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  1. greenminer

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    lol I just read through his posts (within that thread). I got a good laugh. I mean, he's actually quite good. On the troll/shock-value scale (1-10), I give him an 8.5
  2. greenminer

    Bryce English

    Seems like we get single season performances like freshman Jamario once every 5-10 years. A guy like Fine who will set school career marks...every 20-ish years? Not sure if I'll ever see another Booger, though. Not only did he fit the description above, but he did it at a G5 school. A P5 wouldn't let that kind of DT slip through in this day of Twitter/YouTube. Best wishes to Bryce for a quick recovery.
  3. greenminer

    Basketball Scandal?

    ..are the guys that did this in jail or not?
  4. greenminer

    A modest proposal

    Fine had 200 yards in the 1st Q. im with you on running the ball. Just saying, it’s amazing how good we are when everything is clicking.
  5. greenminer

    UNT Teams With Affinity Licensing
  6. greenminer

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    SL hasn't recruited linemen well, not even compared to our conference. Which is the point I was trying to make: a potential employer is going to look at his record here and should also see what level of recruit he's doing it with. IMO, I think it's remarkable.
  7. greenminer

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    If I'm a potential employer, and I'm good at it, I'm not only looking at the numbers (W-L, stats), I'm looking at our recruiting class rankings from the last 3-5 years, and how they compare to our conference peers. Maybe you can split a few hairs with what he's done here with these classes but I think it is unwise to ignore it.
  8. greenminer

    Texas A&M Commerce 11/14/18

  9. greenminer

    Unbelievable Stat

    I think it was the switch in shooting from left to right hand.
  10. greenminer

    Ball State vs Western Michigan. Nobody There

    P5s can’t claim to be completely separate from us yet, but they do a damn good job keeping us off weekend TV.
  11. Reset. Dominate the eight. Play to the last whistle.
  12. Woolridge is exceptional when he pushes the ball up the floor. Possibly top 3-5 I've ever seen.
  13. greenminer

    UNT ODU Game Video Highlights

    Dumb question: Is Q our regular holder on FGs?
  14. I am looking forward to seeing how Coach manages that depth.