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  1. Unfortunately, this seems to be true for every G5 school (even Boise). If a coach is hot, he gets snatched up by a P5. Even lower P5 programs lose their HC to the bigger P5's. So, the G5's are constantly having to recognize unproven HC talent. Then, when a school hits on a keeper, they lose him to another school. This makes it nearly impossible to sustain success at our level. 6 months ago we were all paranoid about losing Seth. Now, some here are seriously questioning his ability. It's too early guys. Give him a break.
  2. Jeez guys. I am not happy about the season either. But, IMO there could be some positives come out of it. For one, we could really use some continued stability with the coaching staff. The fact that we are struggling a bit will keep the vultures away from Seth for a while (yes, that is a good thing). Bodie Reeder may nor may not be the answer at OC. He may just need a season or two to work out the kinks here. Reffett needs some more talent (and experience) on D before we can really expect them to take the next step up. Siggers is a stud that could be here for 2 more years. Bussey may be back next year with some young receiving talent. The young D should be better next year. We don't have a Mason Fine on the roster next year. But, we do have some potential talent at the QB position coming up. This year has been a complete let down and the attendance will probably take a hit. But, we still have a bright future and having upper-echelon CUSA recruiting classes the last few seasons certainly doesn't hurt. I certainly don't think the program is on a downward swing. Instead, it is most likely more of a temporary dip.
  3. USM is outcoaching us......badly (except for that 4th down punt)
  4. Again. No gang tackling on that 2 pt conversion. A bunch of our guys just stood around watching.
  5. What was that ? The entire D was just watching the TE over the middle.
  6. Torrey puts us in 3rd and long....again. He needs to stop bouncing around in the backfield.
  7. If Siggers is out, I would like to see more Loren Easley.
  8. Torrey puts us into a lot of 3rd and longs. I know that he is great in the open field. But.....
  9. How does SM get that wide open on 3rd and 17, when we are only rushing 3. Reffert needs to kick some butt right now.
  10. We are going to need to get some pressure on Abraham.
  11. Just a simple swing pass and Harris outran about 5 guys in our secondary.
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