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  1. Has anyone ever seen them together at the same time.......
  2. Again, serious wager. You've been told it is sold out, you've been told how much the tickets are, showing a high demand. What is your prediction on attendance and what do you want to wager.
  3. If it means we're leaving for the MWC. No more startups.
  4. I probably can't make it since its mom's bday, can someone grab an extra cap for me?
  5. I'm right there with you. My money goes to NT season tickets and to Stars games. Now that I'm back in DFW, I may try to get Stars Season tickets. The Winter Classic is going to be epic. I got mine the first evening of presale. I guess RBP realized he was off and isn't going to take my bet.
  6. Would have been great to get the game at Apogee. However, I'll sacrifice it at the Cotton Bowl for a year for the Winter Classic. It's become a huge deal, and this is great exposure for the league, the state, the city, and the Cotton Bowl. And the Stars' opponent are the Nashville Predators. Their fans are die hard, and they are pretty much our rivals. Their is no love loss between the two teams. Nashville will bring a bunch of fans too. Make no mistake, this is a MASSIVE HUGE deal. And it will sell out, if it hasn't already. When I bought my tickets the evening of the first day they were on sell, there were nose bleed seats going for over a thousand dollars.
  7. Yeah, absolutely irrelevant to the story. Why don't they mention where he went to high school? Can't say I'm surprised that they threw this in there, though.
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