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  1. As an international sign of distress, my battle flag is officially flying upside down.
  2. Personally, it doesn't make any difference to me, but many don't come close to covering the knee - usually anyone not on the LOS. It's not just us. Watch any college game. I realize that during the game pads/pants shift, ride up, etc. What I have a problem with is a penalty that can basically be called at any time by the refs if they *want* to. That's not how it's supposed to be. If it's not a rule they are going to enforce (or enforce at the worst possible time - probably against us), then eliminate the rule.
  3. Whatever happened to the uniform rule that said the pants had to extend to cover the knee?
  4. Ignoring the career stats against FBS for a second and just looking at this year against common opponents which may be more relevant if we are comparing the two, these stats (with the exception of AVG/G) favor Bean.
  5. Rushing stats just for the two games this season (assuming they have relatively equal playing time against common opponents)... Bean - 9 Attempts - Gain 71, Loss 9, Net 62, Avg 6.9, TD 1, Long 37 Aune - 9 Attempts - Gain 39, Loss 7, Net 32, Avg 3.6, TD 1, Long 8 Another aspect to the game besides passing and if our QB has to run for his life due to poor protection or coverage, then does Bean bring big play potential into the mix? I guess you could argue that if you take away that one 37 yard TD, the stats would be a lot different. The thing is, you can't take it away. Bean sh
  6. Cougar King gets a rare up vote.
  7. HOT, HOT, HOT....and This ^
  8. When ever an obscure college football record comes up in a trivia game, I just answer confidently and loudly, “that’s easy, The University of North Texas Mean Green.” It doesn’t matter if it’s right or not. The next day no one remembers the question or the answer. They just remember, “The Mean Green!” That’s how you build a fan base out of those that have no affiliation with the University.
  9. And yet, here you are spending your time reading/posting on a college football fan forum.
  10. Impressed with Jags QB Trotter. Just left with a hammy cramp.
  11. Seems like the longest 3rd quarter in the history of college football. Southern Miss better get their you know what together or they are walking out with a home loss.
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