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  1. Well. Can't blame this on the offense or the refs. You can't win if you can't stop your opponent.
  2. Well, I don't think UTSA has even punted yet. Until that happens, there can be no comeback.
  3. Our defense needs to stop jawing and start tacking. What an awful performance tonight.
  4. FWIW, 1:10 is a ton of time in college football, because they stop the clock to move the chains after a first down. Big difference from the NFL.
  5. True. But, that damn penalty changed everything. Team was not ready for it obviously.
  6. Nice to see Seth get fired up about something. He should be. These refs are TRASH.
  7. We had 4 good backs (before the injuries). But, we really miss Adeyi and his 8.0 ypc average. That guy is pretty special.
  8. A bit shocked right now. Our guys have everything to play for and being outplayed a bit by Rice.
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