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  1. Great interview. Bennett is the real deal and represents us well. My problem is why is Bennett the spokesman for this UNT team? I don't see Jason Rollins speaking on behalf of the program for nUTSAck. because it is Coach Traylor that does that because HE'S THE FRIGGIN HEAD COACH! So while Jeff Traylor is out kissing babies and shaking hands in SA, getting in the Top 25 and winning conference championships, we have possibly the quietest, most underachieving, least newsworthy, most overpaid head coach in the entire country.
  2. Yes but I think you and some of the others were criticizing the move to the AAC and said you preferred that we join the Mountain West. That does not look like such a good idea right now my friend.
  3. I think some of you, not all of you, need to step forward and admit you were very wrong about wanting UNT to join the Mountain West. When USC and UCLA leave the Pac 12 will have to find replacements from the Mountain West which will further water down that conference. Also AAC was very smart to pick off all the viable Texas teams and leave the Mountain West without any of the good ones. I don't see any of the Big 12 teams being interested in a PAC 12 without USC or UCLA>
  4. I keep hearing how deep our running back stable is and yet I usually hear about Oscar, Ayo or Ike, even Qualon. What about big Keith J? Is he still in the mix as I hope so, I really like his combination of size, speed and game. I do believe he is well over 6 foot and 200 pounds now. If we are 6 deep is it possible one or more of the RB's would be asked to play another position? It would seem now with KD's departure we are getting a little thin at LB.
  5. If he gets us to another bowl game this season he will not be fired. UNT has NEVER fired a coach who led them to a bowl game and @Wren sure as hell won't be the first one to do it. Way to risky now that he is pulling down $750 G's a year. Am I happy about that no but I am realistic enough to know how things work around here.
  6. I really see some potential with Tulane. First we have a lot more in common with them academically than say a UTSA or that type of school. Sort of a battle of the green type of theme. I also think they have a ton of DFW and Texas alumni who will be interested to coming to Denton for the games which is nice.
  7. Could it be possible that he was a finalist and chose UNT over Tech? That's what I'm thinking happened. No offense but Lubbock is not the best place in the world to reside. Especially compared to Denton and DFW.
  8. LINK: https://wsvn.com/news/local/miami-dade/video-shows-car-crash-into-miami-house-police-take-3-suspects-into-custody/
  9. Are you making the point that Hope leaving had some positive impacts in terms of advertising UNT at the national level? Cause if you are I think you may be into something.
  10. Correct usually means they didn’t go to class.
  11. OK as has been stated on here quite often, the hole in your theory is why do programs like UTSA and La Tech and Texas State with much lower budgets pull it off? How does UTSA divert funds as you indicate?
  12. Did they mention anything about baseball or any other new news? Also the athletic center expansion?
  13. I don’t recall a coach at UNT who has more of his highest rated recruits leave. Littrell’s retention of the top recruits has been quite disappointing.
  14. Ok so without any question Gunnell is the top rated and top performing at the highest level QB we have ever had here. The fact that we have fans trying to discuss scenarios where he would not come in and immediately start just blows my mind. Guys, Gunnell is our day one starter period! There is no question and I promise you he absolutely did not transfer here for any other reason. Littrell needs to stop with the bullshit around who is the guy. He's been playing that game the whole time he's been here and it's not fair to the kids who come here to play QB. A great example is Kason Martin, he should have never been told that he had a chance here to play. Name your day one starter and be honest about it. The players, parents and fans appreciate honesty.
  15. Man Littrell and the staff are really finishing extremely strong. Very encouraging. Also like that this young man is from Houston. Could open up a pipeline.
  16. Why should we care about Hope? She abandoned UNT after we were the only school giving her a scholarship.
  17. I tend to agree with you but now all these private companies have gotten into the mix.
  18. I feel like if we won 6 games but showed improvement we should keep him because he has the new QB and we should give him more than one year to develop. Am I being naive?
  19. In my opinion, this is a game changer for Littrell. With the easy schedule, he may well win 8-9 games with a solid QB like Gunnels. Big win for Littrell. May well get him an extension.
  20. There is no doubt Littrell was especially slow to move to the transfer portal. We are paying the price. NIL is still new. SMU is ranked high because of Sonny and his hard work on transfers.
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