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  1. I think Harry purposefully left Novil & Hambone off. They’ve already ‘broken out’ per se. I like Sa’afi. He has all the measurable to wreak havoc. Just needed some coaching & experience in this system.
  2. Whoa. That name is a blast from Mean Green past. Just a few years over eligible though, so I don't think it's him. 😂 Do you know him? What's he up to these days?
  3. That would invalidate the naming rights they just honored the Lovelace/McNatt families with. Would be an awful look for Baker & we'd likely kiss any future donations from these folks goodbye.
  4. Dipping back into Louisiana, huh... who's territory is this? We've historically not done well there.
  5. And the fact that we've been giving Littrell yearly raises shows that we're not "reaching" or "maxing out" to pay said new coach.
  6. Gonna have to get by KD, Tyreke & my guy Nixon! Not to mention LeMasters & Linehan. Uphill battle for sure, but if they put in the work, it’s not impossible.
  7. It's hard for the slot guys to outshine the guys on the outside who are catching the bombs. Even when Lawrence had his big year in 2017, Guyton & Bussey were getting more press/recognition for the most part.
  8. No doubt Novil should be ahead of most of those guys. His position is not glamorous, but extremely critical, and his play has been stellar so far (as a true Sophomore last year).
  9. Props to MacLeod on this one. Now it’s up to NT to win a bunch so we get on there for away games.
  10. High School & develop. Take JUCO & transfers only at spots of immediate need (like Plantin), or if they’re off-the-charts good & we can get them here (like Guyton).
  11. I’d say they have pulled pork with vinegary sauce. It’s good, just very different & nowhere near as tasty as TX bbq.
  12. He graduated and wants to play at a higher level. Sucks for us, but no fault on him. He earned his degree, he gets to do what he wants after that.
  13. Good! That would be “pressure” for them, while we can roll in & play with nothing to lose.
  14. I like that list Brett, but I’ll make some substitutions on mine: #3. Ogunmakin. #5. Nixon III.
  15. Actually, I think we had just as good a shot at Chase Griffin last year, & he went to UCLA.
  16. It's the offseason, and that means useless filler banter for the next few months, so... RANK THE 10 BEST MEAN GREEN PLAYERS YOU HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO WITNESS PLAY FOR THE MEAN GREEN It would help us all gauge the guys you've seen by including how long you've been following the Mean Green closely (I would say, give your Freshman year, but I know some folks have been fans for even longer than their enrollment). And yes, I want to hear from you McCarney-and-Littrell-era-only young alumni/students! I'll kick-off. I must preface, I'm basing my list on players' CAREERS. So "Freshman" Jamario (although if he would kept that pace up, he'd most-definitely be on here), and 2008 Casey Fitzgerald's All-American season won't make the cut here. You may choose a different set of criteria for your list... it's up to you! Since 2000 (my Freshman year): 10. Brelan Chancellor - pure electricity whenever the ball was in his hands. 9. Johnny Quinn - seemed like just about every time the play-action pass went up, it was a huge, much-needed, JQ play. 8. Patrick Cobbs - We had some amazing runners during Coach Dickey's years, Pat was the best of them all. He just shouldered the entire offense like Atlas. 7. Andy Brewster - an absolute mauler, and if those Dickey-draw plays worked, it was because Andy had already planted his DT & was upfield looking for a LB/Safety to devour. 6. Trevor Moore - Automatic. His are the only 4 years I wasn't on the edge of my seat when a critical 30-40 yarder was about to be kicked, because I already knew it was going in. 5. Craig Robertson - So speedy & his nose for the ball was better than any LB I've seen wear the Green/White. 4. Lance Dunbar - His vision was incredible. He just knew where would-be tacklers were going to be before they got there... & watch that cutback! 3. Zach Orr - His motor was unstoppable. The ENTIRE team fed off his work ethic & leadership, and if he got his hands/arms on you, you're going down. 2. Mason Fine - What can you say about this guy? He's already obliterated just about every passing record in our books, & he still has another year to go! 1. Brandon Kennedy - Bar none, best player I've ever seen play. We don't win 26-straight conference games or SBC championships 4 years in a row (if any at all) without this guy. He almost single-handedly made me a Mean Green fan for life. I thought about adding an "Honorable Mention", but it would get too long! Maybe the dudes I had there will show up in some of y'all's lists. EDIT: Yep, just in the first few posts afterward my honorable mention guys (sans 1) have been mentioned.
  17. OK. We've re-scoped the discussion a little, but that's OK. I know you don't believe this, but Andrew Smith led us to one of those bowl game wins, ergo: Andrew Smith is a better QB than Fine. HOWEVER, Derek Thompson etched his name all over the record books here and does have a bowl championship. Is bowl game glory the defining factor in determining how great a QB is? Are you saying Derek Thompson is a better QB than Mason Fine? Some of my most vivid memories of DT are 10-20yd overthrows (as in, happening multiple times) that hit the wall to the stands when he had WRs streaking free in the end zone. I've never seen those kinds of awful misses come off of Mason's arm, unless the ball was tipped at the line or something. And I suppose I expect that kind of talk from the UT/A&M t-shirt fans as you pointed out in your last paragraph, but not from someone who has witnessed Fine on multiple occasions himself!
  18. I'm really confused as to why you would want to go out of your way to poo-poo on Mason Fine. Very weird.
  19. Gotcha. Another great throw by Shanbour there. A 19yd throw. Still very very different than a 55yd throw.
  20. You're maybe thinking of another game or something. There's no mention of any long throw for Shanbour in that game here.
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