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  1. Mean Green Sports had a long interview with the new head volleyball coach earlier this year. Hank did the interview.
  2. Mean Green Ladies defeat Nebraska 3-0. Have to beat Oklahoma State twice tomorrow to advance.
  3. I've watched quite a few of that guy's videos. He does an excellent job of taking a small topic and going over each and every detail until he has a video over ten minutes. They are good videos, you just have to really want to know everything about a topic. That was fun to watch!
  4. Dane Brugler's draft guide, The Beast" is out. You can get a copy by subscribing to The Athletic, which I HIGHLY recommend. He project Dion Novil to be a priority free agent after the draft.
  5. Why? Because the wouldn't pay him more? Maybe our coaches are horrible ... or maybe they are great ... but I doubt WKU's coaches are any different.
  6. That space would look 100% better with a better color paint on the walls. That yellowish color is horrible. I wonder if the booster who paid for the space insisted on that color.
  7. Geez ... from the downvotes I guess we have a lot of ULM supports here.
  8. Our colors couldn't be any uglier.
  9. "Not particularly close". Vito is always good for taking an underhanded shot at the school he covers.
  10. "Stunned"? Why would this loss be stunning? We played two close games with La Tech who are a good team.
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