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  1. 100% that we have made overtures. Who knows what the results will be or if they would be our choice over the AAC if we had the option .
  2. You are correct in part. The numbers are 2019 and the SBC numbers included NMSU so they had 11.
  3. CUSA does well compared to G5 competitors. http://cafidatabase.knightcommission.org/fbs
  4. It was the Big West Conference that we were in with Boise from 1996-2000. Big 8 expansion rumors started several years earlier. The Big 12 started in 1996.
  5. With Hawaii being football only the conference could add Grand Canyon for all other sports. Also the Basketball Tourney likely would be in Vegas.


    With UAB, Charlotte, likely USM, and maybe Marshall leaving I would rather see CUSA offer UNM and maybe Wyoming or NMSU.
  7. With the exception of Georgia State, and the basketball only schools, the SBC expansion has been in smaller communities that do not have nearby professional or other FBS schools to compete with. This appears to be appealing to Marshall, USM, and WKU. The CUSA model has mostly, not exclusively, been driven by market size.
  8. The SBC Message Board including folks posting from USM have said they are joining Sun Belt. This has also been mentioned. This is...interesting (csnbbs.com)
  9. Having an involved father who commands your respect is an incredible advantage in life. They are truly blessed.
  10. In DFW on KTXD Channel 47. For those on Frontier in Denton it is Ch. 518.
  11. Tennessee just paid Army $500,000 to buy out next years game. Some may remember that after we defeated Tennessee in 1975, they sent a $10,000 check. Fry called their AD because the contract for the 1975 game was for considerably more. The Tennessee AD said that check will be mailed soon, this check is the buy out next years game https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/tennessee-embarrassingly-cancels-2022-football-game-against-army/ar-AAOIid3?ocid=msedgntp It is always appropriate to reference our victory over Tennessee almost 50 years ago the week after a loss.
  12. Why does Art Briles keep coming up? He grew up with and played football with my cousins. We were just talking about him this summer at a family reunion. His mother, a great lady, was my 2nd grade teacher. His brother Eddie, now deceased, was universally liked by everyone in the community. As for Art himself let me just say never, never, never, never, never, never, never ever consider him and please give it up.
  13. Rutgers athletics, $265M in debt, borrows to keep pace in Big Ten (njherald.com)
  14. Speaking of snubs. Apparently some at Baylor who would have preferred that Houston not be included. Maybe the Big 12 looks to go to 14. David Smoak and SicEm365 explored that possibility today. Smoak is very well connected on that front, so he’s hearing that from credible people. The Big 12 existing with the original eight and the new members is a good ending for Baylor. I’d prefer Houston not be in this conglomerate, but I’d take this over ending up in the American. Big 12 Will Add BYU, UCF, Houston and Cincinnati on Friday—Yahoo and Brett McMurphy Report (msn.com)
  15. The New Big 12's Revenue Potential; Six Additions Instead Of Four? | SicEm365
  16. We are mentioned here. https://www.si.com/college/2021/09/08/big-12-expansion-aac-mike-aresco-reaction
  17. When I think of anti-vaxxers this is the person who always comes to mind. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/05/how-robert-f-kennedy-jr-became-anti-vaxxer-icon-nightmare+
  18. They will be at Apogee in December if they win the CUSA East title!
  19. Sebastian tied for 29th. Carlos tied for 66th. Season over.
  20. Sebastian now tied for 10th at -9. Carlos dropped to a tie for 52nd at -2.
  21. What if we beat SMU both times, then would it be okay?
  22. Sebastian at -5 tied for 7th. Carlos at -4 tied for 19th. https://www.espn.com/golf/leaderboard
  23. So you think instead of "singing Glory to the Green, singing Glory to the White" we should be "singing Glory to the Green, singing Glory to the" Green? That doesn't rhyme with "right".
  24. Both advance to BMW Championship. Carlos ranked 38th and Sebastian 59th out of a total of 70. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/top-70-fedex-cup-2021 Top 30 after BMW will advance to Tour Championship.
  25. SOU 0, UNT 7 - FINAL (statbroadcast.com)
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