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  1. I have done the same thing since the stadium opened. I prefer watching the game from the lower bowl seats than the club seats. About the only time I sit in my club seats is if it is raining since my club seats are under the overhang by the windows. I do enjoy going up early for the buffet and visiting with people, but when the game starts it is down in Section 105 for me and my friends. In my opinion a much better view and game experience! GO MEAN GREEN!
  2. Noticed Clayton Tune of Houston was ranked #72
  3. Enjoyed the interview...very well spoken and had some nice things to say about his North Texas teammates
  4. Never mind. I just realized you have to sign in to have that link show.
  5. Been off the board for a while. The last time I was on there was a link that said "next unread topic." I don't see it anymore and certainly miss it. Has it been removed or is it just located somewhere else?
  6. What are the provisions for handicapped seating at the STAR for the CUSA tournament? Anyone know?
  7. Seems as if we are playing more conference matches during the spring season the last couple of years than before when we played lots of highly ranked teams. Has there been a conference mandate for this or is it just trying to get a handle on how we match up before the conference tournament? I always thought it odd that we played so few conference foes but wasn't sure what the scheduling requirements were for college tennis. I guess I am used to other sports where you mostly play conference teams.
  8. Prayers for a speedy and successful recovery, Jack. We "old timers" need to enjoy the good times after following the Mean Green during the tough years!
  9. Or indoor courts so we don't have to go out of town and rent facilities when it rains on match day
  10. How much effect does the change in assistant coaches have in these early games? Any?
  11. Thanks for the help. I was able to watch the Mean Green dominate!
  12. I am not tech knowledgeable and would like to watch the game today online on my computer (free if possible). I understand it is on Facebook Stadium. I have looked on Facebook and not been able to determine how to access the game. Would someone please give me the direct link that will allow me to watch the game live? I have Frontier if that makes any difference.
  13. Going to need multiple votes by everyone. I just voted 25 times and the % did not move at all. So it will take lots of votes to move the sticks as the number of total votes increases.
  14. Have any background on the reason behind the transfer?
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