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  1. The fact that this was the year of so much hype, Heisman candidate, national heads at least mentioning us. If you think 8-4 is a successful season then you're just wrong bud.
  2. Yeah, love the thoughtful rebuttal. Very insightful!!
  3. Better name for what it's been this year.. or for the better part of Fine's career? Bad maybe? Not good?? Sub par???
  4. ODU last year.. and last year's team was better... SMU, CAL... ACU 2nd half... no bussey... oline trash... I'm incredibly frustrated with this team and coaching staff
  5. I say YES! This is THE team to take us over the top. Even if we beat Houston in the win out (Seems HIGHLY doubtful after seeing cal QB run all over us) we still got the doors blown off by cross town rival "daddy's money's team" and lost to a P5 we honestly had no business losing too. ( This game was completely frustrating from the self inflicted wounds). In the long run we win out, win conference in what looks to be extremely weak. What does this accomplish in the grand scheme of UNT planning? We lose our best player since Joe Greene and the best expected offense in school history. Win out and we say can't brag about us like last year. All my buddies went or are fans of P5 schools ( drives me F'ING!! nuts they can be fans of a school they never even applied too and still talk shit to me). Last year I could say we took UA to the woodshed, still heard "oh they suck though" and blah blah blah. WHAT CAN I SAY THIS YEAR? IFFFFF we win out I saw we ran house on a week conference and beat one good team in UH? THE team that was to take us to the next level disappointed no matter what happens next.
  6. Btw guys... cals offense sucks... we just suck more ....
  7. UNDISCIPLINED.. Seth better go if we wants to move up. HIS team this year is UNDISCIPLINED... and its not a young team
  8. Imagine what king from UH will do to reffs D....pathetic.
  9. I'm not sure about that. This was reminiscent of FAU debacle a few couple years ago. I think seth needs to know when to call time out and settle guys down
  10. The Oline is garbage and has not ever really been good.
  11. Dude is not good. Like shouldn't be on the field.
  12. I prefer last year uni announcements but love the choice!
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