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  1. I think it would be a toss-up between Baylor and SMU. SMU grades slightly higher than Baylor on the academic front, but from an all sports success, spending, etc. Baylor is ahead. I think either school may have the same problem that BYU might have. Let's face it, the west coast leans to the left politically. Does the PAC## want right leaning, religion-affiliated institutions as part of the conference makeup? I think they would probably consider that as part of the "fit" equation.
  2. Here are a couple slides from Altimore/Collins regarding the possibility of the PAC-5 (USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford and Washington) leaving the PAC12 conference. "...it would be unlikely to see 1 or 2 do it alone, or to split city pairs". "With so many trade-offs and risks for 1 / 2 of the Pac-5 to join a Midwest conference, it would be strategically questionable on an enterprise level."
  3. Would be nice if someone could dig up some info on what Marshall, SoMiss and ODU paid-out in the settlement and what happens to the money instead of spending time on some made up metric that no one has heard of or cares about.
  4. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water! Assuming the B1G stays with its East/West setup, it's now unbalanced with 9 in the west and 7 in the east. Does the B1G really want to destroy the PAC12, a conference they have a long history and relationship with, by taking more? Who knows. What happened to the talk of Kansas going to the B1G? Do they move and take a spot in the east leaving one chair open for ND if the B1G can convince them to join? Does the MW get picked over by the Big12 and PAC12? Does the Big12 just look to replace Kansas in this scenario or expand to 16 or more (strength in numbers)? If you are Aresco, what do you do now? Didn't AF and CSU want to dip into the Texas market at one time? Does he make a push to see if they are willing to jump to the AAC? Or just AF (or both) and see if Army wants to stay independent or find a conference home and lock up the service academies? Or does he wait to see what shakes out? It's certainly and interesting time for college football.
  5. Undoubtedly....in the back of my mind, even though everyone thought Aresco went big adding 6, I always thought he left some room with an eye on adding more.
  6. Can we just hurry up and get to 5 conferences with 20 teams each and let the left-overs join the FCS ranks? Edit: or 6...'cuz you know...wink, wink.
  7. I posted this in a different thread to put Littrell in context with some former coaches. So many things go into a season's won-loss record (key injuries, scheduling, penalties or bad calls at the worst possible time, etc.) that it's almost pointless to compare across time. We even have to throw in a pandemic in Littrell's case. Has time run out on him or will he and the team find a grove and go on a winning streak? No one knows. It does seem that there are some that have seen enough and would like to see him go down in flames to force change or at least say, "I told you so." I've felt that way in the past (twice), but only when it seemed like the coach turned against North Texas or had clearly lost the team. I have not seen that in Littrell's case.
  8. Similar take...I wasn't sure if this was a question about the morale of the team, morale of the fans or both. No clue on the team, but I wonder how the team morale is at other schools were 2 or 3 guys are getting sweet NIL deals and the rest are getting room and board. In terms of fans, it seems like we have two extremes at either end and a bunch in the middle (hmmm...sounds familiar). The portal and transfers has definitely changed things. It is funny though that as fans we get excited about (sometimes) and welcome transfers in, but can't wrap our heads around the transfers out. With few exceptions, I don't think it will be worth getting attached to a particular player. Just root for the uniform. That is all.
  9. Word is he's going to LIVGolf tour.
  10. I think the beauty of college sports (at least as we knew it) is fading. I'm not sure how reducing the max number of players on a team would reduce walk-ons. Walk-ons can always try out. If they are good enough, they can make the xx-man roster (xx being something significantly under 100). If they are not, then they need to find something else to do with their time. It's simply no longer the game we all grew up with and it's time to recognize that.
  11. In the NIL era I'm not sure simply limiting the number of scholarships will be enough. Teams can simply find ways to get players enough $ to pay for their education and then some. May just need to reduce the total number of players regardless of scholarship or NIL a team is allowed to have. Some may say that limits the path to higher education that sports provides, but it doesn't seem to be about education anymore, so.....
  12. College football has changed forever. All-conference recognition, pre-season hype and accolades can easily go to someone's head convincing them (or others) that they are better than they are so they try to grab the brass ring. Only time will tell if they are successful.
  13. I had not heard this before.
  14. Great find. Thanks for sharing. Quality was a little poor, but what a fantastic glimpse into our football history. I don't think the game footage did justice to the uniform colors. Maybe too intense for the cameras back then....hahahaha.
  15. If you have 5 rivals, you really don't have a rival.
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