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  1. Stop making these tired excuses. I am from Denton and the “loathing” is overblown. This program has had several opportunities over the years to change it reputation locally and blew it every time. Losing to La Tech on the auspicious occasion of unveiling mean Joe Green’s statue 2 weeks after getting national love for beating Arkansas soundly. (This is just the most recent example). They would go on that season to lose up UAB in their second season coming back from shuttering their program for a year. They topped that disappointment by losing to powerhouse ODU who only started playing at the FBS level in 2014. Not done squandering all their momentum they topped off that season getting destroyed on national TV* by Utah State. Giddy in the off-season for ALMOST doing something they gave Seth a raise and extended him till 2023. If you win here people will open their pockets and show up to games. Follow up with me on my theory when we win. The ONLY significant advantage UTSA has over us is not having a long history of losing most of the time. The program has EARNED that reputation One of Seth’s few big wins against a good team was against UTSA with a perfect record. This program has NEVER been 6-0 *Please note that since the Arkansas game was on the SEC Network and the Bowl game beat down was on ESPN main; it is highly likely more TV viewers saw us get embarrassed live than saw the Arkansas game live.* Below is Apogee Stadium 9/10/2011. We weren’t coming off Championship. We were coming off a bad season and just hired McCarney. How many games below 0.500 do you think this program is from then till now knowing McCarney got fired with only one winning season here and Seth under 0.500 right now? I posted a picture from last Saturday can you guess what created that “apathy”? I remember Dallas Cowboys games being blacked out locally in Laundry’s last years. The ownership was losing money and they sold. Jerry is a lot of things that aren’t good as the owner but at least he understood you can’t sell a loser no matter where the freaking market is!
  2. I definitely can see why you have that sentiment. But this program has earned its reputation with the fans. There isn’t another FBS program in the state that would pay competitively in their conference and keep a below 0.500 coach going in year 7 with no championships or bowl wins. Right now the program is throwing money and hoping for the best from football. That doesn’t cut it. Most programs in the state your coach is top 3 paid in conference, he gets fired before starting season 6 let alone season 7. Leadership has wagered big time on Seth to minimally go through this season with one conference loss maximum. The fans are laughing because this program doesn’t demand high performance or even 9 win seasons. 9 win G5 programs aren’t ranked at the end of the season.
  3. That is the thing, it isn’t hype it is winning something tangible. When conference championship on the line, bowl game or even huge hyped home game (like Mean Joe’s statue unveiling) his teams come up small. Usually the by double or more of the betting line. If we had ONE season like UTSA’s within the last 7 years without just struggling to get to 0.500 the rest of the 7 years no way the student section looks like that yesterday. Do you realize the last time North Texas won a conference championship today’s freshmen and current high-school recruiting class weren’t born or in diapers? I am over thinking throwing money at head coach will change things. The leadership needs to be somewhat frugal and demanding when it comes to head coach salary. Tie raises and extensions to winning and attendance. It is inexcusable that program found itself in a position that getting rid of 0.500 Coach at the end of season 7 was going to be financially painful. I don’t think the net collective worth of our big money donors rival Warren Buffet, T Boone Pickens, Perots or Elon Musk. This program WILL thrive if you win enough to get the local alumni to buy in. I would have club seats now (or priced out of them by demand) if they had a couple of championships and Bowl wins during the past decade. The diehard fans and BMD are way too happy with just above mediocrity. Being in this fertile recruiting area is blessing and curse. It a blessing cause you don’t have to travel far to potentially stock your team. It is a curse because Football is so big around here that your program has developed a reputation for underachieving and lack of commitment to winning big. That is the biggest advantage SMU & TCU have over us. Not a SWC affiliation a lot of the parents of these recruits (certainly not the recruits themselves) even remember. It is the money either. They are committed to winning championships. And they don’t care it their coach had a 9 win season 4 years ago when today their stadium is empty due to EARNED apathy. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. You mean this Apathy Stadium on virtually perfect weather day? No better photographic evidence that Seth should not have be brought back in the first place. This is a bad turnout for one of Denton’s high schools. People know good football around here and the see it so infrequently here the market is dead cold.
  5. Until we step up to AAC that standard was far from insane. We hardly ever see juggernaut teams in our conference getting votes to be #25 in the nation. So yes last year with UTSA destroying the conference a conference championship standard was insane. But name me another year we had a juggernaut in our division. So a division championship is reasonable standard for a coach going into years, 5 and beyond. Of course you take into account major injuries or graduating seniors from a stacked successful championship team a year prior. If you goal is "successful" you will never be great. To really have this program turn the corner in attendance and regional/visibility they have to win consistently at about a 0.700 clip.
  6. You can't have student turnout like we saw today and keep your job at a serious program. So unless the BMDs like seeing that, anything more than 2 losses the rest of the season (with one being in a bowl game against a P5 opponent)should get him let go. He keeps saying they have a good team. Looking at the schedule a good team has only 2 potential losses left in the regular season.
  7. The major reason we don't have money is that the perception of the program among majority of local alumni is that the leadership isn't serious about putting quality football teams on the field. Keeping a mediocre coach around for almost a decade reinforces that perception. And keeping one big money donor happy is inconsequential if it means delaying changing the perception of the program to get more donors at all levels. I often speculate at different stages of the program how I would sell it to potential donors and recruits. Right now it would be an extremely hard sell because nothing you mentioned as upside correlates with winning. It appears we are running a program just an an execuse to have big events on Saturday and showcase our band. And all the improvements are to be the "Vanderbilt" of a big money G5 conference without the comparive elite academics compared to our new conference rivals. How much money is lost if game day revenue is reduced by 25% per game because people aren't coming to the games. Hell even some "diehards" on GMG.com are boycotting the rest of the season. And now we have zero walk up crowd. So you can see it as saying money but long term this bad season will negatively impact revenue into the next coaches tenure.
  8. You are probably right but again this highlights the terrible decision to bring Seth back for this season. ZERO up side. The high water mark for this team this year was 6-6 without massive improvement from the offense. Other teams will copy Memphis's game plan and be better at it. We won't be able to beat up teams with the run game. They are going to force Aune to throw to see if he can do it efficiently and it a logical bet looking at his career stats.
  9. What are talking about? The Boulevard is the ultimate Chris-Chris experience. Why do you think most “fans” spend 3/4 of the game out there? 🤣
  10. I don’t care if he succeeds personally. He should step down and help coach up the younger QB's. Looking at his stats he would be lucky to be invited to a USFL camp to tryout for QB. He has completion stats like he running the old school service academy triple option.
  11. Being late with the ball is his fault. 🙄 OMG dude is inaccurate what else do you need to see. More than half of Mean Green fans were shocked when he hit a couple of on time on target passes this game for a drive for a score. Like I said before in another thread put up to 50% of the blame on the receiver. But if you throw it to the open man on time who isn’t about get hit ribs crushed you drastically increase the chances of completing the ball and decrease the chances of interception via bobble balls.
  12. 🙄 when you are getting lit up by LB & DB you tend to bobble the ball. 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤣
  13. 🤦🏽‍♂️ why does this have to be stated? Well would be 75% completions at least. If you take out desperation time attempts late in game he gets up to maybe 65% very pedestrian when the defensive game plan of your opponent opted to force you to throw. But the actual completion percentage was 54.1%. Yet green kool aid drinkers are trying to convince themselves him hitting his career completion percentage for the game is a good game for him. The utter madness.
  14. A quality bowl you go into with less than 5 losses and win means something. It is on the plus side of mediocrity something to build upon if you in you first 3 years or rebuilding team after a senior laden team won a championship and graduated. Year 7 and you have a career record of 8 games over 0.500, I would keep a coach. He won’t be near that mark without running the table or just one loss the rest of the season. But yes by themselves a bowl before New Year Eve mean nothing.
  15. That is CO Offensive Coordinator. And his offenses gaudy numbers don’t look so good when you take away 100+ points vs Bowling Green & Indiana State. And according to Wikipedia there were 2 listed Co Offensive Coordinators at UNC 2014 & 2015 neither were named Seth Littrell. Like I said again too much credit for being at the right place at the right time. We will see what he is actually made of at his next stop. But I smell a Jason Garrett situation.
  16. If he actually thinks Aune is his best bet with a year to coach up Ruder and bringing in the physically more talented Gunnel he should never have depth chart responsibilities at the FBS level again. He holding 17 in a game of 21 with the dealer showing an Ace and the player next to him holding a king. I don't understand it. I have seen theories on other threads about reducing his coaching stock by Ruder or Gunnell showing they are better than Aune. Lack of development of QB's as an offensive head coach is major indictment of his coaching acumen. You gift our program a defensive head coach strongly endorsed by Saban, Belicheck, and Mike Tomlin with Seth as OC and I would turn it down. I never bought into Seth being a "great” hire. Him having experience coaching in the area was a plus but looking at the offenses he led, the hype wasn’t warranted. Any successful Big 12 OC would have been an equally good hire or better. He is just another “good ole boy” coach who appeared to be at the right place at the right time. And we definitely shouldn’t have been smitten with him enough to give him an extension and raise when his salary was already near top of conference only exceed by coaches who curbed stomp his team but had their teams a shorter amount of time. It will be interesting to see where he goes.
  17. We should no longer be in the business of making excuses for Aune. His career should be over as a starting FBS QB. He has egliblity left to transfer but no FBS team would give him a scholarship as a potential starter. He throw 55% completions. If you took passes within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage out of his stats he might be one of the worst in the country running an offense that is traditionally pass centric. And the hypothetical of taking one of his interceptions and fumble away and we win is ridiculous. They generally stopped us when they needed to. We weren't about to take the lead we were going to tie up the game. And I am not buying that both interceptions were not minimally 70% on him. I don't know which pick 6 you are referring to but I assume it was the tip pass. That happen OFTEN when you throw it late and receiver gets lit up and he he bracketed by a DB behind him. THAT is one of the reasons the zone defense is effective. QB can get the ball to reciever on time he gets hit, limits the big play or the hit jars the ball loose. This int remind me another late tip pass that turned in to an int. Sure you hope your receivers can survive the hit, catch the ball or at least not tip it up in the air. But you show me the defense that is hiting receivers Everytime the receivers are getting a catchable ball and I will show you one the best defenses in the country. I am sure Aune is likable quality person, he isn't a quality FBS QB. Making excuses for him at this point isn't making anyone feel any better or optimistic about future games. Just stop. It ridiculous.
  18. Seth why are you writing your post game speech here? Game still going. Shouldn't you be coaching? Oh nevermind y'all about to go on offense. As you were sorry to interrupt.
  19. Winning? Hell he isn’t worried about improving the team. That should get you fired at any program. No point letting him finish the year like there is no point in staying with Aune expecting him to become something he isn't. At 30 there is no more untapped potential after this many snaps in the same offensive system.
  20. Thank you for supporting. Sorry they disappointed you. Please email Wren & Neal your a copy of your ticket with your complaint. 🤷🏽‍♂️. We deserve better.
  21. Yet another overlooked “little” reason ignored to keep Seth for this junk we are watching.
  22. I don’t care what is going on with the buyout at this point. Seth won’t accomplish anything here this year except delaying progress. He put Aune back out there. I am completely done with him unless this team runs the table!
  23. Maclin on that play was like “you got a dude in the flat open, I am triple covered no way you are throwing to—- wtf?” Was that 3rd and 3? Did he refuse to throw the short open pass for a 1st down?
  24. Anymore? 🤣😂🙄😂🤣😂. I stopped being upset with Aune after the 2nd game of this year. He just isn’t good. And QB has to be a positive difference maker and he NOT that when teams are close athletically.
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