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  1. We Ain't Nuthin' but a Hound Dog in Memphis.....
  2. How did Wren find Grant at Ark-State? Did he previously work with or know of him or just saw his skills as a recruiter and fixing programs? That's the type of find we need him to get for the football program too!
  3. I think the Big10 should just invite all the PAC12 teams and form a Western division. Then the Mideast division winner (Big10) could face the Western division winner (PAC12) in a conference championship game perhaps somewhere like the Rose Bowl?
  4. That "diving eagle" is not ours either. Just another "copy", this time from the Australian Air Force....
  5. This is all smoke from the PAC12 Commish trying to save his own job. I guarantee UCLA can find a donor that will donate a charter jet for all their Big10 football and basketball travel needs.
  6. Sonny saw Smut for what we all know it really is....
  7. La Tech would gladly pay it to be able to leave CUSA.
  8. Enough already with the "Fake Oregon" feather helmets! I'm waiting to see which week Seth will dress out the team in the "Dickey Specials". Then we know better times are coming! https://workbench.cadenhead.org/news/3069/fired-north-texas-coach-black-mood
  9. UNLV had TWO (2) wins last season. We made them look like Tom Brady and Tampa Bay this past Saturday. But we don't get all the credit. UNLV brought in like 27 transfers this past season and their coach re-invented their team. Some coaching staffs can mold their play to their players. Seth just keeps trying to make Aune into the next Mason Fine.
  10. One beat reporter for a program about to go into the AAC and in the DFW area, like our radio signal, is FCS level.
  11. Yes. I don't recall seeing a parent quoted before in an article like that about a third year college player. Usually it's coaches, teammates, or the player themselves quoted.
  12. Yes. I only watched a couple minutes but he seemed defensive also to Vito's questions. Like he was angry at the whole situation and being forced to be there too.
  13. Is this the result of poor assessment before signing them, or not having a true QB coach since GH left? Other reasons? As with saw with Fine, a quality QB can make an average head coach and team look good.
  14. The context was Aune always plays, like McNulty would, regardless of game situation or backups needing experience. Fine was also overused in games that were over on the scoreboard.
  15. This. Another QB should have played once the game was out of hand. What was Aune going to learn that he hasn't seen already; plus risk injury needlessly? This coaching staff never seems to want to develop a backup QB by giving game experience.
  16. UNLV and MWC teams are exactly what we need to be playing in OOC games. Much more quality and better for us than FCS cupcakes. We just need a coach that matches up!
  17. Yes, you had me all excited before I realized it was fake firing news!
  18. Seth is the 13th head football coach of North Texas I have seen coach. I would like to see at least a couple more. One thing that occurs to me during these times of angst about the situation is really how little input fans have. Other than our attendance or donations we don't offer much assets to the decision. We used to vent with letters to the Prez, but now just post on message boards, not knowing if anyone of importance really reads them or even cares. In the end, all non-alum coaches and administrators eventually leave and go other places, usually forgetting about NT other than a line on their resume'. We lifelong fans are the true custodians of the program, left to carry on the business of passion for the program until the next overseer gets hired and shows up.
  19. Wait, he forgot Seth for his list...
  20. I think we also lose our kicker and punter after this season. Both are good. Quick makeovers can happen. UNLV only won 2 games last year but had like 25 transfers this off-season. The home announcers said they look like a whole different team, faster and bigger.
  21. Seriously? UH was 12-2 last season and finished ranked #17 with a Bowl win over Auburn. Seth would get a lifetime contract if he ever did that at NT. Plus UH just extended Holgorsen last season thru 2027 at $4.2MM per year.
  22. Always celebrate a Smut loss! But you can go cry about it if that's really how you feel about them...
  23. The new stadium looks like about 3 miles west of the UNLV campus. The old Sam Boyd Stadium looks like it was about 10 miles east of the campus.
  24. Wren seems like a smart guy, although he extended Seth once and didn't fire him after last season, plus let Benford work a 5th year till his contract ended, so I have concerns about his decision-making in those situations. But he didn't hire Seth, making letting him go easier. The easy CUSA schedule will allow some additional wins, and perhaps enough for 6 total and another lame Bowl invite. We cannot go down that rabbit hole again!!!
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