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  1. NT could have used Texas Stadium to meet the stadium size requirement. Some of our home games were played there in the late 70's and early 80's before 20K seat Fouts was expanded, but the paperwork didn't get submitted in time (President Hurley), so we were forced to drop to 1-AA. Here is the current requirements (an interesting read): "The requirement began in 1978 when Division I split into what are now known as FBS (1-A) and FCS (1-AA). To keep together the schools that invest heavily in football, an FBS requirement was set with an average of 17,000 fans once every four years and a 30,000-seat stadium, among other requirements regarding scheduling, scholarships and other issues. In 2002, the football oversight committee changed the requirements to what they are now: a 15,000-fan average, with no stadium size requirement." https://theathletic.com/1070204/2019/07/11/college-football-ncaa-15000-attendance-rule/
  2. He was a featured player at NT and a go-to player for a last second shot at NT. Will he be that on a Big12 team filled with other featured and go-to players? Would he be happy with a reduced role if that happens?
  3. Yes. Some of the designations are media-driven groupings too. Names and numbers.... Top 10, Top 25, Also Receiving Votes, Bottom 10, Bowl Eligible, etc. This brings up a continuing question: Is future Conference Realignment good for us? So far, I would say yes. We have been backfill for openings in CUSA and AAC. Further movement in a PAC12 demolition and more Big12 expansion could lure castoff schools into a conference with us, or us with them. Could the AAC and MWC combine to become a Super Conference if others do?
  4. Exactly. It sounded just like a Vito-ism....always sliding in a zinger on the program.
  5. Mason's first action didn't come until the 4th quarter. He opened with an interception but then recovered nicely... "Fine finished the contest 8-for-10 passing for 110 yards with two touchdowns and one interception." https://www.tsn.ca/cfl/saskatchewan-roughriders-rally-to-top-visiting-bc-lions-in-cfl-pre-season-tilt-1.1965936
  6. Schedule should not matter if you can truly buy any player. I don't believe Smut can recruit all the best players just by money-whipping them.
  7. https://www.si.com/college/2023/05/10/bob-huggins-west-virginia-university-basketball-mild-punishment-hate-speech
  8. Smut finished 7-6 last season. For a program that can "buy any player they want" I would expect better results!
  9. The expansion of the College Football Playoffs will help wash the G5 sticker off temporarily. Big10 and SEC expansion plus NIL however may be the device that finally splits off the upper 60 programs from the rest. They will still need to play the less-financial programs, but with the NCAA not enforcing anything now they will be free to set their own rules too.
  10. We needed the coaching change. I feel we would not be any better this season had Seth stayed and finished his contract. But this change should have happened the year prior. I am looking forward to the new energy this new staff brings to the program.
  11. These rugby-style punters seem to be all the rage lately. Welcome!
  12. Wren would rather let contracts expire than fire someone.
  13. Charlotte lost in the first final game to Duke. MUTS won the first final game vs Bama 4-1, but lost 1-0 in the second game giving up a single run in the 7th inning.
  14. Coaches and administrators didn't make millions in college either when they were students. It's called a JOB, after getting the degree in college.
  15. Student-athletes are not employees. They are in college to get a college education. Their school is free per the agreement they sign to play scholarship sports. Business students are not employees either, same with art, music, education majors, etc. It doesn't matter what their professors make for a salary just like it doesn't matter what a sport coach makes. ......................................................................................................................... "Do many NCAA student-athletes go on to play professionally? Fewer than 2 percent of NCAA student-athletes go on to be professional athletes. In reality, most student-athletes depend on academics to prepare them for life after college. Education is important. There are more than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes, and most of them will go pro in something other than sports." https://www.nfhs.org/media/886012/recruiting-fact-sheet-web.pdf
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