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  1. I'm fairly certain the University Presidents are the ones who wield the power when it comes to conference leadership... not the ADs. I'm sure however Baker feels about her, Smatresk is well aware. I'm not sure if deposing her would require 100% backing, or just a majority. I can't fathom many of the Presidents, knowing the direction the conference has been heading for the past few years, along with her extremely passive leadership, would give her a vote of confidence.
  2. I believe you’re looking for the kick-ass team over at Lovelace Stadium!
  3. There are a lot of facts being presented in this thread. None are truer than this one. Thank you for your courage.
  4. "Despite being called football, there were only a handful of players at this practice actually kicking the oblong ball. Stay tuned for more updates"
  5. Didn’t Tyreke play the Nickle spot? Not a full-fledged Free/Strong Safety. We have some awesome DB guys coming in & coming off redshirts. So it shouldn’t be too hard to find a replacement for him at Nickle. But those two LB spots (not Jack) need a lot of help/depth.
  6. Hmm. AAC leadership apparently has friends in high places, but I'm legitimately wondering if that conference has figured it out.... to the point that even after Texas/OU/OSU/Kansas leave the Big12, schools like Houston & SMU won't want to join up with the Big 12 leftovers, rather staying with the AAC. If NT can keep up momentum better than we have (football & basketball), we can position ourselves nicely to fit with the Big12 leftovers if SMU decides to stick with the AAC. Also, pretty please can we get rid of McCleod & bring in someone who can run a conference? C-USA has done nothing but backslide under her leadership.
  7. The MGSF is now directly tied to seats. So your MGSF donation depends on where you're sitting, and how many seats you get... unless you're donating above/beyond.
  8. Oh great. Another retread, has-been with no balls. I’m not renewing my season tickets!
  9. Not too excited Langston remains. Out of the new hires, I’m supremely confident in the upgrade at CBs. I feel good about OC, and I’m up-in-the-air about the rest. Hard to assess the moving pieces around WRs/TEs/QCs since their roles all morphed & we don’t really know what those changes will bring. And I’m not sure about Choice/Cobbs (just because of how great Choice was), or Koonz/Scott (just because of how good Koonz was/will be).
  10. Looking forward to more info, but I hope to be able to play in this.
  11. Need to build a "steppingstone" reputation up from our previous reputation of "career killer" before we can build a "contender" reputation.
  12. He must be joining the staff in a different capacity than Linebackers coach, because they hired Tyrone Nix from VATech a couple of weeks ago: https://olemisssports.com/news/2019/2/20/football-adds-tyrone-nix-as-linebackers-coach.aspx
  13. I was already VERY nervous about our LB play next year with Ejiya's & Garner's departures...
  14. I love Mason, and I love Mean Joe, but we have a long way to go when an article like this is written with a shoutout to Jamize Olawale, but no mention of Abner Haynes. Not this writer’s fault he doesn’t know the history, of Haynes’ on-field accomplishments here, the AFL, & more importantly, the trail he blazed for minorities across the state of Texas. We got a statue of Mean Joe at Apogee. I only hope Abner can see his before it’s too late.
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