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  1. I think there may be more to this post.
  2. I think it was the early 80s (some time between 81 and 85). I recall the name change and the story about Scrappy being too aggressive/warlike. Eppy won a student vote or something, but I don't ever remember getting the opportunity to vote on it. Just remember how silly it was when the new name was introduced and the reason for it.
  3. So it's just clipart? Cut/Paste, put your letters on it and call it yours?
  4. Since there are a lot or moderators, perhaps a useful feature would be to indicate which moderator deleted/removed/hid a thread or for the moderator to message the the thread OP or the person with the post that caused the thread to be removed with the reason. That way people don't have to bother Harry all the time.
  5. I thought this thread (based on the title) was supposed to be about criticizing the coaching staff or if it's even permissible. The fire issue was a different thread.
  6. Careful now. Someone may get their feelings hurt.
  7. As many have said in the past, compared to other schools, the jobs of AD and head football coach at UNT are probably the easiest in major college football as they are protected from criticism and not held accountable for performance.
  8. Had to watch this on delay as I had previous commitments. Congrats players and coaches. I’ve always said a win on the road isn’t easy. This game confirms that. Great job team to march down the field and get the winning FG. Fun game to watch. Enjoy the week off and let’s take care of ACU before conference play.
  9. It's probably more semantics or maybe airing it in public. I have no problem changing strategy, tactics, approach or game plan (which should change to some extent each week), but I don't think his vision for the program should change unless he now believes it's unattainable or not attainable in any reasonable timeframe. Wasn't it partly his articulated vision for the program that got him the job? If he's resetting it, what is it now?
  10. OMFG. I wonder how that team meeting went? Did he come in and just say, "men, we've talked about my vision for this program from day one. We worked on it during spring ball, honed it during fall practice and have seen the results during our first two games. I'm here today to tell you to forget all that, we're gonna try something new."
  11. You realize this is due in part to the better conference dividend, right? It's simple table stakes to get a better class in The American than C-USA, better in C-USA than the Sun Belt (at least the old Sun Belt, haha), better in the Sun Belt than the Big West, etc.. It's the natural order of things. We should not compare our class to previous classes until we've been in the conference for a few years, but even then it's more relevant to compare ours against our conference mates.
  12. I think it's time we re-evaluate the boxes and how important they are. These are the same we've been after forever and it's gotten us jack-squat.
  13. Noted and I'm old enough to remember how many on this board declared FIU to be "horrible" and pointed out that they were only able to eek out a 2-point victory over Maine who is currently 2-11 in its last 13 games.
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