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  1. Welp, there’s always next year....
  2. They need to resurrect the feature that shows who exactly downvoted you. We used to enable to see that. I liked knowing which one of you bastards downvoted me...
  3. Smart move for him as he was going to be buried in the depth chart. My money is on Bean being the man once Fine & Littrell leave after next year...
  4. This thread is on par with DeeDee Mega Doo Doo....
  5. I tell you what, these guys have all day to throw. Rarely do these QBs have to rush and feel pressure. Mason would destroy it either one of these defenses with this type of talent around him...
  6. Man, if one could ever rank words of underestimation in the history of sports....
  7. Wow, that really stinks. After traveling for 18 hours total to/from ABQ, I really feel for the fans who made the trek to Dallas.
  8. Which is what I had after eating one of those Lobo dogs at halftime...
  9. I was going to post something about how CUSA is probably the worst FBS conference. You beat me to it....
  10. I think there was some impact to preparation but I don’t think it was the main reason for the loss. NT would’ve had to play a perfect game to beat USU. They were more talented and it showed.
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