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  1. greenbyx

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    Fist bowl Bowl Win over Cincinnati Bowl win over UNLV And, hard to pick one game but our soccer team and the consistent quality they show
  2. greenbyx

    UNT to Big 12

    Well sir the P5 , maybe soon P4, have no plans of bring in more schools to further divide the pie. Far more likely the will shed teams than bring some in.
  3. greenbyx

    Happy Friday

    Kickers and pitchers its mental game not just muscle memory. Hopefully familiar surroundings will do him good.
  4. greenbyx

    Yahooooo! Ranks All 39 Bowl Games

    Yeah that has got to be a record
  5. greenbyx

    We need to get here....

    That is what I was reminded of when i saw that picture.
  6. There will be more teams and a larger playoff, it will just not be inclusive.
  7. Well as great as it would be for all conference champs to have a shot it will never happen. There is no incentive to be inclusive just the same as in the BCS. If they could ( and they might ) they would discard all non-big 5 schools and have nothing to do with us save the occasional cup cake game to start the season. Sadly that is just the way it is, I wish it was not the case but it is. Every other sport is a playoff run by the NCAA so unless they turn the power ( money ) of the FBS postseason over to the NCAA I don't ever see it being inclusive
  8. greenbyx

    Official UTSA Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT - 27 UTSA - 19
  9. greenbyx

    If You Could Choose 4

    Navy Houston UNLV NIU
  10. greenbyx

    DT on the Ticket late last night

    How he got a job speaking is a true mystery
  11. greenbyx

    Why, oh why....

    Is that a good thing?
  12. The real questions are how will the selection committee make its decisions and who gets to be on siad committiee. If it is full of the former "AQ" commissioners I do not believe a team like Boise or TCU would get in. In no way do I think this is a move to be more inclusive. If you are in C-USA or MTW you better have 3 top 25 wins out of conference and a boat load of public support behind you if you want in. The now big 5 conferences will always say how difficult there conferences are and that is reason enough to exclude anyone else.
  13. I know I am wildly excited about the Astros, maybe they can win a post-season series this year should be great!!!!!
  14. greenbyx

    NT beats ASU

    Well this is all rather status que for the mean green start the season off slow and then tear up the rest of the sun belt I can handle that
  15. greenbyx

    Great Win for Men Tonight

    THat is so exciting when I came to gmg and I saw the headline North Texas downs UALR 82-77 I was shocked... pleasantly! I had a feeling Shawnson was going to help this team