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  1. Highsmith is gonna be a problem. Like Ximines from ODU last year.
  2. I completely agree. But if we're talking critical points of a tight game, I have no idea why we would want to take Fine off the field just to give a different look... ever.
  3. Wildcat? Neither one would be in for a wildcat. Look, maybe we just let Mason play his final season, and hit big-time clutch throws like the one to Darden to put us in easy FG range for a game winner while we still have him. Next year, we can worry about Bean's strengths/weaknesses and how to scheme with him.
  4. Because in order to do that you’d have to take THE GREATEST QUARTERBACK UNT has ever had off the field on 3rd down. That’s why.
  5. Did you used to post here under a different handle? Maybe a handle that started with our Alma Mater’s initials & ended with a number between 89 & 91? If I’m Charlotte’s AD and/or President, I ask ESPN to modify their abbreviation of my school ASAP. ‘CHR’ would be great, thank you.
  6. Agree. Shorter was producing pre-Bussey-injury, since then, we've been floundering to find some production outside of him, Lawrence, & Darden, and a little from Greg White. We got a taste of Simpson VS Houston and SoMiss, but I was happy to see Ogunmakin start making splashes, finally. The more we can spread the ball around to all of these guys, the better it's going to work out for Fine.
  7. I hate this dude. I just hate the idea of technology running a game... and you know there's going to be a story about 5 years after robo ump's debut that some programmer modified strike zone code during games for $.
  8. Oh boy... It's time to hijack a thread with that age-old sports argument! Why folks don't like the DH in today's baseball, I'll never know. I think it's just an indoctrination thing. Something about "purity"... blah, blah, blah. The game has evolved since back in the day when Babe Ruth was pitching and raking. With how pitchers have become specialized, and how (outside of a small handful of them... and even then, they're just OK) they're completely worthless at the plate; why is having the pitcher bat better than having someone who is more skilled bat in their place? I'm a Braves fan. Warren Spahn is the winningest lefty of all time. He played for 21 years, and hit... .194 with 35 home runs. That is top 3 all-time in HR's for a pitcher. And he played in that in-between time period. Nowdays, you look at a guy like Madison Bumgarner as a Unicorn. Give me Edgar Martinez over Bumgarner at the plate every day though.
  9. I think everyone is just lamenting that if UNT were in SMU's shoes (undefeated & top-20 ranking), Apogee would be over capacity every week. And the fact it's SMU that's having the attendance struggles gives folks a distraction from the lackluster year we've had so far.
  10. What do you mean here? Everyone on the coaching staff with the exception of Reffett will be fired? Everyone on the coaching staff with the exception of Reffett will be following Seth Littrell to his new gig at a P5? Something else?
  11. UTSA almost beat us last year as well and we saw how that turned out. Anything less than 4-1 is unacceptable the rest of the way unless Fine goes down.
  12. Scherzer/Strausburg VS Verlander/Cole sets up to be a fantastic WS.
  13. If that were the case, we would already have the Mean Green cricket! I don't care how many wasps y'all saw, the crickets at Fouts had them outnumbered 100:1.
  14. Some serious tackling issues during this game. Gonna need to shore that up because LeMay (although underperforming) can burn us.
  15. I saw it on here earlier in the week. Someone copy/pasted from the C-USA site.
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