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  1. This is also very true. That's why it's so important for Basketball to do well this season while football is in a down year. It's even more important that Seth gets it together next season and gets back to competing for the conference championship.
  2. Great points. The last one makes me sad. Do you not recall the 2015 WKU squad? They ran absolutely roughshod over all of CUSA that year. No other team has come close to dismantling the conference like they did that year since we've been a part of it. Their closest Conference game was a 17pt blowout of Southern Miss in the Conference Championship game. How were they rewarded for such a dominating run through our conference? NY6 Bowl? A matchup with a respected P5 school?... Nope. ...With a trip to the now-defunct "Miami Beach Bowl" VS the AAC's 4th place team: South Florida. Of course, WKU dispatched South Florida with ease because they were so good... but the issue was with perception of C-USA. The conference is just not very good & certainly not respected. If you'd forgotten about that squad, that further proves the point many here are trying to make. If WKU would have made that kind of run through the MWC or the AAC, no-doubt they would have played in the NY6 game. This iteration of C-USA CANNOT be UNT's final resting place. Onward & upward... we just have to make it happen, by any non-cheating means necessary... if that could mean going West for a few years, so be it. Of course, it's all moot since there's no invite. But we'll see what happens when the next shakeup occurs. As for Boise, they've established their brand/perception as winners with the general football-watching public, and I'm not sure a move to the AAC would help them as much as it would help the AAC.
  3. Apparently not every opportunity? The "logic" is a bet on ourselves. Is North Texas really 'for real'? Do we have what it takes to succeed at a higher level than C-USA? If so, then the next opportunity that presents itself (we're likely not going to get a Big12 or SEC invite anytime soon) needs to be jumped on to continue moving up. In the current landscape, that would leave the AAC & MWC. And I think everyone mentions the MWC more just because there would ideally be interest in getting back into Texas from MWC schools. That may or may not be true, but if they decided to, and North Texas was a desired target, then we'd be stupid not to take their invite. If travel costs for our Olympic teams is a problem, or, if coughing up the transition fees is a problem, then we're obviously not 'for real', and may not ever be able to advance. If our fans are pissed because they might have to stay up a little late for maybe 2 games per year, or get mad because they can't drive to San Antonio or Houston for an away game, then they're stuck in the comfort of what we already have, and we may not ever be able to advance.
  4. Not wanting to advance the program due to comfort/financial concerns is very much a part of "old Denton".
  5. If I didn’t have hope, I wouldn’t be a Mean Green fan! 😂
  6. Tim Krueger at Stadium has us holding steady at a 13 seed VS Butler in the West region... with a juicy potential Sweet 16 matchup VS Ryan Woolridge & the Bulldogs of Gonzaga. He also has 4 of the 8 teams we lost to also in the field: Dayton, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, & Vermont. If UTSt can get hot, they may also make the field as well.
  7. No, not at all. There was a lot of hush, hush around Kobe's case. There was a flat-out lie admitted in the Duke LAX case.
  8. Seems like, for whatever reason, society gives the "all time greats" a pass. Look at Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, and to a lesser degree, Bill Cosby. But the dichotomy of how society in general views Mike Vick to this day (despite him spending time in prison) VS how Kobe is viewed (apparently, sainted) is odd.
  9. I mean, look at what just happened here folks: A Special Teams coach at a P5 school that’s on the upswing, decides to leave that role in order to take the same role @ North Texas, likely with a pay cut. That should speak volumes to direction we’re trending that a guy would prefer to make a lateral move, role-wise, from a P5 to a G5. Very glad to have him back if this is indeed happening.
  10. Definitely worth a shot! All of those offers are pretty old, but he still got an offer from Iowa in October, so a traditional B1G school thinks he can play for them... Hopefully he likes what he sees here. Wish we could get a DL coach in place so Wright could meet his coach during his visit.
  11. Right, but my point is, the people who DON'T subscribe to the DR-C (which apparently that number is growing daily), won't care about that repercussion... We'll be too busy being exited we're competing in the more-viable MWC.
  12. Wonder if this offer means we're still keeping a spot open for Kerl & checking in on him. If we would have pulled a good offer, I'm pretty sure the Nolan coaches probably wouldn't let us in the door.
  13. 2 things here. 1. This was a home game. Don't blame the time zone on the DR-C's ineptitude. 2. All newspapers are dinosaurs. They will all likely go the way of shopping malls as more and more old folks die & online content is easier to access. There is exponentially more of it for each game we play anyway. Brett needs to look around for other job opportunities because his time writing for the DR-C will not last much longer.
  14. Softball's quick turnaround was certainly a nice surprise last season. But there were no expectations last year, so they could fly under the radar a little. Now, lets see how they do with the target on their backs. Let's go ladies!
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