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  1. But, you know, yay for making it looks close and moral victories!
  2. Yay for #olddenton I'd at least separate the effort in the first and second halves. And I wouldn't say we've overcome the UAB disaster. It's not progress to overcome a blowout loss with a close loss. Especially after the first half of the close loss wasn't close.
  3. Fall on the damn ball. Don't try to scoop and score.
  4. I hate that they have to suffer through this, but the sooner we make changes, the sooner we get better.
  5. Do we want to make it competitive, or do we root for it to get so unbelievably ludicrous that it forces change and its worth dealing with the jokes.
  6. 2 drives and 2 TDs. And La Tech is driving on their 3rd possession. This is going to be a route in the form of the Rice/Dodge massacre. I actually feel sorry for these announcers.
  7. That would mean Seth has to admit he made a mistake in his evaluation of QB talent. Edit: I see Mrs. Littrell is reading the thread.
  8. It's time. Fire Seth now. Just rip the bandaid off and deal with it. We can't keep on following the Texas Rangers' model of rebuilding. Seth has checked out. He knows he's gone, the team knows it. Let's just make it official and let's start over
  9. Being a North Texas fan is on some levels exactly like being an abused spouse. Every year we get beat down, only to say we're out, just to hear the promise that this year is different, we give them another chance, only to get beat down again.
  10. Does he mold players into model husbands and fathers? Does he have an inner city men's ministry that will keep him here if a P5 school is interested?
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