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  1. White pants would look real sharp with this
  2. In the instance of 6-6 I think the only chance Seth would have would be to go make it 7-6 and win a bowl. It's hard to see that happening and I'd still want to move on in that event anyway. More than 7 wins could magically change my mind but there's such little chance of that happening. I'll root for us to win every game, but I think at this point its just a matter of letting him coach out the games and moving on unless we stumble into 8+ wins...at least that's where I'm at.
  3. Actual execution goes a long way. That’s coaching and players and BELIEF. They really aren’t far from us in terms of staff fragility and we beat them just a bit ago. I’m not saying I want Seth back but let’s gel and win some games!!!
  4. “He really does” or “It really is” from Mark McLemore on Rangers Live postgame. Noticed it a decade ago and it’s never left me. Try to unhear it.
  5. Agreed, but you do have to factor in that the Head Coach relies on donors, staffing capabilities, reputation, etc. Its part of the job, but Jim is right about our alumni/fanbase’s focus not being on doing all it takes to win. I do think we have made tons of strides though and I count myself as one who will continue to show up and spend money so I can do my part to improve things. It can be hard to want to at times, but it’s what needs to be done if we want the to have joyful Apogee Saturdays…and I’m damn sure bought into doing my part to create those kinds of days til I die.
  6. Yes but that’s the hope that keeps us coming back and desiring accountability. I think that concept of accountability has been the biggest hurdle. Who’s accepting the mediocrity? The “Administration” became the “big money donors”…All the while blaming the students and alumni for lack of engagement. Truth is, everyone wants to see success at this point. Don’t discount how much the large donors have given to get us to the AAC, don’t discount the students for showing up week 1, don’t discount everyone doing their affordable parts. Meanwhile let’s also all keep identifying and vocalizing our issues so they can get fixed. Respect and accountability go hand in hand. Hopefully our fanbase can navigate these waters with the right balance over this next stretches. I genuinely believe Wren and Neal and our large donors are seeing relatively clearly right now. Appreciate Seth for the good times, I think they all see the writing on the wall and things are in the works.
  7. Yup but because our reputational economics afford us only one beat guy he can’t push the boundaries for fear of losing what leverage he does have. More interest is coming and I’m not blaming Bret and as a long time Seth homer I think Seth has taken advantage of that leverage quite a bit by being short with him and not giving much meat on the bone with answers. I understand that is probably just a personality thing but it probably afforded Seth a lot of space to hide and maybe even unintentionally abuse that situation. Respect and appreciation to both of those guys for their efforts. I just think it’s sad we don’t have more interest driving more critical takes and equally more respect for such interest from a head coach.
  8. Him and Vito have had that kind of chemistry for years though.
  9. He may have just made the decision to focus on football and outsource media comments to his dad. Sure it's a bit odd, but in today's world I can understand it.
  10. He didn’t have a good game but Larry Nixon is a guy I have a lot of faith in.
  11. So tweet, post, spend and email. I’m sure you have. We need more leaders in the fanbase who will be vocal and use their money as leverage. I’m sure proud to see the passion out of everyone. I’m grateful and hopeful we will find a way to get there. It’s time for us. Grillin on a Sunday tryna make the best of it. Keep ragin for wins boys, we have happy Saturdays ahead of us sooner or later
  12. Hahaha I can only assume that’s directed to me. I’m not mad at you, I know it’s frustrating times. If you’re wanting to measure, I’ve done more than that and using the word “simp” is a real simp thing to do. Congrats on your $600. We want the same thing and I want to party with you someday about our success. I get you’re mad, me too. Seth did some stuff though and ignoring that isn’t right so I’ll die on that hill I guess.
  13. I am. I want a new coach. Don’t revisionist history though. The man achieved some shit. If you can’t acknowledge that at the same time as wanting change then I don’t get you.
  14. I don’t agree that he should have been fired after last season but at this point we need to see Wren make the tough call and pull the trigger. I firmly believe the Lovelaces know this is the right move and I imagine they can accept that. If they love Seth that much they’ll probably provide his buyout. Wren has been great but he has now stepped into the most important few weeks of his time. We will see how he handles it. He still has my trust.
  15. Gagreed, just saying there are some respects to be paid despite the need to move on
  16. Play calling has been awful and predictable and Aune has been inconsistent. To answer your question, yes it’s both. We have so much potential but I really feel like the soul has been sucked from the program at this point. Going through the motions. I love these boys and they’re so close to being better but I think we’ve hit the wall.
  17. Kevin Fralicks and his team are awesome! That NTAA really is a treat. Love the Pavilion, love the away tailgates.
  18. Hold on now, we owe Seth the respect he’s due. We had some fun, won some games, increased our talent and made a bunch of bowl games. We still aren’t winning them and haven’t had a significant win in a long time but don’t ignore his impact. It’s over and I’m done but I appreciate the advancement - and we have indeed advanced.
  19. I too have finally arrived at this point after yesterday. It’s over.
  20. Mountain West Network is also streamed on Stadium https://watchstadium.com/live/north-texas-at-unlv/
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