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  1. This team can really play some serious defense. So very entertaining to watch. Also what's up with Draper's facial hair lol?
  2. But when you are a top 10 highest paid coach results are expected. The other two years he has been there haven't been great either
  3. Interesting move in that I doubt Brohm stays one more year at Purdue. He is making bank there and not providing the type of results you expect from that pay. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/
  4. It's different. This guy was running off on a mission trip for two years.
  5. Called it. I knew he would never step on campus as a football player for North Texas. This was a stupid offer in the first place.
  6. Was Johns released? Haven't seen anything speaking to that.
  7. Someone has been stationed in E. Europe for awhile lol
  8. FAU fans don't deserve this success. So many empty seats for a home game bowl game. Pathetic.
  9. Right? He was here one freaking season! The year before was actually just above 29 pts per game. Skladany's 1st year was 27.8...is there that big of a difference? Wouldn't you say that one and done Skladany would be, hypothetically, just as bad? I would. The next year the JS led defense held opponents to shy of 18 pts per game. There is no reason to think that Bowen couldn't have done the same but we just don't know. Two years in any program could make a ton of difference in results.
  10. So I have to ask... could you see Mangino coming here in regards to the references of him and Bowen potentially having beef?
  11. With Seth, Bowen and Baby Mangino here now... Doesn't it make too much sense to bring in the big guy out of retirement? We can surely do a lot worse. His brief stint at Iowa State was chocked-full of issues with the direction of the program with the head coach Paul Rhoads... But his relationship with Seth is surely far more intact. He's in his young sixties and has lost a lot of weight. I think this guy needs one more crack at it
  12. Dude that's awesome! Congrats Emmitt!
  13. Where did you find this out? Getting really tired of all the leaks around here
  14. And well that might be... it's hardly in the worst part of town.
  15. valid point but I would give anything to have this record merely last year. Much like us there was serious regression in QB play (new QB) and the offense paid for it.
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