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  1. Ah, Carrot Top - the pride of Cocoa (not Cocoa Beach) FL. Edit: or maybe Rockledge - I forget. Yes, Rockledge.
  2. Yeah, it was like... synchronicity
  3. No, only close to having to go to overtime. I'm not saying that would have been good, of course.
  4. And the worst part was having Scrappy hug the darn thing
  5. The link at the top of the forum pages: https://www.facebook.com/LiveCUSA/videos/406562943360771/?__tn__=-R It first brought up a login prompt, but I clicked "cancel", and it seems to be giving me the feed.
  6. 18 Jason Goldstein Joe Piscopo: Or... (a bit of a stretch) Robby Benson as a Chasidic Jew in "The Chosen":
  7. 23 Dee Baker Muppet Show's Beaker
  8. ...and he played a retired football player! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084917/mediaviewer/rm4015808256
  9. The name was chosen by the members of the band in the mid-80s.
  10. It's true - I heard about Spud Webb, and Blakeley sending him to a Juco, even when I was a student. I never understood, if Spud Webb was as good as they said, why Blakeley took the chance that Webb might not choose North Texas after that.
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