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  1. I agree with your overall sentiment, but that was clearly not a catch IMO. The WR didn't have full control of the ball when it hit the ground.
  2. Second coach in-a-row that’s won right away with an “empty cupboard” but totally tanks once their recruits take over the roster. Infuriating.
  3. From what I can tell on the ESPN summary, HBU had 296 yards of offense at halftime. Luckily, we were able to keep them from scoring in the redzone. HBU could have easily had 23 pts at half. I don't see us having that same success versus SMU.
  4. I seem to remember their offense going up and down the field their first few possessions. I'm glad you have confidence in the Defense, but I don't see it yet.
  5. This would have been cooler, but I’ll get over it. Let’s beat SMU.
  6. SMU- 40 UNT- 24 Our defense is non-existent and our offense wont be able to keep up.
  7. These are disappointing. Wear is the Green????
  8. Probably because they all have ESPN+ and it's a lot easier to find than CBSSN. Outside of the rare network game, I wish all of our games were on ESPN3/ESPN+.
  9. It's why I voted for 2017 over 2013. 2017 beat everyone they were supposed to and the 4 (Iowa, SMU, FAU, Troy) teams they lost to would have beat 2013. I can't forgive the absolute no shows 2013 put out against UTSA and Tulane. Two teams we had no business losing to and cost us the C-USA championship. 2013 likes to thump their chest about their bowl win and how that makes them better, but how can you compare the bowls when 2013 played a mediocre 7-5 UNLV and 2017 had to play 11-2 Troy, who beat a top 20 LSU in Baton Rouge! I actually don't know which team was actually better.
  10. Pretty sad that our best team of all time had 4 losses and couldn’t even win their division
  11. I've seen some (signed&unsigned) at sports memorabilia stores in malls around DFW. You might try calling around to see if anyone has one in stock. If they don't, I bet they have the right contacts to find one.
  12. I think it's more of a staple of UNT students and faculty. If you wanted a good and quick meal between classes it was one of the best options. If a new location requires students/faculty to drive from campus I highly doubt it'll be as successful. Even Weinbergers didn't last that long and it had way better sandwiches and a great location right off the Square.
  13. We're still playing to get the highest seed possible in the NCAA Tournament. To me it's simple, everyone plays.
  14. Damn, you're so edgy and cool. Glad we got people like you moderating this board 🙄
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