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  1. Who “took shots” at Bennett? I said he’s going to have to cobble together the best coaching season of his life without KD to even remotely approach last year’s defense. I think that may have been the only mention of him (at least that I saw). Certainly not a “shot” at him. As for Littrell, he’s made his own bed. He can deal with the mess of emotional fans.
  2. *Concerned Dad Voice* KD, don’t you EVER run out in the parking lot again!! Do you realize what could have happened to you?!?
  3. Last 10 yrs... so 2012-on would exclude guys like Craig Robertson, Tobe Nwigwe, and prior... For me, if you're talking about true LBs, (not the hybrid DE/LB rusher in a 3-man front, or the hybrid S/LB that we've used since 2016) that brings up Orr & Ejiya as tier 1 HOF'ers, before mentioning Derek Akunne & KD in tier 2 (maybe with Brandon Garner) as All-conference superstars. Guys like Courtney Finney & Will Wright (solid players) would be tier 3. If KD comes back, I'd say top 3, just ahead of Akunne. He could have a great season and put his name in the top 5 in tackles in the record books... solidifying himself as a NT HOFer. If he has a spectacular season, he could move past Ejiya, IMO. If he leaves, I'd still have him as top 5 over the past decade based on what he's done. He's a great player!
  4. This would be a huge recruiting win if he returns. And it's also a good reason why Littrell & Co. need to stop being so petty and removing players from the roster as soon as they hit the portal. There's always a chance they could change their minds, but it's hard when it seems like the coaches are acting like they've moved on. Wonder if he's worried he wont get the waiver after waiting so long to transfer? EDIT: KD, if you're reading this, all this butthurt from fans is just a testament to how much we think you're needed for the success of our football team! Come home & help get that elusive bowl win!
  5. Me looking for teams that can beat NT of that slate: LBSt & Vermont are very very good teams though.
  6. This is just said out of familiarity. There are so many better options out there.
  7. No way NT rolls over like that to a 66-7 drubbing VS UTEP. Littrell hasn't lost the team like that. Now, if the net result is the same (the game that forces the realization of decision-makers to make a change at HC), then I'm OK with a loss to a salty UTEP team.
  8. We're 100% in agreement. Thankful for his years spent in Green for sure, and proud to call him an alumni brother. Same with Brammer. I got roasted for posting about how great Hope was doing on her way to the Championship, even though she's also an alumnus. No hate here (unless he winds up at SMU).
  9. I doubt both of those guys move back to Mike though. Both were projected to fight for the Will after Spring Practice, while Brown was projected behind KD. I can maybe see Wood moving back to Mike. I like Nixon outside.
  10. Right (Well, Torrey was a JUCO transfer, so he was already behind), and I'm so glad he did. He's a fantastic player. But just like Brammer, he had another year of eligibility here at UNT, and chose to go elsewhere. Novil & Mose stayed. Those other guys didn't have the covid year to play with, but they still could have utilized the transfer portal & chose not to. He's not quite on Hope's level (an absolute legend who parlayed her success here into a National Championship w/OU), but just like her, he kinda loses a bit of his luster around here by leaving.
  11. Welcome aboard Amarion! Looking forward to keeping up with Horn football this year!
  12. Nevermind. I'm wrong. This would have to be the worst.
  13. This should have been done a long time ago. IMO, as great as Mean Joe Greene was/is, the barrier Haynes & King broke through at North Texas is infinitely more important. And Haynes as a monster in his own right. Kudos to Baker & all involved in finally getting something like this done. Go Mean Green!
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