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  1. I guess that would explain why they haven’t released anything. Kind of their whole business model lol If true, it’s beyond frustrating. UNT has shown they don’t have any interest in selling throwback gear themselves so why block a well-known company from doing it? A company that dozens of schools with bigger brands than us have trusted? SMH
  2. Maybe something like this? Our softball team had these last year, but of course the AD did not want fans to have the ability to purchase.
  3. It just pisses me off when I see our coaches and players outfitted in amazing gear that for whatever reason the Athletics Department refuses to sell to the fanbase.
  4. Where did you hear this? Homefield said last March they were granted UNT licensing, just hadn't dropped the line yet.
  5. You mean Littrell saved his own job because he knew Bennett is a great defensive mind and was able to convince him to come out of retirement?
  6. It's just sad that some people would rather dwell on the stadium only being 80%-90% full instead of our first bowl win since 2013. We're a historically bad program that went 6-6. Of course our fan support isn't going to be great right now. But guess what? If we win this game, we'll have a great crowd for the season opener next year vs SMU.
  7. Agreed. Sadly, we know the usual negative posters will be back here bitching about the attendance even if we win by 30.
  8. No crap it's a quality win! But you and others are still trying to downplay the win because of these "advantages". Like we had no shot at winning if it wasn't raining. It's just a sad attempt to justify your agenda that Littrell shouldn't be back next year. Are you still going on the CUSA forum claiming the UNT fanbase is going to revolt if Littrell is brought back? Hopefully that board knows you don't speak for the fanbase and sees how downvoted you are here.
  9. Pot meet kettle. "Littrell can't beat winning programs." *UNT beats undefeated, ranked UTSA* "Well it was raining so that win doesn't count."
  10. Are you really trying to discount the UTSA win because it was raining? Holy S...are you serious?
  11. Bands have always been in the north endzone, but maybe not this year?
  12. This is assuming AXS has released all their available tickets for purchase, which I HIGHLY doubt. For example, sections 110-111 and 122-123 have been blocked off from the beginning. I'm guessing those sections are being held until needed or for walkups on game day.
  13. If he's not a major player for the starting job this spring like JD said then I would say it's a flop.
  14. So do we think Drummond is another high school signing flop?
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