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  1. Seth ain’t going anywhere. Thanks to, well, himself. If he had plans to move up and out of our little green house he failed. A Bowl-less season just cooled off his hot bro-ness other ADs were after. Cue the Chris Chris music because after this loss, he just jumped out the window. But he’ll definitely be back you MFers!!!
  2. Less penalties wouldn’t save NT. LaTech would’ve wiped the floor with NT with or without the flags.
  3. Ok, time to change things up. No more nooners on game day. Save that mojo for NT good luck....
  4. #newdenton #olddenton it doesn’t matter. The annual kick to the nuts is part of being a lifelong NT fan!
  5. SMU kept beating teams and hit the top 25. NT fizzled out after blowing their load in the Arkansas game. As much as I dislike SMU, I bet they get to a decent Bowl and get a win on national tv. Unlike NT, who got thoroughly outplayed and slapped around in New Mexico last year. Leave it to NT to kill all momentum from last year to disappointing season in 2019. SMU will be the talk of the metroplex in 2020. I wonder if they can keep their momentum going?
  6. 6-6 and then a loss in the Frisco Bowl! WooHoo!! Seth gonna do what he gonna do...
  7. I used to see McCarney walking shirtless in that neighborhood across from the cinemark 14 off wind river ln. I rolled my window down one day to say hi to him and he smiled and waved. My then young kids laughed their asses off (continued for about an hour after the encounter because of his old man shirtless tan). I had to roll my window up real quick so McCarney wouldn’t think we were harassing him.
  8. I think this season wouldn’t be so hard on everyone had Seth not pulled a June Jones on us. Everyone is questioning his focus. It was off during the circus of a bowl week last year and has bled over into this season.
  9. Wow, Ron Mendoza had to have been the worst defensive coordinator in the history of college football. Sad thing is my previous sentence is not some sensationalistic statement.
  10. Hey, we all have to look in the mirror and admit we actually really underperform at our jobs. C’mon, you know good and well you really only work 2hrs out of an 10hr day. So in the end, we’re all really a lot like Seth.
  11. Got5onIt


    Free throw shot????
  12. Did anyone see Antman on one of them?
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