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  1. Guessing he didn't like where he ended up after spring ball
  2. And he's decommitted.. I almost hate these early Commits, they rarely stick.
  3. I was really hoping for some P5 guys that benefited from their weight program and had p5 size.
  4. Would be worse than losing to utsa..
  5. He'll probably go fcs.. too many other qbs out there
  6. Obviously not even remotely the same hiring a position coach compared to head coach
  7. Ferrell started the bowl game as soon as he was eligible so I think he was definitely good enough. Thats a big loss in my eyes
  8. The offer for the UNLV tackle transfer makes much more sense now
  9. After the PB hire I feel we'll be much higher... have to be. We've given Seth every possible tool we have to help him
  10. Thought you said he sucked... you must be worried
  11. He's special teams so don't think dc has impact on him
  12. I'm pumped, Seth and Wren made a hell of a hire again. Listening to the podcast with Bennett told me everything I needed to know. Guy energy is still there, other P5 programs wanted him but we got him. We are an attractive program for so many things. If we could consistently win we could be a monster. Let's get some dudes in here on defense and kick ass next year
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