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  1. I hope the door hits his rear on the way out. He was so undisciplined, often getting called for backbreaking unsportsmanlike gameday parking penalties that cost us 15 fans at a time. Clearly in it for himself and the money.
  2. Highly doubtful. Basketball is a little different than football. You can take a team like Gonzaga to a National Championship in basketball. You can't do that in football. I believe we'll have McCasland until Baylor, or some other nearby P5 school comes calling. I would worry more about when Dixon retires in Ft. Worth than Huggy.
  3. Based on Wren's tenure here, and how he handled Benford, WVU fans who are frustrated with Neal Brown are not going to be happy with Wren Baker for the foreseeable future. I would gladly trade them though.
  4. Correct. Anyone who signs out of the portal on the day it opens already had their transfer lined up prior to entering.
  5. Utah State's path looks remarkably like ours (but, Yikes! They have a FCS loss.), with early season drubbings, then beating up on the bad MWC teams and losing to the good ones. It would be a good game for sure.
  6. 2014 is the staff I'm talking about. Galen Scott (as we found out) was not a good hire.
  7. 2 of the 3 that made Memphis a power are now jobless. Odom may not be far behind. Reassemble that staff & the sky's the limit.
  8. I don't see why they can't both be true. ...at least, I hope so. The Lovelace family is definitely on record regarding their relationships with SL. So we KNOW that's true. Whether or not they'd pull their support if SL were fired remains to be seen.
  9. NT's Moral Trophy Case is pretty extensive: Just look at all of that moral hardware! Incredible! #blessed
  10. The only ones who have been vocal about it, and have ties to him are the Lovelaces. They're pretty big. However, we've also been told by another one of the big money donors that Don would fire his own grandmother if she weren't performing. So, who knows?
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