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  1. Yes. It's the way the world works.
  2. Just Stop Brett..they are a conference opponent. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. If people want to help and they shop at Amazon (who doesn't buy stuff at Amazon), STOP and make your purchase at https://smile.amazon.com instead. All the same stuff is available. It's not much, but Amazon contributes 0.5% of your purchase price to the charity of your choice. Just think if all 300K or whatever alumni did this. Here's mine....
  4. The past has shown us that the most dangerous game for UNT is the so called "opportunity game." I swear I think we are 0-for in those games in forever. I don't know, maybe we put too much pressure on ourselves or perhaps we are just the most snake-bit team in the history of college football. Whatever it is, we should avoid all references to "opportunity games" in the future and just go out there and play ball!
  5. It was weird to see our receivers not make the catches that we have become used to seeing them make.
  6. SMU plays dirty. And by dirty, I mean better than us on odd numbered years.
  7. Vermouth gone. Found a 20 year old unopened bottle of Kahula. Do you think it's safe?
  8. Noticed the P6 down markers SMU uses. I think C-USA should go with P7 markers, the MWC can use P8, the MAC P9 and SunBelt P10....Pees all around.
  9. Hahaha...this didn't age well. Timing is everything. I was about to make the same post.
  10. Down to strait vermouth for me and I don't even know what it is.
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