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  1. This would be a convenient time for his phone to mistakenly be turned off.
  2. I was planning to buy season tickets next year, I'm not sure if I would if McCasland leaves. I've already been Benfor'd once.
  3. Who else has UNT winning the title? #amirite?
  4. Are we doing any brackets?
  5. Ready for our innnvataaashuuun to the big dance.
  6. Don't like where this is going
  7. My limited basketball IQ says we needed to slow it down there. Didn't look like we were doing jack with that fast paced stuff
  8. Tried it. Emmitt is right, you'd think that you'd get some kind of contact for MGC members of 10+ years
  9. Seriously? I've been calling the ticket office and no-one answers. Can't even find the event on Stubhub or Ticketmaster.
  10. I've tried streaming from my firestick and my tablet. Only seen Maybe 5 minutes of anything, and there's 11 minutes left in the game. I'm out. I'll follow on here and Scoremobile. So embarrassing for this conference.
  11. My God, this is awful. Tuned in towards the end of halftime, for 10 minutes, all I saw was that stupid commercial break screen, then they rejoin the game for 10 seconds 10 seconds into the second half then it's right back to commercial. Then the stream keeps freezing. I've been tuned in for about 20 minutes and onl seen MAYBE 4 minutes of an actual coverage, and that's not all game action. This is truly an embarrassing product.
  12. WOW! Rest in Peace. Sad day for the NT family and Prayers to his family.
  13. I was excited to see the video, for educational purposes of course, then I saw the video. I hope it was at least still clean.
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