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  1. Yep. It all started a few years ago when Northwestern started bitching. Then the dominoes began to fall.
  2. They should just create 4 conferences, ESPN Conference, the Fox Conference, the NBC, and the CBS. the winners play in the "playoff"
  3. What about us die hards who have stuck with our season tickets for years. Fk us I guess.
  4. The Rajun Cajuns hope they won't notice the difference too.
  5. Its going to happen. The elite of the elite are the only ones with a real shot at the title already. Eventually they will form their own league with 20 or so teams, then everyone left out will have to reorganize a new FBS/D1.
  6. Nah, throw that shit up on bonfire in the fall.
  7. Wow. Just wow. Way too young. 3 small kids without their dad as well.
  8. Ohhh, thats the big one. Never know what to expect, and every year there is a sleeper.
  9. I'm at work and can't look it up, but I wonder what are the numbers of week night games in the AAC compared to CUSA in recent years.
  10. At least we're not relegated to watching on Facebook.
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