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  1. Really? there are people that still think the CUSA is better than the SBC?
  2. If you're going to try that prank, pick a school that would actually want to join. App St wanting to join isn't remotely believable.
  3. I thought I had heard that they were going to start making the NCAA franchise again. or is it just wishful thinking?
  4. Online degrees have already gotten popular. In the beginning, they were seen as "lower quality" but they've gotten more reputable and popular, especially among people who work while they obtain their degrees.
  5. Nope this will pass. The issue is the stupidity surrounding this one. Everyone is losing their minds instead of using common sense.
  6. Wish I could make it, but doctors tend to disapprove of playing kickball on torn knee ligaments. Hope y'all have fun.
  7. No, they all do that. Not a single one of them is innocent of that model.
  8. Looks like a solid pick up. Puzzled why he didn't get any D1 offers.
  9. News and media haven't been honest for decades. The have to sell their sponsorships. They need views, web clicks, etc. What sells? Controversy. Put out there controversial stories, and people will tune in.
  10. Wish I could have made it yesterday, but glad for the win and the media pub.
  11. You're not. It's getting easier with the growth of cord cutting to stream games. The problem is getting your games on the tv in restaurants and bars to help expand your brand. That and getting decent camera work and announcers.
  12. The WAC and Big West is not even close to the MWC outside of geography. 2001 @ NMSUcks.
  13. I'm not joking. They wouldn't intervene because it would hurt their alma maters. Otherwise, they would've stepped in by now.
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