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  1. NM Green

    What a sports week

    I proudly started at an rooted for NTSU. But I think those days is slipnof and mishaps are over. Win the punt heard around the world and the pounding of North Texas North Texas North Texas I am confident people now know our new name. Memphis finally cleared that hurdle and I believe we did on Saturday. Thank you ntsu Thank you unt Thank you old Denton Thank tou new Denton. GMG
  2. NM Green


    It is very early however we are checking off a lot of the boxes. Mason fine is one check. Crushing an SEC team in their home stadium is another check. Seth Littrell and his ride to prominence check. Legendary Mean Joe Greene is yet another story. Prople love our name Mean Green check. The punt heard around the world check. This team capitalized on it’s opportunities in a delicious way yesterday. And there are more opportunities to come. Now Beat Liberty. Go Mean Green!!!!!
  3. NM Green

    Keegan Brewer Punt Return

    Well I think the stand and the drive are iconic moments in the North Texas Hall of Fame. The punt heard around the world is easily one of the most famous play we have had from a national perspective. Different category for sure but equally as important. Beat Liberty Go Mean Green!!!!!
  4. NM Green

    Arkansas fans call for intentional targeting

    I thought that their fan base was very nice and overall just disappointed in everything they’ve seen so far this season. This was not like going to an LSU game or some of the other crazy stadiums we’ve been to. Now there was some serious rage on the post game show from the fans Calling into the station. But that is to be expected. Even then they gave us credit for being a solid team. One guy even mention that we look like the SEC team out there and they looked like the CUSA team with our energy and physical play. It was fun and good luck to Arkansas the rest of the way! Go Mean Green
  5. NM Green

    A Positive Message For Our Team

    Followed you to FAU New Orleans and now Fayetteville - our time is now. Go Mean Green!!!!!!
  6. NM Green

    Gaaaaame Daaaayyyy!!!!!

  7. NM Green

    My how things have changed

    Culture is powerful and it must be fed healthy foods, water, ideas and resources. Can’t let the foot off the pedal. Keep strengthening it to the point where it becomes the expectation and standard. GMG
  8. This year we need to beat Chad Morris and get a win in San Antonio. Two delicious goals to strive for . Let’s get a cusa championship and win a bowl game too. dream big work hard Mean Green!!!!! GMG
  9. NM Green

    The Band

    They look silly sound great. You have to appreciate a smart attire to drive a smart attire. Look at the leader. Casual not crisp. It is what it is. The poor part and difficult segment of the gameday experience to address. I thanked the band on the way out. They energized from the stands. GMG
  10. NM Green


  11. NM Green


    You must seize golden opportunities. This is one of those moments we must take advantage of the opportunity. Like FAU did In the conference championship and Troy did in New Orleans. make it happen Mean green!!!!!!
  12. NM Green

    One thing I want to see or not see this year?

    I want to see Littrell and Fine win a bowl game and don’t want to see us lay an egg in San Antonio. GMG
  13. Minor infraction indeed. Your program and hers will be just fine! GMG
  14. Yeah I kind of roll my eyes inside when people tell me they don’t know what to get me for Christmas or my birthday. I translate that into I don’t want to drive to the Bookstore. A little effort peeps. A few clicks gets me off your list. GMG
  15. NM Green

    College games today

    Rice needs to take care of business. Possibly one game closer to bowl eligibility before September. GMG