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  1. None of our targets have signed yet. With us or anyone else.
  2. For reference, last year Jackson signed the day after the signing period started. It’s not like football signing days where everyone has faxed in their NLIs by 11:00 am the day it starts. But it does seem unlikely that we get anyone else besides Rubin Jones. But yeah, like someone said, one way or another we’re going to need to improve the talent on this roster.
  3. Yup. When we signed him Mccasland said he believed he was one of the best on-ball defenders in the country. I think he can break down a defense better than Gibson or Hamlet, he just needs more experience obviously.
  4. I like the way Jalen Jackson looks on the court. Give him more PT. He can be something for us
  5. I just can’t help but feel like Mccasland is severely limiting this team’s potential with his offensive sets and philosophies. So many short players and not nearly enough shooting. That’s a very bad combination, moreso offensively than defensively. Average to below average shooters who we can’t create any separation for.
  6. This offense still has no direction. Passing the ball on the perimeter playing hot potato, very minimal off-ball screening, not much pick and roll game, and you’ve got a 6’4” dude posting up calling for the ball. Grant needs to fix this.
  7. You have opened a nice can of worms on this one lol
  8. Yeah, pretty much. No matter what era, kids will always fall through the cracks and there will always be late bloomers. Which again goes back to a numbers game. There are more 3 stars drafted in the NFL every year than 5 stars and 4 stars because of the sheer number. About 30 or so 5 stars, about 250 or so 4 stars, hundreds of 3 stars. Odds are much lower that a three-star recruit will be drafted but there are so many more of them that a lot still do. Same with FCS/non-D1 Guys. They get drafted every year because there are so many of them. Studies have proven at a macro level it is a very predictable numbers game. At a micro level (each individual recruit) it is a crapshoot. Get good recruits and have the numbers in your favor. That’s the name of the game. They almost all hand out 3-Star ratings like candy. Exactly, you’re preaching to the choir on this one. Myself and others have been telling everyone to ignore ratings and focus on the offer lists for years.
  9. We won’t be running from under center, and we won’t be running out of 22 personnel, or 12 personnel (maybe on occasion), or 21 personnel. So even though we may call more runs, it won’t resemble those offenses.
  10. What part was a stretch on height? You saying Geu and Simmons are not usually in at the same time proves my point that we typically only have one player over 6’6” on the court throughout the game.
  11. Okay, well we are trying to understand why a QB with prototypical height and the accolades you mentioned was passed on by every D1 coach who saw him except ours, and why that same player is 4th on our depth chart with two players of his same class ahead of him, including one who was not recruited by our coaching staff. And his throwing motion makes sense. And I know you love to point out outliers and times where experts or coaches are wrong, but I’ll take my chances with a class of guys who other coaches wanted over a group who one coach thinks he can out-think the room and sees something no one else does. Because every recruiting study has proven it’s a numbers game over time, and playing against the percentages in recruiting is just like going to the casino. Sure you might get it right here and there but over time you don’t want the percentages against your favor.
  12. I don’t know. Martin is 6’2”+, player for a very high profile high school program, his dad is a coach, he had good production, and we were still his only Division One offer. That should tell you what coaches thought of his ability to translate to the D1 level. He doesn’t have a good throwing motion which I think is a big reason, if not the major reason, why none of the dozens of D1 coaches who recruit through Manvel didn’t think enough of him to offer.
  13. Our team is very small. Our coach loves to run out 4 guards lineups and, more importantly, have as much skill on the court as possible. We start the game with a more traditional lineup of a 6’8” power forward named Deng Geu, a grad transfer from North Dakota State, and our 6’10” big man Zach Simmons. But throughout most of the game we typically only have one player above 6’6” on the court at any time. Our two primary ballhandlers are Junior Javion Hamlet, a highly rated JUCO transfer who started his career at Buffalo, and Redshirt Sophomore shooting guard Umoja Gibson who was our leading scorer last year. One of the two will be handling the ball at any time, with them sharing the show at times as well, especially at the beginning and end of the game. We defend well, rebound well despite our size, and play man defense the majority of the game. We rely a lot on the three ball, but only have about 4 solid 3-pt shooting options in Gibson, Junior James Reese (another highly regarded JUCO transfer who starts), Junior Thomas Bell, and Senior DJ Draper.
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