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  1. Was able to watch the replay of the game after work. I don't know why y'all are so mad, we came close to winning. Aune wasn't the issue, he had a great game. I mean FIVE touchdown passes?!?!?! Although two of them were to the other team, but let's focus on the positives. He's putting up points.....
  2. And this is why the trigger should have already been pulled on SL. Now we will be competitive in a garbage conference, likely be close to, if not be bowl eligible, and the big name donors will be fooled into thinking SL has it figured out. And the cycle will continue...
  3. Tuned in to the Memphis broadcast on SiriusXM. They are putting me to sleeeeeepppp.
  4. I'm on duty, driving around my county, which is in DFW. I keep thinking how awesome it would be to be able to listen on my car's radio. That would be really cool.
  5. The only thing that comes close to hearing the defeat, despair, and dejection in Craig Way's voice, is hearing it in Rich Phillips' voice.
  6. If I wasn't on duty this weekend, I may have made a trip up there. Not for the game, but for some Charlie Rendezvous Ribs, and take in some music.
  7. Here comes an influx of fans from Hooker Killer U to tell us they are in talks to join the Big 10.
  8. I'm more and more impressed with Chadwell at Coastal Carolina. He would have to be on Wren's list.
  9. All he has to do is go from selling athletes they can make HBCUs great to telling them they can make UNT great.
  10. Look, we can not wait until the end of the season. We can't even wait until that 7th loss eliminating us from bowl eligibility. We run the risk of a repeat from last year, and people being fooled that he's turned things around.
  11. It's probably a competition between the two. And a close call at that.
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