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  1. I love this. Our FC Dallas tailgates are sponsored by peticolas and they offer delicious kegs before each game and the tailgates always rock. see you manana! GMG
  2. It’s really a take of two sports fans. My big conference aka sec friends would rather sit at home or In A bar and watch Georgia Clemson than go to the stadium and watch Appy state vs coastal Carolina. Give me the in person experience everyday, I can record or playback highlights of Alabama Florida. but I’ve always been this way. I bussed to Lamo to watch us play 1AA ball versus watching Oklahoma Nebraska. I haven’t changed but football sure has. The big conference fans don’t realize me and we are out there and don’t care. And I don’t care back. GMG
  3. Said none of the masses who voted and liked it into existence. It’s our welcome to and thank you from North Texas. It’s brilliant. GMG
  4. I want to leave Judy. If we stay in C USA I like plain southern miss la tech many of the programs we’ve started to build rivalries with. I like western in bball. Rice and utsa are close visits. Like the above poster said the leftover schools in these conferences are okay but the solution is get rid of Judy. Look at your five year selves not your 2022 self when navigating the new waters. I believe wren and company are looking beyond the aac and mwc too which they should. We have a lot to offer. GMG
  5. Not even close. Apogee is a gem and Ford is starting to have that cotton bowl corridor look. How can that team not be prepared for a full house practically at the gates and concessions? How can there not be roaming beer vendors? How can there not be pop up beverage and snack stations all around the stadium triple what was organized. They had one job and 2 years to plan for it. I don’t get it. Made me appreciate Denton, Apogee and being a Mean Green alum so much more. see y’all Saturday GMG
  6. Harrell Frost to North Texas unless Seth bows up. (Harrell HC) GMG
  7. That’s wild after game 2!
  8. I’m really curious to see what happens with the MWC because their blowup will free up teams for us to ponder (Boise and Air Force gone): I.e. New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado State, UNLV, San Diego State. So odu marshall western breakaway and do their thing. The western teams do our thing and some mountain west players become available. Sun belt could get cherry picked and leave cusa in tact which is bizarre and sad. But bloom where planted and keep our trajectory mojo flowing. GMG
  9. That game felt eternal. My gosh a 2 hour first half practically. switched to UTEP Boise and the Miners have a bruising running game. Would be nice to see them beat Boise for a solid conference win. it’s early 3-0 Texas Western. GMG
  10. I think Rice will be too tempting to pass up and Houston too valuable to lose for the AAC. I think UAB will be the other. There are better programs out there in coastal and Appy and Louisiana but the footprint doesn’t feel right. UAB gives partner to USF and smu and rice reunite. After this realignment the AAC is not nearly as attractive as it was. MWC looks good until Boise gets called up. We could just bloom where planted invite Appy and Troy and call it a day. All those privates Tulane Tulsa smu rice do little for me in the excitement category. I prefer La Tech utsa southern miss throw in Louisiana and or Texas state. if Marshall doesn’t get called up I think you will see odu marshall and the Atlantic teams ramp up efforts to do their thing. We should be ready to do ours. leave Judy in her little car. GMG
  11. This is why I would like us to consider Scott Frost if Seth doesn’t come through or departs. Frost didn’t forget how to coach. I think Nebraska is like Wisconsin, married to an ultimate system style. We could reproduce a UCF style in North Texas. New scenery with Texas, most likely Oklahoma and Florida connections, could be a recipe for success. I don’t think he survives in the children of the corn land after this year. GMG
  12. I’ll be surprised if Coastal doesn’t cruise on their way to a Jayhawk beat down. I believe they are on the Teal Turf. That place is going to be a House of horrors for KU. GMG
  13. I’m not beyond looking at the sun belt as a step up if we don’t accelerate up to AAC. I want away from Judy in every way as the conference continues to crumble. App State Louisiana and Coastal are better programs than many in our league. We also get a better tv deal. I would go MWC unless Boise leaves. They leave the conference becomes undesirable. Play East. GMG
  14. Gonna be a great get together and the barley house is fun. An easy walk to the stadium after some refreshments. GMG
  15. That was a great game. I Love watching ole miss especially since they now look like a more talented version of FAU. Kiffins gonna have them pulling some upsets soon. GMG
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