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  1. One of the most memorable sporting events in my lifetime! GMG
  2. I believe Seth has been given 2 years based on Phil’s contract. I also think they will get it done! GMG
  3. Referring to South Carolina
  4. One of Seth’s biggest mistakes in my opinion. We win the Bowl game Morris is MVP!
  5. Best qb combo we have seen in a very long time. I expect Rudder to dominate C-USA. GMG
  6. https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-south/tampa-bay-buccaneers/tom-brady-is-fired-up-about-1-buccaneers-draft-pick
  7. The slot with Brady is a big deal! Congrats big time!
  8. We are a tweener. We can attract better HS kids and also attract kids from bigger schools that want to play. They can only sit out once and play right away during their career?
  9. I’m really looking forward watching Bell develop into a star. His energy level is outstanding. If he can get more consistent on his outside shot or drive to the hoop more often it will be next level stuff.
  10. I like it, but I feel Abou is going to need help either with another C or a very athletic PF. Would like to see a guy like Deng at 6’8, that can play both if needed. GMG
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