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  1. Not a lot of SMU love? How much power does SMU have in the Aac?????
  2. Concerning with the transfers. SMU has no home field advantage! We will out draw them. GMG
  3. Always want to be in the top in facilities and coaches. It is now time to dominate!
  4. The biggest boost for UNT would be a Champ Game win at an oversold Ap on national TV. GMG
  5. Their strength is at linebacker. Other defensive positions are questionable. GMG
  6. Champ game at an oversold Ap on Natl TV with a win against Marsh or FIU. Would be sweet!! GMG
  7. Would there be a way to keep conf members as is and schedule conf play between the C- USA and the SBC based off of east and west locations and still have a SB Champ game and a C-USA Champ game? PS I would like to see 1-1 with MWC teams.
  8. Beast! Shows how we can develop D lineman!!
  9. Like the idea. Would still want a C-USA Champ. How would that be done?
  10. I have a friend that is a big booster at Ark. I don't have to say or do anything, every time he sees me he gets pissed! Now that is what I am talking about.GMG
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