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  1. He's special teams so don't think dc has impact on him
  2. I'm pumped, Seth and Wren made a hell of a hire again. Listening to the podcast with Bennett told me everything I needed to know. Guy energy is still there, other P5 programs wanted him but we got him. We are an attractive program for so many things. If we could consistently win we could be a monster. Let's get some dudes in here on defense and kick ass next year
  3. I really liked Siggers but no way man, Adaway has something special to him. They are the same style but Adaway has more wiggle. Would've been a nice tandem but Torrey and Adaway along with the freshman RB, we'll be fine.
  4. Lol so smug and delusional 🤣. You're in the G5 just like us. And you're not even the top of your own conference. Luckily you have UCF and Memphis to keep you relevant.
  5. Hmm didn't yall fire June Jones after we waxed the field with yall, on a bad year for us. Seemed like yall took losing to a nonrival hard then
  6. Is that what you say when paying the recruits
  7. Man, I've probably been the most critical of Seth here but this is a good hire. What don't you like? He basically has only not been successful when he was HC, and that was the dumpster fire that is SMU
  8. Seems to be Smu was the only place he wasn't successful in 25 years of coaching. Interesting
  9. Hahahahaha this guy is one of those "P6" guys... if you're a power conference then why does going undefeated still not get you in the playoffs.
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