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  1. I thought he’d be contributing major minutes on Day 1. Not sure about starting, but def not on the bench
  2. Okay, that dilutes my first sentence, but it's still a worthy question.
  3. Yeah, I was just having some fun. Obviously things happen, but it's usually due to some miscommunication or disconnect between parties involved. Not that we cannot accurately count/estimate this sort of thing.
  4. We can build mirrors in outer space that can point a ray of light at a dime located on the Empire State Building. We can calculate the path of a total solar eclipse, referencing the path of two objects that are 240,000 miles away and 99 million miles away respectively, and pinpoint that exact time in 2044 - 20 years out - to the month and day. But here is someone that questions our ability to accurate count seats in a football stadium.
  5. Most of them were recruited to fit McCasland's system. What if Hodge has a different vision for our system? Do you change the system to accommodate this loyalty/investment, or do you take advantage of the portal to put yourself in a winning position...sooner?
  6. I thought the one on this site was simply collecting the money and forwarding it to the LTT Collective. Am I wrong?
  7. "Coaches are gonna jump at the chance, too" is the number one response I read/hear when talking about student-athletes' lack of commitment. I don't see anyone going "damn, you're right. everything is financially equal now." It's like you keep throwing this hammer down, and you're hitting the wrong nail. Why is it not convincing anyone? Do people not want this to be about equal financial opportunity?
  8. My Mean Green Koolaid tells me that Hodge let these guys walk without a fight, that he has bigger plans and last season's roster was not ideal for him and his Mean Green vision. I honestly don't want to hear him say that publicly, though. It would be bad press. What I need, though, is for him to prove it.
  9. Right. Just like he deserved to be the starter last year @ Cal.
  10. It's there, I just didn't care enough to make the option visible.
  11. "He got married this weekend" *inserts picture of random couple* This has real potential as a bit. Maybe we can use it when HS recruits sign. Cameron Christian, DL c/o '26 has signed with the Mean Green. Congratulations!
  12. I had zero issue suiting up a guy who never played for UNT. I have zero issue suiting TP and Co again if they want to represent us. What takes priority here, your high horse or building UNT's brand? Get guys who want to help us win.
  13. Can we take a freaking break from the ass-whipping that is "....would like a word with you" response? It's not only overplayed, 99% of the time, it's hung on a thought that isn't well thought out and/or lazy.
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