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  1. I am assuming that the ticket allotment was done the same as a regular season game with the home team assigning the ticket locations. I had assumed that it being a championship game it might have been different, but I guess winning the regular season has this added perk. It isn't considered a nuetral site as scheduled by some conferences. Regardless, GMG!
  2. Wren, thanks for stopping by our place. We really enjoyed your stay and wish you well on the rest of your journey. GMG
  3. Morgan came in the last !:34 of the Fresno State game...not sure that answers your question
  4. Due to all the missed practices during the flu bug, this might be a benefitial game to play and work on some specific things against someone other than ourselves in practice
  5. Worth listening to these interviews. If you want even more background on the breaking of the color barrier in Texas in major college football, read The Game Changers by Jeff Miller. UNT was the place it happened and the Unity Plaza will honor the men who broke the barrier. Dedication at 1:30 pm Saturday before the Homecoming Game
  6. I believe I saw in a previous post a reference to an interview with these two gentlemen. I didn't have time to read/listen to it at the time and can't find the post. Is there a link to this interview?
  7. Seems as if I saw something a few weeks ago about an interview with Abner Haynes and Dr. Leon King, but I can't find it. Does anyone have a link to this interview?
  8. Agree...will take another good coaching job to make sure the team is not looking ahead and overconfident about playing FIU.
  9. Bummer...bad luck for him after coming back this year. How about Johnson? Will he be back this year? If not, that would put us down 2 running backs that have played a big part in our offense this year.
  10. If Seth gets an extension, will Phil Bennett stay? I believe he is on the last year of a two-year contract. Big part of the improvement of the defense. Is there someone in the wings to replace him if he retires?
  11. I too started parking in the handicapped spots in the blue lot for years after giving up my club level seats and prime handicapped spot in the white lot due to missing so many games due to health issues. Was able to ride the shuttle with the wheelchair lift to the gate by the staduim store. There were times is was hard to find a handicapped spot close to the shuttle waiting area in the blue lot, but that was during the Mason Fine era when attendance was better. Not sure how it has been the last couple of years, but that was the only way I was able to attend the games so I valued having the handicapped spots available in the blue lot. I don't believe they had wheelchair lifts on the shuttle buses coming from the orange lot back then, but I may be mistaken. I remember forgetting my white lot parking pass for one game and having to park in the orange lot and just remember it being more difficult to manuever and that was before I was wheelchair bound.
  12. Really enjoyed the podcast. It was very enlightening to listen to Coach Mac talk about his philosopy and approach to the game. His knowledge is extensive and very analytical; yet his honest feelings for his players' welfare shows as well. I would love for my son to play for someone like him...very passionate about getting the best out of his players in all aspects of life...demanding, but caring. I hope we can keep him for a long, long time because I see nothing but good things for UNT basketball with him at the helm and Coach Hodge by his side. He is the first to admit his assistant coaches are a big part of the team's success. GMG...go Coach Mac!
  13. Amen! I have mentioned this in the past. It is a pet peave of mine to not be able to hear the questions and just seems very bush league.
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