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  1. Yes, if he wins both you can’t get rid of a 9 game winner.
  2. Now, now— one game at a time—please.
  3. Glad he has committed to us. The offer sheet is impressive. Needs to gain some weight.
  4. Any announcement (even if we lose to Rice) will not come until after the championship game. The buy out drops in early December again!!! Only way it happens right after Rice would be agreed upon by Littrell and Wren at the lower buy out.
  5. This will be a very difficult decision for Wren. The next two games will give us the answer. . . a loss in either of these and the announcement will come after the championship game (unless Seth agrees to the lower buyout earlier). He has to win out to keep his job. I don’t think he will and I’m not suggesting that he should. This loss was a major step in that fork in the road that Wren was facing. Now as for a new coach for UNT in the American— hell, who knows. It totally depends on the type of staff that they can put together and keep. What would y’all think if we were able to get Skip HC and either Graham or Applewhite as OC/QB?
  6. We are on the same page. But I do believe that if he wins the next 3 (don’t think he will) and gets to 9 he won’t be fired. Nothing will be announced until after the championship game b/c the buyout drops again.
  7. Said a long time ago that he would need to 1. win two out of three (UTSA, WKU, UAB) looks like a NO! 2. Get a championship game appearance and/or win (now must be a win now) 3. Win a bowl game. Looks like it less likely that he stays. Plus Rice Will be looking to “hit 6.”
  8. 2 out of 3 (UTSA, WKU, UAB) Conference Championship game appearance/win Bowl WIN 🏆 Some combination of the above. This would also equate to another 9 win season. We would be a laughing stock if we fired a coach that won 9 games three times in 7 years at North Texas. This will lead to 1 of 2 things: 1. 3-5 year extension. Hopefully with a better buyout structure for the university. 2. He won 9 games x3 at UNT— He gets swooped up by a lower level P5 and he won’t pass it up this time around.
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