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  1. Yes, for reasons which eluded me at first. Getting older, you know.
  2. So, do you listen to KNTU now? I don't, as I not an extreme masochist, or whatever demographic is being targeted.
  3. I just traveled through El Paso twice in the last week (flying and driving to and from Ruidoso, N.M.), and it's really amazing how signs supporting UTEP are everywhere you go in the City, from the airport to the most hole in the wall taqueria. Whatever they're doing to engage the locals is working. I hope our coaches and players are getting well prepared for what they will face. I recommend aerobic conditioning and scoring early and often. I do think those traveling to the game can have a great time. I thought the weather there was tolerable today; that dry heat you know.
  4. Well, hopefully it will work, but it sounds like there is some desire to at least be more listened to. I will have to say that every music school alum I have mentioned this to has been extremely disappointed. And I do love some of the music that's called "indie" or "alt", and would usually alternate between 88.1 and 91.7,but I haven't heard any song of the new 88.1 format yet that makes me want to listen all the way through it. Maybe it's like someone said, that they're just putting up placeholders until the students come back. And I'm not sure of what everything is like reception wise in Denton. Do they not already get 91.7? Radio is a tough go these days, but maybe this format change can thread some kind of needle between what's hip enough to attract these RVTF students, popular enough for others in the area to tune in, but differs enough from what is already available from some tough DFW competition that makes a point of playing musicians "out of Denton".
  5. So they really are going down this long and winding road of the "radio business", searching for that elusive "right" genre. It sounds like the powers that be have determined that college students don't love jazz enough, as though everyone should know what they want and have it served to them upon arrival in college. But, I guess Willie Nelson (an old Denton DJ) struggled for years against the sentiment of too many chords aren't what country music is about, until people finally decided, "hey Patsy Cline singing that jazzy "Crazy" song is pretty good"! I love 91.7, but we already have 91.7. And it doesn't have commercials either. Any time I've turned on 88.1 over the last few days (with heavy heart), the playlist is neither indie or special in any way I've noticed. I'll pass along a suggestion that I saw on "Reddit" that any unhappiness about this be expressed directly to the President of the University, who is said to take particular interest in such matters. In the meantime, I went down the internet rabbit hole to find this quote, attributed to Hunter S. Thompson by the "Krud Radio" website: "The radio business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." Hunter S. Thompson
  6. Best wishes Mr. Herold. You did a lot for the park system here in Euless.
  7. Don't get that writer to explain things, Maybe splain things.
  8. An article in search of a coherent paragraph.
  9. When, if ever, was the last time we beat UTEP at their place? If I were Seth, I would arrange for the team to have a practice week somewhere in the Trans Pecos area, so as to acclimatize to the elevation change. Either that or have them spend time doing aerobic exercise, walking up and down the wing zone, whatever.
  10. So, just wondering, how much liquid (water I presume) will you consume for that hour outside? It seems to require a conscious effort, because of the perspiration going unnoticed, as you mention.
  11. It only took getting off the plane in El Paso, around April 1, 2019, after experiencing what had been a pretty wet spring in the DFW area. Temps were probably around 80 then, and felt damned good. This was on the way to do some hiking at Big Bend National Park, where my hiking buddy mentioned what I had been thinking, "hey, it's convenient not having to pee". I guess whatever liquids were consumed, which you need a lot of, were used for other purposes.
  12. I'll agree with the occasional sand in your teeth, but what makes it any hotter there than in Denton? Most sources I looked up showed El Paso with highs maybe a degree hotter than Denton, and lows maybe a couple of degrees lower. And definitely drier feeling there. The lack of large shade trees in that part of Texas might make it seem hotter, but that's nothing that would matter inside a football stadium, especially at night. Hot? Yes, but so is northern Texas.
  13. It's kind of hard to see why this is on our football forum, other than a lack of anything else. He never had a chance of being hired here. There seems to be some undercurrent of support for his rehabilitation, but we are in no position to do anything but look forward to the next hfc coach hire for UNT, who needs to be someone without the kind of baggage that the Briles name brings. Doesn't he have a retirement plan sufficient to get us past some kind of pity party for the guy?
  14. He's busy enough deciding whether to close schools due to weather.
  15. Well, I guess yesterday was the last time it could have any real chance for coolness until March third of next year.
  16. Ok, I see we have some of the same unanswered questions. I think if any other school is competing with us for receivers or quarterbacks, they may point out the same issues. I actually had some hope that an experienced quarterback coach might be brought in from the outside, but I'm now wondering if SL has decided that his late season emphasis on the run game, which worked ok until it didn't, might be his plan going forward, as we have hired a new O line coach instead. My brother-in-law from Boise mentioned that he thought the strategy of outscoring their opponents was the way Boise State had succeeded. On this one topic I would agree with him, and that as a way forward for us. Maybe Seth thinks he'll strike lightning with Stone. Objectively though, it seems that Aune regressed last year, when we had no full time qb coach. I really think that SL wants to stick with a quarterback he starts the season with, and once he's changed, doesn't consider other options.
  17. You seem to be referencing Kade Renfro, a quarterback who backed out of a commitment to UNT to sign with Ole Miss. I can understand someone who may be a good qb somewhere being buried on the depth chart behind someone who, at this point, appears likely to be the drafted in the first round of the next NFL draft. It's harder to understand quarterbacks being buried in the depth chart at UNT since the departure of Mason Fine, considering the level of play at that position we have seen. And honestly, highly talented FBS quarterbacks get benched or beaten out by others all the time, transfer to other schools, play where they wouldn't have if they'd stayed put, and often succeed beyond expectations at the time they transfer, just not here. Of course we're talking about more than quarterbacks in this thread, but that's who you chose as an example, and UNT as a place "not to be buried on the depth chart". What have we seen in the last 3 years to justify that, for quarterbacks anyway? And I'm sure I'm not the only here to think "hey the first two guys aren't getting it done, next up".
  18. A bitter pill, perhaps the bitterest in the Seth era, in my humble opinion. Well, I'm done with this Mean Green Football until the Seth Show hits the road for good. Martin looked good every time he was out there. If anyone knows why he never got a chance despite no quarterback after Mason's departure showing us any reason why they were on the field, I would be interested in reading about it. My theory is that Seth keeps a Hotel California style of quarterback doghouse Kason where Kason checked in (perhaps by letting it be known he wanted to play?), and couldn't leave. Good Luck, Kason Martin, and I expect you'll finally be seeing the field and getting results elsewhere.
  19. So, how is that Kason Martin has fallen so far since appearing to be good enough to play at this level 3 years ago in the New Mexico Bowl once Mason went down, and has not been given opportunities for meaningful playing time since? This, despite UNT not really having anyone playing qb well enough to keep opposing defenses honest for the last 2 years.
  20. After what we've seen since Mason Fine left, your prescription is settling for mediocrity at the qb position? I'm not sure how that would sound out on the recruiting trail, "hey we see you as our best hope for an average passing game". Honestly though, it seems that for the last 2 years we've never risen to the level of adequate qb play, so maybe you have a point. Wouldn't it be better though, to aim higher, even giving a shot to others on the roster, just on the off chance that they might be one of those who is better in a game than in practice?
  21. I went to a Euless Trinity vs Allen playoff game at Apogee maybe 5 or 6 years ago and it was standing room only. I hate to say it, but to me, it looked like a crowd for a college football game should look.
  22. Why would we assume that he would not, or that he wouldn't otherwise be released, when there is an example of someone much more successful at another level (and recently more competitive against power 5 teams) leaving by "mutual agreement" just last week: https://footballscoop.com/news/john-grass-steps-down-jacksonville-state
  23. Why wouldn't we want SL (and UNT) to win out, including a bowl win? If he did that, then left, he would probably have a better chance for a well paying assistant position somewhere, reducing the amount of our payout
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