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  1. Shocked to read that Brett is still trying to push the UTSA "rivalry." Nothing worse than a journalist with an agenda IMHO. We know you want it and why, but you can't just invent a rivalry Brett. It has to grow on its own, organically over time and often transcends more than a single sport. Maybe this one will, maybe it won't, but if we ever find ourselves in difference conferences, I doubt many would be insisting that we keep scheduling them every year....you know, for the rivalry.
  2. This seems to be a complete non-story. Wishful thinking or priming the narrative and "reporting" on something that has not happened. In other news, C-USA officials have denied that they have had any discussions with officials from the SEC about swapping member institutions.
  3. Freshman - West Hall #521 or #512 (overlooked the dumpsters outside the cafeteria). 3 in the room the first semester, 2 the second. Sophomore and Junior year - Skulls house on Scripture. Senior year - house on Fry Street a block from campus. Grad school - house north of town somewhere then apartment (Sunburst II or something like that) off Dallas Drive.
  4. Is it possible to use the battle flag as the keys or do they have to be all one color? Of these three, I'd probably go with SOW and see if you could put the battle flag in the keys.
  5. A couple thoughts..,, The Arkansas win was huge. I don’t care if it was a down year for them. We’ve played so many SEC teams that were ranked 1-5 , it was time to get one on a down year and we took advantage of it. Great win for the Mean Green in hostile territory. Would schools leave the AAC to join the MWC or is it the the other way around. Maybe you’d never get movement between the two, but I can guess which way would be the most likely. Either would be a step up, but I like the current C-USA west.
  6. To answer the question originally posed, yes. We would join if the opportunity presented itself. I'm sure every member of CUSA would answer the same way. This should not be viewed as a negative against CUSA or any of its current members, it's just the way it is.
  7. I believe TxState has a full $20/credit hr student fee. I'm not sure where we are these days. I recall with the stadium funding we started at $10/credit hr with the ability to raise it $1 a year or something. I think we tried raising it then backed it out...I don't know it just seems like other state supported schools in Texas have an easier time raising funds in this regard than we do. I get the argument of not putting everything on the backs of students. It just seems that we aren't able to do what some similar schools in the state are. Perhaps someone closer to the details can shed some light. EDIT...looked it up. We are at $16.25/hr capped at 15 hours. Texas State is at $21/hr.
  8. Larger than potential AAC teams or larger than our current C-USA configuration or both?
  9. I'm not sure I get the whole, "xxx already has a school in the yyy market" argument these days. In the particular case of SMU and UNT neither one of us "owns" the DFW market. At best, C-USA and the AAC split/share a small fraction of it. Wouldn't it be better for a conference to try and consolidate two small shares of a large market than try to garner a small fraction of another market?
  10. For selfish reasons, I'd love to see the Mean Green play Connecticut.
  11. The AAC extends an invitation to UNT on the hopes it will cause SMU to leave the conference. Win/Win....hahahaha. Just kidding SMU, we enjoy the annual matchup and hope it continues for many years.
  12. Interesting questions Harry. I was curious on how often a player's rating changes over time. For example, let's say a recruit is rated 3 stars during their junior year and commits to a school. Do the rating services continue to evaluate that player? If he has a stellar senior season, would they bump him up to a 4 star recruit or once they commit do the rating services lose interest so the player is locked in with whatever rating they had as a junior?
  13. They obviously didn't factor in having an awesome fan board. 🤣
  14. keith


    Sweet...however, based on the orientation of the star, the green of the battle flag is on the wrong side. It should be on the left/bottom of the flag like the red on the Texas flag.
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