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  1. And who backs them up? It already sucks Novil had to bulk up and move inside and if he is not playing 3-Tech because he is the only one capable of playing 1-Tech that really sucks we have to put our best DL player there. We have to sign 2 or 3 quality JUCO DL players who can play day one, that seems like an impossible task.
  2. I wouldn't say terrible, one constant was bad angles though. We couldn't play man coverage well, those blitz packages we were able to use last season went out the playbook and we forced very little turnovers when that was our calling card in 2017 and 2018. I also think we were as weak as we have ever been at the OLB and nickel spot. Losing two corners really good corners and replacing them with first year starters hurt as well. We simply did not have the personnel to run the 3-3-5. A new DC is unlikely to run the 3-3-5 again, we will likely see 4 down lineman next season. I wonder what this means for our fast, but undersized linebackers who started this season. And if we are running a 4-3, who the hell plays interior DL alongside Novil next year?
  3. I agree for the most part. Let's get a few more solid commits, get them on campus, give the last two classes another offseason in the S&C program and see what we look like in the spring. I don't think it's an overstatment to say we will have more guys other FBS coaches wanted on our roster next year than any year I can remember. Mac recruited a lot of high school players and redshirted them as well, but he filled out his classes in January with guys everyone else passed on. There are a number of players who had good offer sheets we haven't even talked about. Changes will be made, and it will be nice to be the underdog once again next season.
  4. Depending on how many more high school commits we take in this class we could have 55 or so players on scholarship who are freshmen or sophomores next season. We are going to be so thin on upperclassmen next season but have a whole bunch of talented young players who redshirted hopefully ready to make an impact. Let's just make sure we have the right coaches to develop said players.
  5. I wonder why he hasn't received any P5 offers yet. 12 FBS offers, and the only Louisiana school that has offered him is ULM. His hometown is in far southeastern LA so I don't think location plays in to our favor. I would not mind seeing us fill out the rest of the class with JUCO players, especially if they are of this caliber. We are looking at 55 or so players on scholarships being either freshmen or sophomores next season we could use some 2 and 3 year players since we are thin on upperclassmen.
  6. 6'2 302 DT, SWJCFC Player of the year, originally from Houma, LA. Not sure how to post tweets but his twitter says we offered 4 days ago or so. Has a BUNCH of CUSA schools after him 247 hasn't updated every offer. I really want this guy. https://247sports.com/player/sedrick-williams-46080328/ https://www.hudl.com/profile/9418402/Sedrick-Williams
  7. I was confused as I didn't think this was his son either. I haven't seen the kid play full disclosure but if the 40 time is accurate I would guess that's why we haven't offered because the production is certainly there.
  8. I turned the game off after the Bean fumble before the second half, I can't believe ya'll are still watching. Needless to say, I was not surprised to see a 38-3 score. This is 2006 Sun Belt bad.
  9. That's two different possessions in which we got 3 points, both of which were ended by a bad call. That is a huge swing of a minimum of 4 points, these things are unacceptable. I know referee scrutiny has increased across all sports but damn this is bad, along with the facemask call. Here we fucking go now, the refs handed LT the momentum and they're about to bowl over us.
  10. We have already been screwed twice by the referees.
  11. It seems like we've been on the wrong side of close calls too often this season, par for the course.
  12. What a great commitment to gain towards the end of the season. Leblanc (RS FR) Jimmy Walker and Kenneth Dotson both redshirting, plus the 3 high school DL commits (Ligon, T. Johnson, and now Rausaw) forms a solid foundation for the future. Let's just hope we can get 3 HS players on campus and be 100% sure we have the right guys to develop them then we'll be cooking with gas in the next few years.
  13. We had 18 interceptions last year, we have been very highly ranked in turnovers for 3 years now and this season, along with the ability to rush the QB with a timely blitz, those kind of numbers are nowhere to be found. We all saw this defense last season, at times they were dominant. At times they imposed their will and we forced a hell of a lot of turnovers. This years results have to be a combination of talent dropoff, stubbornly sticking to the same scheme and not tweaking it, CUSA coaches figuring said scheme out and exploiting weaknesses and a little bit of bad luck. With all that said I would like to see Yellock and Ref go. I just don't trust their ability to evaluate talent.
  14. I've seen enough. I know this is as knee-jerk as it gets but holy shit. HE IS THE HIGHEST PAID COACH IN CUSA AND HAS ACCESS TO A PRIVATE JET FOR VACATIONS. Utah State, SMU, FAU (twice), Troy, the debacle at ODU last year now this embarassing loss at Charlotte. This is Dodgeball, this is as bad as it gets. I don't want to admit it but the first few years seem like he caught lightning in a bottle with Fine and he thought he would be gone by year 4. I don't know what happened with KSU but I wish he had taken the job, I truly do at this point.
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