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  1. His RAS of 9.67 is off the charts good, the same as Randy Moss and slightly above DJ Moore who went 24th last season. Edit: I can't get it to attach but here's the tweet. https://twitter.com/MathBomb/status/1112323741093191681 D2_EeXYWoAACXoN.png_large
  2. Holy cow! The most bench press reps at the combine was 36. 36 reps is in the 96th percentile, Young is truly in a league of his own in terms of strength. Guyton's vertical puts him in the 77th percentile. He ran a 4.37 and a 4.42 40, let's just call that a 4.1, which would put him in the 83rd percentile, his broad jump of 10-5 puts him in the 79th percentile. The bench press is only 37th percentile though. At his size and speed, maybe this doesn't get Guyton drafted but it certainly will put him on the radar of several teams and perhaps he impressed enough to warrant a late draft selection if a team feels he will be highly sought after as an UDFA. Would love to see a full list of numbers. I'm curious how Ejiya did, he was the one with the most buzz initially, I wonder if that's still the case.
  3. Imagine being so one sided and consumed by politics you actually are passionate and convinced humans are having no effect on the climate because the folks on fox news told you it was BS made up by democrats. The 3-4 hours of fox news ya'll consume every day is bad for your brain. The same goes for MSNBC and the democrats.
  4. LOL alright. The four teams in the AFC and NFC championship games (KC,NE,LAR,NO) were 1-4 in scoring. Does that mean anything?
  5. You just cherry picked an anomaly of a super bowl. It's the lowest scoring super bowl of all time. Never mind the ten previous where the winning team scored an average of 33.8 points per game. That one game is not indicative of the direction football has been heading in over the last decade.
  6. I saw it. From the bleachers. Cool of you to assume I hadn't. I saw Rice destroy us as well. Those are extremes, those are also games that took place over a decade ago. The game of football is changing, I would still rather have an elite offense than defense, just my opinion.
  7. I will take a dominant offense over a dominant defense every day of the week in 2019. I don't buy in to that like I used to when football was so run heavy. At any level, high school, college or pro.
  8. Admittedly I have only started using the term yankee because it's gone out of style. Just let me fix some of those roof tiles...
  9. Is the yankee who owns the IHOP by campus that won't even fix his damn roof still fighting with UNT? That place is beyond an eyesore.
  10. If I remember correctly players have to have graduated and they get a pretty decent salary ($100k+) You have to wonder what the hell Vinny Mac was thinking bringing back the XFL. The first attempt was a colossal failure. They lost millions and at the same time saw that venture take attention and resources away from the WWF which resulted in it becoming less and less popular. Monday night raw barely brings in 2 million viewers in 2019 and has been on a downward trend for a while. I think there is definitely a market for football in the spring, something tells me this will be successfull in the long run and the XFL will be a short lived failure once again.
  11. This is a pretty big deal, what a bummer. He did a great job for us.
  12. He has to be the most successful JUCO WR we have signed in a LONG time. I know he had the pedigree signing with ND out of high school but he was a huge part of the turnaround. The 19' WR class is considered weak for the most part hopefully he tests well and makes an NFL roster next season. Thank you Jalen!
  13. How is that the conclusion you came to? That kid is making throws NFL quarterbacks couldn't dream of making already. Quarterback is the most important position in football, it's even more important for non AQ (I am going back to this term screw calling them "power 5") schools, hence the reason we have gone to three straight bowls. I remember posting here a long time ago wondering if we would ever have a Kolton Browning, Keith Wenning etc play here after years of abysmal qb play. We finally got our guy, there is no way we win as many games as we did in 2017 with another QB taking snaps. There is also no way Alabama gets ragdolled by any team unless there is a truly great QB on the opposite side of the ball.
  14. I've never understood the dislike of GH here, he does a good job IMO. The offense has gotten better each year and continuity matters in college football. I'm happy (if) he is staying. GMG.
  15. They are selling naming rights to all conference academic teams now? Money. talks.
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