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  1. The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman. Discuss...
  2. Here are the UNT Alumni links for the Austin and Dallas events: https://untalumni.com/events/unt-coaches-caravan-2022-austin/ https://untalumni.com/events/unt-coaches-caravan-2022-dallas/ @Harry, can this be pinned?
  3. Houston: June 8 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Karbach Brewing Co. 2032 Karbach St Houston, TX 77092 To Register: Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/5jYuYwsWh UNT Alumni Website: https://untalumni.com/events/unt-coaches-caravan-2022-houston/
  4. President Smatresk grew up in the Buffalo area, and went to U of Buffalo for his Master's degree, but I'm sure that's not the connection you're looking for.
  5. Look at UH and TSU - they're right next to each other. But they'll never merge, not even as two separate universities in the same system. Similar to NT and TWU.
  6. @CMJ, there seems to be something wrong with the link - it says it's an image, but no image is displaying 😞
  7. @emmitt01is going to Disney World?
  8. Not quite, @Matt from A700 67 - 44 Final
  9. I dunno... 62 - 40 2:21
  10. Who's going (besides me)?
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