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  1. Yes but, theirs works even without the cup. (UNT's 32 - CLT's 21)
  2. "A report Thursday by the New York Times found that the college football juggernaut uses location-tracking technology to support its student loyalty rewards program. The basics are simple, and a bit eerie: Students download the Tide Loyalty Points app, earn 100 points for attending a home game and then get an additional 250 if they’re still in attendance by the fourth quarter." https://beta.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/09/13/alabama-is-penalizing-students-leaving-football-games-early-is-that-normal/?wpisrc=nl_most&wpmm=1
  3. Well stated, NTEX91. To update an old saw: The father of disappointment is Expectation. Sometimes the mother's name is Dodge, sometimes, McCarney, or Littrell.. But, the father is always Expectation.
  4. "...a man whose pattern of personal and professional indiscretions landed Ole Miss with a two-year bowl ban and led to his immediate ouster, the forfeiture of more than $12 million in salary, and nearly two years of employment radioactivity. Then Liberty called with an offer to coach football at the largest evangelical Christian university in the United States — a perfect marriage, perhaps, or at least one of mutual convenience." https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/colleges/at-liberty-university-the-power-and-the-glory-and-the-football/2019/08/29/818f29e2-c9c4-11e9-a4f3-c081a126de70_story.html?wpisrc=nl_most&wpmm=1
  5. Maybe some day Brett will write an article about our ranking being high because we have a HOST of four star recruits.
  6. I think the G came from a re-purposed Bass Pro Shop sign.
  7. I was just wondering, does that bridge over I-35 have an official name or nickname? Our university is, in my opinion, going through a great transitional time and it could be such a wonderful symbol of this link to the future, blossoming, metamorphic growth.
  8. Apples to Apples Coming to a supermarket near you, after 22 years of development and a fortune of investment, is the Cosmic Crisp, a new cross of Enterprise and Honeycrisp apples developed by Washington State University that is finally ready for market. Growers pay royalties to WSU on every tree they buy and every box they sell, and they are poised to sell, as the apple is being launched with a $10.5 million marketing budget. An initial plan to start with 300,000 trees was kickstarted when 4 million were instead requested, and within three years, 13 million were planted at the cost of a half billion dollars. The forecast is that Cosmic Crisp will outpace Pink Lady and Honey Crisp within five years of launch.
  9. To what extent does the difference in institutional academic requirement affect recruitment across all C-USA schools?
  10. First two before I started to bounce all over the place. Could never afford to live on campus: 1st- Apartments on Bonnie Brae around West Prairie. Don't remember the name. They were brand new in 1962 2nd -Little one-room efficiency where Louise St. is but I don't think it was named Louise St. then?
  11. We'll get him so high in this poll, he'll get an offer from Notre Dame.
  12. It let me vote 37 times before I had to take a break. Damned water pills.
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