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  1. What a depressing thread. GMG
  2. Plus the Sharks. The NCAA needs more sharks and another cool name. I could work in some LIU Shark gear into my offseason. Heck the Chanticleers need some competition for cool fad honors. GMG
  3. Get excited about the road-trips. I believe we play in Memphis Vegas San Antonio and Birmingham. El Paso can be fun. I mean the road slate looks tasty and home games are always accompanied with tailgates, Green Brigade shows, the elements and the march towards a bowl game, any game. I’m excited on 1.5.22. GMG
  4. When I board a plane or bump into people wearing North Texas gear we exchange “Go Mean Greens” and move about our business with good vibes. Classic. GMG
  5. First game this season and man was that fun. Watched the Miami game but ecstatic to be onboard for conference play home and away. we are good let’s have some fun! GMG
  6. Cincinnati wasn’t a G5 issue it was a Cincy issue. Last year’s team was better than this squad. I wasn’t too confident they were going to beat even a strange Alabama team. The Tide only seems to respond when they get punched in the mouth like Georgia will do in Indianapolis. Cincy couldn’t do that today which led to a strange Alabama performance. Go 🏈 GMG
  7. Yeah I guess so about not showing up. To each his her own. But I also believe a marketing effort is in order. 2022 Come Home. I had friends posting pics of the bowl game on tv stating “it’s nice to see my Alma mater on tv.” Pics of their tv with the game on. Another friend alum stated, “this bowl game needed to be In the evening.” Yet they work remote and I am sure with some creativity could have found an afternoon off. These are UNT alums. Same alum told a friend he supported FSU when asked who was his team. There’s no connection to unt. None. Weird concept for me but same alum watches the unt score out of the corner of their eye. But why not even make a bowl game up the road? I plan work projects around mean green weekends. Back to the marketing campaign. We all know a person or 5 like this. What if the athletic department gave incentive to us hardcores to bring one of these fans home. Maybe we get Mean Green bucks to use towards gear or beer or parking passes or prime tailgate spots or end zone cabanas something. The AD doesn’t have to do this alone. Imagine those alums attend the utep game or UTSA game. They maybe come to one more game or maybe the bowl where $25 tickets could be had. My LSU buddy gets us. He’s not even a Tiger grad but he treks to Pasadena to watch them lose to ucla. He owns season tickets and treks to Baton Rouge often. He says UNT needs a transcendent quarterback who wins and excites the fanbase. Then the AD has the ammo to sell the program and maybe that wakes the dormant alum. Tiger fan is new to Dallas and attended the unt game at ford. He’s new to the city and said smu is not Dallas’ team. Unt can totally be the metroplexes team when these stars align. But wren controls part of the equation, a big part, we can influence other parts. Bottom line is we can’t wait for Seth to be fired. We can’t wait for the transcendent team to win. Next fall we could each invite a dormant alum to come home. Show them a good time and if those other things out of our control happen maybe they come back. 2022 Come Home. GMG
  8. But Wren is a professional and don’t you feel the schism when Mumbles is placed in front of the most ardent UNT supporters. It’s a strange weird energy where everyone is faking to love and believe what Seth is saying. This is how it felt before 1-6. You can’t build or keep progressing a program on the backs of fans who don’t believe in him anymore. Wren knows this NS knows this. Seth pulled the rabbit out of the hat and won 5 in a row and beat a Top 25. Nothing we can do about it. But Wren has to expect low energy next year from the fanbase. Nothing changed. Next year please give us Clemson or someone like that in a bowl game because we ain’t winning it whether we be playing Grand Canyon or Georgia. Seth looks across the field in December and sees Saban and the Crimson Tide. One more year of this flat atmosphere then hope. GMG
  9. That was an awesome pre party team! Definitely the highlight of the day - good coming together of the Mean Green Family. go 2022
  10. Yes, though gates say they open later that means there will be people there to take your parking fee at 10:00am or whatever time they said. At FC Dallas games you get there as early as you want pick a spot and set up for fun. Get there early! Get rowdy and let’s blanket Frisco Mean Green!!!!! GMG
  11. It’s an amazing hub. East coast west coast Mexico beaches equal distance. International flights direct to Sydney Hong Kong Tokyo London Rio de Janeiro Paris and Middle East - college sports, bowl games, culture, a business grinding mentality. Miss the mountains and sea but there is much to appreciate about this pulse point on the world map. GMG
  12. In the words of Adler wear Green! On those red seats it is going to be a Christmas miracle! GMG
  13. You need a snickers my friend. Or at least a Mean Green pep rally. GMG
  14. You can do full on tailgating in Frisco. No restrictions on glass, bring a tent bring chairs, the parking is extremely convenient to the entrance gates to the stadium. It’s gonna wild being there in Green instead of USA red white and blue. Time to fiesta! GMG
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