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  1. My post wasn't even in response to you. For the most part I agree with your point as well, the system is out of control. No one is trying to be the upset police.
  2. Gaddie played from day one, played thousands of snaps for us, for most of his time here he was the best we had back there. He was a great leader, and a great representative for us and an FBS student athlete in general. He really cared about UNT, go look at his timeline from his whole time here. If you're going to be upset with anyone leaving, this is the wrong guy.
  3. Perhaps him and Clay Jennings didn't have the best relationship? He was his coach for his first two years here. Regardless, good player who gave us 4 years moving on. It is what it is, he will be good wherever he goes.
  4. 84" wingspan is 3 inches above the average for NFL lineman at the age of 17 or 18 with time to grow. Not that wingspan is important, but it likely means his arm length is at least above average which is a whole lot more important for offensive tackles. Boom/bust type of player who's effort is evident on every highlight.
  5. As for the topic though, I think we will see this change under the new staff provided we can offer as much as the lower tier P5/upper tier G5 schools do.
  6. I'm not sure how every school does it, and I could be remembering some of what I heard incorrectly, but.. For another student athlete I know of who got $40k it was $2,000 a month ($24k a year) leaving $16k. That part of it was dependent of passing classes, so if he doesn't fail it's $8k for after one semester is over, and an additional $8k once the second semester was over with good grades. Separate from the $40k was a deposit for a brand new 2br condo (player still responsible for paying rent) but the school was also paying for it to be fully furnished and covering all utilities/bills. So to answer your question, I don't think it's a lump sum. That could be different at other schools or for more high profile recruits getting $100k+
  7. It's going to take a lot more than that, $40k is about the minimum. A friend of mines son who was in the portal got $70k from a P5 school that's not even a traditionally strong team.
  8. I’m personally hoping to get more Head during the 2023 football season. Okay last one I swear. Really excited about this signing though, he can play IMO.
  9. Ooh that completion percentage has got to have the Aune haters absolutely creaming right now.
  10. I don't have any sources in the AD or on the football staff but I do know for a fact at least one portal recruit has signed and will likely announce today, just be patient folks.
  11. Truthfully, he guided the only defense of the Seth Littrell era that put up remotely respectful numbers. That same defense forced 18 turnovers in 2018 and had 6 guys who at least were given a chance at the NFL by different teams although Kemon Hall and Nate Brooks were the only ones to ever do much at that level.
  12. I don't really have anything to add to this thread other than, although they're not the same player by any means, KD has the same problem EJ Ejiya had in terms of playing in the NFL. He's just not fast enough unfortunately, and he won't be able to cover TE's or running backs so he won't last long. That doesn't take away from the fact that he was one hell of a player here and should be considered an all time great.
  13. I know I'm not the only one who's thought "If I win this lottery tonight I swear I am going to give UNT like $300 million so we can actually compete" Maybe one of us will hit the mega millions tomorrow. Then again the winner will probably be from Illinois or Cali like usual.
  14. Fair point. But, yeah, that's basically what I'm saying. The Passwaters hire reeked of nepotism this one looks like the DC bringing someone he trusts with him who's familiar with the scheme. I never said it was a home run hire but I personally hated the Passwaters hire from day one I just don't look at this one the same way.
  15. I don't look at this hire the same way I did Passwaters, he wasn't even a defensive coach, had a clear (family) connection to the DC and it was obvious that's why he was hired. Caponi is vouching for him because he believes in him not because he happens to be married to his daughter.
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