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  1. Mean Green snap a four-game losing streak to beat FAU in Game 1, 4-2. Wagoner came in and completely dominated. Tatum Sparks hit a go-ahead homer to dead center in the bottom of the 4th and we scored an insurance run in the 6th on a throwing error trying to catch a runner stealing 2nd scored the runner from 3rd.
  2. An hour and 5 minutes to get through three innings. 2-2 tie.
  3. Short outing for Childers in Game 1. Four walks in 1+ innings of work. Tied at 1 after FAU scored on a wild pitch and we scored on a sac fly in foul territory by Mikayla.
  4. I just know he couldn't have meant the Central Arkansas basketball team is building something special...
  5. Building something special, gotta be talking about the waterpark right??
  6. Huge series that will determine first place in the conference. We swept FAU in Boca last year and now have the homefield advantage. We take outright possession of first place if we sweep the Owls again. FAU just needs one win this weekend to hold their footing over us in the standings. It'd be nice for Tulsa to lose a game or two this weekend at home against ECU to avoid further confusion in the standings. They're 10-5 in conference like us. Come out and support the ladies this weekend! I'm trying to make it to all three... there will be a drone show after tomorrow's game.
  7. Would have been early, but I would have done 9/28 vs. Tulsa. People can deal with the warmer temps but not as much bad football in warm temps.
  8. Sigh, another tough opponent... Edit: and again, on the same weekend as Denton's Day of the Dead Festival.
  9. The only positive thing I can take from this is the dude is taking the nut kicking pretty well. Perhaps meaning we'll still win 20 games next year?
  10. Thankfully only postponed, not canceled. Next week will be a busy one:
  11. Was thinking the same thing. I try to remain optimistic but with all these negatives it'd be nice to announce at least one committed transfer to prove we're not disbanding the program.
  12. Two wins tomorrow at TAMU Commerce would be nice after a close loss to Oklahoma State and an embarrassing sweep to UAB puts us two games behind FAU for 1st in the conference. We are also back in a tie for 2nd with Tulsa (although we should hold the tiebreaker). TAMU Commerce has only been D-I since 2022. The softball team has only been around since 2015. They are 7-36 this year and 0-15 in Southland Conference play. Not only do we hopefully win both games, but it'd be nice to see the bats take advantage of a lesser team and run rule at least one of the games. We have not seen that this year yet. Hopefully the weather holds off. If you on that side of the Metroplex, the games start at 5 and 7.
  13. I am optimistic we'll still have a competitive team, but I'm not holding my breath for any of the portal entrees to come back.
  14. It would have been nice to retain at least one guy between Rubin, Aaron, Jason, and CJ, to maintain some sort of leadership/culture from year-to-year. That being said, I have trust in Hodge. It WILL be a challenge, but it's also an opportunity to not just retool but upgrade your team. If you recall last year in the end against our win vs. SMU, we finished crunch time with an all-transfer lineup. We can do it again, and if we target some scorers from the NCJAA/NAIA/D2 level it could be an even more talented roster, or even a play style change. I do think this portal insanity will eventually balance out to where you don't see entire starting lineups bolting. Outside a handful of top teams, I can't imagine big donors will continue dumping millions into NIL collectives without championships or benefit to their own business in return.
  15. The wrong team listened to you unfortunately.
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