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  1. Baker's MO seems to be to hire head coaches who are already proved head coaches at some level. That doesn't mean he'll always make that decision but it does mean Jalie and Seth would not be head coaches here if Baker had made the decision.
  2. We didn't exactly block the kick as it went horizontal straight into the line. That was likely an issue with the holder.
  3. As a systems administrator myself, I publicly concur. However, in secret I light a candle for IE. It was an awesome browser in it's heyday.
  4. Internet Explorer? Is that you?
  5. I like what I'm seeing but we are playing MTSU. I'll reserve judgement until I see a repeat performance or two.
  6. Aune did not have a good first drive. Besides the pick, there were at least two other passes that could have been picked.
  7. https://buffstreams.tv/live-north-texas
  8. Where can I listen to the radio online? I swear they are trying to make it difficult to follow our football team.
  9. The more important question: Can he put just a little bend into the bill of his cap?
  10. It's definitely Clint Bowen ... Ron Mendoza was worse.
  11. I don't think we have real defensive ends. It seems that we really have three nose tackles rushing.
  12. How the heck was that NOT running into the our punter? It would be nice if they would show a replay.
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