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  1. He was still available late, only after we learned Sow wouldn't make it here you kind of made my point. He still has two more years I get it but I wont hold my breath. My hope is that Kenneth Dotson and Jimmy Walker are developing during their redshirt year and along with Leblanc start a foundation for the next few seasons.
  2. "UNT tweaked its offense slightly when Reeder arrived. The Mean Green put more emphasis on utilizing tight ends and vowed to pick up the tempo to keep defenses off balance. Those plans have been derailed by injuries that kept starting tight end Kelvin Smith out of a loss to Houston and have limited him much of the season." Something tells putting a huge emphasis on getting the TE involved when you have one (1!) with experience returning wasn't the best choice. Pirtle is a converted WR who is also a walk on.. The third string TE Kyleb Howell is also not on scholarship. The downvotes may rack up for this comment, but IMO Smith's disappointing play probably has a lot to do with going full on vegan as a 230+ lb. FBS tight end. What in the world made them want to feature the TE more this season? The only thing I would feature a TE for in this offense is pass blocking because we need 6 to give Fine more than 2.5 seconds to get rid of the ball.
  3. 2018- Sa'afi, Colvin, Mcmillan 2019- David Sow (DNQ) Asher Frow In the NFL they call them JAGs or Just A Guy. We have given five of them scholarships instead of trying to develop high school DL players in the last two years alone. We have signed so few high school DL players and then seen 1/4 of them leave the program within a year. This guy already has multiple offers in October I suspect that number will increase as we get towards late November and we will no longer be considered. Then we move on to players like the ones above who have very few offers at all. Or if by some miracle we sign a JUCO DL player with a good offer sheet he won't qualify. But hey they're already 275 pounds and they can plug running lanes and allow our LB's to make plays Hey they can at least sub in on 3rd down and rush the passer They could redshirt and develop under a great DL coach Well... I guess it's good to have bigger guys for the scout team so the OL gets a good look. Great use of 5 scholarships.
  4. Man I hope we keep him committed. That is some impressive closing speed.
  5. I've brought this up plenty. We failed to get a guy who could play that position in 4 classes and had to move Novil over to NT this season and ask him to gain 20+ pounds. It's a huge part of the reason we are getting destroyed in the run game. We have signed so few high school defensive lineman in each class and had 3 or 4 of them leave within a year of signing. We signed a JUCO player from California who had no other FBS offers over the summer months after signing day, that tells you all you need to know.
  6. They're allowed to play 4 games without burning their redshirt. In games 9-12 we should see some different guys getting playing time. We are right back to being University of next year. Nice.
  7. I guess we will find out what the team is made of for the rest of the season, if they quit that's a really bad sign. Right now, we have two wins over FCS ASU and UTSA who is a bottom 10 team. This is unacceptable given the amount of money pumped in to the program in recent years.
  8. One tendency we have on offense I don't like is running on 2nd and long. It is mathematically the worst down to run on. Interception.. well damn.
  9. I'm cool with winning a 52-48 type game as long as that means the offense will start rolling in conference play 🙄
  10. We don't have the personell to run a 3-3-5. We moved Novil from DE to DT because we didn't recruit a guy who can play that position in 4 classes and when we play bigger more athletic offensive lines our linebackers are overwhelmed. Something changed with this team this offseason, I honestly feel bad for Fine. If he had a chance to go play QB at a P5 school that may have been the better choice seeing as how we don't look likely to make a bowl game now.
  11. I don't understand comparing the early SBC days to now. We won like 27 straight conference games and 4 titles. I may have been 14 but I remember those games there was never a thought we were going to lose. Nowadays when we're up 14 @ ODU it's a lot of "Hold on to your fucking hat". We have gotten our asses handed to us by CUSA teams in big games, lost many we shouldn't have, and been nowhere near as consistent as those teams. Those teams were destroying bad football teams with terrible resources. We are just barely remaining competitive with a bunch of underperforming schools. I'm just tired of playing comparable schools and seeing a huge discrepancy in talen. We all know how far we have come since Portland State but the big losses in important games (Troy, FAU x 2, Utah State, SMU & UH) remind how far away we are from being a good team. We're just an average to above average CUSA team with a pretty good QB who is being stymied by a new OC. What the hell are we going to be next year while we wait for the last two classes plus the current one to develop? Who's ready to hear about how Reeder is so much more comfortable heading in to year two as OC? Who's ready to fake excitement for the 3 JUCO DL players we sign (1 of which will fail to qualify) who were also offered by Idaho? Why am I ending this post with multiple questions?
  12. Expectations have changed but results haven't Big game Seth continues to flop when it matters most. We also have the most insanely terrible defensive performances in these games. 2017: FAU 69, UNT 31, CCG: FAU 41 UNT 17, Bowl: Troy 50 UNT 30 2018: Bowl: Utah State 52 UNT 13 2019: Two 20+ point losses to Houston and SMU. But hey, we sure can beat teams like UTSA what are we bitching about?
  13. Hey, atleast it's possible CUSA is so shitty we could squeak in to a bowl game😔
  14. They are vastly more talented, no question. But when a team has this much drama surrounding it the week of the game and still kicks our ass we have problems. Utah State, Troy, FAU, SMU, will we add Houston to the list?
  15. So if SMU is actually this good, and we just lost by 6 to a 4-0 Cal team who just won on the road against a good SEC team, maybe just maybe though of us (me being chief among them) who were crying that this team had no chance at a conference championship were way off? Hmm... SMU/Cal look like tough games and we are already 1/3 of the way through the regular season.
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