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  1. NM Green

    Weather in NM next Saturday

    I’ll make that my score prediction. UNT 50 USU 28 still waiting for the Mean Green to put together that all phases game plan. Do it on the 15th and let the celebration begin! GMG
  2. NM Green

    Worst Stadiums in College Football

    University stadium has good sitelines and you are close to the field. It is similar to nmsu In that it sinks into a bowl and is not bad. You walk in and then down. The Pit is the same which makes it retain crazy noise from the “everyone’s a Lobo woof woof woof” crowd. GMG
  3. NM Green

    New Mexico inside scoop

    So a lot of this is going to be about eating. But I’ll throw in some shopping and drive tips for the Mean Green visitors. I found Harry’s board while a grad student in tiny Las Vegas New Mexico working on my MBA. It was like heaven sent me an angel board. After all these years going to Lobo games in the Pit and university stadium, I’m bummed no New Mexico for me. I’m finishing projects in Asia and never thought we would play before December 21st. Oh well utsa was a nice finish and I’ll root them on from Hong Kong to the upset! I spent 6 enchanting years in this beautiful place, let’s go: 1. Don’t miss the cinnamon roll at frontier across from UNM its life changing and close to the stadium. The New Mexican food is good and cheap too. 2. The flying saucer further up central is a great coffee house with yummy desserts and good American food. I spent many nights working on my field project here. It’s New Mexico you have to coffee house. 3. Tomasitas is authentic New Mexican food with delicious potent margaritas frozen or on the rocks. There is a location in Albuquerque now and the food and drinks are just as good! 4. Get out of Albuquerque- walk the square in Santa Fe 50 minute drive up I-25. You can eat drink shop and you will feel the Santa Fe spirit. Her vibe is artistic, creative, bohemian, granola, earthy. 5. If you Santa Fe these restaurants are winners: tomasitas, cafe Pasquals, Geronimo, Vanessi’s for cocktails, coyote cafe. Tecolote cafe. 6. Take a stroll up canyon to look at the galleries. 7. Shop at jackalope on cerrillos road - awesome clay and tin crafts. 8. Relax in 10,000 waves - springs in the mountains of Santa Fe. 9. Say a prayer (include the Mean Green) in the cathedral downtown. See the inn at Loretto church. 10. Drive the high road to Taos. 11. See the santuario de chimayo on the high road to Taos. 12. Take pictures on the Taos gorge - remember the scene from natural born killers. 12. Hike tent rocks for those active types that want to see a beautiful setting. Bandelier national park for the ruins is awesome. There is so much to do but these were my haunts as I studied and rooted on my undergrad from the state next door. Oh and the Pit is a legendary place to watch a basketball 🏀 game. If you can swing it you will not be disappointed and we have a chance to Win! GMG p.s. - take a minute to look up at the moon and see how the sky envelopes you. Take deep breathes and drink her enchantment in. She’s a big ole secret and we use to say it was because the weatherman woman always stand in front of the state when they do the national weather - it’s true🙂
  4. NM Green

    Everyone needs to calm down.

    That is how I feel. Love Seth but ready for another great 3 year run by the next coach. Everybody can come out of this just fine. Make the announcement win the bowl game and get the next stud to keep the Green times rolling! GMG
  5. NM Green

    Hey K State Fans !

    Which begs the question about what to do with big programs like a UCF who is there a UNT who is working towards there. Meanwhile small schools like a wake or Vandy hang out with the party peeps. There is power in numbers and more engaged alumni means more opportunities for revenues from these bigger pool performing schools. GMG
  6. NM Green

    Kendal Briles Tx State Top Target

    Better in San Marcos than San Antonio. GMG
  7. NM Green

    4 and 1

    4-1 make me as nervous as gray uniforms and a 17,21 or 28 point lead. retire the gray. GMG
  8. NM Green

    Has this ever happened?

    Congrats to all our teams. No one saw that heart stopper in San Antonio coming but maybe we should expect that base on years of a trend. These games are close, nerve wrecking and emotional win or whatever. great job team and fans! Go Mean Green!!!!!
  9. NM Green

    It’s Game Day

    📣 NORTH
  10. NM Green


    Yes, “You play to win the game! You don’t play to play. You play to win the game!” We score over 40. Utsa gets 17. GMG
  11. NM Green

    Uniforms against UTSA

    We’ll cream San Antonio but doesn’t change the fact these unis are ugly. Don’t know why the guys like gray. Black is cool gray is gloomy. G Mean Green!!!!!
  12. That’s right. I am confident we will survive once Littrell moves on and at some point mason is not going to run out of the tunnel. I think it would be shortsighted to leave when he commands this offense and can carve out his stats in Apogee. You need playing time and the pros want consistency. His best shot at that is in Denton with this team. He can have a banner year again in Denton and get noticed. I love Littrell but he’s young and climbing the ladder as fast as he can is his thing. I get it I did it too. I wish I would have stopped to enjoy the roses a bit more where planted but I was young and eager. Either way great memories great accomplishments. Littrell and mason have laid the foundation. With Wren and Dr S. It is strong and poised nicely for the future. beat utsa GMG
  13. NM Green

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    BYU would have a big crowd. I would anticipate 15,000. Add our 35,000 and you could have a 50,000 attendance in the bowl. Plus cosmo the cougar dancing with the dance team would give scrappy a run for the money. A dance off must happen if this match becomes a reality! Bring in BYU. Go Mean green!!!!!
  14. NM Green

    OSU attendance?

    It’s true. I have a blast and craft beer at Henderson taphouse watching man united with 75 other reds for a fraction of the price of a live event. Now FCD is still affordable but sports in my opinion have reached a tipping point. I have no desire to go to an nfl game much less watch it on tv. Cowboys until they put me to sleep - other teams don’t care. Things a little weird in Stillwater too. GMG
  15. NM Green


    Exactly. There will be no small levels of motivation flowing before, during and after this game. Like ODU they look like the bottom of the barrel, but see rice for 3 quarters and utep. Get up on them early and don’t let up! GMG