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  1. Y’all, If you live in DFW and have any ability, you need to get up to Lovelace to see Trautwein pitch at least once before she graduates. She’s the greatest to ever lace ‘em up for MG Softball. Just on a totally different level. I know UAPB is pretty bad, but to strike out every batter you face is simply incredible at any level. Way to go Hope & way to go Mean Green Softball!
  2. I remember watching James Franklin while he was at Lake Dallas HS back in the late oughts. I can only imagine he was what Vince Young looked like in HS... just on a totally different level than anyone else on the field. Had a nice career at Mizzou, then NFL, then CFL! Hope Mason gets a chance to win this job. If he gets a fair shake (not slighted for his height), it should be his.
  3. Upton reminds me a lot of Kemon. And he was only a Freshman. If Thornton and Davis come in and win both of the starting CB spots, that's one thing. If the coaches decide on Whitlock and/or Gaddie because of Stout's size, they need to come under heavy scrutiny and I would not be surprised to see Stout hit the portal quickly (as he should).
  4. Stout played on the outside for us, not Nickel. And he was definitely the only guy who could consistently cover receivers in Man. Not Whitlock, Not Gaddie, not Cam Johnson.... Stout. No way he doesn't start, unless he's not healthy.
  5. There's no way Upton Stout doesn't start if he's healthy. Dude was a lone bright spot on defense for much of the year.
  6. You're exactly right about the OL & QB situations. One was MARKEDLY better in just 1 season under Coach Bloesch. The other is a returning starter who can manage Littrell's offense well. He's no Mason Fine, but that's a luxury we're not going to get every year. I know we lose Darden, and that's a huge blow, but we'll get Shorter back, and it sounds like Littrell is scheming ways to get both Torrey & Addaway on the field at the same time, which sounds like it could cause all kinds of matchup problems for opposing defenses. How our season will go boils down to the improvement
  7. I was gonna, but now I’m not sure I want to Google search this anymore.
  8. I think most guys know a TEs coach is an actual position coach. And if coach Mays happens to recruit that area, he’s who will be visiting. “Kickers/Punters/Specialists Coach” sounds like the HC doesn’t even trust this guy to do his job ... which is STs Coordinator. I wish they would have just named Petrilli STs coordinator so those other coaches can focus on coaching up the guys at their respective positions while kickoffs/returns/punts/XPs are happening instead of having to “coordinate”.
  9. Wow! Surprised he wanted to take that job. Surely there were other offers, or he could ride another year at Purdue and get better opportunities next year? Best of luck to coach Lutz & the Boilermakers.
  10. Surely Jamiah is graduating & not returning, right?
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