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  1. We may not see another like him for a long time at NT. That should be another big reason for people to attend the games, support him and watch a magician at work.
  2. 8-4 Regular Season (but win west with tiebreaker) Win Conference Championship Win Bowl Game 10-4 finish overall. I think the the team struggles a bit early on before finding their groove and rolling later in the season. Mason misses 1 game early on, but finishes on a tear including the championship and bowl game.
  3. Yep, he is a really good coach. And, he may pull off having a competitive team. But based on what they have lost, picking them to be a good team this year seems quite the reach and it kind of shows that the media has not really done their research. The media went crazy picking UNT basketball to be a NCAA tournament Cinderella back around 2013 with a loaded roster including Tony Mitchell. In the end, NT was a flop. Most here blame the coaching staff and it is hard to argue that point. So in the end, maybe Clarke is good enough to make them competitive.
  4. They have UAB as just missing their top 10. When I saw this their G5 credibility dropped just a bit 😞
  5. I remember reading another article about Reeder from Dave Cambell's site that made me feel good about this season. "Additionally, runs won’t always come out of spread alignments. Instead of spacing the field side-to-side, Reeder will work with additional blockers in and around the line of scrimmage. Run-pass options, or RPOs as they’ve been dubbed, are a critical part of the game plan. A season ago, North Texas struggled to put away games. All three regular season losses came after blowing double-digit leads, and the inability to get conversions on 3rd-and-short didn’t help. Reeder wants to rebuild the short-yardage game from scratch." Thank God that we won't be running the FB from the Spread every time.
  6. This is terrible and sad news. But, who doesn't wear their seat belts these days ? Every car that I have been in over the last 10 years will beep like crazy until you put the seat belt on. I am shocked to read that.
  7. I love having Torrey on our team and he can flash. But, I certainly hope we can work out those short yardage situations this season. We were terrible on 3rd and 1 last year and it cost us some games.
  8. Crumley Hall. Then, parents purchased a cheap condo near school (3 of us kids attended UNT). They rented the place out for a few years after and then sold it.
  9. I normally love the battle flag design. But, I think it is too big and would look washed out on TV and in the stands. Personally, I would love to see the battle flag incorporated as a smaller feature in one of the existing designs. Maybe something like this: With a design like this, on TV the battle flag would really stand out because most of the action centers around the key. Just MHO.
  10. Arizona State Alum via Blinn College. Exciting young man. Welcome aboard ! Overview Great athlete with a variety of skills making him a complete defensive back prospect Aggressively attacks the ball in the air helping set him up for interceptions Improving physicality and makes up for his size with strong fundamentals in bump and run coverage Fearless defender willing to cover any receiver and get involved in the run game Junior College (Blinn College) Transfer from Blinn College, the same school that helped launch Cam Newton, Chris Johnson, Dede Westbrook and former ASU running back Marion Grice Listed by ESPN as a four-star prospect, the No. 22 overall prospect and the No. 3 cornerback in the ESPN JUCO Top-50. Recorded 25 tackles, four interceptions and four pass breakups in 10 games as a sophomore at Blinn
  11. "One can also bet the farm on the fact that SMU would be staunchly opposed to UNT joining the league." Problem #1, #2, #3, etc.
  12. Yeah, I am not sure why that is. They don't exactly have the most numerous or loudest fans. I think there will be more NT fans present. It must be all the crowd distractions: Popped Polo shirt collars and the Mr peppermint stripes 😉
  13. If we switch to more of a hurry up offense, I can pretty much guarantee that statistically the defense will look much worse this year. I would bet that defensive coordinators privately hate hurry up offenses in general, because they do artificially inflate the defensive stats (except for things like yards per play).
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