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  1. Craig is ANYTHING but a "proud" NT grad. It was nothing positive. They were talking about coaching hot seats, and if anything they pretty much shat on NT for 5 minutes. I don't think anything positive was said.
  2. Wait, we're burying the lead here. $mut has season ticket holders?!
  3. So pretty much everyone sees that it is time for a change. So now, lets make the change....
  4. Liberty, UTEP, and NutsaCK will thump us. Marshall is having a rough year, and we saw how that turned out.
  5. The two richest athletic programs in the nation alternate between tu and Ohio st. And they want even more.
  6. Oklahoma says, "Hold my sister."
  7. Did anyone else get the Tweet notification that Seth was gone, only to open the tweet to see it was from some random fan and posted last night?
  8. Good. Glad to see those dbags lose. I don't know why they get excited at the start of every year? They typically return to mediocrity around mid October.
  9. Anyone talk to When? Let him know people are willing to pitch in to put an end to this dumpster fire.
  10. Enjoy thevUS Grand Prix. It may be the last one. They were having trouble renewing the contract. Cheer on Verstappen, Bottas, and Norris for me. I'll be at work. At this point, I'm glad I couldn't get off. Its not worth burning vacation hours.
  11. What's Doc Holliday doing? I wish we'd give him a call. He was able to produce up there, I know he could do well here.
  12. Ehh yes and no. Remember what happened when Mattress Mac got his panties bunched up?
  13. A birdie told me tonight that when the move to fire DMac was determined, it took half an hour to find the money from three donors. If that's true, it gives me hope. The money IS there. It's just a matter of reaching that point with the people that are footing the bill. It leaked before the Portland St game that McCarney was gone. So maybe the decision has been made, but it's just a matter of getting the donors on board. The money is there, we just don't know if the holdup is Wren, donors, BoR, Neal, etc.
  14. I wish he would too, but he's kind of in between a rock and a hard place. He needs to rebound and show that he still has value as a coach, but in staying to try and prove himself, he just makes himself look worse.
  15. What if you compare him to me? Then he may look good. Maybe?
  16. I left late third. I guess that all happened after I was gone, but I definitely saw quit and defeat on the sideline.
  17. The only chance we have to win another game this year is with an interim coach.
  18. It was pretty quick. Seth sounded defeated. I was hoping maybe he had seen the pink slip on his desk when he came in from the field, but of course not.
  19. I must have left before this. What happened???
  20. Fire Littrell now, and don't pay his buyout. He hasn't earned shit. Make him fight us in court for that buyout money.
  21. No shit. If we were this bad at work, people die. It is ridiculous how someone can be so bad at their job for so long, and make a shitload of money.
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