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  1. That was good and thank you for the heads up. Grant is such an Ambassador for our University and his Mean Green team’s accomplishments over the past few years have made our pride swell to new heights. Thank you GM and Leadership. GMG
  2. This was definitely the most highly visible team since I’ve been following since ‘86. They capitalized on the moment and opportunity to showcase UNT and our new but not so new brand. Outside of the Dallas morning news everyone knows we are UNT versus NTS. The prime time night slot on day 1 was epic for March madness starved fans. The pandemic caused fans of all forms to glance at the screens for a sense of normalcy plus you couldn’t travel there in person so you weren’t distracted by rallies activities outside the event centers. You had a Star player and admirable supporting cast wit
  3. Since it doesn’t seem like anything organized is being put together we are just going to crash Eastside and drink some good brews and watch the game. There will be at least 3 to 5 of us heading up to Denton. Go Mean Green!!!!!
  4. Let’s crush a bar Mean Green Nation. List your watching venues below and join the rush. GMG
  5. Bring it Mean Green Nation!!! It’s almost game day so wherever your watch party is have fun and let’s celebrate these fantastic young men. First time to the Winery and excited to cheer with fellow alums friends and fans! GMG
  6. I was watching from City Works patio and there were some anti UNT fans discreetly cheering on the Toppers. They were average watchers picking a team, but then I think UNT intrigued them! I didn’t think we were 100 percent going to lose because wku didn’t close us out. They kept missing opportunities to crush us and we got scrappy. After the game I realized I almost watched the wku game from last year in the Super Pit. We scrapped scraped got some fortunate bounces and the strong squad got spooked. Like some magical intervention somethings kept us in the game. I saw that game in pers
  7. Yes any bar would be great! I took the advice of one poster on Saturday and watched the Mean Green at city works on the patio, watching it on the Star big screen. It was a blast and had the patio been packed with Green it would have been amazing! Nevertheless we had fun followed by green beers at Ringos Pub. If we ever make the Frisco Bowl that scene is going to be fun for some pre and post parties. GMG
  8. I think there were a couple of basketball references in this list. Which means we have to add that Win over Western Kentucky in Frisco to this proud trip down memory lane. Last years win over Western in the Super Pit and last nights awesomeness had some similar feelings in retrospect. This entire run of 4 wins over many of the beasts in our league was epic. Still on a St. Patty’s Day Mean Green beer high from last night. Great night! GMG
  9. With 100% capacity being allowed in Arlington for the Cowboys and Rangers, hopefully we get a chance to create a rocking home field advantage in the fall! GMG
  10. The Stand The Drive Miracle in the Desert Idaho win in the Kibbie Dome at the Loophole (believe that was the bar name) Tech both times Peter Pan Oregon State Nevada rain game win Texas the non catch Bourbon Street 5x Cincy UNLV shellacking of smu and baylor GMG
  11. It would be cool if the tourney games were on the football field screen. Or if East Side had it on the tv. Yell like hell MG Nation! GMG
  12. Despite the tough schedule this is a turnaround year. Seth saves his job and figures out how to create some wow in Denton again. GMG
  13. Quinn Quinoa Bowls GMG
  14. I think Wren should eye the cusa commissioner’s post. He actually likes to talk up his school imagine how passionate he could talk about cusa - barely heard Judy speak before. but I’ll hope we keep him around Denton for a good while. I like some of the good all around accomplishments he has made for good ole UNT. GMG
  15. Kettle corn consistency Johnny. It’s the kettle corn consistency. GMG
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