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  1. As it will be. The shine of SL, due to my opinion of next years outcome, has turned to rust. My interest has diminished significantly due to what I think the near future is in store for us. And I can only imagine the fence sitting fans aren't even paying attention anymore.
  2. You're defending mediocrity. My apologies...Don't let me get in the way.
  3. Winning record. That doesn't matter. That's hog wash. If you have 7-5 and lose your bowl game to finish 7-6 with no conference championship, bowl trophy and clearly nowhere near the top 25 what good is it really? None. The answer is none.
  4. None of Seth Littrell's doings. He should be at 2 of 4 given there has been 2 winning seasons. He was gift wrapped the HOD in 2016. He's a .500 coach with 2 losing seasons and 2 winning seasons. As it sits, and the evidence we CURRENTLY have, next season will be another losing season and this fan base will fully turn on SL as they should.
  5. Thanks. But nope. And last I checked we ARE FBS D1! Do not give in or it will forever be a regret. Get conference commissioners in these 5 conferences that have a damn backbone who are willing to fight for inclusion. Relegating ourselves, in an unforced move, would be the end of ANY legitimate college football aspirations. Might as well have all of the schools drop to FCS. Helluva way to save money if we go for this BS.
  6. That's an oranges and doodoo comparison.
  7. Yeah, I'm not fan of his. But he's 6'5" 240 pounds and has a rocket arm and had decent success in the SEC. He would probably torch CUSA with his arm and legs if he came into this conference.
  8. Dan Hawkins really put them on the map. Petersen just took it and ran with it.
  9. Felipe Franks, UF QB, just announced his decision to transfer today. Js.
  10. I attended yesterday. Couldn't not go. But, yeah, I'm checking out. Only way I have, as a fan, to voice displeasure. If Reffett is retained as it's looking, I may not even pay attention.
  11. If Reffett stays, as it is appearing he will, it just goes to show how comfy SL is on the job right now given there isn't any accountability rolling downhill into SLs lap.
  12. Oh, so his 7th year is when we should ramp up our expectations. Got it.
  13. Yes, we had to replace. So did 129 other FBS programs. It's any coaching staffs MOST important job, stock the cupboard with talent. Outside of clearly continuing to pump sunshine at anytime who will listen, what is your point?
  14. Where's he going? Going back to coordinating?
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