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  1. Why doesn't the AD let one of the school's sh*tty student garage bands play at halftime? Probably free and might bring a couple dozen extra students.
  2. If people don't go to games, how can anybody else know how great Grant is?
  3. Being a student during the Benford days, I don't have much to go off of. The best I was in person to witness were the CBI championship win and the conference championship against WKU. I just wish the conference championship could have had the CBI's crowd.
  4. Miami just knocked down #2 Duke at Cameron Indoor. The Hurricanes are now 13-3.
  5. I'll agree with the Arkansas win as the high point. Definitely preluded the furthest fall/kick in the nuts that hurt the worst with the LA Tech loss.
  6. Living in Texas again, the bowl game added my seventh: (in order by first game) 1. Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium 2. Apogee Stadium 3. Gerald J. Ford Stadium 4. Cotton Bowl 5. Alamodome 6. California Memorial Stadium 7. Toyota Stadium Next year I'm trying to get a group of friends to go to Vegas for the UNLV game. Going to Memphis wouldn't be too unrealistic either if it wasn't the week after Vegas. Our road division games would be UTEP, UTSA, and UAB. El Paso could add to a hiking trip perhaps, UAB probably not realistic.
  7. Would be a stretch but I would love to make it to this game.
  8. The blank shield on midfield left over from Tuesday's game is hilarious.
  9. Unfortunately there needs to be a reward involved to get a larger number of students to attend. Free T-shirts or hats don't move the needle much anymore. The free semester of tuition giveaway always seemed to help. There's always Greek Week or whatever and every frat and sorority wants to score more "points" for their organization. They need to do more competitions like that throughout the semester. And I do agree if it could start with the RA's and all the freshmen in the dorm, it could start a big trickle down effect; not just into the rest of the season, but many of these students should keep going to games when they're upperclassmen and women.
  10. I think the AAC opponents won't do anything except for the alumni that still attend games. Most of the students that go to games now -- the ones that are sitting -- probably don't even know what conference we're in now, just that we're not in the SEC. The only games I could see intentional increased student attendance at because of opponent is SMU and UTSA, or a Big XII nonconference game.
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