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  1. Yup! Aim higher. But I do appreciate the spirit of the post and agree about rising tides.
  2. This is pretty much my take on it as well. I don't view them as a rival. They pick at us because they want us to be their rival to legitimize their fanbase more (note, I didnt say program...they've performed well and I give them much respect). Their fanbase's football knowledge is pretty lacking and they tend to be pretty tacky about things. On top of that, they do things pretty cheap and it's funny. I have UTSA friends and I know they're good people. Their fans are the only reason for much to-do when we play them though. I hope we don't fall into their baiting trap of treating nasty with nasty. I wanna kick their ass sure, but don't give them the satisfaction of treating them as a rival. Keep our sights set higher.
  3. New Orleans bowl invite in 2001 with 5 wins was because of our winning the Sunbelt and conference tie in to the bowl game. The Heart of Dallas bowl in 2016 against Army was related to our APR.
  4. Quit being so miserable
  5. You guys don't stress out too much over birds of prey linguistics, it'll be alright!
  6. Maybe the fire really is in the belly still. My gut was he is burned out and needs a break, but that act (possibly designed to display to next employer) gives me second thoughts. He's been whiney this year after games, but he's tenacious, defensive minded, has great relationships with players, great recruiter...worth considering.
  7. 4. Will he continue to wear shorts on the sideline?
  8. Blowout loss? Devastating loss for sure but certainly not a blowout
  9. As a Cougar blood, I think Applewhite wasn’t really given a fair chance in a weird situation (in fact, with tanking and Covid, things haven’t been unweird since Herman left) and Tony was never a good fit at any point so I put those two in different categories entirely. At first ponder I’d considered Tom, but there’s too much baggage and weirdness. At Houston I found him endearing but by the time he got to Texas (and more of his Ohio State tenure culture came out) he became a bit too repulsive. I tend to agree with the idea that it’s not a good play, though somewhat tempting in ways.
  10. I know we have some financial considerations around HFC, but IF baseball is genuinely on the priority list then it should happen sooner than (who knows when).
  11. Good post. I’m so impatient and anxious for it to happen, but you’re right. Just need to prepare our hearts for no relief until the season is over and then wait all off season for excitement and wins.
  12. I get phone calls and emails all the time for money. Usually a student athlete calling rather than Wren. You don’t get those calls?
  13. 😔turned off…it’s over with Seth. We need money guys.
  14. All you have to do is go down to your local sporting goods store and request a heat pressed numeral of your choice on a black mesh jersey. TBH, I know it was complicated and I’m sorry for the players, but I was in school then and I loved it. IMO, we needed to do a lot of growing up at that time and I’m glad we embarrassed ourselves that way because it ultimately led to stuff like Apogee and more athletic investment. Rick had little to work with and I think we vilify him too much. But I’m sure glad we’ve come along. From what I hear he is too. DD ain’t doin too bad either. Money is much better now. Let’s win some games.
  15. I don’t feel as if you should continue your fandom here
  16. It really appears to be the right move to go west but I’ve loved having so many regional opponents
  17. I’m just not sure he’s ready for this level of ball. Makes me nervous.
  18. Help me understand the point you’re making. The point I was making was just that if we win we will fill our stadium.
  19. Email is out. Season ticket holder gift is commemorative.....tickets? https://souvenirs.teamcpi.com/MeanGreen/en-US/home/ I feel so gaslit.
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