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  1. I bet pornhub site traffic will be setting records the next couple of months.
  2. Special place in my NT fandom heart for the Ol’ Buick. Yeah, he ran through the Sun Belt like Mexican Water through an American Tourist, but it was a helluva fun time to be a fan.
  3. Is this the same guy that told recruits they could have all the white women they wanted?
  4. Yep, this right here. If Spanky turns this around next year he’ll be gone to some P5. At least he has a goal now. I’m thinking he expected to coast this year to a Bowl by Jason Garretting his way through the season (stand lifeless on sidelines at games with his headset unplugged). He thought he had enough in place with Fine, Bussey, etc. to do that. Didn’t have to win the title or even his Bowl game, just get there and better offers would’ve been coming down the pipe. Instead he slipped on the banana peel, 3 stooges style.
  5. No. Seth struggles enough with in-game management and needs to focus there. It would be the Jason Garrett affect all over again. He needs an OC to at least assist him.
  6. Yep it was Hawkins. His success at Boise got him the gig at CU. Nepotism derailed Hawkins career there when he made every attempt to start his non college talented son at QB over several years.
  7. Transfer portal QB until Bean is ready.
  8. LOL! I love basketball but I don’t have desire to fix, I mean, ref games. 😄
  9. That’s good news for me because I plan on starting my career in football officiating when my daughter goes to middle school next year. My son is playing football at the jr. High level so my Saturdays are now open. Maybe I’ll be doing NT games within 10 years?
  10. Hit the transfer portal hard. Not recruiting well enough to backfill every year, obviously.
  11. Whatever happens to RB, I wish him well. I’m hoping he at least tries one more year in college somewhere to boost his draft status. Gotta get surgery first though. Wonder why he’s putting it off?
  12. Would Renfro have stayed committed if this season ended with double digit wins and a nice Bowl trip?
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