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  1. SMU is going to be able to buy any player they want. Most P5’s will not be able to compete with the $$$ they have. I wish they would go to the PAC!
  2. Nice size, having played WO he must have some quicks! Congrats to all! GMG
  3. Yes. They believe that each of them can compete at the highest level of college football. This NIL raise also doesn’t hurt. Wish Shorter the best!
  4. Are other professional sports unionized? The day of people making money because others are not is BS.
  5. Best wishes is what he deserves! Have a great season and get drafted! GMG
  6. I believe in a lot of cases it serves as a publicity stunt. Get players and coaches talking about UNT.
  7. Has been discussed before do you play at a G5 or go get paid by a P5? This is what the NIL does.
  8. Wren is looking good. No chicken fried steak at WVU?
  9. The drive to the hoop can replace the outside clutch shot.
  10. With that size it will be nice to have a physical banger as an option! GMG
  11. When does he show up or does that not matter anymore?
  12. No, they are getting paid by a private organization not the university.
  13. Shorter has been a fav of mine from day one. I hope he has a very healthy and successful season!
  14. Yea let’s get tax advice from the NCAA! I’m sure the NIL’s are handling it. Although NCAA is probably looking for something to do.
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