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  1. Nope: https://www.google.com/maps/@33.2039923,-97.150391,3a,75y,23.5h,86.47t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suIq6_MfZhcfoLIEW3CcN9A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  2. I kinda wish they would have waited a little longer! It's a nice distraction.
  3. He qualified it with the "last two seasons", after DT graduated.
  4. Damarcus Smith could definitely PLAY... but his work ethic was probably lower than any player I'd ever seen before. He worked harder at planning parties than football.
  5. Uh, OK, I guess. But which MEAN GREEN player will you be following/updating us on during the year?
  6. Sometimes custody battles can get real messy. I’m glad you guys were able to settle this out of court in a gentlemanly fashion.
  7. Plenty of kids available for adoption that would love to call you "Dad".
  8. Yep! Unless you drop them off at the fire station in order to pick someone else, or don't show up prior to the season starts to reclaim.
  9. I think he's commenting on how society outcasts people who are busted with recordings of them using racist language (see the likes of Paula Deen & Papa John).
  10. A husband & 3 kids just lost their rock. It's going to be very tough for Coach Anderson to adjust to coach life with 3 kids on his own. I would not be surprised to see him step down after this season. We all know coaching requires a ton of hours each week. He's not going to be able to keep that up and raise those boys flying solo at the same time. The Anderson family will be in my prayers for sure.
  11. Looks like @southsideguy had him last year, so if he abandons him, you can have him!
  12. The offensive line will be BETTER than last year. The entire interior of last year's line returns, including 3 different all-conference caliber guys. DeAndre Plantin will be an upgrade over Murray, and Brammer will be able to replace Mayfield on the right side. Don't worry about the line. As for "we don’t have anyone that can consistently put real pressure on the QB without blitzing"... that's the scheme of the defense. We have 3 down linemen, of course we're going to be blitzing for pressure. The beauty of coach Reffett's scheme is that the offense never knows where that pressure is coming from though. Don't worry about DL creating pressure. However, I would add "CB" to your question marks as well.
  13. Nevermind that other coaches are paying attention as well, and can see that NT is paying their coaches well & extending them constantly. So in the event we do lose one or both of them, there will be plenty of quality coaches knocking on the door for an interview because they know NT will pay them!
  14. I’m glad he’s healthy. I hated he missed last week’s game VS the Cowboys! There’s not a guy at RB for the 9ers he can’t beat for a job. Just gotta keep the fumbles in check.
  15. For a split second, before reading the link, I thought you were linking to an online dictionary entry for “punt”. 😂 He played well last year & I expect him to do even better with Biagi coaching him.
  16. Gotta throw a track or two into the pregame warmups right?
  17. I'll stick with my guy for year 3 and go with Rico Bussey Jr. Last year, my prediction for his stats came in way under. I think Rico is going to be around the same #s this year as last year, but with the faster pace Reeder brings, he'll have more opportunities. Give me: 74 Catches 1150 Yards 15 TDs All Conference WR. Belitnikoff SEMIFinalist. NFL Combine invite. Drafted to the NFL. EDIT:
  18. 12-2 ACU - W: Should be put away by halftime. @SMU - W: Should be a much better game than last year's slaughter, but NT is still too much. @Cal - L: I think the travel and whatnot combined with their defense (impressively shut down the Pirate last year) will do us in. UTSA - W: They're not very good. Houston - W: Apogee advantage helps the team pull off a close one. NT & Mason start getting more national attention & the 'Littrell is leaving' fire starts up again. @SoMiss - W: It's going to be close because the team will still be on a high from the Houston win & all of the chatter. But I think they learned their lessons from last year & will remained focused enough to get this win. MT - W: They're going to have a tough year without Stockstill, and this game will bury them. @Charlotte - W: This is a game similar to last year's ODU game. The team will remain awake for all 60 minutes this time & win going away. UTEP - W: This is a bad team. We cannot lose, and it's not going to be as close as last year's weird close one. @LATech - W: Both teams come into this game looking to take the reigns on the West division. LATech will have 1 conference loss already (either FIU or USM) & play with too much urgency. Close, hard fought win. @Rice - W: Still rebuilding under Bloomgren. UAB - W: Coach Clark, although an awesome coach, will see his team crash back down to Earth this year. It will still be competitive, but NT Wins. Conference USA Championship Game @ Apogee Stadium - W: A sold out Apogee advantage helps NT beat FIU in a great game. Bowl Game - Not sure where it's gonna be, but with NT being 12-1, C-USA champs, and getting votes (probably ranked), I don't think we get the NY6 spot, but ESPN is going to shuffle some bowl games around like they always do, & grab NT to put them against a solid P5 squad in a bigger bowl game. Probably taking one of the many SEC spots that someone is not going to make... Something like the Texas Bowl VS Oklahoma St. or Iowa St. The stage will be too big, and the guys won't be able to handle the national love, in which many will pick them as a "sleeper" I'm afraid we lose this one in a squeaker. **Silver lining in losing the Bowl game: Littrell returns! If we win, he's gone.**
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