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  1. Big time addition. Helps shore up the secondary with some hopeful leadership and definite experience.
  2. If KRAM is throwing rocks you know there's a problem.
  3. Been to SD several times and I am actually here right now. Their campus is very nice. It has the typical southwest look to it, light tan buildings with red roof shingles throughout. It sits inland up on a plateau that overlooks Mission Valley with perimeter panoramic views. All of their athletic facilities are very nice and centrally located on campus, outside of dilapidated Qualcomm. If they do actually get their own stadium and if it's located on campus, this university is going to take of athletically. They are in a very sound position right now.
  4. Rankings should be based off acconplishments and merit, because that's what matters. 3rd is too high. Holtz, Stockstill, and Holliday have all accomplished more. And I'm not sure that's debatable. So to put hype away in order for us to highlight accomplishments, SL should be 6th.
  5. No, no. Non-issue. Ask @TheReal_jayD. He'll even confirm the staff thinks we're not thin here.
  6. Let's just take a moment and bask in your sig. That's a beauty, there. And, like clockwork, your response was some middle school IQ drivel. Carry on.
  7. 3 Demeco Roland type DTs. Or 2 and a JUCO. 6'1"+ 280 coming out of HS that isn't a developmental project via measurables. We can't ask every kid coming in at 240/250 to put on 60/70 pounds and expect it to happen.
  8. Accurate by all accounts. I've been to every stadium you pointed out except for the F_Us, just not all for games. I like to go to campuses if I happen to be in the area. So Miss stadium is much better than 9. MTSU stadium is hideous from the outside. Legion and Rice stadiums are both dilapidated. UTEPs stadium is nice-ish with a nice bsckdrop. You can literally see a Mexican slumyard from their main parking lot. LaTechs stadium and Apogee shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath. To note, their stadiim is a dug in stadium and the disformation of the stadium just runs along the outlay of the hole it sits in. I was in Bowling Green in April and I do like their stadium. It looks great from the outside and sits right in the middle of their campus as a focal point. Charlotte's is nice too, just very small as you stated.
  9. Well, no shit. We'll disagree on this based on you protecting this problem and me pointing it out. And you know good and damn well no one is asking for 320lb 4-stars.
  10. This is not the position to be doing this with. Especiallly with consistency. You take flyers on guys and hope you can bulk them and develop them. You can't have a position group full of flyers.
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