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  1. I promise you that if Stone Cold led the team on to the field with the iconic glass shatter theme music it would be an electric atmosphere. Even if you argue that current students were born past the year 2000, most of them will still know him from memes.
  2. How do you know this? He's from Texas we could have tried.
  3. Big yikes on the crowd, I really wanted to make this one but didn't get home until 30 minutes ago. I just started watching and it's 16-15 UB, so I would assume UB is about to go on a 30-4 run given what happens when I tune in.
  4. Big game Seth watched a weeks worth of film, saw him play at Apogee stadium, and STILL didn't even attempt to offer Bailey Zappe. He wouldn't know a good quarterback if one threw a ball at him from 60 yards away that landed between his eyes. I know his OC from HBU and several teammates ended up at WKU, and that had to have been a factor. However, the fact that we didn't even try, and he signed off on Jace Ruder says it all. Zappe has thrown for 4000+ yards, 42 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions this year... No disrespect to this young man but we need to aim higher in the transfer portal. Or if we're going after an FCS quarterback let it be a player like Zappe who had three seasons of great production under his belt.
  5. Again, running when we have 5 blockers and they have 6 in the box, even with motion (which just makes it 6 vs 7) is not ideal. Really think a timeout would have been better based on what UTEP showed.
  6. Amani Gilmore, Jace Ruder, Will Kuehne, Cade Pearson, Kason Martin, Jason Bean, and only Mason Fine had success. Sure hope Drummond has something, but you'd think if he did he would be given a shot on a day like today.
  7. Nothing is more infuriating than how we constantly try to run when we are outnumbered in the box. We also consistently run on 2nd and long which is the least efficient play in football. At least we go for it on 4th down most of the time, if the next coach has Jason Garrett like philosophies as far as field position and risk go it will be one step forward and two steps back.
  8. I don't think it's crazy to think we could beat both UTEP and FIU and be 5-6, setting up win or you're fired type of home game vs the Roadkills.
  9. First, screw them. Hope they get smacked by UTEP. Second, their running back is a class above and their offensive line is impressive. I don't think we have anywhere near enough talent to slow down their run game, they will likely dog walk us in the last game.
  10. Also getting EJ Ejiya (who at least got a shot in the NFL but was simply too slow) LaDarius Hamilton who is with the Packers, Kemon Hall who spent time with Chargers, all within the first two classes. Roderick Brown and Nate Brooks who both got a shot as well were already on the roster. No one looks at those classes as all time greats because of the amount of players who transferred/busted, but there were some huge hits. Here's a tidbit that I've never mentioned before, Tyreke Davis and https://247sports.com/Player/Delano-Robinson-91802/high-school-176247/ wanted to play together. SMU wouldn't offer Tyreke, UNT wouldn't offer Delano. Huge opportunity missed by us as he is now on the NFL's radar.
  11. Haha hey I think they're playing fine, that was an incredible catch on the 4th down play. We're 1-6, people need to lighten up.
  12. I like that the defense is talking a lot of shit, they are shutting them down for the most part. Just dont get physical.
  13. All we can do is laugh at this point. The defense hasn't given up a point and they're still making us pull our hair out. At least Bennett looks like he gives a damn and gave 25 an earfull.
  14. Line is down to Rice by 1.5 or 1, basically even. Maybe Vegas knows something we don't, hope we win.
  15. Maybe I grew up differently than ya'll and value different things but I am 6th generation Texan and you couldn't pay me to live in Highland Park.
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