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  1. ^Correct. Believe it or not, the chant started at basketball games during the glory days of the Johnny Jones Era. There weren't many reasons to get excited about the football team back then...
  2. Yes...though the SGA is trying to say its due to multiple instances of UNT letting down their minority students, but gives no specifics to said instances.
  3. Always great to win conference. Maybe this year we can finally score a goal in the NCAA tourney 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Where are some of y'all getting your attendance predictions? Even during the Dodge years we would have 20K for Homecoming. UNT- 38 UTEP-23
  5. Yeah, if anything it was just a lazy effort by Abbe. We're lucky he didn't make contact with the QB when he tried to trip him.
  6. Refs missed that one, but let’s not let the piss poor effort from our defense on that play go unnoticed. Inexcusable.
  7. Do we have another center? The snapping has been awful all year and is ruining the flow of our plays.
  8. They don’t match the uniforms at all. Looks like we lost ours and had to borrow some.
  9. As a big defender of Seth, I can no longer defend his embarrassing no shows against quality opponents. If Seth has any guts he’ll take over play calling.
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