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  1. He wouldn't be interested. There's no direct access to the fans
  2. I heard there's an opening on NCIS New Orleans. Would still be close to his home.
  3. No, it was around 5 years ago. Some idiots thought it was cool.
  4. Well they probably couldn't understand them. Pretty stupid chant considering both teams are Tigers.
  5. Oh ok. So that makes chanting motherfucking eagles appropriate?
  6. Translation for those of us who don't speak drunk Cajun?
  7. I hear Seth is up to host the Oscars.
  8. Rudy


    I don't care how much you dislike Seth, losing a head coach at this point would decimate most programs.
  9. I'm officially concerned that there has been NO news on any potential hires. Prepare to be underwhelmed.
  10. We really need to get this done before all of the competent OC options are gone.
  11. That's who I was hoping we'd get. Big steal for them.
  12. Always a good day when $mut gets treated like a cheap whore.
  13. Why root for the MAC team over a MWC team?
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