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  1. Amazing! https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/4/11/softball-hope-trautwein-perfection.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3-r01nDP0gityjMB2i970p_Yx3FuHcw9tYAqDbNxucSvseCAKYLhfNMUY
  2. Dane Bugler huge Draft Guide is now available. You can receive it for free with a subscription to The Athletic. Below is an excerpt of his summary for Darden. He did make one huge mistake: Jaelon would not be be the first WR pick for North Texas. He would be the third.
  3. Doug Gottlieb was on 105.3 the Fan this morning and said he would be surprised if Grant didn't get either the Tech or OU job. He says everyone believes Grant is ready for a bigger job.
  4. Frisco ISD just has a completely different plan. They want too keep schools at 2,000 or less. It's very expensive to build all those schools and some of them are really close to each other.
  5. This should help with Allen's recruiting program. 🤫
  6. Closer to 4.5 and may have been that with electronic timing. 4.47 is fine but something closer to 4.3 would have been better.
  7. In a re-ranking of the remaining 32 teams, ESPN places us at 32. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31102486/reseeding-men-march-madness-2021-field-round-32
  8. I subscribed to the online DMN for a few years because it was the only way to get high school information about my daughter's basketball team. She finished high school so I cancelled my subscription in December. I don't miss it at all.
  9. When I was at UNT my girlfriend at the time did videos for NTTV and scheduled an interview with Tim Jankovich. She always used one of our friends to do the interviews as he was very smooth and well spoken. She stayed behind the camera. The day came for the interview (I had something else going) and our friend didn't show up. She had to setup the camera and do the interview with no prepared questions. She was not dressed to be on camera as she was wearing a hoodie. The interview was ok. The questions weren't good because my girl friend didn't really know sports. However, I remember
  10. Give ODU credit. They are making every shot we take tough. No easy drives to the basket.
  11. What the hell was that close out? We just gave them three free throws.
  12. My roku stream was awful. Streaming from the website on my computer is working much better.
  13. I'm watching the game with the Stadium app on Roku.
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