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  1. Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing?
  2. Trash talk aside, for anyone making the trip down, enjoy the game and welcome to campus.
  3. Wait, you haven’t even opened yours yet? its too bad your players have to cross a highway to get to practice.
  4. SMU has already opened an indoor practice facility, it's a solid structure, but yeah, it's a tiny 90 yard half field, but real estate is a little harder to come by down here, costs a little more too. Ours does have AC though.
  5. Probably not since of the 23 on scholarship, 15 will be back for the 2020 season, and 5 or 6 return for 2021. They aren’t all one year stop gaps.
  6. The Ticket is the broadcast provider for SMU games. The Ticket is advertising a broadcast featuring 2 local teams for an asset that they want to promote on their station. I'm an SMU alum and it annoyed me when they said that. The Ticket is probably the one that wrote the copy on the ad anyway.
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