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  1. I agree. If the ACC and Pac 12 both get whittled down to 5-6 teams then they need to merge with the American and MWC, respectively. It would keep them on a different tier than the Sun Belt and CUSA and would create a defined power hierarchy in CFB. 1A. SEC - 20 teams 1B. Big 10 - 20 teams 2. Big 12 - 20 teams 3A. MWC/Pac 12 - 14-18 teams 3B. ACC/American - 14-18 teams The ultimate goal would be to get representation in whatever expanded playoff the SEC and Big 10 come up with. Let's say they settle on a 16 team playoff with 5 spots each going to the Big 10 and SEC, 3-4 to the Big 12, and 1-2 each to MWC/Pac 12 and ACC/American. I have a hard time believing the SEC and Big 10 would allow it, but maybe the TV networks would see a benefit to it, which we all know is the only thing that matters.
  2. Because they probably won't have a choice. Based on what a lot of people are saying the Big 10 isn't done raiding the Pac 12. If Oregon, Washington, and Stanford leave then the Pac 12 is dead. The remaining teams will be fighting to join the Big 12 and the losers will be left to merge with the MWC.
  3. To be fair, the Arkansas game was nationally televised on SECN and we got WAY more publicity than we'd ever get for winning the Heart of Dallas Bowl or New Mexico Bowl. I don't care how bad they are, beating an SEC team is always bigger than beating any MAC/MWC team.
  4. You think that’s going to stop the SEC from poaching Clemson, FSU, Miami, etc. whenever they want? The money will be so big it won’t matter what penalties they have to pay. Adding Memphis, SMU, and UCF won’t do anything for the ACC. If they can’t add P5 programs then they’re dead.
  5. Where are they going to go? It’s starting to look like the Big 10 and SEC are going to expand to 20. The PAC 12 is cooked and I think the ACC will face a similar fate. If the Big 12 is smart they’ll pick up the leftovers and have a conference of 20 schools that’s strong enough to get a seat (albeit a small one) at the table with the SEC and Big 10. Anyone currently not a P5 or about to be isn’t moving up. Schools like SMU and Memphis are stuck. At this point their best bet is to stay in the American and help them become the 4th best conference. Who knows, maybe our new P2 or P3 overlords will throw us peasants a bone and allow our conference champion to compete in their new expanded tournament.
  6. Beating Arkansas on the road is bigger than any bowl game we've played in. People put way too much importance on shitty bowl games. Sure, you want to win them, but they don't count for more than any other regular season game.
  7. A bunch of money to us is nothing to A&M. They probably have multiple guys on the bench getting around $100K. I think KD would have gotten solid playing time at A&M/Ole Miss, but he wouldn't be an every down LB like he will be at UNT.
  8. I HIGHLY doubt we matched anything they offered. More likely he ran into administrative issues with the transfer or didn't like what A&M and Ole Miss offered and decided to stay at UNT.
  9. That's odd because when I go to MeanGreenSports (desktop & mobile) and click on "Tickets" it tells me Away tickets will go on sale 7/6 at 9 AM. No idea how you managed to find an old article
  10. Nothing will beat the low morale heading into the 2010 season under Dodge. Somehow he was brought back after compiling a 5-31 record the previous 3 seasons. I would have done terrible things if it guaranteed a 6-6 season lol
  11. If this was true he wouldn't have changed our offensive philosophy in the middle of the season last year. He would have simply kept letting Aune throw us out of games, get fired, and collect the remainder of his contract.
  12. IMO, you're wrong. He barely kept his job last year at 6-6 and won't be brought back if he repeats that. It gets murky at 7-5. It would probably depend on how competitive we are in our losses. Like if we lose to the 5 best teams on our schedule by double digits I don't think Littrell is brought back. Or if we lose ANOTHER bowl game to finish at 7-6 then I think Wren Baker will decide to move on. You can't fundraise with a .500 program.
  13. Saying Littrell doesn’t care about the program is an irresponsible thing for an Admin to say. Be better.
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