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  1. This seems the most appropriate thread to put this in... Amusing - DISH apparently doesn't know who we're playing!
  2. I'm amazed either team made it to 50, let alone both.
  3. for those listening to the "radio" broadcast: Wow, what an inspiring speech from Littrell - NOT.
  4. The MOB is a shadow of what it used to be. From what I can tell from going to the FB & BB games at Rice, most of the members are from local high schools or even middle schools, with possibly a few alumni band members. I doubt there are more than a handful of actual students, and I wonder if any of them are music majors.
  5. Interesting how nobody is even mentioning Idaho.
  6. I believe the Alumni Association has been looking to get a chapter started in NYC. Send an email to alumni@unt.edu, or contact them through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  7. Obviously you're not a golfer.
  8. That's exactly what it was - the Lab school building. Remember, we started as a teachers college. I think part of it was torn down for the music building expansion in the 70s. I'm amazed that the space has never been re-used, for a new building. I guess they still use the building somehow.
  9. Or when it's cowering in a fight - that's what I was thinking when I saw their truck!
  10. If you remember, Dodge did an onsides kick early in the game, probably thinking that the only way he could win was if he could get more than one touchdown ahead, because the defense wasn't going to be able to stop Navy. I don't remember if the onsides kick was successful.
  11. Washington State still uses their 70s logo, we should have continued to use the flying worm. "But Nooooo!" After Hayden Fry left, almost everything he did was dumped within a few years - the Mean Green name, the worm, the apple green...
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