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  1. You sure he would have started here over Fine?
  2. But Starkel wasn’t committed to us for several months before backing out. He was never committed at all. No need to bash that guy.
  3. However much our very generous big-$ donors want to chip in!
  4. I don't think he'll get another P5 job though, so the million-dollar salary may have to wait. Meanwhile, I don't know what he made while at Houston just over a year ago, but I bet it was around $500k, and I think NT could make that happen.
  5. I'd be willing to bet NT can offer significantly more money than FAU for OC salary. Plus, he' be back in Texas.
  6. Strictly professional & youth/Interscholastic. They don't play it at the collegiate level.
  7. Looks like he's trying to recruit Mike Gundy's son, Gunnar, to join us. I don't think he has an offer from us though. https://247sports.com/Player/Gunnar-Gundy-46057185/
  8. Once Darden gets the ball in space, I move to the edge of my seat. He's so skillful in finding angles to beat guys, and slippery when eluding tackles. So glad he's in Green!
  9. Harrell was hired at USC on 1/28/19, a couple of weeks after Kingsbury took the Cardinals job, and we filled his spot with Reeder on 2/11/19. So last year was probably an aberration of timeline due to that circumstance. Kingsbury was hired as USC's OC on 12/4/18. So I would hope we will know something VERY soon.
  10. Psh. Never heard of them. And $40,000,000? I mean, when's too much, too much? If he's lucky, he'll get the opportunity to coach in a combined C-USA East + SBC East dream league. ...mea culpa
  11. Taggart's tale is one that Littrell could learn from. He should have never left WKU (his Alma Mater). Instead, he chased the bigger job, and failed... each time. Now, he's stuck at FAU. A worse job than WKU.
  12. I'm betting Norvell gives Kade the silent treatment moving forward, so we'll see what other offers move in for Kade. The other school he's currently "warm" on is UCF, and that was likely due to coach Lebby, so we'll see if he gets the Ole Miss offer. If no, he may just wind up back here... with Briles.
  13. A true 3-4 would be fine as well. Most of those guys are sideline-to-sideline guys, and Tyreke already has quite a bit of experience in coverage playing the Nickle in 2018. Having all of these athletic LB's flying around in coverage underneath the secondary and blitzing from who-knows-where would be nice.
  14. Immediately in the 2-deep at DT if the new DC runs a 4-man front.
  15. This thread to a hard left turn to #olddenton.
  16. I guess you could say a DL commit could make "coverage" better, but I'm doubting that's what coach Jennings would be referencing.
  17. Welcome aboard Davontae! Looking forward to seeing you terrorizing C-USA QBs for the next few years!
  18. Doesn’t he still have a visit scheduled here?
  19. Wonder if he said the same kind of thing to his guys' faces at FAU when he left?
  20. His loss will likely cement C-USA as a 1-bid conference. They maybe could have run through the league and finish as runner-up, getting them an at-large bid because of their record and Bassey's presence, and have the conference champs get the auto-bid. But that probably won't be enough now, even though they dealt Arkansas their first loss this weekend & made it a clean sweep in football & basketball!
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