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  1. The no sit* transfer portal. And as far as your UNC argument, I could make the argument that they were seeded just right given they didn't even make the cut this year
  2. With the transfer rules as they are, a lot of this is moot.
  3. This. Marketing sucks at UNT. It takes money to make money. And UNT clearly doesn't want to make money.
  4. Cool video and all, but it needs to be known by EVERYBODY that these teams are going to the AAC. Judy The Joke will probably try boasting cusa next year because of this success.
  5. I think they match up pretty well with them.
  6. Nothing to see here. Just a lucky team from a doodoo conference.
  7. As so I, but not like their home gym. They had that place rockin.
  8. Let's be real, same diff. And we don't have to go dollar for dollar with OU. Just dollar for dollar with what they were pushing to gumms. It's whatever at this point. I'm just about over it. I do find it unusual the amount of soft responses from this BS though.
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