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  1. "As a condition of Disney buying Fox, the company had to sell off 22 regional sports networks. Those assets had been spiraling upwards in price for years, with live sports becoming one of the most valuable and pricey commodities in entertainment. Analysts predicted the 22 RSNs would fetch something like $20 billion to $22 billion, but a number of headwinds — such as a dwindling consumer appetite to stomach the $5 or $6 per month padding out their cable bill year-round — meant that the Mouse had to sell at a discount that is rippling through the sports business ecosystem. The Yankees bought back the YES Network for $3.47 billion, but the other RSNs sold to Sinclair for only $10.6 billion, a multi-billion dollar adjustment that has cord cutting to thank." Joe Nocera, Bloomberg
  2. Thanks so much, Rick. I'm stuck in Atlanta and I appreciate the update.
  3. "For decision-makers, height has become a small consideration, less important than most other factors. Browns General Manager John Dorsey, who picked Mayfield, cited arm strength first when asked what short quarterbacks need to make teams believe in them. Then he listed intangibles that would apply to a quarterback of any height. “Are you truly a natural born leader?” Dorsey said. “Do guys gravitate toward you? Are you competitive?” https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/04/09/doug-flutie-kyler-murray-inside-nfls-newfound-embrace-short-quarterbacks/?utm_term=.924063008be4&wpisrc=nl_headlines&wpmm=1
  4. Thanks for the photo update. It always seems these things take forever to build out but, once it's almost complete, things will go pretty quickly.
  5. https://www.realtor.com/news/celebrity-real-estate/kliff-kingsbury-buys-arizona-mansion/
  6. "FYI practice"I thought this was going to be a post about spring practice at a Florida school.
  7. "November 5, 2022, Arkansas will play host to Liberty University. "Normally, there wouldn’t be much to examine in the case of a football game. Sure, there could be the usual conjecture about starting offensive lines, or debate on which defensive scheme would be most effective, but nothing sinister should ever be expected to dominate conversation. Nevertheless, it will. "Liberty University is one of the most controversial schools in the NCAA, and for good reason. There is tremendous baggage at almost every level, from coaching to administration. By engaging in a contract with Liberty, the University of Arkansas will be both legitimizing and financially rewarding a history of racism, sexism, and outright malevolence. This cannot be allowed to happen." https://medium.com/@tuckerpartridge/an-open-letter-to-hunter-yurachek-chad-morris-joe-steinmetz-and-razorback-nation-6cd95d74f1fb?fbclid=IwAR3bYkg7iwYZ5zXcycw3tnvaCReJfaUzgiUR5H6SfkDyKIjrqczF44zr60Y
  8. The difference in UTEP's budget is gas money to get to the other schools.
  9. "The 2019 season, less than a month old, has already seen a number of hitters rise to this level of intimidation. Batters with power who get extra attention on the scouting report and yet still wreak havoc on an opposing pitcher one way or another. The marathon that is the college softball season may temper some frenzied bats, but not these players. Especially these five:" https://www.ncaa.com/news/softball/2019-02-26/here-are-5-softball-players-fantastic-starts-2019
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