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  1. I agree exactly 0.500 just seems cheap. If they don’t change the standard to 7 wins then no team below 3rd place in their conference or division without 7 wins should be bowl eligible. And/or FCS wins shouldn’t count towards the 6. Most of the 6 win teams are 5-6 vs FBS competition that absolutely should not be bowl eligible.
  2. Your experience is definitely not typical of casual FBS fans. I think if you did a poll more people know SDSU and their Aztecs nickname than people know Miami of Ohio. I am far more than a casual fan and upon the announcement of this game I could not have told you Miami’s nickname for $1,000 without looking it up. RedHawks still sound weird to me. Were they an “Indians/Native American” casualty? I vaguely remember something like that with them. Or am I confusing them with ULM and Arkansas State? As for selling out that to me makes having just in the plus side of mediocre coach unsustainable and restrictive of the program’s growth. I think the defenders of Seth don’t share that opinion. 🤷🏽‍♂️ If we were drawing 25K+ consistently before he got here and in his first couple years, I wouldn’t have a big problem staying for 2022 given the circumstances. On the field as mess up as it sounds, we have to catch up to UAB and UTSA. The UTSA win was nice but if you are recruiting against UAB, UTSA and SMU in just recent success we lag behind. And nor does a win against Miami of Ohio in the Frisco “we have more teams than bowl game spots available” classic bowl. You are asking a lot from fans to come out to HOPEFULLY see mediocrity +1 vs teams they don’t care about. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’ll watch and hope they win but the highlight of the season still will be beating UTSA No matter the outcome. And to me that is not a good spot to be in. So drawing SDSU is a win for UTSA. A win would be suitable season highlight for them.
  3. Horrible comparison 1. JH wasn’t the highest paid HC in his division 2. Seth’s program has continuous FBS level play, tenure in position, location, and facilities advantage on most of his division rivals. JH doesn’t have that. We need to stop these comparisons and just look forward to 2022. I think most likely he will be here. I wish there was an awesome HC in waiting anxiously awaiting coming here and staying for a decade. But he doesn’t exist right now.
  4. San Diego State >>> Miami 🤫of Ohio. That and more combined wins this season and appearances on regular cable TV.
  5. They don’t have to if they lose but if they don’t it only means there aren’t better options available. I just hope the 6 years of experience and learning from his mistakes payoff big time in year 7. My fear is his ceiling going forward is 8-4 and 2 or 3rd place in their CUSA/AAC we will waste a decade just being on the plus side of mediocre. Even after 3 years at that ceiling we don’t get to the goal of selling out Apogee. We have to do that for recruiting and make those bigger steps we all dream of.
  6. This comment points out the lack of a shrug response/reaction 🤷🏽‍♂️ in the regular options. Not worthy of a down or up vote. I was confused by the announcement especially when I got 404 error when I clicked on it the first time then Google “Frisco Bowl” and saw the UTSA vs SDSU game for the 21st. Frisco is nice but is it nice enough to have 2 bowls?
  7. Can we air our grievances in a ceremony if they lose or maybe Seth can wrestle Wren if we win for the bowl game bonus. 🤣🤣🤣
  8. I acknowledge that but like I said in another form. Seth came her as a sling the ball around “let it fly” coach. Even with this winning streak, the passing accuracy has efficiency has been going down 3 straight years. He hasn’t been able to develop recruit or develop a successor to Mason Fine. And he has a been shot of finding a living breathing unicorn than another “too short” high school QB to play QB. I can’t tell you what Seth is really good at in year 6 and doesn’t bode well for division championship hopes next year.
  9. Yes, and these big money donors can’t own the program. Look how that has worked out at UT. The goal for this program’s bottom line is to have MORE big money donors. And you aren’t going to get them by being mediocre. I can’t say for certain but there are probably several alumni that were students in early 2000s that are on their way to be able to being to afford being big money donors. Those alumni remember what winning felt like and these 6-6 season without a division or conference title don’t cut it. None of these “Big Money Donors” are worth even 500 million I would estimate. Otherwise I think they would usher Seth out the door barring a great bowl appearance.
  10. That apathy is no excuse for poor performance. If it is why play game in front crowd you would see at a high school game? Why try with a defeated attitude? Why put in all the work as a player, coach, or Adminstrator if fan apathy is an insurmountable obstacle to winning? 🙄
  11. When I accept that this is the standard for most Mean Green Fans that care enough to support the program I won’t be a fan anymore. Because if we aren’t winning a G5 conference or division title at least every 5 years it is pointless. It does nothing for the profile of the university. A hit 6 standard is just waiting around for the new huge shift in FBS requirements or conference re-alignment that makes us a FCS program again practically or actually.
  12. I get that but we are a middle of the pack in a huge post 1995 FBS landscape. But often we talk on this forum like we are the worse or at least a bottom 15 FBS program in the country. In this modern FBS landscape we haven’t been that since 2000. And we had only graduated one 4 FBS recruiting class by that time. Everything we need is here to be on par with best G5 programs in the country. We would have been likely left behind in CUSA otherwise. Granted we have underachieved with those resources. And one of my biggest complaints on this board is the is Embracement of underachieving mediocre football. “Never been prouder” of a 6-6 team whose biggest accomplishment so far is beating one those new post 2000 programs and acting the coach is good and on his way to being when the numbers say otherwise.
  13. I hope this is sarcasm especially the “never been prouder” part. This season is equivalent to you child goofing off, not doing his homework or studying for half of the semester and rallying to get his grade up to a C- if gets a B or aces the final exam he has yet to take.
  14. Did I say they were? Nor did I suggest they were. Those are the actual numbers no embellishment needed. That is the problem when perception doesn’t match the reality. And we repeat perception that is based on nothing except being on TV more often on a forum promoting our program it is distasteful to me. If I were negatively recruiting against UNT I would send the recruit to this forum. and that is the absurdity they aren’t winning anything. Hell why coach here if the fan shit on all the previous accomplishments? 🙄. Do I want more? Hell we all should! But you can do that without taking a huge 💩 accomplishments that other “more prestigious” programs don’t have.
  15. They all count. We’ve been bad but let’s see. How many conference titles does the bottom half of the Big 12 have? Teams like KSU (1, shared) Colorado (0) Kansas (0) and Missouri (0) Texas Tech (0). Even if you change the standard to a division title the numbers don’t look better. Before Art Briles had Baylor won anything? UCLA has 2 since 1995. Half the schools I already Mentioned are Flagship Universities for their entire state. I probably name another dozen or more if I cared to because there are at least 50 programs that have been playing FBS from 1995 on that don’t have 4 conference title or even 1 division title. But continue buy into the dragging of our program based on nebulous standards that are changed on a whim. Whenever someone wants to make a point UNT football suck and we should be happy with mediocrity we buy it no questions asked. 🙄
  16. So you can only really be judged compared to your peers. And in FBS that is your conference. So look below. That 13 is out over 100 programs in FBS. We are not that absurdly pathetic as so quick to co-sign on.
  17. Man I had look this up myself.
  18. 🤔 So being balanced is not how you win Consistently unless you are running the triple option like one of the service academies? 🙄
  19. At this point without a great Bowl performance I don’t see the value in bringing Seth back. I think if they had a solid yes from a coach they really wanted rumors might be leaking now. If he is financial place holder and keeps the team from tanking in 2022, I guess that is okay. 🤷🏽‍♂️ But just look at the passing game efficiency, it is trending down. We almost always had good running backs at UNT. When SL arrived here Jeff Wilson was already in the backfield showing flashes of his talent. Seth was touted and sold to us as an Air Raid Coach Yet the passing efficiency has trended down the past 3 years. Are we expecting Seth to turn into a ground and pound coach and recruit to that system? Whether you’re ground & pound or Air Raid you have to be efficient throwing the ball with 60% accuracy minimum. The accuracy of the passing game is going down not up. More than likely we will be 7-5 or 6-6 next year wondering the AD should do with Seth again. I will be here to tell you I told you so but I’m not looking forward to that.
  20. Are you saying this team doesn't need balance? Then you are wrong in telling me I am wrong. 😜 Are hypothesizing about our team's future based purely on the performance of a team built totally different than ours is offensively? Coach Mac was all about the running game and defense from day one. The that short burst of success came in year 3 of his tenure when his system was fully implemented. When Seth came here some wondered if he would invest in having good tight ends on the roster at all. I bet if you ask some tight ends that were here when Seth arrived they are were justifiably worried about their playing time based on where Seth was coming from. Do you realize that OSU was forced to play a nickel defense due to injuries during that game? You win games consistently by being balanced on offense and making your opponent one dimensional with good Defense What happened to "Let if Fly". You can abruptly change the whole philosophy of the program based on this game or even this winning streak. But to be better than 7-5 next year they are going to have to be balanced on offense. And I am sorry 180 yards isn't going to cut in most Saturdays. Good Teams in your conference will not let you be successful being one dimensional consistently. Harbaugh has spent years building that team to do exactly what it did to OSU this past Saturday. And while yardage was low Michigan very efficient throwing the ball the few times they threw it completing 70% of their passes. Let look at the efficiency passing stats for the last 3 years 2019 Completions 62.3% Completion (Mason's Last Year) 2020 Completion 55.1% 2021 Completion 52.2% So we are trending down in just raw passing efficiency. So if the Harbaugh is the model; let's compare 2019 Completion 55.6% 2020 Completion 57.7% 2021 Completion 64% So if "Harbaugh Ball" is the model you want (or that will win here) it doesn't make sense to be really passionate about holding on to a coach that came here as a "Spread the ball around" offensive coach that is trending down in passing efficiency as much as Michigan is trending up in passing efficiency. 🤷🏽‍♂️ @Side.Show.Joe can you help me out here? 😒 I have a headache
  21. This deserved 0 eye rolls or down votes. The people for bringing Seth back have zero to stand on in my opinion except “it could be worse”. Past performance is the best way to future performance. And the game is all about “what have done for me lately”. Most of that lately has been bad ESPECIALLY the passing game. The passing game hasn’t played winning level efficiency for 3 years including this year. (That includes the UTSA victory just look at the passing stars). They have probably the most mature and practiced QB depth chart in CUSA and top 30 in FBS I guesstimate. If the passing game isn’t light years better next year the running game and defense won’t be able to eek out a 7-5 record next year. Unless you bring in QB with Spencer Rattler potential it just wishful thinking that the passing game will be good next year or even great. And make no mistake we need to be GREAT to really change the profile of this program and get Apogee with at least 27k attendance most games. That is why letting Seth go to pursuit greatness makes sense.
  22. You mean with the coach than has won 0 so far in 6 years? He has yet to even be competitive in a bowl game let alone win one. I kind of tired of my team being the but of jokes compared any FBS program in the state minus Rice & UTEP. Holding on to mediocre like it’s gold because we’ve sucked doesn’t inspire confidence. I hear Jason Garrett is available maybe for cheaper than Seth is now if we value mediocrity so much. Party at empty Apogee next Saturday for the “We aren’t terrible” party 🎉 Bravo to Phil Bennet and props to Seth for hiring him. Now win a bowl game before fluff the idea of bring Seth back.
  23. Might be? If Sunny’s and Seth’s agents aren’t talking to find the source of this smoke I would be very surprised. Let’s say Sonny goes to OU. If Seth is still here in 2022 that means Either Seth believes in the team he is going to have here 2022 big time, he isn’t offered a position on Sonny’s OU staff, or the money and prestige of the offered position isn’t enough. If the money is the same I don’t see a reason to stay.
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