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  1. It's a monopolization of Texas HS sports. No other way to really put it. They should be embarrassed they aren't reeling in titles in everything on an annual basis. Their talent pool is triple in size compared to even its largest peers. Great, they are prideful and their city/town pride can be a focal point around one school. That's their claim, a shaky one at best.
  2. Ruder is the guy. He has to be. Otherwise, we're staring down the barrel of 3 wins, max.
  3. Money talks. GM doesn't have the attachment to UNT like the alum base. I never understand why our fans get so attached to coaches. We bleed kelly green, they bleed money green. Most will laugh at your post, but I understand the sentiment. Unless we go the basketball route, we will ALWAYS be a stepping stone to a multi-million dollar contract. I love football, I really do. It would take me time to get over it if the University decided to put all her eggs in the basketball basket. I would be somewhat upset about it, but I would understand it. Wichita St, Zags, Evansville, Pepperdine,
  4. I mean... I'd like to think that too. But reality is we're shoveling millions of dollars at coaches alone and it is what it is.
  5. 4.3 lol. C'mon man. 4.47 is very fast given his stature and what teams will be asking of him at the next level.
  6. Nova. I never root for any Texas school except UNT, unless said Texas school winning propels UNT somehow.
  7. I am a football first guy. We need to be a heavy basketball school. Success can be manufactured and sustained if an AD and BOR so decides to put the eggs in that basket. With the ever changing dynamics of football, it's just far more difficult.
  8. Easy. Bitch about not having baseball for the next 3 months.
  9. Whoa, whoa... We let our children identify for themselves. This was fun. Congrats to all.
  10. How is that an and 1? BS. Foul on the floor
  11. Well, when they're mostly unattested and in rhythm good teams knock those down.
  12. Close. Out. They're playing their butts off and the game is being played well beyond TV timeouts so I know they're tired. But can't give great teams like V wide open looks off of O rebounds. Those are daggers.
  13. Great start. Let's knock down these 2 free throws coming out of the under 16. Gotta close out on the 3-ball. If they get by then they get by. Defense will need to rotate to help.
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