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  1. It might not mean anything, but I think Wren talks a very good talk. The guy presents himself in a way that's about as professional and articulate as I have ever seen. Again, might not mean a damn thing to TN. Just my 0.02. Curious what hires people think are ho-hum. Some people don't even put the SL hire on him.
  2. 2019 Season opener vs ACU was his best yardage. 4-156 + 1 TD 2018 vs. Rice was his best yardage against FBS. 4-145 + 1 TD 2018 Incarnate Word was his best scoring game, to the tune of 3 TDs
  3. 244 career NFL games Brady has played in 301 Derek Thompson has played in 0
  4. Just think about this: how many 28 year old former-baseball-turned-college- QBs win the Heisman AND a national title? all of them. The answer is all of them
  5. I wonder if Aune adopts a more confident mindset with Bean no longer living in his shadow.
  6. I think some people need to consider that SL and Co. didn't make much of an effort to design more plays suitable for him. Just my 0.02.
  7. He was a weapon. I wish we could have found more creative ways to utilize him, but maybe he didn't want to be moved away from QB. Best wishes to Bean.
  8. Anyone who hears this, and remembers Skladany, shouldn't just assume that 65-ish year olds are tired or unemotional.
  9. Any consideration that this "integrity" bit might just be lip service? We're talking about the SEC here.
  10. I'm grateful for the inside sources some of y'all have. Feel free to share, but also realize the obvious: one or two people don't necessarily reflect the opinion of the whole. Additionally, it's my experience that people who "abandon ship" tend to be the ones that make things look worse on their way out than they actually are. There's nothing I can add to this thread. 1) yes, we see a ton of players leaving and, 2) yes, the recruiting is looking bright. Appreciate your insight.
  11. you would think, but then there are the Feldts of the world.
  12. The hogs up front. Stable of horses to run the ball. Ballhawk DBs.
  13. Never thought of GH's relationship with SL that way.
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