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  1. True freshman Loronzo Thompson has been moved from receiver to defensive back https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/loronzo-thompson/4722
  2. Pretty interesting pickup here that has really flown under the radar. Davis was listed in the 2-deep this week behind Cam Johnson and saw some action this past Saturday. Davis is a transfer from Texas Tech, and former Euless Trinity Trojan, who was recently added to our roster. Below is his recruiting profile from when he signed with Texas Tech out of high school. Was primarily a special teams player at Tech but this is another P5 transfer for those asking for more of those. 4th P5 Transfer since this summer with the others being QB Amani Gilmore from Kentucky, DB Jordan Rucker from Purdu
  3. SMU and Houston kicked our ass last year and it didn’t hurt recruiting. Also don’t think those losses hurting team morale is what lost us those games the rest of the way. Get the experience, have more on-field time together to click, and win some conference games and recruiting would keep going just fine imo. Also, I’m not very worried about recruiting right now. I’m more concerned on how we develop the guys we have, because it’s hard to imagine recruiting getting much better than it’s been the last two years. Until we start winning the conference and pushing into the top 25, we have recr
  4. I just don’t get the mindset that cancelled would-have-been losses are a net positive for a young, inexperienced team desperately in need of on-field growth.
  5. I’m wondering if it’s due to rules, set by CUSA or whoever, on a cap set at each position group for how many players can be out for COVID at a point in time before a cancellation is necessary. Perhaps at our linebacker group. I believe this was why Baylor had to cancel.
  6. Edit key should be in a drop down after clicking the three dots in the top right of your post. Also, our roster currently shows Farrell at 6’6” 308 lbs https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/jacob-farrell/4828
  7. This a big-time commitment here, at a position of need. 11 other FBS offers including Arizona State, West Virginia, Kansas, and Georgia Tech
  8. Blew a dude up on that Aune TD run
  9. The LBs have been in serious trouble in the run game. 3-3-5 with a JACK or stack the last two years have not been able to keep our LBs clean. A large amount of tackles Saturday Howell and Wood were making while fighting off blocks.
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