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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/more-than-30-years-after-the-death-penalty-smu-is-thriving-in-a-new-world-of-nil-and-the-transfer-portal/ Get on the train before it is too late!
  2. Chad Morris would never agree to coach at a school without an NIL program.
  3. I don't see how this is possible under the supreme court rulings. If you can only talk to boosters of your school, how do you know what your NIL is worth? That's clearly limiting them. You could require a contract not be contingent on what schools they are enrolled in, but that would be super easy to circumvent. They could do a little work on tampering and pre-portal discussions. None of this will change the fundamental nature of NIL, and any attempt is going to get obliterated in court.
  4. Y'all pump out a billion grads a year. Most don't make much money, yes, but you must have a couple very successful alumni. That alone could fund some NIL. Stone Cold & Phil McGraw could each easily find your whole program if all the articles on NIL spending levels are correct.
  5. The new staff is actually significantly outperforming the Dykes staff. Dykes did not have the benefit of NIL like we do now. What you're seeing now is probably structural. Dykes has experience working the portal and the "come home to Dallas ..err...uhh...DFW" pitch, plus now Big12 clout. The new staff has NIL and a better overall recruiting staff.
  6. You are all talking out of your butthole on NIL. It doesn't take that much to play at the mid level. You can do it if someone would take leadership and organize.
  7. The years between now and when NIL collapses is the greatest opportunity for a G5 program to make progress and advance their stature in many decades. It's really awesome. Please get your act together before getting to the AAC.
  8. Trolling A&M??? Y'all are so disconnected from NIL you don't even see it. It's going to be a long, rough road ahead in Denton.
  9. Correct. I'm sure Arch Manning or someone like that is a mega payday, but your average upgrade player most teams is not massive. There are a few articles out there about it separating rumor from fact.
  10. This hits on a misconception I keep seeing on here. There are not a lot of players being outright purchased by programs according to what is being reported on our there. It is just being used to put someone over the edge. NIL program is just another factor like offense type, playing time, coach relationship, etc. If you aren't participating you aren't paying basic table stakes. Might as well be trying to get a QB to transfer to you and never tell him the offense you run. This is critical stuff.
  11. I keep seeing comments about not having the money to do NIL. I keep telling you most aren't getting huge money out there across all of football. If 100 fans just kick in $1000/yr you can add some talent.
  12. You There are some questions there, but even if he doesn't live up to original expectations it's an upgrade
  13. Just landed a bball transfer, also former 5 star recruit. I love NIL. Y'all should really try it.
  14. Who's more likely to be successful, a 5 star recruited by Alabama, or a punter from Texas Southern?
  15. I have no info to verify what he is saying, but it 100% sounds like a typical SMU coaching search.
  16. Based on what I have heard, I think McCasland is a red herring. Maybe not off the table but not the #1 they are trying to close
  17. Football and men's bball head coach salaries are entirely booster funded at SMU.
  18. Tre Siggers, former star RB at UNT who transferred up to SMU and started calling himself "Big D Sig", will have a shot at more carries now that Bentley has left. He already carried a significant load and had great production, and will be primed for more.
  19. Sorry we interrupted your schadenfreude with facts
  20. If he really signs, and if he's really recovered from his injury (both SMU and Alabama sides believe both to be true) it could be a program-transforming event. I highly recommend it.
  21. Odd response. I haven't said anything negative about Bentley. Great back. Once you see this transfer, if he signs, you'll understand.
  22. Jank is an average coach. He uses a super creampuff schedule to prop up his record. He is not moving up if he even wants to keep coaching.
  23. Sucks to lose him, but a big transfer likely to sign is probably the cause. Pick him up if you can, but he expects to be in a top conference
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