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  1. I'm giving it a hard look and see several programs making aggressive moves to be at the top of the AAC. Meanwhile, our administration just lost its leader, and some leadership still out there wants to try and keep a coach that is barely above 0.500 and has never won a title or a bowl game after 7 years because of marginal improvement within a conference that has been surpassed by the Belt in terms of quality play.
  2. @Harry, remove if not allowed. I know the board used to have a chat room: Do we have anyone interested in a live chat for the game? For all of us that cannot make the game? I have everything setup in Discord.
  3. I think @ThatMeanGreensuggested that Wren has been interviewing for several years now to get out of Denton. I wish he (or anyone) could elaborate on that. All I've seen is what people have been complaining about this football season, and the hesitation to pull the trigger with SL.
  4. The guy has been on the rise forever. Hard to find anything negative about him except stuff coming from people that were negatively impacted by his rise. People either fired to make room for him, fired by Wren to make room for his people, or posters on this board that have been waiting for him to fire SL. Overall, the praise by his peers (not just UNT) has been glowing. In a matter of 4 posts, you displayed some isight but also an obvious flag that you don't care for the guy.
  5. Traylor? I suppose its possible, but I find it hard to believe he would accept that after turning down TTech. I think he wants something bigger to leave UTSA.
  6. We can't have a disappearing act from our WRs tomorrow. We must get Shorter and Co some touches.
  7. I am skeptical anyone in the administrative world was taking those people seriously.
  8. Y'all. Someone got hired away from UNT, not fired. This is a good thing. Wish it happened at the FB HC position.
  9. The “announcement” was a couple leaks from reporters with inside sources, right?. Looks like he chose to roll with it and confirm, rather than let it linger.
  10. I'm sure some of them will be like, "I do what I do with or without the AD." It's not a stretch, however, to think some of them call this place their family and are impacted by change in leadership.
  11. Or maybe there is truth to the rumor that the FB hire is made by someone else. But ignore me and fight for your right...to be annnngrrrry.
  12. Adjusted for accuracy. The apathy that permeates across DFW for UNT didn't just wake up to freak out about this loss. No giant panic is going to flood the local news rooms. Would love to see it though!
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