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  1. So that's the beef? Apparently a generation of folks think that putting "University of" in the front of the name should be reserved for one - maybe two - institutions in each state?
  2. This rounds out our roster very well. I am optimistic we will continue to compete for conference titles.
  3. If they keep putting out content like this I'm gonna lose a lot of working hours.
  4. Original si.com article https://www.si.com/college/wyoming/mens-basketball/mykell-robinson-opts-for-north-texas-over-wyoming-and-minnesota author is https://twitter.com/TracyRingolsby
  5. Heard it through a grapevine that Javion wants to transfer to play the 2. Thinks he can get a waiver to not sit out.
  6. Renfro's recommitment means nothing is for sure, not that it means nothing at all. Personally, I think it's pretty cool to see the future Mean Greeners interacting with each other. Dreaming big. Talking about taking things to a new level. etc
  7. We are heading to where I considered a few weeks ago: In a pandemic, there is no quality balance. You either attack it with aggressive NPIs and choke it, or you lose. Then, when all is said and done and for example social distancing worked, you get low numbers. So you inevitably end up with a crowd that looks at those numbers and (wrongly) claim that the NPIs were not necessary. I know this is frustrating, but you either over-react, or you lose. There is no in-between.
  8. Social distancing reduces deaths. When the curve is flattened enough so health care isn’t overwhelmed, less people die because more people are getting the necessary health care to survive.
  9. Yeah weird And new to me too. would like to see him brag about his new Mean Green family. Start retweeting the coaches and interacting with your fellow class commits. Maybe he will do that.
  10. Drive-through testing available for Fort Worth-area residents with coronavirus symptoms
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