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  1. Maybe rename the restroom areas after RV?
  2. In astronomy, the "apogee" is the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is furthest from the earth. Maybe this can explain why the WiFi at games sucks.
  3. $850,000 sounds like more than enough to field a D-I men's lacrosse team!
  4. If my wife gets rid of the flu, we'll be in Birmingham being obnoxious for the Mean Green! She's also got to replace a diamond on her ring, and that's the closest Diamonds Direct. And Whataburger.
  5. Hey, considering our recent history I'll take any road conference win.
  6. LFG!!! May have to make the short trip to Birmingham on February 8..
  7. Serious question, when is the last time a QB from North Texas played a down of regular season NFL football?
  8. Don't have any experience up there, but I'm assuming any of us would take any opportunity to get out of Fargo, North Dakota.
  9. Didn't he die like two centuries ago?
  10. Hell after FB, I'm just glad we got one victory on the road.
  11. I get ticket revenue isn't the biggest factor in these games, but if I flip thru the channels and stumble upon a game with 500 people in the stands, that doesn't get me to stay tuned in.
  12. Short blurb mentioning North Texas in the ESPN article: "Before Iowa, Fry coached North Texas for six seasons and SMU for 11 seasons, recording a 232-178-10 overall record. He won coach of the year honors in three leagues -- the Southwest Conference, the Missouri Valley Conference and the Big Ten, where he received the award three times. Fry also was Sporting News' national coach of the year in 1981." Regardless, RIP to Coach Fry, a North Texas legend and cheers to a long, accomplished 90-year life!
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