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  1. No surprises, everyone made it in and listed on the roster. https://meangreensports.com/roster.aspx?path=mbball
  2. You can be excited about whatever rating you want. But if having one other FBS offer and having a 3-Star rating on one of the three rating services classified as being highly regarded, then most CUSA OL signees could be considered highly regarded.
  3. I’m fine with that if it’s just one spot a year
  4. I don’t know this staff’s procedures that well. But I’m pretty sure all the offensive coaches will watch the film together before they offer a player. And Littrell will sign off on every offer
  5. Their composite ratings are 3 stars, but 247’s stand-alone rating for each of them is a 78. Rivals also rated them as 2-stars. The reason they have composite 3-Star ratings is because ESPN gives out 3-Star ratings to basically everyone.
  6. Brunner and Cassidy were both rated 2 stars by 247 and only had one other FBS offer each. Doesn’t mean they won’t be good, but I don’t see how that classifies as highly regarded. Byers had 4 other FBS offers and was rated a 3-Star on 247. He could qualify as highly regarded, depending on what your parameters on highly regarded are. Year before that it was Redfearn, Carroll, and Brown who all were 2 stars and all had zero other FBS offers. And none of them showed up on the 2-deep, which did have a 270 lb third-year sophomore at both backup tackle spots and a walkon at backup center. The other two guys on the 2-deep were a senior and a fourth-year junior. Need a few of the young guys to step up and show they can play on this level, preferably soon.
  7. My biggest long-term question mark about this roster is the future of the offensive line. The caliber of commits really hasn’t picked up the last two classes like it has at other positions, and there really are only two non-seniors on this roster who have made any noise since being on campus. Who is going to start on the line in 2020 besides Brammer and Mose? I get we’re still a year out but our 2020 class seems full on linemen, and none of those guys are very heralded recruits that seem like immediate contributor types.
  8. Mason has a lot in his favor. He has started a lot of games, his production will get him more than a seriously look, and the height of the last two Heisman winners/#1 overall picks helps as well. It also helps with the way QB contracts are that if a team can get someone in the third or fourth round to be a starter, they can allocate their money everywhere else. So teams may feel impulsed to role the dice on Fine fairly early in the draft instead of writing him off as an UDFA. Mason just needs to keep doing what he does.
  9. The main stipulation I see is that they can’t have gone on an official visit. I would think being officially announced would preclude them from being able to blueshirt but as long as they didn’t go on an official visit then it might be permissible.
  10. In the event that Lincoln Riley goes to the NFL and OU offers the job to Littrell after we go undefeated, Mike Yurcich is one of my top candidates. At least if that happens he would likely be able to keep Renfro
  11. Interesting that if Roberts and Lee sign we have signed 3 high school tight ends in the last two classes. After not signing any in Littrell’s first three classes. In fact I don’t think Littrell offered any tight ends in the 16, 17, or 18 classes
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