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  1. Greenrex

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    I don't know.
  2. Greenrex

    Marshall (2/7/19)

    I have no access to the game and was just wondering if anyone could hint at a score/time?
  3. Thanks for the memory, Eagle 71. My wife and I were also at that game. She had a class with Joe Hamilton and if he saw us at the game or on campus, he always said hello. Great fun memories!
  4. Greenrex

    Middle Tennessee State (1/26/19)

    I think it's 144.
  5. Greenrex

    UAB (1/24/19)

    The score updates are greatly appreciated!
  6. "North Texas redshirt sophomore quarterback Cade Pearson will transfer from the program, according to a source within the organization. Pearson only appeared in one game at UNT. He completed all four passes for 17 yards in a 58-16 win over Incarnate Word on Sept. 8, 2018, after being inserted as the third-string quarterback. However, he quickly fell down the depth chart against a pair of talented true freshmen"
  7. Greenrex

    Scouting Cal

    2019 Pac-12 Composite Football Schedule, Top Ten Games, Weekly Rankings: Saturday, September 14 1. Stanford at UCF 2. Oklahoma at UCLA 3. Arizona State at Michigan State 4. Texas Tech at Arizona 6. USC at BYU 7. Air Force at Colorado 8. North Texas at California 9. Hawai’i at Washington 10. Idaho State at Utah 11. Montana at Oregon 12. Cal Poly at Oregon State
  9. Greenrex

    Name the New North Texas Basketball Venue

    😄One laugh emoji just wasn't enough😜😁🤣
  10. Greenrex

    Rice (12/29/18)

    When was the last time we were 13-1?
  11. Greenrex

    Name the New North Texas Basketball Venue

    Those of us in my generation (Old Farts) have great hope that the new facility is not perpetually illusive. So, for now I'm calling it: The Mean Dream
  12. I tried to give you a downvote but, your post was so good that even this GMG forum software checked the upvote.
  13. 1st C-USA 5th G5 (?) 63rd National