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  1. Spec's is owned by NT alums Lindy and John Rydman, whose Spec's Charitable Foundation has not only given back to the university, but also has promoted NT in Houston, like when they sponsored the One O'clock Lab Band to play concerts with the Houston Symphony a few years back. https://specsonline.com/
  2. It certainly helped me! I almost had forgotten about it. Troubling times don't get us down in Denton-town: Hey, if you're in this video (and you're not too embarrassed), point yourself out!
  3. Fever-induced delirium?
  4. Suffice to say I'm a satisfied customer. 🙂
  5. You don't remember? Unless I'm the one with the bad memory, I swear I bought it from you sometime 2002 - 2004 in the practice field tailgate area by Fouts.
  6. I recall that someone once did... In fact, I have one in my closet.
  7. If I'm reading it correctly, the son owns the business, but the father still owns the property.
  8. They should approach the game like this:
  9. Best TV segment on a Mean Green player since...
  10. What he said... If I find I want to read more DRC articles, I just might subscribe.
  11. I don't have a subscription to the DRC, and I am provided the full story, so it must not be behind the pay wall.
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