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  1. Question is would he take the job merely based off of the relationship he has with Littrell? Nevermind the myriad of other reasons he would say no...
  2. Stoops took over one of the most well-oiled programs in NCAA history from Switzer lol. This comparison is an absolute joke. With that said... Stoops was making 1 million a year at the now shuddered Dallas Renegades. Could he? Would he?
  3. Does these players have other jobs? The average player in this league makes 28k a year. Wish him nothing but the best!
  4. https://www.diyneonsigns.com/product/north-texas-mean-green-neon-sign-ncaa-teams-neon-light-5/?attribute_pa_size=24&gclid=CjwKCAjw_JuGBhBkEiwA1xmbRXotEMsc_pKAjWLbOaqSM_WyuViCLsBgy1Zb6Ps-Fzq4QjpYKqbnRBoCu9gQAvD_BwE
  5. That highlight reel made me miss Darnell Smith and Brelan so badly.
  6. Wish I would have known that when I got him to say Go Mean Green at dinner the other night.
  7. Yes it is. And only an hour and some change away from his hometown.
  8. I actually ran into a Citadel fan yesterday who was aware of this transfer. He said you guys are going to love him and his motor doesn't stop.
  9. Very excited about this potential pickup. Someone tell us what is top three is?
  10. Actually the number of graduates that get commissions is 30%
  11. No I get it. I am talking about her and what her aims are.
  12. What is the point here? She's already graduated and all of this went down last year. Just move on with yourself.
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