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  1. IIRC, Thomas chose us because of a program UNT had that helped those with a learning need/disability. I think he was dyslexic? He had some quality offers.
  2. @FirefightnRick I remember that texas game as well, and how deflating it was to see his YPG ago down. you are spot on with your numbers: 10 games with 1801 yards= 180.1 YPG 9 games w/1802 yards (those Texas carries amounted to -1 yard) = 200.22
  3. We’ve had a couple great classes. I think some of the players will emerge this year, and 2020 is the year we start to see the payoff in terms of overall roster depth.
  4. Found the full play-by-play Opening drive: CO quick 3-and-out UNT answer: 1st snap: (14:20 - 1st) Scott Hall (UNT) pass left side complete to Johnny Quinn (UNT) for 16 yards. 2nd snap: (14:10 - 1st) Jamario Thomas (UNT) rushed up the middle for a 60 yard touchdown. XP: (14:10 - 1st) Extra point by Nick Bazaldua (UNT) is good. I couldn't find a video of the full run, but I thought this find was really cool. I love driving Memory Lane. 2005 UNT Video Board Kick Off Video
  5. Wasn't his first touch at Colorado a 50+ yard TD scamper that involved a lost shoe? I heard he looked so fast, a kid no-one knew about, that the looks on the Buffs players' faces were hilarious. @FirefightnRick were you there?
  6. Completely agree. If people think we are on an up-and-up right now (not even 5 years in), just imagine what things could be like after 10. That’s 2 generations of 4-year students watching 7-10 win teams. Year in year out.
  7. It’s okay, we all notice that you can’t call it indoor practice field.
  8. It’s ironic to me that a driver that feels compelled to fly past me at 110 MPH feels some obligation to flip on his signal to let me know he’s about to change lane. like, he’s about to kill somebody but at least wants to show some courtesy before it’s all said and done.
  9. As far as finishing games, I think this is a trend that can be traced earlier. Not a habit that started with them.
  10. “Friendly”? I didn’t know this is a flag football game.
  11. You’re right but every time someone brings this up I am reminded of the Troy game years ago. i don’t remember how many TOs we had but there were at least 7 sacks had by our D and we still lost by ~35 points. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that game
  12. We're 7-10 versus the Bulldogs. Seems like we have more trouble beating them.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong: you're trying to separate the characteristic of color from the characteristic of country/origin. I don't know if that's entirely possible. I mean, by definition, you won't find "country of origin" in any dictionary for "racism", but given the history of the racist culture, the political usage, etc, I think the association is strongly implied. EDIT: These were US-born non-Whites. I can't get past the idea that, if they were white immigrants, he wouldn't be making these comments.
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