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  1. Do it Mean Green! I’ve been away for 3.5 weeks with 2 more to go. However I will be there for Mason Fine Day and we are going to get a Big W! Just beat down Rice in Houston and return home for the regular season finale of all finales. Section 105 ready to go off! GMG
  2. Man I wish I was there! Love soccer, love the Mean Green - awesome combo. Go Ladies Go Mean Green!!!!!
  3. It’s a nostalgia thing. They represent the good bad and influential of Dallas. People have an affinity for them even though they don’t want to necessarily be them. Further, staying ranked in the top 25 for over a month is more important and impressive than beating a downtrodden sec program. That is why I wanted us to crack into the top 25 so we would get weekly exposure. Mason has done his part to get us exposure now Seth needs to crush the end of the season to avoid us becoming an afterthought. GMG
  4. Mason’s offense is a fun watch and is what may very well get a 7-5 or 6-6 team into a bowl. You can sell that watch especially early in the bowl season where I am sure we will be if we finish strong. i will say that the season of blowouts to high stakes drama to albino squirrels to dinosaurs is making this one of the most memorable for a lot of strange reasons. I hope Mason and the team ball it the rest of the way and send our great ambassador out with a winning season! GMG
  5. I love this. I had no idea the questions, tone and vibe of the presser was going to be so serious. It was like he was sitting there with a bandana on his head or something just Repping like mason can but he was in a dinosaur costume! Hysterical. soak it up Mason. We Love what you have done for UNT and wish you all the success in the future! GMG
  6. Well, I’ll take a bowl win in Frisco please. Seeing my Mean Green in my FCD stadium conquering some demons would make me happy and send me into the holidays with a smile. GMG
  7. Do you check Seth’s rebuilding skills or do you go get graham back and turn the ship over to a new coach to build fresh from the front. It’s a rebuild either way and I am concerned Littrell may not have this in him. It’s a whole new ball game and does he have the stomach? Their are good recruits here and coming. NewDenton doesn’t tolerate five year slides and shouldn’t. Turn it around or turn it over. GMG
  8. It’s crazy to think about right! I mean as freaking bizarre this season has been I somehow see us winning against utep rice and uab and losing at la tech. We get invited to Frisco with a big crowd and win our first bowl game under Littrell. It’s the strangest ending for the strangest season in forever. GMG
  9. I will renew because Seth won’t take the patch with him. Plus I love the party in the stands. Witnessed horrific MG seasons and this is mild by comparison. Disappointing- disgustingly so, but can’t abandon my football team. I’m living through this nightmare in the EPL too but it only will make the future turnaround that much sweeter and the beer is still cold until then. down UTEP GMG
  10. Yeah listening to it on the radio at about 6 this morning I said, go to sleep. turn this off now. Mooney had just got his kick blocked and next thing you know Charlotte is at our 29. I opted to preserve my few hours of peaceful sleep without Trying to shed anger vibes before nodding off. Slept like a baby, but still a disastrous season. We are like in total rebuild mode. Not sure how this happened. Hello Miners🙂 GMG
  11. I like the icy whites. And I actually liked the really really different slightly strange uniforms we had last week. I've got to be honest I love them even more now that we got a W in them. GMG
  12. North Texas 35 Charlotte 17 I am hopeful the offense just plays keep away and scores on most possessions. The defense rests and makes some Continued progress. GMG
  13. Wish FC Dallas could have pulled off the miracle in Seattle a place they never win. But they fought hard Losing 4-3 in 120 minutes and have the youngest team in the league. Fun and exciting rebuilding year. Youngest and first year manager in Luchi. Future is bright in Frisco at Toyota Stadium. And the Stars decided to wake up and start the season! Great a Mean Green win. Nice cowboy rout update when we landed in HK. Left Sunday morning instead of Monday morning before the storms. Glad everyone is safe! Crush Charlotte GMG
  14. A pre party at scruffy mcduffies or blue martini on Thursday night would be awesome! let’s just beat Charlotte and keep this conversation going! GMG
  15. I do like that they picked up some of Houston’s rituals of playing right up to the snap. They mix up the routines too. I do miss the North Texas fight chant on 3rd downs but overall very happy with the renewed energy. They are finding creative ways to showcase themselves connect with fans and enhance the in game experience. Go Green Brigade GMG
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