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  1. The crowds that would flock to Denton to see those in-AAC matchups would be better than we've seen in years.
  2. I see “you missed an FBS”, “UNT?”, “North Texas?” And a quote “no UNT. Ouch.” you and I have different definitions of “absolutely torching.” I would call that an observation. An embarrassing fact, but the comments aren’t torching us.
  3. I can imagine some video games - with virtual headsets, movement inside an arena with sensors - to be more physical than bowling and golf. I don't know if we are there yet. This all depends on one's definition of the term sport. It obviously varies.
  4. That's neat. I wasn't responding to you. My response would be, maybe it's time we reconsider the traditional definition of sport. Language evolves.
  5. The video game industry is already bigger than all the major sports leagues combined. It's coming, whether you think it should be or not.
  6. Pricing them out of the option. Makes it easier to handle the inevitable split when you know you aren't adding any more schools to the mix.
  7. Vintage white. This is a retro hat.
  8. If anyone is like me and was wondering what @Matt from A700 meant when he said "linear" broadcasts, here's a pretty interesting read about that stuff. Compares traditional linear TV to what they call OTT (Over-The-Top) TV. https://www.vplayed.com/blog/what-is-linear-tv/
  9. I'm not even sure what we're talking for here. What you think should be done with Rice, what you think Rice is trying to accomplish, what you think the AAC should do, and/or what you think the AAC will actually do?
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