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  1. Deserved separate post for women's pairings: 4 of the 6 teams the women's have home-and-home's with are schools the men only play once. But the ladies' home-and-home opponents are more regionalized. Memphis, Rice, Tulane, Tulsa, and Wichita State are played twice. Other big rivals UTSA are met in San Antonio, and UAB comes here.
  2. We're getting closer... today the home/away opponents were announced for conference season. Tidbits: Home-and-home with Rice and UTSA! Not sure how the pattern works with 13 teams now, but this should be the case every year with these two schools. Last season we only played BOTH teams once. Home-and-home with Wichita State as well! I went up to Wichita last year and despite it being over Winter Break, was still a great atmosphere. If the game in Denton is closer to spring and on a weekend, the AD should pump this game up to be our annual push for a 6-8,000 attendance event. Wichita will definitely bring some fans. Don't know if it was intentional or not, but 2 games as well against UAB and FAU. Despite the intensity of the last five meetings, who knows if the fire will still be there against a whole new team and staff at FAU. But good for the conference to keep pushing the rivalry against UAB. Only one game again against nearby Tulsa and Memphis. This season the locations are swapped. Meaning a trip to FedEx Forum. Thank goodness we're not going to Charlotte this season.
  3. Could you cite where this information was said? This could align with my UNT-to-the-new-Pac-12 conspiracy if the 2-Pac conference wants to save some room for big-market Texas schools (us, UTSA, Rice and either UTEP or Tulsa). Maybe it's to reserve space for Memphis/Tulane but I doubt the 2-Pac would win those schools over the ACC.
  4. How early can we get our shit together? It seems like too often we use nonconference to figure out who our QB is when we should be taking advantage of the winnable games. Last year I thought the first six were winnable coming into the season, and Cal was before they completely locked us down in the second half. This year with a serviceable defense we should have four wins by the end of the Tulsa game. But if history continues we'll f*** around and lose at South Alabama or against Wyoming.
  5. Disregard, thought you meant our kickoff at DATCU on the 3rd.
  6. If that many schools bolt, not only do I think Memphis, USF, and Tulane are gone to backfill the ACC, but I think all of our Eastern teams would be threats to try to leave: UAB, FAU, ECU, possibly even Charlotte and Temple.
  7. Popular opinion out of UNT Twitter camp is that Landon Sides is lightning fast in the game!
  8. Look at that difference in FG% difference though. Although with few opportunities, he was finishing them. You're right that we shouldn't rely on him to be our top scorer, but oh how it frustrated me many times this year if he found himself with the ball at the basket, whether off a pass or offensive rebound, he would not be ready to score. I can't gripe about him too much, because finishing at the rim seemed to be a problem for us as a whole, whether it was Sissoko, Aaron, Rubin, or Jason.
  9. That would appreciated, too. We need 2023 Sissoko back.
  10. Toyota Center for NET purposes or because Tudor Fieldhouse doesn't have plumbing?
  11. Maybe, or maybe not. Unless he was BSin', Burton said SFA's women's team (SFA or another TX school) said they'd come play us... for 20K.
  12. I know some have grown tired of the green puzzle piece overuse, but Morris posted this today. Will Jimerson's commitment have any influence on some other local recruits signing?
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