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  1. On a completely different side note... Mr. Lee is my favorite commit on buy in ever! He'll have a fan in my the moment he sets foot on campus.. hell who am I kidding.. I'm already a fan, I just cant wait till he's on campus
  2. I don't think he wants to be the backup plan when he can be our #1 option. If they truly believed they would offer. We know what he's got to offer and I think he'll be loyal
  3. How the hell is FIU QB so far ahead of Mason? Poor list.
  4. I've heard him talk about Mason passively on the draft show and never said much glowing remarks. Called me a decent little QB. Brugler lost some respect from me that day.
  5. I'm no longer concerned about losing him. He knows he wasn't an afterthought for us! He knows who truly values him. Made friends with other commits, close to home, hell of an offense to play in. Chance to play as a true freshman once # 6 goes to the NFL. We're the best option and I don't think its close. We're a waking giant and he's going to take us to the next level!
  6. Stayed at the ridge... yep the apartment where the floor fell through
  7. He'll be #1 it's still early. We take care of the MG Family!
  8. WOW!! This is going to look AMAZING! What a recruiting tool this will be!!
  9. I went cal and houston. Nobody cares about SMU really. Winning at Cal and beating houston would be much more of a statement.
  10. You must have a sad life always here.. nobody care to be UH rival? get a hobby bro
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