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  1. Think it was a wise move to stay and learn from Coach Bennett. However, I hope he takes out an insurance policy if case he gets an injury that would impact his chances of making the NFL. Meanwhile he can continue getting an education for after football days.
  2. Looking forward to seeing how the spring season goes, although the CUSA tournament is the big event and we always have tough competition there. It seems like we have difficulty getting past the semis. Hopefully we will have a good team that can win the tournament and move on the the NCAA tournament.
  3. Time will tell. Lots of injuries have hurt good teams in the past. Many talented players in this group, with some transfers who had to sit out a year. It will depend on how they jell as a team without the usual time to become a "team" with the limits on pre-season activities due to Covid-19. There is a chance it could be her best team yet.
  4. Game on You Tube at 3:30 Saturday. Let's go to 4-0!
  5. Then please change it to UNT Hoops with Head Coaches Grant McCasland and Jalie Mitchell
  6. Makes you wonder if the improved GPA's that always get quoted has anything to do with this approach. I would hope that we think more of the student-athletes' future than just keeping them eligible. So few make it to the pro level. It would be interesting to see the majors of our student-athletes, but that is probably not available.
  7. Sort of goes against preparing athletes for the future since so few make it to the NFL. Disappointing to hear.
  8. Is this on the Conference USA network? Are the women's games on radio?
  9. The UNT Women won their 2nd game at UAB 79-70 this afternoon. Noble led team with 23 points and Townley with 9 rebounds Strong 1st and 3rd quarters, but gave up some of the lead in 2nd and 4th quarter, but still played well enough to win back-to-back games on the road. Good start in the conference with 2 road wins! 1st q 30-19 2nd q 45-41 3rd q 65-49 Final 79-70
  10. I couldn't find a radio broadcast but checked the stats on the CUSA website and saw that the UNT Women beat UAB 74-70. Looks like Madi Townley had a monster game: 17 Pts (Noble high with 19), 18 rebounds, 4 blocks, 2 assists Anyone watch or listen to the game who can give some insight? Next game tomorrow at 2:00 at UAB...hope for the same result!
  11. Interesting read from an objective outside source. Looks at if CUSA took a gamble when adding teams and never recovered. Agree?
  12. Since most players don't make it to the NFL, I hope the academic advisors are working with them to get a major that gives them the best chance of being competitive in securing decent jobs
  13. Do they still list the academic majors of the football players in the game program? I don't have a program handy but I don't seem to remember them doing so in the last few years, but I might be wrong. I went to the athletic graduation ceremony a few years ago and there seemed to be a lot of "Integrated Studies" majors among all athletes, not just football players. Is that a new name for "liberal arts?" Not saying it is an easy major, but noticed it was a popular one.
  14. Agree that a player should be judged not only by the competition but the quality of his team against that competition. Let's hope he gets to prove himself in the NFL. How do players get selected for the Senior Bowl? It seems like he would have been invited and I hope this is not a bad sign for him being selected in the draft.
  15. Water kept seeping through the floor causing two players to take serious falls (one of each team). I think they said the basketball floor was placed on top of another floor at the convention center so they moved it to UTRGV campus to finish the game the following day.
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