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  1. This year has been crazy and I think they will opt to take this scheduled bye week. But if they wanted to schedule something on the fly, who is available?
  2. One more TD for the good guys on this drive and we got this!
  3. Man it feels good just to have a lead in the second half against at FBS level opponent.
  4. You were right. People just tend to kill the messenger bringing bad news.
  5. The fact that this is a legimate question that requires thought is depressing. My hopes were high for SL's tenure.
  6. Absolutely not you don't want to put this garbage on tape. Losing is one thing, not looking competitive against conference opponents kills your Recruiting.
  7. They don't look like a competitive and well coached team. Relative newbie head coaches "that look up to him" according to the TV announcers for the last two games beat the tar out of this team. If money wasn't an issue he already be on notice that he is coaching for his job the rest of the season.
  8. If he gets another assistant's job and does well he will. But it will be at a more desperate outpost than North Texas.
  9. I believe the answer to fixing the bowls and FBS playoff is so simple that only greed is stopping the powers that be from fixing it. The issue with the end of the season is that we really have no idea how conferences stack up versus one another because most team haven't played a non-conference FBS opponent in 6 weeks or more. But here is how you fix it without unfairly stacking the playoff with teams from the same conference. So now the New Year's 6 Bowls have a deal and let work within this frame work. Four playoff teams will be chosen from bowl winners. Summary: Every P5 Cha
  10. Agree 100% I am one the tapped out. I did the season ticket thing but now I just donate what I can afford and go to individual games. I just want go to games in November with 5 wins and a conference title still in reach consistently. Once we get that consistency then the demands to make the next step would be more reasonable. If only Cowboys fans withheld their money demanding excellence like some UNT Alumni and fans do. (Ironic because many UNT Alumni will spend big money on mediocre Cowboys teams but will complain to no end about an extra $5 for anything at Mean Green game.) I ne
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