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  1. Man, one thing Littrell has had a tough time doing is signing high school DL players. FBS defensive linemen. 2016: Hamilton (stud) Ozougwu (was a blueshirt from the previous coach who won't be named) ... we also signed two JUCO players, one who did not qualify (Houston) and one who was a pretty good player (Wheeler) 2017: Novil (good player) Krasniqi (gone) 2018: Leblanc (redshirt) Shaw (gone) ... We also signed three JUCO players. Only Colvin made a slight impact last year, they were big bodied depth signings and we're supposed to believe the myth that JUCO players make a huge jump in their second year. These guys are all already 21/22+ years old there will be no huge jump. 2019: Jimmy Walker, Demeco Roland, Kenneth Dotson (might not ever make it to campus) and two JUCO players one who hasn't qualified in Sow and another who was still on the market in June, had FCS offers, and was likely insurance for Sow not making it to campus. High school signees: 9 total in 4 years. One was moved to LB (Ozouwu) two are gone, one might not make it here two of them are good players (Novil & Hamilton) and three unknowns who aren't ready yet (Leblanc, Walker, Roland) ... IF and that's a huge if as it's extremely unlikely all three of these young guys end up being FBS players that's still a 50% hit rate. That's not very good. JUCO players: 7 total in 4 years. One who DNQ, one who likely won't qualify (Sow) two who were depth signings (Sa'afi, Mcmillan) one who at least got on the field in his first season (Colvin) one who was a stud (Wheeler) and one unknown with a poor offer sheet who was still available in June. That also is an awful hit rate. I love Littrell but man DL recruiting has been abysmal and anyone who thinks this defense will not be giving up 30+ PPG is in for a shock. Between replacing corners, a DL that has average CUSA unit as it's ceiling and the fact that we're likely starting two walk ons or two very young players at LB we're in for a long year on that side of the ball. Hope we can win the track meets, we better keep Mason Fine upright.
  2. I will never forgive my southern brethren for buying in to the billionaire yankee's bullshit. You boys ate it all up, hook line and sinker.
  3. There is nothing you could ever do to hurt my feelings bud, you're only showing your age with a GIF that doesn't even make sense. Guys... 20 million people watched the league of legends championship in 2014, and that was five years ago. That's more than both the world series and the nba championship. There is a reason Amazon bought twitch. There is a reason smart universities are investing in esports. If even one graduate from this program goes on to join a pro team and starts taking home big paychecks I think there's a good chance he would be inclined to give back to the university. However, since you guys have your views 100% shaped by the television instead of your own personal experiences this just makes your head spin. It's 2019. It's not 1974. This isn't intergender bathrooms we are talking about here, this is our university making a smart move to get with the times. You guys should try it.
  4. One sentiment I have never understood on this forum is that when a commit or player we are after gets a P5 offer or commits to a P5 school it's that said player will ride the bench for 4 years when he is a sure fire starter here. We have 15 solid FBS level players committed before July, we used to fill out the bulk of our classes with borderline players in January after about 105 schools had mostly finished recruiting that cycle. Kade is a high level player who will be tough to hold on to. It wouldn't surprise me if we had multiple decommits this year, both because we're recruiting a higher level of player and other coaches are well aware of our staffs ability to evaluate talent. Hopefully he ends up here, but if he goes to a P5 school I bet he will play and not get buried in the depth chart which a lot of people think is a given for some reason.
  5. Not that it matters but his Auburn visit was actually in 2018 when he ultimately chose to play for the gamecocks. Doesn't make his commitment here any less impressive.
  6. Holy shit this is huge! I wonder if he stays at corner or plays one of the safety spots. GMG! The rich get richer
  7. I don't even know what to say. I can't argue with get off my lawn guy. Did you really just bring up carpel tunnel, a sedentary lifestyle, use the word "chores" for college students, mention the desensitizing of violence and then claim since it's not sports to you it doesn't deserve scholarship money? That is a freaking home run of a post...
  8. Yep, it's the guy can realistically project where this class will end up, what can I do for ya?
  9. I don't see the downside.. I did see two posts that were along the lines of "Ha! video games? Nerds!" which is exactly what I would expect the responses to be. It's a great marketing ploy if that's what you want to call it we can agree to disagree we will see who's right in a few years.
  10. The E sports is projected to top $1 billion this year guys. This is a shrewd move by the university. But I know the bulk of this forum is made up of the boomers who don't like facts so carry on...
  11. There's only 7 schools in the top 60 with a lower rating average per player than us. While our efforts this year have been impressive we will likely only slide from here and have trouble staying in the top 60 depending on how many we sign. It's good we have this many commits but I would still say it's too early to celebrate. Especially since Litrell potentially leaving could lead to a mass exodus of commits anyways you never know.
  12. Bussey has more buzz going in to this season than Ejiya did for what it's worth. That recurring hamstring injury flaring up again this season could derail things quickly though.
  13. Man look at that offer sheet, then look at the offer sheet of the wide recievers who will be here this fall from the 2019 class. Simpson had 7 FBS offers, Jackson had 10, Lyles had 11 and Ward had 4. Needless to say I am not worried about WR going forward.
  14. Umm.. their tape, their offers, the fact that both are in their last year of eligibility and we're hoping they magically make a big jump as players. Both Wheeler and Ejiya were good players year one on campus, I don't know where the thought that in year two they vastly improve comes from. I agree they both will see a lot of action but that is because we haven't signed enough defensive lineman out of high school who have panned out. Losing Shaw who I believe was projected to play inside isn't the biggest deal in the world but it's another high school DL signee who hasn't worked out. We can't keep missing at that position.
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