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  1. Good luck to him. Anyone know his stats for this year?
  2. Got5onIt


    This thread is on par with DeeDee Mega Doo Doo....
  3. Got5onIt

    Nat’l Champ Boycott!

    I tell you what, these guys have all day to throw. Rarely do these QBs have to rush and feel pressure. Mason would destroy it either one of these defenses with this type of talent around him...
  4. Got5onIt

    Patrick Cobbs

    Man, if one could ever rank words of underestimation in the history of sports....
  5. Got5onIt

    Name the New North Texas Basketball Venue

    The stinky starfish
  6. Got5onIt

    Christmas gift from my aunt

    Never mind, I see the pics now...
  7. Got5onIt

    FRB Cancelled ?

    Wow, that really stinks. After traveling for 18 hours total to/from ABQ, I really feel for the fans who made the trek to Dallas.
  8. Got5onIt

    2018 C-USA Bowl Season

    UNT bringing up the rear again...
  9. Got5onIt

    New Mexico Bowl Shirts

    Which is what I had after eating one of those Lobo dogs at halftime...
  10. Got5onIt

    Oh, look...

    I was going to post something about how CUSA is probably the worst FBS conference. You beat me to it....
  11. Got5onIt


    I think there was some impact to preparation but I don’t think it was the main reason for the loss. NT would’ve had to play a perfect game to beat USU. They were more talented and it showed.
  12. Got5onIt

    Our players were not game day ready!

    The only scoring drive NT had in the 1st half was helped along by several penalties. NT was whipped from start to finish. USU spanked NT like a they are a legit top 25 team. We’re the pretenders.....
  13. Got5onIt

    Well this is about right.

    Yep, the annual kick to the nuts for Mean Green fans was coming. It’s like the feeling you get when you have to pay your yearly federal taxes.
  14. Got5onIt

    Our players were not game day ready!

    They were just completely outclassed, from the HC on down. It was a very bad showing. I will say that I see the young talent there. Future still looks bright and Fine has a Sr season with a ton of hype coming!
  15. Definitely disappointed. Team wasn’t ready but I don’t think they’re best game could beat USU. They were much better in the trenches and had more speed than the D could handle. They were going to need to score to keep pace with USU and Fine going out pretty much was the nail in the coffin. #23 team whooped a ~ #75 team as expected. I hope Bean or Martin get more playing time next year. Bean had the deer in headlights thing going, but he’s got a ton of ability. Oh well, wish my son and I woulda stayed in Denton and helped the wife and daughter put up the tree tonight....