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  1. Prepare to go hammer down full tilt boogie in the left lane. You'll have to change your mascot to the red bull bull
  2. Littrell is done guys. Whether his fault or not, momentum is gone. 1. Why was he not more successful? What held him back? School admin? Assistant coaches? (Choice? Funding?) Etc. 2. I assumed Chad Morris parked at Allen HS to wait for the UNT opening. Anything happening there?
  3. You can do way better than Bennett as HC. It is true he didn't have a fair shake in admitting athletes at SMU, but he had some really bonehead decisions. And his D wasn't very good either. And he was not good with boosters. Just not a fit at HC.
  4. I live in Denton. That should tell you you're not far off
  5. Since the recent announcement on NIL at SMU I've been cruising other boards looking at what their teams are doing for comparison. Some are very public, others are very quiet. I haven't seen much on what is being done at UNT on here. Who's in the know? SMU article I referenced: https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/smu-mustangs/2021/12/14/smu-alumni-group-to-contribute-over-1-million-annually-to-footballs-nil-program/
  6. Me too. I think this is a bit of a reaction to the dirty way Dykes is leaving, needing someone in place fast, and getting a familiar face that already knows the players, designed the offense, etc. Looking to maintain trajectory not hit the reset button. But he is way over due for a HC role, comes with big program experience having been OC at Auburn, and very well plugged into coaching circles. He'll have a very large war chest for assistants.
  7. We'd be locked out with zero losses with our best OOC game being self-destructed TCU. We can only hope a real playoff gets put in place
  8. Siggers, who apparently likes to be known as "Big D Sig" logged almost 100 yards and 3TDs to advance the mustangs to 8-2. Way to go!
  9. My point is we actually aren't. We've beat nobody and a few of those were skin of the teeth.
  10. When you have a great season you have fans. What's your point? SMU is ranked but we haven't played anyone. Our win vs TCU turned out to be a crappy TCU and our next best win might be vs UNT which is entirely meaningless. We all know this. It's an expectation at this point, not something noteworthy. If we beat teams that matter, Houston, UCF, etc, it'll be a different story.
  11. Further, we (the UNT we) have at least two games with an announced attendance of 13k and the one I was at was inflated or not at about the same ratio as SMU. SMU has had several games with 4000 student tickets scanned, which is 2/3 of their undergrad population. 13k total attendance is less than 50% of the student body - what % of students do you think came to the game? We (UNT) are in absolutely no position to throw attendance shade.
  12. Nobody would argue SMU doesn't have low attendance but for anyone watching the game on TV it's very descriptive due to the way the stadium is built and where the cameras are located. The stadium fills very unevenly as everyone prefers the west side. I was at the Thursday game, there were probably 16,000-18,000. It was also a blowout so it started emptying out at halftime. Also a problem, but the hysterics of 6000 attendance is silly and and inaccurate. For a Thursday game against a garbage opponent with no visiting fans, really not that bad.
  13. Siggers with 2 TD's tonight to aid SMU's dismantling of Tulane to improve to 7-0
  14. We're only 8 spots behind them in the AP poll right now...
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