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  1. That's an implication. No one knows if that was his intent in his wording. And that's sort of the problem. People are constantly looking for reasons to be offended instead of just living their life. People are sitting there implying what someone may or may have not meant in what they said so they can angry tweet and be SJW. It wasn't bluntly anything except for stupid.
  2. Sure. It's condescending. It's self fulfilling. It's borderline insulting. But it's not straight up racist or demeaning. People are just softies. Facts.
  3. Did he state that San Antonio has a lot of immigrants or did he beat a baby? Sheesh.
  4. No need running off our literal dying fanbase. It's senseless.
  5. UNT has to be competitive in the bowl. We just have to be. Do whatever it takes to get his guys to run through the proverbial brick wall. But, yeah, he's gotta stay. He can't keep making the same hiring mistakes and he has to find a qb and quickly find a qb to be groomed. He can't ride a QB without getting serious about replacing him again. It almost cost him. That means padding stats need to stop once said qb is found. Get your next guy in there and figure out who it is. Prepare your very qualified #2 like he's your qb1 then give him his game reps when it presents itself. Recruiting defensive players can't be slept on again either. I'm eager to see who we matchup with and to see how we compete. If it's nearby, put me down.
  6. Sure. I understand that. But he was fired. Ignorantly.
  7. People keep saying this. Then why is LaTech paying the 3M buyout? Because Skip quit? That's not how that works.
  8. It's starting to be wide spread knowledge that Riley wanted no part of the SEC and even went as far as advocating against it. Knowing that and not even being but a few months away from that announcement happening, take it for what you will.
  9. Yeah, that's just not going to cut it. With our run game you would assume some hard off tackle PA would be established and it would allow him to take some shots to more open WRs. With Adaway coming back into the fold next year and with our other promising young backs, that's an offense you can build around. It's just a philosophical change to what is not SL's norm. Is SL comfortable with making a wholesale change? Are we bringing in more quality OL to plug n play? Is the defense going to take another stride forward. It's a philosophy that isn't necessarily a bad one, but it requires interchangeable parts to make an actual good football team. Team defense, hungry/mauling OL, physical running backs, and a QB that can manage/check in and out of plays/understand moving the pocket and developing a good PA game. A lot more variables go into play with this type of offense than an air raid style system.
  10. I can agree with this statement a lot. DT wasn't a gunslinger or even a spectacular player, but he was serviceable, checked us into quality plays, made throws when it mattered and could nickel and dime a defense if called upon. Also, for what it's worth, he seemed like a solid leader and handler of the huddle and offense. From afar, he demanded respect and commanded the offense. A senior year DT would put us in really good position. Now granted, if we're still trying to air raid it then we'll need someone with more arm talent.
  11. Didn't want to compete in the SEC. He knows what's in store. It's what's in store for everyone not named Alabama, getting to 10 wins is considered really good and haaaarrrrd to do. His norm at OU would no longer be his norm. 0 chance. So, he ran from it with his tail tucked.
  12. I know. That's worse than pleading with your AD to take the flexbone off the schedule.
  13. Please, please for the love of UNT, Twitter this. I beg of you.
  14. Money has nothing to do with ANYTHING!!!!! Pay the man more!!!
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