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  1. It must really drive you crazy when our coaches and players say every team is tough. Let alone the program that's been at the top of the conference and ranked the last 2 years.
  2. Really sucks its once again on the same day as Day of The Dead and against a likely tough opponent, but unlike last year, I don't think we had much of a choice. Our October schedule is rough with only 1 home game, 2 road games, and a Bye.
  3. I think it has more to do with they don't know how many people are going to renew their tickets before the deadline. Once they know that then they can start to slot everyone based on MGSF points. My only complaint is that I couldn't renew my season ticket online because they were trying to charge me an extra $240. I had an extra seat charged to me for $190 and they raised my MGSF contribution by $50.
  4. It's 100% going to be Tulane. UNT always has homecoming late October/early November. Last year we could have scheduled homecoming on 10/14 against dreadful Temple, but for whatever reason we opted for the much harder opponent, Memphis, on 10/28. This was also the same day as Denton's Day of the Dead Festival, which made the decision even more odd. I've never heard a reason why, but come hell or high water, UNT wants their homecoming later in the year. Even if the date doesn't make much sense like last year.
  5. Weird thing is I don't think he got a lot of NIL money. That's not something Cal is known for.
  6. Agreed he tends to let his homerism show in his writing, but I think he only has them ranked 1 spot too high. I would put Houston ahead of UTSA. They have more talent on paper and have proved it on the field the last two years. I can't really argue with UNT's rank. Our offense is a question mark and I don't think we've done enough to fix our defense.
  7. Does anyone know if there are pictures of the West Prairie St Pub? Looks like it closed years before my drinking days and I was curious to see what it looked like. I searched online and couldn't find anything.
  8. Looks like they get the whole week off now. Back in my days as a student (2008-2011), students were expected to attend class Monday and Tuesday while Wednesday was unofficially "off".
  9. Guys, Big Gamer Boomer is mostly a troll account. The lists mean nothing. It’s all BS with no research behind it. Its only purpose is to generate clicks.
  10. Graduate transfers shouldn’t exist. None of these guys care about getting a graduate degree. It’s all being done to get a NIL bag. To prevent these mass exoduses, transfers should work something like this: First transfer: No penalty. Second transfer: Miss 6 games. Third transfer: Miss season.
  11. DCTF released their All-Texas Teams today. Great to see Chandler Rogers recognized on the second team after being snubbed by the AAC. Only big complaint is Frank Harris winning "Best QB". Quinn Ewers, Chandler Rogers, and Preston Stone all had better years. Probably should have gone to Stone or Ewers since they both had great seasons and led their teams to the best finishes in the state.
  12. At least do DCTF the courtesy of posting the link... https://www.texasfootball.com/college-power-poll/?ref=subnav
  13. Technically against forum rules to post links to articles that require a subscription to read. Just saying…
  14. 0% chance this is actually the case. There's no way Frank Harris tied for best QB, while Rogers got zero votes. This was orchestrated by the conference to make sure certain guys were awarded for their careers rather than who was the best in 2023.
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