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  1. Hambone! I know he is playing well and is a pre pick for all conference, but I want to see him get to the level of the DE with La Tech that dominated that game. He has all the measurables for the pro game! GMG
  2. Wren? Then Seth? This would be very attractive to both.
  3. I don’t think Holgorsen should be the measuring point. You take him out of the equation and $2m is strong for G5. This will also generate some strong press and open the interest level from future candidates. $2.5 to $ 3m will be needed to hire Gus once he is fired. 😳😳
  4. Is this Cas's third class? Hamlet and Reese were both offed by SMU and ranked 17th and 33rd nationally in the Juco Ranks. Wise ranked 23rd in the state with offers from Texas A&M, SMU!!!!, Tulsa , and Mid Tenn (local talent). It almost doesn't matter what our record is, you have to win the tournament. WKY and OD are going to be tough to beat. GMG
  5. This will be Cas's best team. As a G5 where are you going to get the best talent? In HS it will be undersized guards that don't fit the P5 mesurables. I believe we are going to have to stick to Juco's and transfers that want to play, especially recruiting size. How far would Tech had gone without them? Very excited to see what Cas can do with a more balanced team.
  6. Overspray protection from painting the steel on the IPF.
  7. I don’t think Mason is quick enough. Amazing where he is ranked! Congrats!
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