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  1. Well, the Mean Green finally got some screen time during draft night. Because the corner from SMU was drafted.
  2. Thanks for reminding me this topic was originally about a new commit. I had honestly forgotten after reading the comments.
  3. This was so bad ass, and amazing to see the article on the front page of ESPN.com the day it happened. Just wish there was a better capture of it than a dugout iPhone and the team actually stormed the field to celebrate.
  4. I am very torn. I know the Pit would still be there for graduations and whatnot, but like the OP said, it doesn't sit with me well downgrading capacity by 30% for a school with 40k students. And I know we don't fill the current building, I know it looks even worse for women's games, I know live attendance is going down across most sports at both the collegiate and professional levels. I've never been a collegiate athlete, but if I could imagine putting myself in their shoes, I would think if the locker rooms and training facilities are above par, and there's a good fanbase, then the arena
  5. Doing a little copycatting from Scott Drew, eh? Hopefully it takes Mac less than 18 years to fulfill that potential... 😈
  6. Does anyone know which is higher on the priority list for the master plan: bringing back baseball or building a new arena?
  7. 55 years is long enough. Let's raise Texas's profile as a basketball state (not over football, but at least raise the profile of basketball). I even rooted for A&M when the ladies won the title. Honestly, I think SMU is the only Texas team I wouldn't root for in a national championship.
  8. I knew UT was downgrading their arena but I was not aware they were tearing down the Erwin Center. With Austin set to hit 1 million residents soon, this will leave them without a professional-sized arena (even if they never get a Major 4 team because of UT).
  9. You're right. I didn't think twice about Syracuse because I would have thought their program would have won more than one by that point. Maybe I'm thinking lacrosse.
  10. Great news. Hopefully Jalie can get the ladies back to a postseason tournament in a full 2021-22 season.
  11. Would love to see Baylor/Gonzaga square off in the championship for a chance at each school's first title. Gonzaga was dominant against USC. Baylor was hot for most of the first half last night against Arkansas but I went to bed early. If my research is correct, the last time the NCAA Tournament was won by first-time champions in back-to-back dances was 1989 (Michigan) and 1990 (UNLV).
  12. Seemed like we were so close in so many of those games over the past two or three seasons. That made the Purdue victory that much sweeter.
  13. The answer is obvious but as Mac continues to build the basketball program, I hope the student section at the Pit will continue to grow, like it has at Apogee since Littrell took over. I know we need to focus on recruiting the best players, but maybe the Admissions office should also launch some campaigns targeted at high schools in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, etc. to build our population of students interested in basketball.
  14. Even though Alabama shat the bed in OT, that full court play with 3.8 seconds left to queue up the tying-3 couldn't have been executed better. What a thing of beauty.
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