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  1. UNTcrazy727

    UAB fan talk

    We've also faced one of the weakest schedules in the country. And just because SMU is tied for 2nd at 1-1 doesn't mean they're any less awful. UTSA is absolute garbage and they're tied for 2nd in the C-USA West right now.
  2. UNTcrazy727

    Helmets that change color

    Me too. The color changing helmet is a bit much, but I really dig everything else.
  3. UNTcrazy727

    Uniforms for UAB?

    100 recruits share how important uniforms are in the recruiting process, and the styles they prefer Conclusion of the survey is recruits like flashier uniforms with a lot of combinations, but they don't have too much of an impact on their decision on where to commit.
  4. UNTcrazy727

    Uniforms for UAB?

    I think uniforms are pretty far down the list of why recruits come to UNT...I'm fine with wearing different combos, but when it gets to the point where we are wearing bad combos like this then count me out.
  5. UNTcrazy727

    Uniforms for UAB?

    By far the worst uniform combo we've worn the last two years. It's giving flashbacks to one of the worst games in the McCarney era... Again, I don't understand why we HAVE to wear a different combo every week. The unis we wore vs Arkansas and Liberty were awesome. No need to wear combos like this that don't work.
  6. Were the UTSA and LA Tech games not big last year? They were certainly more important than the regular season FAU game.
  7. UNTcrazy727

    G5 Bias is Engrained

    The real kick in the nuts is OU jumping UCF to #9 while on their bye week
  8. UNTcrazy727

    CUSA Officials

    I agree. It looked like the defender knocked the ball loose in Mason’s hand before the arm went forward.
  9. UNTcrazy727

    CUSA Officials

    Yeah, the replay showed the ball bounce straight right out of bounds
  10. UNTcrazy727

    Craft Beer Eagles 🍺

    I never liked any of Audacity's beers. And the Battle Flag pale ale was almost undrinkable, IMO. I don't have a "go to beer" for tailgating since I like to try out different beers, but some favorites for a long day of drinking are Firemans 4, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Dallas Blonde
  11. UNTcrazy727

    Uniforms 10/13

    Agreed! But give me these helmets.
  12. UNTcrazy727

    Uniforms 10/13

    Considering we’re the Mean Green, we wear black too much. This was a bad combo vs UTSA last year and the throw back pants only make it marginally better.
  13. Might want to proofread the title of #5 @Brett Vito
  14. UNTcrazy727

    Official Southern Miss Game Score Prediction Thread

    Mean Green- 34 Golden Eagles- 30
  15. Is this an actual quote or just another nonsensical post from Plumm?