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  1. I think fans would still go to neutral site games. It's just on-campus would be such a better experience and TV product. I'm not looking at this based on what might give UNT a better chance to win, but what would make the best playoff. Who wouldn't want to see Alabama play Michigan at the Big House in the snow? And there's zero chance UNT would ever have more fans than a P5. If we got lucky enough to play in the Cotton Bowl we could make it a neutral field, but any other location would be a de facto home game for the P5.
  2. Why? On-campus would be way more exciting and make the games accessible to fans/students. There's already way too many corporate driven neutral site games in the regular season.
  3. You know what's better than bowls? On-campus playoff games. I get a lot of people have nostalgia for bowl games, but they're part of an outdated model that needs to be left behind.
  4. After the SFA blowout, I suggested Mitchell was on the hot seat. Of course, Vito disagreed because she recently got an extension and made the NIT last year 🙄
  5. Barring a miraculous turnaround, Buzz Williams is likely to be fired by A&M this season. Guessing McCasland will be high up on their list.
  6. That's not what we were talking about... It was about the UNT admin and donors being pro-Littrell and wanting to give him an extension.
  7. Administration? Sure Fans? Be serious lol...UH and SMU compete every year for the worst fanbase for a winning program in the AAC.
  8. Okay, but that's how a lot (if not most) of programs operate. Just the other week a story broke that Chris Del Conte wanted to bring Sonny Dykes to UT, but was overruled by donors. I'd love for our donors to step away and let the AD do his job, but sadly, that's not realistic.
  9. What makes it "clearly true"? Because he wasn't fired last year like you wanted?
  10. "Everything we've heard" ...you mean what some uniformed GMG posters say? I don't think this changes anything for Littrell. Lose Friday night and he's gone.
  11. Saying its because Wren was interviewing for an AD job is 100% speculative.
  12. I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about, but sure, go off.
  13. Congrats to Wren. Definitely left UNT in a better place than he found it.
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