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  1. If seen through the lense of a fan that wants UNT to take sports seriously, this article is a positive development. Any other spin on this and you're probably wanting a reason to whine about Vito.
  2. I'm done with what the media talking heads say about Trump. I've tried to put together the various sources of what he is actually doing, along with (hopefully) unedited video releases of his public speeches. Here are some of these bookmarks. If anyone has any more suggestions, I'm all ears. Federal Register of Executive Orders Factba.se Presidential Calendar. Also, they do transcriptions of all his speeches. [WARNING: Trump loves to golf. I mean, I knew he loved golfing but, when I saw the numbers, I was floored.) whitehouse.gov/1600Daily Other relevant links: Supreme Court's calendar and lists Congress floor calendars ...I think most of us know these sources are out there. It's just very easy for the common man to rely on the daily news cycle and get lazy about looking them up. They are important! They are the actual actions taken by our officials! Not what second-handers are saying. Lastly, I gotta admit: I personally find it off-putting that a president (Trump or anyone!) would take 2+ consecutive weekends off to golf in the middle of these times. I mean, a man needs his rest; but golly! he and I are just wired differently.
  3. So happy to be reminded of why I took a week+ off. BS political upheaval, "gotcha" language that doesn't really get anyone, and Lifer trying to police the board. Love you. See you again in a month. GMG
  4. 1967 wins. Voting is up for 2013 vs 2018, a choice that I dread making. I love defense so much (2013), but I also have a place in my heart for Mason. I think Brelan is the tie breaker here.
  5. I find it fascinating that the same article quotes two sources that say it was a heated exchange, then a few paragraphs later mention that admin officials say it was NOT heated. why do that? When faced with that kind of conflict, instead of investigating it further they just leave it out there. Almost as if knowingly creating or amplifying a divide, political or whatever. ive never heard of Wash Examiner but IMO this and the poor language at the top just doesn’t make them look good.
  6. Robert Redfield is a virologist, so I would consider him a step above a family physician. That’s a poorly-worded sentence that can lead one to believe Birx is the CDC director I trust you didn’t think that way. But I don’t think the physician was attacking the CDC, moreso just protesting the federal orders to stay at home. i would encourage people to consider what the majority view is among virology/epidemiology (Not just CDC) and factor that in. Not just handpick a small collection. regardless, of it hasn’t been posted already, I would say we are at the point (maybe past?) where keeping the economy closed might hurt more lives than reopening. i don’t know how you would calculate or predict the numbers. Just something to think about as we all would like to save as many lives as possible.
  7. Family physician vs. epidemiology, so.... A scientist who likens this to a season flu. I roll my eyes at that, but FINE! I will revisit the numbers again to see how they compare. I don't think this was enough to be pulled down, though.
  8. 2003 beats 2018 by 10 points and never feels compelled to brag on Instagram about it.
  9. Well yeah. I want to enjoy a football game. I'm down for this.
  10. So the previous 70 years were not worth it? That can't be what you're saying. Look, if the MWC called I would definitely take it over any possible CUSA/SBC merger. In the grand scheme of things, it's a no-brainer. But abandoning some of these schools from the SBC/CUSA (especially the Louisiana schools) feels like I'm trading in the weekly fireside hang with favorite beer and friends, for a corporate date at a party in DC sponsored by White Claw. You're gonna appreciate everyone and people are gonna throw enough money around. But you're not sure if you will see them again anytime soon and you get tired of all the flight miles. It's what everyone needs to do, but you know in your heart of hearts that the only reason you're doing it is because everyone else is doing it.
  11. Having drivable road games every weekend, incredible BBQ tailgates with an opponent fan base that shares the same region as you. That’s freaking college football man! Don’t ever let that get buried behind all this talk of media and prestige.
  12. I saw this last night. I appreciate Mcconaughey's sense of humanity, and tip my hat to Fox News for airing it.
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