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  1. valid point but I would give anything to have this record merely last year. Much like us there was serious regression in QB play (new QB) and the offense paid for it.
  2. 1.58 Million base per year is what Tedford made...think about it.
  3. bear in mind the casual fan will look solely at our record and not close battles with good teams and/or upsetting UTA at their home. Combine that with the obvious Cowboys game tonight and you will see why our attendance isn't great.
  4. He is also the Inside LB coach. The DC Les chose has a bit more pedigree and DC exp at P5 schools https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D._J._Eliot
  5. Wonder if Ek would come back? https://kuathletics.com/football-mike-ekeler-hired-to-lead-the-ku-special-teams/
  6. Most overpaid coach in G5...good God how this program has regressed
  7. That's what I meant. We as fans have zero clue who will hold the reins....coaching staff might but it is clear that we will regress in QB play quite significantly
  8. It is clear we need a QB to replace Fine and we haven't "found" him yet. With the right size and durability, under this offense, we can produce an NFL QB. Hopefully he sticks and becomes the next legend at NT.
  9. This dude attends 1 game a year at most.
  10. This team and the staff don't deserve a bowl. Esp since we will probably get smoked, yet again, in front of a tv audience.
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