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  1. Always thought with Beans size and speed he would move to a reciever position. Nice to have options!
  2. Tulsa! I mean Tulsa! Their coaches just took pay cuts. Could we replace them in the AAC?
  3. To early to tell. Bean still looks really thin. I also notice the tight ends are working a lot on routes and pass catching
  4. Fine- came in as a freshman at 167lbs he is now 191lbs ( shout out to coach Zach and staff) Bean May be the fastest guy on the team. Austin is looking good, won’t be much difference between 2-3. Most if not all freshmen are in camp. GMG
  5. The view from 35W will be insane! GMG
  6. Holgorsen? Can SMU, Tulsa Tulane ever be a UCF UH or a Memphis? I don’t think so. Denton and surrounding counties are booming and will not be recognizable in 5-10 years. We have to get them involved in UNT! A big plus for us! GMG
  7. how many people watch SMU football much less attend? There is something in the details!
  8. 5.5 yards per rush is not average. Can we run a quick out or slant to the slot? Can we run a seam route to the tightend? Coach to the talent you got! Excited about the new OC ! GMG
  9. We really need some size to set some pics! Western K was using 3-4 bigs to do this. Gibs at 6’ is going to need help on some nights and having a nice size forward and keeping Zach around the hoop could be beneficial! Many times I thought Zach and Toby could of played together!
  10. We have to get some length at the forward position on this team. We only have one player that set a pick and that is Zach and we are bringing him outside the arch!
  11. This looks like us against San Fran last year! They have the athletes!
  12. 5.5 yards per carry? Wow didn't realize! 8-4 with a bowl win would be great! GMG
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