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  1. We better win this weekend, that’s all I can say. We don’t play teams full of grown men well. Beat roadkill. GMG
  2. Need to do a Baylor on them and get up early! That will keep the fans in the game and keep utsa pressing. If they settle into a nice back and forth I will get nervous. These games are heart stoppers and we need to smash a team and they are next in line. Lets go Mean Green! Beat utsa! gmg
  3. I like cal and dig their helmets and uniforms big time. However I think smu is the top 25 team, that is about to fall out of that mythical ranking in Fort Worth in a few days. Wishing cal the best. Watched them in Fort Worth against Air Force a few years back. Goff’s senior year i believe. They traveled well and it will be fun to have them in Denton. I think their defense can keep them percolating along but their offense is going to stump it’s toe one game or two. I don’t like them but I have to give the edge to Utah who also looks slightly stronger. Another weird year in the pac. GMG
  4. I’m just less interested in football especially the pros. I still like college football but as it becomes more commercialized like the mini pros I get less interested and willing to pay to go see it. Not my Mean Green of course but on the random bye weekend, nahh. I also feel the far flung conferences feed the apathy too. gmg
  5. That’s funny because I feel the Green fans in Ford have such a tense presence. I had heard about that but this was my first smu game in Dallas. The air was thick the trust fund babies were annoying and the whole vibe was off. I think the team places that same kind of pressure in themselves. Good news is that I think pony fan who goes to Denton walks in and out with those same feelings. GMG
  6. Look, you command the money Seth is getting and your expectation to deliver results intensifies. It’s the way of the world In College football. I was in Boca when Fau hoisted the trophy and champions signs. I wish that for the Mean Green but they seem really far away from that now. Cant blame posters for expecting more than a blowout loss to smu and cal win. Won’t give up on the season. When we welcome UTEP in 5 weeks we are either on our way to bowling or living through one of the most disappointing seasons in Mean Green history. I’ll be there either way. Thank goodness for Facebook live overseas. Now go live up to expectations. There are no do overs. Crush roadkill. GMG
  7. I think Marshall comes out of the east and la tech comes out of the west. I think both of those programs are toughened up by November to earn the game. I think we still go bowling but we might actually crave the New Orleans bowl or Frisco this December. Now get on track and beat down the birds. This whole sour taste could be enlivened by a juicy win over south Texas. GMG
  8. Yep. At this point we beat UTEP rice Charlotte and utsa. That gets us to 5 wins. Who de we luck out Against to get to 6 and go bowling? Not cal not Houston not southern misss not la tech maybe uab?
  9. I guess Vegas still thinks wear a pretty good team. They are probably factoring in a cow let down potentially too. I thought it would be closer to 19. Shock the Coasts. GMG
  10. Seth’s gonna earn some experience stripes with this bunch. He has to pick their faces up off the ground except sig’s and get this team to compete. Meanwhile we have 2 brutal teams to lineup against this months and our always expected grinder with UTSA. Does it feel worse to lose like Washington did last night or get curb stomped? Not sure but this beat down last night was unexpected and yet I am ready to turn the page. On to the next cheer. GMG
  11. Y’all keep forgetting about our first conference win which is coming against roadkill on the 21st. We will most likely end September with a losing record though and will be scrapping to make a bowl game. Beat Cal. GMG
  12. He looked as shell shocked as those stands did. What a night. gmg
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