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  1. What? No Texas ties? That seems to be a requirement for everything else. Hahahaha. Detail-oriented. We seem to miss on *A LOT* of little things that when added up present an AD in disarray and a negative customer experience. Apogee is a nice stadium but we’ve had constant problems with the ref microphone and video board operation since the beginning. All the early season issues this year was classic amateur-hour stuff. Maybe his focus was elsewhere. Also need someone who can increase season ticket sales and reliable/dependable ticket office operations. Community engagement also a must. Need to sell UNT athletics to the Denton community. Adding a couple thousand in attendance from the community would change the dynamics and could snowball into something bigger.
  2. Another one off the market. Two, ummm, interesting hires by teams going into the AAC next year.
  3. Maybe we get exactly the football program we deserve. 🥲
  4. You know you're a Mean Green fan if.....the first thing you check in the box score is attendance. I think it all stems from a contagious inferiority complex infecting the Mean Green Nation. The need for "acceptance" as measured by attendance is critical to the psyche. Attendance is important for the game day experience, but I would put season ticket sales over attendance as this demonstrates a longer-term commitment to the program.
  5. I think only 3 of Saban’s wins this year are against teams with a winning record.
  6. Some more perspective.... UTSA eked out a 3 point win over WKU at home, needed a questionable TD with 15 seconds left to win by 4 over UNT at home, needed two OTs to beat UAB and needed to score the final 20 points along with a last second field goal to edge out UTEP.
  7. Jeez…we played the exact same conference schedule as UTSA with the exception of us playing 4-4 FAU and UTSA playing 4-4 MTSU.
  8. I guess my question is what in the previous 6 Tulane seasons would have led anyone to believe they are going to be a top-25 in season 7.
  9. Pretty much every conference has some at the top, some at the bottom and the great unwashed in the middle. Why I focus on conference records is, in theory, the resources are comparable and you play the same teams year after year. So, Tulane should be as equipped to compete in the AAC as we are to compete in CUSA.
  10. With the exception of a handful of coaches or ADs that see something in the coach or have patience to see the process through, the head coach industry is a what have you done for me lately business. Tulane has done well this year. Assuming we move on our coaching staff and hire someone like Willie Fritz, are we willing to be patient enough to wait through a 6 year conference record like the one below before we go 7-1 in and get to 10-2 for the regular season? 1. 1-7 (4-8) 2. 3-5 (5-7) 3. 5-3 (6-6) 4. 3-5 (6-6) 5. 3-5 (6-5) 6. 1-7 (2-10) 7. 7-1 (10-2)
  11. Hahaha. Perfection would be nice. A solid FT-shooting team puts games away and may be the difference maker when battling for a championship. Improving FTs across the board is always a good thing.
  12. Agreed. Always and forever, no matter how good we get at FTs. Unless we are 100% as a team, there is always room for improvement.
  13. Just highlighting the same four team vying for a 6th win (I think), not the picks to win each game.
  14. They have some work to do with their site...
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