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  1. @emmitt01, this isn't RadioShack.com 😉
  2. Of course, there might be some in favor of "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad" - if we could even get back to winning 8 games in a season.
  3. I do agree that "Hey Baby" should be replaced, not only to feature a song by an alumnus, but also because it's a buzzkill. My choice would Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman". Yeah, it's still kind of a love song, but its more up-tempo, especially if it's played with a bit of a Van Halen flavor. And, everyone can still sing along.
  4. I'm pretty sure that Paul wrote Get Back, didn't just sing it.
  5. Besides Jim McIngvale, the article also mentions Sam Golden, who is a prominent member of the UNT Alumni Association, who lives here in Fort Bend County.
  6. ...seems to have been missed that September 27th was the 30th anniversary of it's release.
  7. The Stadium commercial break "music" sounds just enough like "The Safety Dance"
  8. Just as long as WB doesn't fire SL after the next game, but let him coach the team for the rest of the season, like RV did with DD. Either let him go, or don't fire him until the season is over.
  9. I think he's combining us and TSU-SM, which is done quite frequently in the bottom 10. Referencing the movie just ties it all together.
  10. Maybe @bstnsportsfan3can help with that?
  11. But seriously, @Tom McKrackin, I see you only joined GMG on June 23, 2020. I don't know how long ago you were a student, but how did you stay a fan during all of the losing seasons before this?
  12. My eye roll is for the email, not for you...
  13. I'm guessing that he had some AP classes in HS, but yeah - impressive. Did he graduate HS early and start at NT in the spring?
  14. In my backyard! Interesting - families move to have their kids attend Clements because of its academic reputation, not athletics. When you think of football in Ft Bend ISD, you would more likely think of Elkins, Bush, or B.F. Terry - NT has had players from each of those H.S. Maybe his parents got confused when they decided where to live - Clements H.S. is on Elkins Road 😋
  15. Austin, not San Antonio. Discuss...
  16. The support structure for the wing is steel, not concrete. I suspect that it was designed that way not so much to keep costs down, but to make it easier to remove and replace when it came time to expand the stadium.
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