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  1. My guess is he goes in the mid-late 4th or even the 5th round. A lot of NFL teams still look at football the way they did 30 years ago and a small receivers draft stock will always take a hit. The history of drafted wide receivers under 5'8 is also not a good one. Jaelon does have an issue with drops and smaller hands/catch radius. I believe he can absolutely play at the next level, but he's not without his warts and I've grown a lot less bullish on him being a late day 2 pick in the compensatory range.
  2. I think Aune can play at the level of average to above average FBS quarterback. That makes him a top 3 CUSA QB going in to next season and a guy we can win with. Let's not overthink this, he was pretty damn efficient last season albeit a little inconsistent.
  3. I know there have been other things going on, and we can't just have 100 camera and press guys there because of the pandemic but damn, where is the news? -How are players adapting to new scheme? -Can we get some quotes from the son-in-law who we're trusting to coach our DL? -How has the offensive line reshuffled if at all? -Who in the world is starting at safety? -Impact of JUCO DT Kalvin Hutchings, JUCO WR Bryson Jackson? -Which of the 50 scholarship players between freshman and sophomore class has made a big jump? -Who is getting first and second team reps
  4. As you can see below from his relative athletic score the only measurable in which he is not elite or close to it is height, weight and bench. The list of NFL receivers below 5'8 that have been drafted isn't a pretty one in terms of longevity or success. That doesn't bode well for him but doesn't mean I doubt him for a second. The NFL awarded ten compensatory picks to teams at the end of the third round for this draft. I don't think he'll go before the end of the 3rd round but he could still be a day 2 pick when comp picks start between 96 and 105. Would really like to see the Ravens pick him
  5. Never thought he would run below 4.4 so 4.47 is fine. A time above 4.55 would have possibly plummeted his stock. His shuttle and 3 cone times are elite, that's where he wins. Pretty awesome that between this and the EXOS pro day here last month we've had a huge number of scouts, top NFL prospects and personnel at the IPF. Surely that helps a little in terms of pro consideration for the future. What matters most is the impression he made on the scouts, what they report back will determine if he goes day 2 or 3.
  6. Reese is from South Carolina and his mother was hospitalized with covid at some point in the last year I heard coach Mac say. If he wants to be closer to home or at a high major program so be it, he helped us win two conference championships, win a tourney game and likely has his degree. No one should slander the guy. I really hope this isn't what Emmitt mentioned but my money is on that being the case as well. Let's just hope if coach does leave Wren Baker makes an even better hire next time. The "not a basketball school" comment caught me off guard as well.
  7. Again, you can shove it. To insinuate that I selfishly jumped in front of people on purpose and that I should feel bad about it is misguided and complete garbage that's not how it works dude. Get over yourself direct your dumbass vitriol to Denton County Public Health. Miss me with the holier than thou bullshit all I did was sign up to be placed on the list. I didn't do that expecting to jump in front of people because I think I deserve the vaccine more I went when I was told to go. You are as wrong as wrong gets bud.
  8. Jesus christ what was I supposed to do? Not go when I was scheduled to? I don't think I'm any more deserving than anyone else as I said that wasn't up to me. You can shove it with this sentiment.
  9. I got my second dose of the Moderna vaccine today at Texas Motor Speedway, both times were quick and painless you just have a somewhat sore arm for a day or two. I think more than 70% of people are going to take it when push comes to shove. I know people who were reluctant at first who are now signed up. Also, really odd how Denton county is choosing who gets the vaccine first. I am 30 and healthy, signed up around the same time my Grandmother who is a diabetic did, and I was 70k spots ahead of her. GMG, and for the love of God I hope I am in the stands with 20k+ of you this fall wat
  10. Marshall is on fire right now it's not like them making 6 straight baskets was the result of bad defense, they're hitting some ridiculous shots right now.
  11. Guys our sack leader had 4.5 sacks last season, the next highest was 3. He bends the corner, dips and gets leverage on the tackle better than most of our defensive ends do. If that's his only trick and he plays on 3rd downs while McCrae slides inside he will contribute a lot. We didn't sign a single high school DE in 18, signed two in 19 (Walker, Dotson) who were already passed for playing time by the class of 20 signees Rausaw and Pickett. In my opinion this is a lot better than signing JUCO guys who were just big bodies expected to hold up against the run like Frow, Sa'afi, McMillan, an
  12. Man that's awesome, his first coaching job at the age of what, 30? is as a position coach in the NFL? He is already an incredible ambassador for this university and if he excels in coaching and rises through the ranks quickly that will only give us more exposure.
  13. Well this is a solid addition, this is much better than even a JUCO with a really nice offer sheet. I don't see how anyone could think secondary will be a strength next season though, we've had terrible play at safety for years now. I hope we don't move Gaddie there permanently because we don't have anyone else that's capable. His track speed is better suited for corner. I was REALLY hoping Garnett Burke (who is now at Blinn CC btw) would be the answer there. Maybe, just maybe in a 4 man front with McCrae at strongside DE, Dion Novil at the 3 Tech, and the Murphy twins rushing from the w
  14. Lots of draftniks getting around to Darden's tape now and it's been almost unanimously positive. Both of these guys have 30k+ followers and if Mosher is on board that's a great thing, he's been right a lot. He's an awesome follow for any Cowboys fan.
  15. Jesus how boring must your life be to come to GMG on a Saturday afternoon to troll? Go outside bud it won't hurt ya
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