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  1. greenminer

    Is the game on anywhere in Denton area?

    My buddy tended the bar at Dusty's for the UA game. Maybe he even served you. I've personally never been, but I'm glad the suggestion worked out! I'll check it out the next time I visit Denton.
  2. greenminer

    Seth Littrell Wk. 4 Press Conference

    And, again, I have complete faith in my staff knowing that, if 1) we maximize our potential and, 2) prepare the right way, we will be successful. If you ask me, it's really a testament to the culture we've been talking about since day 1, and that applies top to bottom from our practice squad, to the starters, to our GAs and staff, and further up to Wren Baker and our administration. What you're talking about? I'm not really going to get too caught up in it; that's your job. That's the media's job. My job is to make sure these young men stay focused and understand that we need to reset. That's what I do. That's what I'm paid to do. I don't worry about what the media thinks. At the end of the day, it's not about the play. It's about graduating these young men and putting them in a position to be successful after they leave our program.
  3. Unfortunately for the Masons of the world, it won't mean they will change their approach to recruiting.
  4. greenminer

    Iconic Mean Green Football Moments

    Miracle in the Desert @FirefightnRick was there. I was not.
  5. I wonder how inspired the Blue Raider fan base was for Hicks. I think we need to take a hint from them and start a Heisman marketing website.
  6. greenminer

    Musers talking Mean Green at 8:15

    @Censored by Laurie
  7. greenminer

    Seth Littrell Wk. 4 Press Conference

    If you listen to this stuff as long as I have, you start to hear coaches speak so generically, with cliche after cliche, that many times they aren’t even answering the specific question. You could literally flip the answers around between all of the reporter questions and it wouldn’t conflict.
  8. greenminer

    Musers talking Mean Green at 8:15

    Of course, the counterpoint is that the drubbing got noticed because of the play. It was a banner week for the conference, and our win might have been lost in the noise if not for Brewer.
  9. I noticed the original tweet that started the rumor was from an ARK news guy, right? Makes you wonder to what lengths those P5 folks will go.
  10. greenminer

    What a sports week

    Fact: we are further removed from the NTSU name (30 years ago) than how long we were actually called NTSU (27 years). And the major media is still getting wrong (quickly changing, tho)
  11. greenminer

    MGN Podcast: 107 with Billy Sierra

    PocketCasts is freaking awesome. Playlists, plus you can control on a very granular level which ones you want to stream vs. download, how many episodes you want to hang onto, sorting new vs. old, and playback speed settings for each podcast. I "subscribe" to 160 podcasts, but I don't auto-download from all of them. Just a select few for my daily fix that auto-populate the player. Then, whenever I have time, I check in on whichever others I feel like. Soundcloud is silly and dated.
  12. Do you have a flag? No flag no country. Those are the rules that I just made up.