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  1. Facebook does a great job of broadcasting games. Their stream is much better than what ESPN provides. I always enjoy watching games on Facebook.
  2. I assume he means going to a school where the head coach appears to be on very thin ice.
  3. Really? Southern Miss in in our conference ... 🙂
  4. UNT great Chris Davis recently said Chris Beard being the one who picked him up at the airport. He says he knew he would be a good coach.
  5. Remember that Seth loves using the tight end and has used them a lot at his other coaching stops. His last North Carolina team ran more than they threw. I think us not using the tight end more in the previous three season might have to do with depth at the position but mostly due to Harrell and is background.
  6. I don't think UTSA should be a close game. I might be wrong but I think they are going to be down even further than last season. The quarterback that frustrated us last season is gone.
  7. Very easy. Four games to work in all of their new starters.
  8. I'm sorry but no. There is a limit to the length of posts on this site. 🙂
  9. Were these two calling the games?
  10. We didn't go under center because Fine couldn't do it. It seemed every time we tried back in 2017 Fine bobbled or fumbled the snap. It was a disaster every time.
  11. Great article. It's awesome seeing good things about UNT in the LA Times. Plus, now we know for certain Fine's height: 5'10".
  12. According to ESPN game cast we won by three!
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