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  1. UVU would have been a tough foe, I believe, but they don't have a dude on their team pissed for losing Conference PoY to TP.
  2. Yes. We're all drunk and sh*tposting Cheeseland on Twitter
  3. I caught that too. Only she could orchestrate wooing powerhouse Jacksonville (AL) State to the league!
  4. Your wish has been 16.7% granted!
  5. Even if UAB loses tonight, CUSA can say it had an awesome postseason. So UAB, do your thing... lose!
  6. I am petty. Give me Utah Valley. Again, I do not want to play UAB a fourth time. This feels like our Army overdose in football 2016-17. And I hate Jelly.
  7. Which defensive performance was better? Tonight or FB's 8-down goal line stand against Rice in 2013?
  8. Yeah I saw she went to Aledo, but does she have any real ties to Fort Worth or TCU? Denton is still DFW. And she spent her entire collegiate softball career here. Seems like UNT should have been "home" more than TCU...
  9. Fran obviously meant the Big XII pulled its offer to Gonzaga, and now North Texas will join the conference as a basketball-only affiliate member. Duh.
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