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  1. Or maybe he wants to focus on having success and finding a home without having to explain himself.
  2. My dog is named Fouts and he’s unfortunately still with us.
  3. @GrandGreen I think you're thinking of Erric Pegram. Reggie Pegram was the transfer from Purdue. In 13 he was third leading rusher and Byrd was carrying a heavy load back then. In 14 he was certainly a contributor on a bad team. I think he's one of the better successes on the aforementioned list of transfers. He didn't light it up, but I think he was a solid player and a tough runner.
  4. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/schedule/2022
  5. Aria is great
  6. They’ve not been quite as crisp lately, new program being installed and they’re on their way to becoming homeless conference wise. That said, I don’t disagree with you and I always expect them to be good. Just assuming those things are factoring I to their theory here.
  7. Great find! Thanks for sharing. At the end of Clip 8 you can see the famous carrying of Coach by the players after the game. What glory! 💚sweller!
  8. By way of Louisiana is I'm sure why quadrupleagle said such
  9. Proud of that dude for his stepping up this yr. His presence on the floor was so significant and one of the major reasons I’m looking forward to next year.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=1438045152974939&_rdr
  11. I respect the hell out of La Tech athletics for all the winning they do considering their little resources and leadership (which at times baffle me)…they are always so competitive. I’m not sure I’d want to continue a regular rivalry with them because they’re always a threat to beat us and will be in a perceived lesser conference. That’s says more about they’re ability to win than ours. The payoff just wouldn’t be there. I don’t know that we need a “regular” non con opponent now that we’ve bedded our ponies.
  12. I’m good with it. It was past due for time for a change but he did a lot in his time here, great SBC championship run, streaky but at times great basketball, and clearly loves the university. Plenty of buts but that involves a lot with other areas of leadership and alumni apathy as well.
  13. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/nike-mens-denton-green-city-t-shirt-21nikmncntxsgrndnntx/21nikmncntxsgrndnntx
  14. He also lost Woolridge and Mo too. Without looking it up, I'd guess he's had to reload a leading scorer or facilitator every year.
  15. Tryna go. It’d be great if we could make the spring game a true event. Especially post basketball success it’d be cool to recognize them at the spring game, etc. once basketball ends, it’s a long haul without baseball to get to the start of football and it’d be nice to have one last big event spring semester. I remember feeling sick about playing it at Denton ISD some years back. We can do better than that.
  16. Bravo brother! To the point in bold, there is. You can give a restricted gift. I donated specifically to basketball while I was on my high after winning the regular season championship. Here's the info: https://meangreenscholarshipfund.com/waystogive.html
  17. I'd prefer us having more threads to bury the Grant thread into Page 2 for cognitive dissonance purposes.
  18. Of course he would. I don't know that we can keep up with this kind of money though.
  19. Don't go work for Mr. Potter, Mac!
  20. Springiest dude we’ve had around here in my time! But more than that I’ll appreciate the rebounds and the hustle. He was totally us. Just a buncha cats with a chance to do something and he sure did. Thanks 🔔!!!
  21. All the Ticket alums, Jub, Seabass, etc. other RTVF grads who have been loyal. Ex players, Football staff, HOFers.
  22. Good post. These kids have unreal heart and every joy we’ve experienced this year is because of their grit. They’re so rarely the more talented team but win with just absolute persistence and heart. It’s the most representative team of our University’s best attributes I think I’ve ever seen. It’s frustrating to watch at times but these players are my ride or die dudes. Love em to death.
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