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  1. The decision was made due to MANY complaints on the side about how people were turning on each other. WE are first and foremost Mean Green Fans and that is what we are hear to discuss... not divisive politics. It's better this way for ALL parties involved but feel free to banter politics with the others on Mean Green Board or whatever that weak-sauce forum is called.
  2. Seriously what the fu$& is the deal with their coach coming out and standing above our injured players??? At least the sweet sounds of Edith Piaf can walk me back off the ledge.
  3. I'll say it again. We should have opted out of playing this year. The fact that Charlotte is favored in our own house is telling of where we are. With having to replace Mason and of course a good chunk of our staff.. we more than many others.... could have benefited from playing in spring or even just next year. Instead we will probably have a losing record with an asterisk next to it.
  4. That was the saddest thing to watch. Go back and watch that UT game in 2014 and you will see the D slowly becoming dejected knowing that while they were making plays that the offense was so atrocious (mainly QB) that what was the point of continuing??
  5. Checking the dates just now of when each of you joined GMG. 2004 vs. 2017... I'd say he has a right to be pissed at tonight's performance and seemingly endless lack of turning the corner. Tonight was a TD (that's Todd Dodge to the newer fan) performance only difference is that he made around 250k a year and don't even ask what his assistants made.
  6. Watching this game at a buddy's place today. Called ahead to make sure he had the channel and he can't praise it enough either.
  7. Liberty up 17-3. Sunbelt with 2 "ranked" teams.
  8. WKU down 10-3 to Liberty with 14 left in the first half.
  9. Not that I expect this to be implemented across the board but we ranked on the 2nd page for the search involving just his name... The difference (see below) is that every other search result involves his name first...then class/position. In the future we need to make sure we follow this trend when giving titles to our recruiting threads involving individual players. I know this doesn't make too much sense to a lot of you but it is my line of work and I can say (with confidence) that it makes a huge difference in rankings to Google. The first few words of article or thread title decides
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