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  1. Haynes/King field @ Apogee Stadium has a nice ring to it.
  2. Green Light


    On Industrial St. in front of Mellow Mushroom.
  3. Green Light

    Banner perspective

    "Necessity knows no law." Fly the banner!
  4. Green Light

    Just tuned in

    I think we can go ahead & throw dirt on them!
  5. Green Light

    A Future, Major Mega-Million$ Recruiting Tool &...

    Plumm, Tom & Jo's Cafe
  6. Green Light

    Stop rushing the field!

    They're college kid! Let 'em have fun. If they want to go out on the field to be w/ their friends the football players, I think it's a great thing. GMG.
  7. Green Light

    Question for dentonites

    I'm from S. Texas & would like to check out Old West before the ULM game. Where is it?
  8. Green Light

    Mountain West

    MWC should add UTEP, UNT, & UTSA. UTEP makes geographical sense. UNT & UTSA would provide media major markets & instant rivalries in Texas. I think all 3 would jump in immediately. 12 schools & done.
  9. Green Light

    The Eyes Of The Mwc Are On Texas

    The MWC should consider UH & UNT. Then they would have the 2 largest media markets in Texas and the 3rd & 4th largest universities in the state.
  10. Since we're dreaming: West - UNT SMU UTEP NMSU Tulsa UH East - University of S. Mississippi La. Tech University of S. Alabama ULL Rice Tulane Others to consider - Arkansas State UTSA Texas State - San Marcos
  11. Green Light

    Important Message

    Harry, You had recently (12/27/06) given me access to the MGR via a password. Please set me up for access through the main board. Thanks for all you do!