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  1. MeanGreenTexan

    DMN thinks SL is Tech’s #1 choice to replace KK

    With the amount of money we're giving Littrell, if he were to leave, I'm fairly certain if we kept that same kind of salary up for a new guy, we could have the pick of just about any P5 coordinator.
  2. MeanGreenTexan

    DMN thinks SL is Tech’s #1 choice to replace KK

    I believe this to be more true than Lawrence, KS. At least in Lawrence you can always go to Allen Fieldhouse to watch future NBA All-stars play during the winter/spring.
  3. MeanGreenTexan

    DMN thinks SL is Tech’s #1 choice to replace KK

    What happens when a failed regime is booted? You go after someone EXTREMELY similar (former Leach guy, former same-system QB/WR) correct? No, in most cases, people knee-jerk & go a different direction. A defensive guy. A balanced attack instead of spread. etc... Kingsbury is way too close to Littrell in terms of who they are as coaches. And Kingsbury/Harrell... virtually the same dude. Something tells me the boosters would not go for it. I would honestly be MUCH MORE concerned about Kansas than I am about Tech. That is, unless Littrell just blows the lid off of this season & if that's the case, he'll have more than just Tech wanting him.
  4. I'm not sure if he was just over-compensating for this injury (he sure didn't look injured to me last year), and that was causing the mistakes, but of the times I saw him get killed over the past 2 years, his issues were almost always mental. If he can be comfortable in his abilities (off the charts), and just follow coaching without getting frustrated, he's going to have a fantastic year. The tools are there.
  5. MeanGreenTexan

    GAMEDAY 8/15/18 - Exhibition: Stella Azzurra Roma

    New guy on the team, "Woolrdige"... must be foreign. I like his production though!
  6. MeanGreenTexan

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    If NT is going to beat y'all, we have to be ahead by at least 10 going into the 4th quarter, otherwise your lines will start wearing our lines out & take full control like what happened last year @ Iowa.
  7. MeanGreenTexan

    DRC: Pro wrestling coming to Apogee

    The problem is, I don't think many of today's wrestling fans know much about the Von Erichs, let-alone the 3rd generation of them. Kevin & the other brothers were before even my time (Hulk Hogan - Brett Hart years). This isn't really what we're going to be counting on to help fill the stadium. This is just a shout-out to a letterman.
  8. Tipoff at 11:30am Central Time. Is this going to be on streaming on KNTU/somewhere? All I see is that @MeanGreenMBB twitter will have live updates.
  9. We’re also done buying out McCarney this year, right? So we’ll have that extra cash to play with. As for Jalie, I think it would take a pretty sweet gig to pry her away. This is her Alma Mater!
  10. MeanGreenTexan

    Kansas Coaching Candidates - Seth Littrell

    Apparently the buffets are pretty good there.
  11. MeanGreenTexan

    Kansas Coaching Candidates - Seth Littrell

    Oh, I don't think it's just UNT VS Kansas. And I completely understand everyone else's argument (mainly coming from their hearts, not their heads) regarding coaching up NT to get a better offer from somewhere else. But Lawrence is almost as close to Muskogee as Denton, and he could definitely do the same kinds of things his mentor (remember, Littrell was on staff at Kansas with Mangino) did while at Kansas. Then, he could have a much higher paying job than NT, building up Kansas, while biding time for Lincoln to get fired at his Alma Mater. That last part could be expedited if his team happened to beat a Riley-coached Oklahoma. That opportunity would come more often when in the same conference as Oklahoma. I'm not trying to say I think this will happen. I'm just trying to say, don't be surprised if it does.
  12. I cannot agree with this more. Unfortunately, in America's climate right now, no one wants to listen to anyone's differing opinions, instead, throw a blanket over everyone who thinks differently than them.
  13. Fine could go down at any time for any reason. Not just because of a sack. Heck, Heisman hopeful Will Grier jacked his finger while scoring a TD last season. Fine has very apparently bulked up quite a bit from his Freshman season. Tough, Strong Dude. Plus, he'll have another offseason of timing with his WRs. I expect pass plays to develop slightly quicker this season. And it's infinitely easier to score more points than the other team (especially with this offense) if you have a defense that can stop the other team from scoring 35+pts/gm.
  14. MeanGreenTexan

    Kansas Coaching Candidates - Seth Littrell

    In any GOOD coach's mind: "If Mike Mangino can coach Kansas to the Orange Bowl, so can I." I think we all believe Littrell is a GOOD coach. Therefore, in Littrell's mind...