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  1. ....Except football. Bullet dodging losers.
  2. Much needed coaching salary market correction is right around the corner. With attendance already dipping throughout the country, the 2020 season attendance (given there is a season) will be abysmal.
  3. I had a comment typed out. But I deleted it. Just f'n block me and be done with it. You get pissy because we're going to suck. And instead of debating the situation at hand, you get personal because you know we're gonna suck. So, block me.
  4. I understand. But I don't think you understand the situation at hand, the schedule we have set forth for ourselves and the lack of recruiting at need position groups. We very well may take a step back from a 4-8 season which is hard to fathom. I call this realism. You call this pessimism. So better than 6-6? Please, entertain me...
  5. Championship? Get to 6-6 and I'll be surprised.
  6. Pop this thread back up in 1 calendar year.
  7. Sure, I do. When I am quite on here it's typically because good things are happening. I don't get on here to needle thread issues. These are problems that will translate to the field and we will all see them.
  8. Okie dokie. The only person that knows anything is father time. Let's wait, shall we?
  9. No, having ups and downs is inevitable. And we're clearly in a down state right now as 4-8 would suggest. But there's no up in clear sight and to complie that there are head scratching hires happening on both sides of the ball. It just feels like a tidal wave of suck is looming around the corner. That's all.
  10. Well, it appears New Denton's plane has ran out of gas and is starting to stall. Guess what comes next? I hate to sound pessimistic, but it's kinda there to see. And anyone who is being honest with themselves will see it too.
  11. I'm in the I don't care club. I don't care if he leaves. I don't care if he stays. I can see the positives in both scenarios. So, UNT should see the same positives and not budge on his current contract.
  12. Duffey will run Fritz' system pretty well.
  13. Fat Jimmy at it again, I see. Well, Wren, better throw another 1/4 mil at SL as history at least suggests. I really, really hope SL earns his money next season.
  14. The stats are the stats. I put my trust in those as far as grading them out. By the mythical eye test, yeah, they were awful at times. But the stats are still what they are.
  15. Meh. Wouldn't look too much into grading linemen. 1623 yards on 396 attempts = 4.1 ypc. 26 sacks given up for a -178 yards. 2.1 per game. The offensive line by no means stellar, but I take 0 stock on some Joe blow 'grading' them out individually as a unit failure/success. I get that Mason Fine will live in lore around here, but some fault has to be laid at his feet (like a lot of his centers snaps; which was a bigger issue than maybe anything else in regards to the OL).
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