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  1. The magic eight ball is saying "doubtful"
  2. See Rico Bussey had 8 catches for 86 yards to night
  3. I guess I am the one that made the comment. I lived there for 18 years so I stick by my comment and El Paso is a great place to be from. Lived in Euless for awhile no feelings bad or good for it. Now I live in Denton, the only problem is growing and the roads cant handled the traffic and more crime is starting to show it ugly head. There is no perfect place but home is where you make it. Sorry if I offended anyone. However, the comment about Lubbock still stands! I think the UTEP game maybe cancelled , El Paso is having a big outbreak of COVID right now so we shall see
  4. Like most fans we want to win regardless who is the qb......If it is one or both we want to win and I can be supporting of qbs if they get the job done.
  5. MTSU made some very good catches on those TD's. Without them it would have not been close.
  6. It seems to me the players look so distracted at the home games, looking up in the stands for family or friends or friends coming down to the edge and yelling at the players to say hi. I think on the road they are able to keep all thoughts on the field.
  7. let me guess we play WKU at WKU for two games.........heck everybody play at WKU for a two game set the CUSA protects them
  8. somethings never change ....lol
  9. I was at that game and in high school at the time. The game put NTSU on the map for me and off I went. Most everyone else goes to Texas Tech, I could not do the Lubbock thing.
  10. I use to think that way also.
  11. some people just think it is cooler to go away to college and leave their hometown. It part of the experience of going to college. Plus the locals have never shown much interest in Mean Green.
  12. It because El Paso will suck the life out of you.
  13. We will be coming off that dreaded by week where we forget everything we have learned through the season and have to start over.
  14. Think the mut fans are ready to jump off the double wide about now?
  15. So I smell contract extension?😜 For those of you I have to explain it to, this is a joke.
  16. Wish we would have had him 4 years, he really helped the team.
  17. also raises the payroll on players on the team if you have to pay them now. Maybe we should "quit football" for two years and decide to come back two years from now with any player we can find with no requirements.
  18. We will fire SL like we fired Benford when his contract is up.
  19. Maybe the team needs a road game, That way they won't be looking up in the stands during the game and can stay focused on the field.
  20. file that under who cares this season is lost
  21. so the new players coming in and the old players staying does the number of scholarships increase with the free season?
  22. just cancel the season and hope for a better one next year.
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