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  1. Our Draft Drought is finally about to end. Not with some last rounder either!
  2. Exactamundo and Bodie was let go from Utah St. this year thus confirming he wasn't ready for FBS
  3. Also a reminder. Make sure you guys like their video and subscribe to their channel. These guys put out very thoughtful analysis on our program and deserve to have a following.
  4. Does he currently rent or does he own?
  5. Anyone else that decides to make this thread a political one... is going on a month long ban. That's some authoritarianism the vast majority of this board can agree with.
  6. Have we ever actually had a player from HP?
  7. Something rubs me wrong about being fourth string as a sophmore and calling it quits... Well he had offers from just about everyone I'm not sure how well he translates to P5.
  8. Dude is about 60 years old and in my honest opinion it's par for the course. There is a guy that valets at a place around me and he constantly refers to UNT as North Texas State.
  9. Guys remember he is the size of TY Hilton who went in the 3rd round.
  10. It is clear as day that we do not have an FBS quarterback
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