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  1. Fine's hand may be hurt? Time for Bean? Time for more handoffs? No, separated shoulder. But he's going to still play... ???
  2. I get the feeling we won't see one all year - from the defense.
  3. Ok, now Hank IS trying to sugarcoat it - "if we get a touchdown here, and then we get the ball at the beginning of the 2nd half; we could get back in the game".
  4. Ready. DISH network ch. 594, & https://tunein.com/radio/North-Texas-Football-s296948 for audio. What's with KNTU.com no longer carrying the games?
  5. You just did! "And all the rest": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_University_of_North_Texas_alumni
  6. Bravo! Not to steal your thunder, but stay tuned for info on the Houston Chapter scholarship - we'll be meeting about it next week.
  7. I'd offer you a ride up to Denton, but I can't help you with the family obligations. 😞
  8. I don't recall seeing this video before: http://osiyo.tv/segments/setting-records-with-high-school-quarterback-mason-fine/ Setting Records With High School Quarterback Mason Fine Posted October 10, 2015 in Features, Season 1, Segments Join OsiyoTV as we profile Locust Grove quarterback Mason Fine.He is a record breaking quarterback and Cherokee citizen. Here it is on YouTube: There's lots more if you search for "Mason Fine Cherokee Nation".
  9. How about: "We are your overlords" But you can't go wrong with this, even if it doesn't quite meet the "Gett’n Ready, Load Em Up, Chin Strap Tightening, Slam It Into 2nd & Stomp It To ‘THE AP’ For Game Day Kick-Off’ Song" criteria:
  10. I'm thinking that "adamhenry" is a bot.
  11. It's deja vu all over again... https://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/topic/136885-pick-2/
  12. I heard from an inside source that the team hotel will be in Shreveport. Hopefully not a casino hotel, where the rest of us probably will stay...
  13. In San Antonio? There would a lot more quinceañera parties. So, yeah, they could generate some revenue with it.
  14. specifically, a Patrick Cobbs jersey
  15. The UNT Alternate Universe HOF: Miles Fine Sean Littrell Tony Denton
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