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  1. Well, congrats to the Men's team for winning the CUSA regular season championship. I am sure that the players are more disappointed then we are. Especially since they were at least guaranteed an NIT bid, if not NCAA.
  2. I really think they will be pressured into cancelling it.
  3. I wish people would stop saying smaller schools. Middle Tennessee's enrollment is over 20k. It drives me crazy when people call NT a smaller school. My ex-wife told me I was full of crap, when I told her that NT was larger than OU (her alma mater). Even after showing her the numbers, she refused to believe it. So, I divorced her (well, it was really for other reasons). It just goes to show what football does for a schools perception.
  4. Interesting that they have Rhode Island, one of our losses, as an #11 seed. Such a long way to go to get to that point though. An NCAA bid would obviously be the ultimate. But, an automatic NIT bid would be a really nice consolation prize.
  5. Oh Oh 60-56 LT. Tech playing great defense.
  6. A lot of crazy things could happen in Pod 1, as every team has been nearly unbeatable at home: UNT 12-2 LT 13-1 Charlotte 12-1 FIU 11-1 It's not out of the question that every team goes 2-2 with wins at home. We really need to hold serve against La Tech.
  7. You have to be happy about these last 2 draft classes compared to the rest of CUSA: #1 in Avg (24/7) in 2019. #2 in Avg (24/7) in 2020. This years avg is even slightly higher than last.
  8. Rice shooting 90% from the field. Can't keep that up.
  9. That fake fair catch punt return against Arkansas brought us a ton of national recognition. Sometimes, even the little things can put you in the spotlight.
  10. McCasland is a real coach and teacher. He hasn't necessarily had some of the best "paper talent" yet. But, he gets results. It is a real pleasure to watch him work. Great move by Wren to buy him out from Ark. St. You would think eventually that sustained success should finally help out with future recruiting. Schools like W Kentucky have left us in the dust as far as recruiting goes lately.
  11. If Graham ends up in Philadelphia. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mason Fine end up there also, if he goes undrafted. I know Cowboys fans would love seeing Mason in Philly....LOL
  12. This is 100% on point. The P5's would like nothing better.
  13. Unbelievable performance by the OL. Couldn't even give Mason a chance on his last drive. Shameful.
  14. You know it. Only 2 minutes left in the season and Tre blows out his knee. What a season 😞
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