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  1. I always come back to that when SMU fans start talking about their Big 12 dreams. I just find it incredibly hard to imagine a school that clearly inflates its attendance numbers and still struggles to break 20K would have much viability in the Big 12.
  2. I bolded our non-conference games below with our future conference mates. Curious to see how we fill these openings in our future non-conference schedules. Would think we keep the SMU and Memphis games next year but curious if there’s a possibility we scrap the Memphis game next year knowing there won’t be a return game. FUTURE NORTH TEXAS NON-CONFERENCE OPPONENTS 2022 09/03 - SMU 09/10 - Texas Southern 09/17 - at UNLV TBA - at Memphis 2023 09/02 - California 09/09 - at SMU 09/16 - Memphis 09/30 - Abilene Christian 2024 08/31 - at South Alabama 09/07 - SMU 09/14 - at Texas Tech 09/21 - Stephen F. Austin 2025 08/30 - Lamar 09/06 - at Wisconsin 09/13 - at SMU 09/27 - South Alabama 2026 09/05 - at Wyoming 09/12 - UNLV 09/19 - at Texas State 09/26 - Houston Baptist 2027 09/11 - Texas Tech 09/18 - Wyoming 2028 09/02 - at Baylor 09/16 - Army 09/23 - at Tulane 2029 09/01 - Baylor 09/08 - Tulane 09/29 - at Army
  3. Where else would Memphis go? Looks like they missed the boat on the Big 12. ACC maybe if SEC gets Clemson and Florida State?
  4. It’s one thing to be saying that stuff during press conferences and interviews (very annoying as a fan) but if this is the message he is giving to his team, his coaches, and his superiors then Wren really does need to make the move in-season. We talk a lot about how important it is to start winning ASAP with major conference re-alignment looming, well even if it’s a new coach, a large portion of this roster is going to be needed to make that happen. This team and players need a new message and that shouldn’t wait to come until after Littrell is fired.
  5. What the hell happened to Jacob Brammer this year? He was great last year. Absolutely bad this year.
  6. Not sure what you mean by “it’s a whip” but anyone wondering if this is Littrell’s Portland State definitely have some substance behind that claim.
  7. A new tradition we are starting is asking “is this going to be Coach Littrell’s Portland State?” every home game.
  8. This defense is filled with guys who are 3rd year starters/rotation players and have never at any point been good. And we keep trotting them out there, no matter how many highly-regarded recruits we sign.
  9. Coach Bloesch is feeding into the “o-line coach turned OC” stereotypes terribly. Terrible.
  10. Murphy twins have been colossal disappointments this season. Getting put on their back on pass rushes and committing penalties today.
  11. We’re letting at least one lineman through the line unblocked basically every play.
  12. Gonna go with Thomas Bell. I see him starting this year.
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