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  1. Hate losing to them but respect the heck out of that program. They make us better and don’t care where they play how remote they are what their facilities lack...they’re Louisiana proud and just compete and win and win and win. GMG
  2. Non starter for this fan. Until you bring the AAC into the conversation I don’t want North Texas to even consider this nonsense. GMG
  3. More power to them. Meanwhile some papers are trying to stick us with Monroe. I applaud their effort and they will become a BYU one day, Which is rich with a national following. I’m all about the doers so way to go Flames. GMG
  4. Does La Tech have an issue with Louisiana? Again deal killer if they try to cram Monroe into this group. Arkansas State I’m okay with ULL not a bad add if Tech is okay. I really prefer leaping out of this but personally I don’t have an issue with Texas State ULL and Arkansas State. Let the Southwest and Gulf schools keep CUSA make the Atlantic seaboard the sun belt or whatever name they want to take. No Monroe Troy or south Alabama in the new CUSA. GMG
  5. I feel Leopold speaks some truth. The Mean Green continue to demonstrate commitment, vision and a strong desire to rise above our current arrangement. Many SMU alums realize the benefit of playing each other and cultivating another city rivalry. You have rich private school in major metro and massive state school in one of the country’s most coming regions. We add value in our profile and naturally developing attributes. Inject enthusiastic leadership and success and we will look even more attractive as a program to many. Programs want to be surrounded by other attractive programs. The AAC has some deadwood as does CUSA and the Sun Belt. This unexpected situation we have been thrusted into can benefit some programs. All of a sudden you have a Pure reason to reset everything, including conference affiliation and peer program alignment. I believe in Wren and Dr. Smastrek. As a fan I can support home and away, recruit fans, donate and encourage tv social media ratings. Sound familiar? Let’s start again this fall. GMG
  6. Help me remember the other one. 2002 New Orleans Bowl The Heart of Dallas Bowl The Stand as for Mean Green magnificent moments: miracle in the desert and Peter Pan. GMG
  7. No bueno. no south Alabama no ULM no uta no Little Rock. Please get us out of this proposed configuration. GMG
  8. Memphis brought it to the Cotton Bowl too. They outnumbered Penn State fans and made an excellent impression. Texas Live after that game was a blast too. That was the Oklahoma sooner boomed game. That was the hungriest pack of tigers I’ve ever seen. Would love UNT to Earn the auto bid slot one day! GMG
  9. This...Lectured by people still landing paychecks into their accounts monthly or bimonthly. One thing I have loved about hustling with Uber this past week is that I’m actually connecting with others who are hustling themselves or heading to work to save and protect lives. People heading to the doctor for preventative maintenance procedures, getting an elderly high risk patient home from his weekly dialysis appointment. Even picked up happy UNT or TWU students celebrating the end of finals. Yeah, there is great need out there, all kinds. I don’t judge people for wanting to stay home and re-emerge at their pace. I don’t judge those students for celebrating and probably not social distancing at a party, they just somehow stayed focused and made it through one of the most ridiculous semesters ever. Celebrate on friends you earned it. Purpose rocks. GMG
  10. UNM is falling off the map because their basketball is not right NMSU basketball has been steady hence they look more attractive right now. UNM needs to get its flagship program back on track much like UNLV is doing now. The MWC benefits when SDSU UNM and UNLV are good. Nevada, Utah state and Boise are good bridge programs but the MWC can’t really have more than one of the power programs go dark for too long. GMG
  11. The Honda wings I believe they are remind me of our SOW. Always have, Took awhile but love our logo now. gmg
  12. All 3 outside of Dallas have been reasonable. I drive Uber and am shocked how busy I am. I laid off the roads from st patty’s to cinco de Mayo. From the 5th on it has been rocking with requests and I was in Fort Worth yesterday where 2 restaurants I dined in were full. People are moving around again, but people are making their way back at their own pace which is smart. Confidence level is personal and rising which bodes well for the economy. gmg
  13. Ridiculous in early May. I guess 4 win teams might go bowling in 2020. GMG
  14. I just think NMSU brings good enough 🏀 basketball and utep wants to be aligned with the Texas schools. They really aren’t in a position to look negatively on the aggies. They need a travel partner and if New Mexico isn’t available (why not ask even though a ridiculous long shot) those 2 should be included. Utep won’t stay down forever and some competition from the school across the state line would get them in order fast. UTSA Texas state UNT La Tech Rice ULL Ark State Southern Miss UAB South Alabama or a real SWC resurrect: Houston Rice SMU UNT Texas State UTSA Arkansas State Memphis La Tech Southern Miss GMG
  15. Utep and New Mexico State should be in this league. Both programs have a good amount of alumni in DFW. GMG
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