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  1. Without a doubt, no question the easiest scout work a GA will ever have to do or that has ever been done in the history of scouting in college football. They probably had it cut, clipped, and charted before midnight last night.
  2. I don't think this plays well today, anywhere. Between a self-righteous generation of students who loathe authority would be "offended" and perceive it as "being told what to do," hell, might even be the catalyst for a protest lol, it's a temperamental generation. To the folks who will say, "we were there for the SMU game, call me when you've got a real football team on the field" - anything along the lines of "please show up" from the AD I think backfires and has the opposite result. And it probably should, this isn't a time to look outward for an answer on attendance but inward and the message from low attendance is: "it's not worth showing up for." WB can't pass the buck on this one, but I for one and encouraged by the fact that I think he knows this and is taking the lumps now, taking accountability, and knows it's his job to make a move that fixes and it's an internal/personnel move. I think he "gets it" from that stand point, so any message on attendance in the from of "show up" would reflect poorly on him and expose the fact that he doesn't think the DEPT has a problem to solve but that YOU the fans have a problem; I respect accountability and I think he's an accountable leader from that standpoint.
  3. Coach on the right led a team to the Conference Finals, was named Coach of the Year and was fired after seven seasons. Coach on the left, took over for the coach on the right, led the same team to the Championship the next year and won Coach of the Year, in his first season. Everything is unprecedented until it's done for the first time, the key is knowing when it's the right time. Now (yesterday, the day before, end of last year) is the right time for a change at the HC position at UNT.
  4. Sang this instead of saying "no" for a month straight when I first heard this and pissed everyone off around me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they knew it was coming, I couldn't resist, I can't sing, and I didn't care.....Love it!!!! Bishop Bullwinkle blessed us all with this diddy #RIP
  5. That brings that list down to 46 to choose from, with more noted/discussed/debated in that thread of 400+ posts which started after this season started.... You didn't but it was implied by the OP that SL is the only best choice to be the head coach at UNT, I respectfully disagree and re-shared a crowd-sourced list of alternatives, compiled by the GMG faithful.
  6. I disagree and since you asked, first, here's this: And for even more realistic alternatives, see the following thread:
  7. I love the "oh yeahhhh" in the beginning - not sure if that's about the game or the guy getting taken out but that's good stuff haha!
  8. Always root for the win, still don't change a thing...... SL still out the door..... Yes it's possible for people to do both.... Especially when both teams are in the bottom quarter of FBS football.... go on with the "whatyathink about SL now" posts/threads..... happy for the players, doesn't move the needle at all on SL.... Happy for the W but more than able to keep things in perspective.
  9. Still haven't filled the Assistant Athletic Director Digital Broadcast and Multi-Media (https://jobs.untsystem.edu/postings/64938) but audio/graphics already better than last time, so that's a plus to go along with the two sacks!
  10. I'm excited for two things that are hot right now IMO. Nothing groundbreaking here just what I'm excited for. I'm looking at the D/Secondary, specifically the recently much hyped (well-earned hype) RIDGE TEXADA to get us a pick today.... A pick 6 from the defense balances out what we've come to expect from Aune all-to-often.... Looking for that and can't deny that Wildcat series where we just punched it down the field was a nice change up, I say dial it up until they stop it or save it for the second half if needed so they can't scheme against it at half.... RIDGE TEXADA TAKE FLIGHT!!! Stone Earle Sighting Would Be A Bonus
  11. Any updates on Stone Earle?
  12. Do you think the same excitement/game day/experience etc. could be had in the Spring at UNT? There's a small group of people working to put together a Spring Season college football league in Texas, major schools plus three without (TAMUCC, UTA, UTRGV) and UNT is in consideration as one of the potential teams. Essentially it would be all non-scholarship, graduate-transfers allowed, 52 man roster, limit of 10 players who were on D1 rosters in the fall and 10 JUCO transfers. One notion is that starting seniors across the country could use it as a platform/showcase for NFL teams if their stock isn't high in the draft or seniors injured early in the season have a place to play out there would-be senior season, D2 studs etc..... (lots of scenarios that equal high-caliber talent propping up the performance on the field) The league is fully funded, zero out of pocket costs for schools or players, coaches salaries set and paid out by the league, equipment and transportation costs covered, schools provide practice facility and home field. Single-entity, revenue-sharing model, players have the ability to co-brand and earn money through NIL (jersey sales, tshirts, etc.) - 10 Game Season, Single-Elimination Playoff Tournament - Streaming Partner/Playoff TV Contract/Sponsors etc. Texas only D1 schools - Texas for example would play at their 20,000 seat soccer stadium not DKR..... I imagine there would be a push for UNT to play at Apogee if they were to be considered. That's not everything but enough to get the idea...... Restricted recruiting territory First year expectations for each team are a minimum 1,000 paid fans per game @ $10 per ticket Home field must allow for alcohol sales Opportunities for student orgs to work concessions for share in profits -------- My two cents was that UNT could and would support it but that it runs the risk of taking away from the FBS team (the league rules are more like you've seen with the AAF and XFL with a sped up play clock and is heavily geared towards the offensive side of the ball for high scoring games and excitement). Not sure what you all think but this post made me think to ask, would you support something like this?
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