools will leave, but the PAC name is still an asset and some MWC schools will be invited to keep it full and alive. After that, the MWC will be next up to reload or bail. Not much to choose from out west.
  2. Best logo and helmet ever!! No ripoff of another school or someone's air force, lol.
  3. First your coach leaves, now your players quit and want to leave. Fans had already quit on the program. You might as well downgrade to FCS.
  4. I'm guessing 5-7 years at one school is probably the cycle of an AD on the rise. The Athletic Center needs a major expansion and renovation. The fans and donors are restless because the main revenue sport (football) is dragging on the program, and nothing seemingly can be done because of $$. Sometimes a new set of problems elsewhere looks easier.
  5. I doubt they really do care, it's just a job to most. Here....fill out a survey....
  6. Grumpy old alumni are the only thing keeping this program afloat!
  7. Wisconsin has fired coach Paul Chryst after the team's 2-3 start. The decision to fire Chryst came Sunday, a day after Wisconsin lost 34-10 to Illinois, coached by former Badgers coach Bret Bielema. Chryst, 56, finishes 67-26 in seven-plus seasons at Wisconsin, his alma mater. He won 10 games or more in four of his first five seasons with the Badgers, winning a Cotton Bowl, an Orange Bowl and three Big Ten West Division titles. But the program fell off beginning in 2020, going 4-3, before a slow start to the 2021 season, in which the Badgers finished 9-4. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34714751/wisconsin-fires-football-coach-paul-chryst-sources-say
  8. I responded to the comment, if you could read. Vito is lame in his coverage and questions, period. You are just lame in general; stick your attitude in your eye!
  9. Yes, actually you can be hard to comprehend. The attitude doesn't help either, save it for someone else! I don't care about your subscription or Vito's access and job security. A journalist should report the full news, not the easy no-feelings-hurt news.
  10. If Hank is still paid by UNT then he has to play cheerleader. But Vito is not employed by the school and as a journalist he should be trying to find all the angles in a story, good or bad. But since he doesn't ask any tough questions it must be about job security instead...and thus we are left with no real answers.
  11. There just comes a time (last December) when a program needs a new coaching voice and direction. It has become stale. Time to refresh and re-energize both the program and the fan base.
  12. Many of Aune's incompletions were just poor throws or into very tight coverage where it was knocked away or intercepted (poor decision). Also, poor play design or play calling contributed as the TV guys mentioned a couple times that Memphis was jumping routes after seeing same things a few times. That falls on coaching and QB decisons = another loss to a similar level opponent.
  13. Georgia Tech fell to 1-3 after Saturday's 27-10 loss to UCF. The team also lost 42-0 to Ole Miss and 41-10 to Clemson to open the season. Collins is 10-28 as Georgia Tech coach after arriving from Temple. Stansbury has led Georgia Tech's athletic department since 2016. He hired Collins and brought him back after a disappointing 2021 season. Collins will make approximately $3.3 million this season and has three years left on his initial contract with Georgia Tech. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34663215/source-georgia-tech-board-special-meeting-monday-decide-futures-yellow-jackets-coach-geoff-collins-ad-todd-stansbury
  14. Seth should take some coaching advice from McCasland. Seth is an unemotional robot on the sidelines; just a pedestrian standing down there. Maybe he screams in the locker room but his on-field demeanor can't inspire players, or fans.
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