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  1. While that one still stings a bit, I’m probably most haunted by the Miami loss. However, this is a day to celebrate our win over WKU. Great win on the road. Controlled the game from start to finish really. Just an all around excellent team effort. Our best games are still ahead of us and that should make the rest of the conference nervous.
  2. According to the UNT traditions web site it’s still called the Pit Crew. https://traditions.unt.edu/tradition/traditions-spirit#pit-crew Pit Crew The Pit Crew is the official student section for Mean Green basketball in the UNT Coliseum, known as the "Super Pit." The Mean Green students continue the tradition of earlier generations of fans who rowdily cheered on the team when games were in the old Men's Gym, or "Snake Pit," making UNT an intimidating place to play.
  3. Our inability to make free throws (as a team) is going to cost us a championship if we don't get this worked out. In terms of turn-overs, one of the announcers mentioned that was a function of the number of passes we make per possession compared to other teams. Since we play such a deliberate offense and slow the game down with our defensive tenacity, we limit the total number of possessions we get per game, so for us, turn overs may even be more costly.
  4. I thought their color guy on the broadcast was pretty good.
  5. Who came up with the idea for those white seat covers? All those do is call attention to the number of empty seats.
  6. We got a taste of our own defense and we have a glaring team weakness at the charity stripe. Half of every practice should be free throws IMHO.
  7. Maybe our thing is to just let it go on and on until it peters out in sort of an uncertain way that leaves everyone kinda confused about when to stop.
  8. This game is like two heavyweights going at it.
  9. Time for us to turn up the defensive heat.
  10. If our attendance depends on where players went to high school then we might as well give up. You will get immediate family members and *maybe* some close friends (if they are hanging around town and not at their own school that’s isn’t UNT, that is). Get the best players you can on the court and win….consistently. That is all.
  11. UAB was pretty good last year. May even be better this year. Complete team. Fun game to watch so far.
  12. Thanks to the students and alumni that do make it to games (just not enough of them), but we should not schedule home games when school is not in session. It’s hard enough getting students out of the dorms to a game. Nearly impossible to have them come back to campus for a game. I’ve given up on the local (non-student) Denton population.
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