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  1. I like the 4-2-5 even in this setup. It's a buck/star or some similar variation of the word. Depending the offense we're playing or the situational scenario, that will dictate who that 4th DL is. Most often times it'll be a stand up guy and usually a LB type. Unless we're playing a Texas Tech type, then it'll be a hybrid player (SS/LB) to have a little more speed.
  2. I thought he had potential. He needed to be utilized to his skillset IMO. naked boots to strong side HB crossing through the LOS for easy dump offs and likes. Just very high % throws while moving the pocket. That's not really SL's philosophy though. SL is from the pool of coaches that wants a shotgun pocket passers that reads the defense pre-snap and knows who "should" be getting the ball before he snaps it. That's not Bean's skillset and that's OK. Bean should find a place to go and has a shot to be very good.
  3. Yes. But his year 6 record is beyond the pale for an excuse. A coach can only make that as a legitimate argument early in the tenure. Years 1-3. I don't know if I like the hire. I can tell you this, I'm not going to blister my fingertips typing as fast as I can that I like the hire. I'm going to sit back and let the results speak to me. If they're good, I like the hire. If they're not, then I won't.
  4. IMO, I think this is a major issue to it all. There is this sort of obligatory inclusion with the city of Denton. For whatever reason, (last I checked Universities aren't ethnicities) Denton and the people of Denton believes they need to show a tip of the hat to TWU. TWU, for even the people that I know that have attended TWU, is basically an extended community college with 100% acceptance. It should hold 0 weight as far as being "Denton's University".
  5. Well, I know baby Briles' name came up in it. Yet, his coaching career didn't miss a beat. Something about gender + color of skin + Baylor + loving football players. But, hell, Tom Herman took recruits to the strip club and nothing came of it. So, there's that.
  6. Not so concerned about a statistic. Let me see players aligned and assigned. Then let me see good tackling. But most importantly, let me see 11 soul eating, dream crushing aggressive mindsets.
  7. One would think and hope that. Time will tell. This is also a detriment to recruiting. I have never heard of a veteran coach enjoying recruiting. It's beyond them and the current recruiting climate pisses off the old timers, I've read.
  8. Great experience. My concerns... 1. Been out the game 3 years. 2. Is there a fire burning in his stomach still? Or are we just booster shot into retirement?
  9. This one hurts. Tre and Cam hurt too. But this signifies to me players aren't being ushered out, they are leaving.
  10. I disagree, I think Bowen was worse than Cosh.
  11. Facility upgrades and coaching salaries are definitely an uptick in the right direction. That's all I got.
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