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  1. Being an NT fan is like being a battered wife. Every year we say we're done, and the team says, "No, we'll be better, we promise.". And we get sucked back in only to repeat the process.
  2. And add the Navy blue and orange trim back.
  3. Well, apparently keeping it all behind closed doors isn't working.
  4. I've never been a fan of the coach who screams and rants and raves during every practice and game. I've always thought it was more productive for a coach to keep his cool and focus during tough games and when a bad call goes against you. It helps keep your players focused. That said, it meant something when that coach got pissed, lost his cool, or tore into a player's ass. I've never seen Seth get pissed. That's a problem. He needs to learn there is a time and place to get pissed at the ref, to get in a player's face, and to call someone out.
  5. I can't wait for UNT to be out of the Sun Belt, and I'm not having to resort to watching us play on my laptop. Oh wait ... now I get to watch on my tablet #progress
  6. Cars their alumni will never have a chance to sit in during their lifetimes.
  7. I'm letting all of my friends and co workers know.
  8. Average conference? I don't even think it's that highly thought of.
  9. No $but won't win out. They will play someone who pays the refs more.
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