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  1. As soon as someone tweets at Matthew Brune and/or Gabe Brooks and asks them to.
  2. Last I remember reading is that through the portal you can add the lower of: The amount of players you have leaving through the portal or 12 without them counting towards your 25 spots.
  3. Yeah and with other fans it’s one thing. I can’t help but feel that Littrell is mentally falling in that camp as well. The last two recruiting classes we have not received many commitments/signings from the high school ranks despite seemingly recruiting as many kids as before. I get the feeling that Littrell wants to only sign 10-12 high school kids a year, but build relationships with more to set us up with potential portal transfers down the line. I think the strategy is logical and I’m sure many G5s will do this. I just fear we are killing momentum that we worked very hard to build up at the high school level. And frankly have had more success with than we have with the portal.
  4. Not gonna argue he loses some luster on his Mean Green legacy. The larger point I’m trying to make is that he gave us 4 seasons, include 3 starting seasons, same for Brammer, and that benefitted us more than him leaving hurt us. Fans can hate them for leaving, I don’t care. But obviously I look at things from the recruiting angle and Brammer and Davis seem to invoke fear of recruiting high school players now. We can’t look at the signees in this age as “not working out” just because they Transfer. What did they give us while they were here? Not saying you are making this claim, just clarifying my point. I’m not saying both move back to Mike. Just one of them. Most likely Wood, like you said. But the positions aren’t that different. The best two will be on the field, which could be Brown but only if he’s better, not just because that’s where he was in the spring and they weren’t.
  5. Good stuff. Really like the Commits we have. Just need more. And I know some are wary of recruiting high schoolers, but if you can get 2-3 solid starting seasons out of these guys, that value shouldn’t be overlooked or negated even if they leave early. That being said, excited to watch Mr. Atwood give us 4 starting seasons and multiple all-AAC honors!
  6. Yeah, calling that statement petty is just silly. Also, something I haven’t seen mentioned much is how experienced the guys we have still are. At least the expected starters. Wood has 11 career starts and Nixon has 16. We have two linebackers who have proven themselves to at least be legitimate CUSA level linebackers. Like you said, still not KD’s level but not a duo that looks like a weakness either.
  7. Fun fact: KD Davis played as many seasons for the Mean Green as Fine, Darden, and Torrey did.
  8. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad advice just because he didn’t get drafted. He was a legit draft prospect and got a 2-way contract. He’s going to play in the NBA. Bad advice to me would be guys who don’t even get legitimate consideration for exhibit 10 contracts. From a draft profile standpoint, staying in school wasn’t going to help him. His shortcoming is his height, and staying in school won’t help there. From there you have to weigh the opportunity cost. Are the NIL deals really that lucrative for him? A lot of times NIL deals get thrown out like they’re sure things and that six-figure NIL deals are just out there growing on trees. Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t. But even taking an NIL deal and staying in college, it hurts your draft prospects the older you are when you enter the draft. Then there’s the education piece. So many of these kids aren’t pursuing a degree that materially increases their earning potential, because they’re really in college to play sports. Not sure if that’s true for Lofton but if a guy is forgoing the completion of his general studies degree, the lifetime earnings impact probably isn’t taking a detrimental hit.
  9. The Bryce Drummond era! Say hello to your new LB1 🤜 💥
  10. Right. It didn’t. I was talking about details on why he would make this move now. NIL deal, internal turmoil, etc. Clearly something changed and there was some reason he decided to leave after the immediate eligibility cutoff date, when he could’ve done it earlier when it made more sense. Hard to gauge how likely a waiver would be. Doubt the NCAA feels compelled to just start handing out waivers and basically nullify the cutoff date. Or maybe they don’t care. But those are the things I’m unclear on. Not the clearly known facts of the case.
  11. It looks like they are still subject to the portal entry cut off dates. Even if they haven’t officially graduated or submitted graduation paperwork, they still have to enter their name in the portal by the cutoff dates to obtain immediate eligibility per this document. http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/Transfer/OneTime_Transfer.pdf
  12. When you say “free transfer” do you mean not counting towards a class cap? Because that was never the case unless it changed recently. They have always counted towards a signing class total. But I agree on what you’re saying logically. I just remember the last I read is that a player who already used his sit-out free transfer cannot use another as a grad transfer, or at least that was expected to be the case. But that doesn’t disprove what you’re saying about timing and being precluded from being subject to the cut-off dates. Guess we’ll find out for sure in the coming weeks.
  13. I’m not completely sure, but I don’t think grad transfer is really a relevant delineation anymore. It seems you only get one one-time Transfer sit out free, regardless of grad transfer or not. And the portal deadline still applies the same for graduates and non graduates.
  14. Yeah I posted in the other thread. Hard to understand how this move makes sense until more details come out. NIL does seem to be the most likely culprit.
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