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  1. I graduated in 1989 so fall of 1988 was my senior year when we beat Plano 26-0. I followed Plano football growing up in Plano in the 70's but my blood turned Black and Gold when East opened. John Clark was a great AD but things started to slip with Kimbrough and spiraled out of control under Brence (Brence was not well liked even when he was HC at Plano). I'm glad they went outside the district to hire the new AD. I was at that East - John Tyler playoff game. Tyler physically dominated the game and we were really, really, really lucky to get back into it with those onside kicks.
  2. Plano ISD has needed an overhaul of their athletic department for a long time. Changing out the AD was the first step. Need to look at replacing the coaches at East and West.
  3. I think Littrell would prefer that Bean's passing ability improves enough that they can make use of his outstanding running speed. We just haven't seen that yet. I think he'll get a long leash to start the season but I have doubts as to if he'll succeed.
  4. Sounded like Mason Fine's little sister at the end.
  5. The next big thing on the agenda is updating and greatly increasing the size of the weight room and athletic center. However, someone came in with a big check and the golf team is getting bumped to the head of the line. That's how these things work to some extent.
  6. I think Mason learned more from Graham Harrell than Seth when it comes to speaking. He isn't speaking as fast a Harrell does but it's really close.
  7. Maybe some of our tight ends will grow in offensive tackles.
  8. I was thinking the opposite. These recruits have bonded with this coaching staff. Upsetting that would be more disruptive. I expect any coaching change won't be announced until after the season and probably not until they have to.
  9. I don't think we can go much smaller at qb.
  10. Good thing for ESPN this game is at Memphis. it would look bad if it was at SMU with 20K empty seats.
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