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  1. Abilene Christian use to travel well during our southland conference days. There was always a decent amount of purple in fouts when we played and more than a lot of other visiting schools. Today with their emerging and infused program I expect to see one of the largest traveling fan bases we have seen in apogee. I bet they resemble utsa that first year we played them or even one of the better utep showings. Lots o purple for that opener I am believing. GMG
  2. Save some items for out of town and Make them have an out of town address to send it to. gmg
  3. Me too and it’s later in the season. GMG
  4. Clark Hall freshman year then some condo with 3 guys - we paid 100 each to live in this two story dive behind west hall. It was shady lady territory back then. They were art and film majors so the pad was eclectic. I was the business man with the fun friends. Then Londonderry oaks on Teasley. Denton rocks! GMG
  5. It’s all about the hoops for a school like that. Regional rivalries in that sport and part of the world mean something to their alumni and fans. GMG
  6. The whole height thing is slowly changing as these shorties make it into the nfl, get highly drafted and win Super Bowls. It’s going to be a Fine season! GMG
  7. They should let Liberty in. Makes sense and money bags follow. GMG
  8. Semantics. Voted for belt 2.0 because it was more respectful than calling it the belch. The Belt actually has some solid programs that don’t get the respect they earn. I think Troy App state and ark state would challenge us as hard as la tech fau and Mtsu. CUSA has not been ideal after some of the familiar programs left. But I like the regional aspect of the league. I’m also ready to fly out it for a new challenge. Yes to FFR’s point of view we should win it first, but if the opportunity to go west presents itself I believe we are ready to challenge Colorado state, Boise, Reno, Fresno and San Diego state. GMG
  9. That would be the most boring club ever Houston at SMU. Houston would be wise to re-think it’s positioning on the college football landscape. Be proactive or reactive. North Texas will be proactive. See you in September. Go Mean Green!!!!!!
  10. Houston and North Texas should talk about a conference without the dead weight privates. Form a league of Texas rising programs Florida rising programs an Arkansas state which always bring it perhaps a la tech and southern miss, a Cincinnati - groom a league strong enough to survive and ready to absorb a Baylor tcu Kansas state if the time comes a calling. GMG
  11. Temple could park their program in cusa or sun belt and play national championship hoops in the Big East. It would be a smart move for them. GMG
  12. Paper tiger league fixing to crumble. Temples departure imminent. GMG
  13. Temple is going next just wait for it. AAC about to become a very different league. Build the brand the North Texas brand and angle towards the Mountain West. GMG
  14. I do feel that UNT vs SMU is the rivalry of the future in the metro. TCU May drop them soon and this automatically becomes their cross town matchup. Further the AAC really needs to consider shrinking. Meaning have your programs not football impacted swing through DFW for 2 games over a long weekend. It’s makes sense to have UCF come play smu on Thursday and us on Saturday. It creates some efficiency for the whole league. Now that Grant has turned out Hoops into a player the MWC would be a serious approach. Yes it’s a football first culture but with programs like Nevada UNLV Boise And San Diego State in that league it could help elevate our improving basketball profile. Our football program would already slide in nicely out west. GMG
  15. First of all, DFW North is growing into its own little Metro. Getting a player that could bring some of Dallas and Northern most Texas is not that crazy to think about. Little Elm, Frisco, Prosper...seem much more aligned in cultures than they do with Dallas proper. Denton's unique identity is being revealed year by year and presents as another culturally cool part of Texas. Second, I am tired of this supposed power SMU has over us. They don't own us and I don't think of them as over us at all any more. They can look down us from their imagination. I personally feel we have tremendous upside and are viewed as a program of the future. They seem like a program of the past to me. The AAC programs don't excite me that much either but they are perceived as a step up in conference. They fit our desired footprint, even though I wish Smastrek would convince others to head west to the MWC. You have Boise over there and UCF over there. I think Boise stirs more interest than UCF but we need an invite first. With this type of SMU respect we don't even deserve to share the same air with them. Times change, programs evolve and I refuse to see us as "behind" SMU the rest of my days. Show up with confidence and crush the presentation. Go Wren! GMG
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