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  1. For a university that claims to be Dallas' program, it's a bit of a joke. Our issues are ours. But those issues are to be expected while being 2-4 as was Saturday.
  2. That is absolutely pitiful. lol. A ranked, undefeated team deserves better. Much better. Even SMU. I feel for the kids that get tricked into going to that cesspool. I thought our fans didn't care...Sheesh. Apogee would be rockin' if we were ranked and undefeated. No doubt about it.
  3. Lol. Damn shame. 1.8M. Our return on that is pretty harsh.
  4. 16k? Lol. We have SMU people at the turnstiles today? Maybe 10k, at absolute most.
  5. It's true. Lose games that matter to your fan base in blowout fashion, don't expect good attendance vs the likes of MTSU.
  6. That just isn't true. Most people that get on here to talk football are the one's rarely missing football games. The group on this forum is the group that is a part of that 10-12K when attendance is pitiful (at 10-12K). The people that really matter are the one's that are fence sitters. And they are not going to hop on this side of the fence with a poor team. It's just not reality. Something has to be done to capture their attention and garner it for years to come. A 2-4 UNT team hosting a 2-4 Middle Tennessee State University football team is not going to raise the interest of these people.
  7. I hate to break it to you, with your big badge of honor all, but this team is not running the table. At this point, I'd be semi surprised if they split their remaining games. As far as my expectations vs yours, it's not really a pissing match. I have great expectations, but I do have some realism in me. And I knew the defense was going to be barely treading water this year, at best. They have not been recruiting DL. Defenses do not do well if you don't recruit them AND land them.
  8. 12-2? Uh, yah. That was not going to happen. Have you seen Reffett coach without key players in place? Surely you have. I mistakenly had us at 8-4. My consistency request is just win and when you lose, don't get your teeth pushed down your throat.
  9. As did I. I assumed the defense was going to be pretty bad. But I figured our O would carry us at least to a decent season. I figured wrong. I assumed right.
  10. Those were just the SL worshippers and they clearly weren't paying attention.
  11. Skkkkyyyyyy hiiiiighhhhh expectations. Whew! Go to a bowl game and win it and don't get blown out continuously throughout the process. I guess those are TOOOOO freaking high.
  12. Poor offense at MUTS vs poor defense at UNT. Whichever unit is worse will lose.
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