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  1. Jay D-- I think that the thing that most disturbs me the most is that you mentioned in another thread that you thought that this person would still run a base 3-3-5 with "some" 4 man front.
  2. #3 is not as big a concern since we don't compete in recruiting the top players. Would it be nice? Yes, but not necessary. I would hope that they have experience recruiting the 4 states of Texas, OK, LA, AR.
  3. https://gomocs.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/lorenzo-ward/970 I think he fits the bill. Experienced at many levels (including P5) and has been good over time. Since he is currently at FCS we have the right amount of money.
  4. Well, we will see if it works out for them. I suggested that we hire him as our QB coach right in the middle of the season (after their little stretch was over) but was told how much better of a coach we would hire at the end of the season . . . waiting. Sometimes it is about the right price at the right moment. Of course, I hope we end up in a better position but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. Both have had their ups and downs over the course of the season, but I give a slight edge to Aune. Then you throw in the fact that Darden isn't in the lineup and then I think you have to reconsider because of Bean's game breaking ability. What is for certain is that this board will be split no matter who starts but we want the same outcome . . . a WIN! GMG
  6. And how many of them could the one trick wonder, Bean, have won?
  7. Bean is a great athlete that has played QB during his career. He couldn't even start at his high school!!!! That screams athlete, not college QB. When are the Bean lovers going to realize this . . . couldn't win his high school's QB job. Aune, at least, was once a high level QB prospect but also played baseball. . . as a professional. Neither have played lights out this year but I would still put my money on the one that has a least seen success (even if at the high school level). That is Aune. Statistically he was better this year after being away from the game for 6-7 years. Ple
  8. He was a decent coach the last time he rolled through here, the roster is not in shape to run the 4-3, but no real improvement over the course of the year. Covid, roster, not the right fit for this group of players/coaches, or does he just suck . . . not sure. He and most coaches across the country will get a pass this year. I just hope that they (the staff) can better manage the roster to turn this into a version of something we can be proud of.
  9. Don't like the stripe on the pants . . . should have been the same as the sleeve or the all whites the we wore at Arkansas a couple of years ago.
  10. I would think that his offer from us had dried up considering we have two 1 technique and 3 technique DT's already committed.
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