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  1. Medical staff has to clear him, he has to believe he is ready, and then work load management. I hope that can mean limited minutes building up to the conference tournament.
  2. Honestly, with all of the close losses it feels as thought we are snake bit. But considering the month long absence of R Jones, the 4-5 games stretch of Buggs being out and now Nolan. Not to mention Allen with the stitches— we have made the necessary adjustments to compete and played pretty well considering. Would I have liked a couple of more free throws made and a couple in the Win column— yes, no doubt. Nobody wants to face us now much less when we are at full strength and we are using some bench players to supplement (and get some minutes). I hope we can get some wins to get the bye in the tournament and then clean up as long as we are at full strength.
  3. I guess they plan to get some 2-3 DT in the spring window?
  4. Well- except for free throws
  5. They did not. They came on the court as a part of the after party. There was no storm- in that entering the court.
  6. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We were a little lucky to walk away with a win yesterday and have quite a few tough match ups ahead. Quiet confidence please.
  7. All road league games are difficult and we will have to play well.
  8. Good pick up!! Now for some front 7 on the D (well in our case front 6)
  9. Is this going to be behind your paid wall? ps- also not worried, yet.
  10. Probably accurate placement for us now— considering who we have played and won/lost against (overall). Now let’s get some more dubs and keep the defense up.
  11. Great two game swing. Get healthy. Prepare like champions. Have fun.
  12. It is turning into what will be contractual. What portion of the deal is guaranteed, what portion is base on production and/or games played.
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