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  1. *Waiting to see who will be the first to complain about this*
  2. Looks like ACU isn't very good. We dominate from the jump, but our defense will have a couple of breakdowns that lead to easy ACU scores. North Texas: 48 ACU: 20
  3. Can't think of a better way to spend $175 haha That's awesome
  4. Huh? They're 2-1 and not even receiving votes right now.
  5. According to this, Southern Miss used the same eagle in the late 1970s. I believe we used it first, but I can’t confirm.
  6. What really pisses me off about the current Scrappy costume is how the Athletic Department and University redesigned all the Scrappy logos to match it. Hell, there's even a statue on campus. I don't understand why we leaned so hard into a generic costume of mediocre quality.
  7. Sadly, our current mascot costume isn't much better.
  8. With recent rule changes making it harder to run the triple option and NIL and the transfer portal, I really question how good the Service Academies will be in the new CFB landscape. Being forced to run offenses more in line with everyone else will make it easier to defend them, and they won't be able to take advantage of NIL and the transfer portal as well as everyone else. Not saying they'll suck, but I think they'll have a very hard time getting to the top of the conference.
  9. I’m hoping we use the next two weeks to install more looks from the 4-2-5. I’m guessing all we had last week was a base look with not a lot of stunts/blitzes/coverages. Might explain why we abandoned it in the 2nd half?
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