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  1. I believe the answer to fixing the bowls and FBS playoff is so simple that only greed is stopping the powers that be from fixing it. The issue with the end of the season is that we really have no idea how conferences stack up versus one another because most team haven't played a non-conference FBS opponent in 6 weeks or more. But here is how you fix it without unfairly stacking the playoff with teams from the same conference. So now the New Year's 6 Bowls have a deal and let work within this frame work. Four playoff teams will be chosen from bowl winners. Summary: Every P5 Champion gets their choice of Bowl and Top Champion G5 get last choice. Top four team after bowl games to a playoff Rose Pac 12 Champ vs Big 10 Runner up OR Big 10 Champ vs Pac 12 Runner up Fiesta Bowl Top G5 Champion vs at large top 12 Cotton Bowl Big 12 Champion vs At Large top 12 Sugar Bowl SEC Champion vs At Large top 12 Orange Bowl ACC Champion vs At Large top 12 Peach Bowl (Big 10 Champ or Pac 12 Champ) vs At Large top 12 For example this year we would have 6 very interesting bowls 2019 Season Bowls: Rose: 2 Ohio State vs 11 Utah Fiesta: 17 Memphis vs 5 Georgia Cotton: 4 Oklahoma vs 10 Penn State Sugar: 1 LSU vs 7 Baylor Orange: 3 Clemson vs 8 Wisconsin Peach: 6 Oregon vs 9 Florida ---------------------------- We get 6 meaningful games and an potentially undefeated G5 team takes on a P5 runner up in this system. If the top 4 teams take care of business in bowl games they are favored in they go to the playoff. And if any of them go down it creates a ton of interest and another week of great debates making a cause of why your bowl champion team deserves into the playoff. I would much prefer this than a straight 8 team playoff.
  2. Agree 100% I am one the tapped out. I did the season ticket thing but now I just donate what I can afford and go to individual games. I just want go to games in November with 5 wins and a conference title still in reach consistently. Once we get that consistency then the demands to make the next step would be more reasonable. If only Cowboys fans withheld their money demanding excellence like some UNT Alumni and fans do. (Ironic because many UNT Alumni will spend big money on mediocre Cowboys teams but will complain to no end about an extra $5 for anything at Mean Green game.) I never liked he 3-3-5 and Seth's affinity for that defensive scheme concerned me from the start. It is a versatile formation for attacking pass happy spread teams but it shouldn't be the base defense. Maybe if you had 3 of the best DL monsters from Dickey's era with no depth behind them I could see running that as your base. Otherwise I prefer the traditional nickel maybe with one undersize LB with speed.
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