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  1. A current number 1 ranking and 5 National ships since 2000 would be an excellent start.
  2. I like the idea of including eligibility if they finished a degree here. Don't forget among all this transfer crap going on that (aside from this one time COVID ruling) we are still under the umbrella of the 5 years to play 4 clock. If the graduate transfer is at your school, and just comes to play the one year and then leaves (not finishing the graduate degree), then maybe no HOF eligibility. If they stay in school and finish the graduate degree, I'm okay with it. Just throwing that out there. WIth every rule, it seems like there should be an exception. I think regardless of longe
  3. I'm awful at tact, so I'm going to continue to get downvotes for talking about this, but I find It interesting. Fun with hypotheticals: Cobbs is one of our all-time beloved loyalists. What if he graduated the same year he led the country in rushing, then was offered by USC or an SEC school? Same with Quinn? Or Mason? ...is it so painful to imagine them playing that card? ...we as fans are extremely loyal to our dream school. A lot of athletes are loyal to...their sport. To playing for free. Opportunities to play at the highest level and pursue The League. That pursuit comes FIR
  4. Off the top of my head, we didn't go to 1AA until the early 1980s. Total nitpick here, but I don't recall the FCS/FBS labels coming into being until the BCS era. @UNTLifer those are my initial thoughts. Are there more?
  5. I wish there was some way to pull NCAA data, look at every single person who ever played as a graduate, and see if they did it at their original school or a new one. Might see some interesting trends.
  6. It's entirely possible she would have said that about anywhere she landed. I would have. It means you found a good fit. it doesn't mean you hated where you came from. There seems to be a ton of people thinking that a graduate transferring means there was something wrong with the original relationship. I don't know where this comes from, or why it's so hard to grasp that the NCAA essentially grants them a freebie year to go try something new without penalty. If you had an opportunity to play one more season, and do it for a national title at a different school, go for it! EDIT: One m
  7. SPOILER: The article does not say she left Denton because of people and culture. It says she chose OU because of their people and culture.
  8. Direct correlation between how long you've been a member and how much you haven't seen us have that discussion before. Not a jab at all, just having a little you must be new here fun.
  9. What's The Ticket saying? Hardline- Mavs Front Office Disfunctional With Donnie Parting? Hang Zone- Donnie Nelson Gone Campound Roundtable Hang Zone- Breaking Mavs News: Donnie Nelson Out As Mavs GM Norm and D Invasion- The Mavs Shadow GM and Disfunction
  10. JOINED: September 10, 2020 all I needed
  11. Expectations. You can plan to get X number of them (explosive/big plays) per game, but be careful. If you're expecting them to keep you in a game, something is probably going terribly wrong.
  12. Many There are total 698 Newspapers available in Texas state. (shows DRC @ 12K paid curculation)
  13. I'll piggy-back @97and03here with one more perspective: A couple times (SMU/UTSA) we were plastered in the 1H: SMU outscored us 34-7 UTSA 28-7 Recall we also trailed at half to MTSU and UTEP (possibly others) before finally pulling out wins. It was a pathetic early display on both sides of the ball. I speculate we don't actually know much about our post-Fine offense, since so much production is garbage/non-pressure situations. I may be remembering wrong, but I think one of the reasons we'd be so deflated early on is we were giving up so many explosive plays in the 1Q. If we
  14. I have two memories of our tournament opponents: 1) Villa's ball movement 1A) Ivey's play
  15. Could be true, could be BS. Unfortunately, the Atlantic story is paywalled. Someone tell me if this is much more than sports gossip. EDIT: That last request is about the Voulgaris story.
  16. IMO, the burden is on you to want to compensate Javion for his time. In this version of the hypothetical, if I am Javion, I would have done it regardless but am grateful for the fact that my friends, fans, and family want to support me.
  17. I didn't know that about Deion, and it didn't even occur to me to double check the roster. This is a little deflating. He was a guy that I just kept expecting to have a break out year. As if it was inevitable.
  18. Caleb has speed speed speed. Is Hair-Griffin the fastest guy on our roster, or has he been passed by any of the newcomers?
  19. @DeepGreen @meangreen11 I posted this in Eagles Nest because there is no Mean Green in it. I just thought it was a good talking point. Some tidbits, without copying-pasting content: no-brainer #1 is Randy Moss/Marshall. Paraphrasing here, but author says his 1997 season alone might put him on top of this list. #2 Fitzgerald/Pitt #3 is DeVonta Smith/Alabamer. I think Smith is an interesting choice at this spot because 1) it is so soon, and 2) Darden is very much in his mold. Comparisons were made leading into the draft. ...MEGATRON Calvin Rogers was in at #9. I would have
  20. I see a city that is less than two hours away from Austin, and the local SWC-lovers have not had to share media space with any hometown D-1 university up until less-than 15 years ago when UTSA athletics came into being. That is nothing like the rest of the state. You could be right! But I haven't seen anything from the AACs/MWCs of the world that says "hey, let's get a UT-Satellite campus!" It wouldn't surprise me to know there is some politic-ing going on too, to keep the "other" UTs from getting too big.
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