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  1. Nothing badass about me old man. Just know I'm not too cowardly to attend the fair
  2. Guess that says a lot more about you. I go to the fair every year I've never had a problem in the area
  3. All About UNT

    Bucs waive Trevor Moore

    I hope you're right. Trevor just has too much talent to be disregarded.
  4. The operative word...was "stray" Rick.
  5. Spare me Rick. I didn't see you activated when he made those comments earlier lol. You're right though. We should consider deleting his comment and every subsequent comment regarding that matter
  6. try and not stray away from the topic of the conversation please.
  7. What's so hard to understand here? Liberal Rag likes to cover far more perceptively Conservative schools over far more Liberal school in Denton. Makes sense right guys? I mean the logic is there you just can't see it Emmitt
  8. All About UNT

    Twitter Activity

    because you pasted the Mobile Link of Twitter
  9. All About UNT

    Question about 1988 UNT vs UT?

    So in watching these highlights for the 30th time... it really sounds like we had arguably the best P5 away game fan attendance in this game. You fans that were there... were there really that many UNT fans in the stands?
  10. All About UNT

    Times have changed at UNT

  11. All About UNT

    10 Hottest Seats

    that was RV's man
  12. All About UNT

    Littrell mentioned as candidate for Kansas job

    "all the way to Lawrence" lol yeah to maybe stop for lunch and continue on somewhere other than the coaching graveyard.
  13. All About UNT

    Mason Fine QB Locust Grove OK - SIGNED LOI

    Man this thread has been interesting to revisit
  14. when I asked DMac about his Twitter account (once a BS one finally surfaced) he shrugged and laughed it off saying it was some dumb thing his son had done for him. These old billy goats are just out of touch with what these young bucks expect and look for from a program. Our 180° on social IS paying dividends and in just under 4 years we are seeing a complete change of atmosphere. Our AD isn't making fun of his boss for being active on Twitter and our HC doesn't even come close to carrying an AARP card. I hope we never find ourselves in the situation we were in just 4 short years ago. Welcome Asher!