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  1. Can we talk about how subdued everyone on the team was in the video? They acted like she struck out a batter to end the first inning, not to cap off a 21 K perfect game. It's truly bizarre.
  2. No, I love those. I’m talking about these. The SOW is way too big. It’s awkward looking because the SOW is placed so low and wraps around the back of the helmet. When viewing from the front it looks like we have blank helmets.
  3. Not a fan of the unis, but I'll give you big props for knowing how to properly place the SOW on the helmet. Something the actual football program hasn't been able to figure out the last few years.
  4. This is where I'm at on the issue. I think a good national anthem really adds to the spectacle/pageantry of live sporting events. So playing it every night at NBA, NHL, and MLB games really waters down the affect. If it were up to me I'd cut it back to the playoffs and maybe Saturday night regular season games.
  5. So you're counting his entire 5 years a failure?? He won 5 games his first season, a year after we went 1-11! He then followed that up with back-to-back 9 win seasons. Sure, they ended in disappointment, but you can't completely discount how big a deal that is around these parts. Wanting a coach fired because he's not winning conference championships is asinine for a program like UNT. And I'll take a 9 win season every time if it means we lose a bowl game no one cares about. His seat is warm for sure. I just think the screaming for his head is premature and questioning Wren is laughable.
  6. You're also the guy who boldly claimed RV would never be fired. Forgive me if I give zero credence to anything you say. You'll never be happy with anything UNT accomplishes. It's also INSANE some of you are calling for Wren's head when he's completely turned our athletic department around in just a few years. Bunch of clowns.
  7. There was no effort from the defense in the second half. I have major problems with the coaches, but those long runs in the 2nd half are on the players. They were base runs into a base defense and our guys gave a piss poor effort. Everyone involved in the defense should be embarrassed today.
  8. Has he actually said this? All I've seen is that he's forgoing his final year of eligibility. He's going to be a late round pick, at best. Usually, those kind of guys don't skip out on bowl games.
  9. I agree with your overall sentiment, but that was clearly not a catch IMO. The WR didn't have full control of the ball when it hit the ground.
  10. Second coach in-a-row that’s won right away with an “empty cupboard” but totally tanks once their recruits take over the roster. Infuriating.
  11. From what I can tell on the ESPN summary, HBU had 296 yards of offense at halftime. Luckily, we were able to keep them from scoring in the redzone. HBU could have easily had 23 pts at half. I don't see us having that same success versus SMU.
  12. I seem to remember their offense going up and down the field their first few possessions. I'm glad you have confidence in the Defense, but I don't see it yet.
  13. This would have been cooler, but I’ll get over it. Let’s beat SMU.
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