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  1. The worst part is that this is very telling in terms of how FBS coaches view coming here. We all need to lower our expectations. At this point I'm hoping for an FCS coach who has a track record of good defenses, hiring a retread is going to get us nowhere fast. And ONE GUY shouldn't be responsible for the last 7 scholarships and given a few weeks to figure it out. Don't we have other coaches on staff capable of that?
  2. You better hope he doesn't run a 4.6 40 then, a time like that could wipe out his draft stock. He just needs to test well and I believe he is a lock for a day 3 pick.
  3. Thanks, I was somewhat correct in that we played faster but it wasn't Warriors championship era fast pace. I don't know enough about the X's and O's of basketball to say that a faster pace would lead to a better offense. I can see how a more methodical half court approach can wear on the opposing defense. Maybe we just need a little more time to gel.
  4. Am I crazy or did we play with a much faster pace and much more attempted 3s in his first couple years? The offense we are running seems ancient.
  5. Just incredibly frustrating watching this team on offense, Hamlet really needs to forcing the issue because everyone else is MIA tonight. Now starting to see the defense crack a little, with back to back unnecessary fouls yikes.
  6. I don't know what the best option for getting a quality DC is. Seths hires have been a mixed bag at best. Let's hope he catches lightning in a bottle I guess. This guy seems to check a lot of boxes, I'm not advocating for him but maybe he's worth an interview if we're not disqualifying older candidates which we shouldn't. https://gobearkats.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/clayton-carlin/770
  7. What sucks is we all know it's not going to magically get better in one off season, no matter how young we were this year. Seth is ultimately the one responsible for who we sign and how many at each position. He has to be the worst defensive talent evaluator among all FBS coaches. You can see how bad he screwed up the numbers at each position and any shot at a team with depth by looking at the 2016/2017 classes. Aside from Darden, Torrey, Tyreke Davis, and Novil (who really flamed out in the last few games) there is very little talent in the senior class. Hair-Griffin, Colvin, Pirtle, Sm
  8. Ya'll are still watching? I turned it off after the run to go up 35-14. What a shitshow.
  9. We will need at least two turnovers to win this game. Like others have said I love the fight we have shown so far. But there is a lot of time left.
  10. Jesus christ that was dirty Edit: Not as bad as I thought but he still led with his helmet, that sucks seemed like we were building momentum. Double edit: I guess I am just an idiot, no targeting called.
  11. Most concerning thing about the DE play is that both redshirt freshman Kenneth Dotson and Jimmy Walker have not even seen the field to my knowledge. I have seen Tayshon Johnson, Jonathan Pickett, and Rausaw, all true freshman play snaps at diffferent points this season. We have also signed big body Juco players who are just guys to compensate. Frow, Sa'afi, Colvin etc are/were not FBS players but have the bodies to play DE in a 3 man scheme. Jury is still out on McCrae and Leblanc the sophomores, we better hope the 2020 signees have talent or it will be more of the same in the coming year
  12. Selfish. Soft. Undisciplined. That's the motto Littrell has been saying all these years right? Surely not an acronym that spells out STD or something stupid like that.
  13. Why do we have a WALK ON FULLBACK playing linebacker in year 5?????
  14. Even when you know an ass kicking is coming it still hurts the same. For the love of God show some fight! Don't get stomped today please.
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