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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/University-of-North-Texas-UNT-Mean-Green-State-Flag-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt/202569617780?hash=item2f2a171174:m:m9etPQ0OVTzFXWbYhtOVmzg&var=502636753208 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/213006257347821480/?lp=true (At Barefoot in Denton)
  2. he was also coached by Mike Kundstadt (GASO and TexasHoops fame) his freshman and sophomore year at Irving High. He had the Chancellor of TTU fly Mike out to the tournament in the Chancellor's own plane. I remember his name (Beard) being tossed around when we were hoping to term Benford one year early. Wow howJim should be eating some serious crow right now.
  3. hahaha totally forgot about that. Those images were welcomed though 🙂
  4. Okay something else mentioned in that article is that Larry Fedora is now an offensive analyst at UNT? Is that news?
  5. He mentions Mainord and Langston in all of his North Texas tweets. Something tells me it was Mainord
  6. Skipper is a bot set up to take articles from the NT Daily and put them on GMG. It isn't able to differentiate the content of the article to the point where it is able to assign the article to the corresponding forum on this site
  7. Ran into one wearing a UNT hat at the top of Observation Point in Zion NP last year and had a 45 min conversation about the status of the programs. People need to give a shout out to each other in public...even in DFW (Denton maybe being the exception). The more they feel like "they belong" to a community the more they will be active in it.
  8. Also to note. I believe he would have been at Virginia Tech when Galen Scott was there
  9. ODU Fans are pissed https://csnbbs.com/thread-872308.html Think about it. You know you messed up and stepped out of the college coaching ranks. Took a humbling position on the high school level and moved your family to DFW. You are then approached by an FBS School that is mere hours from your last stop where your transgressions took place. So you take that position like "why not... I can get back in the ranks of college football and rebuild my brand now that I have squared things with my family". Then, a mere 2 months later, a team in your own new backyard offers you a position. Higher pay, don't have to move AND surely reduces the number of encounters with Va Tech fans coming up and talking to either him or his wife about the situation at hand. Not only that but historically this new program is vastly superior in football history and has recently committed mucho dinero to reestablishing a football culture in the program. You take the deal.
  10. I'm sorry. I wish I could provide you a safe-space from my meanie posts. Since we are being real there is a growing consensus that you don't bring any value to this website. Thousands of posts that are meaningless and contribute nothing. Especially for someone who barely makes one game a year. It's sad really.
  11. yeah! Enlist in the Marines instead of playing the game you played your whole life! That will show you!
  12. Valid points Matt. I just remember so many bitching about how Texas was ranked and we weren't and how there was some conspiracy against North Texas
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