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  1. Would we be giving SL even more if he had won a bowl game?
  2. I live in a universe where Art Briles got picked over other applicants on the HS level. The board approved this, unanimously.
  3. @TheReal_jayD never said anything about it being for UNT. I looked all over the thread title/original post. Feel free to screen other schools. I'm sure he's right about one of them.
  4. @KRAM1, all you have to do is acknowledge the college has gotten much more expensive beyond inflation and wage increase. If you want to teach us about financial responsibility and the issues with debt in our country, you can start another thread. I'm very interested in that topic. But that's not what this thread is about.
  5. Someone just posted that Uverse just dropped the NFL Network. Am I supposed to think this is an upward move by CUSA, or moreso a desperate move by the NFL Network?
  6. No cup holders for the beer (the aisle-long table is not a substitute), but plenty of hooks for your purses. hmmm...interesting
  7. Congratulations to our very own @Brett Vito. Your patience and hard work has paid off. #NoMoreLongWalks #ParkingPassShmarkingPass
  8. Black is a school color https://identityguide.unt.edu/create-our-look/color our mascot is the Eagle, our moniker is Mean Green I don’t consider college sports nomenclature to be complicated, but here is another writer not getting it the wording in this article ain’t technically wrong, but i consider it wrong in what it implies/says. Misleading
  9. What if the defense just gets a sack on every single opponent snap? I think that puts all this discussion to rest.
  10. I don’t think the NCAA will ever hand out the DP again.
  11. I know this is a loaded question, but how long would you say it took your gen to pay off student loan debt?
  12. You just simplified the Baylor scandals into one off-campus rape? I'm not sure but I don't think you have a full grasp of the Briles scandal, or if you are even aware of the Dennehy era.
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