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  1. That depends on the ummm, pillow fight.....
  2. And people still think they're below us and not worth inviting.
  3. I'm numb to the losses, but not getting blown out by bad teams.
  4. YoutubeTV and get the sports package. It's on Fox College Sports.
  5. Just...stop. The people on here are the die hards. Our comments aren't keeping players or coaches away.
  6. I'm not sure DD would want to come back here.
  7. Good. Very few carriers have FSSWN so unless it gets picked up by a different affiliate, less embarrassment.
  8. Count me in the camp that Seth has checked out here. He is regretting not getting the KState job. He was banking on getting the OU job when Riley moved on. Or at least getting hired onto the staff and working his way up. Well what happened over the summer? The Cowboys hired McCarthy, ensuring that Riley will likely stay at OU for several more years. I'm thinking that punched Seth in the gut, and he's checked out here now. I hope I'm wrong, but this seems very plausible.
  9. I forked over money for this steaming pile of shit, I'm going to stay as long as I can tolerate it.
  10. Where you sitting? I got 1/2 a flask of Jim Bean left.
  11. The bottle of Jim Bean and flask on the way to the game was a good investment.
  12. You know those old NBA posters with the guy getting posterized and having the player's nuts in his face? That's us. We're getting CUSA's nuts in our face.
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