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  1. With Arkansas done and Morris gone any chance we add Traylor.. he can take our recruiting to the next level
  2. He's gotta be on the hot seat right, not saying they will make a move this year but another bad season next year something's gotta happen.
  3. This is one of the biggest disappointments I've seen in sports. From hopefully getting 10 wins to probably not even making a bowl. Seth may win fewer games this year than year 1
  4. Whole team sucks.... I'm really sick of looking like we dont belong on the field with good teams
  5. Obviously... but we also need lots of help... the question is who should we root for when scoreboard watching
  6. Their kickoff is just before ours so who do we need to win to keep our conference game hopes still alive before we see our game?
  7. Kid recruiting blew up after we offered...a week after we offer he gets so.miss, Nebraska, Illinois, Va tech and Arizona offers
  8. Get outta here.. none of that was on him. Stats don't lie and he's on pace to have best statistical season yet. The defense is just as historically bad that game. Mason can damn near do no wrong and when you throw for 7TDs and pass 12k yards for your career on homecoming, he can do whatever bit he wants.
  9. So I get why they left Mason in but why not get valuable time for Bean!?
  10. Interesting he's taking an official on our homecoming. This is beginning to feel like garrett johnson from last year
  11. Welp... I get my news from this forum and twitter anyways. Typically before drc does reporting.
  12. Good god stop with the we sucked forever so it's okay to suck again... hell no, we are putting money into the program like never before and expect to see results that follows... you have the wrong attitude
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