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  1. NorthTexan95

    Update to 247Sports composite score formula

    Reminds me of a story from I believe the 1940's when someone made up a fictional college football team. He made up the college, coaches, players, and gave them a schedule against other fictional teams. Every week he would write up something crazy about the game and the wire service would send it out to newspapers all over the country. Below are a couple of articles about it.'s_College
  2. NorthTexan95

    New Recuiting Podcast Coming This Week

    Tonight? So I guess all of y'all are single. 😄
  3. NorthTexan95

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    The problem is your cavalier use of the phrase "triple option". All of those teams that you mention has run the triple option in the past and continue to run it with passing as one or more of the options. You really need to be more specific as the triple option has been run for many years out of many different formations. For the record, the wishbone version of the triple option run by Oklahoma in the 1980's was as flashy as any offense you see today.
  4. NorthTexan95

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    If this is serious then it's one of the worst "sports takes" I've seen on this site.
  5. NorthTexan95

    First 2020 UNT Commit!!!

    I see speed, hands, and strength to fight for catches. Love it!
  6. NorthTexan95

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Exactly who I was thinking about when I watched the EWU highlights.
  7. What would Vito do without his sources?
  8. NorthTexan95

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    It's almost Spring Football season.
  9. NorthTexan95

    Aggieland Classic Lacrosse Tournament

    From my memory we backed away from the hotel/convention center. The discussions came to an abrupt end when Smastresk was hired. Personally, I think it was a good decision not to build the hotel. Land in the Athletic area is quickly becoming scarce and that location will be perfect for a new arena.
  10. NorthTexan95

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    Don't they still have a second location on University?
  11. NorthTexan95

    Kody Fulp update

    Exactly. He went JUCO ... rebuilt his value ... and now is maybe at the best place for him to find success. That's a win for Kulp. We should be glad for him. Bashing him serves no purpose.
  12. NorthTexan95

    Kody Fulp update

    Define downgrade. He transfers, makes second team All-SWJCFC, and no has a scholly where he has a good chance to start. I assume he's a kid who wants to play so for him this seems better than riding the pine at UNT.
  13. NorthTexan95

    Kody Fulp update

    Seems to me things worked out well for him.
  14. NorthTexan95

    Shane Buechele transfers to SMU