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  1. ntmeangreen11

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    Until last year where they had the 48th best class their previous three classes were ranked in the top 27. Make no mistake there will be a talent discrepancy and Morris is very familiar with our scheme. I would like to see us win but I still think from what I saw last week our front seven will be outmatched against their offensive line and they will control the clock. 31-17 bad guys. Please prove me wrong boys.
  2. ntmeangreen11


    Arkansas is favored by 7.5 as of right now. Line opened at 8.5-9.5 on most sites so a lot of early bets taken yesterday were on the Mean green.
  3. ntmeangreen11

    Jeff Wilson (still uncut)

    Breida also has a seperated shoulder and questionable for week one. The deadline is tomorrow at 1 PM, I think he makes it to their practice squad and gets a redshirt year. I saw a 49ers beat writer tweet that he liked Wilson in camp but that he needed a year or two to build lower body strength.
  4. ntmeangreen11

    Jeff Wilson (still uncut)

    Jerrod McKinnon, Alfred Morris and Matt Breida have locked roster spots. San Fransisco cut last years 4th round pick earlier today, leaving only Wilson and Jeremy Mcnichols if they carry a 4th running back. We will know tomorrow, but scoring a TD last night couldn't have hurt his chances. I'm sure he'll end up on a practice squad at the least.
  5. ntmeangreen11

    DRC: UNT's depth chart out

    Disappointing to not see Josh Sa'afi or McMillan listed. It still doesn't make sense to me that we spent two scholarships on depth guys who probably won't contribute in their two years here. I understand the DL group needed bodies, if injuries strike this year you would rather have 21 year old guys who have filled out rather than young guys who aren't ready. I still think those schollys would be better served going to a talented non qualifier who could either make it to campus or not or a project player.
  6. ntmeangreen11

    SMU Practice Report

    SMU has a lot of talent and a proven coach but we have the same and more continuity. Neither team should be penciling in this one as a win already. I think we will have a slight edge being at home, would love to stomp them though.
  7. ntmeangreen11

    Current Recruiting Rankings

    Long gone are the days of us having +/- 7 kids with few other FBS looks committed by mid December, and then convincing ourselves the last 15-18 to commit were late bloomers who were FBS quality players after being turned down by the first 100+ we offered. We finally have our ducks in a row, and the catalyst for all of the changes was the removal of RV as athletic director. Just imagine where we would be had a Wren Baker type of AD take over in 2007 instead of a couple years ago. Not to mention Neal Smastrek. I've never met the guy personally, and I know a lot of people have negative opinions, but to the man who spearheaded the "Fire RV" banner fly over, you deserve many thanks. Wherever you are, thank you sir, and thanks to all who contributed.
  8. ntmeangreen11

    GAMEDAY 8/17/18 - Exhibition: "Italy All Stars"

    Umoja Gibson is a complete unknown and I can't wait to see him in action this year.
  9. ntmeangreen11

    UNT 2018-2019 Basketball Rosters

    For those who got to see Umoja Gibson before the injury last year how did he look? His bio says he started both games as a true freshman he clearly has talent, what can we expect from him this season?
  10. ntmeangreen11

    Transfers and Freshman Added to Roster

    The lack of young defensive lineman on the roster is concerning. Hopefully they will oversign in the next class. FR- Leblanc/Shaw RS FR- 0 SO- Dion Novil RS SO- 0
  11. ntmeangreen11

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    The short week and late start will help us immensely. I'm not sure it will be enough to overcome the talent gap but anything helps. That said, to make this move for CBSSN is one of the few bad decisions by the AD thus far. Our conference television agreement is complete trash I don't understand why if we're making pennies we don't at least have an agreement with ESPN. The casual fan still watches ESPN, CBSSN is no where on the radar. We are not getting any new eyeballs on our product, I don't really see the benefit. I could see a big student turnout and that would be great for TV, I can also see an awful turnout if we have a .500 record or so coming in to the game. Still I can't help but roll my eyes at the people complaining about getting home at 12 or 1 on a weeknight.. live a little guys.
  12. Somewhat impressed. His hit rate on JUCO players is high. Wheeler, Ejiya, Guyton etc. have made massive contributions. McConney was like 20% on JUCO players. I remember posting here a long time ago wondering when we would find our own Kolton Browning, Keith Wenning, Case Keenum etc.. He found that player and then some with a month to put together his first class. Fine will reset nearly every passing record here that alone is proof that he has the ability to find diamonds in the rough, but you simply can't rely on these type of signings long term. The only problem I have is the fact that we still seem to get beat more often than not for players that we want in recruiting. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. We have to do better there. That will catch up to us eventually.
  13. ntmeangreen11

    South Dakota (3/14/18)

    We are running away with this game holy shit! One helluva start to the second half.
  14. ntmeangreen11

    Wilson's Combine

    I am fully aware he did not have the measurables NFL teams like. Still, with his dads pedigree and his play here he should have gotten more of a look than he did. There is clearly a perception problem when the few guys who have made NFL rosters in recent years had to do it the UDFA route..
  15. ntmeangreen11

    Wilson's Combine

    The only way Wilson hurt his draft stock this week is if he had bad interviews. Teams will be wary already with the high rate of fumbles and missed games over his career. Hopefully he tests well at our pro day to push him in to the 5th-6th round range in teams eyes. I would love to end the draftless streak but going in the 7th round would be worst case for him, having your choice between teams as a UDFA is much better for the player at that point.. We had a guy who was the son of a pretty well known NFL player here and went on to be All Pro before injuries ended his career and he still did not get drafted, we have a major perception problem here that needs to change.