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  1. I agree with you 100%, but you're never going to change the minds of some our older fans. They're always going to view the AD as cheap, underfunded, and unwilling to make changes. Even though none of that has been true under Wren's and Smatresk's leadership.
  2. Because he hasn't been the head coach at Sam Houston or SFA...duh!
  3. He's 62, no thanks. I imagine he'll coach a few more years at Sam Houston and retire.
  4. Love Lebby as a candidate! I agree that he should be one of our first calls. Some other names to consider: Pete Golding- DC at UTSA '16-'17 and has been the DC at Alabama since 2019. He's 37. Jeff Grimes- Career OL coach until he got the OC job at BYU. He served in that role '18-'20 and is currently the OC at Baylor. Texas guy who played offensive line at UTEP. He's 53. Mike Elko- Has served as a DC since 2009 at Wake Forest, Bowling Green, Notre Dame, and he's been at A&M since 2018. The Aggies defense has improved every year since Elko's arrival. He's making $1.8 mil/year at A&M so probably out of our price range. He's 44. Alex Grinch- Has been the DC at Oklahoma since 2019 with previous stints at Ohio St (2018), and Washington State (15-17). There's no denying the improvement the Sooners have shown on defense since Grinch's arrival. He's 40. Graham Harrell- No bio needed. He's 36.
  5. Let’s not act like Arkansas has been improving since we beat them. They’ve been hot garbage until this year. If anything Arkansas is showing us how fast you can improve with the right coaching hire.
  6. I have no idea what we can or can't afford, but there's no way Littrell is back if we don't win at least 5 games. Sticking with Littrell after 3 straight 4 win seasons would be far more expensive in the long run than biting the bullet and buying him out at the end of the season. I trust Wren and our high level donors understand this and will make the correct decision.
  7. I don't think you'd see many "Fire Littrell" threads this week if the team had come out prepared and motived, but ultimately lost by 1 or 2 scores. What the program put on the field last Saturday was embarrassing and a massive red flag that Littrell has lost the team. That's why this board is freaking out. Even fans like me who have stood up for Littrell are tired of it and admitting something needs to be done by the end of the season.
  8. Odd that the AD released all these photos and a video of the new facility and there’s not a single look inside the building or what the driving range looks like.
  9. You have no idea what you’re talking about
  10. I can't tell if you're joking or just in denial that we're not getting an invite from the AAC. It would take all the listed MWC schools and about 3 CUSA schools saying no for us to get an invite to the AAC. That ain't happening.
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