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  1. SMU fans find both FW and Denton to be icky (even though neither are). A rivalry is enough to get them to FW but what would get them to Denton?
  2. 110 yards and 6.1 ypc as the #2 back today vs TCU. Finally living up to potential
  3. Who you should hire: Art Briles Who you will hire: Chad Morris
  4. I get all the criticisms of Ford, which are all valid, except parking. You park at the Dart station and it's max 1/2 mile to Ford, and there a shuttle if you don't want to walk. Very similar to Apogee. Or you can park in the neighborhood south of mockingbird if you are early.
  5. All I'm saying is this exact conversation is happening on the SMU board about the disgusting behavior of UNT fans. Only there the preferred term is "classless" rather than "douchey" but same behavior described. If you think the same drunk foolish behavior doesn't occur anywhere you congregate 30,000 then I don't know what to tell you.
  6. There weren't any inappropriate SMU fans around me last night, only 1 it 2 obnoxious F-bomb UNT fans around my 3 elementary aged kids. You should try coming dressed as an opposing fan in Apogee a few times. You may find it a lot more like Ford last night than you want to admit.
  7. I assure you, our douchebags will be equally douchey to any fans. Nothing special about UNT other than you are close enough to show up. We had a couple real UNT winners near us. There's a few from every school.
  8. Factually you are the loser but I'm not a name caller. I think UNT did commit more fouls even though the refs were bizarre. UNT was actually playing hard and pushing the envelope to try to win, unlike the SMU offense which was busy dropping a deuce in the middle of the field all night.
  9. Funny, we were all saying the opposite, which makes it a true sign of incompetence
  10. They can be built up IF they want to commit, like UCF. Big school, untapped area.
  11. UTSA is the clear choice IF they are sufficiently committed financially. I don't know their commitment level, but San Antonio is a big untapped area for college football. Biggest potential upside.
  12. The top end of the AAC out performed the PAC on the whole and the ACC minus Clemson. The B12 is safe adding them (and hopefully SMU and Memphis later)
  13. I'd actually rate Apogee higher than Ford, even adjusting for the age. With park cities height restriction push the oversized suite tower down, they compensated by putting more seats in the end zone, and worse, the corners, instead of a small 2nd deck on the east side. Apogee has higher % of good seats even with the ridiculous duck butt end zone.
  14. When we expanded our in house legal team I sought out SMU law grads, but I have to agree with the middle management finance guy who posted earlier - after about a year of working nobody cares where your degree is from and if you want "doers" self-made types from any school are the way to go.
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