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  1. Great game, great memory. Minus the goalpost coming within inches of nailing me in the face while I was waving the Big Ass Battle Flag.
  2. Unfortunately, with today's lumber prices, that won't do much to upgrade their cannon.
  3. You mean, someone transferred TO Rice???
  4. Meh, the MAC and their Tuesday night games have been crapping on Texas Middle School football for a long time.
  5. What kind of "power" over the DFW TV market does $mut have? I must have missed their weekly games on WFAA. If the AAC decided to expand, I think we could make our case, but I think it is an uphill battle, not because of $mut. Our best chance to move up continues to be the MWC, if they decide to expand.
  6. I don't recall saying it was exclusive to law enforcement. I was explaining why why we don't have an acceptable number of fatalities for you to justify saying it's a dangerous job.
  7. The reason LE doesn't "crack the top 20" in job fatalities, is because of the training and gear. But its not just fatalities that makes the job dangerous. It is sever injury. If you do the job long enough, you will most likely suffer long term injury. I suffered an injury last year that I am still recovering from. I'm starting to realize that I may never be back to full health. So, you definitely have to factor in long term injury and disability into the equation, and not just fatalities. De-escalation is a new term, so there is still alot of training being developed. There is no s
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