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  1. Stix

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    The owner of the location on University (Mike) is a UNT Alum who worked for Ken while a student, along with my roommate. They were so good at it that they pretty well ran the place for Ken for a few years. Somehow Mike has managed not to have to change the name from Sub-Way to Sub Hub, which I assume was due to a lawsuit from "Subway". Just did a war-drive on Google maps, apparently it's no longer there. In the very beginning, Ken had a partner who had a location near SMUt, but it didn't last long. There even might have been one in Austin on the drag then too - not sure. There was also a NY Sub-Way in Carrollton for a time in the 80s - if I'm remembering correctly, on Josey just north of Beltline. ... and Ken is a bonafide Yankee, of the New Jersey variety. But he retired a few years ago to be able to do more hunting, and his sons, who were born and raised in Denton, now run the place.
  2. Stix

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    Maybe: But the question then is: Where?
  3. ... and "Boom" goes the dynamite...
  4. I was not impressed with "The Ocean Of Soul" when they performed the last time Tx Southern came to Apogee (2012); actually, I was disappointed. ***This is not commentary on the Green Brigade, either*** 🙂
  5. Since it's being held in the atrium of the Business Leadership Building, I'm guessing it involves the COB. If it were to be something truly momentous, that they'd expect a large crowd, I would expect it to be held in a larger space, maybe even in the Super Pit. I haven't received this email. Has anyone who is not a COB alumnus received it?
  6. Stix

    Patrick Cobbs

    Did you forget this?
  7. Stix

    Road Trip

    That'll be a bit late
  8. Stix

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    TX - OU is Oct. 19th, when we have an away game - again - good! Homecoming will likely be Nov 2 vs UTEP, but could be Oct 19 vs the MUTS. It's difficult to make it to Denton two weekends in a row, but with it being UTSA and UH, I will make it happen. But I probably won't make the game at SMUt - 4 trips in 5 weeks is a bit much. This is the earliest I remember the schedule being released - I can get a jump on putting in for vacation days before everyone else on my team at work.
  9. Stix

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    CUSA hoping the game determines the west division champ
  10. I can't let another mention of Owasso go by without bringing this up, since there's a North Texas connection: IMDB: All Hands on Deck (1961) The turkey's name is Owasso! Is Owasso High's mascot a turkey?
  11. Originating from a Monty python, splunge is a way of saying that you have no worthy opinion and that an idea could or could not be good.