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  1. Ok wise one. No-one is asking for 7 PM kickoff times on ABC vs Incarnate. But our premiere games should at least make it to ESPN+.
  2. Though I agree that Facebook streaming can be a clearer and more in tune broadcast. It still bleeds small time and has a minuscule platform in regards to college football streaming. It's better to be on ESPN+ than not be on it.
  3. Is it too much to accomplish? I think it should be standard expectations given the timeline of the program.
  4. Oh no! A running QB that has a highlight! We better cancel the game immediately.
  5. Well, this would be ideal. We would basically be combining our best offensive player in school history (MF would do well with some of those 2013 weapons, even in that dinosaur offense) with our best defense over the last decade. I believe that UGA game in 2013 in this scenario would be a fun one too. Could've been a table running type year. We need to get some guys like that back in here that are blood thirsty; Orr, Akunne, Abbe, Sarge, Trice, Lee, etc. We have some guys that sort of fit that mold, but philosophies can bring out the best in players or it can expose all of their weaknesses. We are setup right now to feast or famine on defense and the 3-3-5 tends itself to be a little more finesse and softer. The constant running of base 4-3 puts itself out there on display and tells the opponent, "Here we are, come get it." That 2013 was such a bland team to watch, but the defense may have been more entertaining to watch than the offense and that's rare air in the 21st century.
  6. This is 100% speculation. King is a true dual threat type guy. It's all philosophy of the coaching staff that determines what brand of football they want their QB playing. Mike Leach or any disciple of would take Mason Fine over King most days. Urban Meyer or any disciple of would take King over Mason Fine most days. When you're not too busy blatantly trolling, you talk in sweeping generalizations too much on here.
  7. Does the UH board have an obsessed UNT fan on there all the time or something?
  8. Without question. I'd take that bullet 10/10 times.
  9. It's difficult to take this as gospel. If true, this is a huge disservice X coach was doing to his own high school players by not giving them every available platform. Hard to imagine a HS coach would do that just because X college coaching staff hasn't stroked his ego enough.
  10. Definitely. Something strong is in the water down there. The self entitled unearned arrogance runs unprecedentedly deep. Academically, they act as if they are or did attend Harvard or Cambridge. Athletically, they act as if they are the UCLA basketball team from the 60s/70s or the Alabama program of this era. ATM is nothing except money spenders and grossly underachievers. Texas A&M have won three national titles (1919, 1927 and 1939).
  11. I can get on board with a lot of this. I would probably put Charlotte in the sure win category, but I guess I would have put ODU in that category last year. But on the basis of both teams playing peak level football, I would put Charlotte in there. UTSA is always a hairy game. I wish we would just throttle them and get it over with. UAB and MTSU, both wildcards with a lot of moving unknowns and missing variables. Probably closer to the 'sure win' than 'probable', but I see credence in having them where you do. SMU is always a toss up. And traveling to USM is never easy. I truly believe, that if our offense can find momentum in your probable loss teams, we can legitimately compete in all three of those games. I think we owe LaTech a punch in the throat and that will be on our teams mind. We need to be competitive with UH just because it perceptionally needs to happen, and I think we can be. Cal is the complete wildcard. They looked pitiful in their bowl, and from a declining conference. But they beat both USC and Washington last year, the representatives in the Pac12 Champ game. Then got smoked by some pretty average Pac12 teams as well. Week 2 last year they beat Weber State 33-20. IF they take us lightly like they took Weber, I really, really like our chances.
  12. I guess that's all you took from that, but ^. To add...Of that 1.2 billion campaign, 633K donors donated, 55% as first time donors, and 207 donated over the 7 figure mark. I just pulled those figures. I was only aware of the 1.2B off hand. I would't call it unprecedented for a coach to be fired from a major sport at a major school based on results only after 2 years, but it's very uncommon. It would also make the job very unattractive for many of coaches. We can agree to disagree, and that's fine.
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