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  1. There is not a moment in my time with UNT that got more national publicity than the Arkansas football game. I was fortunate to have been at the game.
  2. Agents involved is going to do nothing but increase payouts. The good news is the big boys are also going to hurt from the current system, so change is going to happen.
  3. I saw a statement from Jerry saying whatever Kentucky is offering, double it!
  4. This coming from a coach with unlimited NIL $ based off Jerry Jones.
  5. Very, very impressive reboot!
  6. Just be a successful mid major! Merg with the MWC. Establish a playoff with a championship. I can see BB becoming the major driver for UNT sports.
  7. Private equity is going to get involved in all college sports no matter the level. The next step will be High School. You are in a way experiencing it now at SMU, just no return.
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