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  1. I have lots of thoughts on this. . . I first met Carl back in 1997 while he was an assistant. Great coach, teacher, and man. I wish him the best.
  2. The kid left out was the NDS one— Eady.
  3. McBride, Wright, Simmons, JJ, and TB3. And we’ve only got: Dayton kid, NH kid, and D2 kid. By my calculations that leaves 2 more. I would like to see a wing that is a lights out 3pt shooter and/or defender (both in one would be ideal). And Finally, best available freshman.
  4. 3 to play 3 I think. You normally have 5 to play 4 which would mean that he would normally have two years to play to two left. Then add the Covid year. 2019-2020* / 2020-2021 / 2021-2022 *redshirt
  5. @Brett Vito thanks, that is what I assumed was the hold up on information flow.
  6. @Brett Vito what are the numbers on this deal?? No one will spill the beans?????? They are making you do an open records request or is it not approved by BOR?
  7. In an earlier post I stated we needed to pay him SL money 1.25 million — now add —plus insensitives that would push his money to 2-2.5 million (2.5 if he delivers the natty). We also need to make this a 5 year deal. 250k additional for assistants and support staff (Mac chooses the breakdown). The buy out is the remaining total of the contract but never drops below 2 million. The greenbacks are green but the grass ain’t always greener.
  8. Great career! You gave us many smiles. Thank you.
  9. You are a great! And you will be missed.
  10. Inconsistent from the referees.
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