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  1. There must be a change on defense . . . scheme or leader or both . . .if not Seth must go.
  2. Aune is the starter, Martin should be the back up, Bean needs to move to receiver (if he can catch) and if not then go over to the track team. Gillmore will challenge next year and Drummond will red shirt.
  3. Zach Kittley, the OC from HBU will be available after this next weekend and I would imagine the 100k that our previous QB coach was making will be a step up. West Texas kid, who's family is legendary in the state and world of track and field . . . if it worked out he would stay a long time potentially.
  4. Bailey Zappe as a grad transfer next year thanks to Covid.
  5. Makes me feel a little better about our squad.
  6. Exactly. Bean's athletic ability shined, but on several of his early throws he threw behind the receivers. A more talented defense will eat that up. On most of his deep balls they were short and our receivers made him look good (their DB's were out matched). It looked like he was running for his life (O-line is still a problem). The run game wasn't great early on. Aune seemed much more composed and accurate. His deep balls weren't short and his short/intermediate passes had more zip on them. The O-line was still not good at this point in pass protection, but they had started to wear down
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