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  1. BillySee58

    NCAA Fall Signing Period

    As of now just 3. Miller, Duffy, and Arikawe. Other 10 scholarship players are non-seniors.
  2. BillySee58

    NCAA Fall Signing Period

    Starts tomorrow. Jalen Jackson is the only public commit we have, so hopefully we at least land him.
  3. BillySee58

    Injury Updates

    No official updates but Tope was on the court for the closing ceremony aided by crutches. I would be slightly surprised if Smart doesn’t play tomorrow, and shocked if he doesn’t play Saturday. Not sure about Wise or Muhamed but they look close to coming back as well. Muhamed had a knee brace on 10 days ago but he didn’t in Hawaii and Wise has been warming up in the layup lines. Last, I think Alcindor is headed for a conventional redshirt. Don’t expect to see him on the court this year.
  4. BillySee58

    Grad Transfer OL Pickup

    Are they still trying to flip the high school OTs?
  5. BillySee58

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    Looks like we will be bringing some hardware back to Denton
  6. BillySee58

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    So based on this, winning on the road is a +1.4 for net and 10 points is the biggest margin of victory that NET recognizes. Check on both fronts
  7. Time to get healthy and take care of a very winnable stretch of home games coming up.
  8. BillySee58

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    Periscoping live @Greenglobepod if you want to talk about that first half
  9. BillySee58

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    These foul calls, man
  10. BillySee58

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    Looks like you don’t have to pay. Also, already called us North Texas State so I’m sure this won’t be an annoying homer broadcast!
  11. BillySee58

    Grad Transfer OL Pickup

    Has starting experience at left tackle at Va Tech last season. Will be here for spring ball
  12. Added bonus with the Plantin pickup is that he’ll be here for spring ball. I think we should move Woodworth to left tackle, then have a three-man competition for the two tackle spots between Woodworth, Brammer, and Plantin. If Woodworth is the odd man out then you start him at left guard. If Plantin is the odd man out then you let him compete with Preston (I like his game) for the left guard spot. Then if Brammer is the odd man out then stick with Preston at left guard. The Mose brothers have center and right guard solidified. That’s a decent group to help maximize Fine’s senior year and keep him upright more than he was this year.
  13. BillySee58

    Hawaii (11/11/18) Link to watch the game. I think you have to pay