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  1. Because CUSA is so bad, we might not make it off the list this week. Last week MT did not get off the list after a win, because they beat FIU who is on the list. Last week also USM did not get off the list, because they beat us. Hopefully we are off. But, I would not count on it.
  2. Liberty reminds me of SMU in the 80's. They will get busted for something illegal in the next 10 years. I don't like that school.
  3. It would be a nice confidence builder if the D can keep them out of the end zone here at the end.
  4. Come on offense. 1 more TD.
  5. Yep. Our D can give up yards quickly. MT is about to stack the box to stop the run. But, they haven't been able to stop it so far. And, they have not only have to watch our RB's, but Bean. We will find out soon enough. If we are still able to ram it down their throat, we should be in good shape still,
  6. I think this is a key point. Bean looks great when he is comfortable. But, he gets really shaken when things don't open up. Hopefully, more experience will help with consistency.
  7. Can you imagine what Addaway would do to this MT defense. He is easily our best back.
  8. If only we had an average defense.
  9. is this the first NT lead since the first game ?
  10. When the NFL and NCAA seasons are finished this year, I would be interested in seeing the home/away records for all teams. I think the lack of fans at the games does minimize the home field advantage somewhat. There is certainly at least a slight decrease in home field advantage, because you don't see the away team having to deal with crowd noise during critical situations.
  11. I have never wanted a year to end as bad as I want to see 2020 go 😞
  12. While I am not advocating this strategy, that is exactly what Darryl Dickey early in his career at NT. They were a bad football team his first few seasons. However, I clearly remember Dickey talking on The Ticket about redshirting a bunch of players for the future. I didn't really have faith in him at the time after 3 bad losing seasons. But, it worked starting in 2011 when he ran off all those consecutive Sun Belt wins and 4 straight bowl appearances. I am pretty convinced that the redshirting early on contributed to that 3 to 4 year run. After all those redshirted players graduat
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