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  1. The rumors floating around are that UMass and UConn will not leave the Atlantic 10 because of basketball. NMSU is a definite possibility. That would leave 2 more FCS programs that would have to move up to fill the slots. JMU has been ready, but now committed to the Belt. I am not sure any other FCS schools are ready.
  2. I don't see how CUSA stays alive now. Adding three teams that are interested is going to be tough. Now, Liberty does not seem interested either. I thank our lucky stars we are not one of the 5 teams that may be left without a conference. And, going back to the Sun Belt would not have been seen as an advancement either. It is a real shame what has happened to La Tech, WKU, MT, UTEP and FIU. All of those schools are deserving of a decent G5 (or G4?) conference. We are blessed today.
  3. On the other hand, our facilities are clearly the best of the 6 schools being added to the AAC. Fortunately for us, we have less work than the other 5 and maybe some of the current AAC schools. So, it should be easier to address our few weaknesses in that area. The most glaring issue right now is getting the football team turned around an at least headed in the right direction.
  4. I know this has been asked before at some point. But, what kind of impact would Title IX have on Baseball for us. Would we have to add another Woman's sport or remove another men's sport ? When I graduated in '86, I still remember there being men's soccer at NT 😞
  5. Yep. How does the saying go ? "There is no such thing as bad publicity". This is 100% true in the days of social media.
  6. I have been ragging about Judy constantly on this board. A few people pointed out that she was handed a bad situation at the beginning. That may be true. But, she has done nothing to really try and rectify it. She is far too passive IMO. I may not know the inner workings of being a commissioner. But, I do know that I heard nothing from our current (soon to be former) commissioner and that is not good a good thing. On the other hand, Aresco is a positive thinking commissioner that gets things done. His name is always in the media, especially for a G5 conference. People laughed at him (including myself) when he tried to brand the AAC as a P6 conference. But, that is the kind of forward thinking that can take you places. And, it will rub off the the new AAC schools like ours. Is this the most important day in NT sports history ? It may turn out to be.
  7. For one, the increased revenue from the AAC will allow our leadership to justify paying $2m+ to our football coach. We overpaid for Littrell given what happened. But, it also showed that the school is serious about competing and spending the money when necessary. It's a win on all fronts. We just have to get through this dreadful season in Football. Hopefully, they won't embarrass themselves against Liberty. Our new conference mates will be watching (and noticing the potentially small crowd).
  8. Wow. I didn't realize Malzahn was at UCF ? Nice hire for them IMO. He may not be the hot candidate he once was. But, he is a damn good coach and not a retread.
  9. What a great day for everyone associated with NT. What a good feeling after having to endure the last 6 weeks of football. Now, about that football team 😉
  10. I think this would be a mistake on USM's part if this is true. Same for Marshall. The Sun Belt is not an upgrade. They are indeed having more FB success right now. But, that doesn't mean it is a sign of things to come. Plus, USM would have to pay that 3m exit fee to make a lateral move at most. CUSA needs new leadership and they will be fine IMO. But, the clock is ticking and it may be too late. The 8 remaining schools in CUSA are strong enough to compete and expand. I blame the commissioner if the conference folds, because she is the face of the conference.
  11. I initially thought this. But, I am reconsidering. The current remaining 8 AAC teams are going to get big payouts from both the ESPN TV contact and the exit fees from the 3 that are leaving. How much money is SMU willing to leave on the table ? Moving to the MWC makes no fiscal sense for them. If the Big 12 comes calling, SMU will jump. Other than that, I just don't see it. The 6 being added to the AAC will initially be getting about 1/3 (per rumors) of the payout of the existing 8 annually. SMU will still be raking in way more money than UNT, at least for the first few years in the AAC. I am not complaining about the reduced payout at all. We will still be getting a significant raise from the move and far more national exposure. It's a win-win for everyone if the new AAC is finalized.
  12. Yep. TBH, I prefer USM/LaTech over Tulane/Tulsa. But, it's not a major difference.
  13. Even if it does happen, we are better off. Better commissioner for one thing.
  14. I hope this post is sarcasm. If this all holds true, it is a great thing for North Texas. I like Aresco as a commissioner and he has done a lot to promote the AAC. We have the same Texas school alignment and swap SMU with UTEP. All good news. But P5 or even P5.5 ? Please no.
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