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  1. This is one of those situations where I wonder if mommy and daddy are controlling his decisions. It wouldn't be the first time that a players parents have ruined their son's careers by overvaluing their son's talents (sans hard work). Good luck though kid.
  2. Holding your breath on Gilmore might be a little extreme brother. Hopefully, he has a nice career here and I will certainly be rooting for him along with the others. But, he will have a lot of competition from Aune, Bean, Drummond and maybe even Martin. There is some talent, but no real standouts at QB here. Gilmore has yet to see the field in college, except for some brief action against UT Martin. This puts him basically in the same boat as true freshman Bryce Drummond. They are both similar when it comes to their 3* rankings. FWIW, Aune had a higher ranking than both
  3. I am OK with the Seniors getting another year and the ability to transfer without penalty. It's the underclassmen that I have a problem with. No disrespect. But, you just said this in the Siggers thread: El Paso Eagle Said: "The transfer portal system and the one-time no sitout rules might be based on good intentions but they will end up kicking most G5 programs in the nuts. And if anyone believes there was no communications before this they are wrong." So, we are in agreement. It's a circus and the G5's will suffer for it.
  4. I understand giving seniors another year of eligibility because of Covid. But, I don't agree with letting players of any age/class transfer without having to sit out a year. It is turning into a circus.
  5. On the surface, this is an easy choice as shown by the poll results. But, there is fair criticism and unfair criticism. Some people have very unrealistic expectations and need instant gratification. I sometimes question their fandom. I am not necessarily singling out anyone at GMG. You see this behavior on every sports forum.
  6. FWIW, our recruiting avg vs other G5 conferences would put us: 2nd in CUSA 1st in Sun Belt 1st in MAC 4th in Mountain West 9th in AAC Nice.
  7. A reply of the game is out on youtube. Here are all 5 of the long Appy runs, showing the breakdowns at the LOS. The arrow points in the direction the runner follows (to the endzone in most cases). Judge for yourself. Massive holes. Players badly out of position and we also lacked the speed in the secondary to catch the RB's once they broke free. TD Run 1. Marcus Williams flat outran our entire secondary when he broke through the line. This was not even close as he put 10 to 15 yards on everyone. TD Run2. Peoples outran our secondary after breaking thr
  8. I expected us to lose today. My hope was to keep it close. I just cannot get over giving up 5 runs over 60 yards (1 called back by dumb Appy penalty). Take out those ridiculous and unnecessary runs and this game is at least a more respectable loss and more of what I expected. I am still shaking my head in complete disbelief. I may have been surprised and disappointed by the other two bad bowl losses. But, this one just makes me angry because of the inability to stop all those long runs. That last run just before half is especially shocking. Appy had just rippe
  9. Agree with this 100%. That type of logic screams inflexibility. It is a coaches job to get the most out of his players and put them in the best possible position to succeed.
  10. I agree that the football results are not good. But, Wren and the rest of the administration have built some terrific facilities and are now willing to spend the money to raise our football program up. It hasn't worked the last 2 years with Seth on the field. And yes, they appear to have overpaid for him. The last thing we need is for the school to start being cheap again when it comes to coaching. I am still excited to see what happens when these recent recruiting classes start playing more. I am fine with our top 10 nationally rated offense. But, changes have to be made on t
  11. I know you are pissed. But, Wren is one of the best things to happen to North Texas athletics, regardless of the recent football failures. Football results on the field excluded, there are a lot of athletic positives going on at North Texas. Seth isn't going anywhere this year because of the potential talent coming up that he helped recruit, plus that contract. If this team tanks again next year, different story. Now about that defense.... The defensive coaching has to be addressed and it probably starts with changing DC's again. Somebody has to be let go on the coac
  12. I expected to loose badly. But, I never expected to see the defense gashed on all those long runs like that. IMO, that is a scheme problem when it happens over and over like that. All of them were right up the gut.
  13. Not once, but twice. Fortunately, one of them was called back on a penalty that had nothing to do with the play. Unbelievable.
  14. The is no excuse for the defenses getting gashed like that. A decent coach would have adapted and at least shut that down. i have never seen anything like this. And we’re not playing Alabama. shameful. You cannot allow Bowen back after this
  15. If not for that ridiculous run at the end of the first half, we would have ourselves a game.
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