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  1. ...or SMU. Sonny saw first-hand what Tre is capable of.
  2. I think this guy would like to have a word.
  3. Dang. This one is the worst one so far. Tre can get north-south quickly, and with steam. He's going to make some team very happy. Gotta think the crowded RB room was the cause here. There just aren't very many touches to go around for all of these studs, especially if they feel like they should be a bell-cow RB (which, I can understand if Tre thinks he should be). Glad Tre got his degree & wish him well moving forward.
  4. Sparks of brilliance mixed with injuries. Sad it didn't work out. I'm glad he got on the field with us when he did and wish him the best moving forward.
  5. If we've learned anything about Littrell, it's that once you're not 'bought-in', he doesn't want you. Not a single player in the portal will be returning.
  6. Hoping the new DC can get more out of this guy in particular. He was virtually non-existent last season. He has all the tools.
  7. Wasn't it also you that said you saw Kirby Smart was stepping down at Georgia to "take on a new challenge" as NT's DC?
  8. Burke was pushed out the door. Wait, Is this breaking news? Did we already knows Mathies and Jennings (another good friend of Littrell's) were gone?
  9. So far, no big deal on these transfers. Now if we lose Stout, either Murphy, or Novil to the transfer portal, we're in trouble.
  10. He was a starter. If he got his degree, I'm proud to have him as a fellow alum. That said, I think we upgrade at whatever position he would have played in the new defense with one of the younger guys. He did not play well for us last year.
  11. He could if he's unable to find a way to make that hire! The buyout is steep. If he can't come up with the funds for it, and waits it out, he wouldn't be a very good AD. I think he can/will. I'm just saying, his life isn't cushy right now.
  12. McCasland, is helping for sure. But we're in Texas after all... if you run an athletic department at a D1 school, and your football program is dragging ass, your seat can't be comfortable. As great as ladies soccer, softball, volleyball, golf, etc... are, or can be at times, they are tertiary when considering an AD's effectiveness. Ask RV.
  13. Hindsight is clearly 20-20 here. When Littrell signed the last deal, it was EVERYONE'S extension. There were maybe a handful of people around here who were pissed about him losing the NO Bowl & NM Bowl, but for the most part everyone was extremely nervous when Littrell flirted with KSSt. & were 99% on-board with an extension to keep the best up-and-coming HC in C-USA at North Texas... at least until the next P5 school came calling the following offseason. Flash-forward & here we are, 2 years later (2 years without Harrell?)... the regression is STAGGERING. I don't b
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