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  1. What the heck is this staff sitting on or waiting for? The optics of this, and likely the long-term outcome, is awful.
  2. We hold nearly every team we play 15+ (20+?) points below their season average. How long until people put 2+2 together?
  3. Not sure, but I think the 9’3” WKU center grows a little bit more every time we post about him here.
  4. Someone help me understand Rice. some up and down with them. Beat UAB. Lose to WKU. Beating Marshall...
  5. https://meangreensports.com/news/2022/1/15/mens-basketball-mean-green-top-wku-65-60.aspx
  6. Conference upgrade might mean higher caliber recruit/interest in UNT?
  7. Woah! If you want to go for a ride, check out this reply/thread. Keith was present at the Zoom call/meeting and presented this as a live feed of what was said about Todd Graham and the state of UH football. Click it and read down the entire thing. some real nuggets in here. "...I just don't see anything changing with this guy here...He's hands-down the worst guy I've ever met in my life."
  8. @Charlie NT 73 @Coach Andy Mac His Twitter bio is "DB at the University of North Texas"
  9. @GreenEggs&Ham™ appreciate the insight. Stay safe #GMG
  10. Not gonna fight over this, but let's just say this comparison depends heavily on taste.
  11. This just doesn't hit the same as the photo does from their website, which makes me wonder if the computer graphic's lack of stitching is why? I also can't help but notice the color intensity/saturation is different under the natural light. I like the darker color portrayed on their website. man! I'm picky about hats.
  12. If another school's offer still stands at the moment they commit to us, I consider it a Mean Green battle win.
  13. How about Oregon RB Travis Dye? https://247sports.com/Player/Travis-Dye-94519/
  14. Bump. Another lateral move is happening.
  15. I'm not convinced. I know it feels good (noble?) to talk about the sanctity and amateurism that used to be college sports, but deep down I think the casual fan just wants to see the team wearing their uniforms beat the team that's not wearing their uniforms, regardless of the money behind tossed around off the field. I'm more inclined to to think the drop in viewership is mostly driven by people knowing their team is not in the picture, and not even being considered for the playoffs.
  16. I was really impressed with Marshall's fire last night. It looked like they really wanted this. I can't downplay last night's win. My gut tells me this was a bigger & tougher win than the paper stats will say.
  17. I'm thinking, there's gotta be a Kramer for this...
  18. Probably a little of both. Watching the replay now and finally seeing this exchange he had with Early that earned technicals for both. Not gonna lie: I will be watching how these two handle each other in future matchups. Early walked away last night with 5 points, 1 board, and the loss. Not a good look on him. Does he continue to just run his mouth and not contribute?
  19. Gonna need everything to go our way.
  20. Got to check into the broadcast with 2 minutes remaining. Obviously, I have tons of accurate insight.... Abou has leveled up into beast mode. Can he stay there? Look for teams to continue to find ways to force the ball 1) away from Perry, then 2) into Bell's hands, if possible. Make Bell try to get creative.
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