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  1. Matt from A700

    Texas A&M Commerce 11/14/18

    Mean Green win by 49 and Dallas Mavs win by 50 tonight. Dominating night for DFW hoops!
  2. Matt from A700

    Texas A&M Commerce 11/14/18

    UNT almost doubling up TAMUC at the half, 53-27.
  3. Matt from A700

    Texas A&M Commerce 11/14/18

    Nice to finally give those other banners some company. Must have been dusty up there!
  4. Matt from A700

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Doesn't affect me anymore, but whatever bowl it is I pray it is not on a graduation day. Let as many Mean Green faithful make the trip as possible. I applaud the athletic department for trying, but having graduation ceremonies before the bowl games still does not provide a realistic option.
  5. Matt from A700

    Footballscoop nuclear winter

    Although that's probably true, I still think Smatresk and Baker succumb to them.
  6. Matt from A700

    FAU Game Preview & Prediction

    I get we're all disappointed with the stinker at ODU but I can't believe how much faith has already been lost in this team. FAU isn't the same squad they were last year. Eagles 34 Less Patriotic Birds 24 Attendance will be shit though.
  7. Matt from A700

    I would rather work..

    Can I claim them first?
  8. Matt from A700

    UTSA Loses to DII St. Edward’s

    You know it's bad when the team you lost to doesn't even have a logo...
  9. Matt from A700

    11/6/2019 Angelo State 7pm

    Announced 1,204 in attendance. Not what I was expecting for team coming off CBI championship in front of 6,000+ fans.
  10. Matt from A700

    Official ODU Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green 37 Buttlerflies 20
  11. Matt from A700

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    Happy for the extra parking. 1,200 will be a huge boost. Stay away from my New York Sub Hub!
  12. Matt from A700

    Rice Game Attendance

    Announced 29,112
  13. Matt from A700

    Official Rice Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green 45 Rice Rice Babies/School with the annoying band 6
  14. Matt from A700

    Bowl Game

    New Mexico Bowl should be out. That will be a busy Saturday for graduating seniors.
  15. Matt from A700

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green make a statement. This is our division/conference to win. Mean Green 35 Blazers 23