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  1. I'm not sure what hardline UNT (or any university would be taking). "Pay" them the value of the full ride and they pay for the cost of their education. That part is a wash and would probably be a valuable and eye-opening experience for them. Then allow them to earn whatever else they can on top of that (on the field, off the field, it doesn't matter). I'm not sure how that part works though. Does everyone on the team earn (get paid) the same amount? Is it a graduated scale where starters earn more? Do some positional players or "stars" of the team get paid significantly more than other
  2. That's the beauty of it meanrob, they don't have to go to school. It's entirely their choice. They are free to do whatever they want. Perhaps it's simply part of the requirements of employment, but if they don't want to do it, they don't have to. No one is forcing them.
  3. Money on the side is money on the side and should be considered income for tax purposes. If we are going to go down the student-athlete is really an employee of the University route, then instead of providing the student-athlete a "scholarship" provide them a wage/salary (also taxable income) and then let the student-athlete pay for their tuition, housing, books, fees, meal plans and anything else necessary to remain a student in good standing at the University out of their earnings.
  4. Hope it looks different by the end of the season.
  5. It happens to all of us before each and every season...like some form of Mean Green disease. It's just something we have to accept and live with. There is no cure.
  6. I guess anything is possible, but I don't know how likely this is. One the one hand this suggests that AAU status is the key driver (Texas dragging Iowa State and KU with them to a west coast conference), but on the other hand it's not really (OU, because it's OU and ASU because of market). If they are going to blow-up the Big12 and the Pac12 to create a conference of like-minded, AAU schools, then why stop there? Swap OU for Rice and forget about ASU or get UCDavis to step up to FBS.
  7. Going to need a back-9 miracle at this point I'm afraid.
  8. Losing too many holes to pars. Need to put some pressure on these guys.
  9. MT continues on a hot streak (10 birdies to our 5 in the early going). Not looking good right now, but still plenty of time to flip some of these matches. Win a couple holes and all of a sudden the opponent is thinking about that big lead they gave away.
  10. Anything can happen in an 18-hole match. Can sometimes be a toss-up. The stronger player will generally outlast a weaker player in a 36-hole match.
  11. Are the finals 18 or 36-hole matches?
  12. Congrats James! Remember, once a member of the Mean Green family, always a member! Of course we expect you to wear a UNT t-shirt under your uniform...that's part of the deal. Go win another championship!
  13. Second for Munoz, I believe. Definitely first for Ortiz. Interesting note, his brother got in before him playing as an amateur in 2019.
  14. This morning on the live feed at masters.com, Carlos has been on a lot since he was out early and as he's teeing of on 11 the announcer goes into a bit more detail about his bio and mentions that he's a graduate of North Texas State University in Denton, TX ... the Mean Green ... also where Sebastian Munoz went to school. Thirty-one years later and we are just unable to shake the former name. At least he got the Mean Green part right, but jeez.
  15. Emmitt, your son and I have something in common, but what got me the most was your comment about the moments never going away. To the team, I know you are disappointed, but with the passage of time you will see this weekend as one of the best in your lives. Cherish it. Very few get to experience what you have.
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