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  1. 2021 Recruiting Rankings 24/7 - Avg Alabama 95.00 (top) SMU 85.46 North Texas 83.09 Navy 79.64 (AAC) I wouldn't gloat so much about the recruiting difference between SMU and NT. You guys are pretty much right there with us and a LONG way from the upper echelon.
  2. "McCasland concluded in 2020-21 his fourth season as head coach for the University of North Texas. In his four years at UNT, he has compiled an overall record of 79-51 (.608 winning percentage) and has led the Mean Green to its first NCAA tournament win in 2021" I still get giddy reading that.
  3. I think it is really smart for Novil to return this season if he wants to play in the NFL. He has a better chance of padding his stats in a 4 man front IMO.
  4. Straight from Sonny Dykes mouth: "You want people in our sport to be ethical enough where they don't fall prey to that," Dykes said, "but ... you got to win and you got a high-pressure job and you have all these things and then all of a sudden, you look up and you go, 'Oh, they didn't punish anybody, and they're not going to punish me. So why not?'" Yep. Sounds like SMU is in on it. At least Dykes is being honest.
  5. I agree 100%. It would have to seem as though he lost the team.
  6. I agree. He would probably have better fan support and won't have to line up against P5 defenses nearly every week (not that defense is a big factor in the Big 12).
  7. Brady to Welker (the old) Brady to Darden (the new) Tom is going to love Darden. Welker was 5'9 also. Welker was undrafted. Not trying to bash Welker. But IMO, Darden is much more skilled then Welker ever was and Wes was Tom's favorite. As long as Jalen makes sure to catch the football consistently in the NFL, he is going to get a lot of opportunity.
  8. Wow. Kathy Ireland still looks amazing at 58. And, she didn't go overboard on the plastic surgery, if any at all.
  9. That may be the best place Darden could have wound up at. Brady has always loved his slot receivers. He has turned a lot of relatively unknowns into premier talents.
  10. I think the big difference between Grant and the Benford, when it comes to recruiting, is that Benford went after the best overall talent he could get (star power). Grant seems to go after the players that best fit his system. Grants guys are still talented. But, they seem to be a bit more under the radar. It's so nice to have a coach that has a long term plan and follows through with it.
  11. I have a feeling that McCasland has a few things up his sleeve regarding the current roster.
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