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  1. He's playing on a different team, but for the same purpose: https://thetournament.com/teams/team-emmett
  2. For me, this is a two-horse race. It was a tough one for me to choose, because Darden is very very good. He's absolutely electric when the ball is in his hands. But I had to go with Dion Novil. He's playing a position that is not glamorous at all, and countable stats (T, TFL, Sacks, Hurries) are hard for him to come by, especially when he's getting double-teamed often in a 3-man front. That said, by him commanding those double-teams, it makes him critical in controlling the LOS, and eating blockers so Davis&Davis can fly around and make plays. He's a huge man. We still haven't heard what Coach Bowen's base D will be. Hopefully it's a 4-3, and Novil has a little more wiggle-room to rack up those stats.
  3. He's probably one of those you always hear about, but have never met, that didn't have a trust fund while at SMU.
  4. Hmm. 10 commits so far, mostly from East Texas... momentarily forgot about the Traylor effect. Let me re-phrase then: This decision is going to kill them in recruiting outside of East Texas.
  5. I know Ernie & Bruzzy are oil-monied, but most of our other major donors aren't. Thankfully, we're not in Texas Tech's position.
  6. I don't know who Gene is, but being a UTSA fan (therefore an infant in terms of D1 fandom) it makes perfect sense that he(she?) can't think strategically past 5ft in front of him(her?).
  7. Oh man, This decision is going to kill them in recruiting. Every recruit they're targeting that also has other offers will be asking them about this because those other coaches will be sure to let the recruits know.
  8. The idiocy of dichotomy-only options (from both sides) is very very frustrating. There are so many more options than: fully-open everything exposing everyone without any preventive measures, or everyone remain quarantined and continue to watch people lose their jobs & the economy suffering. Why would any grandparent (or anyone else) have to choose between those two options? The polarization of our society, and the idea of "if you're not with me, you're against me" that goes along with it, is maddening.
  9. Seems like a person in power being an advocate to me. I don't think anyone is going to say specific words "Let's kill old people to open the economy back up.", so if that's what you're looking for, then you got me.
  10. This dummy: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/03/24/covid-19-texas-official-suggests-elderly-willing-die-economy/2905990001/
  11. I would expect we'll see quite a few "wrongs" from several people along the way. Will they be big enough to admit them? Some will. Many wont. I just read this article: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/cdc-coronavirus-mainly-spreads-through-persontoperson-contact-and-does-not-spread-easily-on-contaminated-surfaces-153317029.html I recall back in March when we were still learning quite a bit about this Coronavirus strain that it would potentially remain alive/virile on surfaces for days, and was a serious way to be spread. The above article would seem to disprove that, or should at least temper fears of spreading in that way. In my opinion, it helps make the case we can start re-opening places and whatnot, allowing people to get out more. However, the article also clearly re-enforces the necessity to be wearing masks & keeping a decent distance for the time being to protect yourself and others from cough/sneeze/other droplets that are the actual mode of spread.
  12. Those considerations shouldn't be primary in decision making. First and foremost: What would put North Texas Athletics in the best position to succeed, both immediately, and long term? Do we have the funds to expand travel expenses? If yes, and it puts us in a better position, we would have to jump at the opportunity! If we don't, then we're pretenders anyway, and a "more regional" conference will just have to suffice. But in watching how the AD has changed over the past few years (especially after President Smatresk took over, and GBR's appointment to the BOR), I think NT has put itself in a position financially to take that hit temporarily in order to advance. This is very true. That's why NT has to continue to excel in C-USA to make ourselves more appealing. A 4-win football season is not going to help that appearance, and needs to be rectified immediately. MBB is doing just fine. Olympic sports are more than doing their part.
  13. Resurrecting this old thread to post this: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/how-could-california-state-university-systems-decision-to-go-online-only-in-fall-affect-college-football-032940912.html If those 3 California State schools cannot field a football team, and the MWC should decide they still want to play... What if they looked to Texas to fill those 3 spots? Would y'all be on board with NT, UTEP, and UTSA or Rice heading West together? Then, whenever those schools decided to rejoin, they could, and then bring in the UTSA/Rice leftover to make a balanced 16-team conference?
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betting_in_poker#Call He's saying no one will take your bet because it's a given. When NT & WKU play basketball, it's in Bowling Green. It's just how it is.
  15. Todd Dodge’s 2008 (his 2nd) class was one of our better classes since returning to D1, and not just because of Riley. We had already turned in a 1-win 2007 season under him, yet he pulled that class in because he was so well-respected by the TX HS coaches. Again, I’m not talking about players that played FOR Traylor. He’s been out of the HS ranks long enough that none of these guys played for him. I’m talking about the influence he has within the HS coaching community in East TX. Just like Dodge was found out soon enough, Traylor will produce losing teams @ UTSA & the shine will wear off.
  16. You're not understanding Traylor's reputation with other high school coaches in East TX. He earned that (however he did) over years of dominance at Gilmer. He's a 4X THSCA Coach of the Year. Dude is a demigod out there. Just watch. I bet at least 1/2 of his recruits this year will be from East TX. And most players LOVE their coaches... especially players who have coaches that put them in positions to be recruited by FBS programs.
  17. Great hire! Really hoping Jalie will finally get a healthy season out of her ladies this year & looking forward to getting Lampkin on the floor!
  18. He ain’t choosing Tarelton (he spelled it wrong in his own announcement 😂) over a valid NT offer. No way.
  19. It would take less time to drive from Duke to NC State to UNC than it would to drive from NT to SMU. The proximity can work. The only problem is, if in the event Tulsa had to go, would the AAC want North Texas over a program with more sustained success over a longer period of time like LATech? Or a team that recently made noise in the NCAA Tournament in WKU/MTSU? We're our own worst enemy when it comes to desirability from these other conferences, and this past football season's 4-8 record looks very bad (thankfully MBB took up the slack). We need that 4-8 season to immediately turn around to at least an 8-4 season (preferably with a bowl WIN) to show we're still sustaining our recent success and that last year was simply an anomaly.
  20. And the oil industry reeling right now is certainly not helping them.
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