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  1. akriesman

    Texas A&M Commerce 11/14/18

    I always thought that a basketball coaches ability to build a strong team was 80% recruiting and 20% actual coaching. Going from Benford to Grant has completely changed that way of thinking. This team is light years more prepared than anything we have had in recent history (maybe ever).
  2. akriesman

    Footballscoop nuclear winter

    My thoughts exactly. Look, I am thrilled that we have Coach Littrell here and he is building up our program, which I expect to keep improving. I am of course not happy about our conference play this season. But, overall things are improving. However, that ODU loss did not just hurt North Texas, it also took some of the luster off Seth. That game was a monumental collapse. If we were to drop another game and/or have another bowl loss, IMO the P5 programs might start to get cold feat just a bit (if they have not already). Seth can have this team regroup next year and have an outstanding season. Then, the P5 coaching jobs will become more of a reality. I am not saying that schools like K State won't still come after Seth this year. But, the chances are certainly less than that were after we were 4-0 and whipped Arkansas in their place. I am certainly not going to sweat things or even look at other coaching candidates right now. If we are 8-1 or 9-0 next year and on top of the conference, it might be different.
  3. During several games they have mentioned that Guyton does not drop the ball often. I don't think they do their research much 😞
  4. akriesman

    Team Rankings By State

    They have UTSA at #5 ? Really ?
  5. akriesman

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Free food at Jimmy Johns ? Didn't that help keep our AD around all those years 🙂
  6. akriesman

    CUSA Attendence (Off Week Edition)

    Weather related ? Look at what weather (or threat of weather) has done to 2 of our home games. I am convinced that the only reason UTSA attendance stays at the top is because of the indoor stadium. I personally don't like indoor stadiums. But, weather is an issue they never have to deal with.
  7. akriesman

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    Fouts was certainly better looking from the outside, than the inside. From I-35, it looks more like a traditional FB stadium than Apogee. Don't get me wrong though, I love apogee and games at Fouts had some real shortcomings (sight lines, track, vendors, urinals (ugghh), noise dispursement, etc). See you later McNeese State !
  8. akriesman

    For a Good nUTSAck Laugh

    They will be burdened by that Cannon meme for years. And I for one will help make sure it stays current....LOL It has been one of the funniest things to happen in this football season.
  9. akriesman

    Meanwhile in San Antonio

    When it comes to UTSA news, there is really only 1 thing that interests me. That AWESOME cannon. I just can't get enough of this.
  10. akriesman

    Do we have Liquid Gold in the QB Talent Pipeline?

    I am excited about all the QB's we have coming in. But, I am not willing to say any of them turns into Mason Fine + 5 inches. Mason is one of the most accurate QB's I have ever seen in CFB at any level. He is running for his life half the time and can still make the throws. The kid is just amazing. If you put 5 inches on Mason Fine, I would have no doubt he would be playing in the NFL at some level. He has everything except the height.
  11. akriesman

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    OMG. The drops just continue. Somebody has to help Mason. Imagine what this team would be like without him.
  12. akriesman

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    This is getting embarrassing. First UTEP and now Rice 😞
  13. akriesman

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    Damn. That Rice punter is a weapon. That is the biggest thing I saw in the first half. He is going to make us have to drive the entire field all game.
  14. akriesman

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Sig381, I don't know if your trolling with this thread or not. But, I am going to go ahead and believe you are serious. Here is the megathread everyone has mentioned. Thankfully, it has been sleeping lately.
  15. akriesman

    UTSA gladly replaces North Texas on Army’s schedule

    Perfect. Just perfect. LOL