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  1. I'm still in the bargaining phase. This would be a huge hit to our offense if he leaves.
  2. Are y'all his academic advisors? How do y'all know this? There is no mention in those articles that he has not completed his coursework to graduate. Just assumptions. It's not out of the realm for a player to complete their degrees in 3 years.. especially if taking summer-school & Maymester classes.
  3. Jackson can handle the ball if needed... probably about as effectively as Mo. I expect to see a lot more of Jackson next year. Hope he's ready to step up. Maybe someone talks Mo off the ledge? He can still "return" right, since he hasn't actually signed anywhere yet?
  4. Casinos & Restaurants... 2 bad industries to be in at this particular moment. Meanwhile... with so many loopholes in the Tax code, NT's guy is doing just fine.
  5. Going to be tough to replace Hambone, but this guy will likely line up in that spot: https://247sports.com/player/davontae-mccrae-94149/
  6. Didn't know I, and millions of other people, are not a part of the "everyone" demographic. From the very beginning of when I started hearing about it, it was always referred to as "Coronavirus", later the disease it causes, "Covid-19", was designated to specify which one we're talking about since there are tons of different Coronaviruses. The only time I've ever heard it called "Wuhan Virus" and the like is by folks trying to gaslight others into distrusting China. It is definitely racism for some. For most, it's political, since China is considered an economic rival. So anything we can do to make China look bad, is good for the U.S., right?
  7. I wasn't necessarily making an argument... more, stating an observation. And the bolded is probably the reason for many. Some people can be so cold-hearted... it's sad. It's great to see normal people come together for each other though. You see awesome stories of entire elementary school staffs parading around in their cars through their school neighborhoods, lifting their students' spirits; people leaving enormous tips for wait staffs; people leaving toilet paper & hand sanitizers on their porches for their delivery drivers, etc... It's really cool to see.
  8. Oh no. You were clear. But if some folks don't care enough to put others ahead of themselves regarding a pandemic virus that kills... what makes you think those same folks give a flip that others are harassed?
  9. Upgraded IMO: https://dentonrc.com/sports/football-rodney-webb-hired-as-guyer-s-next-head-coach/article_874b2e80-526e-572c-a6e7-8d04bca835a4.html?fbclid=IwAR21ugwSeVAKp0XcuBpytlS5CU8qrHFjygYB_Rjj2_vZPu_B3SPhHD-zDg4
  10. I think NT leadership has put us in a good enough spot that we'll be OK. It's schools like LA-Mo, LA-La, LATech, SJSU, and other FCS/DII schools in California,Louisiana & other struggling states that are already skating on extremely thin ice financially who may suffer a terrible fate.
  11. But you're admonishing a type of people (not saying Rick is, because I know he's social distancing in the best of ways...with a rod/reel) that are already pissed off that they have to put normal life on hold to help keep those at elevated risk safer. They nod in agreement when morons like Dan Patrick tell all our elderly/immunocompromised to take one for the team. They don't really care about putting others risk.
  12. ... including an Oklahoma transfer who was an All-American from Southlake! https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/3/23/womens-soccer-soccer-bolsters-midfield-with-signing-class.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0NuKas-cHuj3cjbNnq6-xeWQUH0SFaSLsNt5O_OhPRofR2KhuccrrQazA
  13. But both of those examples seem political, and not testimonies of his character. Again, there are tons of political reasons I'm not a fan of President Obama, but he seems to be a good person. Not a perfect person, no one is, but someone I could at least trust to not purposefully inflame an already fragile relationship with a cold rival by referring to a global pandemic as "The Chinese Flu" or "Kung Flu". How sorry is that? Let's not even bring up where he likes to grab unwitting females, or the very odd comments about his own daughter that 99.99999999% of fathers would never even think, let alone say.
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