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  1. Oh yay, another SBC team to slaughter us.
  2. He's been here a whole year and everything on his profile is still about Nebraska. OK..
  3. That matchup the other day that paired us with a 6-6 Utah State in the New Mexico Bowl didn't make me feel too bad.
  4. Not confident in our competitiveness, but I would prefer this game. Air Force hasn't really blown anyone away with their scoring this year but they don't give up many points. And I don't trust our defense to stop them consistently on the ground.
  5. Can't wait to hear your Troll of the Year award acceptance speech!
  6. Congrats to Wren! I knew it'd happen at some point. I appreciate the work and dedication he put in to advance our program, but there's still a lot of work to be done. Like everyone here, I fear what's going to happen with Seth's contract now. Everyone says he will either be let go or extended this offseason because nobody coaches without another year on their contract. But I believe Benford just coached out his contract without an extension? Although you might consider that most CUSA schools escaping to the AAC will be coming in having to get into a new groove with new men at helm.
  7. I recall the 2013 team had other opportunities but wanted to stay close to home where more fans could support them. Although, after the tiny Frisco Bowl didn't sell out last year, I wouldn't blame them to opt for the destination this year.
  8. Don't forget we will get to visit New Orleans next year when we play at Tulane!
  9. Just thinking about the people like me who will have to work the entire week regardless of proximity to Christmas that can't take off. I still maintain the Armed Forces Bowl would be a better bowl, but I would also prefer New Mexico over the fact those projected matchups are more winnable than who people have suggested we'd play in New Orleans. Kinda tired of getting slaughtered by Sun Belt teams.
  10. More significant than the other bowl blowouts to Sun Belt teams in Seth's tenure? At least the NO Bowl against Troy was on a Saturday. I'm selfishly thinking about my schedule and budget, but I'm not convinced there'd be a significant larger amount of fans in New Orleans on a Wednesday still several days before Christmas than a Saturday in New Mexico.
  11. One troll named Brett is enough for this board. Give us Armed Forces, maybe New Mexico, but the New Orleans Bowl will really prevent a lot of people from attending.
  12. I hear Peyton Manning will be in attendance.
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