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  1. I’ve posted this before, but it felt pretty clear to me that Aune won the long game over Bean based on Littrell’s comments and how things ended. I don’t think Bean was shooed out, but I also don’t think the coaches were spending time late at night hoping he would stay either. Siggers did hurt, but he wasn’t a starter. Maybe he would’ve been in 2021, but he wasn’t in 2020.
  2. There was a lot of doom and gloom a month or so ago about the transfers. We really only ended up losing one starter to the portal on offense and defense combined, and that was Cam Johnson.
  3. He didn’t, but he definitely still had chances to prove himself on the court after that. I hope we get a chance to see another 5-star basketball recruit sign with North Texas, but I feel like we fumbled the opportunity here on multiple fronts. If a 5-star were considering us, then did their homework on what happened the last time a 5-star chose North Texas, that could very well be the end of our chances on that recruit.
  4. Right. That has been my main point this whole thread. Easier classes for the students, easier to boost the program GPA, and more time to have their student athletes focused on winning games, helping the coaches’ careers. It’s a win-win until that student-athlete goes into the job market after their playing career ends. By then there is no more scholarship to go get a different degree. It’s not on coaches to pick majors for their student athletes, I just want us properly educating them on what these degrees mean and helping them make the best decision they feel for their future beyond
  5. Him being back is evidence that he didn’t burn his bridges. It’s incomplete data. It’s only February, and the season doesn’t start until August. But whatever number it is, it’s going to be skewed by all seniors getting an extra season of eligibility. There’s a whole extra class of athletes with eligibility next season than there usually are.
  6. I think in this type of analogy we aren’t leading a horse to water. Water would be leading them to business degrees or other degrees that have defined job fields. That’s what I’m saying we need to do more of. They’re getting jobs that they only need a high school degree to get. They could do that without college debt too.
  7. I would have less of a gripe if they were paid, but the ROI on these degrees is often justification for why they aren’t. And the ROI on a lot of these degrees they are encouraged to major in is almost non-existent, which makes it a farce in those cases. We can preach personal agency all we want but if the data at a macro level, with a big sample size shows something, you have to examine the control variable.
  8. That’s great. I wish there were more of that, is what I’m saying.
  9. It comes down to what do we really want for our student athletes. Do we really want to set them up for success after college or do we want to encourage them to take general studies courses to make everyone’s lives easier while they are here? We can all just say “hey, that’s on each player why they didn’t get good jobs after college. Not our fault most of our football and basketball alum are working jobs they could’ve got without a scholarship here.” Like I said, we should be able to pitch that scholarships at UNT will lead to better careers for these players than they would have had
  10. I said it was my personal experience with the ones I knew and still am connected with on social media. Vast majority are coaching or working jobs that they probably would’ve ended up with if they didn’t earn a scholarship. I know some end up with office jobs, but those are usually the guys who have background in that field from their parents and would’ve most likely ended up with that type of job without an athletics scholarship. I think we can do more for these guys. Back in the day we used to list their majors on their website bios. I don’t think it’s a coincidence we stopped doing tha
  11. I don’t think we do, and that’s not exclusive to UNT. I think we encourage kids to take easy classes with the short-term mentality that “these are the best classes for you to be able to focus on your sport” without really giving them the big picture of “oh yeah, there’s really no defined job market to enter with this career plan.” I think we can and should educate these kids better on what careers they want after sports, and what degree plans make the most sense within that plan. Not what degree plans make the most sense for your last 4 years of playing basketball.
  12. My problem is not specifically with Mitchell, but bigger picture than that. We act like these scholarships are windows of opportunity for kids to get an education and set themselves up for success after sports. That’s not the way it plays out, and that’s a problem to me. So many coaches don’t care. So many coaches just want these kids to get in classes they can pass so that they can have them on the field and further their own coaching careers. Then when they graduate the student-athletes are no better off than they would’ve been had they not earned the scholarship. I wish that was not th
  13. Yeah I don’t disagree at all. My point is I think that’s a problem, and I hate that college is touted as some land of opportunity during the recruiting process, then most schools just put these guys in easy classes so they can focus on sports. Then they haven’t gained any real opportunity that college offers for life after sports.
  14. Tony’s basketball career was his own to make or break in, but it’s a shame we don’t do more to set our student athletes up for success after their playing careers are over. Of the football and basketball alums I know or follow on SM, some become coaches, but outside of that very few actually go into a job field that requires a degree. Many are encouraged to go towards integrative studies (general studies) or other degrees that help them focus on athletics, which just doesn’t open up many doors for them after graduation. Long story short, from what I see it just feels like so many of
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