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  1. -1 not from me. If someone at NT or any other G5, or even most P5 schools, said this, yeah, I'd agree. But Clemson is one of the few NFL factories. Almost every player from there gets drafted or a UDFA shot in the league. So he and his teammates are coming from a different place when they say that.
  2. So that pretty much iced that he’s a blue shirt. He’ll show up on the first or second day of classes and his schollie will roll over to 2021’s count, right?
  3. Working with his old HS coach when he was at Locust Grove. Glad he's getting to tutor Drummond as well. Drummond will basically be getting a redshirt year this year. Mason will be teaching him all kinds of things in prep for his time with the Mean Green.
  4. You know what helps that 99% recovery rate more than anything? The fact that blanket safeguards like stopping people from packing stadiums/concerts/etc... and just generally not going out if you don't really have to... plus masks and whatever other safeguards people are doing for themselves. This keeps the "curve" flattened just enough so there are healthcare resources to provide those who have serious fights with this virus a chance to live. Remove all of that stuff and imagine showing up to the hospital with severe symptoms. The triage nurse decides if you're worth treating over the myriads of others who are presenting in the same way, or leaving to fend for yourself (re: die) based on some rubric of your symptoms. That's a very real scenario if/when the healthcare system gets too taxed.
  5. No GB, don't spread out on a 100X53.5 yard field! Stay up in a 30X30 foot section of the stands. It's much safer. I would be very surprised if the GB is very big this year. It should probably be something only a little larger than the b-ball band.
  6. This won't have any kind of impact on his team. Let's be honest, Softball is not a revenue generator. The scholarship money each player receives per year (likely partial) is more than the gate pulled from the entire Softball season. So those players don't have the same kind of opportunity as football players, and these ladies are bright enough to know that. Football and Mens Basketball are the two sports that can cover costs and turn profit (and basketball margins are way lower than football outside of places like Duke/Kansas/Kentucky).
  7. Ah! I didn't realize we were upperclassmen-heavy. Hmm... Hopefully he comes back to us. He brings a different RB skillset than the others (a bowling ball).
  8. We have no room for him anymore, right? I didn't think we had room for Keith Jackson, but he's on board now as well. Can we add Johnson? Or do you think Littrell burned that bridge?
  9. Imagine zipping one of those things up around yourself in Apogee on September 5th. You'd literally bake yourself.
  10. We can’t get Jackson too, can we? What are we going to do with all these really good, young, RBs?? Run the Wishbone?
  11. Huh? Yeah, I guess I’m saying he most-likely caught it at a huge gathering of unmasked, loud cheering/yelling people. The timeline of events sorta lends itself to that theory, but I could be wrong. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have caught it by running into a QT for a Dr Pepper & beef jerky afterwards. I dunno.
  12. C-USA likely needs to follow suit instead of looking to find replacement games. It's a bad look, especially if players come down with it during the non-conference schedule.
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