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  1. Here we are over a month later & almost 2 weeks away from NSD, and… … nothing.
  2. I think a lot of non-NT fans (especially WKU fans) still see us as Javion-less, and he was the motor of last year’s team, so we should be struggling… but we’re not.
  3. One that he most-certainly wouldn’t get, for 2 reasons: 1. He’d be transferring to North Texas. 2. It’d be his 3rd school. Precedent wouldn’t paint a virtuous reasoning for the waiver.
  4. Being the husband of an elementary teacher, I think I can help offer a different point of view here (because I hear about it all the time): Any good teacher who cares for their kids does not want to go virtual... at all. Administration also does not want to do this. I'm willing to bet most parents also don't want to go virtual again either. However, hospitals are starting to fill up again with Covid patients. So, desperate times call for desperate measures. There are some wacky options out there that School districts are trying to utilize (like this weird one in Boston) to keep in-person education happening. I assure you a lot of thought goes into it, and every teacher worth a damn in Boston would rather open their windows ALL THE WAY UP than go back home & try to teach virtually. Granted, Omicron seems to be much less deadly than it's predecessors (normal for viruses to mutate in this way: increase communicability, decrease fatality, to provide itself the best chances of spreading & staying alive), it's still this new virus that we're unsure of. And, the original (much more deadly) SARS-CoV-2 is still out there as well. So we're not yet to the point of going back to normal. Hopefully we can soon. I'm hoping this latest surge of Omicron might be the last one, and we can start getting back to normal after this.
  5. TCU's school is for a MD degree. NT's school is for a DO degree. I believe they'll both remain separate entities, but utilizing the same space. I don't think NT's DO program is going away.
  6. This is what I'm betting. Posting went up online likely means the hire has already been identified.
  7. I was wrong to forget about Adeyi. You could probably argue he was outperforming both Johnson and Ragsdale when at his best.
  8. Bloesch's unit is notably better than Langston's in every way. You can't not notice this. Cobbs' unit was 3-deep (without Adaway), and was able to roll with an entire midseason philosophy shift that put the onus on them to produce the entirety of the offense. You can't have 3 dudes able to do this, seamlessly, without knowing what you're doing. We didn't have fumble issues out of any of them either. That's coaching enhancing their talents. I wouldn't necessarily give Petrilli a lot of credit for the Murphys either. Those guys are obviously very talented. I think a better coach might be able to get more discipline out of them though. I think with Bennett's defense, we saw a case of a rising tide lifting all boats. Be honest, in looking at Passwaters' pedigree, it's not out of line to say he was WOEFULLY underqualified for his position. I think, had Littrell/Bennett retained coach Mathies (a proven DL coach), the DL may have done even better. But again, if bringing Passwaters on was necessary baggage to get Bennett, that's fine. Bennett can coach up his S-I-L to be a good DL coach eventually, I'm sure. He knows what he wants out of DL in his scheme. It just doesn't make Passwaters a good DL coach right now.
  9. This isn't necessarily a glowing endorsement. And honestly, I feel like this is not giving credit where actual credit is due... players' abilities/talents, and Bennett's overall scheme. Also, we found that the oustide rushers (Murphys) were actually moreso under Coach Petrilli than Passwaters. And believe me, I saw with my own eyes, multiple times, when Passwaters would try and coach either Murphy, he was ignored. Look, if having him on staff is what it takes to get Bennett, that's fine. It doesn't make him a good hire though.
  10. Replacing McCormick is going to be as easy for them as replacing Darden was for us.
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