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  1. We have had the absolute worst luck with safeties what a shame
  2. https://nfldraftbible.com/scouting-the-nation-clemson-unsung-hero-hungry-wolves-a-slew-of-under-the-radar-prospects/ Nice write up on Jaelon here, he is turning some heads that's for sure.
  3. I am skeptical at best that it will be a slot receiver who breaks our draft curse. The NFL doesn't value those guys very highly even Hunter Renfrow was a 5th rounder though his age was a big factor. If you search twitter there are a few draftniks who have noticed his production including Dane Brugler former owner of nfldraftscout and current writer for The Athletic. He's listed on the Reece's senior bowl 2021 top 250 maybe I am being pessimistic I just thought it would be Novil garnering the buzz this year.
  4. HUGE play by one of the Murphy twins rushing off the edge, those are the plays that build confidence in younger players and we have A LOT of young guys trying to figure it out. GMG!
  5. Darden is so damn special, he is on such a tear right now he's unguardable. G5 slot WR's are a dime a dozen in terms of NFL prospects so it's hard to imagine him getting drafted but the production has been unreal.
  6. Guyton has been targeted 8 times this season and has 6 receptions for 174 yards and two touchdowns. Guyton, Wilson Jr, Fine was one hell of a trio.
  7. IDK what to say it's true, and it matters a lot in college football. The last three classes we signed had significantly more high school players than the first two the bulk of this roster has been here three years or less including 17 redshirt freshmen and 14 redshirt sophomores. It doesn't excuse performances like this, but we are VERY green.
  8. #90 with two bad plays on that drive leading to huge gains. True freshman making his first start. I could be wrong but by my count there are only 23 scholarship players between the junior and senior classes. Almost 70% of scholarship players are freshmen or sophomores. I think we all underestimate how young the team is. Two drives in to their territory and we come away with zero points but we still have a shot to win today GMG
  9. I remember thinking this seems like a guy that will end up at TCU all the way but didn't want to speak that in to existence. He's talented, a school he likes more that's higher up the food chain noticed and offered what are you going to do? Just wish it wasn't an offensive lineman.
  10. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28649423/college-football-teams-most-returning-production-2020 We ranked 121st out of 130 schools in terms of returning production coming in to this season. I absolutely knee jerked after the SMU game when I should have taken in to account just how many guys were making their first meaningful start of their college careers. We only have ten scholarship seniors, 3 of which don't play at all. His record speaks for itself but I am now taking the approach of letting the season play out before calling for his job.
  11. His time there will end up going as well as Prime Prep Academy did and he'll likely be gone within 2 years. Think Isaiah Thomas/FIU
  12. That will require the people who have put up millions to put up more millions in a post-covid world and even I can see that is a fruitless endeavor. He will be back next season, and then he will be an OC elsewhere in 2022 while a new coach at North Texas promises a change in culture.
  13. Just going by rank in opponents PPG in seasons which Skladany was DC according to wikipedia Ohio (1985-1989) 86th,93rd,68th,71st,92nd Iowa State (1996-2006) 105th, 110th, 85th, 51st, 45th, 26th, 78th, 109th, 36th, 20th, 106th UCF (2007) 57th Houston (2008-2009) 92nd, 95th North Texas (2012-2014) 61st, 8th, 88th I'm not trying to disparage the guy or anything, but he wasn't some tactical genius🤷‍♂️
  14. Just saying I think you guys massively overrate Skladany's defense and forget the fact that we had really good players (including a future All Pro MLB) on defense for the first time since 2004. We played a boatload of really green guys yesterday, a bunch from the 2018 class. Maybe we'll figure out who our QB is, maybe some young guys will grow up and shine over the course of this season that's what I'm looking towards because we are not winning 5 of the 9 remaining games.
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