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  1. He will get a P5 OC job and his son will follow. Morris as we know is a strong recruiter. Cumby gone at TCU?
  2. I think he could kill it Canada. He would be a marketing Dream with his Indian heritage!
  3. With our size it we don’t play slow we get blown out! Not following this game but Gibson not being able to penetrate with speed based off VCA is a major negative!
  4. As I said might! Would you take 3 out of 4 ? Yep!
  5. 5yrs ago 1-11 you are told you may go to 4 bowls in a row?? Give me a bowl with a loss than no bowl at all. Just like all our sports the Coaching and facilities is on the rise! Get over it!
  6. Mahlzan would be the home run! $8m 7 years! Next would be the Pirate!
  7. Wild to see Seth’s name on the top potential candidate lists. If we go 6-6 and win a bowl game does he become hot?
  8. Jerry Jones petty cash drawer! Saw $12 m
  9. Anything else we can do to loose this game!
  10. I hate 6-6 but if Mason is still on fire we could have a chance at a bowl. GMG
  11. His son is a commitment for next year. I don't know if that will matter. FSU bolted their coach after 2 years. He need to be fired and bring in the Pirate.
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