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  1. Biased, yeah, but also just NO research done. Take this for example: "The Mean Green lose more than half their home games, though their overall season records have improved since 2015, when they went a dismal 1 and 11." It takes a quick Wikipedia search to find out the Mean Green's record at Apogee is 34-15, and I think that's even a few wins outdated...
  2. There better be accountability if we give Rice their only win.
  3. Positive that so many people showed up though, as those earlier have mentioned. My ESPN app refers to the school we just played as "Edmond," too, not Oklahoma Christian.
  4. I kept up with the fourth quarter on the broadcast as well and heard their same words. Was really rooting for him to break free for a score in the last minute of the game.
  5. If we face Tulane, it will be all green no matter what lol.
  6. Uh, just from this picture (not sure if these standings are correct), we'd still be behind LA Tech even if we win Saturday..
  7. 45-35 Bullpups I think we get behind 17-0 but Mason makes it interesting as usual.
  8. Would be great to give Mason one last chance to win a bowl game. But we have to win a road game first and I'm not optimistic it comes in Ruston...
  9. Technically the decade ends in 2020 though, right? There was no Year 0..
  10. I mean, isn't there deals every weekend that are cheaper than season tickets? I mean, I know the per game discount isn't the only perk, but still...
  11. I remember the year after the HOD win when we didn't have a single road victory. Now you HAVE to win at least one. It won't be in Ruston.
  12. Good point. I can save my flyer miles and instead of wasting them to watch our team get f***ed up, I can use them to go to Vegas and get f***ed up myself.
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