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  1. Not preparing that roster for MFs swan song was firable within and of itself. That was year 4. Basically ALL of SLs players on board and the staff laid a giant egg. That should've been the "oh shit, we better start looking around" moment for the athletic department. But, yet, we riding that contract out 3 years later. I'm not sure who said it, but Seth Littrell owes a great deal of his 10+ million he's been able to fleece the Lovela...I mean...Wren Ba...I mean...Neal Sma...I mean the University of North Texas to Mason Fine and Graham Harrell.
  2. Maybe he catches 90 for 1500 and 25 touchdowns with MF, that specific season. That's all I'm saying. MF was the type player that elevated the people around him, whether they were subpar, good or great.
  3. MF elevated their play is all I'm saying. Of course being able to land those players was a big deal. But I think if we insert MF into our current roster all of our current players play elevates.
  4. ...In the past I and others have pointed out how hush the athletic department and director is when things are going poorly. The apologists usually rebuttal with the notion of that being unprofessional. So, I've been purposefully paying attention to other struggling programs. They almost ALL send out formal Twitter releases asking for continued support and/or vowing to see improvement through. I'm too lazy to go grab all the Twitter links to post, but go ser for yourself. Yet, here we are, 3+ years of incompetent football and....crickets.
  5. When bags go on people's heads (AT SPORTING EVENTS) it's a foregone conclusion what's being advocated for. Granted I won't be doing this because I simply won't be going.
  6. Yay us! We're considered a bad loss by everyone short of TSU...in our coach's 7th season.
  7. It sends a public message. And it doesn't hurt anyone. Maybe feelings, but we don't have a law for that in America...yet.
  8. Keep beating that horse. I honestly don't care, BUT this has to be the 1,000th time you've said this, verbatim. Maybe more. And we're not in better shape btw. PSU was a scrappy little FCS squad and our team gave up well before kickoff, maybe days before. We are still getting gorilla punched in 2022 like we were in 2015, without the complete evidence of absolute quit. We are truly that bad right now.
  9. So, it was the wives annual trip after all. Figures.
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