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  1. That was his line. But when your limited donor base is already shelling out buyouts for the previous AD & football HC, you're really out of money to buyout another contract... until you build up the donor base with more people.
  2. Yes, money on the side... sure! If the drummer makes money on his gigs, he should report it (haha, doubtful). Same with a student athlete's likeness being used, or an autograph session, or whatever else they hustle on the side to earn money. That money should be taxable... but has no bearing on a scholarship and should not make the scholarship taxable.
  3. If a music student received a scholarship because they were an elite jazz drummer, but they had side gigs over the weekends that paid well, should that musician have to pay taxes on their scholarship? If a photography student received a scholarship for their talents, but sold some of their pictures on the side, should that student have to pay taxes on their scholarship? This is no different.
  4. No doubt. Ivey carried that team, and almost won it for them in regular time. He's going to be a superstar next season. Likely in the Naismith running. I'll piggyback though: Javion's floaters in the lane. Purdue had no answers defensively. He'd just dribble into the no-man's land and put one over their bigs again & again. Nova's insane, unconscious 3-pt shooting for the last part of the 1st half just burried us. I just sat shaking my head for that entire last 10 minutes or so before halftime... what could we do?
  5. He's going to be coaching Lofton from LATech and Jaden Ivey from Purdue, the stud who single-handedly kept the tourney game close. He'll also get to bounce ideas off of some awesome coaches: Jamie Dixon (TCU), Mike Boynton (OKSt), and Jerod Haase (Stanford). https://www.usab.com/mens/u19/roster.aspx
  6. Have you heard of any talks about having some kind of NCAA waiver for the next 4 years to accommodate the eligibility freeze of 2020/21? Seems like that kind of thought would have entered their minds prior to extending the freeze. I don't think Title IX would be affected since it would apply to all student athletes... just does the AD have the funds for the additional scholarships they would be carrying the next 4 years (which, if that's a problem, we shouldn't be a D1 school).
  7. https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/6/16/mens-basketball-mccasland-named-court-coach-for-team-usa-u19.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3pGRFOPIohF9akZF65JAd2gv9OeP7SKmTQN0rQkw2AKmFOYkZ81r_fyK0 Maybe it will yield a recruit or two?
  8. The game has changed a lot lately. The idea of a true Shaq-like Center just camped out on the block isn't happening anymore. I think @BillySee58 had a breakdown of minutes shared at the 5 last year between Zach, Abou, & Thomas Bell, who will play that role in a "small lineup" sometimes. Wright will definitely be playing that shot-blocking, rim-protecting role defensively though (he's #6 on UW's all-time blocks list). He pulled down 113 boards last year as well. I wouldn't expect a ton of minutes with both Wright & Ousmane on the floor at the same time, unless there's so
  9. Not really necessary anymore with the addition of Wright and every minute he played (for 1 year) would dampen Abou's development. Need another wing who can play defense & hit from distance.
  10. Hey, 1st Team All-Conference Kick Returner is pretty good!
  11. Deion has graduated. I know Shorter was a track star. Not really sure who the fastest guy is now.
  12. Waste. Wouldn't touch this dude with a 10-ft pole if I were Syracuse.
  13. Ideally, Aune will improve from last season's serviceable play. If Aune wins the starting job over Ruder, I'm sure he'll play well enough to win games. QB play was not an issue last year, maybe with the exception of the UTSA game. The flip-flopping between the two was definitely distracting, but both played well enough to win. It shouldn't be an issue this year either. The make-or-break for this team is entirely on defense. Aune (or Ruder) will look like a superstar if the defense can keep opponents to less than 30/gm average, which would be almost 13ppg better than last year'
  14. Yep! Check the source. Rothstein is a b-ball guy.
  15. Nice! Should be a good challenge for the guys as Nevada is usually a pretty good team.
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