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2023 Head Coach Candidates


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This is inevitable, changes will be made after this season. Let's get a jump start on coaches we might be interested in.

1. Tom Herman (Florida Atlantic)

2. Graham Harrell 

3. Doug Belk

4. Chad Morris (doubtful choice but he has coached in the AAC)

5. Jason Garrett (jk we don't need a clapper)


Edit to add names from the posts:

6. Colby Carthel

7. Gary Patterson

8. Justin Fuente

9. Barry Odom (UNLV)

10. Kendall Briles

11. Jeff Lebby

12. Scott Frost

13. Neal Brown ( Staying at WV)

14. Alex Golesh (USF)

15. Matt Mattox

16. Matt Mumme

17. Garrett Riley

18. Jeff Grimes

19. Skip Holtz

20. Mike Yurcich

21. Kevin Sumlin

22. KC Keeler (Signed extension with Sam Houston)

23. Bo Davis

24. Kellen Moore 

25. Mickey Joseph

26. Darrell Dickey (we want Buick 2.0)

27. Bob Stoops

28. Eric Morris (Number 28 is the winner)

29. Patrick Cobbs 

30. Deion "Prime Time" Sanders (Colorado)

31. Jamey Chadwell (Liberty)

32. Bill Clark

33. Joe Gillespie

34. Dino Babers

35. Sean "Old Man Lee Harvey Oswald" Peyton 

36. Bobby "hide the motorcycle" Petrino (UNLV OC)

37. Ron Roberts (Fired by Baylor) (Hired to be Auburn DC)

38. Sean Lewis (Leaving Kent St for Colorado OC job)

39. Sherrone Moore

40. Andy Kotelnicki

41. Bronco Mendenhall

42. Jim McElwain

43. Ryan Walters (Purdue)

44. Shawn Bell

45. Curt Cignetti 

46. Blake Anderson 

47. Matt Rhule (hired by Nebraska)

48. Kane Wommack

49. GJ Kinne (Texas State)

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4 minutes ago, p_phelps said:

Herman brings experience,  winning history. Good reputation with Texas high schools. Probably could lure more transfers here too.  

There's something to be said about the "redemption factor."  

No doubt he wasn't happy about being let go at Texas which should provide a lot of fire and a Texas-Sized Chip on his shoulder, and wants to show the football world that he's a damn good football coach.

Energy came through during the broadcast last night and as others have mentioned, his passion for the players.  He was telling anecdotes of guys he had at Texas who had transferred and were on the field last night and guys he recruited who were on the field with genuine happiness and excitement for them.

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32 minutes ago, Wag Tag said:

Salary and NIL will determine the quality on who we can attract. I would only hire a coach with head coaching experience. 

All things considered, it is time to start looking.

We don't know who's really interested until the job is open.

The potential new hire could be complete surprise to everyone..... Could be someone no one thought was interested that sees it, evaluates it, and says, "man I can really do something with that program" - think big because you never know, when you put that "Open for business" sign on the door, who is going to show up!

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1 hour ago, p_phelps said:

Herman brings experience,  winning history. Good reputation with Texas high schools. Probably could lure more transfers here too.  

This post shows you have no clue what you’d be getting with Herman. His reputation with Texas HS coaches was one of the determining factors in his firing because he was lying to HS recruits to the point he couldn’t keep it all straight.

He’s despicable as a human being.  When our AD and President flew to Columbus to interview him at his home he yelled and cursed at his own children in front of them.  They left and hired Morris instead.  

He wouldn’t take the job anyway so the point is moot.

Some of the names being thrown around here are laughable.  Morris may be the only attainable one, and that would be a fun dumpster fire to watch play out.



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Give me a guy who desperately wants to figure things out, no matter what it takes to win...where they are currently, or if they come to Denton.

I'm super skeptical of 60+ year-olds who won elsewhere: how do I know their formula will work in Denton? Do we get any kind of assurance that they will be willing to adapt if/when their formula isn't working here?  No deal breakers here, just some extra questions and concerns.

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42 minutes ago, emmitt01 said:

Well, there you have it folks.   Anyone that SMU would call despicable (and that is a HIGH moral bar to clear) we should steer clear of.  

He may be a douche bag but he’s not wrong about Herman’s character.  There are enough rumors and smoke to stay away.  I don’t think that’s a direction we should go. 

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Neal Brown would be near the top of my list if West Virginia fires him at the end of the year. 

Alex Golesh, Tennessee’s Offensive Coordinator, would be an interesting candidate. Plenty of experience in the AAC. 

Matt Mattox, UTSA’s OC/OL coach would be another under the radar candidate. 

Matt Mumme, Colorado State OC. 

Garrett Riley, SMU OC. 

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