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  1. There are of many speculations that we could push out but I think a highly possible one is: BYU, Boise State, Cincinnati and either Houston or Memphis for the additions to the B12. That leaves Smut where they are and we push for Boise’s slot in the MWC. It puts us in a better football/basketball conference. It is definitely viewed is a much better conference overall than conference USA. It also gives the MWC a major TV market and stronger recruiting ties to the DFW metroplex which would be a plus for the member schools. Remember this was TCU’s path.
  2. Big 12 adds: Boise State, BYU, Cincinnati, and Memphis MWC:UTEP and UNT both want the spot vacated by Boise State AAC adds: UAB and APP State
  3. As a UTEP graduate (undergrad and UNT graduate school), I have to go for the ZAGS. UTEP (Texas Western at the time)is the only university from Texas to have won the NCAA D-1 crown and I hope it stays that way for a long time. Though Coach Haskins would be pleased with the Baylor Defense.
  4. We have to shoot over 42% from the floor, 36% from three, 75+% from the line (probably 80%), fewer than 10 turnovers and hold them under 62 pts. MG Nation, what say you?
  5. I like our chances against either W. Virginia or Virginia. I actually prefer Virginia since we both play a slower style. Now we play for it all.
  6. Be ready for a lot of W. Kentucky love. Even when we were up 17-0 or leading at the half it was like they had their minds made up that we were not in the same universe as WKU. They were wrong! Shout out to M. McBride for stepping up in the tournament after we lost Jones in the last game of the regular season. I don't know if they do all tournaments teams but he would have made it on the second team but Z. Simmons would have been 1st team for his effort last night alone and the tournament MVP would be Hamlet.
  7. EMBARRASSING! No can score, really?
  8. Why not play Unman? This makes no sense!
  9. Too many turnovers and missed (open threes) shots in the 1st half. Tough loss, but we need to sweep UAB at home.
  10. I almost included him in my original post as the exception but look at his record there . . . Over Rated! 0-12, 4-8, 4-9, 3-9 He was innovative prior to NMSU, but my point is you are at NMSU for a reason and it ain't good.
  11. Looked so promising until the D-Line hire. I hope I'm wrong, but has any good football coach come out of NMSU?
  12. Year 1 Expectations Under 32pts per game (Under 27pts per game in year 2) establish an identity as the Mean Green stop the run (meaning under 160 per game and in year 2 it should be under 140) under 230 yrd per game passing 18+ turnovers NEVER EVER allow a first down on a 3rd and 15+ ALL YEAR LONG!!!!!!
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