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  1. They're not "scared", it's a financial decision. I understand it, but I don't know why Hocutt would have agreed to it originally (wasn't it last year?), then about face. He's just needlessly spending his boosters' money. Let them buy us out at the agreed price... but it comes with 3 future basketball games in Denton. Then, we can turn around and use some of that buyout $ to bring in a SBC/C-USA team and pad the schedule some.
  2. Yikes. Good catch. For me, 2022 was mainly spent pining for Littrell to go. I thought he did worse, but you’re right, we played in a CCG! 😂.
  3. I dunno if this is making a good point for him moving to them or not. I'm pretty sure he came here because he knew he had a great shot of starting, since we also "lost our QB room"... in saying Chandler Rogers left. (I don't think SE is going to win us more than 2-3 games). I believe, TXSt also had deLaura committed when CMorris committed here. That guy has since been kicked off their team for being a scumbag. So they still have an empty QB room. Meanwhile, we're hedging our bets with Reese Mooney. Doesn't exactly scream, "We're committed to CMorris!!" to me. As for how I can definitively say TXSt better than us right now: UNT: 5-7 (down from 6-7) TXSt: 8-5 (up from 4-8) Common opponent: both losses to UTSA, but ours was worse. The QB in question would kinda tip the scales a little in our favor maybe, especially if TXSt goes into their season with the QBs on their current roster, I dunno.
  4. Me reading too much into this graphic regarding the player on the right's availability tomorrow:
  5. Didn't we pick up Jamario after that bowl game? And yes, if all things were equal, you're absolutely right. An 8-win team carrying impressive momentum (doubling their win total from the previous season) in the AAC VS SBC would likely be a no-brainer choice for the AAC school. But things are not equal. UNT REGRESSED from the previous season. Our momentum is going the wrong way. If Kinne is able to sell recruits on being the next ranked team in the SBC (like AppSt, Louisiana, Troy, Coastal, & JMU), because his team is on the up-&-up, that may weigh more than Coach Morris' pitch... whatever that is right now... who is spinning wheels as far as results on the field are concerned. I bet Kinne's goals next year are pretty high, and not playing in the 1st Responder bowl again. With everything we lost in the offseason, UNT's should realistically be somewhere around #hit6, which would be an improvement. Not to mention (coming back to the original argument), the target recruit in this scenario has his father on the coaching staff of 1 of the schools now, which only adds a little more strength to TXSt's pull.
  6. Yeah, if Memphis decides they want to play, they're a problem. I don't know if they'll flip that switch with a Championship on the line, or they may fold in the early rounds if they continue playing this half-hearted basketball they've been playing lately. And yeah, a healthy UNT should worry every AAC team.
  7. Oh, I'm definitely not saying he's going to follow Gilbert to UT. I doubt UT even has room for him. I'm just not sure his heart is in the game, and without Gilbert here, he may not really want to give it a go here. Maybe he's developed a relationship with Coach Cobbs, and decides to stick around & play to his potential. Fingers crossed.
  8. We need to consider Bradford's history over the past few seasons, and yes, Gilbert was a huge influence in Tre's life in H.S. He was definitely a reason, if not THE reason, Bradford signed-on here. With Gilbert gone, and looking at his previous stops, I'm not holding my breath.
  9. TX St. destroyed an AAC team in their bowl game last season. Some student-athletes think winning is a big deal, I suppose some do not... doubtful though. I see my opinion is not a popular one. Sorry folks, the truth hurts sometimes. I certainly hope CMorris believes he's the missing piece to get NT back to winning football games. Equally, I hope he pays off on that confidence. He has to show up here first.
  10. Several of y'all are sort-of neglecting the fact that TXSt is a better football team than we are at the moment, so that should also be a factor. Pair the opportunity to play with dad, along with playing on a better team, and you have a cause for concern. If Chad went to UTEP, I wouldn't be as concerned. If it's just about playing under Chad, I suppose that's not out of the realm that he would want to do that in his final year. But that's where we need Coach Brophy and Coach Morris to remain in constant pursuit of him until he's on campus.
  11. Huge blow to us as far as recruiting goes. His presence on staff was much more impactful than Coach O's, IMO. With this move, I highly doubt we see Tre Bradford here next season. As for Coach Gilbert, he's certainly doing what's best for him & his family. "Coaching" TE's in this offense is a joke... as there are none.
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