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  1. I would like the have the actual UNT battle flag on the TShirt. That shirt is close, but not the same.
  2. I have Sling with Bein. I am watching it on my computer while working.
  3. Now that is a way to build a fan base. Lots of happy people going home tonight.
  4. Unreal. Just unreal.
  5. What a gutsy comeback. Win or lose.
  6. Arlington State ? I never knew that.
  7. I am really surprised that UAB is being mentioned as the favorite. They are losing a ton of players.
  8. While I somewhat agree with you. This could really backfire against us a season or two from now. Plus, IMO I think allowing them to back out of commitments would hurt G6 schools much more than P5 schools.
  9. So true. Next season we need to have a scoreboard message about quieting down when the offense has the ball. One problem the Cowboys have is that AT&T usually contains a very large portion of the opponents fans. And, while those fans might be a minority, they are usually loud. As long as there are a large group of opponents fans at AT&T, there is going to be noise when you have the ball. Of course, this is not a problem at North Texas. It is our fans yelling when we have the ball.
  10. Oh God. I just realized what CK2 stands for...
  11. I bet he ends up being the top paid coach in CUSA again though. Bill Clark (at UAB) should enjoy his short time at the top.
  12. I really like their coach. He seems very knowledgeable and also very humble at the same time. Not many of those guys around.
  13. Yes, thank you to all our seniors. Hedlund was a real strength, when we were really concerned about our kicking game before the season started. Nate, Kemon and Ejiya in particular are going to really be missed. Those guys really stood out.
  14. Mason Fine is special and may be irreplaceable. However, this is not the same North Texas team of the pasts, where recruiting top notch QB's was a real problem. Our staff has been recruiting some pretty good QB talent. I can almost guarantee that at least one of them is going to be pretty damn good. Will they be Mason good ? I don't know. But, I think we will be happy with what we have coming up through the system. Other QB's see the success that Mason has had here. That is a huge selling point and appears to be paying off with this staff. With that said, you guys are correct. To become a conference championship team, we need depth and more talent at the other positions (outside of WR and QB right now).
  15. Good lord. Our guy nearly knocks the ball out of the QB's hand and he still throws a TD.
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