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  1. p_phelps

    Bucs waive Trevor Moore

    Bucs just paid their kicker decent money.. he wasn't going to stick with them anyways. Hopefully he did well enough to get intrest from other teams.
  2. p_phelps

    Big time commitment

    Congrats man!!!
  3. Or it could go. 1 Wilson doesn't win 2. Wilson fired 3. All his recruits transfer 4. UTSA sucks forever
  4. p_phelps

    C-USA West Media Day is at 2pm on ESPN3

    E.J it's 2 letters.... com'on... not AJ... EJ..
  5. https://247sports.com/player/chayse-todd-46035315 Offered today; Makes 27 offers
  6. p_phelps

    Recruiting Ratings for Offensive Line

    Well considering how many times Fine gets hit this a seems right so far.
  7. This is so fun! This is what the off-season is when you recruit! So are we done with commits till the season??
  8. p_phelps


    https://247sports.com/Player/Kayvon-Thibodeaux-88121 gotta be him!
  9. p_phelps

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7

    That 4 star recruit is coming sooner rather than later at this rate!
  10. p_phelps

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7

    That's just an edit like the many he has shared with us, he hasn't committed anywhere yet, I would be surprised if we aren't his choice.