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  1. Does the NCAA really frown on CUSA soccer that badly? Apparently so?
  2. Maybe you’re right. but we’ve had one other player this generation that is in Masons stratosphere, and he didn’t get drafted. Booger. so, I’m skeptical.
  3. Downvotes for any and all posts that @ or quote the troll. the only reason I ever submit -1s.
  4. But they're paying him over 2 million. I'm sure Memphis has its own Ben, calling for higher expectations and a demand for the next level.
  5. Side note, Norvell has not won a bowl game yet.
  6. I think you’ve got the wrong Norvell (Nevada)? The right one (Memphis) blows the doors off Morris.
  7. I haven’t seen this team yet, and would like to know how we got here from being competitive with VCU.
  8. This sports opinion piece, based on what someone read online and With the generous input from the minds behind an unrelated financial service, is completely valid, right? right.
  9. For some, it’s school colors. For others, it’s KState-job-offer-locker-room-poisoning. to each his own.
  10. I like to think they’re a step up from that. Just enough that we acknowledge them as candidates in our athletics HOF. That isn’t done for the guy who finished the drywall.
  11. My understanding is this : 1) coaches are assigned regions, not positions, to recruit 2) said coaches find players of interest in their region. Seek counsel from the position coach and/or coordinator 3) SL and/or Coordinator will approve/disprove any schollie offer 4) original coach gets credit for “recruiting” the player. thats what I’ve gathered from posters over the years. I have no inside knowledge and could be completely wrong lol
  12. We are not trying to beat Texas and Bama for the 5 star players. There are plenty of players in Texas/AR/OK/LA, to find competitive CUSA players. I would rather figure out why we are overlooking so many good regional players that WANT us, rather than spend money flying out to Idaho to recruit a kid who’s never heard of us.
  13. Not gonna happen, but a fun hypothetical: would you like DD as our HC with Wren and our current resources? I wonder if we would see the same offense? What would his recruiting look like?
  14. Probably fueled the bunker/us-vs-the-world mantra that was associated with those teams.
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