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  1. I respect your opinion but mine is that they are no where near good enough for the AAC. Good enough to push around sub par competition at times, and their pass blocking has been amazing, but I don't believe that unit is good enough for the AAC.
  2. I think we are very far off, we overrate our offensive line, especially Mose. We don't have a number one wide receiver, we have a couple decent running backs but you can find them a dime a dozen. Tight end is the only position group on offense I feel somewhat okay about. Defensive line starters are poor, which leads me to believe the players behind them are even worse. Linebacker recruiting besides KD Davis may be just as bad as safety recruiting has been overall. We haven't had an FBS caliber player starting at safety since 2017. Gaddie is the only corner who has shown a fair amount of skill at times. Upton Stout was good but he gone... We just lost by 30 to UNLV. We are no where near talented enough for the AAC.
  3. UNT fell off a cliff after the 2018 season. We've been bad for 4 years now. 21-38 vs everyone other than Rice, UTEP, & FCS schools. 20 losses to G5 schools by 20+ points. Twenty. Average strength of schedule over 6 seasons is 113th. Awful competition, awful results. 4 defensive players selected all conference in 2018, and only 3 all conference selections on defense from 2019-2021, KD Davis and Dion Novil (2x) He had a 10-12 record over his first three seasons vs. teams who ended the season .500 or above. 2-14 after 2018 vs. teams who ended the season .500 or above. Both wins came last season over a bad UTEP team by 3 and a UTSA team who benched their QB at halftime. Lost 5 bowl games by an average of 21.4 points Allowed his buddy Mike Ekeler to do a couple 1 year pit stops here, at least he landed us EJ Ejiya way back in 2017... -I'm getting too depressed to keep going, but it's obvious Seth should have been fired after the 2020 season. He definitely should have been fired after last season, and now it's glaringly obvious a change should be made as soon as possible.
  4. Read his body language he knows it's over.
  5. It would be 23-3 without that kickoff return TD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Man, KD Davis has been disappointing so far to say the least. It could be due to 4 new starters up front but he is just not shedding blocks well and not having much of an impact.
  7. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/febechi-nwaiwu/5549 This kid has stepped up since we lost Carroll at RG. It's a little upsetting some of the other OL we signed in recent years have been jumped by what I believe is a walk on but he's played well when I pay attention to his blocking.
  8. Agreed, apparently North Texas won last week against North Texas. Clearly they didn't look over correct pronunciations of our players names either.
  9. How has no one questioned the sanity of a coach who would willingly make his motto the acronym STD???? Selfless Tough Disciplined. He's never wavered from murmuring that motto, almost like it's an inside joke or something.
  10. There is no worse play in football than the run on second and long. I have seen Littrell's team commit this cardinal sin over and over and over and over and over again. That and incredibly inconsistent 4th down calls, going for it on our on side of the field some times, going for field goals on 4th and 1 inside the redzone at other times. Very frustrating. Safety LMAO, the laughs start early today.
  11. Doug Belk https://uhcougars.com/staff-directory/doug-belk/450 https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34298172/why-houston-defensive-coordinator-doug-belk-college-football-next-hot-head-coaching-candidate
  12. We are really missing the Murphy twins. There were times where they took games over last year. Richards, Leota, Trieb can't fill their shoes. Really wish we could have held on to Kobe Savage who now starts for Kansas State. I know first hand Kobe would have stayed committed had we offered a teammate of his at Tyler JC who eventually signed at another FBS school. We signed 9 transfers, Only Maclin and Richards are getting regular playing time. Not sure about Neville and Gunnell plays a little I guess. You can't tell me we couldn't have offered the other kid to secure his commitment and get a good safety for the first time in Seths time here??? Dumb
  13. That's not what I predict, no, Texas Southern should be a win and in all likelihood UNLV should be as well. But UNLV has a stud WR and a decent enough QB, I could see us losing that game. I could also see our 7th year suckhole of a coach losing to a 1st year coach in Sonny Cumbie. Fully expecting losses against FAU, UAB & UTSA those games won't be close.
  14. Gary Patterson was fired on October 31st last year, the trend has been to let your coach go earlier and earlier. I can see us being 2-6 after losing at UTSA and the firing happening then.
  15. What the hell are we going to do when we can't beat up on Rice, UTEP, Southern Miss & MTSU? The new coach is going to have one hell of a task in front of him trying to keep the locker room together while we win no more than 3 or 4 games max over the first two seasons in the AAC.
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