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  1. San Jose State beat Oakland 80-67. They move on to the 5th place game tomorrow against Ball State.
  2. We can still lock you down but more weapons. And the fellas coaching em up ain’t bad.
  3. No I’m saying Fine is like the smarter student in the analogy.
  4. Fine. I don’t get the fixation on this. Someone can get a better grade on a test than someone who is smarter than them. That doesn’t mean there’s an asterisk next to the score or anything.
  5. Aune could throw it 180 times today and he’d still have less pass attempts than Fine did in the season he set the single-season TD pass record. Even if he was throwing more today to get the record, Aune would still have gotten there on less passes. Wet field and defense loading up to stop the run is a more likely explanation for why more passing makes sense.
  6. LBSU led by leading scorer Joel Murray, younger brother of JJ Murray.
  7. Showing as 8.5 point favorites right now
  8. One thing I’ll say about that is that schools treated the COVID year differently with how they list their eligibility on their rosters. After the 2020 season, we listed our players with the exact same grade classification in 2021 that they had in 2020. Most schools, including UTSA, did choose to progress their players’ grade classifications forward a year like what normally would have happened. So UTSA does have a lot of players listed as seniors who are eligible for another season due to the 2020 COVID eligibility freeze, including Frank Harris and Zakhari Franklin. They are listed as seniors but have the same eligibility as guys like Deshawn Gaddie and Jyaire Shorter, who we list as juniors.
  9. I suggest listening to Mccasland talk about the scheduling in this podcast: In college basketball, it’s all about record and Quad 1 and Quad 2 wins (to a lesser degree). And with Quad 3 and 4 record, the committee doesn’t care about those but they do care how many Quad 3 or 4 losses a team has. That’s what gets evaluated when it’s time to pick at-large NCAA tournament teams. In order for a home game to count as a Quad 1 win, the opponent has to be a Top 30 NET team. Mccasland explains how teams don’t want to play us, even at their place, because the risk of losing to us isn’t worth the reward of a possibly Quad 3 win, or at best a Quad 2 win. Losing to us at home is either going to worsen the Quad 2 record or show up as a Quad 3 loss, neither are going to help an at-large bid.
  10. We have 8 scholarship seniors, 1 of which is our punter and another 1 of which is our kicker which are positions that Littrell has never offered scholarships to High School players from. You don’t sign 20 high school kids when you’re only graduating 6 non-specialists. It’s going to be a small class of traditional recruits, with players transferring out likely to get replaced with players transferring in.
  11. Huge pickup for a variety of reasons! Most of which is this kid can play! Very physical highlights for a CB.
  12. Yes. I remember Frankie Ferrari, San Francisco’s point guard when we played them in the CBI Finals, did this. He started his career at San Francisco, went to a JUCO, then went back to San Francisco.
  13. Yes they do. The players who show as “5th” or “6th” are the ones truly in their last year of eligibility.
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