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  1. Hometown of President Eisenhower!
  2. Best-looking design presented to us. Although I do agree with many others on the board that it does mirror what UT, A&M, and Texas Tech have already done.
  3. Because college football games last 14 hours.
  4. Score more points than they do!
  5. Kerr Hall, A Tower 7th floor freshman year in the RTVF Community. This was the year someone tried to make s'mores a few floors down, set the alarms off, and kicked everyone out for the night. The Ridge sophomore year because they were the cheapest student apartments I could find. I signed up to be assigned random roommates but I actually was paired with my roommate from orientation ironically, and we became better friends. Providence Place off of 288 junior year and Fall 2017 when I graduated.
  6. I love the battle flag, but not sure how I feel about it as the court design. I chose the Light The Tower design.
  7. They should be Power 5. They do have a CFP National Champion after all in UCF...
  8. What is going in at former shopping center on Avenue C?
  9. Marshall, ODU, Charlotte, etc. should not be in the same G5 conference as us...
  10. Time to fly a FIRE JUDY banner over Dallas?
  11. Yes! Unfortunately Marlin hasn't marketed or utilized its healing waters as much as Mineral Wells. I know MW still sells its "crazy" water. Marlin used to host the 1910's New York Baseball Giants for Spring Training, too!
  12. I definitely want to see more green in opposing stadiums, but let me also point this out. DFW is the fourth largest metro area in the country. There are alumni from every school here. I don't suspect many Mean Green alum live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi or Huntington, West Virginia, etc.
  13. This would be amazing if everything comes together. My wife and I both come from small towns which were once famous for their natural healing waters (her Mineral Wells and Marlin for me), that both now have still-standing hotels that have been shuttered for decades. I'm a little jealous hers is being redeveloped first but I'm still excited to see this renovation take place. Could be huge for Mineral Wells.
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