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  1. Week 4 of working remotely for me. Any good shows or movies you've watched recently on Netflix/Hulu?
  2. Good job putting your speech close enough to the camera so it looks like you're still looking at us, Coach!!
  3. Lucky SMU will be able to start back right away, since their fans already sit at least six feet apart.
  4. I assume they'll get to you as soon as they can. I'm in ticket sales and have been forced to work remotely and dial from my cell...
  5. From NYSH's POV it sounds like there wasn't a firm plan in place for the land despite UNT going after it:
  6. I'm OK with a banner, but we have to wait until Western Kentucky comes to town.
  7. I assume we also claim the baseball title, since we haven't lost a game all year.
  8. Had to rethink about that thread title.... at first I thought you were asking if we should retain or fire Mac.
  9. Damn shame. Hope we use this as motivation next season. Would have been nice to break the drought, see how the brackets unfolded and possibly gone out and supported the team in this historical year.
  10. Good fight, sad ending. Hoping all ends well and they end up in the same location or still operating by campus. It's a shame because the land isn't being used to "grow UNT" with classroom buildings or dorms.
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