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  1. no no no, you all have this completely wrong... Step 1: Steal underpants Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit A stinking pile of dirty underpants are indeed a MASSIVE step up from the covid version of "defense" here at U of NT. I'm going back into hibernation again... carry on all
  2. Since you were there, what happened to 34(Kyleb Howell?)? They chose not to show what happened on TV. This happened on a kickoff where there was a fair catch, if memory serves. I know that it had gotten very chippy, and I suspect they didn't show the incident on TV to prevent stoking the flames even more. There was no penalty on the play. There was just a UNT player down on the ground, motionless for a long long time. They showed a player on the App state sidelines. I don't think they ever identified him as the guy who hit Kaleb, but they followed him on the sidelines with the camera for a minute or so as he wandered around his teammates. Did you see what happened?
  3. Some of these last minute skill position guys are encouraging... but the prospect of finishing 11th this year in this conference is alarming... i hope i am wrong. i hope these kids come in and develop into 4 star players... i will be watching no matter what. if utsa can pull the best class and we can't???? i just don't get it. we shall see over the next 3 or 4 years...
  4. At this point, I am still alarmed at being this far down in the CUSA rankings with "hot" new coaching staff and a better than expected season... I hope things turn around, and maybe the "new" coach gave me false hope... but man, I still feel like this should have propelled us closer to the top of CUSA by now in recruiting... I would gladly trade a couple of the wins from this past season for a couple more highly rated and sought after prospects....
  5. 128 divided by 8 is 16, number of schools in 8 conferences... each conf has 2, 8 team divisions Each conf has a champ from a conf cham game in tourney It creates a 16 team tourney... so simple. F the pre-existing monopolistic advantages... pure tourney style champ. Level playing field for all of fbs.. ready go! Regular season would be 10 games to determine each div champs... National champ would play 10 reg season games, conf champ game(16), quarter final(8), semi final(4), and final final(2) game. 14 game season max...done.
  6. I am alarmed with 9th... new coach, more wins than expected... ugh, we gotta start gettin some players
  7. So, 128 divided by 8 is 16... each 16 team conference gets their champ in the playoff... each 8 team division winner plays in the conf championship game, so it actually works out to be a 16 team tournament.... oh wait, that makes too much sense... nevermind, lets just continue the monopoly driven beauty contest... carry on, nothing to see here...
  8. If i were a fan of houston, i would never be able to look at that burnt orange color without flipping it off... The big 12 teased UH and herman was on the way to being the next Gary Patterson... UT decides it will be easier to take Herman if the UH golden ticket gets revoked and the the UT lemmings help out by unanimously voting to stay at 10... f the corrupt p 5 monopoly
  9. I was very much looking forward to seeing lance contribute, but the entire offense was shutdown last night by the vagiants. Lance just has not really looked like lance since he hurt his knee last season. His blocking has been good this year... or atleast vastly improved.
  10. So far, meh. The screen where he got tripped had potential.
  11. With Lucky Whitehead out for violating team rules.... Lance is gonna have a bigger role tonight...
  12. this is unfalking believable.... espn3 blows ars, and now I don't even know if I want it to work by now. f espn, f em right in the ear
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