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  1. Damn, I thought one person would have predicted a canceled game.
  2. Thank you for this genuine laugh. I clicked the topic thinking this was going to be some positivity shedding some light on another disappointing loss to SMU. I'll take Houston, 45-27.
  3. Niners got bit by the injury bug so bad yesterday they'll be testing players for malaria, so hopefully Jeff gets some more opportunities in the coming weeks (and beyond).
  4. Too bad the commentators were only focused on Herbert and not that it was Guyton's first career touchdown, too, but congrats to the Mean Green alum! I have been a secondhand Chargers fan since the LaDanian Tomlinson days, who is from my hometown area (Marlin, TX). The Chargers also briefly had wideout Danario Alexander, an MHS grad and star at Mizzou, before injuries unfortunately ended his career.
  5. So... automatic homecoming victory?
  6. Guess it's time to apply for grad school.
  7. If I was a student in 1988 I'd volunteer to pick them up! About the next point, I understand that. Someone always has to ruin it for everybody else.
  8. Has there been any details on if any additional tickets are available after students and season members have claimed theirs?
  9. Could someone elaborate to me about the dangers of tossing tortillas? I mean, I'm not a fan of wasting food but, dangers?
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