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  1. In case you missed it, there’s a gold triangle further up north and they named a mall after it.
  2. I’m confused. How many Golden Triangles are in Texas?
  3. I think he probably wants to achieve something here, but will take a nice Oklahoma offer or something in the B12 that he sees as a good fit. KState was not a good fit or good timing. It's all speculation. Maybe he totally loves it here. If I'm Wren, however, I have a wishlist of replacements in case the decision has to be made.
  4. third down conversion rate is such a broad topic, it could be a ton of things. down and distance being one. Are we playing well enough to hold them to 3rd and long situations, or are we making 3rd downs easy for them and less than 3 yards? also, without looking at stats, it’s the opposite for our offense.i seem to recall a ton of shit 1st and 2nd down plays, putting ourselves in third in long scenarios. Can’t sustain drives that way. Can’t give the defense rest that way. Can’t win games that way.
  5. Lets just whoop their butts and move on. if anything, I hate SMU more than ever. I like the idea of hating Houston, too, but I know it ain’t a rivalry.
  6. Remain competitive with a T25 team, apparently is not enough.
  7. Yes, laughs and clicks at the expense of terrible football. It’s not good to be on this list, even if it is unscientific.
  8. I don’t think anyone who actually witnessed the Cal-UNT game would vote Cal that high AND put UNT that low. Seems contradictory.
  9. Oh man, Vizza is still in SA. Maybe my all-time favorite Mean Green player that didn’t pan out. Here’s what GreenMiner thinks about UTSA: They are our next opponent This is the week our team gets on the right track. Coaches will understand what we are (Siggers), and ride that train to the tune of 150+ yards for Tre. Fine will get his.* If the defense gets a shutout this year, this is the weekend it’ll happen. *I wonder what our record is like when looking at “Help for Fine”. For example, what’s our record when Fine gets his 350 ,and someone else (receiving or running) gets 100+? Compared to, say, Fine’s 350 and NO ONE gets 100+? Might be something to that. Might be nothing.
  10. Given our struggles at the start of the last two games, what would you change? I would like to see us start on offense instead of deferring to the 2nd half.
  11. If you went FUBO like I did last week, remember to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to be billed.
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