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  1. Also, being about 3 hours from his home was part of it. Doesn't sound like he would have taken the job if Seth was HC at Cal.
  2. I appreciate that Baylor media spent so much time of the interview discussing NT instead of just old Baylor stories.
  3. Siggers was the best? I think you're by yourself on that island.
  4. This is the deal. Unless we get hit with a ton of injuries at the position, he wasn't due to get a ton of playing time. Good chance he finds the same situation at SMU.
  5. It helps when the city works with the school. Wait ... did I say that out loud? oops.
  6. I had forgotten that we were still looking for a DC. It would be nice to have one in place before the first game.
  7. Its ok. They probably would have called us North Texas State if they had mentioned us.
  8. I wouldn't say Guyton is lighting up the NFL. He'll have to improve to keep his spot.
  9. When a new DC is hired we may see some changes in the defensive coaching staff.
  10. Wait ... they only had two receivers on the first team? There's your problem. They need to update the roster spots to current standards.
  11. With Wren Baker I think it's more likely to hire someone like Sumlin than Seth. Baker's history shows he likes to hire those who have already been a head coach.
  12. Not a bad call, bad execution by the quarterback. Perhaps the bad call was trusting Bean to make the right read.
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