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  1. I too watched online. I thought they mentioned Mykell Robinson was not there. Also Wren Baker. Hopefully they just had some conflicts that could not be avoided.
  2. Close as usual, with UTA winning this year's match 4-3. Not familiar with UTA's team this year. Any insight as to what this match might says about UNT's chances in the CUSA tournament.
  3. Correct terminology is six match losing streak. Matches are played....games are just individual games witinin a set.
  4. We got the first NCAA men's basketball victory this year. Now it is time for Jaelon to get drafted and break that drought that has gone on too long. He deserves the draft pick...hope the NFL scouts agree!
  5. Going into the last three games in conference, I think both teams will tie with 10-4 conference records. Predict men will lose to Marshall Saturday and split with UAB at home next weekend. Predict women will win at home against Marshall and lose both games to Rice, one at home and one on the road. Hope both teams win out, but I think it will be tough...not impossible, but tough. GMG....PROVE ME WRONG!
  6. I tried to set this up as a poll, but was unsuccessful, so will ask as a question. If someone can set up a poll, feel free to do so. Which Mean Green basketball team will finish with the higher conference winning percentage? Men, Women, or finish tied.
  7. She was just offered a contract extension a few weeks ago.
  8. With a 76-55 win over Southern Miss at the Super Pit tonight, the Women's Basketball Team also moves to 7-2 in CUSA play, as did the Men's Team. Second game for Women is tomorrow at 3:30 pm at the Super Pit. GMG
  9. Noble would have probably had even more points but was on the bench for a while with 4 fouls.
  10. Not sure I would attend any ceremony that didn't allow walking across the stage or reading out of names. I understand the situation but just don't think it would have much meaning for me or family members. Will be interesting to see how many participate.
  11. Tied going into the 4th quarter, but lose 60-55. Not sure how it stayed even that close since UNT shot 29% (20-69) and 14.3% from 3-pt range (4-28). Better on free throws at 73% (11-15) and rebounded fairly well. Hope we can take the next game...we are bound to shoot better. However LT didn't shoot all that well either, but they didn't try 28 three pointers either!
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