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  1. So the dad is contacted by a reporter to comment on Memphis and he shouldn't? You guys are watching to much TMZ!
  2. With money needed for NIL dollars trying to raise money for facilities is going to be very difficult. Pay me, will be more important than study halls and coaches office to a recruit.
  3. We have a 5,000 sq ft S&C facility used by all sports. It would be nice to get it up to HS 6-A standards!
  4. I would think him a Ward were a package. He had offenses that ranked in the top 10 and At one point had the number 1 offense in the nation. Recognize talent, and then coach it up his is what we need.Ward would be one of his rock star examples!
  5. I like him, but my choice is Eric Morris. He also checks the boxes, but he was able to find talent in the weeds at Incarnate! Pull up his profile.
  6. Top of the list should be Morris a Texas guy that is currently OC at Washington State. He has been a head coach and he has coach many really good qbs. He found and coached Cameron Ward to UIW. He turned out to be one of the top qbs in the transfer portal. Maybe he could bring some transfers with him? This is the guy I'm going to keep pushing!
  7. Goals for Seth at the beginning of the year in my mind 1. Prove you can develop a qb...I had hope with Earle and Grant ( Mason's last year was a major red flag) 2. Don't get blown out with this schedule 3. 8 wins Failing at any of the above he should be let go. Sarkisian, one of the reasons he was hired was his history with developing qbs. Maybe we should look for the same.
  8. The one thing that kept me excited for Seth is his improvement with recruiting, except for this year. There is high school recruited talent on this roster. Everybody else has transfer talent that has experience and been highly rated in some cases. Phil's drive and philosophy has not changed, the talent level has. I have bitched about the weight room (5,000 sq ft for all sports) and the rehab area for many years. This area needs to be addressed now and not be waiting on the master plan. Put money into this area and the NIL. " Help me develop and pay me" is the future of college football. We are a force and talent in every sport except football. I feel confident that Wren will hire a coach with head coaching experience, at what level will be determine by the pay and what improvements are we going to make.
  9. You have 2 options, fire him or give him an extension.
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