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  1. Also saw a economist on the local news tonight who said the Big 12 should look at Texas schools in urban towns as new members if they were interest in helping the Texas economy...I think it was Channel 11...don't know if Denton being close to Dallas would be considered an urban ciity....UH, UTSA, SMU, UNT, UTEP...we might be the odd man out in this scenario unless UTEP is too far away from the rest of the schools...interesting to hear his opinion, however
  2. I believe in Coach Bennett as an experienced motivater who has the passion that seemed to be missing the last couple of years...hope I'm right GMG
  3. List shows those of the All Century Team who attended the banquet or had a representative attend. Is there a complete list of members of the All Century Team available?
  4. Had a film clip on Channel 11 Sports at 6:00 pm tonight touting him as leader and mentioned he played for North Texas
  5. I think the University needs to update the intro...2018?
  6. Any chance of changing the title to be accurate of what was said....hate for words to be used to change what was really said...was just complementing OU, not disrespecting UNT, in my opinion We don't need to misrepresent what was said by someone that did so much for UNT...classless!
  7. I agree. Hope was a involved student-athlete at UNT, was named the CUSA Community Spirit Student of the Year, and graduated from UNT. I don't see any discontent with UNT, but the opportunity to compete at a higher level. I believe I read she had the goal of playing professional softball. If so, going to Oklahoma is a step in getting to that goal. I think she made a tremendous contribution to UNT an wish her well. Send us all the athletes like her you want and we will benefit. And, yes, she should go into the Hall of Fame.
  8. Glad to read he is planning on returning to UNT next year due to the extra Covid year.
  9. Always nice and friendly to everyone and always had his family with him...true Mean Green fan. Prayers and sympathy to his family....RIP, Huff!
  10. With only one senior, is there only one scholarship available for next year or are there more since there were only six active players listed for the tournament? Looks like we need to develop the players that we have since there is not much room for new recruits. Not a good year by usual UNT tennis standards of getting to the semis and then losing. Need to do something to be competitive again next year.
  11. Is there a difference between "best" season and "most successful" season?
  12. Tennis article on Mean Green Sports indicates that they have a shortened tournament roster of 6 active players, the minimum to field a team. The season roster listed 7 players, but don't know who is missing or why. Also only one senior on the team. It only names 4 of the active players in the article so I could not determine which one of the 7 wasn't active. Maybe playing at home will be an advantage...they will need a miracle to do well, I am afraid. But, GMG, give it all you have!
  13. Was hoping, like men's basketball, we could get our first NCAA win this year....but not to be! Disappointing loss at a crucial time.
  14. Was hoping, like men's basketball, we could get our first NCAA win this year....but not to be! Disappointing loss at a crucial time.
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