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  1. If I'm Memphis, I have my eye on him. Memphis will probably lose Norvell this year, and they can money-whip Clark to leave a G5 HC job to take another G5 HC job.
  2. That was the designed play to get him the ball coming up the court. Coach knew OU was going to try and disrupt the inbound pass there, so he drew up the give-and-go so Mo could bring the ball up the court. Of course, he's a shooter, so their perimeter D is going to collapse on him as he gets close to the line. That's what left Bell open.
  3. Colorado St. feels like they already have their man with Tony Alford, OHSt Asst. Coach & COSt. Alumnus.
  4. Oh, I know. I wish we would have had Mo & Draper planted at the 3pt line on the other end, ready to shoot, but I guess you need a guy you can trust to bring the ball up the floor first before finding the shooter.
  5. And he had Simmons' hand in his face too. It wasn't like Simmons did a poor job defending there... just gotta hand it to that guy. I really thought Bell was going to introduce himself to the Mean Green fans with his last shot. Dang.
  6. Oh, come on!! You can't just drop that here with no names...
  7. Well, most of us thought this season was going to be a continuation of the 9+win trend, and we finished in the toilet. I hope next season maybe surprises us going the other direction, and we win more than what we're expecting. I know Fine is gone, and that is going to hurt bad, but we all thought the same thing when the indispensable Jeff Wilson graduated after 2016, and look what happened the following year! We'll see what changes/hires are made, what recruits sign on the dotted line, and if we get any transfers... There is a lot of moving parts prior to starting Spring Practice and next season.
  8. I think he's defending what Littrell has done here so far, and some people can only see through the lense of our own past... so he has to bring up 1-11. 1 down year is somewhat acceptable (it's a tough pill to swallow, though) when having 9 win seasons in between. Now, if next season is another 6-win or less season, then I'll start getting nervous.
  9. One more ride together for Fine & Hamilton.
  10. I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with. Some of the size is the remnant of his redshirt Seniors from previous classes with clock stoppage. He's losing the rest of those guys this year (like that Marino guy who gave our OL fits both times we played them). With Spencer Brown gone next season, do you still anticipate a heavy dose of the run game on offense from them?
  11. Bloomgren's getting a bunch of players from outside of Texas. He'll get his team up to 6-6/7-5 level and plateau there. We'll see about Clark. He's a fantastic coach, and still had a handful of old guys playing for him this year. His main offensive weapon was Spencer Brown who is graduating this year. His offense could look completely different next year. Like it or not, if you want to attract top Texas talent, you need to run a similar type of offense to what they run in high school so they can identify with what you're doing. Littrell does that, and the talent is starting to come in. Also, no one has a problem with the offense or defense when we're smashing UTSA 45-3... it's only when we're losing.
  12. We only have our own past to compare to. Unfortunately, today's offenses (with the exception of the triple-option) do not satisfy the old-school guys' appetites for defense first, and establishing the run to set up the run again.
  13. Right, but bringing an additional LB down is easier to blitz (& disguise blitz) with 4 of them. More ground to cover for the nickle if he were to blitz in the 3-3-5
  14. With the way Littrell just let Garrison Johnson walk away, I highly doubt it.
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