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  1. Is there an advantage to declaring for the Portal this early? Do the transfers go to the bowl game or are they immediately off the team?
  2. Length of contact doesn't mean squat! CSU just fired HFC after 2 seasons and how many bail for bigger jobs. It really is what can you do for me NOW!
  3. Schedule means we don’t have!
  4. That is what I’m hoping for, but his throwing motion scares the hell out of me!
  5. The weight room facility is legit.
  6. With a transfer qb commit it will be interesting to see who leaves. I really hope Ruder stays and battles it out. Spring ball is a must. GMG
  7. Beating Arkansas and being there! My phone was blowing up!!! GMG
  8. Wrong. Michigan had 180yds passing OSU was about double. Solid D and a run game will work. UTSA ranked 2nd in rushing within conference and top 10 in run defense in the nation. We need an average qb and Derek Thompson type in his senior year would awesome. Harbaugh may be the new model!
  9. I sure wish a few of our guys had stayed another year. GMG
  10. This is really Mc football. Also as Michigan proved you can still win games without the Leach concept. Kudos to Seth for getting PB and taking an offense and adapting it to the talent on the field. The line play is dominating and never thought I would say that about UNT ball! GMG
  11. Traylor will be all over this kid as we should be.
  12. Could Fickell say no to ND? That is right in his wheel house. If he did leave Herman would be a good hire for Cincy.
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