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  1. On a serious note: No, he doesn't need to be a cheerleader. This isn't the Hayden Fry era where coaches double as AD, and walk door to door to promote their athletes. We have entire an entire staff, including paid positions, that are there to market and connect to fans. GM is dynamic and IMO that's bonus. It's not needed. Not a job requisite. What I need HCs to do is 1) figure out how to win games. That's it. As far as personality requirements? Just don't burn bridges. And, honestly, a small house fire won't get you the pink slip if you're winning a ton.
  2. Bennett is beloved around Waco, among the Baylor sports circles. It's not that he's any official spokesman for our team, it's just that they like to talk to him a lot, about what he's doing lately and CFB in general.
  3. How do you come to this? I’m of the the impression that 1) more than these two schools contacted KD, and 2) Jimbo and those SEC schools are all dirty. Kiffin just doesn’t care about playing the media to try and mask it.
  4. Interesting to link the drop in recruiting with a lack of contract extension.
  5. I don't care who it is! We just need the player to be a massive level up from 2021!
  6. I no longer feel like a bowl game means we are heading in the right direction.
  7. I've hard the Sun Bowl can accommodate 50K+...? Maybe this is the difference between seats and standing room availability When they are winning and gettin 35 thousand in attendance, it is definitely loud. The bowl is tucked into a leg of the Franklin Mountains, effectively making it a speaker cone. It's possibly to feel the concrete vibrate/shake.
  8. GreenMiner, breathe! Some people will just never stop responding to trolls.
  9. What's his 40? Or his 100 dash? EDIT: Found it. 4.4 40, 10.6 100
  10. He's C/O 2024. Maybe it's so early the ratings guys haven't bothered with him yet.
  11. I don't think you look like "next in line" just because you're the DC/OC, or an assistant. What makes you think that about Bloesch and Bennett?
  12. Would be cool to have some kind of plan in place, a plan that grooms him into our next coach. The dude BLEEDS green. Has NFL skins, and from my view appears to have the rare ability to take all of that and communicate/coach it into his students. I don't know if we will ever see him as a HC in Denton, but I certainly hope we at least give him the next step as an assistant, coordinator, or associate.
  13. You don't know whipped until you go 3-8, including a 59-0 loss to Boise State, then start 0-5 the next season after losing to a LaMoe team that was 0-4. Then you're next opponent is a 5-0 MTSU team that was averaging 7+ yards PER SNAP, and had a TE that was at least 6'7". Talk about clocking out. But I was in the marching band and went. Then I witnessed a 72+ yard punt and a miracle. You don't know whipped unless you've seen us get beaten so badly week after week with a high school coach that was so over his head, you could hear the opposing defense reading our O and calling out the exact play we were going to run. Play after play. I saw it on a Thanksgiving weekend game, playing WKU in a snow storm and you could count the fans in the stands. Guys, our program's fanbase is one of the most pissed on communities in the history of this game. The media rarely gets our name right. Our administration abandoned our program decades ago that has set us back in so many ways. Coaches have given up on our roster. I'm glad we are frustrated NOW, because it means standards are higher. But don't mistake this frustration for the worst era in history. I feel like it is not even close.
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