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  1. Seth as HC and Aune the starting QB?
  2. Yeah, that 1-6 start was a gimme that he was going to get canned. Amazing how apathy at the highest levels of the university by not doing a damn thing about it ended up working out in the end. I’ll at least give Spanky some credit, I don’t think this team woulda pulled off that winning streak had PB taken over as interim.
  3. I thought NT offered Ward? He’s probably going P5.
  4. NT will have a new coach once SL’s contract runs out. Like Jerruh and Garrett, Wren is too close to his buddy Seth. He’s gonna shake his hand and watch him walk off with a smile and a completed contract.
  5. If Spanky comes back next year, I’m gonna start wearing plain black Nike hats and put up my North Texas ones.
  6. NT will be the Kansas of the AAC. As long as Seth is here you can count on it….
  7. He’s at the NT faculty holiday mixer prepping for another year. Ready for another 1-6 start?
  8. Yep, this is exactly what happened.
  9. I’ll take Sumlin right now. ***thanks for the downvote Mrs.Litrell
  10. Wren makes his money right here. Make the right call and get Seth the hell outta here.
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