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  1. Matt from A700

    Future Schedule. Baylor & Tulane

    Looks like both Baylor games will be season openers. September 1, 2029 vs. the Bears in Denton should be a packed house!
  2. Matt from A700

    9/12/20 --- North Texas @ Texas A&M

    Never too early for that!
  3. Matt from A700

    9/12/20 --- North Texas @ Texas A&M

    Who's tryna get to Laramie in 2026??
  4. Matt from A700

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Bummer, for sure. I wasn't able to watch the game but looking at the boxscore it's nice to see Smart finally hitting again from 3 (5 for 9). Top 25 ranking would be nice, but there are 68 teams in the tournament. Sucks to lose to a community college but all we have to do is win three straight (if we have a bye) in a stadium 30 minutes from campus to guarantee a spot in The Big Dance.
  5. I wish him the best but don't think he's going to bust our draft drought. Maybe he can catch on to the AAF team in San Antonio or XFL team in Arlington?
  6. Matt from A700

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    Since we have a "rival" like UTSA so early, maybe we have back-to-back sellouts in September? I'll have to miss ACU and SMU because of work, but looking at taking a trip to Lake Tahoe/San Francisco and travelling to the Cal game. Also gonna make the trip to Ruston for the first time. The Rice game would have been more convenient the Saturday after Thanksgiving because my family already lives in the Central Texas area. Tougher season for sure, but I think there's still a plausible way we get to 10-2.
  7. Matt from A700

    UNT Fandom Poll

    I go/went to as many games as my work and class schedule could allow.
  8. Matt from A700

    Cal CB passes away
  9. Matt from A700

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    We have the talent to beat most teams in our conference, it's just a lot of little things... little things that add up and will eventually cost us a game. Two consecutive bad turnovers when we had just started getting momentum again up 7... Ryan missing three straight FTs at the end (he missed four or five straight against UTA, too)... not getting back on defense after missed shots or turnovers... Refs overall weren't bad but it seemed like all of our drives resulted in charges, while any time we made contact in the paint on their drives: blocking foul. Like another mentioned before, once we got that lead and missed a few shots, it looked like we got a little tentative with our shots. LA Tech blocked five shots in the first half and several more in the second. A lot of those shots we gently put up putting the Bulldogs in easy position to block. There were also a few instances where our guys were passive in getting to a rebound, like they were letting the other get it. I'd rather teammates fight for the rebound than letting it hit the court and into the hands of that pipsqueak #4 Bracey. Great crowd though! I remember my first game as a student, the crowd was closer to what the upper deck looked like!
  10. Matt from A700

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    Seemed like we went forever without scoring. But defense held true. Also feels like all of our drives end in charges, theirs in blocking fouls.
  11. Matt from A700

    Stadium Decorum from Dak

    Then nowhere to be heard on big upcoming defensive plays (looking specifically at student section).
  12. Matt from A700

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    Sad our snow drought continues, but glad the drive will be easier. Everyone be safe! GMG!
  13. Matt from A700

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    Thankful this game is at The Pit. I will be there!
  14. Anyone want to make picks for the NFL postseason? Not seeing too many upsets, although I did let my heart get the best of me in picking Houston over New England. Also could see Chicago going to LA in the Divisional Round and beating the Rams again. The Chargers already have a win at Arrowhead this season, too. Here's mine: Wild Card (3) Texans over (6) Colts (4) Cowboys over (5) Seahawks (5) Chargers over (4) Ravens (3) Bears over (6) Eagles Divisional Round (1) Chiefs over (5) Chargers (2) Rams over (3) Bears (3) Texans over (2) Patriots (1) Saints over (4) Cowboys Conference Championships (1) Saints over (2) Rams (1) Chiefs over (3) Texans Super Bowl LIII Saints 45, Chiefs 34
  15. Matt from A700

    What is the Coolest Mean Green Item You Own ? June 2 is the first home game!