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  1. Wag Tag

    Hello 7-4

    Emmitt please hold the ball!
  2. Wag Tag

    4th and goal

    After ODU I was screaming kick the ball! Was the play a run pass option for Fine and if so why go left with him being a righty? GH?
  3. Wag Tag

    Quinn Shanbore

    Quinn thank you sir. Peace be with you.
  4. Wag Tag

    G5 Playoff

    Amazing how some fans accept being in a system that is not working than try a new system that might! Is G5 the only sporting group in all sports from HS to the pros that doesn’t have a playoff? Playoffs mean $$$!
  5. Wag Tag

    G5 Playoff

    There wasn’t a play off system with TCU just bowl games! Biiiig difference! The $ is in the playoffs!
  6. Wag Tag

    G5 Playoff

    Yes! How much money and exposure is being pissed away by sitting on the side lines! Dinosaur mind set!
  7. Wag Tag


    Love the only sound coming out of the Ark Stadium was NORTH! TEXAS!...going to be cool to here the same chant out of the Alamo Dome all night long!
  8. Wag Tag

    A modest proposal

    How about letting Shan play a few snaps a game for a change of pace?
  9. Wag Tag

    Hello 7-4

    Let’s start a new Forum category called “ Thumb Suckers” ! Emit you can be the monitor! Gmg
  10. Wag Tag

    Shanbour emerges as unlikely hero

    Thank you sir! 5th year walk on? Very proud!
  11. Wag Tag

    Hotel room in San Antonio booked

    There with my posse! Great town to visit for a Football game! GMG
  12. Wag Tag

    Beautiful Day!

    For some Mean Green Football! 66 degrees, 7-3 and Lane is in town! GMG
  13. Wag Tag


    YEP!! GMG!!
  14. Wag Tag

    Footballscoop nuclear winter

    Fedora is signed through 2022 have to be a hell of a buyout, but Louisville paying $14m so I guess it could happen! GH would be our best hope to retain 2019 class. Kootz make DC!