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  1. Sorry - got distracted, the Judge is actually a sitting Judge that sat "on the hill" - I'm making bank on "predictit.org" right now - ttyl! #GMG
  2. One UP for this - wouldn't let me do it in the traditional way 🤷‍♂️
  3. (Sorry for the delay!) On board, well qualified #GMG
  4. Sorry for the delay, traveling at the moment. So, we had been staking out the site for the new Apogee Stadium for a while and we had some great tailgates at Fouts and we wanted to continue that but needed an extended space that didn't cost anything (we were working and in classes at the time). So one of the guys in the group says, basically, "listen, you buy the food and the drinks, and you (different guy) bring everything in your truck to set up, I'll make sure we get the space." We're all friends and you know it's "one for all, all for one" but he was insistent on saving the best space, t
  5. I've got a great story how the "King of the Hill" became a Fire Chief (in the DFW Area), a Judge (in the DFW Area), and a Top Personal Trainer in the (DFW Area)!
  6. I think this comes down to philosophy; I believe you recruit the best talent you can and then work with what you've got. I would also say that the epitome of college football (Alabama) has done that with the turnover of their OC/DC through their dynastic run - to me, from a recruiting perspective, you recruit the best you can at each position every offseason, if that means you cut a senior short because you've got a better Junior-transfer then you do it. Players are now open to transfer when and how they see fit and coaches are hired/fired based off wins/losses then it's got to go both ways
  7. That's an interesting take that I hadn't really thought of, and that's probably where things get blurry as it's open to interpretation of what is and what isn't fair criticism. I agree - I was (amongst the many) calling for Jason Garrett to be fired years before he was, still cheered every game day, wanted the Cowboys to do well and believe(d) we can win every game and the Super Bowl every year (I'm a hopeless romantic in that way haha!).
  8. Anyone outside of Texas able to watch/stream the UIL State Championship games?? I've usually been good with a VPN on my FireStick but it looks like Fox Sports and Fox Sports Go are now going around VPNs - can't find anywhere to even purchase the game?? If anyone has or knows of a way, I'd be grateful! (I have an Amazon FireStick and Mac Laptop that I can screencast from) Thanks!! PS - I Can't believe they're not streaming tomorrows games nationally, I've gotta think there'd be a pretty big audience for it all things considered!
  9. Just wanted to gauge the audience's opinion with this poll. Yesterday saw a lot of action on the boards with a few "negative" comments, responses, etc and I'm curious to see how everyone views the proposition of where the line falls between being critical vs. supportive. In my opinion, one can be extremely harsh/critical, even "negative", and still show up with full force support on game days and hope for a positive outcome. To me, being critical or even "negative" doesn't necessarily equate to being unsupportive or against a certain proposition. More importantly, what are your thought
  10. *I believe his total buyout is $1.215 million
  11. I think the price for a quality coordinator goes up every day, we're battling in a market with some more prominent openings and we lost leverage the day it was announced that Bowen wouldn't be back. The better play would have been what Texas did, stay with your guy until you find the guy to replace them. (Hard to know for sure but the earliest SL probably thought about making a change was before the bowl game and the latest the week after) From ESPN Article: Del Conte said the three administrators served as the search committee and that in one of their earliest discussions, Eltife
  12. I'm really looking forward to this! I remember talking to Riley in the old snake pit after his dad was let go, he was shooting hoops by himself and he was so beatdown and dejected. I don't remember what all his injuries were but he had some significant ones, played through them, moved positions, took heat for replacing Vizza who had a great freshman year before he came in, and of course the failure to win on the field; he carried a lot of that with him, a lot of pride and heart with that one! I don't remember what we talked about but I remember feeling bad for him at the time and was disappoi
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