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  1. Maybe a solid Mo replacement? https://www.njcaa.org/sports/mbkb/2019-20/players/rudiwilliams8uol
  2. Had a huge sophomore season, putting up 21/7/9 on solid shooting numbers. https://www.njcaa.org/sports/mbkb/2019-20/players/rudiwilliams8uol Huge mid-major offer list http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/rueadale-williams
  3. Yes. He’s a combo guard, so he would fit as that secondary ball handler on the court like Mo was. I’m very high on his game but don’t want to unfairly hype him up. But I will say, as a prospect he is as good a guard prospect as we have signed since Chris Jones.
  4. Chill, John! I ain’t worth it! But seriously, I think this is a pretty important detail and both reports are sourced. If he was going as a grad transfer that should have been basically the number one detail Brett and Brune would ask about. When Jeremy Combs transferred after 3 years Brett was reporting that he’d be going out as a grad transfer about as soon as he was able to get sources on the transfer. I’m giving them the credit in this case that they wouldn’t source the info and say he will have to sit out a year without actually asking if he would be going as a grad transfer. Also, the first person to report this was Jeff Goodman. The most likely reason he got the scoop here over the guys who cover UNT is because someone wanted to get his transfer as much exposure as possible. When someone is grad transferring, he’ll say it in his tweet. Maybe whoever leaked it left out that incredibly important detail, or maybe Mo is feverishly trying to graduate before his scholarship for the academic year expires. But three reports and zero mentioning he is going as a grad transfer is pretty strong evidence imo.
  5. Because Brune and Vito have both reported that he isn’t going as a grad transfer and is banking on the NCAA changing the rule to allow first-time transfers with a waiver to change schools without sitting out a year. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-TExas-Mean-Green-basketball-guard-umoja-gibson-leaves-north-texas-enters-transfer-portal-145656288/Amp/?__twitter_impression=true The Mean Green had to convince Gibson to stay after his redshirt year as well. Now, Gibson enters the transfer portal with some uncertainty. The NCAA is reviewing a rule change where players could have one free transfer without having to sit out a season. If that happens, Gibson could play next season, if not, he’s going to be sitting out his redshirt junior season. https://dentonrc.com/sports/mens-basketball-gibson-set-to-transfer-from-unt-is-expected-to-enter-transfer-portal-soon/article_73f4b7de-1ef9-5ae5-91d6-ea41fee7ab62.html If he transfers, Gibson would have to sit out a season and would have just one year of eligibility remaining, unless he receives a waiver from the NCAA.
  6. Mo’s definitely right that he needs to be a PG to play at the next level at his height. But yeah, why leave to sit out a year when you could stay and play then transfer as a grad transfer next year? That’s the weirdest/dumbest part of this. Unless he somehow is eligible next year. But if he’s not, that doesn’t help his options. High majors aren’t dying to sign a 6’ shooting guard who has to sit out then only has one season of actual eligibility. Especially when they can get bigger guards who are either eligible right away as grad transfers or guys who have to sit out but then have 2-3 years of eligibility after the sit-out year. Also not sure those schools are going to want to hand over the keys to him at PG when he hasn’t proven himself as a PG at the mid-major level.
  7. Does that mean it’s not 80s ball because it continued past that? That’s rhetorical. You don’t have to respond to that. Words have meanings. Mediocre means moderate or low quality. There are about 200 basketball players in CUSA. 10 of those 200 were named to the 1st or 2nd all conference teams. Roughly 5% of the conference. Top 5% is not moderate or low quality. The flaws you pointed out prove more why he wasn’t 1st team than they prove he was mediocre. All the other superfluous misdirection doesn’t change how ridiculous it is to say he had a mediocre season.
  8. Come on, Mo. Only staying a 40% three-point shooter (with the three point lines moved back)? Gotta pick that up. I knew we would come back to this place. The galaxy brain spot where watching the games is all it takes to reveal that a player voted 2nd-team all conference by media and coaches, who apparently don’t watch the games, was actually mediocre. How many players were above mediocre in CUSA then? 8? Why would Bell push Gibson out of the starting lineup? Bell played the 4 all season. And somehow you still seem to hope Mccasland goes old school 80s ball and puts two traditional bigs on the court, when he has shown for three seasons (here, more including his other stops) that that’s not his style.
  9. His season was mediocre in what aspect? What metric substantiates that claim?
  10. Get outta here with that mess Maybe he is graduating in three years and going somewhere else as a grad transfer. Otherwise, yeah he’d have to sit next year and would only have one season of eligibility left. If he’s not a grad transfer that’s definitely a head-scratching decision.
  11. This tweet seemed cryptic at the time. Wonder if he knew.
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