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  1. TV Channel??? I can't find it?
  2. Feels like we have a good shot at landing Mr. Lewis! This kid with new OC Bodie would be killer!
  3. I think this kid would be my favorite commit we've had since I started following the program.
  4. So who's calling plays? Seth or Bodie.. seems like a win win!
  5. Would be the 10th highest rated commit for us since they've been tracking it. Would have been the best commit from the 2019 class for perspective.
  6. all our recruits have already signed. They can't decommit.
  7. I'm happy for guyton, i think he would have benefited from coming back but i'll be hoping his name gets called at the end of April.
  8. I missed the game, did UH beat Army??
  9. Whats your point? I can counter this by showing you a pic of bamas class too
  10. Any chance Rowland ends up being a BS or has that ship sailed?
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