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  1. Not to practice WhatAboutIsm but didn't SMU have a half-filled stadium for a crucial game while being ranked today? They are clearly in a conference above us that we would surely put more butts in the seats for any one of their conference games...regardless of our record. Clearly the conferences don't care about attendance as much as "pedigree".
  2. No what's missing is a quarterback. Bussey is a great player but this quarterback is not what we saw in years past
  3. On top of the quarterback announcement. I bet we see 2k of their fans max
  4. Clayton Tune will likely be the starter for Houston. If we don't destroy Houston this next game then I would be shocked
  5. Yeah that is quite perplexing to me too. I can't help but thinking that their history of running the conference of semi late sways those percentages
  6. Siggers is my favorite new surprise of the season. While I don't want to give any preference, especially after Deandre's performance last year, I still feel like Siggers then Easley and then DT should be the lineup.
  7. Well too BAD! Witness us!!!! We were robbed! Pop quiz in 1 hour
  8. Yeah we saw them. Hordes of trashy people came out that day...not a good look.
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