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  1. I wonder if we'll see Seth land at Tulsa now that they struck out with Barry Odom...
  2. I am stunned by this given we have no AD. I thought for sure they would ride this out with Littrell. I'd like to second what others are saying. Thank you, Seth. A very good coach, and in my estimation he will get a chance at a P5 job one day. But it was time to try something new.
  3. Totally agree with you. It’s not uncommon. That’s why I believe the decision will be made to give Littrell an extension. He’s not been an unmitigated disaster. We’re in the conference title game (I know CUSA sucks). They won’t fire him with all of this uncertainty in the administration.
  4. Take it for what you want, I’m just a guy talking on a message board. But I spoke with a well known college football reporter about Wren a month ago (or more) and he is the one who told me Wren wanted out of Denton and had been interviewing for every open AD job. I posted about it here when I was told that information. Part of the reason was the uncertainty around the football program. The exact verbiage I was told was “I’m not sure the AD makes that call in Denton.”
  5. An AD transition likely means our boosters and school president will make the call on Littrell. Everything we’ve heard suggests both camps are pro-Littrell. He’s going to be extended. They won’t want the new AD to make the call immediately just like Wren in WVU with Neal Brown.
  6. I’m not sure about the stuff you posted, but it’s definitely why we haven’t heard anything definitive on the Littrell front. Wren has been focused on getting out, not determining the future in Denton.
  7. I posted a couple of months ago that he wanted out. He’s been interviewing for every single AD job available. Look for Littrell to get a paper extension soon after the title game.
  8. New Split Zone Duo Patreon podcast is out. Godfrey says job is going to open and Deion Sanders is the rumored target. Also says UAB is targeting Fuente.
  9. Our offense has been really good. I believe a lot of the issues are built around the fact they don’t necessarily trust Aune to do what they want him to do. Too early to say on the recruiting front. He hasn’t been here that long, and it’s hard to get a gauge on how hard we’re trying to actually recruit high school players.
  10. Fuente still makes the most sense to me for a multitude of reasons, but I’m warming up to Joe Gillespie and keeping Mike Bloesch and the offensive staff. https://twitter.com/budelliott3/status/1592212035307474950?s=46&t=JVgqmJHbeRvLi_RpvXeGCg
  11. If this were true, they would have rushed a contract extension through as soon as they could have. I don’t think Wren is leaning in either direction at this point. Beating UTSA and winning a conference title would be such an outlier result that an extension would be warranted. Beating Rice is not an outlier result. Losing to Rice and therefore losing the opportunity to play in the championship game would mean termination, in my opinion.
  12. I think bowl game is irrelevant. You have to make the decision as soon possible. Waiting two to three weeks after the season ends would make no sense.
  13. It seems like a good rule of thumb to me to exclude coaches who are currently front runners or at the very least interviewing for P5 jobs. Neither Deion or Tom Herman want this job. Deion’s name is up at Auburn. Herman is in the driver’s seat at Colorado it sounds like. We have to be realistic about what we are.
  14. Joe Gillespie might be the guy.
  15. I think we can cross Colby Carthel off the list. 😂
  16. Yep - I think he’s gone after the next loss (bowl game not withstanding) Beat Rice and UTSA, offer an extension. Lose one of the two, interim coach for the remainder of the year.
  17. Also, in the official UNT press release, it states the 4th OOC game will be announce soon. My guess is it’s already scheduled.
  18. I would be surprised if we are tied to that September 9th date. Could very easily see an AAC game put in that spot.
  19. Just wanted to follow up on this. A new podcast is out. Godfrey says for now Littrell is safe - but a lot is riding on making the conference championship game. So the team has to finish the job. Semi-related to UNT: the expectation is Tulsa and Texas State will open, and both seem to be interested in WSU OC Eric Morris and current UIW HC GJ Kinne. Kinne played QB at Tulsa. I bring this up because their names have been mentioned on this board, and they would theoretically be candidates if we have an opening.
  20. Of course I’d rather win them than lose, but my opinion is the outcomes don’t matter because the variation on said outcomes varies so wildly. There’s no way to gauge which team is more enthused to be there, which team has players sitting out due to injury or draft stock, etc. Bowl games are good for the players because they get free swag and it’s nice to get the check for the athletic department. But I don’t think anyone outside of the crazies of x fanbase remembers which teams won and which teams lost the participation trophy bowls.
  21. I voted yes, just because it feels like beating Rice would be a given if we beat UAB. That might end up being a foolish assumption. I am less inclined than others to make a conference championship or bowl game win mandatory. 1) UTSA is better than us so it feels anti-intellectual to feel that way but also deem it a must win. 2) Bowl game results don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.
  22. The SID staff needs to be pitching these stories to The Athletic, NYT, ESPN, etc. We should display our pride prominently.
  23. Underachieved to what standard? He’s been much better than the two coaches that preceded him. A better W/L record than anyone since Hayden Fry. Listen, I understand wanting a new coach just for the simplicity of trying something different. But to say Seth Littrell has underachieved at North Texas, of all places, is asinine.
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