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  1. I have a feeling that McCasland has a few things up his sleeve regarding the current roster.
  2. Beard wants his security blanket to come with him. Good for Adams that he wants to stay and probably good for us. If Adams doesn't get the Tech HC job, he will probably get one somewhere else ASAP.
  3. There is a ton of groundswell on the Tech forums to promote Mark Adams. It could be sour grapes. But, Tech fans seem to give Adams more credit for the top defense than Beard. It might be hard for the AD not to promote Adams at this point.
  4. Keep in mind that Ross Hodge's title is Associate Head Basketball Coach. To me, that says head coach in waiting, if Grant should leave. Ross was named best assistant coach in CUSA in 2020. He was once named a top 10 recruiter for Colorado State, outside the P5 leagues. And, as everyone here knows, Hodge has been huge when it comes to getting credit for the defensive play. We are in great shape guys. Grant is a terrific coach. But, Hodge can step right in and keep things going forward when the time comes. If Grant does take the money and leave, I would be shocked if Hodge is
  5. If Grant does go, I wouldn't be surprised if the plan has been for Hodge to take over all along. I do think consistency is important here. Another option is Joe Golding at ACU. If Tech can purge a top CUSA coach, UNT can purge a top Southland coach. I love the defense that ACU showed in the tourney.
  6. Ugghh. I look forward to the day when Texas Tech is not an upgrade over North Texas. They have the Big 12 and nothing else compared to UNT. And.....it's freaking Lubbock.
  7. This is what I am thinking also. Ruder is definitely a candidate to start this season, even though he is missing the spring. It's not like he is an incoming freshman either. He has been through training camps at NC for 3 years already.
  8. From OU Insider. We all know that Grant is a hot name. But, when an OU person is concerned about McCasland moving on to something even bigger than OU, that really says something. "The case against McCasland: How long would the Oklahoma job hold its luster for McCasland? He’s one of the hottest names on the coaching circuit as it is, and if he were to log a couple of successful years in Norman, he’d almost certainly become a target for one of college basketball’s blue bloods — or even an NBA franchise. The Sooners may unwittingly bargain for a lifer and end up with a stopgap by bringi
  9. My first reaction to all this is disgust. But, I feel like the football team eventually gained more than they lost in the transfer portal. So, maybe the same will be true for basketball. Going to really miss Reese. Grant is a great coach. I would think a lot of players would love to play for him.
  10. Those 3's have to be demoralizing for our guys. It's a shame that we could not have put on a better showing. But, Villanova is playing like a champion right now.
  11. FWIW, Villanova shot only 32% from 3pt land against Winthrop.
  12. Sometimes you just have to give your opponent credit. I don't ever think I have seen an NCAA team that hot from 3. 9 of 15 from 3. That's 27 points. Ouch.
  13. #15 Oral Roberts just stunned Florida. Wow.
  14. Worst possible last 12 minutes. The first 8 minutes or so were great.
  15. Our guys ran into a buzz saw with those 3's. Villanova would be beating any team with that kind of a run.
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