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  1. When everyone else is taking transfers only, can we sign all the guys in the HS T25? #WhereElseWillTheyGo
  2. Maybe, but some of y'all fall back on this every time we aren't comparing UNT to UNT. Which is every time.
  3. Are we just not going to talk about Caleb Johnson? Why aren't we looking at one of the more highly regarded recruits we've ever signed? Yes, I recognize we have lost some major weapons. But that excuse holds better 3 years ago, before SL brought in all these players that other programs really liked, too. We should be reloading in CUSA.
  4. 'cuse wins it with a game-ending FG.
  5. My understanding is Benford's contract ran through WB's first year. he wasn't "given" that year like it was an extension. It wasn't like there wasn't enough time before the season started. WB came in, ignored everything that happened under Benford-RV and basically said, "Let me see for myself." He could have fired Benford but chose not to. That, and handing out extensions/raises like candy, are my gripes against WB.
  6. Not sure what the contract wording is, but maybe we don't have to pay a buyout if WB never actually fires him. Move SL to a desk job role and put someone already on staff in his place.
  7. Some well-known, not-middle-school brands still go nameless. Here are Notre Dame highlights from this past weekend: Maybe you feel this way because the NFL has a requirement for names. I don't.
  8. No-name jerseys have been in the game forever. Just depends on the coach. What's embarrassing about it? The coaches that did it 20+ years ago did it because they didn't want the game to be about the individual. I personally don't care either way. This is where we are right now: we are so awful (again) that fans are getting angry at every single thing they don't like.
  9. This is a 30+ point loss. I think we score more than UAB, because I believe UAB's defense is top notch in CUSA.
  10. Is Micken's sporting the next gen NFL helmet?
  11. I barely remember that. Didn't annoy me.
  12. Someone explain to this idiot what a good/clean key is, vs. a bad key.
  13. Graham Harrell as HC? Hadn't thought of that until now, and immediately jumps into my T5.
  14. Further reinforces my worries about player development/roster management. For 3 years, SL has brought in better players than we have ever seen in Denton. With multiple G5/P5 offers, these players that we have in Denton were - coming out of high school - perceived to be good by other schools, too. This is the year they should be populating the two-deep and representing us on the field. There shouldn't be any more excuses about any talent gap. We should be matching up with UAB's level of play, but it looks like Seth and Co are not coaching them up that way.
  15. Is every P5 retread looking for retirement money? Is every P5 assistant doomed to fail when they get hired to a G5? These just seem like broad generalizations we are making because of singular failures in Denton. What if we're ruling out someone that could be a great fit for us?
  16. USC literally fired their coach after game 2.
  17. Todge took this approach and it didn't work out like you are thinking. My takeaway from those years was, the athletes that came from ultra-winning traditions really struggled in the face of adversity. Some of those said guys are used to winning by 40+ points and seriously don't know how to react when someone in college punches them in the face, or they look up and see the other team up by 7 points and nothing they're doing is working.
  18. 1) How were they perceived of out of high school? This is the potential that people try and identify when we talk about rating systems/other offers. The higher this perception across your roster, the higher your potential is as a program. 2) What are we doing to develop them? Maximize their talents? get them to overachieve on game day? ...SL figured out the first part, and on a level we haven't seen in Denton in this Rivals/247 era. ...I have to conclude that he is awful at #2. I don't know if that is something you can pinpoint on a single person/facility, but the responsibility falls on SL.
  19. We are talking about how Wren handles where we are NOW. This is his responsibility. Doesn't matter who hired SL.
  20. I appreciate that. Here's my 0.02, and that's probably over-valued: I'm about as removed from CFB as I have ever been. Not Mean Green, just everything else. I honestly don't have a specific name in mind, and am excited to see other names that are being thrown around. We are in an offensive era right now. Find a guy that looks like he can coach a defense to rise to the challenge. There is a ton of offensive innovation out there. Dime a dozen. The winning programs are finding defenses that rise to the challenge. UAB/Clark comes to mind. Look across all the conferences, and pay attention to what the championship programs are doing. Holtz's name (LT) is getting tossed around. I admire what he's doing because of his scarce resources. But I'm not convinced 1) He can consistently win championships, nor 2) he will ever leave Ruston for anything. We've hired up and comers. We've hired guys out of retirement. Guys straight out of HS. All have lost in Denton. In my experience (music business here), good leaders have qualities that are very intangible: how good are you at reading a room? How do you carry yourself in the face of adversity? Do you continue to evolve/experiment/invent, or do you have your Bible and stick to your ways? These aren't things I can identify behind my computer keyboard. Must be done in person, and an important part of Wren's job when he interviews, IMO. Lastly, speaking about something that is really hard to explain: I have my own opinion that good coaches are excellent at reading space/pursuit...which I don't consider the same thing as X-Os-schemes, although they are related. Being able to read space/distance/motion across the field means you'll probably be good at scheming and adjusting. But having a good mind for X-and-Os doesn't necessarily mean you're good at reading space/pursuit. If I had tons of time on my hands - which I don't - I would pull game tape of my finalists and look for this. Kinda rambled there for 0.01 worth lol.
  21. I agree. The next 24 hours are going to determine how much of MG Nation views him.
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