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  1. We are not happy. You would not be happy either. But take some solace in knowing we are more unhappy about most of the other new schools than UNT.
  2. All of these articles are BS. Everyone is meeting with everyone. Doesn't mean anything.
  3. Definitely can't buy "any" player, and would be foolish to blow money on something like Arch Manning. But it should be noted, most of our money was just trying to prevent Sonny Dykes' raids on our roster and stabilize the transition. This season is the first real test of our NIL/transfer strategy
  4. When you're the J.C. Penney of FBS private schools you get defensive real quick when a decent clothier opens up shop next door.
  5. UNT could absolutely have a game changing NIL with a few more strong donors and a bunch of small donations from people like on this board. It won't be SMU NIL, but you could get some portal upgrades.
  6. They were pretty bad last year, and although they got a ton of transfers, only a couple look like anything great as far as I can tell (QB from Boise, and a former 4 star from Baylor) They should be better but not great. They always seem to play tough though
  7. UNT 2023 4-8 but I warm you Tulsa always over performs. Could be 3-9. L Sept. 2 California W Sept. 9 at Florida International W Sept. 16 at Louisiana Tech W Sept. 30 Abilene Christian L Oct. 7 at Navy* L Oct. 14 Temple* L Oct. 21 at Tulane* L Oct. 28 Memphis* L Nov. 4 UTSA* L Nov. 10 at SMU*& W Nov. 18 at Tulsa* L Nov. 25 UAB*%
  8. Much like "stars" from recruiting services, portal players aren't always what they're cracked up to be, but usually are. When a player out of high school chooses UNT to get early playing time, or get close to home, or because he likes the coach, nobody on here bats an eye. But if they are transferring to get playing time, or get closer to home, or because they didn't like the coach, somehow it's questionable. If a player isn't getting enough playing time at Texas A&M and wants to come to SMU or UNT to get it, that's not some kind of bad thing or a mark of a bad player. I'll take that all day long.
  9. I agree. We have the tools. If we don't have a really good year then we have a coaching issue. There is nobody in the conference who should be able to complete with our talent level, as it looks on paper.
  10. This is the second recruiting class of the NIL era. We've had one season with any effect. Would you like to compare transfer classes? Let's see how this season goes. If we don't blast through the AAC, then yes, it's wasted funds.
  11. So what's your argument here? Are you suggesting the UNT strategy is better than the SMU strategy?
  12. This is insanely backwards. Let's say you are a 5-star player. Here's your options: 1. Go to an OU or Alabama, collect NIL, train under the best coaches, with the best culture from high performing teammates, learn from the best in your position ahead of you, learn the system you hope to start in, then earn your spot or transfer down if you can't. Or 2. Go to UNT, get no NIL, train under lesser coaches, with a weaker culture from midling non-NFL bound teammates, be the best at that position without better players to learn from, start day 1 before you are fully ready and hope your lesser teammates don't make you look bad or get you injured, and if you survive, hope there is a place for you to transfer up to. #2 makes no sense. This is why most transfers are to a lower level. The blueprint is right down I-35. There are more than enough players interested in coming down for playing time, already developed and ready. Your staff simply isn't taking full advantage or your boosters and admin are not supporting him sufficiently.
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