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  1. and we would move to the BIG 12 if we could. Not gonna happen. They pride themselves on having sold out a 20k person stadium for some time. I've been on their campus and lived down the road from it. That town is full of transplants (Military) and shipyard workers who give little care to ODU Athletics.
  2. I bet she has a wealth of knowledge from her dad in regards to recruiting. These are great additions in my opinion.
  3. Didn't ummm... You call tasty a douchebag just yesterday without any retribution or correction? Tasty isn't calling any one individual a miserable fuck but instead the collective that actively participate in the movement that anything that Brett does is wrong and hurts the fanbase. It's old and it's played out. Much like your comments about the admin alllllll the freaking time.
  4. You mean Brett isn't personally writing this article for just jolly old me?
  5. Not sure where some of you are coming from on the Vito bashing? Last I checked he is our beat writer and he has explained issues of paper ownership and the DMN's desire to publish our team's results in a non-urgent way. Brett didn't vouch for that and I am sure he fought against it. It's great that GMG has a source who get's info before the beat-writer but let's all be honest and consider that at least kind of weird and not the norm. Most complaints seem to be (in the past) with a lack of info on certain subjects... but how can he help it if the AD doesn't reach out to him? I imagine that his "past" (yet due) criticism of the results of our sports programs is what ticks off so many. Imagine if that negative press was instrumental in helping propel us forward in our fanbases's desired outcome of elevating our program's success?
  6. You were damn close on your 10 pt win prediction for us. At plenty of points in the game I did not think that would happen.
  7. Yeah both my parents went there. Lansing is a dump but East Lansing is beautiful and they have an awesome river on campus. I've only been to the stadium once and I remember it being a bit older
  8. Yeah they don't. Just saying that East Lansing has a beautiful campus...might not be on the same level as Boulder but it is BIG 10 nice.
  9. Good luck with the recovery GrayEagle! We're pulling for ya.
  10. Was he injured this year? His playtime dropped to shit after he was pretty much leading the team in TDs and was curious why that happened. Some uniformed person named @ChristopherRyanWilkes (not to drop names) told me he was injured.
  11. Kiffin canned him and the DC and brought in the D-Line coach (Lance Thompson) who was fired not retained. Apparently he had a recruiting violation at South Carolina. https://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/20190207/fau-coach-lane-kiffin-adds-lance-thompson-to-coach-defensive-line Looks like FAU had one "mediocre" year and he fired the D Coord and D Line Coach/Recruiting Coord (Mathies)
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