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  1. There is a good interview embedded with the article that I hadn’t heard before. https://sportsmockery.com/2020/08/chicago-bears-are-flying-in-a-new-qb-and-hes-got-game/
  2. We all know what they say about these types....they know more and more about less and less until they know absolutely everything about nothing.
  3. If, and it's a big IF at this point, the SEC, ACC, Big 12, CUSA, AAC and SunBelt (or some subset) actually play and make it through the season safely (no major issues, outbreaks, etc.), how pissed will the student-athletes at the schools that didn't play be? Also, if they are not playing, does that mean no practicing, scrimmages, work-outs, weight-room stuff too?
  4. Are there similar liability issues if there is an outbreak in a dorm or in the student population in general at a university? How is that being handled?
  5. It sounds like they haven't canceled yet. They are proceeding cautiously, day-by-day, and will stay in helmet-only conditioning mode until further notice or until they either cancel or feel they can move to the next step in their process.
  6. Not sure this story passes the sniff test. Does this *really* sound like something a coach would say? Sources that don't want to come forward because they are afraid of retribution? What, like lack of playing time? It sounds like the sources don't think the season should happen anyway so that doesn't make sense. Come on...if this is really going on, go on the record and the coach (or coaches or staff) will be gone in an hour if this is true. There would be no chance for retaliation.
  7. "However, the university’s attempt to seem like it supports local stores is an insult to the Denton businesses that it has deliberately targeted and/or shut down out of corporate greed." At least the writer is off to a good start as a modern-day "journalist" parroting the handy tropes undoubtedly learned in class through endless repetition. As a state-supported University, it is your Texas state government doing this not an evil corporation. Only governments can exert eminent domain. WTH are kids being taught these days? SMH.
  8. One thing the left/Democrats/MSM is good at is making up a lie and then building a cottage industry around it. Assuming this refers to the falsehood of Trump calling the virus a hoax, that isn't what he said at all. What he said was that the Democrats' portrayal/criticism of his administration's response to the virus was *their* next big hoax. He never called the virus a hoax, but that's what everyone repeats. He had repeatedly referred to Russia-gate and everything else his political opponents have thrown at him as hoaxes and this was the next one his opponents were trotting out. Personally, I don't care if people love Trump or hate Trump, but let's at least be honest.
  9. Will all those athletes that go on to make millions (if they are lucky) also be willing share half of their earnings with the university that provided them the coaching, facilities, training, nutrition program and platform to develop and demonstrate their ability to the pro leagues so they could sign those $$$$$$$$$ contracts??
  10. Consensus 1st Team UNT All Hair Team.
  11. Meh..that's a throw away line (but even the article only points to: "There have been some anecdotal reports of people getting reinfected with the virus after recovering from a first infection and getting sick again after being exposed to the virus a second time.) However, the facts are still the facts with respect to NYC infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths. Agree there are still many unknowns, but just thinking out-loud, what are the likely explanations for the numbers? 1. The data is wrong (intentionally or unintentionally) 2. There has been a mass exodus from the city reducing the population significantly and thus the targets for new infections 3. Along with social distancing when they have to go out, a significant number of people have isolated themselves in their apartments 4. Masks have a major role in reducing the spread 5. The reinfection rate is actually low - at one point in April I think there were credible estimates that up to 25% of the NYC population had already been infected 6. Others? I get that sports are not a necessity, but whether we like it or not, it is a significant part of modern life. Personally, I haven't missed baseball at all. My main point was to ask what metric is good enough for Mr. Cuomo? It is hinted at, but I do think we are largely ignoring the mental health aspects of all of this. We've had external dining for a two to three months now and recently (probably a few weeks) have inside dining in restaurants. I have a close friend that is terrified to sit at an outside table (regardless of how large it is) that has more than 4 people sitting down to eat because the governor said 4 is safe, but 5 is dangerous.
  12. Apparently some aren't on the science bandwagon or don't like data and facts.
  13. I am not suggesting that people were denied admission to a hospital if they showed up or that doctors did not hospitalize patients that they deemed needed to be admitted. There were constant local PSAs telling people to "stay at home, do not go to the hospital or emergency room unless or until you experience difficulty breathing." People listened to this advice (in theory). They didn't go to the hospital when they probably should have and only sought medical treatment after the disease had fully blossomed in their lungs. At this point, very few survived or required a much longer hospital stay than they would have if they received early treatment. We all saw the videos of overwhelmed NYC hospitals, however, some of those videos were not even NYC hospitals! While some hospitals may have been worse than others, the truth is NYC never ran out of beds, never ran our of ventilators, didn't need the Javits Center and didn't need the Comfort (I think the Comfort saw less than 20 patients).
  14. Cuomo is making this up as he goes. If he's waiting for a vaccine and for the entire population of New York to be inoculated, he should say so, because it's not clear what number he's looking for. New York City was arguably the worst situation in the county. Through his and DeBlasio's incompetence, however, they probably created a situation where the virus has run out of new hosts to infect. Here's the chart for New York City hospitalizations. On July 19, 2020 there were 17 new hospitalizations in a city of 8.3 Million. On July 18, 2020 there were 4 deaths, none on the 19th. Positive test results has been trending well under 2%. WTF is he looking for?
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