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  1. Well, there ya go. So the fellas argument is invalid.
  2. Harrell dialed up QB powers at the goalline on several occasions. Always made me shake my head in disbelief. He's our bellcow offensive player that gets the offense going and you run him between the tackles in a power scheme vs a bear front. Just, dumb.
  3. 35 would've ate his lunch. It's a miracle what QBs can do when they know they can't be breathed on.
  4. Well, Steve Hammond...I think you may be implying that ND and Army are categorically lumped together. So, does this fella put UMASS, BYU, NMSU, Liberty and UCONN in this same group? Notre Dame is a quasi-ACC team. They schedule 3-5 ACC teams each year in football and play a semi-ACC basketball schedule. They have the dolla dolla bills to notate themselves as a media driven "P5". These same dollar bills do not apply for these other universities. BYU may be the closest only due to their sanctificating cult they have over there in Provo. Church, non-profit? Psh. If we're going to play the P5 vs. G5 game, which I do not concede to, Army is clearly in the same grouping as us, LaTech, etc. Their schedule even dictates their grouping and that's self inflicted. Army's 2019 football schedule: 08/30 - Rice 09/07 - at Michigan 09/14 - at UTSA 09/21 - Morgan State 10/05 - Tulane 10/12 - at WKU 10/19 - at Georgia State 10/26 - San Jose State 11/02 - at Air Force 11/09 - UMass 11/16 - VMI 12/01 - at Hawaii 12/14 - vs Navy (in Philadelphia, PA) Where in this does this scream elite? And elite may not be Hammond's argument. But he certainly isn't relegating them to that nasty lower tier of media made "G5" status.
  5. Army is independent, like Notre Dame. But also like UMASS and UCONN. Does Army share more similarities to UCONN or Notre Dame? Admin support, facilities, athletic budget, fan support, etc. etc.
  6. The plain existence of this ranking is blasphemy. Disband it now. No one, officially, has drawn a line in the sand between the D1 FBS universities or athletic programs. The media with I'm sure the help of TV executives, for monetary purposes, has drawn this line. Ignore it. When/If they attempt to make it official tie it up in courts for years.
  7. Too many times the offense shelled up and tried to coast. The cliche there is playing not to lose instead of playing to win.
  8. It's who they are. And they're nobodies with lipstick on. Haven't been relevant since 2005 and that was a miracle season with their offensive sheets reading, "Give the ball to Vince and hope he does something good with it."
  9. If people want to start pooling money, and if it's ready for game time, let's do it. I will donate right meow.
  10. It's not that he has an agent. Most do. It's the agent he decided to look after his affairs. Jimmy Sexton is a slimeball creep that will meander his clients into the best case scenario for HIMSELF.
  11. I disagree as with Seth Littrell. The hiring of his agent is all there is needed to see in that regard. That may sound a bit anecdotal, but it's not at all. If the administration in Manhattan had given him complete control he'd be coaching in Manhattan right now. There will be, without a doubt, a program willing to give him that control this upcoming off season and he will be gone. The only way that does not happen is if we have a terrible season at somewhere around 5-7 or worse with this loaded roster. Then his shine wears off and we have ourselves a Skip Holtzesque kind of coach. Great coach, pretty dang recruiter, but never quite good enough to really break down the doors.
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