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  1. Love the eye rolls everytime there isn't glowing things said about the staff... thanks for your unwavering blind support
  2. I am also underwhelmed. I think I expected much more with increase in salary and seeing what FAU is doing. But I guess we'll see what happens.
  3. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-jeff-brohm-hiring-marty-biagi-as-special-teams-coordinator-at-purdue/
  4. Who's the blame on this... we used to be the 1st on guys.
  5. Actually really like that, don't think seth has any ties to kitna though
  6. He's not going anywhere this year... if he wins next year we can have this conversation.
  7. Nobody wants Seth after this year. They will wait to see what he can do with Mason
  8. This is starting to get crazy... Spring semester is about to start... why haven't we made a move
  9. So who's left? Seems the coaching carousel is slowing down with exception of Baylor opening and doubt that effects us
  10. p_phelps


    Would love to see dykes get outta here, he's made smu relevant... and it sucks
  11. At least we are super strong at CB though right
  12. Wtf are we doing... we take forever to hire people. Recruiting is still happening and the OC matters. Also most help needs to be the line and cant hire their replacements until the OC
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