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  1. He's projected as a mid-1st rounder. He ain't coming back.
  2. His feet are going to be better, but I don't know about his arm and pocket presence. Love had more yards & a higher completion% last year. He also had fewer sacks (by a lot). And Love was a Soph last year (VS King, a Jr) & didn't have the luxury of Briles' offense, which is going to be drastically different than Holgorsen's. I guess we'll see. PS. I agree with Fine being taken out (coupled with Bussey, who was already out) turning that game into a blowout.
  3. The driver can stall it out if he's not very good with a stick shift going uphill. The machine is still built & powerful as ever.
  4. I think "building" an offense here is already done. Coach Reeder has been handed the keys to a Ferrari. Don't wreck it.
  5. I’d like to be proven wrong, but from what I’ve seen, Roberts looks better between the 2. We’ll see if Whitlock can come on in the Fall.
  6. Paging @Green P1. I believe he may have some pics for you.
  7. Her presidency was a colossal disaster for UNT athletics.
  8. Yeah. Where's @KingDL1 and his surveillance plane?
  9. Most are the same folks still giving a ton of money today.
  10. I think Smatresk & the newly-appointed BOR Chairman (at the time) are smarter than that. That loss made it painfully obvious, but both of those guys are/were a little more ambitious & hands-on than their predecessors. I truly believe it would have happened regardless, and yes, unfortunately those 2 buyouts extended Benford for a year.
  11. I'd rather have saved the record-setting embarrassment and just fired McCarney at the end of the year. It's not like we were going to win many (any?) more anyway that season to bring him back. Smatresk was already well aware of what was happening by then. And it's certainly not like McCarney would still be here if that loss didn't happen. We likely would have hired Littrell that offseason regardless.
  12. King is going to be tough. He's a very smart player. But I think Lil' Briles' offense had a lot to do with the explosion of production there. Holgorsen's offense isn't as fast-paced, so maybe his production will slow down a little. Whereas, on the flipside, maybe Reeder's offense will allow Fine's production to increase.
  13. And then blamed it on "...it's still North Texas..." when a bunch of "unrated" or barely 2* guys would show up to Junior Day or sign on the dotted line come signing day. No coach, you have to put forth some effort.
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