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  1. I’ll give you SMU. I said they were the best team we play all year before the season started. Charlotte & SoMiss... I dunno.
  2. I'm glad the guys were able to go on the road against a bad MT team and dig out a win. That's something Littrell has struggled to get the team to do during his time here. Having been at Apogee for all 3 of the previous games, I wonder if the lack of a crowd is playing a factor in how the team is playing: Normally, on defensive 3rd downs, Apogee can get rocking. That has certainly not been the case this year. Also, the "North"/"Texas" chant has been downright embarrassing, and probably needs to be shelved for this season. The band is way smaller than normal, ergo: not as loud.
  3. Headline has been completely buried here: Congratulations to your family Billy, & a hearty welcome to the newest member of the Mean Green Nation (and to "team Aune" 😂)!
  4. I know this wasn't 2001, but any time the old SBC rivalry with MTSU is brought up:
  5. I mean, Let's not forget that Charlotte just came into Apogee and whipped our a**es... I'm assuming that was a consideration in his decision.
  6. I didn't say anything about "censorship bias". What is the bias you're referring to? Political happenings in Kyrgyzstan? What's biased about that? You know what I don't see? I don't see "Gotcha Biden" or "Gotcha Trump" threads..., (YES EITHER/OR, I DON'T CARE!) and I'm very happy about that, because it really mucks up this site.
  7. Mo Gibson mentioned as an impact transfer to Oklahoma as well.
  8. With the way he's put everything he's got into the past 3.5 seasons, he absolutely deserves to be the record holder for all 3 and I'm rooting for him to do so. Sure-fire NT HOF'er. He got drowned out quite a bit with JG and Rico here, as well as Lawrence, but he held his own & was producing that whole time. Now it's JD's time to shine. With the way everyone looks back so fondly on Brelan Chancellor, I think we'll look back even more fondly on JD when his time here is done.
  9. Absolutely. It has to go both ways. I said the same thing about Bean a few weeks ago too. Glad he kept ready, despite several on here claiming he was pouting on the sidelines. His performance Saturday did not look like a mopey/defeated guy to me.
  10. Yes. The eligibility clock is frozen for all Fall sports this season. Also, the NCAA just announced last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago) that the Winter sports will also have a frozen eligibility clock. Spring sports athletes had theirs frozen last Spring, but might have them frozen again!
  11. Harry owns this board. He can do with it what he pleases! If he says no political talk until after the election, he can do that, and we must follow his rules. You should be on board with that, right? Private Enterprise. This ain't a taxpayer-funded message board! The only rights anyone has here are ones Harry allows us to have! 🤣
  12. You're not going to find contentious, dichotomous stances around political unrest in Kyrgyzstan like you do in threads about Trump/Biden. That's why.
  13. The Mean Green runs RPO with Aune, just not as well:
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