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  1. WE are very fortunate to have nice on-campus basketball arena, football stadium, indoor practice facility, other athletic facilities plus land available for future uses, tailgating, parking, etc!
  2. Rice also is private, as well as Tulsa. Rice may have more money than the other AAC privates combined? Tulane used to be in the SEC, and won 3 SEC Football Championships. Rice at one time was a National power as a member of the Southwest Conference and won 7 SWC Football Championships. Tulane left the SEC in1966 due to financial difficulties, a desire to de-emphasize athletics, and a focus on academic pursuits. This decision had repercussions for the university's football program. Rice has the second-smallest undergraduate enrollment of any FBS member, ahead of only Tulsa.
  3. Correct. I wanted to see who was paying attention, lol. Number of Scholarships Available For men's basketball, there are 351 Division I teams and each team is allowed to offer up to 13 full scholarships per year. Nov 20, 2023
  4. Sounds like the men's games.
  5. 12 scholarship players, but you can have 15* players on a roster. *except UNT which is only allowed to have 8 useable players.
  6. They have a large alumni base in Dallas. It's an easy road game, and fan-friendly to their fans. I bet they keep the game in Denton. I hate rich P5 schools trying to bully everybody else. But it shows the value of football in having more home games vs away games.
  7. We are allowed 15 useable players, not 12. We all know about Hodge bringing Tylor Perry (best player on the team) off the bench. Starting five are not always the best five. Player #9 or #11 on the bench depth chart should still be able to contribute something. They are on scholarship because of some skill a coach saw in them. To never play 7 guys says poor recruiting evaluation or players not up to college game speed. We have players 3 years on the bench. Why?
  8. Yes, but that in itself is the criticism. They don't play yet take up valuable roster space during a season with injuries that we needed other contributors. Either play them or trade them, as they say.
  9. Isn't that what Hodge has now, 7 guys that basically just sit on the end of the bench and never play?
  10. It was probably difficult for them to schedule in football as an Independent.
  11. The University of Massachusetts is set to join the MAC in all applicable sports for the 2025-26 school year, sources told ESPN on Monday. UMass is an independent in football but plays in the Atlantic-10 in basketball and the vast majority of the school's other sports. UMass had also been engaged with Conference USA, per sources. Ultimately, the MAC made more geographic sense, and it also houses more of the sports that UMass offers. The move of UMass to the MAC will leave Notre Dame and Connecticut as the lone independents in college football, with Army set to join the American Athletic Conference in the upcoming season. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/39605350/sources-umass-set-become-13th-member-mac-25-26-season
  12. Pitiful. I think there will be even less player loyalty to the program in the future. Sadly, few players these days spend their entire college sports career at the same school or appreciate their time playing for a program. It's more about what will you give me if I play for you?
  13. Poor ending. I love Edwards as a player but he was out of control on several drives to the basket again this game. The strategy seemed to be drive the lane or pass down low to draw fouls the last 6-8 minutes. UTSA was ahead on fouls 6-2 at that point. But several possessions ended in wild shots, or losing ball control and a turnover instead. We had a timeout to set up a play at the end, instead of this playground ball, but never used it. It really falls on the coaches to keep the players informed about the shot clock, timeouts, and foul situations. Several shot clock violations. There are communication gaps with the team that shouldn't be happening this time of season.
  14. The SEC and Big10 fear a 1-loss Tulane and/or 1-loss App State both getting an at-large CFP spot over a 3-loss SEC or Big10 team. They want more at-large spots for their 3-4 place teams.
  15. Also Softball at home at 4:30 vs. New Mexico and 7:00 pm vs Texas Tech.
  16. The article starts with a video clip of Memphis at NT game... "The University of Memphis is currently gathering and reviewing information regarding a potential issue impacting Malcolm Dandridge's eligibility and is withholding him from competition until further notice," the school said in a statement. "Memphis' game against FAU on Sunday is essentially a must-win for the Tigers' postseason hopes. They opened the season with a 15-2 record, rising as high as No. 10 in the Associated Press poll, but have since lost six of 10 games to plummet out of most projected NCAA tournament brackets. Since Hardaway took over at Memphis in 2018, the Tigers have been the subject of multiple NCAA investigations. There was an 18-month NCAA investigation due to alleged violations involving James Wiseman and other recruits." https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/39590076/memphis-malcolm-dandridge-tigers-look-eligibility
  17. The Super Pit 3:00 PM, February 24, 2024Coverage: ESPNU Denton, TX Line: UNT -14.5 Over/Under: 137.5 https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/game/_/gameId/401602150/utsa-north-texas
  18. Would it be better to rest him more since UTSA is...just UTSA?
  19. Alabama, the University, paid Nick Saban as an employee. They agreed he was worth what they paid based on the Marketing he could bring the school. Players are not the product. The sport is the product. The sport is only as good as the coach and the players he recruits and trains make it. The players are compensated with education currently. That's what they agreed to in their Commitment letter. You could work for Apple. Apple makes billions but you make only what you agreed to be hired for, not how much Apple earns. If you want to make college players employees then there needs to be different contracts and rules from what it is now. Wages, hours expected, level of results expected, etc. You can be fired. You will need to pay for your school too as part of your employment unless negotiated. If you want to re-negotiate wages or resign to go to another school that will need to be in the contract also.
  20. I don't mind coaches getting what the market pays. It's a career for the coach. The market makes them overpaid. Schools pay a LOT for a quality coach because they see it as an investment in Marketing for the school if they win. The players are Students, not career employees. They are getting free education in exchange for playing their sport. If they want to quit being a player and go coach for $$ then that is their option too. We would never have a statue of Joe Greene in front of the stadium if he had played college football today. He would have been bought after his first season here by a P5 school to go play for them.
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