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  1. Yes. That’s the one. Kinda sleazy recruiting tactics, and maybe he did know more than he says, but he wasn’t the HC, so the buck didn’t stop with him. The PR would probably be rough for a bit, but I think NT could get over that with him. We couldnt with Art.
  2. Kendall isn’t as much of a problem. It’s Dad that would be the issue. Also, I’m not so sure I wouldn’t take a closer look at the coordinator on the other side of the ball in Fayetteville… a guy who’s already close with Wren Baker.
  3. I don’t know why Wood was starting over Nixon. He’s a baller!
  4. Poor Torrey. The OL regression from last year is astonishing.
  5. Poor Torrey out there doing his best…. There’s just too much suck all around.
  6. With what we’re paying Littrell, we’re a top job in G5! This Saban guy could be a top-paid G5 coach with access to the best recruiting grounds in America if he came to Denton. I bet he’d jump at the opportunity. He’s won almost everywhere he’s been. I’m a little concerned about that Miami stop though.
  7. Right, I think that was part of Wren's restructuring deal with him.
  8. Not a good look for him early on as that dollar amount gets published at most places. Then, after NT is done paying, the new school will try and keep that # down. Plus, Littrell’s agent is Jimmy Sexton. He wants to get Seth top top dollar, always.
  9. I think you know you're downplaying LALa's ranking there. They did all of that after coming off a 4-win season. I look forward to doing that next year with OUR new coach. And heaven forbid that 7-5 season is the beginning of UTSA's run to an undefeated season and Peach Bowl win over some SEC powerhouse in 2024. They've already beat Illinois on the road this year. If they happen to win this weekend VS Memphis, I dont see another loss on their schedule (maybe UAB). At least today, while all of this restructure posturing is happening they can argue they're on their way.
  10. I hated Littrell's answer to Vito's question about this play during his presser. "I wish he would've strapped it a little tighter." No S*** man. He gave virtually no props to how much fight Simpson was trying to show at a crux time of the game, or how it energized his team (which he certainly could've been a part of, but refused). The play got everyone up out of their seats and cheering. Capitalize on it and let the crowd feed your players! Heck THAT's the time we should be doing the "NORTH"/"TEXAS" chant.
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