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  1. ... anticipating an epic battle between @Harry and @Cerebus regarding Littrell threads...
  2. Stix

    Start Times

    From the perspective of someone who has a 5 hour drive to get to Denton, having a 1pm kickoff makes it necessary to get on the road by 7am, and eliminates participating in any pre-game events. Driving up on Friday would require taking off from work (try getting out of Houston during afternoon rush hour - it takes 2 - 3 hours instead of 1 to get to Conroe), and two nights in a hotel instead of one. 3pm would be OK, even if it isn't homecoming, as I can either choose to get going early to get there with a few hours before kickoff, or get a more leisurely start and just make it for kickoff. For homecoming, I generally plan to take Friday off for to come for the bonfire and the parade on Saturday morning, so 3pm is just fine. I like @ADLER's scheduling plan.
  3. Stix

    Possible bowl dates

    But DD isn't at Memphis anymore. A&M, anyone?
  4. Stix

    Morning News says new school in C-USA

    It wasn't a typo - they used it as the lead for the recap of other CUSA games.
  5. Stix

    A few random notes

    Apples to apples, I guess - in 2001, we were 5-6, but declared eligible since we were the conference champ. In 2016, we were declared eligible due to our academic record.
  6. Stix

    ESPN: Gauging the Group of Five

    Lemons, I think.
  7. Have we won the coin toss at all this year?
  8. Stix

    I have made an amazing discovery!

    It's not the weather which kept me from driving up, it's the stomach virus which hit me around 9 last night. Dave & Hank will keep me company .
  9. Stix

    Golf Alumni on the PGA tour

    The Safeway Open? Are they competing against any SMUt alumni?
  10. Early SNL: Of course, they were spoofing all of the Elvis impersonator shows back then, but how is this different? The things people will pay for... I'll go find videos of actual performances of Roy Orbison and watch those.
  11. Stix

    Presidential Alert

    As one of my co-workers said, "As long as Trump isn't allowed to use it like Twitter, it's OK." Funny, whatever you think about Trump!