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  1. In the back of my mind whenever I see these types of conference moves, I wonder if the conference is preparing for/expecting one or more current members to leave.
  2. I'd hate to be responsible for changing the light bulbs! Back on topic, I thought Kansas to the B1G was the talk of the town a couple years ago.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of rostered players or just a limit on the number of scholarship players. I'm not sure how the scholarship thing/limit really works in the age of NIL. At scholarship limit? Get a big enough NIL deal to cover the cost of attendance (tuition, R&B, books, fees, etc.) and then some. Maybe not something UNT is in the position to do, but what's keeping Deep Pockets U from having more "scholarship" players on the roster than the limit allows?
  4. Fixed it for you Sonny.… Sonny Dykes predicts future split among P4, G5 schools: 'Georgia and TCU aren't playing the same sport'
  5. I guess they haven't heard. Who's going to tell them?
  6. Often, the team takes on the personality of the coach...hope that doesn't happen.
  7. Morris…”We could be in a conference with Texas State and UTEP and the rest of the regional schools to get back to what college football is about.” Hmmm…WTH does “get back to what college football is about” mean exactly? Anyone remember that last regional conference we were in? Is that what he means we need to get back to? Surprised he didn’t throw Lamar, SFA, McNeese and Incarnate Word in there.
  8. I think we have put the extra covid year mess behind us, so some of this may settle down. I'm curious if people feel differently about players who came here out of high school and ultimately transfer vs. those who transferred in and then transfer out. If they transfer in with multiple years of eligibility left or have already transferred multiple times, we shouldn't be surprised if they are only here for a year. I'm in the camp of once a member of the Mean Green family, always a member of the Mean Green family, but in the fluid state we are in now (and apparently going to be in for the foreseeable future), I do think we need to set some HOF guidelines to account for this. The family metaphor is used a lot in sports and I even used it here. As fans I think we get more invested in those student-athletes that start their college careers here and we enjoy watching them grow and develop as athletes and men and women. We're happy for them when they are ready to "leave the nest" and move on with their lives. If they are fortunate to make it as professional athletes, that's just icing on the cake. However, if they leave our nest just to go to another family's nest, I think that is probably what affects fans the most, especially for programs like ours where we struggle to elevate our brand on the national stage.
  9. I'm pretty sure we hold the record for being the opponent in other schools' records...you know, if there was a record for that.
  10. Ha...I was at that game too. A high school friend lived in Reno (actually Sparks) at the time, so we used the excuse of the game to visit. You are right, 72-0 didn't do the ass-whooping justice. We could do no right and Nevada could do no wrong that day.
  11. Just like when Marshall, So Miss and ODU bolted early from C-USA, when schools start the process to leave a conference, it's a fait accompli. It's inevitable with only the timing (and $) to be worked out. This whole musical chairs of conference realignment used to be interesting, now I find it almost laughable.
  12. Transfer every year if you want, but it should be 4 years to play (make money) 4 years. No red-shirt year, no waivers, no appeals, no exceptions (there, I just got rid of an entire corrupt NCAA process). Injured and can't play, though break...get used to it, life is full of them.
  13. When we put a player on scholarship, how much money are we talking about per scholarship? Does that come out of the overall AD budget or is there a budget per scholarship sport? Is the cost (to the AD or team) different if the player is in-state or out-of-state? Does a scholarship pay for off-campus housing or does the student-athlete have to reside in a dorm?
  14. No, I realize this thread took a turn to other players and programs, but I was referring to the start of this thread and Rubin's decision move to Michigan to be connected to its history and tradition if that was part of the motivation.
  15. When all is said and done, I wonder if it will be more rewarding to be connected to the history and tradition that someone else created or be connected to the history and tradition you helped create yourself?
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