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  1. The NIT is the opportunity at hand and we need to take advantage of it and the fans have to do their part...support the team, attend any games possible, and help move the program in a positive direction. We are all disappoinrws about missing the NCAA tourney, but life has its bumps in the road and we have to persevere! It takes the team and the fans to have a great program...GMG
  2. Yes, they are the ones who put in all the work and effort and played the game. Just hope they can bounce back and make winning the NIT their new goal...I think they will because they are competitors! They have control of the situation which, unfortunately, fans don't. GMG
  3. Any chance of the women going to the WNIT?
  4. Hate that the conference basketball games for men and women are often scheduled at the same time with one at home and the other away. Does anyone know if the AAC schedules the same way? I personally liked the doubleheaders although I think the women were at a disadvantage always playing the early games.
  5. Things I would like to see during tomorrow's game against UTEP: 1. Better free throw shooting 2. A healthy Thomas Bell (ankle) 3. Tyler Perry's shooting getting back on track 4.. Less fouls from Abdu Winning with improvements in these areas would putting us in good shape going into the tournament. GMG
  6. Yes, I have been having nightmares that UTSA will do to us in basketball what we did to them in football. The saving grace is that I think Coach Mac will have them mentally prepared to not let this happen and that our guys are too disciplined to let it happen. GMG
  7. Thanks for the pictures, Plummer. I have been an Mean Green Fan for over 55 years. Health and mobility issues the last few years have kept me from attending, although I still have season tickets...always hope for a better future! It was great to see so many familiar faces...sure do miss ya'll. Fond memories of the Hots Springs conference tournaments, NCAA tournament game in Oklahoma City, and the Blakley and JJ teams that were so fun to watch. To you "less mature" fans, enjoy these current wonderful teams. We are blessed to have Coach Mac leading our Mean Green and have players full of grit and a winning attitude. Can't physically make it to the games, but thank goodness for the internet (may have to give in and get ESPN+) and cable TV (I can get Stadium and ESPN3 and that helps). Haven't moved on to streaming yet, but a few more games like the last few and I may have to finally transition to the modern way of watching games! GMG
  8. Jeff Maren is a good coach and has been successful, posting a 105-63 record in his first 7 years at Liberty.
  9. On Channel 8's video sports coverage at 6:00 news, Mike Leslie said people may not know it but UNT might be the best team in North Texas....GMG
  10. UNT Basketball's winning streak has finally sparked the local tv stations' covering the Mean Green. Saw a video clip of UNT-FAU on Channel 8 during tonight's sportscast and saw one last week (I believe it was Channel 11). Winning does wonders....GMG
  11. Did the makeup match with TCU show us anything?
  12. Young team for UNT this year. It will be interesting to see how they do, as well as how they competete in the AAC. All the Sun Belt championships didn't translate to CUSA championships. Coaching a team of international players must be a real challenge for any coach, with a lot more variables than just having American players, but that is the landscapre of collegiate tennis. I enjoyed the interview and could "hear" the passion Coach Lama has for the game! Here's hoping Coach Lama and the team is successful this spring. GMG
  13. So refreshing to be able to hear the questions asked in the press conference. If UNT is going to continue to post thier press conferences, the AD really does need to improve the quality of the sound for the questions asked so they can be heard. Obviously it can be done.
  14. Not sure I want UTSA to win a CUSA championship before we win one (like next year)!
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