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  1. They will leave early if they have too. The forfeit comment was just for fun we all know it would be rescheduled.
  2. must be nice to fail at your job and get a big check to leave.
  3. I am thinking around 10k for attendance. I don't care about the down vote but curious if you think over or under that?
  4. Maybe we get a forfeit, 2-0 in conference baby!
  5. How about the coach of JMU? He was making 460k and got a raise but I think we could pay him more????? His record is very good.
  6. Hope Zach signs somewhere else (not Russia). He was one of my favorite players over the years he was here. It was fun watching him from his freshman year to his senior year. I know he worked with Abou on bench during the games. He might be a great coach one day.
  7. Lovelace is a business man. I sure over his career he has let go employees for non performance. He may have liked them as a person but if they don't perform you have to let them go. I know I let some employees go I was rooting for to make it but they just couldn't get the performance level we needed. I think even though he is friends with Seth and his family he knows SL is not bringing the wins home.
  8. Just think of the process we will make if we just lose by 8 pts this week. We will headed in the right direction for sure. Why do our conference mates seem to play the big boys well with the exception of us? Vito try asking SL that question? You can ask for a friend.
  9. I grew up in El Paso and went to the Sun Bowl every year until about 1976. I some great bowl match ups and some great players. Saw Dorsett when Pits came to the Sun Bowl, Johnny Rogers when Neb was in the bowl as well as others. The teams that were invited were all very good with 8-3 or better records. The bowls are so water down now it is who cares. It is just something fill the space during the holidays. I mean 6-6 NT vs Miami of Ohio. Who outside the schools would watch that game.
  10. I think part of the receivers issues is Aune. They don't have confidence in Aune to deliver the ball. They don't if theyhave jump or dive to ground. That what was great about Fine is the receivers knew the ball would be there. If our receivers had a confidence in the qb we would be a lot better team.
  11. Maybe we need to schedule the team they beat
  12. I hope you are right and I am wrong but getting a bad feeling inside.
  13. SL will be back next year and his contract will not be renewed. We have to pay CUSA and we get no TV revenue from AAC. We will be stuck with him one more year.
  14. SL have anything to say besides the three phases?
  15. I don't know, never really seen them play very much. If i were the HC in this situation on Monday I meet with the qbs and tell the starter job is up for grabs. Whoever shows the best promise I would start them on Saturday. I give Aune the weekend off.
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