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  1. Weren’t they awful last year? I’d hope they have an influx of talent. We won 7 games and went bowling. The cupboard was far from bare. I like What we’re doing.
  2. This is my thought, too. I’m assuming all of the coaches are communicating with eachother to review film, indentify strengths, needs of the team, etc. Welcome to the Mean Green, Tarik!
  3. I would think Forte would be able assist in this part of his game…or any other player that wants to improve their shooting.
  4. Purdue and now Utah. Seems like this staff knows how to identify QB talent. Once a scholly is used on one, I feel confident we’ll find a good one.
  5. That’s Hiram. I think he may have had one more year of eligibility left, though. I spoke to him after he had graduated. I don’t remember the exact year, but the coaching staff was trying to get him to play one more season. He wasn’t interested. I believe his exact quote was, “I’m not trying to pull a Chris Weinke.” 😂😂😂
  6. Zac Babb also has a show called “The Green Guys” that I listened to during football season. I think it was on KNTU, but I found it on Spotify…I think. It’s him and four RTVF undergrads. It was an entertaining listen.
  7. I appreciate the different perspectives. I’ve really enjoyed the recent increase in interviews. I’d like to see more coaches interviewed, but I don’t know how possible that would be. Keep it up, guys!
  8. Thanks for putting in the work! I will never complain about too many podcasts. Good stuff, JayD.
  9. We’re headed to Denton next weekend. Save some stuff for the rest of us! 😜
  10. The A’Cappella Choir visited Edinburg my freshman year in HS. Two years later, my older classmates ended up attending UNT to study music. I had always wanted to attend UT-Austin, so I applied and got accepted there. My choir director told me, “If you’re serious about music, you’ll go to North Texas. The Saturday’s won’t be as fun, but your music education will be a better experience.” I applied, auditioned, and was accepted. Best decision I could have made. My Saturdays are still pretty fun, though. GMG!
  11. Welcome, Rodney GREEN! It feels like this was meant to be. GMG!
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