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  1. Huge Community fan and I just started reading Joel McHale's book he published a few years ago. What a coincidence.
  2. It's so nice finally having a coach who can prep his team to beat lesser teams on the road.
  3. I was quite pissed at the refs on the Bucs' final TD drive of the first half, but it's not like there were any bad calls or no-calls that halted promising drives when the Chiefs were on offense. Bucs were still the better team tonight.
  4. It was official a long time ago. After calming down a bit, I'm OK with the win. I told myself at the beginning of the season I don't think I would mind seeing Brady win a Super Bowl with the Bucs since they're historically a terrible franchise, but I quickly found myself (again) cursing his name several times over the course of the night. How does he do it? The whole team looked amazing from start to finish, though. Knocking out Brees and Rodgers to get to this point is amazing, too.
  5. Seems like half of the quarterbacks in the league are on the trade market this offseason, though. I'm holding on to hope that Deshaun stays and plays. I know the team has been poorly run for who knows how many years now. I'm not high on the GM/HC hires.. in fact, I think any one of the top coordinators in tonight's game could have made better candidates, but hopefully Watson gives them a chance. As for Darden, I would love to have him on the Texans. And if the Niners want to bring back Frank Gore for a year and need to move Wilson, we'll gladly take him. Houston's not far from Elkhar
  6. He was the last-remaining member of the 2011 World Series team, if I remember correctly. I don't follow baseball as much anymore, but I do know Khris Davis hits a lot of home runs against the Rangers. I believe the number I saw was 32 for his career. Man, I do miss that 2011 team though...
  7. I don't think we're in too bad of shape if Vito predicts us to have a tough road.
  8. This may be viewed as a great hire for their program, but personally I hope he Leavsitt worse than he foundit.
  9. Ask their lead recruiters... Or ask me, I accidentally applied looking for this image.
  10. Not bad getting a shoutout from Ian, probably the biggest NFL source out there.
  11. Seriously though, I'm gonna cautiously hope for 6-6. Seth hasn't had a six-game losing streak before and although that start looks daunting, I'm gonna hold my breath that we find two wins in those six games from 9/11-10/23. Then maybe 3-for-5 at the end and Northwestern State. Of course we also have to lose the bowl game though, lol.
  12. It must have something to do with the longer field.
  13. If the Niners land Deshaun Watson I may have a new favorite team 👀
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