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  1. I don’t know why Wood was starting over Nixon. He’s a baller!
  2. Poor Torrey. The OL regression from last year is astonishing.
  3. Poor Torrey out there doing his best…. There’s just too much suck all around.
  4. With what we’re paying Littrell, we’re a top job in G5! This Saban guy could be a top-paid G5 coach with access to the best recruiting grounds in America if he came to Denton. I bet he’d jump at the opportunity. He’s won almost everywhere he’s been. I’m a little concerned about that Miami stop though.
  5. Right, I think that was part of Wren's restructuring deal with him.
  6. Not a good look for him early on as that dollar amount gets published at most places. Then, after NT is done paying, the new school will try and keep that # down. Plus, Littrell’s agent is Jimmy Sexton. He wants to get Seth top top dollar, always.
  7. I think you know you're downplaying LALa's ranking there. They did all of that after coming off a 4-win season. I look forward to doing that next year with OUR new coach. And heaven forbid that 7-5 season is the beginning of UTSA's run to an undefeated season and Peach Bowl win over some SEC powerhouse in 2024. They've already beat Illinois on the road this year. If they happen to win this weekend VS Memphis, I dont see another loss on their schedule (maybe UAB). At least today, while all of this restructure posturing is happening they can argue they're on their way.
  8. I hated Littrell's answer to Vito's question about this play during his presser. "I wish he would've strapped it a little tighter." No S*** man. He gave virtually no props to how much fight Simpson was trying to show at a crux time of the game, or how it energized his team (which he certainly could've been a part of, but refused). The play got everyone up out of their seats and cheering. Capitalize on it and let the crowd feed your players! Heck THAT's the time we should be doing the "NORTH"/"TEXAS" chant.
  9. Right, but don't you remember UCF's permanent position in ESPN's Bottom 10 for what seemed like forever? You gotta start somewhere in order to show potential. Thing is, in order to start, you gotta be able to beat UAB, not lose to them 40-6.
  10. Our problem is that we've had 100 years of football and have never had the scenario you played out above happen to us. Whereas schools like USF and UCF have 20-30 years of playing football & have already seen this kind of scenario, and UCF has parlayed it into a P5 invite (for however much longer the Big12 retains that label). UTSA could most-certainly see the same kind of results if they play their cards right, and it might have started in 2020! Meanwhile, we're nowhere near that kind of scenario.
  11. Gotcha. That part is certainly comparable to us delivering the DFW market. It really doesn't matter where you are in the state of Texas (with the exception of the panhandle which has about as many people as Sanger), UT & A&M are going to deliver all markets (OU will help deliver the DFW market). So both UTSA & UNT are stuck with pipe dreams of delivering their market, that neither can do, but one team is winning in football right now, and the other one is getting trashed by UAB. I know that's a significant reduction, and NT has a TON MORE going for us than UTSA does as far as infrastructure, recent b-ball success, and most-importantly academics, but man this is really bad timing for this movement to be happening.
  12. Get ready to win your office's White Elephant exchange after re-gifting these bad boys!!
  13. Also, glass houses when comparing attendance!
  14. Bless you Withers. Your optimism, however morbid, is admirable.
  15. I think Tech scores a little bit more, but NT only gets 17. Give me: Tech - 38 NT - 17
  16. Vito's predictions used to be the kiss of death, or the good luck charm... Now, it's just facts.
  17. You're forgetting the old adage: What have you done for me lately? UTSA went from 4 wins in 2019, to 7 wins and a competitive bowl loss against #19-ranked Louisiana last year. They were the preseason pick by many to win C-USA this year, and they've started this season now 3-0 including a road win VS a B1G team. They've put themselves in a good position right now.
  18. Keys are what defensive players are looking at prior to the play according to their assignment/playcall. So, LBs have a bunch of keys to read based on offensive alignment VS what they're supposed to do according to the play that was called for them. So, say you're a MLB. It's 1st & 10. You have a run defense play called. Your keys would be to look at RB & OL/TE alignment (and be aware of any slot receivers that might be able to assist in run blocking). Pre-snap, you see the RB is lined up to the left of the QB. You see the TE motion over to the left & line up tight against the LT. As a MLB, a good/clean pre-snap key would be for you to anticipate moving to the left, and filling a gap for this upcoming run play to that side. Post-snap, you start moving to the left & up to the LOS. You're aware of how the OL & that TE are blocking early on as the play is being run so you know which hole to plug, or keep going if the play is to run outside. Either way, you're focused on the RB the whole time, and you've put yourself in a position to stop him. A bad key would be watching that same pre-snap alignment & movement, only for the QB to play action off of that, bringing you (the MLB) up & over to the left looking to stop the run, but pass to that TE on a release/cross in the empty space you just left. You were deceived, making the keys you read wrong, or "bad". UNT86 is essentially saying our offensive playcalling was vanilla, with little-to-no deception. All of the defensive keys were "clean", meaning, the defense can understand what we're doing & what they're going to do to stop it prior to the play even being run. He goes on saying maybe this is due to our starting QB only showing up over the summer & isn't good enough to be able to execute wrinkles in the offense. Sorry folks, but this kind of issue is not something that is remediated in 1 week's worth of preparations, especially with our lackluster QB play. We're putting all of this on tape for Skip & Co to watch. It's gonna be ugly. We were spoiled with Mason Fine. Now our offensive genius head coach can't trust his QBs to do anything more than run a vanilla playbook that every DC has prepped for over the past few years. This likely has a lot to do with not having any sort of QB coaching last season (at least for Aune's development), and I'm not sure Coach Joseph is getting his job done either.
  19. I guarantee if NT was doing better in football, none of y'all would even remotely entertain the idea of remaining in C-USA while all of this other shifting is occurring. But since we're losing, you're resigning yourself to remaining where we are. Wren, If you're reading this... this is where your fanbase is right now. Do something!
  20. This CANNOT happen. Ideally, the 30+pt loss part. But if we lose by that much... It's the bye week. Plenty of time for Mainord or someone to rally the troops & get his gameplan in place for Mizzou.
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