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  1. Haynes/King field @ Apogee Stadium has a nice ring to it.
  2. On Industrial St. in front of Mellow Mushroom.
  3. I think we can go ahead & throw dirt on them!
  4. They're college kid! Let 'em have fun. If they want to go out on the field to be w/ their friends the football players, I think it's a great thing. GMG.
  5. I'm from S. Texas & would like to check out Old West before the ULM game. Where is it?
  6. MWC should add UTEP, UNT, & UTSA. UTEP makes geographical sense. UNT & UTSA would provide media major markets & instant rivalries in Texas. I think all 3 would jump in immediately. 12 schools & done.
  7. The MWC should consider UH & UNT. Then they would have the 2 largest media markets in Texas and the 3rd & 4th largest universities in the state.
  8. Since we're dreaming: West - UNT SMU UTEP NMSU Tulsa UH East - University of S. Mississippi La. Tech University of S. Alabama ULL Rice Tulane Others to consider - Arkansas State UTSA Texas State - San Marcos
  9. Harry, You had recently (12/27/06) given me access to the MGR via a password. Please set me up for access through the main board. Thanks for all you do!
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