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  1. You know, SMU and it's alumni can be associated with two negative things: 1. Football cheating 2. Enron #1 is like bribes in Mexico or pretending you didn't find that unmarked graveyard on your construction project - technically not allowed but widespread and expected. #2 is just plain ol' greed. No big deal, nobody got hurt. Yet somehow we're worse than Baylor hiding rape and literal murder, or Penn St. facilitating decades of child rape, or Kent State viciously attacking those national guard troops. It's outrageous.
  2. We're clearly just like Notre Dame. ND is dedicated to the God of Roman Catholicism. BYU is dedicated to the God of Mormonism. Baylor is dedicated to the God of Evangelical Protestantism. SMU is dedicated to the God of Money and Finance.
  3. Most men aren't getting anything either. Just like every other profession.
  4. Not from me. Nothing in Lanier's background suggested he was going to do any different at SMU. I did think NIL would help him.....but he wouldn't utilize it. Strange. Enfield isn't taking us to the final four. But he has a long history of high level recruiting and rebuilding, which is what we need to do quickly. We can get to where USC is, then reevaluate. Probably the best we could hope for
  5. This is very positive for UNT. Our recruiting will be at such an incomprehensibly high level it will free up a lot of mid level local talent for you
  6. There's two other threads about SMU on here. Is a thread on firing is good why not hiring?
  7. Also, his wife is hot. This is her.
  8. Looks like coach Andy Enfield is moving up from USC to take the head coaching job at SMU. This is Enfield's third stop as a HC, first at FGCU in the Atlantic Sun (FCS level) and then USC in the failed PAC conference (G6). Thus SMU is his first stop at a P3 level conference, and it'll take all his skill and NIL to compete in the ACC, which currently has four teams in the sweet 16. Enfield has BIG SHOES TO FILL following Lanier's vaunted 20 win season and almost winning a game in the AAC tourney. I'm excited, but it's always scary to gamble on an up-and-comer. https://www.si.com/college/usc/basketball/head-coach-andy-enfield-reportedly-leaving-for-smu-job-eg2001
  9. Our coach wouldn't use it. The new one will. Getcha popcorn ready
  10. Incorrect. And he barely used our NIL support. Very Dabo.
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