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  1. https://x.com/jwmediadc/status/1699169674129211895?s=46&t=NF302_aIOAI3ysJWw9mToQ
  2. You won’t know this for sure until after Auburn but I tend to agree with you.
  3. Very impressive showing out of the gate for Coach Calcaterras.
  4. I just wish he was here right now quite honestly.
  5. Let’s be honest, football is years away. All he has to do is keep basketball rolling and that will keep the fanbase content for now. Eric deserves more than a year to rebuild the mess Seth left us with.
  6. I am very sorry, but based on what I saw on Sat and the fact it is a road game, I am going to have to go with FIU 35 UNT 13.
  7. Wilcox Chris Pine Coach Jake Spavital Seth Rogen
  8. Well that is possible but I am speaking to the regular places to buy online, the bookstore and Voertman's. Which shirt exactly did you find and how much exactly was it?
  9. 4-8 sorry guys I just will never believe a team with an unproven QB can win right away. It will be a couple years.
  10. That is special edition stuff only the coaches and AD can get at this time.
  11. Just sawr this posted on twitter. We will be stuck out west! I would not even consider it.
  12. But I don't know if I am on board with all this western expansion. I have read the same guys on here touting how great it was we didn't go west with the Mountain West but now are giddy about adding these far west teams. And guess what, we will get stuck in the western side from what I can tell and will be making all those trips out there. If I could be guaranteed a spot in the eastern side it would be different. In fact I bet Smut is pushing for the east spot over us right now.
  13. The University of North Texas has formally announced the dismantling of its Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Office following the passing of Senate Bill 17. It's the first Texas university to do so. SB17 bans DEI programs from public universities and goes into effect in January 2024. As the bill made its way through the Texas House and Senate, some universities began to place their DEI programs on hold. UNT President Neal Smatresk announced the dissembling of the office in an email to students Tuesday morning. The email read that following the retirement of Joanne Woodard, vice president of the office, the division "will be dissolved." "As a university committed to the education of Texans, we will remain steadfast in living our values and serving our diverse community," Smatresk said in the email. Woodard is retiring from her position on Oct. 1. Earlier this year, UNT announced a pause on all new diversity, equity and inclusion practices. read more: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/unt-first-texas-university-to-announce-closure-of-dei-office-after-the-passing-of-sb-17/3307344/
  14. Is it safe to assume he is referencing the AC renovations?
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