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  1. I'm debating with Vito on Twitter about this and I know some people may disagree, but to me, Houston is our biggest OOC game. -They are the marquee G5 program in the state and have been one of the best in the nation for a decade. -Even though they're not the rival SMU is, they're still an in-state rival that we're trying to catch in terms of facilities and on-field success. -We directly compete against them for lots of recruits every season. -The game itself is going to be a bigger event than the SMU game. Houston always brings a ton of fans and I can easily see this game being a sellout if both teams get off to a good start.
  2. That's the issue for me. I don't think Sub Hub should have to leave just because UNT wants the land for some future project. I understand why eminent domain is needed in some cases, but kicking out a bunch of businesses that have been serving the Denton and UNT communities for decades is not one of them.
  3. You do realize its not the Daily's job to always paint UNT in a good light? They're not a PR arm of the university. It's ridiculous that UNT is trying to cut their funding when journalism has always been a bright spot for UNT and has produced some of our best alumni.
  4. I'm getting the same thing. The website makes it seem like you can renew, but it doesn't look like the AD has made the applications available yet.
  5. Some of y'all are wild. Bitching over a small headline in the local paper about women's softball. Even after Brett explained the situation and pointed out the coverage of softball has been very positive. I swear, some people on this board have the thinnest skin I've ever seen. THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY AGAINST UNT ATHLETICS!
  6. False Partly true. There is a provision for Texas to divide into 5 states, but Congress would have to approve.
  7. It's an impressive hire for Houston. To say anything else as a UNT fan reeks of jealousy.
  8. It's like y'all hate being a fan and having fun
  9. These pants work better, IMO. The black stripe on the throw back pants is a little awkward since there is barely any other black on the uni.
  10. From 1993 to 2014 KSU finished ranked in the top 20 13 times. Not sure how that doesn't qualify as "sustained success". They'll never be OU or Texas, but I think they have the resources to compete with them and be a top level Big 12 program.
  11. Ah, damn, you're right. In his 3 years as our HC, Seth couldn't match all of KSU's accomplishments You got me there ๐Ÿ™„
  12. This is hilarious coming from you. The person on this board with the most out of whack and unrealistic expectations. KSU has done more the past 20 years than UNT has done in its entire existence.If they weren't striving to be more they would have let Snyder coach until he died on the sideline.
  13. They might be able to hire an older, more seasoned coach, but Seth is one of the hottest names in the country. On paper, its a great hire for them. He turned a perennial loser into one of the best in CUSA. KSU fans are right to think that they have a coach that can bring them into the modern era of college football. Who are these better candidates you're mentioning? And what are the better options for Seth? KSU has won a lot of games in the Big 12 the past 15 years, it's close to home and has a environment that SL will feel comfortable. IMO, it might be the perfect place for Seth to coach while he waits for the OU job to open up.
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