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  1. Aune will start and we’ll all be bitching about Seth by game 4.
  2. Dickerson did have a gold trans am. And I think SMU nailed it with this tweet. Embrace the history, current state of the NCAA is going to be beyond what the Ponies could ever muster up during the Pony Express days.
  3. We’ll all be bitching about QB play after week 2 and questioning Seth’s coaching ability all over again.
  4. How could anyone forget the performance at Georgia that year? That HoD Bowl team was legite. One of the best UNT teams I’ve seen with my own 2 eyeballs dating back to the SBC glory days.
  5. It happened under his watch. No way he his head was in the clouds on these acts. You can forgive him, but he’s earned a lifetime ban from Coaching young men.
  6. Gang green? They’ll creep up on you then, boom!! Amputation time!
  7. I like the Flying Worm and SoW logos! Hated all the Daffy douchebag logos. Never understood how navy and orange got into them???? I’m probably in the minority, but I loved the script in the sunbelt days! That’s during my time at NT and where I got sucked into NT football.
  8. He earned how much to embarrass NT?
  9. Hey, I like baloney sandwiches! Nothing like a Boar’s head slice of baloney on white bread with miracle whip!
  10. My dog just did his business in the back yard. Let me go take a quick look because I swear I saw UNT Football plastered on it.
  11. WB gets to sleep on his own bed for keeping SL. New coach and fresh approach may have kept the pillars of this program in place. Holy crap this has turned into a cluster F***.
  12. One more year for Seth, might as well do it all over again. 0-6 start anyone? At least we’re looking at a new coach for ‘23…..
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