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    Future Schedule. Baylor & Tulane

    When the Big12 implodes after UT/OU/OSU leave, one of these two matchups will be a conference game. EITHER: 1. We do so well over the next 3 seasons that we position ourselves as a more attractive DFW-area team for the big12 leftovers to choose instead of the pony school to the South, and Baylor is a conference game. 2. We do well enough to backfill SMU's vacated spot in the AAC (as they go off to re-join their old 2nd-tier SWC mates), and Tulane is a conference game again.
  2. MeanGreenTexan

    QB Alex Delton from KSU to UTEP-NOPE scratch that TCU

    Riley Mayfield, our starting RT for the past 2 years was a graduate transfer.
  3. MeanGreenTexan

    Conference USA West Stock Exchange by UDD

    What in the world? Why are these dudes drooling all over UAB? They're losing a ton of 5/6/7-yr seniors including Erdley. Brown's coming back, but that's about it. Are these dudes paying attention?
  4. No one really knows anything yet until the Senior Bowl games, combines, and Pro-days are done. If you want any kind of significant draft projections, you'd have to wait until after all of the above are done.
  5. MeanGreenTexan Updated CUSA Top NFL Draft Picks

    Jaylen Ferguson didn't even make this list?? I think we can trash it.
  6. MeanGreenTexan

    Nate Brooks makes NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

    Excellent! It was already anounced that Ejiya and Hall were going to play in this game as well. So we'll have 3 guys going in this game.
  7. MeanGreenTexan

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    To coach DBs? I think you have the vacancies mixed up.
  8. MeanGreenTexan

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    Did Ekeler make our defense better while he was here? If so, there's absolutely nothing wrong with his tenure here. And if coach Cooks decides to come here for 1 season and then go to some P5 school somewhere... if our DBs are better for him being here, then I'm all for it.
  9. MeanGreenTexan

    Football and Basketball Turnarounds

    I've said it before, I'll say it again: Littrell was RV's idea. Littrell was on RV's short list ever since he was an OC at Arizona. He was RVs hire. I'm not a fan of how Smatresk painted that picture in that article (or, at least how Engel took his words to print). What the heck would an Academic President know about Football X/Os to trump an Athletics guy for a hire of a football coach? I have no doubt he advocated for Littrell. He's made that known. But the idea of a power struggle between two people with their heels dug in between Meacham/Littrell just did not happen. There were many other players in the saga, and many of them were ones that needed a little extra "convincing". And he absolutely deserves credit for Jalie's hire too, no matter how easy it may have seemed to be... just like he deserves to be bagged-on for Dodge, Stephens, Benford, et al. Make no mistake though... it always seems like when I bring this up, people think I'm adovcating for RV to still be here, when I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT. He made some catastrophic mistakes while here & it was past time to move on.
  10. MeanGreenTexan

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    If he played basketball at Nimitz, as a Senior he likely played against Grant McCasland.
  11. MeanGreenTexan

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    Interesting move by Grinch, and one I wouldn't think Riley would be on-board with... but hey, their loss would be our gain, even if for 1 year. Man, I would feel A LOT better about our young/inexperienced CBs next year if Cooks were our CBs coach & Co-coordinator with Reff.
  12. MeanGreenTexan

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    Huh? Isn't he the CB's coach at OU? He just signed an extension for next year a few weeks ago... was he let go between then & now? Maybe he doesn't see eye-to-eye with new DC Alex Grinch there? He was Asst-DC at OU last year, and Co-DC at Notre Dame prior to that. This would be a coup if he comes here just to coach DBs.
  13. I think Cudjoe Young and/or Quinten Jackson were behind him, but both have also graduated.
  14. MeanGreenTexan

    Women Dominate UTEP

    Proud of Jalie for making lemonade out of injured lemons for the past couple of seasons. She's getting to reap rewards now. It's so much better for us as alumni too because she's one of us & not a hired gun. Looking forward to 50 more, and 50 more, and 50 more....
  15. I don't know if anyone is "hating", rather, disgusted with your tearing down an alumnus. Will you be wrong if he's on an NFL roster next season? As for your claim, I suppose the proof will be in the pudding. Let's see if White/Ogunmakin/Shorter/<whoever wins his vacated Z spot> can eclipse 54 catches for 800+yds & 6 TDs. The bar is clearly set.
  16. Oh dang! I thought you were joking above (I gave you the 'haha'). Do you know him personally? If no, how can you say anything about his attitude or work ethic? This opinion reeks of sour grapes.
  17. MeanGreenTexan

    DCTF Post Season All Texas DEFENSIVE Team

    EJ goes without saying. Nate deserves that award. Incredible bounce-back year for him. Would be awesome to see him get a camp invite somewhere.
  18. MeanGreenTexan

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    Guys need to circle November 9th. That game will be for the West Division crown. Glad to have a Brent Stockstill-less MT come back to Apogee. Last time they were here:
  19. Also seems to assume a combine invite. If he gets a combine invite, he'll be drafted.
  20. Best of luck to JG!! Have a great pro-day, and he could sneak into the draft. Otherwise, he'll definitely get a shot in someone's camp as a UDFA. How awesome would it be to have 2 dudes drafted after all these years? (assuming Ejiya is going to get picked) Time for one of White/Ogunmakin/Shorter to step up & seize their opportunity.
  21. MeanGreenTexan

    Week 10 Polls

    UT was able to purchase Smart. To be expected. Hard to pass up NCAA royalty. That’s the kind of jump successful A-10 coaches make though. Davidson’s run was incredible because it was Davidson, and not Dayton/VCU/StBonneventure/SLU/StJoes/etc... other normal front runner schools that are ranked &/or consistently getting into the Tournament. Unlike the SBC or CUSA, where McCasland was/is. Just saying... maybe you could have chosen a different example school.
  22. MeanGreenTexan

    Week 10 Polls

    UMASS is an A-10 school. That's basically a "Power" conference in basketball. If they offered McCasland, he might go NOW, and he probably would have left ARSt.
  23. MeanGreenTexan

    Conference Basketball Arenas

    Norfolk to Lexington is a long way to travel for a home game!
  24. Took a gander at this Football Scoop link to read more and found this little gem: Akron: Tom Arth has announced the hirings of Matt Feeney (defensive coordinator), Scott Aligo (player personnel), Brian Cochran (defensive line), Chris Cook (tight ends/offensive tackles), Shelton Felton (inside linebackers), Chris Hurd (special teams coordinator), Oscar Rodriguez, Jr. (secondary), Davern Williams (outside linebackers/defensive ends), and Tommy Zagorski (offensive line). DFO Ben Murphy has also been retained. in Mean Green great Chris Hurd. He was formerly at FAU, prior to Kiffin.