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  1. It would be nice to see other countries do more than sanctions. The isolationist theory that many nations want to practice will make things worse.
  2. I'm not sure Morris and the term "best available" belong in the same thread.
  3. Dammit, don't remind me of that. Now I need to go get drunk.
  4. Did we somehow stealthily join the MAC?
  5. No. Both may get signed as free agents. There's a stigma around this program about having draftable players. You could have Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, and Ray Lewis come out of NT and they'd have to be signed as free agents to get their chance. Complete bullshit.
  6. Careful. I hear if you turn the bathroom lights off, stare in the mirror, and say Craig James 5 times, they'll reappear on our board.
  7. I don't know what those are. I need a $mut fan to explain the various violations and their penalties.
  8. I know that a lot of fans read these boards at all hours. You know, just to see what's being said about what they said.
  9. Can the mods either lock, delete, or move this thread to the $mut forum?
  10. Hell, Charmin is tougher that t.u. Charmin holds more shit.
  11. Plus they get to plow $mu wives while their douchebag husbands are circle jerking each other while remembering the glory days.
  12. Maybe we should start putting in long time season ticket holders? If someone is a fan for a long time, and has season tickets for a long time, They're contributing to the long term success of the program. Could also be a way to increase season ticket sales.
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