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  1. The length of PB’s contract makes me believe even more that Seth’s has at least 2 more years to turn it around and I believe he will! GMG
  2. Knowledge and education have nothing to do with the post, it is attitude which he has now made public.
  3. If this is for real, it has nothing to do with his level of education. He could have a PhD and wouldn’t get hired with that type of post.
  4. Is he thinking of moving one or more of the twins to linebacker? They proved to have good quickness on the edge. Something must really be standing out to PB to sign a 1 year guy.
  5. Mc’s the worst, paraphrase “ it’s hard to recruit at North Texas” he should of been fired then.
  6. When do they show the commitment? I notice a lot players have committed, (Ruder eg) , but the portal is not updated. Not even in the Crystal Ball .
  7. I’m looking at it more of when they become available to graduate or transfer out. Would you rather have a guy that spent 2 years at Navarro JC or Texas? Big plus with the P5’s after 2-3 years is they should be physically developed.
  8. I think we benefit being a tweener. We can get better HS talent, but like Ruder we are a great option for transfers that want to play especially having multiple seasons available. Are the JC’s going to get killed?
  9. Wish him the best. I saw him a number of times in the weight room working out. GMG
  10. Williams I think could be an answer and if so we could have a strong back end. Very disappointed with McCrae this past season. I really thought he would be dominating player. He seemed over powered at times which was surprising. . I hope an off-season and a new scheme proves beneficial. I can see PB having better talent than last year with the twins busting loose, because of increased size, strength and a 4 man front. Optimism!!
  11. Hope we can keep him long enough to see what happens. 2 more yrs!
  12. WOW! Wasn't expecting another Secondary player, PB must on seen something of an additional need. We are now stacked in the secondary especially with the class coming in ? Expect it to be a strength.
  13. Nope. He was calling a lot of the plays last year and Im sure Seth will still be heavily involved. He also probably got a raise with the new title. Hope we can keep him for a couple of years.
  14. With Novil back and the twins in the 250lb range I think PB has more to work with. If we can get to the 30pts a game range that would nice.
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