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  1. This is a major trend going on right now, and not just with backups.
  2. It was definitely a sellout, but since stadium operations decided to have a complete meltdown, it took until the second quarter before there weren't lines trying to get in. Then our incompetent concessions meant there were probably 5000 in line for food or beer at any one time. Then since it was 100 degrees and high noon, a bunch left at halftime. I saw two people in my section alone have to get medical assistance for heat issues. Given buying beer or water was almost impossible with 45 minute concession lines, and some stands were out of water by halftime, not surprising a bunch left early. All in all we had a great half-quarter of a full house. Game was a disappointment. Stadium management was an embarrassment.
  3. Baptist churches are changing their name all over the place these days too. It's a damaged brand and sales are down.
  4. I'm not sure that really means much. Hundreds of millions across 10 teams and 5 years could only be $5-$10MM/YR. No big deal
  5. FCS or lower teams have always taken down a. Few good teams to start the season. This year is just a little worse than normal. And App St. has a significant NIL program and is far from an FCS program.
  6. You can facilitate decades of child rape, attempting to cover up murders and rapes, and receive essentially no punishment. There is no reason to shy away from handing out a little spending money 40 years ago.
  7. We probably have the same opinion. After some of the unbelievably incompetent and dysfunctional programs we have had to deal with, Morris can be both a moderate improvement for us and a disaster in the SEC.
  8. Not Nick Saban, but he left the program better than he found it and was reasonably competent. He went as far as he was capable and left at the right time. Can't say that about any pre-June Jones hire like Bennett or Cavan.
  9. Oh man, I just saw this. How embarrassing. I can't even rib y'all about it. Worse than Dykes ripping off our stuff at TCU. You need a new AD to go along with your new HC. At least I can say we were there once. It can get better.
  10. Thought I'd continue my update on Big-D Sig for those following a (sort of) local boy made good. Last game he came through for 54 yards on 12 carries, splitting time with multiple backs. He also came through with a TD. Solid game leading to a dominant SMU victory over their opponent.
  11. That's why we offer a $36k annual compensation for all football athletes regardless of position on the depth chart. Please let your players know.
  12. I thought Chad Morris parked at Allen HS to wait for the UNT opening
  13. This board has been full of SMU talk for months. The SMU boards have almost zero mention of UNT outside of game week. Definitely one-sided. Maybe changes if we are cursed to the same conference
  14. SMU has always had money, but we were a complete trainwreck for 25 years. It's not program money or NIL(except most recent transfer class) that has elevated us. It's structural support from the university and good coach hires. But even a good coach looks incompetent without admin support. That's where you need to look to improve. That's why UTSA is going from nothing to blowing by you with NO money or facilities or history.
  15. What are you implying? It's totally explainable by massive upgrade in offensive coordinator and buying a ton of P5 transfers. It works. I highly recommend it
  16. Y'all aren't nearly the biggest problem. Look at some of the other future AAC team scores today. Ugh.
  17. No way we go to Big12 unless it gets majorly raided, which seems unlikely because payouts for B12 P12 and ACC should all be generally similar. We add nothing with TCU there. Similarly you add nothing to AAC with us there,.so clearly the conference thinks we are likely gone. PAC12 has to survive,because there are too many late timeslots for ESPN and Fox and not enough decent teams in the west. PAC12 will add 2-6 teams and SMU will be one, or less likely (due to buyout and similar pay) some B12 teams will go west and we backfill. Pipe dream that many SMU fans are pushing is that ACC gets skiddish over so few decent options remaining and grab a few now anticipating future losses and take us, or B12 making spot for us.
  18. "middle-aged man wearing a UNT polo" The waiter?
  19. I wonder if this is being driven up https://twitter.com/SMUFB/status/1565732504073433088?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1565732504073433088|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=
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