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  1. I feel like when those green doors open up that a wafting cloud of smoke show billow out.
  2. My nephew is in their band. Each of the 400 members are expected to go out and raise $500 a piece...each year. The standard donation on the link they send starts at $50. It's just ridiculous at this point.
  3. Someone needs to make sure Frank Harris gets turf toe before we play them
  4. Exactly. Most everyone on my ship preferred officers who did ROTC programs at traditional universities. The Naval Academy grads were always very high on themselves.
  5. My first game on the road was also FIU. It was Dan McCarney's first game and we had Lance Dunbar versus their TY Hilton. I thought the rain would negate their passing game but it certainly didn't and he scorched us. Some little chudd came up to me at halftime and asked if we were really that bad and I told him to get the f out of my face before he catches a smack. Never shit talk opposing fans who especially travel that far to watch a beatdown. Enjoy your trip and bring back that W!
  6. Do we pay to attract them? No. But we are seen very visibly on all major social media outlets and if anyone is moderately interested in our programs then they will have no hard time finding this site.
  7. Exactly. I'm done with talking about talking about SMU... Especially as it pertains to their attendance. It was hot as hell and I don't fault anyone for not showing up to the game on Saturday.
  8. The wrong Incarnate Word coach....
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