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  1. Yep. It amazes me that there are people who still don't get it. It would be the final nail in the coffin in separating from the P5.
  2. He could move his pirate ship to the Mississippi River.
  3. Reffet had to go. I thought Reeder might get another year. The fact that he's out say that this group isn't playing games.
  4. No, no, they tell Dallas routinely. Dallas just ignores them, leading them to really believe that Dallas cares about them.
  5. I keep wanting to hear their announcers yell, "He done blocked it!"
  6. I don't either. The crowd identified as 30k.
  7. It takes two to tango. $mut wouldn't want to move the game.
  8. It's not a big deal that a random paramedic at the stadium wouldn't know exactly what was wrong unless they were working on him, but more likely they aren't going to say anything due to HIPPA laws. It's also possible that his family took him to the hospital.
  9. Nice try, but with the number of students living in DFW, I don't think a 2-3 hour drive counts as "parts unknown".
  10. Had the privilege to shake Mason's hand after the game. Feel for the guy. He left it all on the field and his emotion showed.
  11. This isn't a new thing. The officiating has been consistently ass since at least the Dodge years. I see someone disagrees. What exactly is incorrect?
  12. So, is it safe to talk about the pathetic student attendance? Or do the get a free pass because it's Thanksgiving Weekend? Not like most of the students couldn't drive up here.
  13. It's kind of hard to see a screen pass, or anything when he was literally running for his life.
  14. He needs to try harder at coming up with good bits.
  15. Just put a black tarp on the empty sections
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