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  1. So let me translate, nothing will change this week.
  2. Speaking of shirts, I was at Home Depot the other day. I saw this couple and she was wearing this sharp UNT jersey #21. I asked them where they got it because it was great looking and I wanted one. They told me they both worked at UNT and helped with Move in day and they were given the Jerseys (21). Why they are not selling them at the BS or Stadium I have no idea but they were. very sharp. They did not look like any jersey we have worn for a game. Get this they were white and green.
  3. He was boring the first game at end of each stanza. He has not got any better.
  4. It would level the playing field a little more for us. I guess SMUT thinks that is bad thing.
  5. Can we find a better stadium announcer. The guy has no life or energy.
  6. I won't listen because I know will be the same old crap.
  7. Gives SL cover for a week, or until Saturday when Liberty kicks our ass.
  8. IF SMUT blocks us we should not be playing them in any sport, It will hurt their attendance more than their ours. I mean we can live without their 150 fans that come to apogee. Yes I know it brings in more UNT fans for the game as well. But SMUT will have few at their home game when they replace us with NMSU.
  9. With eight remaining members, Conference USA had to add at least two schools. One source suggested that the Sun Belt now could try to poach schools from Conference USA, such as Marshall or Southern Miss. Despite the losses, the conference remains optimistic. Wow, wonder who said this? I not sure what leftovers they will find to help them do that, NMSU, Liberty, Idaho?
  10. If the CUSA is depending on Judy to survive they might as well close the office.
  11. instating counting teams I just took WS off for football. Do we have a breakdown of the divisions?
  12. so six teams in one league and seven in the other for football?
  13. the big plus is we say good bye to Judy!
  14. Well if this is true , it now more important than ever to find a new head football coach. He can't win in a bad league he won't do better against better teams.
  15. They caught some guy breaking in cars I the Denia neighborhood, maybe the same guy?
  16. Do you think WB and SL are having discussions about his and this team performance on the field. Just nothing coming out of the AD these days.
  17. You have to get rid of the old coach first.
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