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  1. Stix

    UAB's new stadium is unbelievable!

    It's strange that the article says nothing about the bowl game that is currently played at Legion Field, but I assume that it would be moved to this new stadium and that's the biggest reason for it to be built with a 55,000 capacity.
  2. Stix

    New Mexico (12/18/2018)

    What a concept!
  3. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 • 5 a.m. — Charter bus leaves UNT • 5 p.m. — Charter bus arrives at the Marriott Albuquerque hotel With the 1 hour gained when crossing into the Mountain time zone, that's 13 hours. According to Google maps, from UNT to the Albuquerque Marriott: via US-287 N and I-40 W 604 miles typically 8 h 20 min - 9 h 50 min Arrive around 1:50 PM Why the 3 hour difference?
  4. Stix

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    so you're like @SSP v2 , except it doesn't sound like your brothers played for NT, and you are an alum. 😋 Please stick around. I know there's at least one other female gmg member who posts fairly regularly, who has a screen name that doesn't hint at being female. Maybe you should change yours?
  5. How long has this been going on? How long has this been going on? Well your friends with their fancy persuasion don't admit that it's part of a scheme but I can't I can't help but have my suspicion cos I ain't quite as dumb as I seem and you said you was never intending to break up our scene in this way but there ain't any use in pretending it could happen to us any day.
  6. Stix

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    13 hour drive from Houston, or $500+ airfare - was never going to happen :( Anyone have a suggestion for a Houston watch party location?
  7. Stix

    Not gonna lie...

    Still true, @emmitt01.
  8. Stix


    Still true.
  9. Stix

    Not gonna lie...

    Actually, since Jerry Moore was hired away by Tech in 1980. But, a long time ago.