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  1. Didn’t realize Dallas Cowboys were recruiting and snatching 3 star prospects and underclassmen from the transfer portal. Are fall Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays The only time prospects can visit UNT campus? How did Lil Ole private school TCU get back to national prominence after being left out of the Big 12? How did SMU ever get ranked again after being left out of the Big 12 and before that getting the death penalty? The pro football thing only applies to game attendance. Stop it with the excuses. The self-inflict it wounds here are too numerous to recount here. And I am in the opinion that we are witnessing another wound infliction by retaining an offensive 0.500 coach whose offensive specialty (remember let it fly) has been on a downward/flatline trend 3 straight years. You can support this team without making excuses for them. Show me “we beat UTSA” trophy. Where were we ranked after that great victory? Did we get a good bowl game because it with an opponent people knew and wanted to see from that UTSA victory? I know UTSA got a CUSA championship trophy after that and in spite of that “devastating” lost. And yes we can beat them and there is no excuse for not beating them 2 out every 3 times for the first 15 years of their program. But minus this freakishly bad weather game we would be below 0.500 to them right now 9 years into this rivalry. Seth should already be gone and saying things like “San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas with no pro competition” is kind of logitech keeps mediocrity going here. There are too many resources here to have any Excuse for consistent mediocrity and more really bad seasons than really great seasons. I challenge you to look at the other 12 Texas schools that play FBS level football over the past 10 years look at their resources comparing them to ours and our outcomes. I think you will come to the conclusion that we drastically underachieving. So giving copious kudos points for a victory over a 10 year old program just doesn’t make sense to me. Especially when it barely got up to 6 win threshold without beating 6 FBS teams. At the end of the regular season we were still sub 0.500 against FBS teams. Then topped it off with a hard fought loss against Juggernaut Ohio St—- I mean Ohio Bobcat— er I mean Miami of Ohio, Yes The victory over UTSA was fun but it shouldn’t have saved Seth’s job by itself because it was a bad season. It wasn’t a disaster but, it was bad. A below 500 record against FBS teams season is a bad season. We should be better than UTSA we should be like 6-3 at worst against them and have a CUSA title like they do.
  2. Exactly and that is not even mentioning that UTSA started their program from scratch in 2009, and UAB shuttered their program for 2 years.
  3. Now there is an update that is wanted.
  4. You've got to bear those teams you bring in nobody cares about consistently. And the only teams we beat consistently OOC are FCS teams. I think it is more important to have later season OOC games against big brand schools. You don't have to win but you need try be within 10 points going into the 4th quarter to get positive feedback from media and unaffiliated fans
  5. The Antonio Brown experiment hurt him drastically. Darden is perfect take at least 1/3 of the snaps they would have with a WR in the slot. With AB there he took all those snaps. Not to mention being a A-hole that I don't think would mentor a young player it turn from a great situation to a challenging one when AB joined the roster.
  6. A running backs coach from almost 20 years ago? Is this someone we’re dreaming of bringing back as head coach? I don’t see why he is interesting enough to warrant an update unless he had stated he dreams of being a college football head coach this region of the country. He is more likely to retire before coming back here.
  7. I believe this will be way more damaging to the fan experience than NIL or transfer rules. NIL nor transfer rules ended rivalries Conference re-alignment did. Now you may no longer even be guaranteed some annual rivalry games even with teams in the same conference. Rivalry games get me to watch teams I am not necessarily invested in.
  8. To even be on GMG.com you have to part of the smallest most patient FBS fanbase in Texas short of UTEP & Rice. I mean with all those winning seasons and big time bowl games we have to be spoiled. Some are still patiently waiting for a baseball program to get started. 😂
  9. We can compare offer list all day but it is all speculation. There are many factors determining whether a player with all the physical tools and good highschool tape don't get offered by a particular P5 school. It is a crap shoot, especially at QB, on who pans out and who doesn't. If we were talking about any other position I would put more weight into the differences between P5 offer list. You can take 3 guys at any other position in the same class and they all get significant playing time or they could change positions easier and have an impact.
  10. The coaching that was my main point.
  11. Exactly and Ruder had an injury history that was used as an excuse for Mean Green fans thinking a healthy Ruder would take CUSA by storm. Seth can recruit QB’s with the desired physical attributes but can he coaching them up? The answer has been a resounding “No". The best QB here he has had by a huge margin is the guy we got because most thought he was too small for D1 football. I see another Ruder that pushes the original Ruder down the depth chart maybe.
  12. Absolutely spot on. A 6-6 bowl team just keeps the diehards hanging on. Doesn’t help recruiting nor attendance.
  13. I know it might give them a nasty taste in their mouth but financially it is the best move for all 3 schools.
  14. So LSU goes to the playoff instead of Alabama is a shocker SEC upset we have never seen before. 🙄
  15. This is the truth. NIL money comes from fans of the programs and not the schools directly. It is has never been about bringing the Longhorns, Sooners, or Aggies to Denton. If that is what a fan was hoping for you are about generation late. It was possible when we were with Boise State in the Big West. They made all the right moves since that time and we didn’t. The 2000 Dickey led program should have been moving into a new stadium and indoor practice facility. Apogee was 11 years too late if not more and the indoor practice facility was at least 20 years too late. Dickey or his successor could have been our Gary Patterson with those resources in place. No one knows what will exactly happen. The notion of going D2 it’s kind of silly. You think attendance is bad now, what is it look like a D2? I grew up in this area and partially because I never saw UNT athletically playing against Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU, Houston and etc, I never thought of UNT being on par with them academically. Only after going off to the military and thoroughly researching just because this is home did I realize UNT could fit my needs just as well as those other schools. And to be clear NIL didn’t deal the death blow to program if it is to die. It was a long list of missteps going all the way back to dropping down to FCS and sucking at that level also. It was also on the academic student life side fostering a commuter school culture during that time. Denton for the longest time seemed virtually hostile to the idea of being a college town. Mix that all together and you have a recipe for alumni apathy and disconnection with school. I am good friends with older Alumni that I have known my whole life and have NEVER seen them in UNT gear (sport focused or otherwise). So in conclusion I don’t know what you were trying to achieve but dropping down to D2. Hell let’s go full No Athletic scholarships for sports if you are all about saving money.
  16. The goal is to get more fans. And the 8 wins definitely won’t be the reason fans depart it will the next sub 6 win season that will likely immediately follow it. Seth stuck here for another 3-4 years with a large buyout. You are stuck on this 55th 🙄. It is the conference ranking that matter but you miss that point and are stuck on the national ranking. Whether G5 or P5 your program isn’t winning anything of significance if your recruiting classes consistently rank near the bottom of the conference you are in. Even with a 55th ranking and struggling to get to 0.500 in conference play likely has your team at home unless you have a weak out of conference schedule that you go undefeated in regularly.
  17. Not sure why this section was added. My statement was all about judging Seth’s recruiting classes vs his conference rivals. If you are asserting that 55th nationally while being last in your division is good, I need you explain. And for the better part of his tenure factoring in resources, time to establish the program and salary vs his conference peers he has been a poor investment. I stand by everything I wrote. If other CUSA coaches can get hired AFTER Seth and exceed everything he has accomplished he in a shorter amount of time the bar for 2022 should be high (Divison Championship or Bust). Since you want to draw out this hypothetical I will go there with you. BYU is 55th this year. That only has them ahead of Kansas & KSU in the Big 12 they are joining in 2023. (It also has them behind UCF, Cincy, & Houston who will join after 2023). Guaranteed their leadership are happy about that. The recruiting rank in conference are far more important than national rankings. Your recruiting ranking against teams that won’t be on your schedule while those recruits are still eligible don’t matter. 7 wins can’t be the bar here because most like that just means they are 6-6 against FBS level opponents. If this program isn’t hitting 8 wins 2 out of every 3 seasons without playing 2 bodybag games a season it won’t be sustainable at the FBS level eventually. [That drop down might be inevitable given the way economics of the P5 schools are changing. But keeping a barely above mediocre coach to keep a few diehard coming to games will only accelerate its drop down out FBS.] I still believe we have a ton of potential fans locally waiting to buy into program once we shake that “perennial loser trying to be mediocre” image. You only do that by consistently winning. (8+ wins as long as you are G5 level and don’t have home & home series with regional P5 programs. If we are playing teams like Houston, OSU, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, KSU Colorado, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and CSU every year and getting them in Apogee every other year hanging around 0.500 is sustainable to build a fan base). Seth has shown us it is going to be exceptionally hard for him to hit that +8 win mark consistently. So you are betting against his history here to retain him.
  18. I really doubt that. If forgoing 1/5 ( more than likely 1/3 if the player is talented enough to think he could get an increase) of your potential NIL by wasting your eligibility sitting out would be super dumb. And it could back fire and basically end your college career and hurt your draft prospects.
  19. The topic was D lineman at UNT. I responded to someone waxing nostalgic about really great DT we had during Dickey’s tenure. My response is to point out North Texas is a very different program today, NCAA rules are drastically different, and our schedules are much harder than they were during that time. I believe Booger got to play a few games in the NFL if I not mistaken. I don’t think any DT on the roster get a NFL camp invite once they out of NCAA eligibility. 🤷🏽‍♂️ So these guys staying here pushing the starters to keep their job might be a good thing.
  20. I remember a well coached defense playing in a weak Sun Belt. That early Dickey run had recruiting advantages over those smaller rural colleges. Booger would probably transfer to a P5 school with the current rules or go to a P5 before stepping foot on Apogee.
  21. Bowls don’t hold the same value as they did 25 years ago. Ohio nor North Texas get a bowl invitation with the season they had if this were 1999. I think it would be technically be a resignation with Seth still getting the buyout for the 2023 season. I doubt they agree to a short term extension with the same base salary that covers the 2025 season. And I doubt he want to coach the last year of his contract without any security and it makes recruiting extremely hard also. That isn’t a good situation for the coaches, players, fans, or school/program. I think true lame duck head coaches (that Aren’t coordinators filling in for a fired head coaches are very rare in college football). Hell the only instance in the pros I can think of that weren’t extended mid lame duck season or fired before the end of the season was Jason Garrett with the Cowboys. In the pros you have a guaranteed allocation of new players through the draft. They have to play for the team that drafted them if they play in the league at all. No recruiting based on your reputation necessary.
  22. I think we are in a College Football economic bubble. Long term I expect the next contracts after this renewal round gold rush & realignment to go down. NIL might be blamed but I think it will be a scapegoat. I am a college football fan, a Mean Green fan, not fan of a particular conference. So the more concentrated the attention is all SEC & Big 10 games that I don’t bother to watch already (unless I get an upset alert with less than 5:00 minutes to go) the less I will watch. I don’t think I am in the minority of fans without ties to an SEC or Big 10 school. I think this will be reflected in the ratings over these new contracts and they will be adjusted accordingly next go round. Not to mention the decline of cable in general. And I am definitely not paying to stream a Big 10, or SEC Network Al La carte like Netflix. And the collective streaming services that mimic cable won’t have the same amount of money to pay these conferences. What do you guys think? Are we entering a bubble with way too much positive speculation on revenue growth for the SEC & Big 10?
  23. It is over for him here. If they bring him back with anything less than a division title or 10 wins a lot of fans on the fence will depart. I don’t think you could risk that going into a new conference. Also I doubt he signs a short term or low buyout extension if he manages a wining record short of the goals I mentioned. The job only gets harder in the AAC. I think leadership is looking at his recruiting class vs future AAC rivals more than the national rankings. At least I hope they are. Who cares if we are 55th in recruiting nationally but 9th in the AAC and last in our divsion of the AAC?
  24. Dropping truth bombs like this is often frowned upon at this establishment. Go back to drinking a vodka & Lime green Kool Aid and back away from the computer and everything will be alright.
  25. I just don’t see 7 wins without major injury luck in our favor. They might get to 5 with enough games left on the schedule to hit 7 but once they get there the door will slam on that possibility very quickly.
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