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  1. It surprised me too. ODU went 26-8 with a road win at Syracuse and only got a 14 seed last year. We would have to win out to get to 26-8, so that’s surprising to me that he already has us as a 13 seed.
  2. It was a 10 point game with 3 minutes left. Then they started putting us on the line to try and extend the game, and Hamlet’s uncontested three at the end put us up by 20 for the first time. Against FIU and FAU we were up by 20 with about 6 minutes left and the game felt over. With Rice it was a ballgame well passed that point. Yeah it’s splitting hairs, but it was not as apparent a blowout as any of the 5 previous home games in terms of when the outcome was decided. Call it what you want, it’s a 20-point win either way.
  3. If he has us as a 13-seed right now (and he has been very accurate compared to the committee in the past), if we could somehow rattle off a 17-1 conference record then make it to the CUSA championship game, maybe we have a shot at an at-large. Sucks that we couldn’t have pulled off one of the OU, VCU, or Utah state games that we had a chance in at the end. But obviously there is almost no margin for error on that path. Also of note, Wren is now on the NIT selection committee so that could be on the table as a fallback as well if we keep winning. All that to say, the more you win, the more doors that open up. Not that anyone didn’t already know that.
  4. He is currently showing us as a 13 seed in the South, facing Auburn. The highest seed we have ever received is a 15 seed, which I think we got all 3 times we were in. 13 seed would be great and would give us a matchup that would have a good shot at being competitive in. Also, 5 of our non-conference opponents show up here. Dayton as a 2 seed, Arkansas as an 8 seed, OU as an 11 seed, VCU as a 12 seed, and Little Rock as a 15 seed. http://m.espn.com/ncb/bracketology?src=desktop
  5. This is correct. Each team will host the 2 seeds directly below them and visit the 2 seeds directly above them. This makes it so that it will take road wins for teams to hop another team, and the #1 seed has the best chance at bolstering their résumé by going 4-0. And the schedule lists 5 dates but we’ll only play on 4 of those dates.
  6. We’re talking about bad losses in terms of résumé. A road loss at one of the best CUSA teams who is ranked close to the top 100 in NET isn’t a bad loss. A loss at home to the 235th ranked NET team (EMU) is a bad loss.
  7. North Texas 63——Rice 52 7:56 left Rice hanging in and not letting us pull away
  8. North Texas 54——Rice 41 14:20 left in the 2nd half Long stretch of sloppy play there for a bit
  9. UNT 44——Rice 36 Halftime
  10. He did have a lot offers already though. He had 8 other offers at the time of the alleged commitment attempt. But yeah, you’re right. Who knows how many offers some of the guys who we have been able to lock up early would’ve finished with.
  11. Rice put up a lot of points against us in both meetings last year. We’ve done a decent job defending them so far. Mccasland doesn’t like to switch defensively and they have made us pay for that a few times already.
  12. EMU has not done us any favors. They have terrible
  13. When we joined CUSA I hoped that we’d recruit Memphis in football and basketball. La Tech, UAB, USM, MTSU, and WKU are all less than 5 hour drives away for family to go see games, and Denton is only 7 hours away itself. Glad to hear his family taking advantage of that proximity.
  14. Gonna be tough with the amount of losses. Not much margin for error but hey, MTSU was a 15 seed in 2015 then got a 12 seed the next year. Just need to focus on getting that 1 spot come pool play.
  15. Same here. Even without the injuries he always had a really strong case for a 6th year because of the terms of him transferring here (his dad’s health). When you grow up playing a sport and play it all the way through college, that becomes who you are and if they have eligibility it’s much harder for some of these guys to forego that eligibility than it is to keep playing.
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