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  1. Exactly. We need to look at this realistically, regardless of how the accusations against him have unfolded: 1.) We need younger blood, and 2.) For whatever reasons, valid or not, he's been out of coaching at the college level for 7 years. You don't keep your talents fresh by not using them, and there have been sea changes in college football since then. And we have recent experiences with hiring someone with associations from that period of Baylor football. For that, we lost an offensive coordinator position being fully staffed for a year due to subsequent accusations, as muddled or unjust as they were.
  2. It should at least to be a tiebreaker. The AD should be expected, among other things, to be good at sales, and being seen as approachable could help one sell, I'd think.
  3. They deserve a modicum of praise for finding a guy named "Biff" as their new hfc. Still, a pronunciation guide for "Poggi" would be nice.
  4. If he was a coach stepping down a level or two and struggling, people would attribute it to a lack of support from the new school.
  5. So Leipold came to FBS Buffalo from D3 Wisconsin-Whitewater. Considering that, what would you think about this guy: https://pittstategorillas.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/brian-wright/642, or this one: https://uiwcardinals.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/g-j-kinne/2626?
  6. So, should this bring the nude or nearly so PETA demonstrators to Apogee some Saturday? I hope so.
  7. Never might be too soon. A member of my extended family is a retired dentist from Iowa City who used to play golf with Hayden Fry, and informed me of the "Hayden Fry Way" street naming. That street was actually not in Iowa City but its suburb, Coralville. So, maybe a "suburb" of Denton could rename one of their streets after Danny Mac. https://www.press-citizen.com/picture-gallery/sports/college/iowa/2019/12/18/archives-hayden-fry-way-commemorated-fry-fest-2009-iowa-football/2689462001/
  8. Man, if he beats UTSA, we'd be on track to hit 6 and lose another bowl game in blowout fashion.
  9. Well, every military unit, including paratroopers, has someone designated as "rumor control". You must be that someone.
  10. I went with (like most) conference championships, largely because that's what the current head coach defined as the goal when he arrived here. That said, it would be a real gut punch to win the CUSA championship this year and go on to lose the following bowl game, especially if we're noncompetitive.
  11. If we're evenly matched, which I'm not sure of considering how close some of their losses were, I think they should have the edge due to being able to get out of Florida when that's a thing that would lift the spirits of many. And hey, winning one for (folks back home, the gipper or whatever else sounds good here).
  12. Thank you for the correction; I should have researched that before posting the topic. At least looking it up on the Internet did make me realize that there actually is such an animal (more properly a "binturong"), and the Cincinnati Zoo loans one to the University of Cincinnati sports teams for appearances: https://gobearcats.com/sports/2017/6/12/what-is-a-bearcat.aspx
  13. Uh, yeah. I mean isn't that where people listen to the radio?
  14. There is no coverage growth. According to the link below, KHYI has been a sports affiliate of the Mean Green Sports Network since 1974: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KHYI, broadcasting UNT football and basketball games. I know I've listened to some UNT sports being broadcast on 95.3 before this year, so the linked article can't be completely wrong. In other words, I see the radio broadcasts being not switched, from 88.1 to 95.3, but just removed from 88.1. And I swear I've actually been able to listen to broadcasts from 95.3 before this year which could be understood clearly enough. I think someone's trying, with some success, to gaslight us.
  15. I really hate to see people fired, probably from jobs that they love, but radio probably has some of the least job security of any field of work. And a lot of the time, people aren't fired for lack of listeners, but because management wanted to go in a different direction. I'm like many former music students, disappointed about the format change at 88.1, but their not wanting to broadcast sports is really like a kick in the teeth from the hired help to the owners.
  16. Heaven forbid that anyone preparing to enter the working world ever have to do something they don't want to.
  17. Just to address "1.)" above, I've tried listening to 95.3 during a game and not during a game, and can't get it to do anything but drift between two broadcasts, neither of them with a clear enough signal to understand. Has anyone had a better experience with this new radio station? Ok, so after a little research, I've concluded that this is a so called "Rimshot" station, now broadcasting from somewhere northeast of Gunter, Texas. Wikipedia isn't a great source, but seems correct in saying that a "Rimshot" station may or may not succeed in reaching its target audience. No, the coverage map for 88.1 (which isn't really great, but exists in at least of the northern part of the Metroplex) is not almost identical to that of 95.3. Sorry to call bullshit, but tell me how I'm wrong.
  18. The reception for 95.3 alternated between our football game and something called the "Black Information Network". It seems now that 2 different stations can occupy the same numbers on your dial, sort of alternately fading in and out, but hey, maybe I'm not up to speed.
  19. Well, Paul Voertman, RIP, had deep connections to UNT, perhaps someone could inform the current ownership about the benefits of supporting the UNT community.
  20. Ok, observed that at some point, but in fairness, those I saw leaving were band parents.
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