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  1. Then they better start building taller dorm buildings. No more of this eminent domain crap, and more importantly no touching Sub Hub!!
  2. Just eliminate the rule to require freshman students to live on campus.
  3. Trashing ESPN is not worth it right now...
  4. Rivalry or no rivalry, it will be the lasting UNT football memory of this generation of UNT students.
  5. So basically... Update: we still don't know either way
  6. Based on our game against SMU and our game against Cal, I would say SMU. But who's to say SMU doesn't *shockingly* circle us on the calendar as we do them and played especially well against us, but shits the bed at a neutral site against any P5. But if the question is who looked better, then SMU for sure.
  7. All of our remaining games are winnable, including Houston. This team has to finally realize its potential. So yes, I would be disappointed with 7-5.
  8. What's worse? The cannon being fake, or the cannon [probably] being rented, too?
  9. Totally could have placed our fans in the lower level. There weren't people in that end zone section until around halftime when people started moving around.
  10. Looking forward to it. We played better than most thought we would at Cal - just have to actually have a gameplan before the game starts. Hopefully we don't allow UTSA to hang around. Green 45 Chicken Wings 16
  11. We really need a blowout win to get back on track this season and take command of this series.
  12. We look forward to seeing a lot of navy and gold in Denton.
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