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  1. It’s weird isn’t it. It feels like the Western part of the USA needs a strong conference. It’s a whole different part of the world and with the perceived implosion of the premier league out there that vacuum has to spell opportunity for something, some group. As for interest in all these league matchups between the big dog programs. Eh it’s okay. It’s for the big dog fans me not so much. My SEC fans love to watch these matchups and their teams from sports bars on tv. I still like in person action even in a stadium half filled with 15k other fans. That’s nothing the big dog fans understand. I don’t care. Something about watching an in person battle under a big black sky on a steamy desert night with 40k excites me. The money will flow for the 3 conferences but I can’t say the same for the interest. They only need their rabid fanbases I assume. But interest from the left out rabid fanbases won’t automatically tune in for all these “must see matchups.” Will I turn in more or less? Not sure, probably the same. Because for me it’s always been about my university, their progress, the entertainment and those friend filled Saturday afternoons. I can watch those other games at my leisure like I already do. Play teams you can drive to against programs you can build rivalries with. The more things change, sometimes the more they stay the same. Beat UTEP GMG
  2. Well I’m excited to see him go beast mode now. He threw it out to the universe, refreshed and will now come back with an eye on the nfl prize. Less than 2 months to UTEP. GMG
  3. Agree. Really dig the Green Texas, diving Eagle shirt. GMG
  4. Well we’re really behind the 8 ball here with these 2. I saw that interview with Joey on channel 11 and it made me crave an energy coach with skill. He’s firing up all of Tech. San Antonio will continue to roll under steady leadership. Coach Mumbles has one of plumbest jobs in one of the greatest States in the World. Someone waiting in the wings knows this if he doesn’t deliver. Rooting for Seth and our Green. Revealing season ‘22. GMG
  5. Always looks great in green and white. GMG
  6. I do like that Wren seems to have the winner in the wings. I am hopeful that when Seth’s time is up in Denton the next man up is solid motivated and hungry to unleash the power that is UNT. It’s never quick enough for us but worth the wait. GMG
  7. Yes I think Hawaii is a good get but not great. Imagine us playing Hawaii, the average DFW fan wouldn’t care. GMG
  8. I’m just so tempered after Jace. I love all these kids and want them to succeed in Green but performance under pressure is a whole nuther ballgame. 🏈 And with college football games being so finite you don’t have time to learn on the job. Not with San Antonio soaring, SMU paying and Memphis, Tulsa, Navy and Tulane coming. Looking forward to day one results and steady growth. GMG
  9. Me too. I feel he is an excellent DC. His experience brings a steadiness to that side of the ball. His side will play a big part in this season’s celebration moments and how many of them we will have. GMG
  10. Positioning is everything. Get these kids to see the Long View. Get those Aggies Horns and Sooners who realize that while the NIL money is good but not there for them. They can cash in Witt playing time at the next level. I mean we need coaches or assistants who eat sleep and drink the process. Let the big dog coaches do what they do best. Prepare for Saturday implement and train to the game plan, praise and correct the execution. GMG
  11. Well that’s on us hiring or hanging onto the wrong coach for too long. Good times coming just need to make it through this year. show up, tailgate, celebrate, commiserate and always Go Mean green!!!!!
  12. That’s what late Saturday night is for. Pretty sure we will have a night game in the desert with casino resorts Roaring all night long. GMG
  13. Mens Volleyball 🏐 over lacrosse. Join the midwestern league that contains Loyola Chicago and Ohio state. Battle against UCLA USC BYU Hawaii Long Beach State Cal State Fullerton Nebraska and Penn State and become the premier volleyball destination for all big dudes in the Lone Star State. Stretch the Mean Green brand from coast to coast and watch Texas TCU and Baylor follow suit with programs in about a decade. Get the head start, compete with big brand programs and make some place in the rafters for some banners. GMG
  14. Love Golding Love Grant more. gonna be some awesome wars in the AAC. GMG
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