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  1. See the west coast conference. Gonzaga gets the glory and has established themselves as the best. St. Mary’s challenges to keep bell ringer on their toes. BYU has name recognition and can upset the bell ringer and conference challenger. That’s pretty much it every year in that league. GMG
  2. Seth strikes me as the type of guy who thrives on chemistry and struggles to confront difference of philosophy in his team. He looked so frustrated on the sidelines last year many times. I’m glad he appears to be hiring gentlemen he can lead and trust to execute his plan. It’s a completely new day in Denton. Kind of exciting even though the unknowns are significant. GMG
  3. I do feel their is a missing game. I love the magical runs Boise and UCF can go on but after watching James Madison vs North Dakota State then Clemson LSU I feel there should be a G5 championship game or something Similar. I would have tuned in and been juiced to see Memphis vs Boise this year. Put it in a 60,000 seat destination stadium and then you have 3 cream de la Creme games with really good teams battling it out for a championship title. Now I went to the Memphis penn state game and Memphis brought more fans and were louder. They held their own. Slightly torn about this because it would be the final split. But Quality matchups rock. GMG
  4. I attended the BYU vs Portland game in Provo and the tickets were only $9 for general admission. Did the men’s volleyball game the night before for $6. Kids everywhere, yeah I know it’s Provo. But I even thought they hook them young in Utah. Rah rah rah rah rah go cougars! repped our celebratory Mean Green beanies celebrating the FAU beat down! GMG
  5. I’ve been traveling but watching this team grow from a distance. After the UTA game which was the one I got to see I felt we were trending in the right direction. Now I feel like our stout non conference slate has prepared us well. Nothing would be finer than to see a sea of Green in Frisco as we make a deep run for The crown. Keep it rolling MG! GMG
  6. That’s really cool. great Win today b-ball! gmg
  7. Never ever ever too much college 🏈 football. GMG
  8. This would have been a perfect bowl game for us in 2019: off graduation weekend, perfect sunny day, close location, 25,000 wearing Mean Green. I went to the cotton bowl and let me tell you, I can’t wait to get back. Win or lose those penn state and Memphis fans partied before and after the clash. Don’t rush this staff. Build it right with hungry experienced developing leadership. FAU is setting a nice bar as the beast of the east. Time to create the best in the west. GMG
  9. I think kellen Moore would be awesome. He could stay local and line himself up for a power OC position or head coach or coach in waiting. He’ll probably be snatched up in the nfl but worth a try. GMG
  10. Big 12 play has impacted Texas football. That’s why I love the sec it’s got some old school in it. peach howl proof went to the cotton bowl and Memphis played a good game. Penn state just wore them down. gmg
  11. People we’ve missed one bowl game. Not ready to throw out Seth yet. Recommit and go win the league and bowl game. Don’t want skip in Denton. We don’t need to chase a coach from Ruston no matter how much I respect his accomplishments. Paint CUSA Mean Green 2020
  12. And UAB is taking it to a Top 20. It's early but UAB looks pissed. I wish we would have looked pissed against Troy. We moaned and groaned we had to play the Sun Belt. App State coming. Time to root for UAB to get CUSA's second big W today! Way to go Mean Green Hoops! GMG
  13. They are about to meet that Florida speed tomorrow. I was at our championship game in Boca when it looked like men against boys. Florida speed better than Texas toughness. Hurts to say that but I think Florida Atlantic mops the field with pony tails. GMG
  14. Happy for Kent state. Great win the Mac is 2-0 this bowl season. nicely done flashes! GMG
  15. Yes, the walk into the stands for fist bumps, high fives and hand slaps was way cool. Usually they connect with the fans on the front row but they came up deep into the stands to say thank you to the fans. It was a really nice surprise on a heavy day in Denton with the firing of our coaches in that other sport. Nice to see Wren there and he was thanking fans and saying hello to everyone in his gleeful way. GMG
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