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  1. Really hope his recruitment doesn't blow up he will be a player with some more weight on him and tackle has been the worst recruited position of Littrell era. Justin Lawler from Pottsboro was a DE we offered many years ago who chose SMU over us and UTSA and is now in the NFL. Let's hope he is in green next fall.
  2. "We've never had an empty seat, and we certainly won't in Oklahoma." 6k people in a 19k capacity arena LMAO. A whole lot of photos from the spray tan yankees twitter where the upper bowl is missing... An old white dude lying about the size of something, what a surprise. This man is so insecure he spent gobs of time talking about walking down a ramp slowly and explaining how he drinks water. He takes twitter comments personally like a 15 year old girl, how on earth is this your guy????????
  3. “I don't take responsibility at all,” Trump said defiantly, pointing to an unspecified “set of circumstances” and “rules, regulations and specifications from a different time.”
  4. You need 936 more hours of training to be a cosmetologist than you do to to be a police officer.
  5. Did your grandson finally teach you about memes? This the type of people ya'll rock with...
  6. I'll hand it to Trump, he absolutely killed it in terms of handling covid. Only 120k americans six feet under, thank God he didn't FUBAR this or else we would be in trouble. No one is going to be in Apogee stadium three months from now buzzed without a care in the world cheering on the Mean Green, but atleast we got that economy cranking.
  7. This thread is a beauty Cougar King with a non troll post , "ageism" reference, and people against this conveniently ignoring the video Billy posted. Holy shit we need football back (safely)
  8. Your guess is as good as mine but that's no reason to dismiss it especially when the other person involved in the case was clearly guilty of sex trafficking and operating a pedo island. Where there's smoke there is fire, why do so many photos of Trump and Epstein that span years exist? I will be honest and say Biden is a trash candidate, terrible choice. I'm also not blind to the fact that Obama did some truly terrible things in office, things he should answer for, so electing the VP from that era seems at best counter productive. It just can't be anymore of a shit show than the one we're watching unfold. I guess I'm just still baffled how anyone believes anything he says, he claimed to eliminate the national debt in 8 years and it's gone from 19 trillion to 24 trillion in less than 4 years 🤣🤣🤣 He claimed he would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it, the most impressive wall he built was around the white house recently while he was being bunker boy tucked away. He was so butt hurt by people calling him bunker boy he set up a photo op in front of a church that didn't approve to hold a bible (not upside down I have learned) as a prop. "Is that your bible"? "It's a bible"
  9. From what you just linked me 😄😄😄 The federal case was brought in New York by Jane Doe, a woman who requested to maintain her anonymity. She alleged the two men raped her during parties hosted by Epstein in the summer of 1994, when she was 13. She also alleged that Trump threatened her and her family with physical harm if she told anyone. A lawyer for Trump called the lawsuit at the time "a complete fabrication." The woman dropped the lawsuit in November 2016. Two days earlier, she had been expected to appear at a news conference, but it was abruptly canceled; her attorney, Lisa Bloom, said the woman had received threats and was too frightened to appear.
  10. https://www.scribd.com/document/463968431/Donald-Trump-Jeffrey-Epstein-Rape-Lawsuit-and-Affidavits I mean it's right here, these aren't fake documents this is from 2016 ya'll still blindly supporting a pedo?
  11. What say you about his photo op where he is holding a bible backwards and upside down?
  12. I won't post it here it's probably not the right place, but yesterday Trump's history of sexual abuse of minors was revealed and quickly buried. Crazy how something that's tweeted 2 million times just disappears from twitter.
  13. LMAO his twitter background is him with your demonic savior. So he's one of the "good" blacks huh?
  14. That guy literally works for the GOP... ?????????????? "The bible means a lot of me I don't want to get in to specifics" Yes, hysterical indeed.
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