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  1. keith

    MGN: Liberty Preview

    Nice write-up. Enjoyed the Lynchburg history tidbit.
  2. keith


    Milton is a special player (for a guy with a girl's name). Just kidding, sort of. Seriously the guy can play and he's a big reason why they are 16th in the nation. Singletary is a stud.
  3. keith

    Power 6

    Power 7, damnit!! Hahahaha.
  4. keith


    Let's go FAU!! That was a bad spot by the ref on the tight-end pass play.
  5. So basically you can go undefeated and if every team on your schedule loses the week before you play them, then you will end up at the end of the year with only your original land and the original land of the team you beat the first game of the year (unless they are an FCS team that has no land).
  6. keith

    Excuse Me, But Could You Hold The Ladder ...

    Exiled to the northeast since 2001 for work. If it's at work with my North Texas lanyard, mousepad, office decorations or on the golf course with my UNT hat, shirts, wind shirts or rain gear (we play in all conditions), everyone who knows me knows about the Mean Green. I took good crews to the two Army games up here and now many of them have now adopted the Mean Green as their second favorite team. My phone lit up on Saturday and since then from all these new North Texas fans! Can't tell you how great it is to hear "Go Mean Green!" from people who have absolutely no affiliation with the school. Great time to be a Mean Green fan. Thanks to all the dedicated fans that made it to the game.
  7. keith

    Keegan Brewer Punt Return

    That's my favorite part too. Someone put that on an audio loop....instant classic. Another thing that caught my attention is how fast Brewer is. That guy has some wheels. He covered that 90 yards pretty quick.
  8. I couldn't watch this game live so just finished watching it on the magic of the DVR. You know how hard it is to not look at your phone or hop on for 8 hours? Damn it's hard. I had to tell everyone I know not to text me or say anything or give me any looks that might give anything away. So proud of you guys. Flying to the ball and taking the game to the Razorbacks. You got the boo birds going and emptied the stadium on the road. Great Mean Green win. Keep the tower lit for a week!
  9. keith


    It's the conference opener. LaTech has great fans and will bring a lot more than SMU did. So, I think we'll have a great crowd. However, there are other things to worry about. Road wins are alway hard to come by, let's take care of Liberty first.
  10. keith


    I used to wonder what the reaction of fans of other schools is when they look at their home schedules and realize that they are playing North Texas. Then I read this thread and now I know.
  11. keith

    Staying in the game

    Players like to play. If we have team or individual stats at or near the top of the nation, it creates a lot of buzz for the school and the program. That's a good thing for a program like ours in our current stage of development where we are trying to build our brand and increase exposure and national recognition.
  12. ESPN seems to be having issues...
  13. keith

    Guyton Overcomes Brutal Concussion

    This is a play that I wish they would simply make illegal in football. I have nothing against a good, hard tackle, but a vicious hit (not a tackle) with the intent to dislodge the ball or inflict injury on the other player (defenseless or not) should have no place in the sport IMHO. I realize this would have to be a judgement call by the officials, but it's pretty obvious when it happens and this play is a perfect example. There was no attempt to "wrap him up and take him to the ground." The defender was in a perfect position to actually tackle him, but chose to launch his body in such a way that serious physical injury was much more likely. Just one man's opinion, but this type of play should not be part of football.
  14. The NCAA just asks each team's local beat writer for a quote. That is all.