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  1. Do we even have that much money? It's like our daddy ran off with another woman.
  2. Is Sun Belt football underrated? Rank open Group of 5 coaching jobs? G5 Drive This is a moving target, both as other jobs open and as the searches play out. Things change. But here’s how I’d rank them right now: 1. Liberty 2. USF 3. FAU 4. UNLV 5. Western Michigan 6. Tulsa 7. Texas State The article: https://theathletic.com/3956767/2022/12/01/sun-belt-conference-championships-g5/?source=freedailyemail&campaign=601983
  3. Mildly interesting...CBS Ranking as of Dec1, 2022:
  4. Excellent writing. Engaging, informative, fun (toting the rock), and on my side. Thanks so much!
  5. The selected day and time simply determines the audience that won't be watching.
  6. 10,000 steps and 10 pages of notes? It sounds like an archaeologist on a trek. Nope. That's ESPN's Molly McGrath during a single gameday on the sidelines, doing the job...and Chasing Mike Leach https://theathletic.com/3901449/2022/11/16/espn-molly-mcgrath/?source=targeted_email&campaign=5548881&email_login=rexhwinn%40gmail.com
  7. Welcome to the fold, gordo. There are a few of us on here who are pushing the eighth decade of life and believe me we've seen a lifetime of ups and downs but, we keep hanging on tight because of our appreciation and affection for our beloved North Texas. I hope you become a life long fan and devoted alum. Go Mean Green!
  8. Solid observation. Playing not to lose is always a bad strategy.
  9. USF’s replacement for Jeff Scott? Jason Candle, Ja’Juan Seider names to watch https://theathletic.com/3771884/2022/11/07/usf-coaching-candidates-jeff-scott/?source=freedailyemail&campaign=601983
  10. As stated above, this task can be handled with a simple digital remotely controlled switch from anywhere in the world. There is no physical reason for not lighting the tower for every athletic victory in every sport. Every time. So, that leaves us with the question: Why is this not done?
  11. 49ers’ John Lynch explains Jeff Wilson trade, says Elijah Mitchell is close to returning: "SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The 49ers never actively shopped locker room favorite Jeff Wilson Jr., general manager John Lynch said Tuesday. But when the Dolphins called last week with mild interest — then called back with more urgency Monday — the 49ers couldn’t turn down their ultimate offer, a fifth-round pick". https://theathletic.com/3753324/2022/11/01/49ers-jeff-wilson-trade-elijah-mitchell/?source=pulsenewsletter&campaign=5394422
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