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  1. Staff has been raided every off-season under Dykes because he makes great hires. We've lost OC, DC and a slew of assistants. I was an early Dykes supporter - I figured he had been successful rebuilding several times and spent a year comping out at TCU learning. I figured a consistent boring hire to stabilize the program from the wild ups and downs of Jones and Chad Morris and build a base. However I could never have predicted we would get what we have gotten. His transfer strategy and his focus on local recruiting (in a real way not Chad Morris lip service) was part of his interview. And his
  2. We count tickets not butts which inflates the numbers, sometimes wildly, like everyone else. It's a tactic everyone uses. You can come back and debate who does it more or some other detail, but ultimately neither one of us are hosting butt-in-seat sellouts too often. It's a bit like University of Aleppo and UH giving each other crap over violence surrounding the University.
  3. If a single poster who lives in Denton and never came here until we got a RB transfer off you proves a rivalry to you, then I guess that's a rivalry, to you
  4. Hire a proven, experienced program building head coach. The difference is amazing.
  5. They really are lose-lose for both teams and, I don't know how much of the "rivalry" talk is a joke from the UNT side but the game generates very little emotional interest on the SMU side. Better to end the series or make it am occasional game. Is like to see a dedicated OOC rotation between all the non-Big12 in the state more than a yearly SMU-UNT game.
  6. Attendance smack from a school with no better attendance but 4 times the student population is strange.
  7. Indeed. Just the other day we thought we'd be thin at RB next season, but suddenly we snatched a transfer out of Denton from a lower division. How wrong we were......
  8. Nice to see you copying the SMU gameplan. Although it's funny how transfers aren't "mercenaries" anymore.
  9. Of the nine incoming transfers headed to SMU, Siggers is the lowest rated and the only to come from a non-P5 school. That he was able to overcome, get noticed, and get to the next level is a testament to his talent and work ethic. Thanks to his coaches at UNT for preparing him to move up!
  10. PB's head coaching results were certainly felonious
  11. SMU's DC just went to Illinois. Word is Bennett is interviewing for the DC opening. Have you heard anything like that on your side?
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