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  1. It's not the G5 backing out. It's the P5 backing out of the return game. And it happens more than you would think. It's always because "extenuating circumstances" or "scheduling conflict", but it comes down to my school shouldn't be seen on your schools field.
  2. Yup. Pretty horrid negotiating. WB has no savvy about him at the negotiating table, or he doesn't care about the idea of many of these programs backing out after our trip to their place. I'll be very surprised to see Cal in Apogee in 2023. JS.
  3. I like the game. Might as well make a conference out of Texas University's and attempt to market it as such as a league for marketing and recruiting purposes. UNT SMU UH TTECH UTSA TX STATE RICE UTEP TCU Baylor Where do I sign?
  4. Thoughts... Absolutely. It creates a more intimate, yet, relaxed environment. It also gets rid of that heinous, always 1/2 filled (at best) montractity of a seating arrangement that we call 'the wing'.
  5. I am certain I never said for them to go independent. Keep the brand intact and the brand is the big12, with or without UT/OU.
  6. I used to get banned for saying go piss off. So, there's that. The old wounds of GMG.com heal in time.
  7. Unlike you, I'm not trying to finagle the best case scenario for my university in the sake of fun. I'm being realistic, without taking UNT into account. It's not about what's best for UNT in this hypothetical conversation, it's about what's likely. And if you think for a minute the Texas Tech administration is chomping at the bit to send their football team down to New Orleans to play in a 1/3 filled Superdome then you're sadly mistaken. AAC pays out 7ish million dollars to its member institutions. That is laughable for these programs.
  8. Draw whatever scenario you want, it's not happening. If they end up at Ford in a conference game it's because they agreed to be there and by virtue already killed the recruiting prowess you're speaking of. If I'm the remaining 8, I'm sticking together and poaching the best 2 now, and the best 2 later.
  9. Okie State would quit sports before they are playing conference games vs or at Tulsa. I know you're trying to strengthen the SMU brand by hoping it happens, but it's not. It'd be like me getting on your beloved Pony fan boy board and telling you that you're getting in a conference with Grayson Community college and you're going to settle for the peanuts in TV money and you're going to like it. Ok State just isn't going to do it.
  10. I was one. I'll admit. I just hated when push came to shove when GH was here and we needed that 1 yard, we never got it. Then I soon realized, after GH left of course, that we kept doing the exact same play in those scenarios.
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