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  1. Watching party at Eastside? party planning time! GMG
  2. Put a bandaid on it until the new thing is built. Make it rock inside. GMG
  3. This is rough to watch. First time seeing the Green this season and this team has won 20 games? gmg
  4. Miss watching Briles power offenses carve up the ncaa. Here comes southern miss, better win the league this year! GMG
  5. Wow the cowboys are the most boring team in the league. I wouldn’t wish that disaster on anyone especially my beloved Mean Green. Linehan Garrett are the reason my sundays are now reserved for EPL instead of the nfl. GMG
  6. I just don’t hold as high of an opinion of the aac as some do. I think it’s an okay conference but dangerously close to a lateral move to me. It’s up but not the big Step I want for UNT. GMG
  7. I agree that Houston seemed to go stale under Applewhite. Getting people into that stadium was a huge priority and holgerson gave them the juice they need. I also don’t think they will struggle like most first year coaches do in a new town because it’s an old town. They know each other and the curve will be shortened. That means there is a war scheduled for the end of September in Denton. I think this will be one of the toughest we’ve had in Apogee since opening. I hope MF brings some senior magic and the gigantic crowd in Mean Green will be celebrating deep into the last weekend of Sethtember. GMG
  8. Buffalo was the first team remotely interesting to me because of their stud quarterback who ESPN loved. Of course no respect Troy don’t care and beat them like a drum. Their empty stadiums are often a product of a Tuesday or Wednesday game. Ours would be too if we had that requirement. Northern Illinois seems to have a nice following out of Chicago. The Mac has been screaming for a sexy playing type team for years. I too have trouble watching Mac games more than any other league. I find Appy state Arky state and goergia southern more interesting out of the Belt. Louisiana can be too but they mess up when they get the marquee opportunity- aka Boise. GMG
  9. Happy New Years Mean Green! May this last year of another Green decade bring more prosperity for all, more memorable wins for the Mean Green and hopefully a championship and bowl win! Arkansas etched into my MG Hall of Fame emotional brain. Thank you ‘18. Upward and onwards! GMG 2019!
  10. Littrell just increased his opportunities exponentially. Thank you Houston. Littrell and company come out and dismantle the Coogs and holgerson in September and it looks great on Littrell’s resume. The only gig I want Seth leaving for is Oklahoma or State. Other than that build the Beast and slay more giants. GMG
  11. Major is a better coach than I thought he would be. This season is not enough to can him unless you know you have an upgrade available. I mean I guess it could happen, see Cross at UTA, but it seems shortsighted if he is not in the bag. That is why I think holgerson is a done deal. GMG
  12. I think Houston has to know holgerson is pretty much theirs. That’s not a bad move and an upgrade in my opinion. Holgerson in Texas will be stout and all of a sudden that Houston game could get difficult again. GMG
  13. That’s what makes that la tech monster so admirable. There was no keeping him off the field lighting up the rainbow warrior quarterback. Said it was one more opportunity to play with his brothers and get a W! Thats a warrior. Playing the game for the honor and fame, wait, stop! GMG
  14. I can’t believe people complain about too much college football. I just can’t...I’m a junkie and love all of them. Will watch lower level playoffs, will tailgate at a spring game. Eat drinks sleep college sports and tomorrow old trafford. I do football 🏈 and futbol ⚽️. GMG
  15. I applaud and must admit a bit of green envy at troys and la techs bowl seasons. THey are a very different season and both those teams rise up and show incredibly well. They look confident, poised, prepared and strong. You can see the opponent wilting as the game progresses. They mess you up physically and mentally. Eventually the other team starts backing down. Proud of our cusa brethren. I look forward to replicating that great feeling in the last game one day again soon. Merry Christmas MG Nation! GMG
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