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  1. I've got to ask the question, why couldn't Wren, at the very least, waited until after the conference championship game this weekend to announce he was moving on? I'm really disappointed in him.
  2. So, we lose Wren (a big loss), and retain Seth?
  3. I'd like to have a couple of those offensive linemen from his team. Those guys are some real road graders.
  4. Ethan, let me ask you a question. What’s with the “hook-‘em-horns” hand sign in your Twitter post? Just curious. BTW, thanks for all those beautiful field goals and extra points you made for the Mean Green over the years. Hope to see you in the pros if your goals take you down that path.
  5. Getting Hudson Card to UNT would be a coup of epic proportions.
  6. Which brings up another issue. If Bennet decides to hang up his yellow coach's shirt for good, and Seth stays, is Littrell capable of hiring an adequate Defensive Coordinator?
  7. Fouls, turnovers, and missed shots. What a sloppy game.
  8. As token Texans fan, Houston should just clean house from top to bottom. I'm talking the "big shots" in their ivory towers and the overpaid players, and whomever heads up their draft day selection team. Worse Houston team I have ever witnessed. And for the most part, it started when they let JJ Watt leave the team a few years ago.
  9. UTEP vs nutsak is being streamed on Stadium. Game is tied up 31-31.
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