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  1. I don't think it is...old timer here...is there a link to The Varsity Network that will allow it to be accessed on a computer rather than a cellphone? Used to listen to TuneIn Radio on my computer, but not an option now, apparantly.
  2. Any way to listen to the game on the computer so that an external speaker can be used? It looks as if The Varsity Network ap is only available on a cellphone.
  3. Not a strong field, but the ladies took care of business.
  4. Didn't see CUSA on the list of conferences. What did I miss doing? And is this only available on cell phones, not laptop computers?
  5. I thought it was just me forgetting how to get access. I hope there is a way to listen online next week against SMU since I don't have access to ESPN+ Anyone have any suggestions on internet radio access? TuneIn Radio didn't work for me this time like it did last year.
  6. Wish they would set up the sound system where you could hear the questions being asked...
  7. Also saw a economist on the local news tonight who said the Big 12 should look at Texas schools in urban towns as new members if they were interest in helping the Texas economy...I think it was Channel 11...don't know if Denton being close to Dallas would be considered an urban ciity....UH, UTSA, SMU, UNT, UTEP...we might be the odd man out in this scenario unless UTEP is too far away from the rest of the schools...interesting to hear his opinion, however
  8. I believe in Coach Bennett as an experienced motivater who has the passion that seemed to be missing the last couple of years...hope I'm right GMG
  9. List shows those of the All Century Team who attended the banquet or had a representative attend. Is there a complete list of members of the All Century Team available?
  10. Had a film clip on Channel 11 Sports at 6:00 pm tonight touting him as leader and mentioned he played for North Texas
  11. I think the University needs to update the intro...2018?
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