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  1. If you are a trusted/valuable assistant that has helped him be successful and get that better, higher paying gig, isn’t there is a good chance you go with him? Or you may be in line to take over that head coaching position if he does leave. These would be incentives for an assistant to seek out these opportunities if it looks like the head coach is on the way up, right?
  2. keith


    I suspect most retired/Air Force veterans live near an Air Force base (which are all around the country) or have migrated to San Antonio where the Air Force Village is. For career military, being close to a base (probably the one they retired from) for access to base resources is important. Maybe the time zone is important or they think they can get a better TV deal with the AAC than they can with the MWC. I would imagine that if they and CSU are unhappy with the situation in the MWC, then the MWC would be looking to rectify the situation in order to keep the conference together.
  3. keith


    Air Force already plays Navy every year. What's the incentive for them to be in the same conference? Maybe if the AAC could convince Army to join too, they'd have all the service academies, but again, since they already play each other every year anyway, I don't understand the desire/need to be in the same conference. This could be perceived as Air Force playing second fiddle to Navy.
  4. Not another failed 2-point conversion! I don't know how much more of this I can take.
  5. Reading through this thread, it seems like we've tried about everything from a HC perspective, yet nothing seems to have worked. Winston Churchill once said, "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." Here's a look at our recent HC history. I know we've been playing longer than 1953, but this is as far back as this site goes and honestly does anything really matter earlier than that or arguably anything earlier than 1995? This site doesn't include our self-imposed 1-AA death penalty. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/north-texas/index.html Not including 2021, in the past 26 seasons since returning to D1 football, we've had only 6 winning seasons (six!). Dickey has 3 of those over 9 seasons and Littrell has 2 in his first 5. I don't count .500 seasons as "winning." Pre-1982 is better with 15 winning seasons in 30 tries. In those 26 seasons we've been in three (3) conferences and played one year as an independent. We've been through 5 head coaches (7 if you include 2 interim head coaching stints by Mike Canales - "Lock the Gate" or something like that). We built and moved into a new stadium. We built an indoor practice facility and new practice fields. In short, we've invested heavily in our football program. We've obviously been trying and we've done a lot right in an effort to build a winning program including different approaches to hiring head coaches. So why have we been so bad historically (based on winning seasons)? What can or should we do differently? What's the one thing that we really haven't changed and have focused on almost exclusively during these 26 seasons? Maybe that's what we need to change. This may be painful to hear, but has our singular focus over these last 26 seasons on recruiting Texas football talent almost exclusively been the problem? I'm not saying Texas doesn't have football talent (far from it), but by the time that talent filters down to UNT after it's been picked over by out-of-state programs or other in-state programs (that are perceived to be better than us), is this where we should be casting our net? I know, I know, we do occasionally recruit OK and LA and have recently have been dipping into other parts of the country, but I'd guess that since 1995, we are probably somewhere around 90% Texas-based talent on the roster. That's the one thing that's been the most constant in the last 26 seasons. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just pointing out facts and asking questions.
  6. I have never gone to a college football game to see the band. I like the band and the band can add incredibly to the experience, but they play a supporting role, not a lead role. That is all.
  7. I enjoy the band and think that bands at college football games are a major contributor to the overall atmosphere of the college football game day experience. Who can't get up for the pre-game festivities or hearing the fight song echo through campus? Having said that, the band should never overshadow the football team, ever, ever, ever. The attitude or sentiment expressed above (I'm here for the band) is one of my pet peeves regarding UNT.
  8. My take is a bit different I guess. As long as he's donning UNT colors and representing the school and football team, I will stand by him and all the players that are out on the field competing (same with all UNT coaches and student athletes). I want him to be successful and by association the team to be successful. Sure, we're pissed at what we witnessed, but that's because we care. If we stop getting pissed or caring, that's when we are in the danger zone. We need him to be so successful that he's hired away as a HC at a "bigger" school. We don't want to be the school where good up-and-coming coaches come to destroy their careers. He does need to be careful how he responds to this adversity. That's a key coaching point of his. Let's see how he handles it.
  9. I think you need a clap-clap.....clap-clap-clap in there. I would have liked to see him in the game on Saturday too. But what happens if he came in and led one or two quick scoring drives (even if it was against UAB's 2nd team)...instant quarterback controversy, oh no, not that again.
  10. Hahaha...beat me to it. We now own the best fake punt and the best fake injury. What should we set our fake sights on next?
  11. Screw the spread. When was the last time we covered a receiver on 3rd and long?
  12. The Stadium announcers kept saying that UAB came in angry/mad after getting clobber-stomped by Georgia the week before. I was thinking great, now LaTech will be that way after their loss to SMU and then they said the same thing. Is it possible that we show up at LaTech angry/mad with something to prove? Will the team dig deep and show us their character and what they are made of? As bad as the UAB game was, this one will show us more about what this team is made of than what happened Saturday night. I hope this doesn't turn into the "us against the world (and fans) bunker mentality" that we've lived through before. BTW, I kinda felt sorry for the announcers during the game as they were really struggling to come up with things to say. That was a hard game to call.
  13. Not to speak for ScreamingEaglesFan, but “someone”’ pays for NIL. I think he’s suggesting that UNT donors get together and be that “someone” as a mechanism to lure talent to the team. Basically start paying players (legally of course via the NIL program).
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