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  1. Are we in a better place because of Seth L. and what he has done. . . Yes! Over the last 40 yrs he has produced some of our best memories (DD would be the other one). Wren and Seth have put us in a position to move forward. . . But is 0-5 in bowl games, 4 losing seasons in six years, 0-1 in conference title games, and a .486 winning percentage what we want for our program as it moves into the AAC??? We need to take the next step.
  2. Justin Fuente or Jeff Grimes as head coach— but depends on the kinda of stuff they could get.
  3. Though ranked in the top 15—were they really one of the best 15 teams in the country?? I think not. We beat a good team in UTSA who had skated by mostly bad teams. High point of SL era was the Arkansas win on the road and USMA home win.
  4. Yep, and we put our money on a FCS guy and LaTech’s backup.
  5. Well, that would tell you a lot about the state of the athletic department if he doesn’t.
  6. Hope that we come out like the UTSA game. But if Seth’s bowl history says anything- no energy, unprepared, and out played. MO 42 - MG 27 hope I’m wrong
  7. I agree with you for the most part. Just not that high on the QB’s— not a great track record from SL. . . hope I’m wrong but overall solid. Just not overly impressed.
  8. So, @UNTLifer are you saying you are impressed? I Have no doubt they are high character guys that will represent the program well and hopefully are difference makers. But I was hoping for something a little more impressive— especially at the quarterback position. Solid but not impressed. Now, with the addition of the DE from up North we should have around 11-13 spots left. Work to do from the staff.
  9. Not super impressed with this group so far. Underwhelmed by the two QB transfers!!! This staff has pulled some rabbits out of the hat in the past and will need to do it again— and not just with one high profile flip. It will need to be multiple high level AAC types. Not to mention a QB coach.
  10. 1. Graham H. (Top choice) but $ will be an issue 2. John D Baker (money won’t be an issue) 3. Kitna (money and attitude will be an issue) i would be happy with 1 or 3 and satisfied with 2.
  11. @TheReal_jayD what about the dual threat out of Wichita Falls that went to UVA?? He is in the portal and may want to come home. I know that the staff would probably like a little more of a veteran presence but . . .
  12. JD. . . I appreciate listing his qualifications but with all do respect— being qualified and actually doing a job well are two different things. I only interview highly qualified candidates for positions but just because someone has ticked off all the boxes along the way doesn’t mean they can or will preform well. For example, Passwaters didn’t tick all of the boxes to even be seen as an up and coming D-Line coach but has panned out well. I would argue the Blake Joseph hasn’t preformed well (though ticking the boxes) at least in the on field development of Qb’s, as fans would like. At the college level it was always said that as long as you didn’t coach’em down you would be able to keep a job. The problem I think is that on the field performance of Aune was down compared to last year. Alas, I’m not the one to set the expectation (Littrell is) and determine if they are met. All areas of his and others’ jobs should be evaluated in balance with the expectations of the program. In other words, they may be qualified to coach somewhere but maybe not here based on performance expectations.
  13. I would rather not take a transfer QB that has such a low completion percentage. How about the QB from Arkansas State. Better stats against FBS competition. Layne Hatcher— 65 TD’s to 25 INT’s. Career 61.5 completion percentage and 158.8 career QB rating.
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