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  1. NorthTexasWeLove

    For the drivers, weather concerns?

    Meh. Leaving tomorrow at 4 sharp. Pushing through regardless of weather.
  2. NorthTexasWeLove

    E.J. Ejiya

    I'm not saying he's better than Craig. That's TBD. CR has carved out a nice NFL career for himself. But he's a similar player to compare him to given both played here.
  3. NorthTexasWeLove

    Mason Fine Update

    Fine is good. Put me down on the list of people that doubted his ability. When I went to the 2017 Spring Game he looked awful. It was a windy day that day and his ball had 0 velocity and he was horribly inaccurate. He shut me up moving forward through the 2017 season. He is a great QB that knows his job and his reads and lets it loose when he sees what he likes. He still though does have a tendency to hang onto that ball at times longer than I'd like him to.
  4. NorthTexasWeLove

    E.J. Ejiya

    Good stuff
  5. NorthTexasWeLove

    E.J. Ejiya

    I think he has the speed that makes up for this covering RB. And for being on slot guys, no good DC would do that to him. He's an every down lb in my eyes, a mike or sam with edge rushing ability. He's a more fluid version of Craig Robertson.
  6. NorthTexasWeLove

    Ejiya & Hall selected to the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl!

    EJ not being selected to the Senior bowl is complete trash.
  7. NorthTexasWeLove

    E.J. Ejiya

    New age journalists are excessively sloppy. Either way, good for you EJ. You're going to be completing that dream. When I saw his frame warming up in his first game as a part of the Mean Green, I knew he had some serious potential. All he has done since is get better and better. Any team will be damn lucky to have him.
  8. NorthTexasWeLove

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    I hear there is a watching party about 9 or 10 hours West of DFW. 3D view of players with a panoramic backdrop.
  9. NorthTexasWeLove

    Women vs. Utah State (12/8/18)

    The football score might be similar between the two.
  10. Yeah, typically when he gets someone in his lap before the ball touches his hands it's interior pressure. That's on the OL not recognizing what's coming at them and not being able to assign a hat to a hat pre-snap. This is on the OL coach for not correcting the same mistakes.
  11. This is partially true when MF gets A gap pressures on blitzes and it was hidden well and his time is less than a second. But he still has a tendency at times to hang onto that ball a little too long. And as the OC, you see your OL being overmatched, it's the OCs job to call plays that alleviate the rush. We still call developing digs and high lows options when it's visually plain to see we may be struggling a bit in pass pro. That falls on the OC, can't do that.
  12. NorthTexasWeLove

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    You're a dolt. There is nothing he said that was eccentric, malicious, or self serving. You, what you post, typically is...Self serving that is. that is all
  13. I would like to agree with at to an extent, but that's more to the story than that. Also Torrey had 977 yards rushing in back up duty and mid season starting reps. When you have an offensive tendency teams key on it. People are handsomely paid to find your tendencies and exploit them in the game. If we, getting paid 0 dollars by any university in the country to know or teach football, know what our weaknesses are and situational tendencies are we have to assume that the opposing coaches know these very tendencies that we complain about. Easley is good and probably a better power runner. But some of these stuffs on our short down attempts were keyed on and shut down.
  14. NorthTexasWeLove

    Seth Littrell is the man!

    Yeah I saw that on FB. Pretty cool stuff. Tell your old man congrats