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  1. Signing so early takes away some of the drama. :)
  2. The article stats that UNT reports the contributions in the year the money is spent. So any money given for the athletic center expansion won't be reported until that is done. So there could be a lot of money given in 2022 that will be reported in 2023 or 2024. That said, I would still like to see that number higher.
  3. The change I noticed is the softball field isn't moving, but they are building around it. I hate that it faces the evening sun.
  4. Why didn't Brian Nelson play at Byron Nelson high school? Lost opportunity for confusion.
  5. Good interview! Can't wait for that Phil Bennett interview.
  6. Is he a candidate to start or just another name to the list of QBs on the roster?
  7. Shhh! It gives Vito a chance to rerun a previous article.
  8. Isn't Earle the one who threw the ball in the dirt at the goal line in the bowl game? A lot can change with a full offseason of work but I doubt next year's starting QB is on the current roster.
  9. There's another very interesting nugget at 30:52. This interview is from July 2020 and he was asked about getting back into coaching. He says he would eventually like to work at a D1 school but not as a position coach. Instead, he wants to work recruiting. Sounds like a very good match for what we need. Honestly, the entire interview is very interesting and well worth a listen.
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