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  1. Wren is the best AD we have ever had at UNT. Aside from the still unresolved issues with our football program, Wren has hit it out of the park with most of the other sports. I can't fault the guy for moving to a school that will pay him $1.1 million a year. No married man has a wife that would let them turn down that kind of money. He is leaving so we must wish him the best and move on. Hopefully Wren will sign a nice home and home with us as a parting gift. And, hopefully Jared Mosley gets serious consideration for the AD job. He knows the current plan for growth as we transition into the AAC.
  2. Look, I really just want to enjoy the Rice win. I didn't ask fans to start pimping a Littrell extension. If some fans are going to do that, then don't be surprised when others point out the flaws with that logic. So.... Yes, this season UTSA eked out 3 conference wins against those three programs that will all play in bowls this season. For comparison, of UNT's 12 regular season games, Littrell beat exactly 1 team that will play in a bowl this season. Just a little more perspective. Even so, I really do hope Littrell can lead us to a win Friday. Go Mean Green!
  3. Sure, Rice fought hard and did their best. I take nothing away from their effort. They just are not a very good team.
  4. Littrell supporters need to tap the breaks. Today we squeaked out a 4 point win at home against a 5-6 Rice team, that we were favored to beat by 14 points. Let's keep this in perspective.
  5. I'll chime in on this. I don't care about down votes. They don't deter me from posting what I think, and I don't think they should go away. But, I do respect when someone posts their counter point and tells me they gave me a down vote.
  6. Not a fan of the MOB. Back in the 70's and 80's they had some quality insults. Now their attempts to be witty always seem to fall flat. I think their day has passed. In their current form they appear more like a small collection of vagrants, than an edgy halftime show.
  7. If the AAC ever goes back to divisions, or moves to having 3 permanent rivalry games... I'd like to see our SMU game be played as our first conference game of the season. The Rice game played on Halloween every season. And, the UTSA game always be on Thanksgiving weekend. I just like the idea of having set dates that I can schedule around.
  8. You're probably right. Personally, I'd like it if Wren let the season ticket holders vote on the uniforms one week.
  9. It's kind of sad that we have to promotional/discount tickets when UNT is fighting for a shot at the conference title game against a team we hate. I think this speaks volumes about the apathy our fan base has towards Littrell's continued leadership. Having said that, we will be setting in our seats, just like we did back in 2013 when we had "the Stand" on Halloween night. Hoping for another magical performance by the Mean Green.
  10. Believe me, I'm no fan of the 21st century. Unfortunately, most younger fans (those born around 1995 or later), seem to have no idea just how sh!tty they have it.
  11. Thompson really liked UNT. I believe the MWC was ready to make a move into Texas and the AAC wasn't looking for competition.
  12. The other Frisco Bowl's logo on the 50. The overwhelming feel of the game being played on a soccer field. And especially the fact that everywhere I went, they wouldn't accept cash. They wanted me to use my cards, and I don't like using cards. Even at Apogee, I pay with cash. A third-rate bowl like either of the Friscos should be glad to take cash, instead of inconveniencing the attendees.
  13. I agree 4 would have made more sense. But, ESPN gets what ESPN wants. And remember, at the time of the decision we were the biggest head-scratcher of the bunch. But if it were just 4, I'd have picked UNT, UAB, UTSA, & Rice. Rice has history, money, academic respect, and a national brand. FAU has none of those qualities and seems to be regressing. Have two divisions... East: ECU, Memphis, South Florida, UAB, Temple. & Tulane. West: UNT, SMU, Rice, UTSA, Tulsa, & Navy. I think those would be 5 great annual match-ups UNT fans would show up to watch.
  14. The answer is still "No thanks". That entire experience sucked. If UNT ever goes back to that P.O.S. I'll watch the game from home.
  15. Not ideal, but better than Frisco. I'll never go to Frisco for another bowl game.
  16. No. None of the things you have listed are enough to merit his return. Littrell has not progressed UNT's football program to a point deserving of any extension. There is an argument that he should have been let go after last season. After 6+ years as UNT's head coach, he is about a .500 coach, with the majority of his wins against losing programs. And while competing in C-USA (arguably the weakest conference in the FBS) Littrell has recorded no conference championships and no bowl wins. UNT now has more to offer a new coach. We need to set higher expectations as we move to the AAC, not hope our 6+ year project finally figures things out in a tougher conference.
  17. Let's be honest about this loss. UNT lost because Littrell and company got out-coached. UAB made the halftime adjustments and scored 24 points in the second half, while UNT didn't and scored 0 points. Our players either didn't do what they were told... were never told to do what they needed to do... or didn't understand what they were being told to do. Any way you slice it, our players didn't make the plays, and the blame falls on our coaches. You can't polish a turd. This loss is what it is. UNT is still a team that is not ready to compete against an AAC schedule next year. Beating the crap out of FIU last week was great, but it was just FIU. WKU (7-4) is still the only winning team Littrell and company have beaten this season. And, 3 of our 5 loses were to teams that currently have records of .500 or worse. Only 3 of C-USA's 11 teams have winning records right now. And only 3 teams on our 12 game schedule currently have winning records. Even with this incredibly weak schedule, we are struggling to back into a spot in the conference title game. Every Mean Green fan should be concerned about what we saw today.
  18. Fit check.... This look is unique and clean. It stands apart from all other uniforms in FBS football. Should we get to the title game against UTSA, I hope we wear them again. UNT would be wise to continue embracing these throwbacks. The extra ESPN press is just proof of their appeal.
  19. It was a great day. Great UNT win, with great weather. Just a perfect fall afternoon. Plus, we now stand on the edge of an all-Texas C-USA title game between two programs that are both leaving for the American. And, I really want some revenge against UTSA.
  20. Overall, I love the look. It just doesn't get more unique or dynamic than the old school two-tone green with white on white. The grey facemask is the perfect touch. I'm old and miss the days when grey was the only color on a facemask. I wish they'd make this our regular away game uniforms.
  21. Quality win today. Great job all around. UNT is now a dominating 3-0 versus the programs that will be remaining in C-USA. UNT 31 UTEP 13 LT 27 UNT 47 UNT 40 WKU 13 UNT has beaten these teams by a combined score of 118- 53.
  22. This is the first quality win UNT has had since beating UTSA last season. With that said, I'll stick with my statement from last week. Players make the plays coaches coach them to make. Our coaches did a great job this week and the evidence is on the tape. I saw our offense executing creative plays. And, defensive players were staying home and taking care of their responsibilities. Sure, C-USA is very weak this season, but we are clearly among the better teams this year. Right now, I just want to enjoy this win.
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