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  1. I think Wren should eye the cusa commissioner’s post. He actually likes to talk up his school imagine how passionate he could talk about cusa - barely heard Judy speak before. but I’ll hope we keep him around Denton for a good while. I like some of the good all around accomplishments he has made for good ole UNT. GMG
  2. Kettle corn consistency Johnny. It’s the kettle corn consistency. GMG
  3. Imagine having a low bar of winning 4 bowl games minimum and winning more than half your games. You get brownie points if you beat Oklahoma and win a bigger bowl than the Alamo or Texas Bowl. With those standards as a low bar good luck Steve. Texas thinks you can buy a culture. So they go buy 2nd in command at Alabama and plan on that being Tuscaloosa south. Meanwhile in college station Jimbo has them playing with the elites. Building it with strength and endurance. To be determined if they can beat master saben. But Texas’ hire of sarkissian seams shortsighted at best. We bag on l
  4. Those were some fun players and defenses to watch. Good find. GMG
  5. Venables might come available.😃 GMG
  6. Man, both coaches comments postgame were completely underwhelming. The damage control both programs are going to have to do is sobering. 1st thought: why is Mississippi State fighting with Tulsa? 2nd thought: street fighting warrior mentality took over Concluding thought: that would have been a scary place to be Go College 🏈
  7. While traveling to New York, riding the party barge up the Hudson to West Point and seeing an unexpected win was a Mean Green highlight of my life, I don’t miss playing the Cadets. Attended the myrtle bowl with a WVU fan and I can sense his frustration through my texts. Easily one of the most stressful teams to play in college football. I am glad Tennessee vacated this spot for Army to slide in. Their year deserved a bowl game and possible win in about 7 minutes. GMG
  8. At least we will have a top 25 coming to apogee. That will be a first in a long time. I don’t recall many if any over my decades of follow. GMG
  9. I’d prefer Scott Frost or Tom Herman when they lose their respective jobs. The timing on their exits and Seth’s might just coincide perfectly. Until then I wish Seth and the team success. I still think there is hope for a recovery. But if we struggle in 21 it’s over for SL and Scott and Tom might just be available. GMG
  10. Man I love Buffalo’s defense. Beautiful to watch them get aggressive and intimidate at key moments. GMG
  11. The SEC West now has the 2 upstarts in Harsin and Kiffen, 2 seasoned in Jimbo and Saban and the Leach factor. Definitely one of the most interesting divisions in football. GMG
  12. Just got back from Myrtle and I am glad I made the trip. After missing the NM Bowl, and a rough year, I was determined to follow our team to the finish line. Bowls are different. The pressure is off and you just get to enjoy the experience. No stress to get bowl eligible, to preserve a top 25 ranking...just don’t get curb stomped on national tv. Oops. While the fans are chill Seth should feel the pressure. Our 2-6 record this century is no bueno. Back to App State. They travel well. Boone is only 6 hours from Teal Nation and their fans were fun and passionate. I became an unofficial Scra
  13. Of course we’ll probably draw Western and Marshall next year so buckle up. GMG
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