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  1. Anyone know where I can get some really good Tikka Masala before I head to the tailgate? I like to make sure that my stomach is rumbling before the start of the first quarter.
  2. Exactly my thoughts. I feel like this is something that the AD could easily contribute to.
  3. Pilot hasn't responded to emails or calls. I'll try again but I love the flag in the stands idea more than the flight banner
  4. They won't show that wrinkle this early
  5. No I know he was a high risk passer due to his 24-31 TD-INT record his last year... might be due to the type of offense that was prevalent back in the day Here is Steve Ramsey's record: and here is Mason's (well it shows Mason's first)
  6. Right? Smashed the record books in 3 years and it isn't even close. Not to mention his injuries during these 3 years that kept him out of games
  7. That may be true but Lifer is definitely correct. Tech might be beating out the likes of North Texas and other G5 programs but they aren't exactly smashing it against their contemporaries.
  8. My only reservation about that tactic is that we get all of our slots filled by the lower tier 3* athletes that are afraid of missing what they might have considered a backup scholarship (from us) if bigger schools don't come calling. Would that mean that someone that ranks higher wouldn't be in the running anymore merely because we didn't have space? Also, like others have said, getting all riled up about being ranked this high is premature. It would be very busch-league to tout our ranking when other people will know it's due to volume and not average player rating.
  9. But this happens every single time someone chooses another team besides us. It's a bad look
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