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  1. VCU 80 LSU 75 1:39 left
  2. And you can kiss my Sicilian ass, smart guy!
  3. Sad. I see the name Adrian Hardey, Dekaney HS, Houston, Tx. Know where Kelvin Smith went to high school? Yep, Dekaney HS, Houston, Tx. And it's my perception that La Tech goes back to the same recruiting areas in Texas, year after year, and snags some quality players each time. I'm no recruiting guru, but check the archives. I've been talking about recruiting East Texas harder for a long time. West-Orange Stark HS, Little Cypress-Mauriceville, Beaumont(we do have a couple from Beaumont). La Tech has our number when it comes to recruiting linemen.
  4. Sorry, I’m not a fan of tats and piercings. Disgusting to be served food at a restaurant by someone with hog rings thru their nose, and enough piercings on their face to make them look like a fish lure. But that’s just me.
  5. And I get the feeling La Tech is going to pour it on.
  6. Just tuned into the game. My gosh, we look like shit! It’s the frigging uniforms I tell ya!
  7. LSU vs Arkansas should be a nail biter.
  8. No! We need 3 or 4 "ass kickin' DT's with a bad attitude towards offensive linemen".
  9. Even worse, 2309 were in attendance to watch this “spectacle”.
  10. In the eyes of many CUSA fans, there are only three teams that matter; Louisiana Tech, Marshall, and Southern Miss. Just ask them.
  11. IMHO, should have already happened.
  12. "We love our universitay, but for godssake dump the grey".
  13. Well that doesn't sound very encouraging.
  14. Does Mason Fine have a little brother?
  15. Whether from high school or Junior College, we need to sign 4-5 more just like him.
  16. Watched the game on the NFL network. Excellent, professional broadcast. Unlike Facebook streaming, the NFL Network even had ads!!
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