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  1. The stadium used to get used for high school games. I'm not sure if it still does though.
  2. He might have, hence why you punt the ball and try to pin them deep.
  3. Went for it on 4th down instead of punting late in the game. Gave tu a short field and Vince Young just had enough time to drive down and score the game winner.
  4. Possibly the only head coach to lose a NCAA National Title AND a Super Bowl on boneheaded, coaching 101 screwups.
  5. Hmm. Odd choice, but have fun with that.
  6. Are there really fans that are having an issue with what he said??? Yeah, ok. As for Trice, he's ok...for a Skeeter.
  7. "Being a NT fan is like being an abused spouse. They always promise to do better and we fall for it."
  8. UAB may not have had success on the field before they got shut down, but they had die hard fans. I remember seeing the Alabama BOR have to have a police escort off campus, otherwise, they would not have made it out.
  9. They just took advantage of the bone the NCAA threw them. Doesn't justify what those pricks did.
  10. R.I.P. Now we've just lost Dan Reeves.
  11. Why would you cheer for a school that ACTUALLY shut down the football program of a system school just to funnel more money into their program? They are the epitome of all that is soulless and wrong in college sports.
  12. Rudy


    Baylor had Ann Richards. Can Brint Ryan be our Ann Richards?
  13. I don't hold any ill will towards him, and I was pumped when he came in. I wish him nothing but success, but I do not think he is the man to take us any further. Regarding the flirtation with K State, I think he really wanted that job and he thought he had it, only to be stunned when he didn't get the job, and he has yet to recover from that disappointment.
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