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  1. Congrats. She'll have a great college experience. Here's another story about the growth of the Mean Green Nation. I live up here in Newtown, CT (small New England town) and my daughter started at North Texas last year. The very first student from Newtown High School to go to UNT according to the schools's Naviance system! So, last Friday night we were having dinner at our local Indian restaurant, it was cold so there was only one other couple at a table next to us. We're regulars there so we know all the staff and asked where everyone was, etc. and they said it was all takeout orders that night. Anyway, the couple at the next table was paying their check with the server and I swear I hear the woman say "North Texas." So, my head snaps around and I say, "excuse me, but did you just say 'North Texas?'" She says, "yes, our son goes to school there, he's a freshman." WTH? Anyway we talked for almost 20 minutes. They were both Univ of Georgia graduates and really wanted him to go there. They were surprised when he came home one day and told them he wanted to go to UNT. They were like, what? Where's that? They attended orientation with him and were genuinely surprised about how nice the school was and were very complementary about UNT after the visit. They must have said, "it's a really beautiful campus" a half a dozen times. High praise from Georgia alums as the Georgia campus is supposed to be very nice (I've never been there). I asked what made him want to go to UNT and they said it was from watching Youtube videos of the UNT Drum Line at games and various competitions and exhibitions. He's a drummer, but not a music major. So now there's two students from Newtown High School attending UNT.
  2. Whatever happened to stick and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me?
  3. I thought these games were a thing of the past. I guess not.
  4. Has SL ever challenged a call? Throw the effing flag on the fumble or the non-TD!
  5. Good drive here. Let’s finish it and make the 4th interesting.
  6. They have definitely played well enough that we should be in this game. The offense? Not so much.
  7. Yeah, way to kill any momentum from the turnover.
  8. I don't know how or why, but I used to have that poster when I was a kid.
  9. It seems we can only beat LaTech in Ruston and this year is no different. UNT in a squeaker, 42-41 with the good guys coming out on top and causing some disruption in the C-USA West race.
  10. When the defense stops the runner, holds him up and even pushes him back, forward progress has been halted. Really dislike the pile on from offensive linemen to push a runner forward, but that’s me.
  11. Interesting strategy to rest the defense.
  12. Not sure I’ve ever seen a faster start...2 TDs less than 30 seconds into the game.
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