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  1. Yeah. These guys have seen us enough to not be surprised at our defensive tenacity & pace of play. If we get down double-digits early again (heaven forbid 22-2 again!), I think Coach Kennedy will be able to scheme a way to keep that lead.
  2. They have some dude nicknamed Jell-O.
  3. …for what they are…. *checks D1 defensive rankings. Don’t have to look very long since “we are” the #1 friggin team in the country!* Agrees with the sad badger fan.
  4. I’m more positive about this than I am Wisconsin didn’t score a single point over the last 9 minutes of an elimination game against the Mean Green. And I’m pretty sure that just happened.
  5. The fact you can put those two performances in the same sentence & not be mocked into oblivion says it was simply amazing. So proud of this team! Looking forward to them returning with hardware.
  6. We’ve come a long way brother. Now 2 stadiums later!
  7. The GOAT. https://meangreensports.com/honors/north-texas-athletics-hall-of-fame/marilyn-marin/162 She'll probably never be caught.
  8. I have a feeling she's going to finish her career here as the #2 goal scorer in NT history. She's a game-changer.
  9. Yeah, and Seth no-doubt told him that during his recruitment!!!1!!
  10. Coach O & staff are going to really have to work to keep him through December. Those other schools are not going to leave him alone. And watch the NIL$ offers start rolling in. Glad Mr. Jones is on board though!
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