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  1. All About UNT

    Morning News says new school in C-USA

    Get a hobby dude
  2. Okay so we got it. Wren is on the sidelines being a trooper and watching the game among the coaches and players. But what about his guests and what type of game-day experience they would have? Or his family? Are they asked to be potentially soaked or to wait out expected long lightning delays? The weather cleared literally less than an hour before the game. I was one of those guys that said I would just watch it on TV since I had something to do in Dallas at 5 anyway. When I looked at the radar at roughly 1pm I saw the storm drifted to the east. Called a friend and made it to the stadium by the start of the second quarter. But like others said, I could easily have stayed home as well and I imagine plenty of other people were in that situation.
  3. All About UNT

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    Lightening delays and maybe even cancellation a real problem at this point.
  4. All About UNT

    DRC: The Monday edition of What We Learned

    I have to agree that UTEP is figuring things out. I also have to agree that the last two teams have realized that pass rush can cause Mason to look like he was as a freshman. Sure he can make you pay for it but do it enough times and it will pay dividends.
  5. All About UNT

    MGN: Recap and Podcast

    Solid write-up as always!
  6. All About UNT

    Southern Miss

    Well they might tighten up
  7. All About UNT

    Seth Post Game Comments (Hint: He's not happy)

    Maybe also not interview him next to someone beating on a freaking drum. That was like nails on the chalkboard
  8. All About UNT

    *** OFFICIAL La. Tech vs. UNT GAME THREAD***

    tell that to the Arkansas fans who were saying the same thing when we came in there and beat them senseless
  9. All About UNT

    *** OFFICIAL La. Tech vs. UNT GAME THREAD***

    Yeah we did. Some of these clowns were thinking we were going to win by two or three touchdowns. Talking about winning out and all that other bullshit that we had no business talking about
  10. All About UNT

    *** OFFICIAL La. Tech vs. UNT GAME THREAD***

    We needed this reality check. Fans and players both
  11. All About UNT

    Tonight's Game TV Broadcast

    I just downloaded Sling since the Bein sucks ass and doesn't work. I have Frontier FIOS and their app is subpar as well and will not stream the BeiN Channel that I get it home. I just checked it out on sling and everything is fine. Just do the 7-Day trial and cancel after the game.
  12. All About UNT

    John Williams getting the credit he deserves!

    beat me to it lolz
  13. I have realized that a friend, selfishly, planned her wedding for this weekend thus ensuring that I cannot attend the game. Have two tickets and a blue lot pass for sale. Section 106 Row 12 Seats 20 and 21 Asking $60 for the set and the pass.