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  1. If this team was a stock...I wouldn't invest. No, we aren't giving up 50 a game....yet. It's 48 ppg as of now.
  2. Oh... Then no. But we definitely scored 2 and padded some stats to make it look sort of semi respectable offensively.
  3. Go rematch... Our last 2 touchdowns had defensive rotational players playing starter reps. I mean, it's there for the world to see. Then come back and tell me wrong.
  4. Very competitive constitutes competing for the division. So miss, UAB and LaTech and maybe even UTSA and Rice will not allow that to happen. Our saving grace... UTEP. At least we're not UTEP. After watching yesterday though, I'm not so sure we aren't UTEP.
  5. I'm with ya 110%. Antics like that start at the top.
  6. I'm all for getting the best possible players on your roster in any and every legal way. Smart coaches around the country pour resources into doing just that... We sort of don't.
  7. If they're letting the program in that manner then they need to be deleted.
  8. We are a bad program. SMU will not be what they were last year. Their rent a players in large part are gone. They will be decent at best but they will be competed with and will lose to the likes of Tulane, Navy, UH, Cincy, etc. It's not that they are that good, but we are in fact that bad. After watching USM vs LaTech last night, might as well chalk those up as L's while we're at it. And if we made Buchele look like ATL Mike Vick, UTSA QB is going to jog all over and around us. I just don't see an alley for us to compete...In our coach's 5th year while he's getting top tier CUSA money. I
  9. Early missed tackles? Is he talking about the 34 first half points or 31 2nd half points in regards to the early missed tackles? Mumbling and stumbling. Dude is done.
  10. It was the early 2000's when Dickey was here... I can assure you those players were mentally and physically tougher than the one's nowadays. I can't tell you how many of our kids laid up on the turf waiting from a trainer to come show them attention just for them to walk off on their own power. SOFT
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