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  1. All those stats lead me to a disappointment in the UNT offense. Be upset about the loss to smu and be better. GMG
  2. Screw that after tonight’s massacre no way I head Houston!
  3. douchebag litrell and this team. Time to clean house. You either bring it or you don’t.smu did UNT sucked ass.
  4. Can you imagine how Houston is going to rape us.
  5. Can we dump ODU and Judy and bring in Appy! Utsa might make some noise with their style of play and they do go to Provo next month. GMG
  6. Man I wish HBU got a full season because I would follow this spunky team the rest of the year. They are fun to watch and could you imagine an HBU vs NDSU game in Frisco at the end of the year! A bison husky battle in Toyota would be very entertaining. That would have been something to hope for in a year not named 2020. GMG
  7. This kicker is calm cool and collected. UTSA should have this with ease. Don’t like the dirtybirds but good win for cusa today. GMG
  8. This game reminds me of the holy wars in Provo and Salt Lake City. It’s awesome! GMG
  9. I bet by the UTSA game capacity is raised to 50%. GMG
  10. Agree. This isn’t 2019 where I had high hopes going into the season with Mason as a senior. That dash of hope on the hilltop was more like a gash that sliced deep. I left that stadium dejected, and it felt like we never recovered. I just hope to see continued progress of the individual teams and development of all quarterbacks. I liked our discipline for the most part last week. If we play a clean focused game I will be satisfied. Also hope to see Bean play well under physical and speed pressure. Expectations in check. Will be a fun night! GMG
  11. That’s funny. Betty Sue, ticket attendant, “we have someone from Serbia trying to use a travelers check? Can someone get over here quick! I need some help with this sit u ationnnnn.” GMG
  12. Did not see any mask police moves, but the key is wearing it to the concessions and bathrooms. Kind of like life in the city when you need to run into Kroger, QT or Buccees. GMG
  13. This is the year Utep could make the Sun Bowl! GMG
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