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  1. You'd think that the Littrell family would have more to do on a holiday weekend than spam a message board.
  2. Oh I hope they don't go after Seth if the Fritz deal falls through. Oh noez.....the horror.
  3. At this point, I'm just wondering how man Littrell family members are going to create accounts and chime in.
  4. So it will be cool and maybe rainy, who cares? As the great philosopher Emmitt once said, *DBAB! " Don't be a bitch
  5. The also use card skimmers. So either way, same problem.
  6. Wow, so we shouldn't TRY to get better. Status quo is good enough....
  7. Only if we dominate Bye on the field, and get our backups significant playing time...
  8. As has been stated, Seth didn't turn down shit in regard to the KState job. In fact, it is obvious that not getting the KState job absolutely gutted him, and he has not been the same since, and does not want to be here.
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