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  1. Dang. Clicked on this to read about the spring game a little bit and read the thread. Conclusion, this football program clearly has 0 momentum, direction or excitement surrounding it. Yay us!
  2. Sure. "Supposed to". We are CUSA right now and in CUSA SL sits at or close to the top in pay. Our university's football team does not sit at or close to the top of CUSA football standings. That was the point.
  3. 1.7 isn't average in CUSA. Keep it relative please.
  4. That's great. But even if he leaves, I believe WB will make a good decision on his replacement given his basketball acumen. So I'm in either way. I also wish, much how I believe the school sort of created the 'Maniacs' or at minimum had a helping hand in it, I wish the school would really push a grassroots effort in capturing more donors. "The Peasant Farm" or "The Little Guy Club", etc. Something to really attempt to churn out those sub 1,000 dollar annual commitments. We can have power in numbers, but the investment to really reach out to our numbers should be made. Not to discredit the past and current attempts, but we have to tap into our alum and our alum have to get on board. Creativity to get them on board has to be the staple. We are different, as in our base is different. They have to be approached differently. Normal methodical ways such as cold calling and generic mail outs isn't getting it done. Establish something for the "Little Guy" to pull in the little guys.
  5. ...to the school again. The Tony Benford/Dan McCarney sagas financially turned me away. I have a new outlook, and due to that I will be putting skin back in the game. I can't recall my old giving number, but I believe it was either 250 or 500. I will be going to 500 either way. I don't make a lot of money, so that is my comfort level. I'm not posting this for a virtual high five, but to maybe inspire others to do the same. To finish, I wish there was a way, even for peasant donors such as myself, to donate specifically to basketball rather than to the MGSF slush. I truly think we could shine a positive bright light on our university via basketball. We could be a nationally recognized basketball school with adequate support. That is all and GMG.
  6. I agree with you. With big money should come big expectations. Some UNT fans on this very board, in regards to our football program, don't see it that way.
  7. AAC has done well, athletically, to put them in position to compete for actual national championships. Cincy in football this year, UH making the final 4 last year and another deep run this year. Granted, I get they are leaving, but the point is that the AAC administrators positioned that conference very well for national relevance.
  8. My comment wasn't in regards to GM leaving or not leaving, but as to why SMU would want GM given what resume they're trying to get rid of.
  9. So to be clear, SMU is dissatisfied with their basketball coach because he won 24 games and lost in the 2nd round of the NIT? So to try to "clean up" their program they're going to go after a coach that won 25 games and lost in the 2nd round of the NIT? That 1 game holds a lot of weight, I guess.
  10. Great season. Invest. Invest. Invest.
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