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  1. There were two crystal ball predictions from right before he committed in a November.
  2. BillySee58

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Damn. Terrible way to lose. Maybe they’ll realize you can’t wait to get going offensively until after the other team has
  3. BillySee58

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Offense really hasn’t looked that different from last regular season. Hope they don’t wait until the CBI to pick it up again
  4. BillySee58

    1-11-19: ESPN has UNT as 11th seed in Tourney

    Team Rankings shows 6 seed as the highest seed that we have a possibility of obtaining. Realistically I’m just hoping we can put ourselves in position to get a 10-12 seed if we win the CUSA tournament. Just want to see us in a winnable game in the round of 64.
  5. BillySee58

    1-11-19: ESPN has UNT as 11th seed in Tourney

    No but a 12 seed beats a 5 seed every year. Only eight 15 seeds have ever beaten 2 seeds, and 15 seed is the best we have ever been. Just want us to have a winnable game instead of stuck playing one of the top 8 teams like in previous years.
  6. BillySee58

    UNT NET Ranking Tracker - 2018/2019

    1-2 start from ODU and La Tech falling to Rice last Saturday have pushed both down to where we are almost the only top 100 team in CUSA. ODU just in at 96
  7. BillySee58

    Football and Basketball Turnarounds

    Yup. RV was let go as soon as the school year ended. Smatresk knew he wouldn’t be retaining RV at that point, so there was no way he was letting a lame duck AD make the hire of the highest paid employee of the university. Smatresk has already admitted that RV wanted Meacham but it wasn’t his hire to make. Also, the Jalie hire fell right into RV’s lap. The school’s all-time leading scorer, who was brought in by a coach he didn’t hire, was ready to be a Division I head coach and wanted to come back while we had an opening. It wasn’t some under-the-radar hire that took huge amounts of research and diligence to uncover.
  8. I made a comparison between the last seasons of each of the previous basketball and football coaches compared to the seasons that their successors are currently having. They already have 21 more wins than the teams that preceded their first season, and almost twice as many conference wins with still 27 conference games left this regular season between both basketball teams. Football finished last in the division in 2015, and the last basketball teams of Peterson and Benford failed to reach the CUSA Tourney. I know McCarney didn’t coach the entire 2015 season but he was still the last head coach (without the interim title) before Littrell.
  9. BillySee58

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    That last game before conference play may have been a win, but it was only by 3 points against a Division II School. Wouldn’t include that game as evidence of a good stretch.
  10. BillySee58

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    UTSA seems to be have turned it on since CUSA play started. Looking forward to this one
  11. BillySee58

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Agreed. He did his homework and was giving perspective from both sides, not just the hometeam. Wish every broadcast had a guy like that. Instead we usually get guys who whine when foul calls don’t go their way and act shocked that their team can’t score against us.
  12. BillySee58

    UNT Fandom Poll

    Says the dude who took time to research the last time we were 13-1
  13. BillySee58

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Clutch by Mo. I liked the looks we were getting in the second half when we weren’t turning it over. Huge game Saturday.
  14. BillySee58

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    I thought it was just some random speculative tweet
  15. BillySee58

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Arikawe looks lost out there, on both ends