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  1. CUsA title plus a Bowl Win before Mason and Spanky high tail it outta Denton. That would be a successful season , imo. Don’t want to see another G5 school rip us apart in a Bowl game again.
  2. Well, for this year we have to go with what NT has. Secondary that may be the worst in the nation but decent LBers and solid DL. They can win that way if the O delivers. My biggest concern is the O and Mason Fine. We all knew the O would have to carry the team and they have failed to do that.
  3. We missed Rico today. Man, if he had not gotten hurt. No telling.
  4. Hats off to the whole team. D played well. For this game. Future is scary. NT has to lead the nation in PI calls.
  5. Cals QB is probably the worst I’ve seen since the trio of Arkansas QBs we saw last year.
  6. Instead of punting just throw it up and get the PI.!
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