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  1. p_phelps

    What's your end of season record prediction?

    I want double digits wins for the first time in program history! Let's go!!
  2. It reminds me of the Romo spin out he'd do.
  3. One of the more frustrating 23 point wins I've seen.
  4. Has GH lost his damn mind!? Designed run with your QB that's already banged up to attempt to run the clock out!?
  5. There's an official problem with the offense. I made excuses the last 2 games. Now it's evident, something is wrong. Looking at you Oline....
  6. Glad the refs remembered reviews are a thing... Of course it was would only hurt us.
  7. Why haven't we made adjustments... It's hard to watch...the Defense has carried us.. odd to say
  8. Because the play calls are terrible... No running the entire first drive... Running on 3rd and long...
  9. Maybe GH is worse than thought..
  10. I'm so sick of this shitty conference officials.... Isn't every turnover reviewed!?!?
  11. ESPN is pure garbage... No crowd noise because the mike is inside....
  12. p_phelps

    Rain Delay : Kickoff at 1:35

    bummer , radio just said 1:35 kickoff.
  13. Well idk what 4 star everyone is talking about but I know a 3 star I'd take.. the OT from argyle that's an OkSt commit