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  1. Hilarious. It was on the main forum for 36 hours, if I got even 2 more people to come Thursday I did my job. There are several things I would do different on the basketball forum in general to get more information out and create more excitment but it is what it is.
  2. The mens basketball team is off to its best start in conference play in program history. They are not getting enough attention, we need to be promoting the home game Thursday vs. Charlotte to anyone and everyone I hope this thread is not moved. North Texas: 16-9 (10-2) vs Charlotte: 14-9 (8-4) is a pivotal game in the CUSA championship race. I have not made it to a game this year admittedly because of the ease of watching on ESPN+ but I have made plans to be there Thursday. There are only six games left in the season four of which are at home, if you're like me and you have not made it to a game this year, now is the time. WE ARE ***KING BACK FOLKS WE ARE 10-2 IN CONFERENCE PLAY LETS SHOW THIS TEAM THE SUPPORT THEY DESERVE PACK THE PIT!!!!!
  3. I will be there with two others making my first game of the year, maybe we should put something at the top of GMG to try and get a few folks who wouldn't normally make it there this week?
  5. https://dentonrc.com/sports/engineering-and-yoga-it-s-all-part-of-the-secret/article_ffcc9049-db8b-51fd-bf4e-5a5a3c9aa84c.html No one knows whether or not he has his degree. Based on the article and the kind of guy he is I would say he has. We have a 10+ year streak of no players being drafted, if he shows out next season at a P5 school he will be higher on draft boards than if he came back here and was an all conference player. He will likely be 23 or close to it by this time next year (NFL teams judge older wide receivers harshly) and has an injury history teams will be wary of, the best way for him to prove himself to NFL scouts is to do it elsewhere. There is no way you should hold any ill will toward the guy who scored the winning touchdown during the drive vs UTSA.
  6. He was a senior last year, the class he signed with is gone. He was one of the best WR's to ever wear green, period. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would be butt hurt over this..
  7. Still on the market, I know we've signed a lot of offensive lineman but we should be in contact in my opinion.
  8. I just started watching five mins ago so I probably should have put two and two together that we're playing MTSU. Incoming downvotes..
  9. Hamlet is a bad ass... Who the hell is the female announcer calling us NTSU? She sounds really young that's usually an old timer thing are we being trolled?
  10. Can we please just for the love of God get all three high school defensive lineman on campus, and can we have at least one of them show up from day one and prove he is worthy of early playing time? Not be forced to play due to lack of numbers, but legitimately beat out some of the upperclassmen. Its been ages..
  11. He reportedly had a Division I scholarship on the table, and 247Sports reported Houston, Kansas and Kentucky among other schools that showed interest. Pros- Agility, quick cuts, ability to create separation, tracking the ball Cons- Will have to work on his routes, could take time to adjust to more press coverage
  12. Judging from his twitter list a few people have been roasting the kid ever since the whole fake LOI story came about.. How stupid do you have to be to burn a kid from Shreveport when you're the coach at Ole Miss? His coaches, community, underclassmen and family will remember this what a dumbass.
  13. This commit was confusing to me from the beginning, I don't know where people are seeing great blocking skills on his highlight tape and he had like 4 catches, was also injured or just not involved in the game plan leading to stats being recorded for only 4 games. ULM only other offer.. of all players to lose in this class (not counting Ligon flip to UTSA or the JUCO DT to FAU) this is who I would have picked. Le'ts hope we can use this scholarship this summer.
  14. Are we 100% sure this was a grades issue?
  15. I will give you that in college, a very talented running back will have way more of an impact that he would in the NFL. But this is not a 4* recruit with 30+ offers we turned away. There are several truths in football that have been proven correct that I was skeptical of at first as well. 1- You don't have to run the ball well for play action to work 2- Running backs don't matter, offensive lines do 3- Running on 2nd and long (even after an incomplete pass) is the most inefficient thing a play caller can do.
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