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  1. Nevermind the Come and Take It patch on his chest lol. The Rubes will eat it up.
  2. I really respect the SMU opinion on the matter. If they (Mainly Alumni) could possibly think that Tulsa has more to provide to the conference than North Texas then they are delusional. Also our metro has 7 million people and not 5% of those are SMU fans.
  3. Quoner ALSO moved from Providence to Irving (professionally) and THEN we got in the CUSA...and he worked across the street from the VERY SAME building (1 min walk) that they are moving into. We got this!!
  4. 6 years of football and in a 4k person stadium shared with a high school....
  5. Not a fan of their fanbase but I hope he signs with the Saints. You know they would give him an honest shot.
  6. Just like the rest of us... If all Seth and Co. can do at this point is recruit and call their players to check in... I would expect to see at least some decreases in the pay of the highest level coaches on staff.
  7. Certainly Payton has had a chance to see him and that he lives just down the road in Argyle I believe.
  8. If you scare him off I'm going to be pissed
  9. and we would move to the BIG 12 if we could. Not gonna happen. They pride themselves on having sold out a 20k person stadium for some time. I've been on their campus and lived down the road from it. That town is full of transplants (Military) and shipyard workers who give little care to ODU Athletics.
  10. I bet she has a wealth of knowledge from her dad in regards to recruiting. These are great additions in my opinion.
  11. Didn't ummm... You call tasty a douchebag just yesterday without any retribution or correction? Tasty isn't calling any one individual a miserable fuck but instead the collective that actively participate in the movement that anything that Brett does is wrong and hurts the fanbase. It's old and it's played out. Much like your comments about the admin alllllll the freaking time.
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