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  1. He can't. That's part of the problem is that our people don't understand how difficult it is to get the right guy at the helm. The probably never will.
  2. I don't think they are talking about Art but his son Kendall the OC at Arkansas.
  3. Well there is always hope that Littrell can right the ship but I have my doubts. I just have a hard time quitting this program after the investment of time and money.
  4. Sorry you are right I was reading the number for Neal Brown at Troy State.
  5. Seth has moved up to #18 hottest seat in the nation. Link: https://coacheshotseat.com/
  6. Really? Says who? Cause I sure don’t see that on the field bro. 😎
  7. I know this has been a tough night for the mean green family but we gotta call it like it is.
  8. You guys take care and I wish you all the best. I see no hope for the future so long as our current coach is in the lead. It pains me to see our Alma mater struggle so mightily. It didn’t have to be this way. We are year 6 in the regime and still getting beaten like a step child by our cross town rivals.
  9. Well they did their best but you gotta cut down on the mistakes… … at the end of the day….
  10. Oh great Torrey is hurt now. Who is our strength coach? Why are all our players getting injured?
  11. This crappy offense is why we are losing this game. This loss is not on the defense.
  12. We need theee players to step up and act more inspired!
  13. The officiating in this game is so one sided!! I hope Seth files a complaint!
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