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  1. greenminer

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    We win 44-14
  2. greenminer

    What a sports week

    Fact: we are further removed from the NTSU name (30 years ago) than how long we were actually called NTSU (27 years). And the major media is still getting wrong (quickly changing, tho)
  3. greenminer

    MGN Podcast: 107 with Billy Sierra

    PocketCasts is freaking awesome. Playlists, plus you can control on a very granular level which ones you want to stream vs. download, how many episodes you want to hang onto, sorting new vs. old, and playback speed settings for each podcast. I "subscribe" to 160 podcasts, but I don't auto-download from all of them. Just a select few for my daily fix that auto-populate the player. Then, whenever I have time, I check in on whichever others I feel like. Soundcloud is silly and dated.
  4. Do you have a flag? No flag no country. Those are the rules that I just made up.
  5. greenminer

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    I had no idea Turner Gill was the Liberty coach. Guys, he won a conference title in Buffalo by beating then 12th-ranked Ball State. freakin Buffalo His record doesn't scream best-coach-evar!, but the guy can pull a rabbit out of his hat every now and then.
  6. greenminer

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Just something to chew on: if the 2019 follows through and signs, we - including Seth - can take it as hard evidence that Denton can get over the hump and be even bigger than some of our B12 Texas football mates. If football becomes bigger in Denton-DFW, it would be even harder to consider leaving for Lubbock.
  7. greenminer

    Vote Mason Fine for Davey O'Brien Award!

    @madmaxx7 found it. I don’t think this is an apple-to-apple comparison with Brewer, but man Switzer was robbed a TD run!
  8. greenminer

    CUSA ST Player of the Week

    First time in a few years a team has swept these awards.
  9. I’ve got a plan: put our name in it, and the NCAA will take 2 years to review it. Then they’ll deny the application. Sorry Arkie, that’s how we roll.
  10. This will get traction in the interest of player safety. Take away that, and it's as ridiculous as a DL bitching because the QB drew him offsides.
  11. greenminer


    My only concern is the team not knowing how to handle success. I actually trust SL will say all the right things to prevent this, but I’ve seen rosters get too cocky for their own good before.
  12. greenminer

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    “I’ve heard from a Z State staffer myself that...” There it is again. The magic message board truth statement.
  13. greenminer

    Final Thoughts on UA Game from PokeyPig

    I'm not gonna feel sorry for UA. All that TV money. All those facilities.
  14. greenminer

    BTG 2018

    You're, who designed this?