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  1. I'd have to think this is correct. I'm sure the risk associated with the waiver was a big factor. No reason for him to make a move unless it was just massive. Sounds like a smart move on his part.
  2. Who's trolling? KD's a great player and I hope we went after him when he put himself on the market.
  3. I'd say we're doing pretty well: https://247sports.com/Season/2022-Football/TransferTeamRankings/
  4. I'm nowhere near plugged in enough to know, but I certainly hope so. He's be a fantastic add, even with the waiver issues.
  5. Wasn't quite worth what he expected on the market
  6. This isn't $100 handshakes, it's a business arrangement. Y'all need to do a little research before you get yourself in trouble. The guidelines are out there
  7. He gets a bunch of pub, telling him his worth is high, then he decides to leave? That is the opposite of tampering, that's either smart or hubris or somewhere in between. Smart programs have dedicated portal staff so they are in contact within the hour of portal declaration
  8. NCAA has been very lenient with waivers for players wanting to be closer to home for family issues. If he transfers to a school closer to his home (Ennis - 35 mi south of downtown Dallas) he could be playing next year.
  9. I literally live in Denton. It's nice to stay plugged into the local team up here. Top rivals for SMU in new CUSAAC: actual hate: 1. Memphis 2. Tulsa, casual: 3. Navy 4. Tulane UNT could supplant #3 or #4 pretty easy if it starts being a competitive game
  10. This really is true. The biggest benefit of choosing a top school are the connections you make. It's always been who you know, not what you know.
  11. What a strange take. So SMU is full of kids that have the mental horsepower to go to Ivy schools. What do UNT kids have the mental horsepower to do?
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