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  1. MeanGreenTexan

    Our players were not game day ready!

    Helps when the opposing team is constantly starting on NTs side of the field due to blocked punts & interceptions/fumbles. Defense can’t stop those from happening! Their run game killed us as their OL basically picked up every single block every time, and their pass game was good, but not great. They were able to stretch the field like we would have if Mason was in. This game would not have ended anywhere remotely like it did with the heart & soul (never mind OPOY) of the team injured in the 1st quarter.
  2. MeanGreenTexan

    Our players were not game day ready!

    Gave up a big play. Bounced back & scored. 14-7 when Mason went out... Then the snowball started with TOs & inability to move the ball.
  3. MeanGreenTexan

    Our players were not game day ready!

    We’re y’all watching the same game as me? I imagine UTSt likely would have looked like us if Love went down in the 1st quarter instead of Fine.
  4. MeanGreenTexan

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    Mason in the injury tent.
  5. MeanGreenTexan

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 New Mexico Bowl Game Thread***

    No Bussey in WR pregame drills. 😕
  6. MeanGreenTexan

    Vito update on Rico

    I have no doubt he'll be out there, but you gotta at least put the 'questionable' tag on him... you know, just in case gangrene sets in or something.
  7. MeanGreenTexan

    Vito update on Rico

    I heard Hedlund's leg was amputated.
  8. MeanGreenTexan

    UAB's new stadium is unbelievable!

    That's a lot of upper-deck seating for a 55K stadium. & yeah, half (if not more) of the seats are in the end zones. Very odd design.
  9. MeanGreenTexan

    UAB's new stadium is unbelievable!

  10. MeanGreenTexan

    UAB's new stadium is unbelievable!

    Get some awesome tarps made like Rice?
  11. MeanGreenTexan

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    I watched this video: And Mason's comments at the end struck me. This will be the first game NT has NOT been favored in since Arkansas. The expectations are off of the Mean Green's shoulders now, and firmly on USU's. So the pressure is off. They can go out and "have fun" (re: play loose, without expectations). This should work well for us, especially if we're within 1 score in the 4th quarter. And I fully expect to be close since we've not trailed by more than 1 score for the entire year. If the rest of the team feels like Mason, I'm starting to think this game will go one of 2 ways: 1. The game will end in a hurry because the guys will come out loose & ready, pour on a bunch of points quickly, and make USU believe they can't win without their coach & fold. 2. The game will be extremely close & NT digs out the win like they often did last year when they didn't have expectations (Army, ODU, UTSA...).
  12. MeanGreenTexan

    SMU has lost QB Hicks

    Oh man, if that happens, you’ll hear a roar of cheers erupt from all C-USA West teams!
  13. MeanGreenTexan

    DRC: Breaking down the New Mexico Bowl

    If you guys run a true 34, it's not like ours. Our defense is the 335 defense from Rocky Long's tree. I looked to see if you guys had played SDSU recently, and you did in 2016, but y'all were also 3-9 that year, so obviously, much has changed.
  14. MeanGreenTexan

    '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    Lol. Oops! I thought coach Bro really liked me and thought I was a spectacular QB! No offer from USC? OK. Better come back to coach Wells with hat in hand.
  15. MeanGreenTexan

    New Mexico Bowl - Roll Call

    Let's hear it Who's going? I'll be there & will likely be at the Mean Green Night Out on Friday night, here: From 7:00pm - ?? Then, at the Saturday morning tailgate.