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  1. Everyone is still infatuated with The Star for some reason. Even the AAF just announced they're relocating their championship game there: https://www.cbssports.com/aaf/news/aaf-championship-game-moves-from-las-vegas-to-texas-at-facility-owned-by-jerry-jones/
  2. Maybe North Texas can actually win one this time, like UAB did a few years ago.
  3. Utah State up by five with five to go. Would be a rematch of one of the Mean Green's ugliest games this year. Of course, not as ugly as the other UNT/USU game, but we don't talk about that.
  4. I have Yale in both of my brackets.
  5. Bill Polian, co-founder, said earlier this month that there were no plans of expansion or relocation at the moment https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/2019/03/06/aaf-no-plans-expansion-relocation-2020-bill-polian-charlie-ebersol/3083024002/ Things change, of course. A little concerning that a $250 million bailout was needed to get Week 1 paychecks. My first two expansion/relocation candidates would be Portland and Omaha. The United Football League's (2009-12) Omaha Nighthawks would sell out the old Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.
  6. Sadly probably true. WKU wins and 26-9 Old Dominion probably stays home.
  7. I kind of had the same thoughts.
  8. Any word on our team's participation in the CBI or even NIT? I imagine as defending CBI champions, and the fact we have 21 wins compared to our 14-17 record at the time we started the CBI last year, gotta imagine we at least receive an invite. Do we play?
  9. Since the majority of this board picked WKU, by default ODU wins. C-USA will be a one-bid conference again this year.
  10. The AAF is aligning themselves up to be a developmental league more than any of the others. I've kept up with the league every week, it's decent football. Crowds are struggling in many of the markets including Arizona, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City. San Antonio has had the biggest crowds with 25k+ for both home games so far. For the most part, looks like the AAF is going to non-NFL markets (except Atlanta and Phoenix) like San Diego, San Antonio, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Orlando, and Birmingham where the XFL is going to the biggest TV markets (7 of 8 teams will share market with NFL team). I think it's definitely a place where guys like Guyton can get some experience and try to move up to the NFL. Memphis is the worst team so far, and has already played three QBs. Manziel will be the biggest name in the league by far. Besides him, Garrett Gilbert (Orlando) is probably the biggest name behind center.
  11. Is the NT Daily shut down for Spring Break? Pretty obvious whoever wrote this article just looked at the boxscore and spat out a bunch of numbers. Didn't even mention the shot before half that was #2 on SportsCenter's Top 10 Plays that night.
  12. Crazy stat from Mo: 21 pts on 15 field goals. 14 of those attempts are 3-balls.
  13. Of course a G5 isn't allowed to play in a shiny new stadium!
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