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  1. Tony never would have played for a coach like McCasland. They would have killed each other.
  2. I have a Hank Hill ass and yeah it sucks in the seats at the Super Pit... I have a gut and I'm broad shouldered but that shouldn't affect the seats.
  3. Yeah but the difference here is that we would have proven ourselves to be a program that could elevate a coach to a high-level job. Noone wants to be a career assistant.
  4. Plus it resets his buyout right? So if tech does come calling they will have to pay even more to get him out of our contract.
  5. "Starting"... I do wish him well and hope it lights it up for KU but this title is disingenuous. Also to note is that their new HC Emmett Jones went to UNT so we should be happy for him in his new role!
  6. Thought I saw one on 35E today but I passed it before I could look over. Def thought I spotted our uniform and I know it was UNT related. Speaking of uniform.... can we please keep these green ones for another couple years?
  7. I was wrong earlier and any team member or coach on the staff can know that I voluntarily am eating crow. I shouldn't have doubted you and I am ashamed that I gave up with 2 min. left.
  8. We are about to North Texas this aren't we?
  9. I know we are up but this is everything I hoped for in a championship game.
  10. I would check on the Louisiana tech fan board
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