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  1. He was very good in the 2nd half. I think the size of the center was a bit intimidating at first, but he (and the team) adjusted and began attacking. It was fun to watch.
  2. If memory serves, he wasn’t expected to play safety. I want to say he was supposed to play the rover position. He filled in and played alright. I think PB knows what he’s doing until I have reason to expect differently. GMG!
  3. He was making some tough shots! Switched to JJ guarding him those final possessions and it made it much more difficult for him to score. Great move by Coach Mac. Good to get the win on the road. GMG!
  4. I like the Rally House selection, too. I’m just asking for Gift Cards next Christmas/B-day. GMG!
  5. One of my favorite memories as a student in Fall 2001. A fan frustrated with the play calling yelling towards Dickey, “Way to go, Dickey! Way to set up the run with the run!” 😂😂😂
  6. Wilson is coming to town next week. Hope Darden plays, too. GMG!
  7. Plenty to go around Side Show! Trending up! GMG!
  8. 2nd year under Phil Bennett is big, too. Our number of returning starters and the returning injured players. The team is trending up. A win in Dallas would be suh-weet! GMG!
  9. Always! I sometimes throw up the talon. GMG!
  10. I think the Baylor team just started taking UNT seriously. That Smith can play! And Binkle was a thorn in our side. A lot of positives going into CUSA play.
  11. 44-33 Baylor up at the half. UNT had it down to 7, but BU went on a short run.
  12. Baylor is good. 26-13 after one. Our ladies are hanging tough, though. Just need a few more shots to drop.
  13. Love it! Is this custom? I’ve never seen the logo protruding?
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