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  1. ntmeangreen11

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    Admittedly I have only started using the term yankee because it's gone out of style. Just let me fix some of those roof tiles...
  2. ntmeangreen11

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    Is the yankee who owns the IHOP by campus that won't even fix his damn roof still fighting with UNT? That place is beyond an eyesore.
  3. ntmeangreen11


    If I remember correctly players have to have graduated and they get a pretty decent salary ($100k+) You have to wonder what the hell Vinny Mac was thinking bringing back the XFL. The first attempt was a colossal failure. They lost millions and at the same time saw that venture take attention and resources away from the WWF which resulted in it becoming less and less popular. Monday night raw barely brings in 2 million viewers in 2019 and has been on a downward trend for a while. I think there is definitely a market for football in the spring, something tells me this will be successfull in the long run and the XFL will be a short lived failure once again.
  4. ntmeangreen11


    This is a pretty big deal, what a bummer. He did a great job for us.
  5. He has to be the most successful JUCO WR we have signed in a LONG time. I know he had the pedigree signing with ND out of high school but he was a huge part of the turnaround. The 19' WR class is considered weak for the most part hopefully he tests well and makes an NFL roster next season. Thank you Jalen!
  6. ntmeangreen11

    Great QB's

    How is that the conclusion you came to? That kid is making throws NFL quarterbacks couldn't dream of making already. Quarterback is the most important position in football, it's even more important for non AQ (I am going back to this term screw calling them "power 5") schools, hence the reason we have gone to three straight bowls. I remember posting here a long time ago wondering if we would ever have a Kolton Browning, Keith Wenning etc play here after years of abysmal qb play. We finally got our guy, there is no way we win as many games as we did in 2017 with another QB taking snaps. There is also no way Alabama gets ragdolled by any team unless there is a truly great QB on the opposite side of the ball.
  7. I've never understood the dislike of GH here, he does a good job IMO. The offense has gotten better each year and continuity matters in college football. I'm happy (if) he is staying. GMG.
  8. ntmeangreen11

    2018 InTouch Credit Union C-USA Football All-Academic Team

    They are selling naming rights to all conference academic teams now? Money. talks.
  9. We will see how he does in the long run under normal recruiting guidelines. Good on UAB for upping the anty to keep their guy though.
  10. ntmeangreen11

    Oklahoma (11/27/18)

    Ugly start. Simply haven't hit our shots early, hopefully that changes or we're in for a long night.
  11. ntmeangreen11

    Is 8 Wins/Year Littrell's Ceiling Here?

    I understand where you're coming from but last night in the second half our defense repeatedly came up big and then finally folded in the 4th after being leaned on the whole game. I completely agree the lack of running threat from the QB position is hurting us, but I don't see any scenario where replacing him makes the offense more efficient.
  12. ntmeangreen11

    Is 8 Wins/Year Littrell's Ceiling Here?

    We can still finish with 11 wins. We still bring back a boatload of players. They are a whole lot of guys we don't know about who haven't seen the field because of depth. We are going to sign an incredible class. No the ceiling is not 8 wins..
  13. ntmeangreen11


    LMAO at Garner and company going with a blatantly basic celebration of the sack. High fives and firm handshakes.
  14. Ferguson completely dominated, their wide receivers won more often than not and made some great grabs other than that they aren't near any better than us at any position. We are the better team we just laid an egg. The penalty yardage, the gifted touchdown from the muff, the field goal clank, the breakdown in blocking for game winner, the injuries to our two biggest impact players on defense, Fine getting hobbled, having our starting RB tear his ACL and I could keep going. It's a complete miracle they beat us we win that game 9/10 times.
  15. ntmeangreen11

    *** OFFICIAL La. Tech vs. UNT GAME THREAD***

    I'm sure we will respond and I will be cheering them on again.. We can win every game from here on out but it doesn't change the fact that we just blew it today. I've seen quite a few losses in my day as a fan but not even the Portland Sate debacle compares to this. We had a chance to do something incredibly special this year and it took every possible break to go the oppositions way for us to lose that chance and that's exactly what happened.