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  1. He retweeted a DCTF article on his commitment to North Texas three hours after he posted this. Regardless two athletic DE's who would likely have bigger offer sheets if not for the current events are committed here early, that's way different than the past. This is a welcome change of pace and we shouldn't downplay both Eric Mathies and Galen Scott's ability to recruit in addition to Mike Ekeler and Clay Jennings. I have a feeling we are going to get some studs on that side of the ball this class.
  2. Bean 22.4% of carries were stopped at or behind the LOS last season. We were bottom 30 in every run blocking metric. With a new OL coach (who I'm not sold on by any means) and a couple JUCO signings who won't get spring practice I'm not high on either I doubt we see a significant jump in run blocking. That's why having a mobile QB is huge if we can actually run the read option and keep a defender at bay to honor the QB keep more holes will open up. The only thing that scares me is whether or not Bean is good enough as a passer for teams to not crowd the box negating the positive. I sure hope Bean is up to the task.
  3. We can always agree on glory to the green, indeed. I was 14, and like two rows back from the man with the blinking hat who rightfully proclaimed "we're getting outcoached" and then stood his ground and didn't cower even 1% when asked to repeat what he said to Flanigans face. @SilverEagle You sir are a legend. I did not remember that was the same game, good times! And I have a confession to make, I believe said security guard in questions frustrations started because they were hit a few times when touchdowns weren't being scored (by some incredibly immature HS freshman including myself). Some incredibly nice guy gave us a handful of home side seats that night instead of our usual $5 general admission tickets, little did we know two historic events in mean green fandom history would occur that night in those very stands.
  4. I agree that's completely unnecessary, I'm not sure why that means you have perspective and I don't but okay. You are holier than thou I get it. At least I haven't been kicked out of a game for viciously throwing tortillas at rent a cops. Keep in mind I'm not a democrat I'm someone who can see the stupidity on both sides. And I'm joking about the tortillas, I was in the stands when you were wrongfully thrown out lol. I am a Mean green fan first so I will keep from these forums as I know good and dang well I'm not changing any minds, Go mean green.
  5. If you're 60+ and a republican how are you watching this clown show unfold and thinking "Well, I'm probably going to be hospitalized and potentially die but at least the libtards aren't winning?" Now claiming the libtards are blocking the financial bill because they just want to screw the public out of money when I don't think anyone, red or blue can comprehend why on Earth 500 billion dollars to people who don't need it is included? That's common sense, shouldn't be political. Texas Lt Gov last night on Fox news saying grandparents should just go ahead and swallow the sword, get this infection, die, and secure the economy for the younger generation. Pretty easy to say as Lt Gov when you're guaranteed a respirator. Man all of the above has the devils fingerprints all over it and ya'll are complicit in blindly following the spray tan yankee who acts more like the anti christ than someone you want to follow in a time of crisis. Remember when they asked Trump what his favorite bible verse was in 2015? He couldn't recite one. Not one. I can vividly remember people claiming Obama was the anti christ, I wonder what caused that? His actions and words or skin color? yeah the latter, and nothing more. Keep supporting the spray tan yankee people, he really cares about us southern folk. To beat this all we gotta do is grab it by the pussy as our great christian leader once said.
  6. He signed with the Ravens as a free agent and didn't make their roster, from what I read there were two other UDFA linebackers vying for one spot and the LB who won it was much faster and able to play pass coverage better. The days of run stuffing linebackers are over.
  7. He didn't put up amazing numbers but didn't shit the bed either. Those 40 times probably end the discussion of him playing a 3-4 OLB, if you're not fast enough to cover a running back in pass coverage there is no place for you in the NFL in 2020, see EJ Ejiya. What matters most is that he did well in his interviews. Over 1/3 of the guys invited to the combine won't get drafted, I don't think it's safe to assume he is even a late round selection at this point.
  8. I have a feeling this one will be talked about for years to come. There seems to be a consensus on this board that we're just fine at cornerback and I just don't see it that way. We have zero all conference players returning and a whole bunch of unknowns. I think Deshawn Gaddie has the highest ceiling of them all, and if we had paired him with Rakestraw that's potentially three years of having two solid players on the outside winning games for you. Instead we didn't make him a priority and signed two JUCO offensive lineman who would really surprise me if they end up starting and completely stun me if either become good CUSA players I just don't see it personally. But on topic I'm glad we hung out to a lot of our high school commits, the class is highly rated and now we just need some of them to prove they can play from day one.
  9. I guess he isn't that highly rated because of concerns about him being 271 pounds and whether or not he can add more weight to his frame. Still, that first step and his violent hands are unique, he'll be a good player for someone, unlikely it will be us.
  10. One of the more violent highlight tapes I've seen. Tossing people around like ragdolls at times.
  11. Imagine being this one sided... Imagine watching cable news 12+ hours a week Imagine living in Texas, the South for decades and convincing yourself the Yankee is the guy who speaks for you. Ya'll are so consumed by red/blue it's crazy. Whether it's a democrat or republican in office in 2021 nothing will change for you. For your own sanity, blood pressure, and longevity, cut down on the cable news and stop arguing with each other over pointless bullshit.
  12. Hilarious. It was on the main forum for 36 hours, if I got even 2 more people to come Thursday I did my job. There are several things I would do different on the basketball forum in general to get more information out and create more excitment but it is what it is.
  13. The mens basketball team is off to its best start in conference play in program history. They are not getting enough attention, we need to be promoting the home game Thursday vs. Charlotte to anyone and everyone I hope this thread is not moved. North Texas: 16-9 (10-2) vs Charlotte: 14-9 (8-4) is a pivotal game in the CUSA championship race. I have not made it to a game this year admittedly because of the ease of watching on ESPN+ but I have made plans to be there Thursday. There are only six games left in the season four of which are at home, if you're like me and you have not made it to a game this year, now is the time. WE ARE ***KING BACK FOLKS WE ARE 10-2 IN CONFERENCE PLAY LETS SHOW THIS TEAM THE SUPPORT THEY DESERVE PACK THE PIT!!!!!
  14. I will be there with two others making my first game of the year, maybe we should put something at the top of GMG to try and get a few folks who wouldn't normally make it there this week?
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