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  1. How many CUSA women’s teams got into the NCAAs? Just curious because I really don’t know.
  2. Judging by their athletic facilities, money thrown around to join conferences, and upward trajectory, I'd say they can be a worthy independent. But it will take time.
  3. Marshall in the CIT? They must have me confused with someone who gives a schit.
  4. This is a worthwhile post too. Thanks. And there is an entire industry in place. Just ask Al Gore.
  5. The middle of the pack CUSA costs us 6 games. And WKU has our number.
  6. Too many cream puffs on the schedule gave us a false sense of being a top shelf team. That, and not enough size. The big dude for WKU swatted away so many of our shots I lost count. And I didn't watch the whole game. I might add, coming off the CBI Tournament success, I sense this years scheduling was to keep the winning momentum going. And it worked for a while. Until we faced good CUSA opponents.
  7. Need to recruit big, better shooters. Live by the 3, die by the 3.
  8. Are we going to have to spank So. Miss. again?
  9. That will be on the highlights tonight!
  10. New England, or was it Buffalo?
  11. So easy even DeepGreen can use it. Well, almost.
  12. I bet at one time, maybe years ago, we tried to schedule ND and they didn’t want any part of the Mean Green. Hey, it could have happened under RV and he wanted a one for one.
  13. "Myrtle Beach Bowl: Newly-created ESPN-owned game will rotate between Conference USA, MAC and Sun Belt." Talk about the crumbs!
  14. Surely this doesn't happen in basketball. And LSU, no less. Wiretap On LSU Coach
  15. Does Koontz leaving have anything to do with our linebacker situation heading into the 2019 season?
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT2IQt-NLak I really like this version. Also, read some of the "English" comments. "This was great for the first 10 seconds, then the dude appeared. "
  17. Maybe Cortez should use her newfound political power to discuss polluting the environment with the Chinese. You know, the country that makes just about everything in the world. Those people pollute more than any other country, including the US and Indonesia. Should the U.S. do their part? Of course! The EPA monitors just about every industry that I've ever been around(refinery, petrochemical).
  18. Democratic Primary CANDIDATE VOTE PCT. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 15,897 57.5% Joseph Crowley* 11,761 42.5 27,658 votes, 98% reporting (440 of 449 precincts) * Incumbent
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