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  1. wait why are we not there? Highest paid coach/five years to build a program with some of the best facilities in CUSA. I count what 4 programs from CUSA there. Unacceptable, especially since the level of competition is going to higher next year. To early for a list of possible coaches for next hire? Or will be give a SL another year to see what he can do in the AAC. I am predicting a 4-8 season.
  2. plumbers and electricians can make six figures these days. Trade school is not a bad idea.
  3. That should already be happening, but this is Denton.
  4. Watching his highlights from AZ the guy was running for his life. I think blocking was a suggestion on the AZ team he was on. No time makes it hard to throw the ball. I don't know if he is the answer but I hope he is.
  5. Now if we had a qb coach...........I mean a real qb coach.
  6. everyone will pay the price but the big boys, that how the NCAA rolls.
  7. a lot of wind in Albuquerque in the last few days.
  8. He has a better idea about the portal than SL.
  9. if it Tony Denton you will need 10 players so he substitute after someone makes a shot.
  10. If you shoot t shirts and no one is there to catch them did you really shoot them at all?
  11. Wish we of used this year as transition year with a new coach but I get what you are saying.
  12. UNT and CUSA on the NIL hunt:
  13. I think Cesars is closest to the stadium but I could be wrong
  14. so if you go to the sports book who are you going to bet on?
  15. 6-5 will get you in a bowl, is that what really strive for?
  16. This keeps going and I can see a lot of dark stadiums in the future. Only the elite schools and conference can keep the pace up. The NFL light is on the way if not already here.
  17. Don't worry SL has the ability to coach up his players.............🤥
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