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  1. This is going to get some blowback, but I agree. Especially since some of the opponents would be ranked, and if NT could continue to play at the level we're playing at now, or improve, we'd have an easier time getting ranked as well. 10-3 in the MWC will get more eyes on you (re:votes) than 10-3 in CUSA... ask 2017 FAU.
  2. Awesome opportunity for Woolridge & I bet he has an awesome year.
  3. We’re also bricking the outside of ours to match Apogee.
  4. We have to concede that convenience if we want to continue up the chain. I’m definitely not saying we should park in the MWC forever... The big 12 shakeup is coming, we need to be ready. edit: Of course, the AAC would be preferable between the two.
  5. Except Smith only cared about parties. English is a good dude. He may be injury-prone, but that doesn’t make him of “no significant value”. Im just pointing out, he’s likely the #2 NT on the depth chart for ACU.
  6. Good thing they aren’t the only school in the AAC. However, I doubt Houston would be excited about us joining either.
  7. They still had their OC for our game. Plus, Fine went out when it was 14-7, & our backup QBs threw them 4 or 5 INTs.
  8. Bryce English will be #2 on the depth chart to start the season.
  9. Bingo. Build up your brand Kade. Keep doing what you’re doing. Looks like he’s having a heckuva summer!
  10. I thought it was ultimately the NLI form they actually sign. Those are the guys you can officially announce. Like when Daizon Carroll wasn’t announced last year, but showed up this year?
  11. Guyton was a 4* out of Allen. Darius Terrell was a 4* out of DeSoto. The Feldt brother that came in from AR was a 4*. We’ve had 4* guys transfer in quite a bit.
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