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  1. NorthTexasWeLove

    DRC: UNT offensive line outlook for 2019

    70% play calling/30% OL play. We do not have a world class OL. Sometimes they whiff and whiff badly, especially on the edges. It creates havoc when this happens. With that said, our OC did not adjust to what defenses were doing in regards to pressuring our QB. Same counts on step backs, same methodical route trees, same calls when the defense is tweaking at the line to get to Fine. Really poor OL play does not produce almost back to back 4k passers and 64% completion %. They are not great, that is no mystery. The lack of in the moment play calling to sway defenders from pinning their ears caused a lot of our OL "issues".
  2. NorthTexasWeLove

    GMG Interview with 4 Star QB Brendon Lewis

    I derailed the thread. No one is accusing any one of anything in this situation. Let us all not be so sensitive.
  3. NorthTexasWeLove

    AAC Slowing Getting Their Way...

    And the Big East has been able to hang onto power conference status by name. Though they have backfilled with quality programs and do have 3 or 4 historically good programs left. It's not sustainable for them though. Their a product on par with the AAC, which has never been considered a basketball power conference until very recently (posted article). Football has "P5" and basketball has "P6", with the 6th conference being the BigEast. But not having all year exposure on their universities such as football in the Fall and basketball in the Spring will eventually make their basketball programs suffer. Without Villanova's run, the BigEast would've already dropped down a perceptual ring in my opinion.
  4. NorthTexasWeLove


    Not sure as to why you believe there will be a rule next year as opposed to this year or last? This is the 3rd year they have been doing these trips. I think this is bending the rules, but is good experience for the players in general. But it's doing something, financially, that gives them a recruiting and branding advantage. Programs financially stacked as Michigan could afford this, and that's it. Unfortunately, it needs to stop.
  5. NorthTexasWeLove

    GMG Interview with 4 Star QB Brendon Lewis

    I agree. The issue is not with what UNT is or is not willing to do. The issue is what the NCAA isn't willing to do. And that's to push swift consequences onto offenders of the NCAA bylaws. They pick and choose or only get involved if the federal government aims their magnifying glass on it or if the public outcry is too loud to ignore. Too often 18 year old kids are flashing stacks of cash and shiny new cars on Facebook, instagram, etc. and the NCAA doesn't even lift a phone. This one below is a particularly good read especially for the fans unaware of what a bag man is and what their role is: And the list goes on and on and on and on... Sometimes the NCAA acts, often times they don't. When they do, it's a smack in the back of the head at most. And it's usually redacted down to lesser penalties a la Ole Miss and Penn State. Cheating is rampant. There are countless documentaries, articles, receipts, transactions, first hand interviews, etc. that proves it is very alive and well. The NCAA, due to their inaction, has proven they just don't care. So the big question is how do we compete with this? Or even how do the inferior "P5" programs compete with this. Even though their cheating is well documented in some cases, just not as frequent or egregious. How do they compete with this? The NCAA turning a blind eye is allowing about 10 programs to monopolize college football AND basketball. Cheating is proving to 37 million to 51 million was the per team compensation via TV deals distributed to "P5" universities pending conference affiliation. While, I believe, CUSA programs received a lofty check of 600K. This is not sustainable. Something has to give. And the only way for it to happen, with convenience, is for the NCAA to adhere to their own rules and pass down punishments that are severe enough to push programs away from their recruiting tactics. The NCAA has to make the risk much greater than the reward.
  6. NorthTexasWeLove

    GMG Interview with 4 Star QB Brendon Lewis

    This is positive stuff. Landing a kid of this caliber and for him to come in and be a game changer would be ideal and if he lives up to the hype would propel us to UCF status. But if Mississippi State and Nebraska, etc are in on him and really wants him, a bag man will be at his door soon enough to wrap up that commitment. Maybe even a new shiny job for mom and dad with a probable Tahoe with a bow on top. It's just how things are done and there is nothing we can do about it and apparently nothing the NCAA will do about it.
  7. NorthTexasWeLove

    AAC Slowing Getting Their Way...

    The AAC has been quick to push their agenda onto the NCAA and viewing audiences. ESPN is starting to fall for the self proclaimed trap the AAC set. They are starting to be called a "power" league in a major sport by media outlets and pundits alike. There is no evidence of this happening in football, but if one sport is starting to get this kind of attention and respect one has to assume that all sports will start to gain the same attention and respect sooner rather than later. Their TV deal in both football and basketball far outweighs the likes of CUSA, MWC, SunBelt, and MAC conferences. These are supposed to be their 'peer' conferences and yet with their initiative to push their agenda, to add Wichita State as basketball only, and to have presidents and AD's to speak out openly has started to bring their conference full circle. Of course it helps their case having a 25-1 team being ranked in the top 10 in basketball and a 12-1 team ranked in the top 10 in football. But if we peel the onion back, the AAC has 4 teams with 19 wins or more. They also have every team with a .500 record or better except for 2 (ECU and Tulane), a per capita statistic that is only seen in "power" conferences. Michael Aresco since taking over the AAC as conference commissioner in 2012 has done a commendable job. But his athletic directors and university presidents have gotten on board with his vision and has helped push their narrative. Here is a recent basketball article on ESPN with "power" verbiage being attached to their conference name... CUSA really, really must push Judy MacLeod out the door and clean her house behind her. UNT, with CUSA, is being left in the wind yet again.
  8. NorthTexasWeLove

    2019 Season Tix Renewal

    That area is good seating. We sit row 1 in 111.
  9. NorthTexasWeLove

    SL on the Ticket

    Wby would he be put off by it. He was probably drooling over on the on deck circle himself.
  10. NorthTexasWeLove

    Florida International (2/16/19)

    Perfect. I agree with that 100%. And I'm 32.
  11. NorthTexasWeLove

    Florida International (2/16/19)

    Don't worry about downvotes. People are going to drop those regardless. Just keep thinking level headed, pro and con comments, and it will do far more good than harm. People on this board still supported McCarney and Benford tooth and nail until thr end. Take that for what it's worth.
  12. NorthTexasWeLove

    Florida International (2/16/19)

    Dropping facts like these around here will get people big mad. Carry on. You're deadly accurate, btw.
  13. NorthTexasWeLove

    Florida International (2/16/19)

    Well...looks like this season is just about done. Saving grace is we hit 20 wins before we really started sucking. Stepping stone season...Gotta get better players in here and coach has to coach and develop, but more importantly he has to start hurting some of these guys' feelings.
  14. NorthTexasWeLove

    Florida International (2/16/19)

  15. NorthTexasWeLove

    Florida International (2/16/19)

    Gotta get this one. It'll be interesting to see how they respond from Thursday.