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  1. And UNT is standing around asking….. What just happened?
  2. We need to hang on to Grant.
  3. How does this kind of schit happen under our noses?
  4. Picked this up on the AAC Board NET rankings after last night gamesHouston #3Memphis #62Cincinnati #63SMU #66UCF #85Wichita St #88Temple #123Tulane #129ECU #139Tulsa # 159USF #217Future schoolsUAB #42North Texas #55Charlotte #141Rice #157FAU #196UTSA # 340
  5. Forget the NET. Forget playing for the 11-12 seed. Who do we play next? That's what we need to concentrate on. GO MEAN GREEN!
  6. Western Ky has always been a basketball school first.
  7. UNT is stepped on again? And we sit back and take it? I've never thought UNT was a well run University.
  8. I know we're talking basketball here but they might as well throw us in the FCS category.
  9. #89 sounds about right. Room for improvement.
  10. Adler, what did you say? I lost concentration when an ad came up showing a babe with huge tits holding a basketball. Sorry.
  11. I’m watching some of the Tx Tech vs Baylor basketball game. Why do their players look so much bigger, taller, and older than the players for UNT? I mean, their is such a huge difference. And they are very talented players. I feel like I’m watching seasoned, semi-pro basketball. Maybe D League. Are the cameras just closer to the action and not taken from the rafters like at the UNT Super Pit.?
  12. Drake vs North Texas at the old Snake Pit, 1967(?). But I’m sure I would have seen equally great games many years later had I been in Denton for any reason.
  13. I was at that TCU game with all of you " 'mfkers' ". "Throw the ball" was the first officially organized "UNT Chant" that still outlasts all others at any UNT game. And it isn't even close!
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