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  1. What a week! NT just pounded the will right out of Arkansas early on, and cruised the rest of the way... Liberty coach Turner Gill gets a shot at the school who gave him his coaching start, and his academic Alma Mater, even though he played his ball at Nebraska, at home. The Flames drubbed Old Dominion for their program's first ever game as a Division 1-A program. They promptly lost the next week to Army. They've had plenty of time to prepare for NT, and I bet they believe they're ready. It will be up to the Mean Green to come out again, impose their will, and show Liberty they're outmatched. And it shall be so. NT: 49 Liberty: 14 EDIT: Thanks @DeepGreen for keeping me honest! Thanks @UNTLifer for keeping me honest as well!
  2. MeanGreenTexan

    Iconic Mean Green Football Moments

    Great list. I was at all but the Arkansas game, NO Bowl (I know) & was not even aware of UNT in 1990. I left the FIU game early. I did NOT leave the Drive early. I'll add the game that turned me into a true Mean Green fan: 2002 UT in Austin. I'd grown up a SUPER Longhorn fan. My uncle went there. I was standing in the student section with some high school friends who went to UT, dressed in burnt orange, rooting against my school like a super-douche. Prior to that, I'd been to a couple of games at Fouts, but never was invested. Watching the game unfold, specifically that defense just frustrate the heck out of them, my allegiance slowly turned. And by the 4th quarter, I was openly cheering each Booger/Awasom/Kassell sack (including the ones on whoever backup dude was in garbage time after Simms left after being annihilated all day) and ribbing my friends. They all were looking at me like, "What the heck happened to you??" That wasn't the last day I rooted for the Longhorns (VY had me jumping around in my living room in the Rose Bowl), heck I still kinda do, but my NT fandom was cemented that day & nothing else could usurp it.
  3. MeanGreenTexan

    One and done

    As is the Athletic Dept., so Peter Pan it is.
  4. Needs to be replaced by throwing up a big bang.
  5. What, um... that wasn't the question. d-d-do you like your job?
  6. I thought the original number thrown out for the IPF late last year when we were getting close was $12million. Then, I saw $14million. Now, it's up to $18-20million?? No wonder they couldn't start it even though they said they already had $11million banked. Once again, many thanks to the Lovelace family for their extremely generous donation to get this thing over the top & get dirt moving!
  7. MeanGreenTexan

    FB: Get to Know Dion Novil

    Novil is the real deal. He's already contributing, and I think he'll be able to step in for Rod Young when he graduates without much of a dropoff in productivity. Poor Rod is only finally getting to shine where he's supposed to be, wasting 1 year under McCarney/Chico, then having to play NT for 2 seasons due to lack of depth & his ability.
  8. MeanGreenTexan

    #hit6, #hit9, #hit12?

    haha. no, no... the FIRST 1-11, not the SECOND one.
  9. MeanGreenTexan

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about Liberty

    ODU went out after the Liberty loss, and crapped the bed against the consensus (prior to their game) worst team in C-USA, Charlotte. ODU is very bad.
  10. MeanGreenTexan

    Liberty Coach Gill Press Conference: North Texas

    "...There's gonna be some 50/50 balls..." Maybe for your team, coach. But no 50/50 balls from Mason Fine. Only sharpshooting.
  11. Then, despite whatever Fine would do to actually merit the award, if you bought into the banner, you can take all the credit for his big win!!
  12. I see what you're saying, and I agree it would do much more. But, you can take out bonds for infrastructure projects to finance the expansion. You can't do that with coaches' salaries. That has to be actual Athletic Department income.
  13. Yes. The internal changes have helped as well. An AD who's been on staff at P5 programs, and knows how the game works, getting the coverage he wants is, indeed, highly enjoyable.
  14. I suppose looking forward in any aspect is a "potential" article, including a "waking", not "awoken", "Sleeping Giant". The back-to-back national rushing titles were accomplishments worth covering. I remember Pat & Jamario standing back-to-back on the cover of USAToday (back when it was much more relevant... media has changed quite a bit over the past 2 decades).
  15. I fully expect to see a handful of Frenchys trucks driving around Denton with #Fine4Heisman messages for the remainder of the season.
  16. MeanGreenTexan

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about Liberty

    We as fans can look all the way out to tailgating menus for the CCG & how many fans we think we'll bring to our NY6Bowl game at the Cotton Bowl. The Mean Green Football Team can't. And I don't think they will. Their coaches & player-leadership won't let them. I believe they're focused on this week's game.
  17. That is a HUGE IF. It would be much more shocking than what we did to Arkansas, and would officially worry me about our game with them. It's just not going to happen. This is the same LATech that struggled with putting South in their mouth.
  18. I seem to remember getting more attention than this when we had 2 National Rushing Champions returning on the same team. But yeah, this is great.
  19. During the Arkansas game, someone (one of you, here?) had a sign saying "Mason for Heisman". Go undefeated and throw for over 5K and it could happen.
  20. MeanGreenTexan

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    Gets it.
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    I'm pretty sure their IPF was one of a handful Wren & Smatresk visited when investigating how we wanted ours to be built.
  22. Still going to be an uphill climb before "losing to North Texas" is no longer shocking/embarrassing. There are many more wins that need to pile up before it's no-longer seen this way.
  23. MeanGreenTexan

    Seth Littrell Wk. 4 Press Conference

    I agree with all of you mentioning coach-speak. That's why, I would think when Brett asks a question about some of your players' personalities, he'd be more excited to answer that question. It's not the same-old, same-old question.
  24. Almost 3 years later?!?! Doubtful, but sure. You win. Case closed. Moving on.