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  1. Yes and the original post I was responding to said “Yet, people still think Littrell is the guy and would happily give him another extension for a .500 season next year. This is seriously the most uninspired off-season we've had in years.” No one on here has been saying they would happily give Littrell another extension for a .500 season next year. Two pivots later we got the post you were responding to.
  2. What am I defending exactly? I don’t think think Littrell is a good coach and I wish we had moved on. I also think those recruiting classes that were highly ranked from 19-21 have generally performed pretty well. These views can be held simultaneously, especially if I’m being intellectually honest and consistent. I’m not gonna bitch about the top of conference classes he signed being the problem when the truth is they have performed pretty well compared to their conference peers. Especially when the classes that were poor (16-18) were the actual upperclassmen on the bad teams and more directly responsible for the poor performances. But guess what? Littrell is the one who signed those classes too. He is still at fault. That blame is still being placed at his feet, which is part of why I think we should have moved on. And if you say that the conference being bad makes it a bad bar to judge things by, I half agree. That is the conference we are in and have been in, so up until this point I think it’s fair to judge them based on their CUSA peers. But going forward we do have to raise that bar which, again, is why I don’t think Littrell is good for the job going forward.
  3. I like how people imply these recruiting rankings are invalidated because the teams were bad while these classes were true freshmen and sophomores. Meanwhile we had poorly rated recruiting classes making up the upperclassmen on these teams and no one points out how those poorly rated recruiting classes made for subpar senior classes. We were 5-3 in conference with bad QB play. The players from these classes have made an impact and a good amount have proven to be good CUSA players. Get them a QB and I do think we have the roster in place to compete for a division title. Are they going to be a good AAC roster is a very different question. Especially with the current lack of momentum we have in recruiting.
  4. Agreed. But I’ll say in Hooligan’s defense, at the end of the day, straw man or not, it’s semantics. We made our bed keeping Littrell, now we have to lie in it. Standards have to be very high now. Margin for error on the field just got a lot lower with how stale things have become off the field.
  5. Which football coach did we extend after a .500 season?
  6. Is this a take you’ve legitimately seen on here or a straw man?
  7. There was no commitment announcement from Walerius and Littrell. Assumed Linder was a walkon. Littrell tweeted out a commitment graphic for Nick Nakwasaah which Walerious retweeted. Walerius also retweeted the Columbia DE we just offered. Nothing from either on this kid. Honestly I’m still not completely sold this is a scholarship addition.
  8. Maybe CUSA opponents but what I’m talking about has been more from these non-conference teams we beat like UMass, Wichita State, Drake, etc. I remember seeing those message board threads posted on here. Honestly I doubt most of those fans even know who Javion Hamlet is, outside of any research they did leading up to our game. Definitely applicable to WKU though. They know Hamlet very well.
  9. I half agree here. On one hand, this year’s team has been noticeably better as a regular season team than last year’s team. Our current NET is better, our KenPom is better, our Simple Rating System is better, and our record is better. This year’s team has taken a step forward thus far. The odds of replicating last year’s end result are very low, and they always have been. The margin for error is so razor thin in March. If McBride misses that three at the end of regulation against WKU there is no round of 32 finish. If we are in a similar situation this year and that three doesn’t go in, does that mean we weren’t better this year even with a better record/ratings? You could make the case either way.
  10. I don’t know. Before last year I probably would’ve said “after we win a game in the NCAA tournament.” Usually that puts you on the map to people who follow college basketball whereas just winning conference games alone does not. I’m sure it has to some, but apparently it has not to a lot of these vocal fans on opposing boards and such.
  11. The big 3 of CUSA West (UNT, UAB, and La Tech) have 14 CUSA wins while the entire east division has 9. Looking at things down the road, ironically the path to the CUSA Tournament final might be easier for the 2 seed in the West than it will be for the 1 seed. For example, if the standings ended as they currently are with La Tech at 1W, UAB at 2W, and us at 3W, UAB would get to play the 1E team in the Semis while La Tech would have to play us (assuming we beat the 2E team). Not necessarily something it will do us any good to worry about, but just sort of shows the lopsided nature of the conferences. Of course, as CMJ said, we don’t really know if teams like ODU or Charlotte might actually push the perceived top teams but we it’s also possible they fizzle out when they start playing more games. Hope we can be a part of that fizzle this week.
  12. One of the best unexpected treats of the Mccasland era has been watching opposing fan bases go into meltdown mode after we beat them. Very rarely is it “well, we lost to a good team who made it to the round of 32 last year” but very often we get stuff like what you’re referencing. Bonus points for how many fans are insistent that they coincidentally had an off shooting day against us. Nothing to do with going against a top defense. Just bad luck teams always seem to find against us.
  13. Man, what a great win. Still feeling good about it. Also really nice to see a season high 7 assists from Tylor Perry. Him setting up other players is huge for our chances of going far as teams try to take him away.
  14. I appreciate you using sometimes instead of usually, because you could have. What a pal!
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