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  1. No thanks, he's never won as a HC. His record is 18-40. Lol I'd rather keep Seth. Which is saying something
  2. Wouldn't hate it. I really want a proven HC but I always liked Graham
  3. I can't imagine getting any new Commits for a bit.
  4. This is the first game I didn't watch in years. I checked the score occasionally but until something is done I'm not dedicated anymore of my time to a program that's not willing to do what it takes.
  5. Seth has proven to be a bad HC. We've always been undisciplined, even when we were winning. Now the teams quit on the staff. Embarrassing off the field things happening. Seth should be let go now and every game we play with him at the helm it's on Wren. Only reason I can think to keep him is just to lower the buyout. I hope we are on the search for the next guy. Next time we have a chance to get a HC hired away I hope it happens. I'm so sick of firing after we become a dumpster fire
  6. I feel like we should somehow give up that win
  7. Perhaps the best move Seth has made all yr. Such a waste of talent. Hopefully this will be an eye opening experience for Simpson
  8. He's a smart kid. Can't blame him. Focus on future career. This season won't leave any fond memories
  9. He's done a hell of a job developing our QBs, maybe he can be qb coach 😅
  10. Just checking in to see if Seth is fired yet
  11. HAHAHA GOOD LUCK! we are as bad as I can remember. At least up there with mccartney last year
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