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  1. Eh…It’s fine. I’d much rather be playing for a conference championship than hoping a retread can take us to a championship.
  2. What happened to Horton? I feel like we haven’t really seen much of him since the Memphis game..or was it it WKU? Either way, he was/is so dynamic. What changed?
  3. Hadley’s snaps are normally money, but like another poster suggested, the wet conditions certainly hampered the deep snappers. I don’t foresee the deep snapping being an issue moving forward.
  4. Ha! Nailed it!! I went from almost turning the game off (which I never do), to discussing travel plans to SA in a matter of minutes.
  5. The receiver? He landed on his shoulder/neck. Hope he’s alright. Any word on Mazin?
  6. We ask a lot from our defense. The number of 3 and outs on offense is brutal. If we can put together some drives and give our defense any type of break, they usually respond well.
  7. Yeah…I didn’t hear anything about him being out. Just wondering if I missed something.
  8. That was a great play! Radio chose KD Davis. Can’t go wrong either way.
  9. Ragdsale has been great, but we’re really missing Ayo and Adaway. Rotating those guys in really gives our offense a different energy. This first half was tough to watch.
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