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  1. MeanGreenTexan

    Mason Y'barbo Added to Mizzou Staff

    2 guys on the Mizzou staff who could vouch for him, I'm sure. Coach Davis is there now, and Coach Walters from early in his time here.
  2. MeanGreenTexan

    DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook

    Bussey will have all eyes on him with Guyton gone. If his production doesn't dip, he'll get drafted.
  3. MeanGreenTexan

    We have Erection!

  4. MeanGreenTexan

    '20 LB Cooper McDonald (Justin Northwest)

    NT has a high standard for LBs. Pull the trigger & be next in the long line Lil McDonald!
  5. MeanGreenTexan

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    The only "questionable" hire so far has been Cobbs. And that's just because of his lack of experience coaching at the college level. I think he'll do fine. Filling Choice's shoes will be tough though. My interactions with Cobbs VS Choice have been very different. One is ready to chew your ear off & is very emotive. The other is more reserved & humble. Each of those styles can be useful though. There's no question coach Jennings is an upgrade over coach Brown. Most people are excited about coach Reeder replacing coach Harrell. I'm willing to bet with Littrell's Leach/Fedora/Stoops tree connections & Reeder's Gundy tree connections we'll be able to find a great WR's coach.
  6. MeanGreenTexan

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Best of luck to coach Filani. He'll land on his feet for sure. I suppose this means Reeder had someone he wanted to bring with him & Littrell allowed it?
  7. MeanGreenTexan Updated CUSA Top NFL Draft Picks

    You were this close, Ferguson!!
  8. MeanGreenTexan

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Paging @FirefightnRick I'll step back and grab my popcorn now. EDIT: Just my $.02, having deceptive pre-snap movement and tricky running plays incorporated into your Air-Raid playbook cannot be a bad thing.
  9. MeanGreenTexan

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    No no. I don't think Bean's going anywhere. Sorry. I'm talking about Reeder.
  10. MeanGreenTexan

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Pure speculation.
  11. MeanGreenTexan

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    ... if he's still around. We'll see.
  12. MeanGreenTexan

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Play to your strengths:
  13. Even then, that's Torrey's time to pad stats. Vanilla playcalling to reduce risk.
  14. 1. Fine WON the reps in practice during his Freshman year. He's a better QB. 2. Wasn't Harrell also coaching QS and the others? 3. I'm willing to bet that if QS got every single rep with the 1's (which is what I think you mean... because he's certainly not just standing around for every single practice), he would still be way less effective than Fine. Not a knock on QS, rather, heaping praise on our school's greatest QB of All-time. Are we really having this conversation? We may not see another QB that can do "the things Fine can do" in our lifetime. Soak it up for 1 more year! 4. Backup QBs only get in for mop-up duty or injury anywhere. Not just here. If you're up big, you're not going to call a bunch of pass plays. And I'm willing to bet that quite a few of the plays QS "took off" on, were pass plays. He's a runner, that's what he did. Came in handy VS FAU, as they continued to defend against him like a passer & he shredded them. UTSt was obviously a little more prepared for that. 5. You're vastly overrating my love life over the past 2 years. I will say though, that if some aged, loud woman barged into my bedroom asking me to rock her world, she would be beaten nearly to death & dragged out before I could even say anything because my wife enjoys my suffering.