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  1. How about giving him a Mean Green t-shirt as a bonus when you pay him the next time?
  2. There will be a caravan event in Houston - Monday June 9th, if I remember correctly. It was announced during President Smatresk's visit with alumni at the Houstonian a couple of weeks ago*. It's back at the Karbach brewery, after being held at St. Arnold's last year. I don't know if there will be caravan stops in Austin or San Antonio. * Sorry, I never got a chance to post about that!
  3. 56 - 53 http://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=260844
  4. Great pic @FirefightnRick. Looks like a beautiful day in Denton.
  5. That's the story that inspired the animated movie "Up", isn't it? Well, I HOPE there's still a plan like that. There is a need for retail space to serve the University Community. Ever been to a campus which is isolated from the community? I grew up near Stony Brook University. I prefer Denton, hands down. I've sent my idea about moving the NY Sub-Way building to the owners, anyway.
  6. None of those people are wearing green. 😉
  7. It's done: https://www.ntdaily.com/off-campus-ihop-closes-doors-relocating-to-rayzor-ranch/
  8. The owner of the location on University (Mike) is a UNT Alum who worked for Ken while a student, along with my roommate. They were so good at it that they pretty well ran the place for Ken for a few years. Somehow Mike has managed not to have to change the name from Sub-Way to Sub Hub, which I assume was due to a lawsuit from "Subway". Just did a war-drive on Google maps, apparently it's no longer there. In the very beginning, Ken had a partner who had a location near SMUt, but it didn't last long. There even might have been one in Austin on the drag then too - not sure. There was also a NY Sub-Way in Carrollton for a time in the 80s - if I'm remembering correctly, on Josey just north of Beltline. ... and Ken is a bonafide Yankee, of the New Jersey variety. But he retired a few years ago to be able to do more hunting, and his sons, who were born and raised in Denton, now run the place.
  9. Maybe: http://dentoncountyhousemovers.com/ But the question then is: Where?
  10. I was not impressed with "The Ocean Of Soul" when they performed the last time Tx Southern came to Apogee (2012); actually, I was disappointed. ***This is not commentary on the Green Brigade, either*** 🙂
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