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  1. I don't think we have to add a sport. I believe we have enough numbers to add baseball alone.
  2. Why do y'all keep running away from us?
  3. I disagree. To me it was aimed at those who wanted Seth fired after the SMU game or earlier in this season. They made other comments about being prepared for AAC that led me to believe they are ready to upgrade the head coaching spot.
  4. Lots of good names in this thread. I trust that Wren has enough contacts to have a good idea why a coach may have succeeded or failed at a school and who would be a good fit for us. I believe we will have a lot of interested in the job. As others have said, keep a close eye on those who have worked with Wren before: Odom, Fuente, and any others.
  5. You'd think they would have put the welcome on a billboard in Denton.
  6. Good stuff! I've always been impressed with the quality of that podcast.
  7. I think they blew their opportunity years ago. The conference has been teetering for awhile and the winds of change appears to be toppling them over.
  8. As next head football coach, I want whoever Wren wants. He seems to have a magic touch when it comes to hiring head coaches.
  9. I disagree with this statement. Considering our location, facilities, academics, leadership, we would have been at or near the top of the list if they wanted schools in this part of the country.
  10. Sounds like Traylor would rather not return to SMU. Maybe he'd like to follow in Hayden Fry's footsteps and show them what they missed from coaching in Denton.
  11. What's the link between Jeff Traylor and SMU? I've heard that several times.
  12. Not looking forward to playing that Navy offense every year.
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