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  1. "HONOR" doesn't count towards your schollie limit.
  2. https://apnews.com/article/arkansas-pine-bluff-texas-softball-aedd5355833d2cc608ea7efeefd556c1
  3. Good stuff. As someone who doesn't really follow the draft, it dawned on me that these workouts are probably very important to Darden's draft potential. Much more than the SEC guys. I'm thinking, if they are dwelling a lot on the CUSA-level of competition, they are going to look for everything they can find to justify his production, or prove it was an illusion. Guys who produce at the top level of NCAA competition and get de facto-placed at the top of these mock drafts, these workouts probably don't have a ton of value to them. At least, not as much.
  4. Y'all, this was the first perfect game in program history.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/colleges/perfect-ks-north-texas-pitcher-strikes-out-all-21-batters/2021/04/11/8ba3cfd2-9b32-11eb-b2f5-7d2f0182750d_story.html
  6. Just as an FYI, the portal has been around since 2018. Did we have a problem with it before the 2020 COVID rules? https://www.ncaa.org/static/champion/what-the-ncaa-transfer-portal-is/
  7. Do we know anything about a possible timeline on all this roster turnover? I know deadlines are probably no different than previous seasons, but all this portal activity has my head spinning. Would love to know when we can expect things to settle and dust to clear in Denton, America.
  8. One wraps too far around the back of the head, the other is cut off - looks more like the end of a wing. Wish there was some happy medium between the two. Viewable from the side and manages the entirety of the SOW.
  9. Please don’t confuse the G5/P5 labels with basketball. They were originally used for football, i believe to differentiate between those conferences with BCS contracts and those without. Could be wrong about that, but I know they were never meant to be for basketball. the media has been pretty lazy about that and compounding the problem. It kinda sucks to see it make its way into casual convo on our forum.
  10. I just felt like your OP that I responded to was a backhanded way of criticizing the way Mac handles the roster. I agree that you should try and put kids in. But there are legitimate reasons, like rest and experience, and there are extremely bad ones...like giving minutes just because you don't want a kid to transfer. Do. you really want a starter to find out that he is losing minutes in favor of a bench guy because your coach is afraid they'll transfer? With COVID and how uniquely easy it is for players to switch schools, I don't think now is a good time to play this card, what with so
  11. Even with 3 championships in 3 years, UNT has a long way to go before it can match the basketball prestige and brand of those three. A reasonable raise? Sure. Let's hold off throwing an amount of cash at McCasland that is in the realm of those mentioned above.
  12. He was responding to "Gonzaga, Butler, and VCU", right? We have a long way to go before we are anywhere near those programs.
  13. If you're like me and try to read between the lines, you consider maybe - just maybe - they flat out were not good enough.
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