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  1. Sooooooo, run a better campaign and have a better platform to earn votes. I seriously doubt that women are "getting pushed out".
  2. Maybe one day, he will go away. But probably not. Trolling this board is the only thing worthwhile in his sad life.
  3. That picture is appropriate considering they played the Mickey Mouse theme.
  4. They can take the jackets and hats off while they are sitting in the stands. Wear the uniform.
  5. Watch it not do anything but maybe a little rain. Don't they know you can't predict weather here? Well, except for the dead of summer.
  6. So, no more Disney showtunes?
  7. Too bad we couldn't hire a commissioner who knew what they were doing. It was more important to make a splash hire.
  8. And you've been told not to get on your phone while working the deep fryer.
  9. You and I have had our disagreements, but this, sir, is fighting words. I challenge you to a duel. *slaps you with glove*
  10. I didn't know being a bartender equated "championing local social and economic issues". #bancowfarts
  11. So many memories of Kerr Cafeteria. They need to leave icons like this alone. If they close down Kerr Cafeteria, I'm going to boycott, and other overreactions.
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